ryanlinany guru's think they can help me out with program that wont launch?00:59
bjsniderryanlin, what's the deal01:24
bjsniderit's just gurus, not guru's01:24
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darkxst_jbicha, I think we can overide the homepage by using something like this file -> /usr/share/xul-ext/ubufox/defaults/preferences/000system.js02:43
jbichadarkxst_: I think we already do that, see /usr/lib/firefox/distribution/distribution.ini02:53
darkxst_well in that case the setting in that file is not being applied03:00
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darkxstjbicha, or more likely it gets overridden by ubufox as soon as it starts03:11
jbichait's getting applied because it shows about:home in a clean profile but none of the javascript works03:32
darkxstthe javascript doesnt work because of the redirect through aboutpage03:33
darkxstoverriding via that 000system.js file, make the homepage about:home, rather than about:startpage03:35
jbichaI think by the time Firefox gets to that file it's already too late03:40
darkxstdistribution.ini must be loaded before ubufox03:41
darkxstbut then ubufox probably goes and overwrites settings03:42
jbichamaybe what's needed is for ubufox to just provide about:startpage but not set it as default03:46
darkxstwell that is what would happen if we override via 000system.js03:48
jbichathen Ubuntu can ship a separate package to set the default homepage, http://support.mozilla.org/questions/951790 looks relevant to that03:48
jbicha^ didn't seem to help me before03:53
darkxstI think its actually the getCodebasePrincipal bit that is the problem03:54
darkxstit would probably work with getSystemPrincipal, but that seems risky03:54
darkxstanyway I totally don't get how the security manager works, and the documentation is rubbish (in typical mozilla fashion)04:07
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amjjawadHi, is there anyone here?13:09
amjjawadsomeone who is not ZzZz :P13:09
jbichaamjjawad: what's up?13:13
amjjawadjbicha: :D13:13
amjjawadI'm fine, how about you?13:13
amjjawaddidn't expect to see you here :) nice to meet you :)13:13
jbichado you plan to lead Alpha2 this week?13:14
amjjawadI'm planning to take Ubuntu GNOME to the next level :)13:18
amjjawadso, not only A213:18
amjjawadBut there are lots of tasks that must be done before the real fun start ... I do have some Qs ... can you help?13:19
jbichaask away...13:20
amjjawadis this the only page we do have on the Wiki?13:22
amjjawadI did a google search and didn't find other pages except two others for release or release notes13:25
jbichayeah, it's just that and 12.10 release notes13:26
amjjawadjbicha: I see, thanks for the info. It is time then to have more pages :)13:27
amjjawadIt is very important to have QA Page, like this: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Lubuntu/Testing13:28
amjjawadWhat about our website? who is in charge?13:33
jbichahttps://launchpad.net/~ubuntu-gnome-website have edit privileges13:36
amjjawadI see13:37
amjjawadWe need to build a Wiki Team - this is very important13:39
amjjawadand we need to have something like this: <<Include(Lubuntu/Header)>> which will add a header for the Wiki so user can navigate easily - example: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Lubuntu/13:40
amjjawadI can some work but myself alone won't be enough. We need more than just one13:40
bjsnideramjjawad, the next level of what?13:49
amjjawadbjsnider: everything!!13:49
amjjawadWiki Area for example!13:49
bjsniderwell, there are 9 layers of hell13:49
bjsnider666 layers of the abyss13:49
amjjawadwhere are not in hell :)13:50
amjjawadI'm looking for heaven here rather than hell ;)13:50
bjsniderlast time i tried ti edit anything on the wiki it constantly crashed, but maybe they've fixed it now13:53
amjjawadI just got the green light from my Sensei (phillw) who was previously the Head of Lubuntu Wiki Area and now, he is Head of Lubuntu QA - to have a Lubuntu-Like Wiki13:57
amjjawadLubuntu Wiki is really solid and has lots of information and I have already started to do that. Soon, our Wiki will have more information :)13:57
amjjawadI always update it bjsnider so no crashes here13:57
amjjawadbjsnider: this is stage 1: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/UbuntuGNOME13:59
amjjawadI must go now and after 1-2 hours, I will be back and finish the new sections hopefully before bed time :)13:59
amjjawadCatch up with you later, hopefully :)14:00
bjsniderhm, well, it's still moinmoin14:10
Dark_lightI've tried out the alpha-1 a bit, besides a few crashes there were a couple of things that really puzzled me,when I plugged in my external devices it asked me if I wanted to open them with rythmbox(??) most importantly the thinkpad_acpi kernel module threw errors about symbols when it was passed the option fan_control=117:38
TravLRDark_light: are you running it in a virtual machine? I can't get it to successfully work with Virtualbox -- is why I'm asking.18:22
Dark_lightTravLR: nope I installed it on my laptop, but due to the aformentioned issues and some crashes I uninstalled it18:24
Dark_lightthere were also systemd errors during boot and right after logging in from tty18:24
bjsniderwhy does this terminal window appear when i restart the shell?20:43
bjsnideri can't close it or move it or anything20:43
bjsniderit's just the window border with nothing inside20:43
darkxstDark_light, please file bugs21:22
darkxstbjsnider, screenshot?21:27
bjsniderdarkxst, http://ptpimg.me/ec20ge.png21:49
bjsnideri had such a window open when i restarted the shell21:49
bjsniderthat appears on all virtual desktops21:49
bjsniderit's not sensitive to mouse clicks or anything21:49
bjsniderand it's on top of everything else21:49
darkxstyou restarted with alt+f2, r?21:50
bjsniderthere is a zombie process gnome-terminal under the shell in the tree, but i can't get rid of it21:52
darkxstgnome-terminal-server still running?21:53
bjsniderthat does not appear to be running21:55
darkxsttry `killall -9 gnome-terminal`21:58
darkxstalso check for a apport crash? if gnome-terminal-server is gone it must have crashed22:02
bjsniderdarkxst, ok, apparently i still have gnome-terminal 3.622:28
bjsniderwhy is gnome-terminal 3.8 not in the stable ppa?22:28
darkxstoh because of bug 113270022:34
ubot5bug 1132700 in gnome-terminal (Ubuntu) "gnome-terminal requires sourcing of vte.sh login script" [Undecided,Confirmed] https://launchpad.net/bugs/113270022:34
bjsniderthere. i installed the bloody thing anyway22:41
jbichaat least there's an easy workaround for the problem22:41
bjsniderthe other new problem since 3.8 is that restarting the shell makes it forget the positioning of all the windows through the virtual desktops22:44
bjsnideri found a patch and added it to 3.6 in the last cycle, but now the thing has returned22:45
bjsnidermaybe it's because of something else in the staging ppa that i don't have22:45
jbichadarkxst: do you want to submit a MP for the gtk xembed bug?23:00
darkxstjbicha, yes will do23:04
darkxstalthough my last MP was just ignored: bug 1186694 ;(23:06
ubot5bug 1186694 in Ubuntu GNOME "gnome-shell crashed with SIGSEGV in g_str_hash()" [Low,Triaged] https://launchpad.net/bugs/118669423:06
jbichaI didn't see it and I'm guessing the Desktop guys didn't either23:53
jbichasubscribing ~ubuntu-sponsors to the bug would have gotten it seen23:53

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