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elvis4526Why exactly Canonical didn't adopt Wayland ? It seems there is no technical argument besides this decision.19:16
elvis4526behind this decision.19:16
hrnzbecause they want to split the GNU/Linux community19:17
k1l_elvis4526: there is alot. but everyone is busy shitstorming so no one reads the facts19:17
hrnzthe fact that wayland developement is too slow. sure.19:18
k1l_http://blog.cooperteam.net/  just scroll down to begin with reading19:18
klineso, between the "recommended" donation ($16) and canonical's commercial support, why is there an indiegogo campaign for the edge, a product thats not even been prototyped or priced yet? though i realise theres a -phone channel, this does seem to be more about "ubuntu or canonicals direction"19:19
klineit seems odd that a $600 donation will get you a "special introductory offer", unless the phone were to come in at >$1k. though really asking 600 for an undisclosed saving seems a bit strange19:20
AlanBell$600 gets you the phone19:21
AlanBellit isn't phrased very well19:21
klinepoint still stands why a commercial entity needs an indiegogo when they are known to be making maybe too much money already19:22
k1l_kline: making too much money?19:22
klineim under the impression that canonical pushed for adverts to be included in more recent ubuntu releases19:23
elvis4526k1l_: Thanks, I'll look into that.19:24
klinein addition to their commercial support, i can only imagine they are doing well. if they are happy to make such a controversial move with ads, i cant help but feel they are feeling secure in their position19:24
k1l_kline: the adverts only make money if you buy something after you clicked that. its the average amazon referal thing19:24
klinei know how clickthrough adverts work19:24
klineso why are canonical asking for money when they are pushing adverts to ubuntu users anyway?19:24
k1l_ok, than i dont know how you come to your conclusion that canonical makes too much money o_O19:24
k1l_seems like this is not going to be constructive, so im out of that discussion :/19:25
AlanBellyou seem to think that search results in the shopping lens are considerably lucrative19:25
klineif they werent, why would they implement them under such controversy?19:26
klineunless they really are gluttons for punishment19:26
AlanBellbecause they wanted some money from them, plus it fits with the strategy for the unity dash being a search tool for everything19:27
AlanBellit is somewhat irrelevant in scale and subject to todays stuff19:28
klineof course its relevant, its part of canonicals income19:28
klinewe already get adverts pushed to us by default, despite huge user backlash, and they are still asking for more and more money19:28
klinefor a device thats not even tech prototypes done19:29
kline(no screen selected, no processor, etc etc etc)19:29
AlanBellad revenue can't be big19:30
AlanBellthe point of the dash is to search for everything19:30
AlanBellincluding things you might want to buy19:31
AlanBellthe dash being the omniglobaleverything search tool is way more important a design concept than any money they might get from it19:31
klinethen why are they getting money from it?19:31
klineif the money doesnt matter, why are they still collecting it despite backlash?19:32
AlanBellwell they could give it to Amazon, or break the dash, or stick it out19:36
AlanBellmost of the backlash was from people who clearly don't use Ubuntu anyway19:37
klinewhy not donate to the FSF?19:37
klineor another foss friendly charity19:38
klinebecause canonical is a commercial support entity19:39
Frogging|workBecause greedy corporations? idk19:39
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dekanI did statistical analysis guys, at this time, recorded from 00:00 to 01:00, average mean of $/min based on indiegogo is around 4500-5500 $/min with not much of standard deviation. Can anyone else do statistics tommorrow with me, since two independent measurements and calculations are better, cause I probably have some relative error. THis is only for today, I want to see how rate of $/min will accelerate or deccalerate over time23:14
dekan, and possibly make a mathematical model to calculate if we will get to 32 000 000 $.23:14
SonikkuAmericaI apologize for any apparent antagonism right now, but we're actually discussing it in #ubuntu-offtopic right now!23:15
SonikkuAmericas/1st right now/up front23:15

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