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airurandoany idea when the forums will be back up?11:38
airurandobut worried11:38
airurandonot sure which username and password I was using.11:38
czajkowskino the main page just has the splash still11:38
czajkowskisee this si why SSO++ works11:39
czajkowskiso your LP and U1 are fine11:39
airurandoaye but i think my forum activity extended back before airurando11:40
airurandonot as savvy11:40
airurandocommon username and password across a load of old site11:40
airurandocan't remember half of them11:40
airurandochanged what I could remember11:41
airurandoI'll be happier when I define the actual username and password that was in use when it comes back up.11:42
czajkowskifolks enjoying the sunshine ?12:01
zmoylanplease rain, please rain, please rain :-)12:01
* tdr112 wants some rain 12:02
czajkowskihush up12:02
czajkowskiit's lovely!12:02
zmoylanit's not natural!12:03
czajkowskiIt is12:03
czajkowskisummer = hot nice sunshine weather12:03
czajkowskiwinter cold ran12:03
zmoylanonly if you live on the surface of the sun :-p12:03
czajkowskisitting in the garden working away12:04
czajkowskilooking after the hens12:04
zmoylanminding your chickens, and that's not a euphemism :-D12:04
czajkowskihad to seperate the old one from the 3 new ones as she's being a right madam tormenting them since 5:30 this morning12:04
zmoylanyour neighbours must love you :-)12:04
czajkowskiyeah :/12:05
czajkowskiwe had to get up at 5:30 tis morning to give out to them and put them back in the hut and cover up the run with soem tarpulin to make it a bit darker in the hopes they'd sleep12:05
zmoylani like the sound of birds outside like chickens or budgies.  they respond to their surroundings so you can hear intruders and even changes in weather from their calls.12:06
czajkowskiyeah it's how we knew we had a fox in the first place12:07
czajkowskithen the fox got 2 of them12:07
czajkowskiso we had 1 left and both she and Jon wanted more12:07
czajkowskiso we went and got some yesterday12:07
zmoylanhave you secured the garden a bit to prevent the fox coming back?12:07
czajkowskiyeah we need to do some more work12:08
czajkowskiwe need the hedge cut back a lot more to maybe put down a electric fence12:08
czajkowskiwe've also bought an igloo for the hens to live in12:08
zmoylanget a catapult so you can hit the fox from inside the house?  not to injure it but to stun shock it?12:08
czajkowskiso more space for them to roam free12:08
czajkowskiwe've already laid a trap for it12:08
czajkowskicant put down poision as the hens roam free12:09
* zmoylan hates the idea of poison, even for vermin12:09
czajkowskiyeah it's not good12:09
czajkowskioh we have an egg laid12:09
czajkowskion the camera12:09
zmoylaneggwatch.com :-)12:09
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mokmeisterHi czajkowski, big day with the ubuntu edge and all!20:08
mokmeisterYou gonna go for one yourself?20:08
mokmeisterI'm thinking about it myself, seems like a fantastic bit of kit20:09
mokmeisterBack again!20:18
czajkowskihell yeah :)20:24
mokmeisterdunno what happened there, everything just froze on me.20:25
mokmeisterI only had the usual 10 dozen things running at once... ;)20:26
mokmeisterSo fairly turbulent weekend al things linux really, hasn't it?20:54
mokmeisterh-online shutting its doors.20:54
mokmeisterubuntu forums getting hacked20:54
mokmeisterwas not so long ago I had Ubisoft getting onto me to tell me that my account there had been hacked.20:56
mokmeisterGetting kinda hacked off with all this hacking!20:56
mokmeisterwhat irc clients do people use here, out of interest?20:58
mokmeisterI'm using smuxi myself20:58
czajkowskiI use irssi plus screen :)21:05
mokmeisternever used irssi and screen. I've tried a few, like the aforementioned smuxi, x-chat, quassel come to mind21:09
mokmeisterI quite liked quassel21:09
mokmeisterNever liked xchat21:12
mokmeisterczajkowski: et al, any of ye any good with qemu? I was trying to emulate a Raspberry Pi there over the weekend and got lost, was hoping to find some good how to documentation without having to read through the whole manual and the like21:14
czajkowski mokmeister hmm I'm not I'm afraid, maybe tdr112 may know where to point you21:15
mokmeisterI have a raspberry pi anyway so it's no biggy, was just trying to see if I could emulate one on the PC.21:17
mokmeisterThanks any czajkowski21:18
mokmeisterczajkowski: you over in England now or are you back here?21:18
mokmeisterI missed the re-approval meeting last Wednesday, was glad to hear it went well.21:20
mokmeisterlast Tuesday I meant, kjeez! :D21:21
mokmeisterNo wonder I missed it! lol21:21
czajkowskiyup I live over here21:21
czajkowskiback and forth a bit for work or to see family21:21
mokmeisteror the occasional Ubuntu Hour!21:22
mokmeisterHow are you coping with the weather over? I hear there's a heat wave.21:23
mokmeisterI was reading over 700 people have died due to the heat. Must be pretty intense21:23
czajkowskinever heard that21:24
czajkowskiyeah it's hot but tbh, people just need to cop on and do things properly, open window, drink more water21:24
czajkowskidon't go out in the mid day sun hungover :)21:24
czajkowskicommon sense stuff21:24
mokmeisterI was down in ... where was I? Oh yeah, Ballylongford actually21:25
mokmeisterwas passing through the place21:25
mokmeisterhad been up on  knockanore earlier with work21:25
mokmeisterso I stopped for lunch there, and they actually had the English Times there.21:26
mokmeisterWas a bit odd I thought so I browsed through21:26
mokmeisterthat's where I got the 700 figure from21:26
mokmeisterhmmm, panning out wrecked in the midday sun never did anyone any good! :D21:27
mokmeisterwhat do they say, common sense isn't all that common!21:28
mokmeister2414 Edges out of 5000 claimed already.21:34
mokmeisterBetter move quick people! ;)21:34
tdr112mokmeister: can you have a vm of an arm architecture on a pc ?22:02
mokmeisterHang on22:06
mokmeisterTo quote qemu web page:22:06
mokmeisterWhen used as a machine emulator, QEMU can run OSes and programs made for one machine (e.g. an ARM board) on a different machine (e.g. your own PC).22:07
mokmeisterHow exactly it is done I haven't figured out yet. ;)22:07
mokmeisterThere's some bits and pieces I've been reading but I basically don't know what the intent of the commands are in them, and I generally like to understand what's going on before blindly copying and pasting22:08
mokmeisterI find it leads to less hassle... ;)22:09
tdr112I have never used QEMU, so your on your own :)22:10
mokmeisteroh well, thanks anyway tdr11222:26

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