tassadar_you probably don't want to build new initrd - it is easiest to just use existing one00:00
tassadar_kernel is stored in "boot.img" file, which can be built using "abootimg" tool, it is in Ubuntu's repositories, so you can just apt-get it00:00
tassadar_with it, you can extract existing boot.img, replace the zImage and build new boot.img00:01
mmenefeeokay, yeah, I've seen a bit on that.00:02
TheMuso`tassadar_: Urm you do need a new init, particularly if the kernel version/uname -r output is different.00:03
TheMuso`initrd even00:03
tassadar_why would you?00:03
TheMuso`He built a custom kernel. It depends on how this was built, but the version string may have changed.00:04
tassadar_I don't think there are any kernel modules00:04
mmenefeeI built a few things as modules...00:04
mmenefeeI might be able to just push them into the rootfs...00:05
tassadar_even then, you probably don't need them in initrd00:05
mmenefeeguess I've always just done kernels and initrds as pairs.  Old habits die hard...00:05
tassadar_are we talking about ubuntu touch or ubuntu desktop?00:05
mmenefeeI _think_ desktop.  The raring desktop preinstalled for nexus7.00:09
tassadar_yeah, that's desktop00:09
mmenefeeyeah, this boot.img: http://cdimage.ubuntu.com/releases/raring/release/ubuntu-13.04-preinstalled-desktop-armhf+nexus7.bootimg00:09
mmenefeethe existing initrd.img is ~3MB, so it has _something_ in it.  I'll have to check what...00:12
tassadar_well, the init bash script and some basic tools to mount the system00:12
tassadar_*system partition00:12
mmenefeedumb question: are the build scripts used by the daily build servers in a git archive or some such?00:13
tassadar_it is built by update-initramfs and then flash-kernel package I think00:13
mmenefeemight be helpful just to look at how the cdimage files are built...00:13
tassadar_or do you mean build scripts for whole image? I don't know about those00:13
tassadar_btw, abootimg -x created file "boot.cfg" or something like that. Remove parameter "bootsize" from it, and make sure you use this config file when rebuilding the boot.img00:14
mmenefeeyeah, whole image.  I.e. what runs every day and pushes daily builds or releases out...00:15
mmenefeeokay, I'll give it a rip00:15
tassadar_flash-kernel tool can probably be used to flash the kernel...hmm00:17
tassadar_without rebuilding the image00:17
tassadar_you can probably just push the zImage to /boot, put modules where there belong and generate initramfs with "update-initramfs"00:18
tassadar_and ubuntu will take care of the rest00:18
mmenefeeyeah, that works for checking it out... but if I want to replicate it to some other devices later00:20
mmenefeethough, I guess I could just dd back off the device after I get it like I want it...00:20
tassadar_well, it would be better if you'd learn how to build the boot.img by yourself then, it's pretty easy with abootimg anyway00:20
Brun0L3zSo I am totally confused and desperate, that is why I am here, I have an HP pavilion m6 with an inbuilt SD slot but when i plug in the SD card (4 GB) i do not get a mount,m nothing happens. I am thinking its a driver prob but i have no idea how to verify that.01:46
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Rjsmmenefee: I'm not sure if I remember correctly (it's been half a year), but I think I built a custom kernel for nexus7 (desktop) simply by running debuild in the source directory (on the tablet, not cross-compiling) and installing the produced .deb with dpkg -i08:35
Rjs_if_ the other devices you want to replicate to already have ubuntu desktop installed, a .deb package is probably the cleanest way to replicate a new kernel (that way versions etc. are also visible in apt)08:35
Rjs(I also remember trying to find the scripts that generate the ubuntu preinstalled images, but I didn't find them, or any documentation on how exactly these images differ from plain ubuntu or debian armhf... though I didn't look very hard)08:41
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cjosephwe have an AM3505 CPU in our system. Has anybody used ubuntu with this processor or a related one?22:17
cjosephwe curently use something called WindRiver linux, but are considering changing22:18
hrwcjoseph: am3505 is omap3 or sitara family from TI22:44
hrwcjoseph: perfectly fine to run ubuntu as long as you will take care of bootloader and kernel stuff22:45
hrwcjoseph: but no idea how X11 and video/opengles acceleration would look like22:45
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