bkerensadaker: they do security updates almost every other month if not more often.... vb3 was always more secure and stable but less extensible03:05
bkerensavb4 has been a bucket of exploits since they stopped supporting vb303:06
bkerensadaker: its like any other software you have to be diligent in updating it03:07
mhall119bkerensa: daker: as I understand it, vbulletin was up to date03:38
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* popey tickles marcoceppi with ubuntu discourse being down09:39
popeyincoming sms from jcastro09:43
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marcoceppipopey: ack11:48
marcoceppipopey jcastro it's back11:49
mhall119bkerensa: you're gonna be getting one of our Florida LoCo members14:45
Picito keep?14:47
elfyif it's a loco mod I don't want them :)14:47
mhall119yeah, to keep14:47
mhall119elfy: dunno about that, maybe he's running away?14:47
elfythey'd be safe - we know which account it was now14:48
mhall119elfy: so was it a compromised admin's password that let the attacker in?14:50
elfysome - and we have no idea how many - of the older loco mods were set up with odd rights - at least one had some admin rights for some reason14:51
elfyone of those was hacked we are sure - that one did the damage14:51
elfywhen the forum goes back up there will be exactly zero loco mods14:52
elfythose that are still active will have to contact us to get mod rights in loco forum back14:52
elfyyea - ouch :|14:53
* mhall119 wishes we could force all forums accounts to SSO14:53
elfymhall119: we're waiting for SSO to be fixed for the forum - the thing was supposedly workign prior to upgrade - then it didn't actually work14:54
PiciThats better than a vbulletin or Ubuntu exploit though.14:54
elfymhall119: https://rt.ubuntu.com/Ticket/Display.html?id=2181914:54
elfymhall119: actually SSO wouldn't have helped unless the ONLY way to login was through SSO14:58
mhall119elfy: yeah,that's what I wanted14:59
elfynot everyone has whatever you'd need for SSO ;)14:59
mhall119all you need is an email address15:02
bkerensapopey: yo ho ho15:48
bkerensapopey: umm so let me know what time you and jorge decide on setup. The stuff from London probably will not me there till later this afternoon per discussion with the tricord people so we shouldnt plan on early15:49
bkerensapopey: until them I am relaxing before the storm ;p15:50
bkerensamhall119: who?15:50
mhall119bkerensa: dan trevino15:54
SergioMenesesUbuntu Edge: the software story https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=EtNhlVn3ETQ - awesome!16:04
chilicuilSergioMeneses: I dont the ubuntu icons in the phone, they're too rounded16:07
chilicuilI dont like*16:07
SergioMeneseschilicuil, indeed16:07
SergioMeneseschilicuil, information about UbuntuEdge in Spanish http://ubuntu-co.com/ubuntu-edge RT please16:13
chilicuilSergioMeneses: weee n_n/16:15
SergioMeneseschilicuil, ;)16:15
bkerensaSergioMeneses: have you ponied up $600 for the indiegogo campaign yet?16:15
SergioMenesesbkerensa, no =/16:19
mhall119http://slashdot.org/submission/2820471/canonical-crowdsources-to-make-ubuntu-smartphone-called-edge anybody with a slashdot account16:51
philipballewOSCON is looking nice this morning.17:37
chilicuilphotos! philipballew17:42
philipballewchilicuil, Will do!17:42
popeyphilipballew: you at the convention centre?18:03
philipballewpopey, yes, I am in the back at the "Hack Zone" with Ema from system76.18:05
philipballeware you?18:05
popeyyeah, in the speakers room, where's the hack zone?18:06
philipballewits down the hall past reregistration. We can come to the speakers in a bit so you do not have to find it if you would like.18:08
popeynah, I'll come find you guys now18:09

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