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pavellook like  juju-core1.11.2 was broken today, I had to update to 1.11.307:59
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melmothi have installed openstack folsom with juju on precise boxes. all charm have cloud:precise-folsom as origin.10:28
melmothnow, would it be possible to "upgrade" this to grizzly with some juju set charmname origin=cloud:precise-grizzly  followed by a juju charm-upgrade ?10:29
melmothor is this a wrong expectation ?10:29
marcoceppimelmoth: if I understand the charms correctly, you'll only need to juju set <all-your-openstack-charms> origin=cloud:precise-grizzly to kick off the upgrade11:52
marcoceppiupgrade-charm is typically independant of the service version, though not always. It's really designed to upgrade the actual charm files11:53
melmothso by "kicking off" the upgrade you meant sshing into the box and running apt-get dist-upgrade ?12:02
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marcoceppimelmoth: well, you shouldn't need to do that, the charm should take care of all that for you12:09
melmothoh.. ok.12:10
marcoceppimelmoth: each charm is different though, the readme should cover how to move between versions, I'm fairly confident I've seen the OpenStack charms "just upgrade" via the config change only though. I vaguely remember sabdfl demo that live somewhere12:11
melmothyep, but there was a landscape layer on top of that , wich i dont have here.12:12
melmothbut yeah, i saw the demo too :)12:12
marcoceppiIIRC landscape was driving juju, but my memory in general isn't all that good, let alone this early in the morning12:13
melmothi was planning to try that today..turns out i have been given another bone to play with...12:14
melmoth(a less funny one though)12:14
marcoceppiLet me know how it works out for you. I've been scraping together some spare servers in order to play more with Juju and MAAS12:18
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AskUbuntuCan i install juju zookeeper on maas server itself? | http://askubuntu.com/q/32300013:34
argeshi. I left juju 0.7 w/ lxc running over the weekend on my ecryptfs home part, and now my disk is full. I think this is a log file problem, 1) where are the log files so I can delete them, 2) is this a new bug that needs to be filed?13:49
marcoceppiarges: I've run in to this before, I thought it was fixed in 0.7 but it might not be13:51
marcoceppiarges: if they're not in /var/log/juju they'll be in ~/.juju/local/13:52
argesmarcoceppi: yea i saw bug 95831213:52
_mup_Bug #958312: Change zk logging configuration <verification-done> <juju:Fix Released by hazmat> <juju (Ubuntu):Fix Released> <juju (Ubuntu Precise):Fix Released> <https://launchpad.net/bugs/958312>13:52
marcoceppiarges: the logs for both juju and zk can be VERY verbose in pyjuju13:52
argesmarcoceppi: both are cleared and still disk is full13:53
argesmarcoceppi: i'll keep looking doing a du on my home dir first to see whats going on13:53
marcoceppiis your ecryptfs partition relatively small? You might be able to use `du` to find where the large files are.13:53
arges: )13:53
marcoceppiIt's been ages since I've run 0.7 so I don't know off the top of my head13:53
argesyea its 1TB , and i know i had at least 500GB free when i left my house on friday13:54
marcoceppiarges: juju-core 1.11.3 just landed this morning which brings better local support in to juju-core. If you were holding back upgrading to juju-core for local provider13:55
argesmarcoceppi: yup planning on testing once i dig myself out of this13:55
marcoceppiarges: sorry couldn't be of more help!13:55
argesnp thanks for the tips anyway13:56
argesmarcoceppi: ok false alarm. Juju wasn't the issue.13:58
* marcoceppi wipes brow13:58
argesHi. are there any juju-core/lxc docs available? Moving from 0.7 to current version and not sure if I need a new environments.yaml14:31
argesn/m got it14:34
marcoceppiarges: you'll have to destroy the environment, there's no upgrade path for local provider14:35
argescool, and found this which helps : https://juju.ubuntu.com/get-started/local/14:36
marcoceppiarges: that's for 0.7, we're working (well, evilnickveitch is) on getting juju-core local provider docs out14:38
argesah gotcha.14:38
marcoceppiarges: I made a quick blog post, if you're looking for a reference: http://marcoceppi.com/2013/07/compiling-juju-and-the-local-provider/14:38
argesnice, i'll use this14:38
evilnickveitcharges, let me know if you have any difficulties14:39
arges$ sudo juju bootstrap -e local14:41
argeserror: no reachable servers14:41
argesSo i have 1.11.3 installed, and setup exactly from juju init with those two lines14:42
argesAlso I'm on precise14:43
argesAfter a juju -v status, I see the following:14:44
arges2013-07-22 14:44:22 ERROR juju open.go:89 state: connection failed, will retry: dial tcp connection refused14:44
evilnickveitchhmmm, marcoceppi ? ^ ^14:45
marcoceppiarges: so, the bootstrap is an interesting problem14:46
marcoceppiarges: run sudo juju destroy-environment14:46
marcoceppiIt's either one of two things14:46
marcoceppitry `sudo service mongodb stop`14:46
marcoceppithen try another bootstrap14:46
argesmarcoceppi: mongodb is not installed14:47
marcoceppiarges: there's the problem14:47
argesso i need those deps even if i'm not compiling : )14:47
marcoceppisudo apt-get install mongodb-server14:47
marcoceppiyeah, I guess it's not in the packaginging14:47
marcoceppiYou'll only need mongodb-server, the rest are directly for compiling14:47
* marcoceppi takes note14:47
argesOk installing14:47
marcoceppithn run sudo service mongodb stop; sudo juju bootstrap -e local and you should be good to go. If you get an error during bootstrap let me know14:48
* marcoceppi updates blog post14:48
argesmarcoceppi: different error now14:48
argesmarcoceppi: http://pastebin.ubuntu.com/5900827/14:49
marcoceppiarges: that's not an error14:49
marcoceppilet it loop for a while14:49
argesits waiting for the lxc container to start i take it14:49
ahasenackmongo, actually14:50
marcoceppiwait until the command exits. Behind the scenes juju bootstrap installs two upstart services one that starts mongodb for the state server and the other which acts as provisioning agent14:50
marcoceppiso it loops for about a minute waiting for mongodb to come oneline14:50
argesmarcoceppi: i get 'no reachable servers' at the end again14:51
marcoceppiarges: what does `sudo status juju-db-${USER}-local` show?14:52
argesjuju-db-arges-local stop/waiting14:54
argesmarcoceppi: ^^14:54
marcoceppialso, pastebin /var/log/juju-db-${USER}-local.log14:54
marcoceppialso, pastebin /var/log/upstart/juju-db-${USER}-local.log14:54
argesnothing in /var/log/juju-*14:55
ahasenackarges: which version of mongodb-server did you get installed?14:56
ahasenackmaybe the one in precise is not recent enough for juju-core14:56
argesahasenack: 1:2.0.4-1ubuntu2.114:57
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marcoceppiarges: interesting, I've got on raring14:57
ahasenackarges: you don't have a /usr/bin/mongod, or that was an old log?14:57
ahasenackmarcoceppi: juju-core requires mongo with ssl, I don't know if the precise one has that14:58
argesahasenack: that's old the mongodb-server dep wasn't installed14:58
ahasenackarges: ok, can you tell on which port mongodb is listening? Maybe sudo netstat -anp|grep mongod14:58
marcoceppiahasenack: I don't have any LTS machines around, but I think the later SSL errors are the key14:58
ahasenackmarcoceppi: ah, right, hadn't seen that14:59
argesahasenack: netstat -anp | grep mongo returns nothing14:59
marcoceppiarges: try installing libssl0.9.8 libsnmp-base snmpd libsnmp15 snmp14:59
marcoceppithen juju destroy-environment, clear the upstart log, bootstrap14:59
marcoceppiin the meantime I'll set up a VM with 12.0415:00
argesmarcoceppi: same results.15:02
argesand same log output sslOnNormalPorts15:02
argesas an unknown option15:02
marcoceppiarges: ack, setting up 12.0415:02
marcoceppiarges: I think I have a solution for you on precise, but it involves using a source outside of ubuntu archives15:41
marcoceppinot sure if you're interested or not15:41
argesmarcoceppi: i'm interested! want to make sure this works on precise as well15:42
marcoceppiarges: hum, nevermind. This might be trickier than I expected15:47
argesmarcoceppi: can we file a bug to track this?15:47
marcoceppiarges: yes, definitely a good idea15:47
marcoceppian easy solution is to just put the raring version of mongodb in to the ppa for precise, but I'm not sure if that's the best solution15:48
jamespagethumper, nice work on the local provider btw15:56
jamespageworks real sweet15:56
bloodearnestyeah, really good work, y'all :)15:57
marcoceppiarges: opened bug and poked the core team16:02
argesmarcoceppi: thanks16:03
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arosalesjamespage, marcoceppi, m_3, negronjl, bbcmicrocomputer, hazmat: reminder to be using http://manage.jujucharms.com/review-queue for the review queue16:42
* arosales will try to update the topic16:42
=== arosales changed the topic of #juju to: Share your infrastructure, win a prize: https://juju.ubuntu.com/charm-championship/ || Review Calendar: http://goo.gl/uK9HD || Review Queue: http://manage.jujucharms.com/review-queue || http://jujucharms.com || Reviewer: m_3
bbcmicrocomputerarosales: cool, thanks for the tip :)16:56
arosalesbbcmicrocomputer, sure np.  You guys may have already been using it, but just wanted to confirm with the shiny new charm browser out there now. :-)16:57
bbcmicrocomputerarosales: :)16:57
AskUbuntuIs virtual maas removed? | http://askubuntu.com/q/32307016:58
argesmarcoceppi: whats the bug# so i can subscribe to it? thanks16:58
argesof the precise juju-core/lxc issue16:59
marcoceppiarges: https://bugs.launchpad.net/juju-core/+bug/120379516:59
_mup_Bug #1203795: mongodb with --ssl not available in precise <juju-core:Confirmed> <https://launchpad.net/bugs/1203795>16:59
kirklandmarcoceppi: jcastro: yo -- I'm working on a blog post and trying to link to some juju documentation in the process17:20
marcoceppikirkland: hey17:21
kirklandmarcoceppi: jcastro: I'm not finding much of what I need in this new jujucharms.com web frontend17:21
marcoceppikirkland: what are you looking for?17:21
kirklandmarcoceppi: specifically, I'd like to link to the official documentation on the mount interface and the shared-fs relation17:21
kirklandmarcoceppi: the SEO on these aren't great right now on google17:21
marcoceppikirkland: We don't have any documentation on on interfaces17:21
kirklandthe top hit is https://jujucharms.com/~craig.magina/precise/openmpi/hooks/shared-fs-relation-changed/17:21
marcoceppiWell, we have a few old ones, but they really don't exist17:22
kirklandwhich plunks me down on an empty canvas17:22
marcoceppikirkland: yeah, we just had a new jujucharms roll out a few hours aog17:22
rick_hkirkland: and the page that you're linking to there is http://manage.jujucharms.com/~craig.magina/precise/openmpi/hooks/shared-fs-relation-changed17:23
rick_hkirkland: s/jujucharm.com/manage.jujucharms.com for things as of a couple of hours ago17:23
rick_hwill take time for the bots out there to catch up17:23
kirklandrick_h: ah, okay, thanks17:27
kirklandmarcoceppi: jcastro: http://blog.dustinkirkland.com/2013/07/johnjohn-scalable-juju-charm-tutorial.html17:27
kirklandmarcoceppi: jcastro: thanks for your help with that!17:28
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marcoceppikirkland: great post!18:14
kirklandmarcoceppi: thanks!18:15
kirklandmarcoceppi: thank YOU for all your help18:15
marcoceppikirkland: no problem!18:15
kirklandmarcoceppi: I'll leave it to you guys, if this is something you want in the charm repo or not18:15
kirklandmarcoceppi: I'm happy to clean it up, if you want it in there;  but if it sends the wrong signals about Juju, I certainly understand that too18:16
marcoceppikirkland: I don't think we would bar if for any reason. I'm one to say "Submit it!" but I love the diversity of the charm store18:17
kirklandmarcoceppi: cool18:17
marcoceppiIf anything it's a great example for writing a charm18:17
kirklandmarcoceppi: there's a couple of things in there that could serve as nice runes for other massively parallel charms18:17
kirklandmarcoceppi: the use of NFS and keep-one-running are kinda cool18:18
kirkland(if I do say so myself)18:18
m_3arosales: ack18:18
arosalesm_3, thanks18:18
hazmatmysql charm is failing to deploy on core..18:25
AskUbuntuAutomate PC set up | http://askubuntu.com/q/32309618:36
ahasenackhazmat: I deployed it a few days ago18:41
lovesharepchello  I'm a juju new people . when I creat juju I have a problem18:43
lovesharepcI saw here https://juju.ubuntu.com/docs/getting-started.html  say   Configuring for Amazon AWS18:44
lovesharepcwhat this mean??18:44
lovesharepcthis is in AWS inside creat juju ?    or      in my server creat juju have like AWS's service?18:45
sarnoldlovesharepc: juju creates 'new computers' using cloud providers18:46
sarnoldlovesharepc: the getting-started page is discussing how to use amazon AWS as your cloud provider18:47
marcoceppihazmat: works with local provider this morning18:47
sarnoldlovesharepc: juju can also be used to create your own cloud provider -- this makes things much more complicated :) -- but you can create a cloud environment with one juju environment, and "within" that cloud environment use juju again to manage services18:48
lovesharepcOK I understand     thank you :D18:50
sarnoldlovesharepc: have fun! :)18:53
hazmatmarcoceppi, hmm.. yeah its just failing consistently in my unit tests.18:54
hazmatseems to work okay standalone18:54
marcoceppihazmat: interesting18:54
lovesharepcsarnold:so..... when I use maas creat a server.  this is my cloud ?18:59
sarnoldlovesharepc: yes. you can also use openstack.19:01
lovesharepcsarnold: OK.  thank~~~ you solve the biggest question in my mind :D      ubuntu are very funny !!19:03
sarnoldlovesharepc: cool! :)19:04
argesmarcoceppi: so i was able to bootstrap juju-core/lxc on precise with a backported mongodb. Now it seems I can't ssh into the bootstrap node because permission is denied. I have id_rsa.pub in the standard location. Anything to look for?19:37
marcoceppiarges: how are you sshing?19:39
argesmarcoceppi: well first i was just trying 'juju debug-log' and that failed with permission denied19:39
argesthen 'juju ssh 0' also fails with permission denied (public key)19:39
marcoceppiarges: that doesn't work. use juju ssh service/unit-num like WordPress/019:43
marcoceppiit's a known issue19:43
argesmarcoceppi: juju ssh postgresql/0 works (in my test),  but juju debug-log still fails19:44
ahasenackI think I filed a bug about debug-log19:47
argesbug 119796820:00
_mup_Bug #1197968: debug-hooks are not available for juju-core, should be removed from docs <juju-core:Invalid> <https://launchpad.net/bugs/1197968>20:00
argesahasenack: so is there a way for me to see how my charm is working when I do juju deploy * ? what comamnds should i use with juju-core20:01
ahasenackarges: juju status is a start20:02
ahasenackarges: about juju ssh with lxc, the bug is https://bugs.launchpad.net/juju-core/+bug/120268220:04
_mup_Bug #1202682: debug-log doesn't work with lxc provider <juju-core:New> <https://launchpad.net/bugs/1202682>20:04
argesahasenack: perfect i'll mark that as affecting me20:05
ahasenackarges: but, you can check the logs in this case locally, they are in $JUJU_HOME/<environment>/logs or something20:05
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ahasenackone per machine20:05
argesahasenack: ah that will help though! thanks20:05
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