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hot_wheelzhi guys how are we doing?09:39
jeahi hot_wheelz 09:40
noskcajhey hot_wheelz09:45
jeanoskcaj: were you here for the meeting that didn't happen last night?09:45
noskcajjea, no. I'm normally off the computer by meeting time. 09:46
jeaok, that is fine09:46
noskcajI'll try and attend the next meeting. when is it?09:47
jeameetings are on the 2nd sunday of each month, at 8pm09:47
jeadoesn't matter if you are not around, just wanted to check if you were waiting for it or not09:47
hot_wheelzi'll also try and be  here for that09:48
* noskcaj resumes trying to find proof he is the (current) youngest ubuntu member09:49
jeaWhile you are both here, I may as well updated you guys09:49
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jeaJuly 2013 Team Meeting09:49
jea#topic Brisbane Ubuntu Session09:50
jeaI will be running an ubuntu information session at my University (University of Queensland) in the next couple of weeks09:51
hot_wheelzhey wy017 09:51
jeaevening wy017 09:51
jeaI have received a conference pack, which I will use to promote Ubuntu at the event09:52
jeaAnyone is invited, and I will post more updates with timing as I know it09:53
wy017hello all,09:53
jeaEvent details: http://loco.ubuntu.com/events/ubuntu-au/2456-beginning-with-ubuntu/09:53
jea(time subject to change)09:53
noskcajI know i cannot attend. Would you like me to host one at UNE some time?09:53
jeaAny events we can run would be good09:54
jeaAre you normally at UNE, noskcaj?09:54
noskcajjea, no, i'm too young for that (14). University of New England09:54
jeathat is what I thought09:54
wy017still having problem with the keyboard layout on Asus A46CM. Anyone has a solution? I'm new to ubuntu btw :)09:55
jeaCertainly when you get to uni, it would be something you could look at doing09:55
noskcajwy017, Try #ubuntu 09:55
hot_wheelzjea wy017 is a mate of of mine and i am assisting him in becoming a member of ubuntu-au 09:55
jeawy017: We can try to help, but for that particular issue, you might find more help in #ubuntu as noskcaj suggested09:55
jeaWelcome wy017 to Ubuntu Australia09:56
noskcajWelcome wy017 09:56
wy017Thanks all. I will post a request over there. Thank you, glad to be here09:57
hot_wheelzhe has an issue with hotkeys on a ASUS A46CM-WX094D we trying to sort out 09:57
hot_wheelznot sure if it's a mapping issue or not09:57
hot_wheelzany ideas?09:57
noskcajjea, one small thing on the loco.ubuntu page you have up. Should it be "installation DVDs" rather than CDs?09:58
jeaYes, it should. Shows how long it is since I got an installation disc09:58
jeanoskcaj: fixed now10:01
jeaWell that is all I have to report on that for now. Keep an eye out for more details in the next couple of weeks10:03
jeaI don't think jellyware is around for his local cd update, so we will hold that for next time10:04
jea#topic Local CD shipping10:04
jeaI guess a reminder that you can get DVDs through http://www.ubuntu.net.au10:05
jeaThey are made by jellyware, and sent out for a small fee to cover shipping10:05
jeaThanks for coming to the impromptu make-up meeting10:05
jeaNext meeting will be on August 11, 2013 at 8pm AEST10:06
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noskcajYou might want to delete references to the .org.au website sine the .net looks far better10:07
jeathe .net.au website is not a centrally controlled site10:07
jeait is purely for shipping dvds, and is a third party service10:07
noskcajoh. Then is there a way to make the .org.au site active again (e.g. meeting logs)10:08
jeayou mean add content to it?10:08
jeaI can certainly get on to that10:10
jeawy017: what is the issue you are having? 10:10
jeaI see there is not too much help forthcoming on #ubuntu10:12
noskcajjea, yeah, content and maybe a better theme.10:12
jeathe theme is mimicing the Ubuntu.com theme10:12
jeaIt should be updated a bit10:13
wy017Hi jea, the hotkey isn't working. For example the mute button doesn't work as it should be. I believe I still in the generic keyboard setting (US keyboard). I try to change it to different setting but it doesn't work as well.10:16
jeahmm, ok10:16
jealaptop hotkeys can be hard to get working, because each keyboard has a different setup10:17
wy017Is there anyway that I can access the setting and designated each keys to suit my keyboard layout? or Do I need a specific Linux driver to be installed in order to make the keyboards work as I would like to?10:19
jeathere most likely won't be a driver specifically for it10:19
hot_wheelzjea it's more mapping right?10:20
jeaI think so10:20
hot_wheelzwy017 tell jea what you told me about the other asus model10:22
jeanormally I would suggest looking at the forums, but they are offline at the moment10:22
hot_wheelzthey are usually a good source of info10:24
noskcajaskubuntu is a good replacement to the forums10:24
wy017I found out a list of certified Asus model for Ubuntu.10:24
wy017However the model I have isn't in the list10:25
jeanot all models will be on the list10:25
wy017I believe that if somehow I can try to use one of the driver, it might work since all the keyboard layout of all Asus product is similar to one of another10:27
jeayes, that is true10:28
jeaUsually it is loaded automatically if the device is detected10:29
jeawhich version of ubuntu are you using?10:29
wy017Hi Jea, 13.0410:31
jeaand it is all up to date?10:31
jeabecause generally as you get newer kernels, you get more supported10:31
wy017I believe it's all up to date10:33
hot_wheelzjea, the system is running 3.8.0-2610:33
jeathat sounds pretty new. I can't remember what is up to date though10:34
hot_wheelzit's the latest   pushed by  ubuntu10:35
hot_wheelzit was built and fully updated on Sunday10:35
jeathat should be fine10:36
hot_wheelzjea,  any ideas  you can let me know i will pass them on 10:38
jeahot_wheelz: where in Aus are you located?10:38
hot_wheelzwhy? just curious10:39
jeathis might help: http://askubuntu.com/questions/63734/how-to-use-enable-fn-keys-to-adjust-volume-at-my-asus-laptop10:40
jeajust wondering where people are, to sort of keep track of where our members come from10:40
hot_wheelzWe are both Vic based10:41
hot_wheelzthanks mate i'll pass it on10:42
hot_wheelzthanks again talk soon10:43
jeanoskcaj: I have adjusted the look a bit10:46
jeacontent can be done by anyone with permissions, which I can give to you if you would like10:46
noskcajI'm running 13.10, mostly because i'm stupid though10:47
jeathat was in relation to the website10:48
hot_wheelzjea, 11:07
hot_wheelzhow old was that article you sent me I could n't tell11:08
jeaum, not sure11:09
jeaah, from 201111:09
jeaa bit old11:09
hot_wheelzbecause it stated that the fix had be to be applied after each kernel update  until a real fix was included  so it had me wondering that's all 11:11
hot_wheelzwe'll give it a shot anyway 11:12
jeagive it a shot, but it should be in the kernel by now11:12
jeahow old is the laptop?11:12
hot_wheelznot entirely sure it would also be worth raising a report to have patch included right?11:14
jeanot for that one11:15
hot_wheelzi too  would have also thought it be included by now but clearly not11:15
jeait is possible that for a new laptop, there might be subtle differences that have not come through yet11:16
jea*not been fixed in kernel yet11:16
hot_wheelzi'll keep you posted11:19
jaredjea: so the conf pack arrived?12:08
jeayes, it arrived today12:08
jeamuch quicker than expected12:08
jaredYeah I was going to say that was quick12:08
jeaIt is only Day 1 of this semester, so it can be used as soon as I get the event set up12:10
jaredI can tell when real uni comes back, the hallways are busier.12:11
jeayeah, there would be a big change overnight12:11
iktubuntu edge20:18
iktwish I had $600 so bad20:18
iktmy take on it is that if they get at least 5 million one day, they should be able to get it20:20
ikton first day*20:20
iktbecause the first day sets the course for the rest of the month20:20
iktand apologies for cutting this convo short I gotta head to sleep20:20
Noskcajok, good night20:23
iktnights :)20:26
iktps. good to speak to someone in here for a change :D20:26

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