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lordievaderGood morning.07:52
Riddellhi lordievader 07:53
lordievaderHey Riddell, how are you?07:53
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RiddellI'm awesome thanks08:01
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BluesKajHey all12:28
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geniiLooks like they need to raise a million per day which is highly unlikely15:12
Quintasangenii: Judging from the general reaction from mixed social sites it MIGHT just work15:13
QuintasanThough it's quite unlikely15:13
Quintasan>canonical pls what are you doing15:15
QuintasanBest comment15:15
juancarlospacoI migrated myself to watch form factor and not coming back, but its a very good idea, I want it to happen...15:21
juancarlospacoandroid watch just google it, no need to carry the brick anymore15:22
yofelwhile the fun raising plan sounds crazy, I like the hardware15:26
kubotuyofel meant: "while the fund raising plan sounds crazy, I like the hardware"15:27
soeeyofel, when can we expect RC1 for raring ? :) 15:28
yofelI hopefully can finish that today, but I'm still at work so it'll have to wait till later15:29
manchicken128GB storage?! That's impressive.15:30
juancarlospacoit does not resist water, nor have cables builtin like watches 15:31
manchickenI'm not convinced of a watch form factor to replace my mobile handset.15:34
juancarlospacome neither, of none of the form factors  :) but still15:44
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apachelogger_back from opera weekend \o/17:20
yofelwb, enjoyed it?17:21
* shadeslayer is listening to some Antonio Vivaldi right now17:22
apachelogger_very much17:22
shadeslayerapachelogger_: that site is running IIS17:22
shadeslayer*running on 17:23
apachelogger_it worries me that you would know that from an url :O17:23
yofelwow, haven't seen that error page in years17:24
yofelbut that opera place sure has an amazing scenery :O17:24
apachelogger_so awesome.17:28
juancarlospaco5 Mac screens on the Ubuntu Ad17:40
* juancarlospaco I see memes17:40
RiddellUbuntu Ad?17:41
shadeslayerjuancarlospaco: and a windows one as well IIRC17:41
juancarlospacoour Spred-Mac Ubuntu Team is working really hard and no one say thank to us  :(17:42
juancarlospacoim so using the storedGet() for a vagrant instrumentation GUI17:44
juancarlospacothat Aqua theme for KDE is really good  *wink*   *wink*17:48
QuintasanRiddell: So, when are we getting Ubuntu Edge?20:03
* Quintasan laughs20:03
geniiMy main question is: Will it run Kubuntu?20:08
Quintasangenii: Ubuntu Edge -> Mir -> No.20:09
* genii shakes a fist20:09
yofeldepends on the graphics driver they need really. If it's just using EGL then you *could* *maybe* run kwin-wayland on it eventually20:10
QuintasanAnd pray it works.20:10
yofelthat wouldn't be any different for any other phone really20:10
RiddellQuintasan: at least when there's something other than a phone shell to it :)20:11
Riddellgood luck to them but20:11
QuintasanRiddell: I read that as "never"20:12
* Quintasan hides20:12
geniiA million a day for a month seems overly optimistic. Especially if they're pulling the $600 level after the first day.20:12
RiddellQuintasan: don't be so skeptical!20:13
* Quintasan giggles20:14
yofelQuintasan: why? they already have a unity shell that runs on android, that's exactly what they're selling the phone with + probably a dual-boot with their MIR thing20:14
yofelso it's not really only a shell20:14
QuintasanAh oh well, I just used on an actual device20:14
Quintasanand it's...bad?20:15
QuintasanI mean the software20:15
yofelhaven't seen it so can't say. But I would believe it can run somewhat well if you feed it with those hardware specs20:16
* ScottK notes Riddell has a new baby to reign over him if he doesn't get busy winning the vote.20:16
QuintasanScottK: Care to explain?20:17
Riddellach we'll keep the baby even if we vote yes, no sign of a socialist paradise yet20:17
RiddellQuintasan: look at any news source ever20:17
* Quintasan looks at anything that doesn't report the new king20:17
ScottKFuture king20:17
Riddellubuntu.com doesn't, how unpatriotic20:17
ScottKSouth Africa is a Republic.20:18
QuintasanScottK: New monarch in Belgium as well20:18
ScottKYes, but the Belgian monarchy doesn't come from a history of repression (at least not in Europe).20:18
Riddellthe Belgian monarchy doesn't come from a history full stop20:21
Riddellbut poor old congo would disagree on that repression thing (not in europe I guess but repressed from there)20:22
ScottKYes, it was particularly Congo I was thinking of.20:22
skellatFrom the viceroy across the lake in the dominion to my north: http://www.gg.ca/document.aspx?id=15236&lan=eng20:24
Riddellpoor old ubuntu gets trolled by baby on bbc news http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/business-2340299420:25
Quintasan>Canonical says the Ubuntu OS is so simple that its handset does not need a home button20:26
juancarlospacocan be worse than firefoxos20:28
* Quintasan stops wasting time on talking about this and starts working20:28
Quintasanyofel: Can you repase the pbuilderrc please?20:29
yofelQuintasan: http://paste.kde.org/p55212a0720:35
juancarlospacowe still need kings, meh humanity, so much to be done...20:38
Quintasanyofel: Thank you20:43
* Quintasan wonders if men in expensive suits would come to him if he started a company called Kanonikal20:43
geniiAh, he IS there in -meeting20:48
Quintasangenii: Who is there?20:50
geniiQuintasan: Scott20:50
yofelyay, we got (most of) our MREs :D20:57
kubotu::workspace-bugs:: [1203867] KDE packages FTBFS if Qt 5 present @ https://bugs.launchpad.net/bugs/1203867 (by Roman Odaisky)21:07
ScottKRiddell: Did you ever fix the owncloud SRU bugs?21:23
* ScottK just accepted libkscreen based on the new MRE.21:23
RiddellScottK: no sorry, tomorrow22:04
ScottKOK.  Let me know.22:04
RiddellScottK: yay on the new MRE, thanks for pushing that through22:04
ScottKNo problem.22:04
kubotu::workspace-bugs:: [1174605] No unlock dialogue after locking @ https://bugs.launchpad.net/bugs/1174605 (by naught101)22:09
ScottK^^^ should be kscreen, right?22:25
yofelhm, the saucy uploads of kde sc weren't committed in bzr22:47
Riddellyofel: ug seriously?23:37
RiddellI'll fix that tomorrow sorry23:37
yofelI just changed the script to auto-push again so it matches what initial-upload does. Having opposite defaults for the 2 scripts really doesn't work23:40

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