hatchmorning huwshimi00:36
rick_hmorning party people11:15
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bachi gary_poster, did you see this? http://www.allthingsopen.org12:22
gary_posterbac, hi, no, looks cool12:23
rick_hyea, some cool people there. 12:23
bacif the conference quality is correlated to the level of bad facial hair it should be a winner12:24
gary_posterbac, hatch, expenses approved.12:37
gary_posterjujugui would appreciate 2 reviews of https://codereview.appspot.com/11620043/12:38
bacgary_poster: on it12:38
benjigary_poster: I'll do one12:38
benjithis is going to be a good day; I remembered to change channels before saying I would do a review12:38
bachatch taunt:  http://gardenandgun.com/blog/secret-ashley-christensens-fried-chicken12:39
rick_hbac: lol12:41
bacof course, now i regret not going too12:41
rick_hit was good chicken (and real mash taters) but far from the best chicken ever. 12:42
rick_hhatch: just hasn't had much southern fried chicken in his life12:42
bacrick_h: oh, so y'all did go there?  cool.12:42
rick_hit was too sweet for my tastes, but made sense when you think they want to stick it over waffles and put syrup on there12:42
gary_posterhatch said it was his best ever :-)12:42
rick_hbac: yea, hatch and I went for lunch one day12:42
bacthe aptly named "Fattie's" here makes great fried chicken.  i have imposed a limit of once/week less i start looking like the eponymous woman who runs it.12:43
rick_hgary_poster: any news on publicity sign-off from the high office?12:43
bacno waffles, though12:43
rick_hyea, I like my fried chicken with less sweet, more pepper and such in the batter12:44
gary_posterrick_h, share-store branch landing today?  or is it part of a chain that you need to get together before you can land?12:44
gary_posterjust noticed that you got two LGTMs12:44
rick_hgary_poster: share-store branch? /me goes looking12:44
gary_posterjcsackett got two also for charmbrowser-id-woes12:44
rick_hgary_poster: wasn't that stuff jcastro was working on?12:44
rick_hgary_poster: ah, I didn't submit that? /me runs to hit that12:45
gary_posterrick_h, publicity sign off: I think that's marketing/comms, not jorge.  I was just about to shoot off a note to see what time they want us to turn everything on today12:45
rick_hjujugui looking for second reviews of https://codereview.appspot.com/11499044/ and https://codereview.appspot.com/11424045/ today please. 12:51
benjirick_h: I can review them12:53
rick_hbenji: thanks, appreciate it. 12:54
rick_hgary_poster: thanks for the heads up on that share-store branch. Landed now. Fell through the cracks. 12:55
gary_postercool rick_h, thanks, would hate to miss it. :-)12:56
gary_posterrick_h, when does sinzui usually start, do you know?  in the next 4 minutes would be nice. ;-)12:56
gary_posterthe time has been announced, and it is in 34 minutes12:57
rick_hgary_poster: 4min is a bare min 12:57
rick_hgary_poster: I usually don't count on until stand up in 34min :/12:57
rick_hdo we know what's left to do? Just request the dns change from ops?12:58
* rick_h didn't keep tabs on this during sprints12:58
gary_posterrick_h, ops change, plus a last minute request to  change back to default-viewmode='sidebar'12:58
gary_posters.ops changes/dns change/12:59
gary_postersigh, I typo'd my typo correction :-P12:59
rick_hgary_poster: ok, so ops has to do the config change then as well. That should just be a juju set config on the charm12:59
gary_posterright rick_h 12:59
rick_hugh, and 30min...so rather not go through an RT on this one 13:00
gary_posteryay sinzui!13:01
gary_posterI was about to try and do your IS magic13:01
gary_postersinzui, we are announced in 30 minutes13:01
gary_posterso I'd like to go live ASAP13:01
gary_postersinzui one other thing13:01
gary_postersinzuie we have a last minute request to  change back to default-viewmode='sidebar13:02
bacgary_poster: i'm qa'ing your branch and this is probably unrelated, but is the 'replace' button known to do surprising things?13:02
gary_posterbac in inspector?  dunno, never tried it.  should be unrelated, yeah13:02
sinzuigary_poster, I don't think they will have any issues with that.13:02
bacgary_poster: yeah, in inspector.  takes me to a blank canvas13:02
* sinzui makes request13:03
gary_postersinzui, thanks!13:03
gary_postermorning hatch13:05
hatchrick_h: gary_poster bac I'm going out to a place tonight who has 'southern' fried chicken and waffles.....we'll see13:05
hatchit's also $25....rip off13:05
gary_postersinzui, will you let me know as soon as you get confirmation (or otherwise) about IS ability to go live within the next 15 or 20 minutes max?13:06
rick_hhatch: lol, not fitting in per-diem 13:06
sinzuigary_poster, okay13:06
rick_hhatch: updated the viewletManager stuff so please give that a go when you get a chance so I can get that landed before too much else changes please.13:09
hatchon it13:09
hatchanyone else taking today as a swap?13:09
* hatch thinkin about it13:09
* rick_h is thinking thurs when I go to canada and have no mobile data anyway13:09
bacdude on #ubuntu picked me to quiz about countdown.  i deftly provided non answers13:10
rick_hbac: lol, you seem like you're 'in the know'13:10
bacyeah, Mr InTheLoop13:10
hatchaww I just joined hoping to catch the end of the chat13:11
gary_posterbenji, "The fourth character on this line isn't right. " LOL13:12
bacgary_poster: QA looks good except when the svc block gets occluded by the inspector, but what you gonna do?13:12
gary_posterbac, yeah13:12
gary_postercool, thanks13:12
bacand i just like saying occluded13:12
benjigary_poster: you have to make it look like you're doing something important in reviews, right?13:13
sinzuigary_poster, I am in #webops now prodding them about rt rt #63378 to do the config change13:13
_mup_Bug #63378: Buttons on network selection have same accelerator <dapper> <edgy> <xchat-gnome (Ubuntu):Fix Released by desktop-bugs> <https://launchpad.net/bugs/63378>13:13
gary_postersinzui, ack.  any responses yet?13:13
sinzuigary_poster, I have their attention13:14
gary_posteryay thanks13:14
hatchrick_h: reviewing then qa'ing13:16
rick_hhatch: k, thx13:16
hatchI finally wrote a script to mount my vm's so it doesn't take me 5minutes every time heh13:19
rick_hin node? :P13:19
bachatch: how many vms do you use?13:19
bacgary_poster: done.13:19
hatchbac: just one....Ubuntu13:20
hatchbut I work in it13:20
sinzuigary_poster, has the change13:22
sinzuigary_poster, I am ready to ask them to make the DNS change13:23
gary_postersinzui, yes please do13:23
gary_posterthank you13:23
hatchwow that was one big trunk diff heh13:24
hatch3 terminals long13:24
sinzuiorangesquad. I want to postpone the hangout for a a few minutes. We are going live, and my inbox is full of hate mail from staging13:28
abentleysinzui: ACK13:28
rick_hsinzui: rgr13:28
jcsackettsinzui: ack.13:29
rick_hthanks benji! appreciate the pita review13:31
benjimy pleasure13:31
hatchrick_h: review done - needs some fixes before QA (trivial, and *.less changes)13:32
rick_hhatch: rgr, looking now13:32
hatch"this is the branch that doesn't end....yes it goes on and on my friend....some people, started coding it not knowing what it was, and they'll continue coding it forever just because this is the branch that doesn't end...."13:35
hatch^ rick_h13:35
hatchthat might have been a Canadian show...13:35
benjihatch: I sing "The Song That Doesn't End" occasionally.  For about three days at a time.13:37
hatchyou stop when you pass out?13:37
rick_hwhen his wife starts chasing him with a kitchen knife13:40
sinzuibac, I push my work last week to lp:~sinzui/charmworld/bundles-api-213:45
bacsinzui: great13:45
sinzuibac: I think I need to switch spend some or all today adding a nagios hook the the juju-gui charm13:46
rick_hhatch: thanks for the catches. Pushed an updated rev for another look please. Keep it up!13:46
hatchthis is a little scary - the title should read "...activate censorship by default...13:48
teknicohatch: uhm, youtube is broken. I played the video of "The Song That Doesn't End", but after a while it ended13:53
rick_hit took down youtube?!13:53
hatchteknico: lol what noone uploaded a 24h version? :D13:53
teknicohatch: the most I can find is 10 hours, but that's slightly less than eternity13:54
hatchtrue true13:54
hatchrick_h: QA looks good, doing another codereview13:59
sinzuiorangesquad: we can start the hangout. I am still distracted, but I believe I can manage this14:00
rick_hhatch: thanks14:00
rick_hsinzui: rgr, joining up now14:00
hatchrick_h: in app/ `ack -a view\-container`14:01
hatchthere are still a number of view-containers sticking around in templates14:01
rick_hhatch: hmm I had done a view[- ] I had thought. Looking14:01
rick_hhatch: thanks, looks like my grep didn't catch. I can't change all of those in the service templates though :/14:03
rick_hhatch: pushing up an updated rev with the last two occurances I think I can safely change without breaking it for non-feature flag use14:05
gary_posterjujugui, thanks to sinzui, gnuoy, and mthaddon, http://jujucharms.com/ is live.  marketing announcement will be forthcoming very soon14:06
hatchrick_h: hmm14:06
gary_poster(though probably quickly overshadowed by other news :-P )14:06
teknicogary_poster: indeed :-)14:06
hatchI still see the old one :(14:06
rick_hcanadian dns fail :P14:07
rick_hhatch: ok, branch updated14:07
hatchrick_h: ahh I see there are a couple unrelated templates in this list14:07
rick_hhatch: well some of the service ones probably need to be updated eventually, but doing so will break non-ff use14:08
rick_hhatch: so right now in qa'ing things like collapsing the config fails in the inspector 14:08
rick_hhatch: because it's not sync'd up with the inspector vs non-inspector layout14:08
hatchwell you should be able to change service-configuration.handlebars (it's flag specific)14:09
gary_posterjujugui, I'm unable to deploy on jujucharms.com in chrome.  looks like a very weird error (JS bug in "[VM]" file).  can anyone confirm for me that his is isolated to my machine14:10
gary_poster?  please? :-)14:10
rick_hhatch: , ahh good call14:10
hatchgary_poster: rtying14:10
hatchgary_poster: json requests are returning HTML14:11
frankbangary_poster: "Uncaught SyntaxError: Unexpected token < " trying to deploy mysql14:11
hatchfollow that link14:11
rick_hgary_poster: it's a call to the old charm store14:11
rick_hgary_poster: which is jujucharms.com14:11
rick_hgary_poster: so it needs to be updated in the charm config to manage.jujucharms.com 14:11
gary_posterrick_h, scheiss14:12
rick_hsinzui: ^^ !!14:12
* hatch holds out the swear jar for Gary14:12
bacswearing in german is ok14:13
hatchoh well in THAT case!14:13
benjigary_poster: I can't deploy either (I click the "Confirm" button and it lightens but nothing happens). 14:13
benjiAlso, I get this on the console "Uncaught SyntaxError: Unexpected token < "14:13
gary_posterbenji,  ack same14:13
hatchit's because it's trying to json parse html14:13
rick_hright, it's getting html for json and can't parse it14:13
rick_hgary_poster: pushing a branch up now with updated config urls.14:18
gary_posterthanks rick_h .  for emergency this will need to be manual change in charm though14:19
rick_hgary_poster: ok14:19
gary_posterarosales, emergency, may not be able to make it to marketing call14:24
arosalesgary_poster, ack14:25
gary_posterfrankban or jujugui do I remember correctly that the path to charm in pyjuju is /usr/bin/local/juju/charm ?14:25
frankbangary_poster: isn't it something like /var/lib/juju/units/juju-gui-0/charm?14:26
gary_posterfrankban, yeah that looks better :-P14:26
hatchthis appears to also be related https://bugs.launchpad.net/bugs/120376014:28
_mup_Bug #1203760: Juju GUI demo fails with Error: IO Data Failure <juju-gui:New> <https://launchpad.net/bugs/1203760>14:28
abentleybenji: Do you want to sync up at some point?14:31
benjiabentley: sure; I am just about to propose a small branch that finishes up what we were working on Friday; maybe you could review that and then we'll discuss what to work on next.14:32
abentleybenji: sounds good.14:32
sinzuiorangesquad, gary_poster, the 504's we occasionally saw on m.jc.com are fixed. haproxy was misconfigured to wait for 1s. They wait for 4s now, which is what webops had intended to do when they first setup the prodstack.14:34
gary_postersinzui, cool.  rick_h please get that change landed asap14:34
rick_hgary_poster: landed14:35
abentleysinzui: Great!14:35
gary_posterthanks rick_h 14:35
gary_posterjujugui I need someone to vlounteer for a critical release process14:36
rick_hhatch: ping, so I'm confused why these viewlet templates would have a css class of viewlet-mamanger-container14:36
gary_posterfrankban, ping, please join #webops on canonical asap14:37
frankbangary_poster: I am there14:38
bacgary_poster: i'll help if you need it14:38
gary_posterbac thanks, please start a release process.  we need rick_h's change just landed in the GUI ASAP for people who use this as a tool14:40
hatchrick_h: they would probably have viewlet-container .....no?14:40
gary_posterthis is easy14:41
gary_posternever mind14:41
gary_posterbac, this is what we need14:41
gary_posterbranch our charm14:41
gary_posterbac, edit config/config.js.template14:42
gary_posterbac charm_store_url: 'https://jujucharms.com/', -> charm_store_url: 'https://manage.jujucharms.com/',14:42
gary_posterbac awesome thanks. do both for ~juju-gui and ~juju-gui-charmers14:44
gary_posterbac ping me when done14:45
bacgary_poster: you want this via lbox or just pushed manually?14:47
gary_posterbac pushed is good unless you want some more eyes14:47
bacgary_poster: it's a one liner and no room for mistakes.  proposing.14:47
rick_hhatch: yea, that would make more sense for me14:47
rick_hhatch: but view-container is getting turned into viewlet-manager-container14:48
rick_hhatch: so I'm confused on how these are supposed to nest atm14:48
rick_hhatch: because in the viewlet-manager.handlebars (in this branch) the viewletContainer is already set to an existing div with class 'viewlet-container'14:49
rick_hhatch: so it would seem these service-config.handlebars and such don't need any outside wrapping div with a class on it14:50
bacgary_poster: https://codereview.appspot.com/1152504614:50
rick_hbac: LGTM14:50
bacgah, i get bad chunk14:50
bacwhy does that happen?14:50
rick_hbac: works here14:51
bacthanks rick.  landing w/one review14:51
rick_hbac: gary_poster do we need to increment the charm revision?14:51
gary_posterrick_h, bac, yes, thank you!14:51
rick_has part of this diff/change?14:51
rick_hbac: so please increment before landing14:51
gary_posterideally, otherwise next14:51
hatchrick_h: hmm14:52
rick_hhatch: guichat? Or do you follow?14:52
hatchrick_h: is your latest up already? I'll pull it down14:52
hatchand take a peek14:52
sinzuibac, I am going to put my bundles-api-2 branch up for review. I think it is safe to land. We can add support for "interesting" in a next branch.14:52
bacsinzui: ok, i'll look at it later14:52
bacrick_h: bumped to 5914:52
rick_hhatch: ok, pushed latest changes atm14:53
rick_hhatch: have not updated all the viewlet templates such as service-constraints-viewlet.handlebars because of this question14:53
hatchsure thing14:53
bacrick_h: would you review again?14:54
rick_hbac: sure thing, loading14:54
rick_hbac: LGTM14:54
bacrick_h: did you mark proposal?14:54
rick_hbac: sorry, did now. Didn't at first since I had already done so14:55
hatchrick_h: I can't deploy any charms in this latest branch14:55
abentleysinzui: on staging, there is no value for es_urls =, but it is still attempting to ingest.14:55
hatchlooks like it's still using jujucharms.com14:55
rick_hhatch: right, need to sync trunk14:55
rick_hhatch: right, this branch has been open pre-10min ago :P14:55
rick_hhatch: ok, give me a few to pull and update. jcsackett's and the config branch are new since I last pulled trunk this morning14:56
abentleysinzui: this is probably causing hate mail.14:57
sinzuiabentley, I am puzzled. There was one at one point because I used *.173's production.ini to find the es macine14:58
sinzuiabentley, but that is insight nonetheless14:58
sinzuiabentley, do you think remove/add will fix the issue?14:58
abentleysinzui: probably.14:58
* sinzui does14:59
rick_hjcsackett: ping, I'm confused15:00
rick_hjcsackett: I thought your branch was introducing storeId?15:00
rick_hhatch: pushed up update that sync's with trunk"15:02
frankbangary_poster: when you have time, could you please take a look at https://codereview.appspot.com/11675043 ? the MP description also includes the results of my wss investigation15:03
gary_posterfrankban, will do.  still emergency mode, but asap :-)15:03
rick_hjcsackett: so in testing out the inspector it's making a call out to https://manage.jujucharms.com/api/2/charm/cs:precise/glance-1815:03
sinzuiabentley, we have the URL. and the charmworld cron is back15:05
abentleysinzui: Great.15:06
rick_hhatch: make sure to pull a couple of times. Fixed a small bug in sync'ing with trunk15:06
hatchalright I'll make a fresh branch15:07
sinzuiabentley,  I think this issue is relates to the  reboot of all instances last week.15:07
abentleysinzui: That makes sense.15:07
sinzuiabentley, but manage.jc.com also has the issue. This might be a simple case of bots indexing staging more frequently15:07
* sinzui in meeting, but takes time to collate example charms15:08
teknicofrankban: reviewing your branch15:08
frankbanteknico: thanks15:08
bacgary_poster: ~juju-gui and ~juju-gui-charmers branches both updated15:08
gary_posterfantastic bac, thanks.  send quick note to juju list and make a quick blog post?15:09
bacjust stating it is unbroken?15:09
hatchhmm my npm cache appears to be busted15:09
abentleysinzui: I'm now seeing a KeyError on charm_data['store_data']['digest'] for ~marcoceppi/charms/precise/rstatus/trunk because it's not present in the store.15:11
bacgary_poster: i'll be happy to but i'm unsure of the scope of the announcement15:12
rick_hbac: I think you can just say "heads up in case you get this error while deploying, the fix is released in trunk as rev XXX"15:13
bacthanks rick15:14
hatchrick_h: environment.js:152 inspector.inspector15:15
rick_hhatch: doh!15:15
hatchwe are getting close here15:16
hatchI think you are correct wrt those templates15:16
hatchshould probably just leave them with view-container for now15:16
rick_hhatch: yea, sorry about these misses. I promised I've tried to look. 15:16
rick_hhatch: k15:16
rick_hhatch: k on the templates that is15:16
hatchsok - humans suck at mechanical work :)15:16
hatchthat's why we call it 'mechanical'15:16
* rick_h has Makyo's video going over on monitor 3...very cool15:17
MakyoI meant to redo the sound for that yesterday, but mostly just slept and cooked :P15:17
rick_hhah, all good15:17
hatchlol saturday I slept from about 4pm to 7am15:18
jcsackettrick_h: can you tell me where it's making that call from? i'm going to guess it's a place where it's passing in 'id', not 'storeId'.15:19
rick_hjcsackett: yea, updated15:19
jcsackettrick_h: ok.15:19
rick_hjcsackett: when I merged it conflicted so I took your branch but changed it back. 15:19
jcsackettrick_h: ah.15:19
rick_hjcsackett: was just confused when I saw the change and comment. I'm ok for now I think15:19
jcsackettrick_h: so we're on storeId, all is happy? :-P15:19
benjiabentley: it took a little extra time because during QA I found some untested code the branch broke; that code is fixed with a XXX comment about the missing test15:24
benjithe MP is at https://code.launchpad.net/~benji/charmworld/even-more-bundles/+merge/17622715:24
abentleybenji: looking...15:26
jcsackettjujugui: i am not going to be able to be at the standup in 30 min; rick_h can you sub for me?15:26
rick_hjcsackett: rgr15:26
hatchrick_h: did you happen to push that fix yet?15:30
rick_hhatch: yes15:30
rick_hhatch: the one for the destructor call to inspector.inspector I pushed up. I didn't re-reitveld it15:31
hatchsure that's fine15:31
hatchthis ubuntu edge device looks awesome15:34
hatch4gb of ram and 128gb of storage...lol wow!15:35
hatchubuntu and android15:36
rick_hnot going to lie, the video convinced me to sign up for one15:37
rick_hI need a new phone this fall anyway15:38
abentleybenji: Looks good.  Just a style issue with the imports.  r=me with that fixed.15:38
hatchrick_h: haha yup Mark did good on that video :D15:38
teknicorick_h: shipping is May 201415:39
rick_hteknico: doh!15:39
sinzuiabentley, adeuring: I updated https://bugs.launchpad.net/charmworld/+bug/1202665 . I attached a summary of all the missing hook files.15:39
_mup_Bug #1202665: NoFile errors reported by staging for the same branch <mongodb> <charmworld:Triaged> <https://launchpad.net/bugs/1202665>15:39
adeuring sinzui: acik; looking15:40
rick_hteknico: that's ok, my wife is up for a new phone next march/april so she can get my hand-me-down from this fall then :)15:40
benjiabentley: sounds good, I'll land with fixes momentarily15:40
teknicorick_h: there's always a way ;-)15:40
abentleybenji: Oh, and there's a bug about ingest not having smoke tests.15:40
abentleybenji: Stick bug #1130732 in your XXX if you don't mind.15:41
_mup_Bug #1130732: The ingest process is easily broken on staging <ingest> <tech-debt> <charmworld:Triaged> <https://launchpad.net/bugs/1130732>15:42
bacrick_h: did you just get one or multiple like the t-shirts?  same reasoning might apply!  :)15:45
rick_hbac: multiple15:45
rick_hbac: yea, one for my wife :)15:45
rick_hoh, you mean phones? I just got one15:46
benjiabentley: bug reference added15:46
rick_hI'll experiment but not going to ask the wife to15:46
abentleybenji: ping me when ready to chat.15:49
benjiabentley: sure, I'll be just a sec15:49
gary_posterjujugui call in 10, kanban now15:50
bacsinzui: will you give me permission to the charmworld kanban?15:52
benjiabentley: oops, I have the gui standup in 9 minutes; it shouldn't be too long, do you want to connect after that?15:52
sinzuibac, Yes15:52
rick_hhatch: how we doing?15:52
abentleybenji: When do you usually take lunch?15:53
sinzuibac, I think you have access now15:53
benjiabentley: I normally take it about 1 to 2 hours from now.15:53
abentleybenji: How about we chat in an hour or so?15:54
abentley(I usually take lunch in 6 minutes)15:54
benjiabentley: +115:54
bacsinzui: i can now create a card but i'm not in the list of assignees15:54
hatchrick_h: qa is looking good just going through codereview now15:55
hatchcan you push the latest to codereview?15:55
sinzuibac, I see you. I also see benji and gary as assignees. Maybe you need to force reload kanban15:55
rick_hhatch: to reitveld?15:56
rick_hhatch: lbox'ing now15:56
bacsinzui: works now, thank you15:57
hatchrick_h: yeah...I can never remember what its called15:57
hatchfrom now on it'll be called....rivets15:57
bacrick_h: "lboxing" sounds more exciting than it is15:58
gary_posterjujugui call in 215:58
rick_hat least it has 'boxing' in the name which I feel like it's diong to me sometmies15:58
rick_hhatch: lbox complete16:02
hatchon it16:02
bacsinzui: do i need to start going to your standup?  if so, when and where?16:06
arosalessinzui, could I work with you to get a redirect for things such as "https://jujucharms.com/review-queue/"16:10
arosalesI think those need to go to http://manage.jujucharms.com/review-queue now 16:10
arosaleswe'll start updating docs, but I am sure those links are scattered16:11
sinzuiarosales, *who* needs that?16:11
arosalescharmers, charm authors16:12
sinzuiarosales, we replaced that feature for ~charmers in April16:12
arosalessinzui, so the link is still there16:12
arosaleswe just need to redirect to the correct place16:12
arosalessinzui, so before it was jujucharms.com/<tools>16:13
sinzuiarosales, the real review queue has been at http://manage.jujucharms.com/review-queue for months16:13
arosalessinzui, now that the _new_ charm browser is live jujucharms.com/<tools> does not redirect 16:13
arosalessinzui,  I agree :-)16:14
arosaleswhat I am saying is there are lot of links at that pointing to "jujucharms.com/<tools>"16:14
arosalesI'll try to address what I can in the docs16:14
arosalesbut I am certain, for historical reasons, that there are many links out there that I won't catch16:14
arosalesie askubuntu16:14
sinzuiarosales, I will create an rt for the redirect. otherwise we need to change the juju-gui appliction16:15
arosalesmy question is can we redirect?16:15
arosales+1 on redirect16:15
sinzuiarosales, what of http://manage.jujucharms.com/tools/store-missing and http://manage.jujucharms.com/tools/proof-errors16:15
arosalesthe proof errors we just need to step through16:16
rick_hthe only way we can redirect is via defined http url matching/redirecting in the deployed charm config :/16:16
hatchrick_h: lgtm'd plz do another deep qa for flagged and unflagged with trunk merged in just to be on the safe side16:16
rick_hhatch: will do, thanks a ton for going through it with me. really appreciate it16:17
arosalesthe store-missing I need to follow up on. I"ll make it part of our upcoming audit16:17
arosalessinzui, thanks for the queues 16:17
sinzuiarosales, understood16:19
arosalesrick_h, sorry I was referring to the tools links. I suspect that charm authors didn't know to be using manage.jujucharms as jujucharms was still alive and had similar links16:19
arosalesI meant jujucharms.com (old) previous today, had the tools links16:20
* hatch is outahea!16:23
hatchping if ya need me :)16:23
rick_hhatch: c-ya16:23
gary_posterbye hatch thanks16:24
Makyogary_poster, can I take my swap day next Friday?  Alright with this week if that works better. Will be at a convention, but can still work from the hotel.16:25
gary_posterMakyo, yes16:25
bacindiegogo fail: 1) PR is not a country, 2) Optional address line 2 is required.  boo.16:27
bacgary_poster: swap next monday ok?16:28
gary_posterbac yes16:28
rick_hjujugui heads up branch landing that updates ViewContainer to view-manager and gets rid of namings like inspector.inspector. Make sure to merge with trunk and let me know if anything in progress has a hard time with the conflicts. 16:31
rick_hwell ViewletManager that is...ugh 16:31
arosalessinzui, thanks for following up with IS on the redirect for the tools links. While I am asking do you think we should do similar redirects for "recently-changed"  and "interfaces"16:32
arosalesinterfaces and other links should probably just dump to jujucharms.com16:33
sinzuiarosales, yes for all rss16:33
* sinzui thinks16:33
arosalesI'll remind charm authors they should be using manage.jujucharms.com post gary_poster announce email16:34
* arosales doesn't want to still gui-team's thunder16:34
sinzuiarosales, I think I better suggest the match expressions myself in the rt to help expedite this16:35
gary_postersinzui, we got an official request to switch back to default browser mode16:35
gary_postersinzui, to do this we need to first upgrade the charm16:35
gary_posterso that the emergency issue does not repeat16:35
gary_posterthen we can simply ask them to set the  default view value16:36
gary_postersinzui, what's the safest way to do this?  would you like me to dupe locally on ec2 first to make sure it works?16:37
adeuringsinzui, abentley: I think I found the cause of the problem; comment added to bug 120266516:37
_mup_Bug #1202665: NoFile errors reported by staging for the same branch <mongodb> <charmworld:Triaged> <https://launchpad.net/bugs/1202665>16:37
gary_postersinzui, the fullscreen request is for today.  The apache redirect is for this week.16:39
sinzuigary_poster, okay. I think the apache redirect will still be doable today. I got one added recently without trouble.16:40
gary_postersinzui, awesome thanks.  would you like me to do anything to help?  If not I will gratefully watch from a distance :-)16:40
sinzuiI will only need to know the charm version and/or the juju gui release version when you are ready16:41
gary_postersinzui, charm version 55.  juju gui version does not need to change.  we should update https://wiki.canonical.com/InformationInfrastructure/WebOps/CDO/JujuGui to set the default-viewmode to fullscreen again.  will you do that? I would like to doublecheck that this will go smoothly by duplicating elsewhere.  will you do that, or shall I?  I was simply planning on deploying rev 54, and then changing the file manually,16:47
gary_poster and then deploying rev 55, and making sure that everything is AOK16:47
sinzuiI can update the doc16:47
gary_postersinzui, to be clear, I don't want you to think I am foisting all of this on you.  Please feel free to ask for help!16:47
gary_posterthanks sinzui 16:47
sinzuigary_poster, I think your test strategy is sound16:49
gary_posterrick_h, if this affects your decision on what to tackle next, if we had something awesome for jcastro to show tomorrow morning on comingsoon, that would be cool.  16:49
rick_hgary_poster: k, will see how far I can get before EOD. 16:50
gary_postercool, rick_h, if not no worries16:50
rick_hgary_poster: thuogh they're west coast right so get a few more hours tomorrow too so will go for it16:50
gary_posterbac, could you switch us back to running uistage/comingsoon on trunk again, sometime today?  (If I asked you that already today, sorry; crazy day)16:50
gary_posterrick_h, ack cool16:50
bacgary_poster: i'll do it after lunch, ok?16:51
gary_posterperfect thanks bac16:51
bacgary_poster: so tip on :80.  keep 8080  and 8086?16:51
gary_posterbac, easy to redirect 8080 and 8086 to 80?16:52
bacsurely it is16:53
gary_posterjujugui, if anyone wants the bundle sprint t shirt, we are 1 order away :-) http://teespring.com/sprint201316:53
gary_posterbac, cool thanks16:53
gary_posterMakyo, approved swap day16:53
Makyogary_poster, Thanks.16:53
rick_hgary_poster: sinzui the gui on jujucharms.com isn't in prod mode. https://jujucharms.com/fullscreen/17:12
rick_h275 requests made :/ each js file one by one17:13
sinzuioh bugger17:13
gary_posterrick_h, huh.  I wonder if staging is the issue.17:13
sinzuirick_h, what setting do we need to change in the charm's config.17:13
rick_hgary_poster: sinzui not sure atm, looking. Just noticed a prominent mozilla/python dev comment on a 15s load time and I got curious17:14
gary_posterthanks rick_h 17:14
sinzuiI have the webops/cdo page doc open and am ready for the change17:14
gary_posterrick_h, I think it is staging but not sure.  not clear in docs17:16
sinzuido we say staging=false?17:16
rick_hgary_poster: yea, I'm looking for the charm atm. I've not peeked at it much yet. 17:16
rick_hbac: any confirmation? ^^17:16
gary_posterrick_h, 17:17
gary_poster    if in_staging and not serve_tests:17:17
gary_poster        build_dirname = 'build-debug'17:17
gary_poster    else:17:17
gary_poster        build_dirname = 'build-prod'17:17
rick_hgary_poster: k, makes sense. 17:17
gary_postersinzui, staging=false, yes17:17
rick_hsinzui: can we get a config change then to set in_staging to false?17:17
rick_hgary_poster: that var in there is 'in_staging' is the actual config flag staging?17:17
gary_postersinzui, rick_h in config it is "staging"17:17
rick_hduh! I can use the browser to look at the charm config/etc. /me puts on dunce cap17:18
gary_posterfrankban, LGTM finally, thank you17:21
frankbangary_poster: cool, thanks!17:22
gary_postersinzui, any feel for when we might get service on the RT?  I'll send out my own announcements on juju lists and blogs and so on once we have the fullscreen switch and staging turned off17:23
sinzuia few minutes gary_poster17:24
sinzuigary_poster, I think we are asking webops to deploy the latest version of the stable charm with bac and rick_h's fix17:25
gary_postersinzui, bac's fix yes.  fwiw, rick_h's fix is only on uistage 8086 right now, and does not directly affect the charm deployment.17:26
gary_postersinzui, but we are *not* deploying a new gui, only a new charm17:26
sinzuiokay, I was reading the changelog. rick_h was the reviewer17:26
sinzuigui remains at 0.8.017:27
gary_posteryeah, cool17:27
sinzuigary_poster, we are playing the permission game in rt. Webops will help us once they find someone  who will give them permission to see it17:34
gary_postersinzui, weird17:35
sinzuigary_poster, We are still in the Lp queue too. wgrant is the owner of the queue.17:35
gary_postersinzui, can I so anything to help?17:35
sinzuinot yet. I will add this queue issue to the juju cross team meeting17:35
bacgary_poster:  i'm just back from lunch.  trying to catch up.  any resolution?17:47
gary_posterbac, sorry, resolution to what?  crazy day17:47
rick_hbac: think we're good just waiting on RT work17:48
bacrick_h:  ok17:48
abentleybenji: I left it to you to mark the even-more-bundles merge approved, since I asked for some changes.  Feel free to mark it whenever you like.17:50
benjiabentley: oops, I didn't realize that (too much time with lbox, I suppose).  I'll mark it now.17:51
gary_posterrick_h, hadn't we fixed this markdown/html comment thing?  or we never got around to it? https://jujucharms.com/fullscreen/precise/juju-gui-head/#bws-readme17:52
sinzuiabentley, do you have time today to look this over? I think your the best person to say don't land this: https://code.launchpad.net/~sinzui/charmworld/bundles-api-2/+merge/17624617:52
abentleysinzui: sure.17:52
rick_hgary_poster: never got around to it. It's in the queue of things to look at but low priority unfortunately. 17:52
gary_posterok cool17:52
sinzuiwe never got to it gary_poster17:52
gary_posterack sinzui, rick_h, np. thanks17:52
rick_hgary_poster: we have to fork/add support to the gallery module we use. We checked and verified the module doesn't support markdown comments17:53
sinzuiI keep thinking we are going to fix that bug in 2 more days, and then we dont17:53
gary_posterrick_h, we could simply pre-process them out maybe17:53
rick_hgary_poster: yea, another way to go. Might be fun cross-lines I guess17:54
abentleysinzui: is it necessary to have a doctype member on bundles?  Can't we just use the native type support in Elasticsearch?17:57
sinzuiabentley, I don't think it is necessary for ES. If ES includes a bundle in the result, I think the client needs to know it18:00
sinzuiabentley, sorry for the lag.18:01
abentleysinzui: You can do that by examining the elasticsearch type in the search output.18:05
abentleysinzui: (Sorry for the lag-- I was verifying that you can).18:05
abentleysinzui: Each hit in the results has _source and _type keys (among others).  Right now, we only use _source, which is the document.18:06
sinzuiabentley, _type is community|reviewed|environment? Or is there another _type?18:07
abentleysinzui: No, it is the elasticsearch native type.18:08
sinzuiabentley, I think you mean that I don't need to change line 49 of the diff because type can be constrained another way.18:08
abentleysinzui: Yes.18:09
abentleysinzui: To expose the native type to search results, you can do this: http://pastebin.ubuntu.com/5901393/18:10
gary_posterarosales, robbiew https://jujucharms.com/ now goes to fullscreen view.18:12
gary_posterrick_h, if you hard reload, you can see that we are using compressed assets also18:12
gary_posterthanks to sinzui and webops!18:12
robbiewI'm sure the four people in the world not donating money to the edge will appreciate it18:12
robbiewmuch better, thanks18:13
sinzuiI wonder if I can co-opt the next sprint to just work on the juju dev-enterprise divide18:13
rick_hgary_poster: sinzui thanks, much niver18:14
rick_hnicer that is18:14
sinzuiI just learned that I down == done now in curtisese18:15
sinzuiand in rickese, my name is nurtis18:15
abentleysinzui: And you can pass "doc_type='charm'" to the search to support charm-only results.18:15
sinzuiabentley, fab. thanks@18:16
* sinzui needs to breath more often and type slower to get through this release18:17
bacgary_poster: uistage.jujucharms.com is on trunk and updating via cron.  :8080 and :8086 are answered too but not redirects.18:21
bacthat's how 8080 was handled and seemed easiest18:22
gary_posterbac, cool.  would prefer redirects because it clarifies intent, but s'ok18:22
gary_posterthank you!18:22
bacgary_poster: ok, i'll have a go at that18:23
gary_posterbac, only if it is < 15 minutes.  otherwise not worth it18:23
bacso two people have sponsored the $10,000 phone.  wow.18:24
gary_posteryeah I saw that18:25
gary_posterwhy :/ ?18:25
gary_posterI thought that was pretty good for a few hours in18:25
gary_postermaybe not good enough for 32 million I grant you18:25
gary_posterIf we cross 1 mill today that would be cool18:26
rick_hjust imaging being someone that would say "Sure, I've got $10k for a phone for a year or two"18:26
gary_poster...ok, got it ;-)18:26
gary_posterwould be cool if we passed 1 mil today...18:27
rick_hyea, ideally. Since the goal is set to a little over 1M/day the first day really needs a few M to keep interest going I think.18:28
gary_posterwas thinking something similar18:29
rick_hboo, no luca or ale today. In another channel the response to the Gui was "rick_h: It's absolutely beautiful. Wow. :D"18:30
gary_poster:-) cool18:30
gary_posterrick_h, respond to ale's email with that :-)18:31
arosalesgary_poster, juju.u.c charm links updated18:39
arosalesand _just_ went live18:40
rick_hgary_poster: email sent :)18:40
gary_posterarosales, :-) perfect, thanks!  working on announcement now.18:40
gary_posterthanks rick_h :-)18:40
rick_hgary_poster: lp:~rharding/juju-gui/charm-details-viewlet-css has the css and html layout changes 'working' so the details shows up nicely19:43
rick_hgary_poster: but tests go boom. So going to EOD here and try to get the tests and such up tomorrow. 19:44
bacI think we should send an Ubuntu Edge to the new lad.  #royalbirth19:44
gary_posterrick_h, ok cool.  thanks and ttyl.  re: G+, was a successful release, despite excitement.  Thank you and congrats :-)19:45
gary_posterbac +1 :-)19:45
rick_hgary_poster: yea, sorry was more laughing inside and it didn't come out. Getting some good feedback and <3 everyone. 19:45
gary_poster:-) cool rick_h 19:46
gary_poster^^ ubuntu edge so far19:46
rick_hgary_poster: had one friend who's been working on a moodle charm get motivated to work on the charm so he can see it in the Gui store19:47
gary_posterrick_h, :-) awesome19:47
* gary_poster goes on walk20:04
gary_postersinzui, thank you for all your great work today, and leading up to this release.  I really appreciate what you and the whole orange squad have done.20:05
=== gary_poster is now known as gary_poster|away
abentleysinzui: https://code.launchpad.net/~abentley/charmworld/store-data-on-enqueue/+merge/174827 is now proposed for review.  Could you look at it again?20:07
sinzuiI will20:08
sinzuiabentley, r=me providing you reconcile the argument changes in the merge conflicts.20:12
abentleysinzui: Sigh, just fixed a wackload of conflicts, and now there's more.20:14
sinzuibugger. I am under an umbrella in a rain storm. I don't want to lam shell this computer to go in20:18
sinzuijcsackett, I have a fix that preserves historic links to jujucharms.com. I think one or more conflict with the gui? http://pastebin.ubuntu.com/5901851/20:41
=== gary_poster|away is now known as gary_poster
gary_postersinzui, the only one I'm a bit worried about is ^/(.*)/changes20:47
gary_posterfor the others, I think we are ok unless there is a series named "tools" or "feed"20:47
sinzuigary_poster, I don't think I can preserve it. It is not as important as the other ones so I will drop it20:48
gary_postersinzui, cool, I would feel better about that20:48
jcsackettsinzui, gary_poster: i'm +1 on dropping ^/(.*)/changes20:51
gary_postercool jcsackett (and hiya)20:51
* gary_poster runs away in exhaustion :-)21:01
=== gary_poster is now known as gary_poster|away
rick_hmorning huwshimi 23:08
huwshimiGreat work on the release!23:17
rick_hhuwshimi: +1 back at ya. Thanks so much for the help getting the designs into play23:44

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