azendjlamothe: because I'm crazy :)00:00
jlamotheCrazy is sending a private key cleartext.00:02
azendjlamothe: no, that's just stupid01:07
azendperhaps stupid AND crazy01:08
BobJonkmanHi azend: My public key is publicly available on the public keyserver at http://keyserver.ubuntu.com/pks/lookup?op=vindex&search=0xD2CCE5EA&fingerprint=on02:27
BobJonkmananyway, SSL is only good from client to server.  Any content from me to you goes through the server in plaintext.  If you want to do IRC securely you need something like OTR which is end-to-end.02:39
BobJonkmanAnd I do have OTR on this client, so we can try it if you're interested02:39
BobJonkmanOTOH, not everyone wants to have their public key on the public key servers.02:46
BobJonkmanOne of the reasons for exchanging key signatures privately after a keysigning party.02:46
BobJonkmanThat's the polite way to do it, anyway02:47
BobJonkmanjlamothe, did you see the conversation on the KWLUG list about a keysigning event, possibly a PGP/GnuPG presentation? Maybe even a cryptoparty?02:48
jlamotheBobJonkman: I did not.  I'm actually not subscribed to the calendar.10:59
BobJonkmanjlamothe: KWLUG Crypto discussion starts here: http://kwlug.org/pipermail/kwlug-disc_kwlug.org/2013-July/010735.html15:26
rtoyzeranyone ?21:47
azendrtoyzer: hello21:52
rtoyzerehllo azend22:09
rtoyzerdo you know illumiroom microsoft ?22:09
azendrtoyzer: what's up?22:09
azendare you trying to run it on Linux?22:10
azendlooks pretty cool22:11
azendthere's actually a ton of diy stuff like it though too22:11
rtoyzeryeah correct22:12
azendI can't remember what the search term is off of the top of my head right now but I probably will later22:12
rtoyzeri love that project22:12
azendmost of them are more mood lighting ish based by averaging the colours on the screen and lighting up LEDs to that colour22:13
azendnot a full projection like this one22:14
azendthis would probably require a 4k video just to give it enough data to run though22:14
azendrtoyzer: where are you from?22:15
rtoyzeri m looking somthing equivalent of that in opensource22:15
rtoyzeri m from france22:15
rtoyzerY ?22:15
rtoyzerazend: you there ?22:17
rtoyzer4k video means ?22:18
azend4000 pixels wide22:18
azendrtoyzer: http://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/4K_resolution22:19
azendrtoyzer: as I said, I can't remember the names now but there are some Foss projects like it22:20
rtoyzercan just tell how it work in backend really ?22:20
azendI don't think any of them go to the extent of using a kinect + projector22:20
azendrtoyzer: In sure the information already available will tell you more than I ever will22:21
rtoyzerhttp://research.microsoft.com/en-us/projects/illumiroom/ here22:21
azendrtoyzer: what brings you to the channel of Ubuntu Canada then?22:21
rtoyzerthe developer using just only  1 projector and and kinect to make that things possible22:22
rtoyzeras i got 1 projector and 1 kinect  in my possession22:23
azendrtoyzer: but you're not going to be able to watch TV like that for a long time :)22:23
rtoyzerhow i can do it the same ?22:23
rtoyzerwhy ?22:23
azendnot enough data in the video22:23
rtoyzercan you develop this thing : not enough data in the video22:24
rtoyzerwhat that it means ?22:24
azendsomeone could build it I'm sure22:24
azendbut you would need specialty video to run on such a system22:25
rtoyzerspecialty video means ?22:25
azendvideo of a much higher resolution22:26
azendmuch more pixels in the image22:26
rtoyzerwhen you say video are you talking about the projector or about the picture ?22:26
azendboth together22:27
rtoyzerwell tell me what  projector i need to bye ?22:27
azendwell the video on the TV is almost certainly going to be 1080p22:28
azendmost consumer home projectors max out at 1080p as well22:29
azendso you'd need two video streams22:29
azendthe main video and then the overlay22:29
rtoyzerok get22:30
rtoyzerso it's same like using 2 monitor with the pc, correct ?22:30
azendsort of yeah22:30
rtoyzertell me http://research.microsoft.com/en-us/projects/illumiroom/ here22:31
rtoyzermicrosoft using 1 projector22:31
rtoyzerand 1 kinect22:31
rtoyzertell me which one is using for main video and which is for overlay video ?22:32
azendTV is using main video22:32
rtoyzeryeah i get that point22:33
azendprojector is using overlay22:33
rtoyzerif you can see the video22:33
rtoyzerwhich is on the link22:33
rtoyzermicrosoft using only using 1 projector22:33
rtoyzerand 1 kinect22:33
azendand a TV22:33
rtoyzeri forget that point22:34
azendkinect is just used to align the geometry of the images together22:34
rtoyzerok i get22:34
rtoyzerkinect is just for catching the action on the video which is appearing on the TV ?22:35
azendrtoyzer: you might have better luck with the Ubuntu guys in #ubuntu-fr22:36
rtoyzerso you switch it should be something22:36
rtoyzerlike this22:36
azendthey're from france too22:36
rtoyzerXBOX turn on =>  video on TV => kinect for catching the action with is on the TV => and the project is for project the catched action22:37
rtoyzeron the room environement22:37
rtoyzercorrect ?22:38
azendrtoyzer: something like that yeah22:38
rtoyzerwhat kind of language i have to look for ?22:40
rtoyzerfor coding of course22:40
rtoyzeror not needed to know22:43
rtoyzeron programation22:44
rtoyzer 22:44

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