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knight1which version of qt does kubuntu 13.04 has?07:47
tsimpson!info libqt4-core raring07:48
ubottulibqt4-core (source: qt4-x11): transitional package for Qt 4 core non-GUI runtime libraries. In component universe, is optional. Version 4:4.8.4+dfsg-0ubuntu9.2 (raring), package size 6 kB, installed size 129 kB07:48
tsimpsonknight1: ^07:48
knight1i am using kubuntu 12.04 and need to have qt5 , how to upgrade qt? @tsimpson07:50
lordievaderGood morning.07:52
tsimpsonknight1: you need to enable the canonical Qt5 PPA, http://developer.ubuntu.com/get-started/ says you need to add this PPA https://launchpad.net/~ubuntu-sdk-team/+archive/ppa07:52
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knight1thanks and also how can I switch to qt4.8 in case it is needed ?07:57
tsimpsonknight1: yes, in fact you have to with 12.0407:58
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knight1@tsimpson Installed qt5 but now also on plasmoidviewer --version I am getting qt4.8 :/08:48
tsimpsonknight1: KDE is compiled against Qt408:49
knight1so how can I use qml2 , i need to port my qml1 files to qml208:50
tsimpsonknight1: you use whatever Qt5 mechanism is, try asking in #qt08:51
knight1after I installed qt5 http://developer.ubuntu.com/get-started/  but now also on plasmoidviewer --version I am getting qt4.8 ,so how can I use qml2 , i need to port my qml1 files to qml208:58
knight1oops sorry08:58
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leo_Hello folks, IM trying to run a GUI application through SSH. I get a message "Enter name of X-window server to connect to (of the form HOST:N.M):"......I typed ":0" and then I get an error message "Xlib: connection to ":0.0" refused by server Xlib: No protocol specified   Error: cannot open the display: :0"11:41
lordievaderleo_: Have you specified the -X flag when connecting to the ssh server?11:42
lordievaderOr -Y11:43
leo_so I type ssh -X and all will be goodd?11:43
lordievaderOne of those two should do the trick.11:43
leo_im gonna try that11:43
lordievaderssh -X user@host, yes.11:43
leo_U guys r awesome11:44
lordievaderleo_: Glad I could help ;)11:44
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BluesKajHey all12:28
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amundsendid anybody get to install nitrux.os icon theme in kubuntu?13:03
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yahyaacan someone tell me why evolution won't work on Kubuntu???14:45
BluesKajyahyaa, how did you install it?15:00
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yahyaai used apt-get insatll ev.... so on and so forth15:01
yahyaavia terminal15:01
BluesKajkmail doesn't do what you want ?15:02
yahyaabut everytime i try to use it, it doesnt retrieve any of my messages15:02
yahyaaI think evo is better15:02
BluesKajwell, perhaps you should ask in #ubuintu since it's a gtk app , yahyaa15:04
flyingpeacockHello! I'm having a time trying to get my wifi to connect. It recognizes the networks , I enter the password, and it hangs at 'Setting Network Address'. This is a fresh install of Kubuntu 13.0415:08
BluesKajflyingpeacock, which wifi chip?15:19
flyingpeacocki'm not sure how to answer that question, let me poke around and see15:21
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flyingpeacockintel 3945ABG15:21
flyingpeacockdo you think WICD would help versus network manager?15:22
flyingpeacock@BluesKaj I have no idea how to work this IRC thingamabobber lol15:23
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BluesKajflyingpeacock, open a terminal and type lspci, then copy the output sand pastebin it15:27
ubottuFor posting multi-line texts into the channel, please use http://paste.ubuntu.com | To post !screenshots use http://imagebin.org/?page=add | !pastebinit to paste directly from command line | Make sure you give us the URL for your paste - see also the channel topic.15:27
flyingpeacock@BluesKaj, i did the pastebin, now what?15:31
BluesKajflyingpeacock, copy t5he pastebin URL and paste that here15:32
geniiThe next step is to give us the web address of the pastebin so we can go examine it15:32
flyingpeacockhttp://paste.ubuntu.com/5900929/ BOOM!15:32
flyingpeacockTHANK YOU!!!15:33
BluesKajgenii, any experience with Intel Corporation PRO/Wireless 3945ABG ?15:35
geniiBluesKaj: Nope.15:36
BluesKajsame here15:36
geniiflyingpeacock: What says the vendor:device code if you use lspci -nn15:36
flyingpeacock@genii [8086:4222]15:39
flyingpeacock@genii I installed wicd, but i'm getting some stupid d-bus error :/15:40
geniiflyingpeacock: I do see some bug reports on that model, mostly with Sony Vaio. Can you pastebin result of: rfkill list15:42
flyingpeacock@genii it's pretty short; soft blocked:no; hard blocked: no15:44
flyingpeacock@genii 0: phy0: Wireless LAN15:45
flyingpeacock        Soft blocked: no15:45
flyingpeacock        Hard blocked: no15:45
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geniiflyingpeacock: Apologies on lag, work keeps pulling me away from computer15:49
flyingpeacock@genii It's all good, I'm just grateful for the help. Take your time, I need a smoke anywhoo15:50
geniiflyingpeacock: Does: lsmod | grep iwl      ...show the iwl3945  driver loaded?15:50
flyingpeacock_@genii hang on, I'm going to post the pastebin16:04
flyingpeacock_@genii http://paste.ubuntu.com/5901032/16:05
* genii munches his lunch and contemplates16:14
yossarianukkde 4.10.5 is even better than the last (just feels snappier) - thanks for keeping Kubuntu up to date....16:16
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dcorbin__When I select something in a browser, it's clearly not going into the right buffer (possibly any buffer).  Is there a setting for this somewhere?16:23
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stack_hey How can I determine which version of akonadi I have cloned I cant put akonadi --version ofcourse .I am using kubuntu 12.04 .17:36
BluesKajstack_, it's most likely the same version that comes with your kde version17:38
stack_so ..I need to have 4.11 h,ow can I be sure of that ?17:38
stack_^ ,how17:39
stack_kde platform is 4.10.5 @BluesKaj  so may be akonadi version is same .How can I upgrade it to 4.11?17:40
BluesKajstack_, why 4.11 is beta17:42
stack_well , my project work has certain dependencies17:42
stack_it requires akonadi 4.11 and kdepimlibs 4.1117:43
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smithwHi. Is the KDE system menu somehow isolated from other desktop's system menus?18:18
aPpYeis it possible to get proper MS-Powershell highlighting in kate?18:32
GiGaHuRtZAlright, now this is weird. When I plug/unplug my Galaxy Nexus from my thinkpad, kmix will pop a dialog up about wanting to remove a bunch of sound devices that are part of my sound card.18:52
GiGaHuRtZLike 6-8 devices in total. Capture and output18:53
GiGaHuRtZNo idea why it would do that, any ideas? It asks if I want to remove or not, and has a box to check to have it never ask again for those devices. But, I check it, hit no, and it will come back next time.18:53
GiGaHuRtZIt may have something do with the media player part of the device. As it does consider the device not just usb storage (using MTP, not usb storage) and as a "media player"18:56
BluesKajGiGaHuRtZ, just choose , "no " , it's a minor bug , but an annoying one , always choose "no" if your sound is working ok , then you be making any changes to muck things up18:56
GiGaHuRtZBut the devices it would like to remove are part of the sound card18:56
GiGaHuRtZBluesKaj: of course.18:56
GiGaHuRtZI do always choose no, and tell it not to ask again. But it does anyway, heh18:57
BluesKajdon't ,  just leave it18:57
GiGaHuRtZRight, i do18:57
BluesKajok good18:57
GiGaHuRtZAs I've said, 3 times now18:57
BluesKajbbiab , going to the post box18:57
GiGaHuRtZI just find it funny the option for telling it not to ask you again, doesn't work :P18:58
BluesKajone has to make sure :)18:58
ss_hazecan I make nautilus block using desktop in kde19:43
ss_hazecause opening folder trought transmission makes it launch with whole desktop19:44
BluesKajtransmission ?, ss_haze19:46
BluesKajuse dolphin if you're on kde . otherwise ask in #ubuntu19:46
ss_hazeI would like to19:47
ss_hazebut it opens file folder of selected torrent in nautilus19:47
ss_hazeI switched to ktorrent, but then again, it takes some tweak to make it default19:47
BluesKajwell use dolphin19:47
ss_hazewell okkk19:48
[Raiden]ss_haze: http://storage2.static.itmages.ru/i/13/0723/h_1374523944_4535028_40edc90100.png20:13
ss_hazenice icons20:33
[Raiden]fs icon ubuntu theme20:34
ss_haze+ I understood the idea20:34
[Raiden]very good. My english very bad )20:36
NakkelWhere could I start looking for reasons my vpnc connection wont connect? Tested on laptop / mac where affirmed that the gateway is fine.21:19
fetoegaI know this might be the wrong channel, but perhaps i am lucky. Where do i add my prefered application for magnet links for them to work in links2?21:38
StraboHello... anyone available to help with  mounting problems?21:39
StraboI have regular ext3 and ext4 partitions that aren't mounting automatically anymore21:41
StraboI was wondering if there was any way I could rebuilt the stab file, so I don have to risk editing it21:41
stack_hey how i can use plasma components in qml2 i mean which version in qml 2.0 ?22:14
stack_everybody slept ;p ?22:17
geniistack_: More likely no one currently paying attention to questions knows the answer to yours22:18
stack_I had a small doubt .. actually that how i can use plasma components in qml2 i mean which version in qml 2.0 ?22:20
goodtimewhats the question stack_?22:23
stack_@goodtime any idea?22:30
goodtimewhat's the question ?22:30
stack_how i can use plasma components in qml2 i mean which version in qml 2.0 ?22:30
goodtimei joined the channel after you asked i belive so i didnt see the question22:30
goodtimeoic okay22:31
goodtimei belive it would be 2.022:31
goodtimeor it would do22:32
goodtimeyou are useing kubuntu right22:32
stack_in qml 1 it is  0.1  .. could you provide any example in qml2 that uses plasma components or any declarative component from kde-runtime , yes I am using kubuntu 12.0422:33
goodtimeall as i do know is the qml in this platform is of many choices22:34
goodtimeso most of the time it runs may varitialles22:35
goodtimesorry i have 2 broken legs and a broken arm22:36
goodtimetypeing is hard22:36
stack_no problem , ironically your nick is "goodtime"22:37
stack_I think you should take rest if you are not well :)22:39
goodtimei belive you are right stack_22:51
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ubottunetsplit is when two IRC servers of the same network (like freenode) disconnect from each other, so users on one server stop seeing users on the other. If this is happening now, just relax and enjoy the show. See http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Netsplit23:00
GiGaHuRtZBluesKaj: still around?23:01
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