nerochiarooSoMoN: good morning, I think when you have time we should have a bit of catch up07:55
oSoMoNnerochiaro: yeah, how about in an hour or so? I’m pretty busy atm08:04
nerochiarooSoMoN: sure, no problem. just one question: are we supposed to be all working from saucy at the moment ?08:06
oSoMoNnerochiaro: the builds have switched to saucy, so it would be better yes (although I have to admit I haven’t done the switch myself yet)08:10
oSoMoNnerochiaro: I’d say no urgency, but something to consider doing soonish08:10
nerochiarooSoMoN: ok08:11
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nik90|Officemehow: good morning08:52
mehownik90: hello09:17
nik90|Officemehow: how is it going?09:18
mehowall good :) how about you ?09:18
JamesTaitGood morning all, happy Pi Approximation Day! :-D09:18
nik90|Officemehow: good09:19
nik90|Officemehow: just wanted to ask about the progress on the "add timer preset" designs09:19
BTI am very new to this09:23
BTand want to learn09:24
BTI need to learn09:24
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oSoMoNnerochiaro: ping09:29
nerochiarooSoMoN: hey09:37
oSoMoNnerochiaro: wanna have a quick chat now?09:38
nerochiarooSoMoN: ok, let me grab a mic and move to a quiet room09:38
nerochiarooSoMoN: ok, connecting09:41
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_5m0k3I've been following the hackfest, but I haven't yet had time to contribute.  It seems I may be able to this week.  How can I get started?14:58
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mrqtrosballoons, Hi!16:48
balloonsmrqtros, hello!16:49
mrqtrosballoons, can you help me? :)16:49
balloonsmrqtros, I can certainly try my best, what's up?16:49
mrqtrosballoons, look please this merge request: https://code.launchpad.net/~mrqtros/ubuntu-rssreader-app/stable-trunk-prepare2/+merge/17573116:49
mrqtrosballoons, we have errors, in some *.qml files we have something like that16:50
mrqtrosimport "feeds"16:50
balloonsmm.. ok,16:50
mrqtroswhere "feeds" is a directory with *.qml files16:50
mrqtrosBut as you can see on server's side testing system can't find/create this folder16:51
balloonsmrqtros, this is a big merge, I'll need a moment. So can I see what your talking about by running the testsa?16:51
mrqtrosSorry for big merge, it's our mistake :(16:53
mrqtrosI think yes, first test failed:
balloonsmrqtros, no worries.. ok, I'm branching your code now ;-)16:57
balloonsmrqtros, hmm.. why am I getting conflicts :-(17:05
mrqtrosWhich? :)17:06
balloonsI can't merge what you have to trunk at the moment17:06
balloons9 conflicts encountered17:06
balloonsmostly with the Article*.qml files17:07
mrqtrosHmm... trunk was changed since I've proposed merge17:08
balloonsmrqtros, ahh.. can you rebase and then I'll pull again?17:09
mrqtros<balloons>, what should I do? Get trunk, then merge with my stable-trunk-prepare2 and then push again?  Or there is simpler way? :)17:11
mrqtrosI'am newbie in bzr :)17:11
balloonsmrqtros, ahh yes.. I can resolve the conflicts perhaps but then I couldn't push the changes to your branch.. so, bzr update should rebase your branch17:12
balloonsbzr update17:12
balloonsresolve conflicts17:12
balloonsbzr commit17:12
mrqtrosbzr update in my branch says that nothing changed :(17:14
balloonsmrqtros, well, hmm17:15
balloonsdoes bzr pull do anything for you?17:15
balloonsif not, you can checkout trunk, then issue a merge against your branch17:15
mrqtrosw8 a moment17:15
mrqtrosYep, 9 conflicts :) w8, I'll check them17:16
balloonsmrqtros, kk.. :-)17:17
mrqtrosballoons, ok, I've  merged trunk with my version, committed it, what now? :)17:21
balloonsnow push it, and it will update.. so when I pull, I'll get no coflicts and we can fix the tests :-)17:21
mrqtrosI should push in stable-bla-bla-bla branch? :)17:22
balloonsyes, push to your same branch ;-)17:22
balloonsit'll just update the merge proposal, etc17:22
mrqtrosballoons, ok, try now,17:25
balloonsawesome, got it17:25
balloonsmrqtros, ok, so I only see one test in here and it does run17:26
balloonsit's just a placeholder test looks like17:26
mrqtrosHow can we trigger rebuild on merge request? :)17:28
mrqtrosballoons, I think I have no rules to relaunch :)17:30
balloonsmrqtros, hmm, let me give it a try17:30
balloonsafter every merge it should automatically retry anyway17:30
mrqtrosDiff changed, but nothing happens :)17:33
balloonsfginther, can you help us kick off a new build for https://code.launchpad.net/~mrqtros/ubuntu-rssreader-app/stable-trunk-prepare2/+merge/175731?17:38
zedtuxHi everyone, I'm developing an application for Ubuntu that include a kernle module. My project is (as of now) half open source and the kernel module is in the closed source part of the project. The application and its kernel module are working fine, but I'm now wondering about the way of publishing my app.17:42
zedtuxIf I have understood well the way to go, I have to upload a single archive containing the whole application. In my case I would like to provide different packages per kernel compiled modules.17:44
zedtuxFor example a package for kernel version 3.9 and another one for kernel version 3.1017:44
zedtuxSo how could I do that?17:44
mrqtroszedtux, I think this question is not actual now :) And nobody can't answer correctly yet ... Platform is under development as you know17:49
balloonszedtux, you do that by using the debian/control file and specifying dependencies17:50
balloonsbut imho you would need seperate packages.. someone else might be able to tell you more17:50
zedtuxThank @ballons for confirmation17:51
zedtuxBut then @mrqtros I'm not sure to follow you.17:51
zedtuxCan you please give me more information ?17:51
mrqtroszedtux, I am core app developer, not from Canonical :)17:52
zedtuxmrqtros, okay17:53
zedtuxLet me give you more information, maybe you will understand better the sense of my question: As I would like to sell my application on the Ubuntu Software Center (to surf on the wave of the App stores ;)) then I'm wondering how to do that.17:56
zedtuxFor all the open source part, I did a PPA and it's fine.17:56
mrqtroszedtux, so I can only advice you :) And now my opinion is that you shall not rely on things, which can easily be changed in near future17:56
zedtuxBut for the part "To be sell" then I'm not sure how to proceed.17:56
mrqtrosballoons, any news? :)17:56
zedtuxmrqtros, alright understood.17:57
balloonszedtux, http://developer.ubuntu.com/publish/17:58
balloonsmrqtros, it ran again17:59
balloonsthe toolbar test failed everything else passed.. So, I would gut the autopilot test completely17:59
zedtuxballoons, thanks but I already had a look at everything from that link... Or I didn't understood.17:59
balloonsedit the file and remove the test_toolbar_shows function17:59
balloonszedtux, well if you have something more specific mhall119 is the guy to talk to.18:00
balloonshe can speak about it more clearly than I can18:01
zedtuxballoons, "Please create a tarball of the source package" make me thinking that I have to provide 1 .tar.gz file but tomorrow a new version of kernel is available and I have to publish the compiled kernel module...18:01
zedtuxballons, thank you! I will contact him.18:01
balloonszedtux, well is the kernel changing that much each time you need a new package to support it?18:01
balloonsthat said ubuntu release tend to target a specific kernel18:02
mrqtrosvery specific app... Can you explain reasons? :)18:03
balloonsmrqtros, did you see my note? make sense?18:03
zedtuxballoons, to be honest I'm confuse right now. My kernel module contains some "LINUX_VERSION_CODE >= KERNEL_VERSION" for version 3.6, 3.7 and 3.9. I was expecting to just have to compile for those versions but giving some tries in VMs showed me that my kernel module compiled against the version 3.9 doesn't worked on kernel 3.1018:04
balloonsmrqtros, basically the ap tests were failing because of the huge changes to rss reader and were more or less removed. I would just remove the last one as it is a placeholder anway18:04
balloonskernel 3.9 and 3.10 changed things18:04
zedtuxwith the error message "Exec format error"18:04
zedtuxand in dmesg I had "disagrees about version of symbol module_layout".18:05
mrqtrosballoons, ok, I'm awaiting now :)18:05
zedtuxUsing "modprobe --dump-modversions" I saw that addresses are completely different for many of the methods I'm using.18:05
balloonsok, you committed and pushed it?18:05
mrqtrosballoons, sorry, I thought you want to remove it yourself :) W8 plz :)18:08
balloonsmrqtros, I would, but I can't push to your branch :-)18:09
balloonsmrqtros, anyways I think that will solve everything, so yay18:09
fgintherballoons, rebuilidng18:09
zedtuxballoons, my app is in 3 parts: the kernel module, a daemon and a config tool. The config tool is open source and in a PPA, what do you think if I publish the kernel module packages into the PPA (as closed source) but upload the daemon to the Ubuntu Software Center ?18:09
zedtuxThen if a new kernel is released I just push to the PPA and that's it.18:10
balloonsfginther, just a moment mrqtros has one more tiny commit to push.. but they should autoland after every commit right?18:10
zedtuxFor the daemon it's not changing so much.18:10
fgintherballoons, yep, that would automatically kick off a new build18:10
balloonsfginther, sorry I mean to say the bot should run after every commit18:10
balloonsfginther, right, ty :-)18:10
mrqtrosI should remove "test_toolbar_shows", yep?18:11
balloonszedtux, well I think you have many options, but you should start the process via the myapps submission18:11
balloonsif you've started it, the review team can make specific recommendations18:11
balloonsmrqtros, yes18:11
zedtuxballons, ok I will do so and cross fingers...18:12
mrqtrosballoons, python ... And what if I'll remove one test-method? They are called via reflection? :) Or I should remove all usages too?18:13
balloonsmrqtros, the goal is to remove all autopilot tests so everything will pass just fine18:14
balloonswe'll fix and submit new ones in a seperate commit18:14
mrqtrosWow ... Ok :)18:14
balloonsall the old ones changed and rather than fixing them, they got left to stagnate.. so for now, let's just gut them :-)18:14
balloonsNORMALLY a commit shouldn't go in that would break them, but they've already been removed in trunk18:15
balloonsmay as well remove them in your branch too18:15
mrqtrosHow can I remove them? Remove methods? Classes? Files? :)18:16
mrqtrosI am new in python and in autopilot test :)18:17
mrqtrosSo forgive me for dummy questions :)))18:17
balloonsin test_rssreader.py in the tests directory under autopilot, remove the     def test_toolbar_shows(self) function18:18
mrqtrosok now!18:25
balloonsmrqtros, awesome.. so fingers crossed the bot will like everything now18:32
mrqtrosballoons, ahah, ok )))18:32
mrqtrosFailure :(18:33
mrqtros"None of the test reports contained any result18:37
balloonsmrqtros, :-( boo well then18:43
balloonsfginther, can you do me one final favor and drop rss reader from running ap tests.. there are none left to run anyways18:44
fgintherballoons, sure18:44
balloonsmrqtros, this is the sledgehammer approach.. it'll definitely work now :-)18:44
balloonsfginther, then kick off the autolanding for mrqtros so he can get his merge in ;-) ty ty ty!18:45
mrqtrosballoons, :) Lol)))18:45
avoineI wanted to know if there is a way to enable the arm architecture in a ppa?18:45
avoineI'm trying to port the evopedia app on the ubuntu phone: https://code.launchpad.net/~patrick-hetu/+junk/evopedia-app18:46
avoineand I wanted to compile it without cross-compiling the whole qt5 stack18:46
mrqtrosballoons, how can we trigger rebuild now? :)18:58
balloonsmrqtros, fginther will trigger the rebuild once everything is ready to pass18:59
mrqtrosOk, thanks ;)18:59
fginthermrqtros, the jenkins jobs for ubuntu-rssreader-app have been updated, feel free to trigger that autolanding now by approving the merge proposal19:10
balloonsmrqtros, ohh perfe19:11
mrqtrosfginther, I approved :)19:12
mrqtrosBut seems that nothing happened19:14
mrqtrosballoons, thanks! :)19:42
mrqtrosIt works now :)19:42
balloonsmrqtros, excellent19:44
balloonsI'm glad the rss changes are in, we can get back to writing some test for the new stuff :-)19:44
mrqtrosballoons, thanks for your patience :)19:44
balloonssame to you.. I know that was probably cubersome19:45
mrqtrosballoons, next merge we will have no any problems? :)19:49
balloonsmrqtros, yes, no problems19:49
mrqtrosballoons, what a good new :) Now we will use short updates, I promise :)19:56
balloonsmrqtros, :-) It makes it easier for everyone to review19:56
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