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BluesKajHey all12:28
bcurtiswxmy USB audio devices don't show in sound settings15:33
bcurtiswxhappened a few times now15:34
bcurtiswxi just have to re plug them in, but i'm wondering if there's a more permanent solution15:34
bcurtiswxi have one USB headset and one USB desktop speaker set15:36
wilee-nileebcurtiswx, They show in lsusb?15:37
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holsteinbcurtiswx: that happens.. i would plan on replugging at boot.. i prefer that15:38
holsteinbcurtiswx: the alsa hardware ID's can jump at boot.. and change between boots.. but, if you plug after the OS loads, you should get the same thing each time15:39
bcurtiswxwilee-nilee, one does and one does not15:39
bcurtiswxholstein, why would an end user want to keep unplugging and plugging in every boot?15:40
bcurtiswxwilee-nilee, but neither show on sound settings15:40
holsteinbcurtiswx: ?15:40
holsteinbcurtiswx: as i explained, the ID's can jump15:40
holsteinbcurtiswx: also, the experience you are having would be another good reason15:41
wilee-nileebcurtiswx, I would defer to holstein here.15:41
holsteinbcurtiswx: what would i do? install a supported version of ubuntu and test.. file bugs as far upstream as you can, with alsa for example.. make sure you mention to the vendor of the hardware to the issues you are having if they are providing a driver for linux15:41
bcurtiswxholstein, what you're saying is there's a bug in ALSA ID's15:42
holsteinbcurtiswx: no15:42
holsteinbcurtiswx: what i am saying is literally what i am saying, friend15:42
holsteinbcurtiswx: thos ID's can change.. the headset might be hw:2 and the usb sound card might be hw:1.. you reboot, and that is different15:43
bcurtiswxholstein, changing ID's seems like a bug to me15:43
holsteinbcurtiswx: when i am dealing with users installing and using audio devices with ubuntustudio, i suggest having one device.. disabling the internal in the bios, for example15:44
holsteinbcurtiswx: you can file a bug against alsa for that, or go right to alsa to file15:44
holsteinbcurtiswx: im sure you dont want to disable anything in the bios15:44
holsteinbcurtiswx: here are 2 key bottom line issues to keep in mind.. 1. none of these devices officially support linux 2. ubuntu's testing release doesnt promise "use as many usb audio devices as you like with flawless performance"15:45
bcurtiswxholstein, so this stops the sound settings from seeing the USB devices ?15:46
holsteinbcurtiswx: the ID issue is a known issue, and can be addressed, if one wants, but i dont think that is cause the issues you are having.. its just a reason i would state for plugging them in15:46
holsteinbcurtiswx: *anything* could be causing the sound settings from seeing the USB devices15:46
holsteinbcurtiswx: you are on a testing release.. but the ID issue is a known issue15:46
holsteinbcurtiswx: on my main production machine, if i leave my flipcam plugged in at boot, it wont boot linux15:47
holsteinbcurtiswx: nothing about linux states "full flip cam support", and nothing about the flipcam states "full linux support", so i just unplug and boot the machine15:47
bcurtiswxholstein, OK15:48
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rymate1234is the ubuntu daily build using Mir yet?19:18
trismrymate1234: not yet, bug 120320719:47
ubottubug 1203207 in mir (Ubuntu) "[MIR] mir" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/120320719:47
PiciThats not a very descriptive bug19:49
trismyeah a bit confusing between mir the display server and Main Inclusion Request19:51
rymate1234is it possible to update 13.04 to 13.10?20:54
FernandoMiguelupdate-manager -d20:55
FernandoMiguelor do-release-upgrade -d20:55
rymate1234here goes nothing21:02
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rymate1234update to 13.10 takes looooooong time22:07
holsteinrymate1234: and, it might fail22:07
ubottuPlease watch your language and topic to help keep this channel family-friendly, polite, and professional.22:08
holsteinits not released yet22:08
rymate1234I can't imagine much families will be in this channel anyway22:08
IdleOnedoesn't matter if they are here or not. Please respect the rules22:11
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