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ox8085_unable to patch my wireless card bcm4312 for packet injection05:30
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jpdsWhen will raring pieces be available in http://archive.ubuntu.com/ubuntu/dists/precise-updates/main/installer-amd64/current/images/ ?08:00
apwRAOF, that mir staging PPA is all out of sync and eating my machine today08:37
apwRAOF, there are no bees08:44
xnoxapw: Debian is removing a few obscure filesystems from their kernel config http://lists.debian.org/debian-boot/2013/06/msg00107.html and to this effect various parts of d-i are also removed to no longer offer unsupported filesystems.08:48
xnoxapw: are our kernels going to follow suite, or shall some of the d-i bits continue to be maintained to continue supporting those/some fs mentioned above?08:49
RAOFapw: That's unfortunate! I've been pouring bees upstream!@08:50
apwxnox, i think this we are aware of this, i guess we'll discuss with foundations and see that they plan for d-i in light of that, though as cjw is heavily involved i am sure he is aware08:51
apwxnox, looking at the list, there is no standard install which would use those filesystem types for install, i don't see us removing them unless they get broken, wich if they are not maintained i suspect they would08:52
xnoxapw: ok. in debian they went on a removal spree of (partman-$foo) and we haven't merged d-i stack in a while. both colin and i busy with other ubuntu-touch things =)08:53
dupondjehttps://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/linux/+bug/1203211 => Somebody can check this out ?08:53
ubot2`Ubuntu bug 1203211 in linux (Ubuntu) "Modprobe doesn't recognize any parameters on 3.10.0-4" [Undecided,Confirmed]08:53
apwxnox, yeah, i think i'll see you sometime next week so we can discuss it in person :)08:53
xnoxapw: well, unless you are planning on kidnapping me, you will only see colin/steve in person sometime next week. =)08:55
* xnox guesses i somehow don't know something =)08:55
apwdupondje, thanks ... am look at that indeed09:12
dupondjethx apw, as it seems quite broken :)09:23
apwdupondje, indeed quite09:23
psivaaapw: I have reported bug 1203694 not realising the existence of the above bug. Assume both are related. Pls feel free to mark it dupe if you think its appt.10:09
ubot2`Launchpad bug 1203694 in linux (Ubuntu) "virtual-host saucy server smoke tests fail because kvm_intel and kvm_amd are not present in lsmod output" [Undecided,Confirmed] https://launchpad.net/bugs/120369410:09
apwpsivaa, yeah prolly the same, thanks10:09
apwdupondje, smb, could you test the kernels here: http://people.canonical.com/~apw/lp1203211-saucy/10:12
smbapw, yup10:12
apwand let me know if that works for one10:13
smbapw, seems to wfm. kvm_intel with nested=1 is loaded10:20
apwsmb, thanks ... sigh10:21
infinityapw: What did you change?  Do I want to know?10:26
smbinfinity, These are not the changes you are looking for...10:32
apwinfinity, reverted a patch we carry which is an optimisation for init, whcih i suspect (if these all become working) has been miss forward ported to this release10:32
apwwe don't need it per-se any how so i would propose to revert it and upload without and think about it at my leisure10:33
infinityapw: Curious.  But also, WTF did -3 work? :P10:33
infinityapw: Just dumb luck, I guess?10:33
apwsome of that i suspect yes10:33
apwnow i have found a blatent unititialised pointer in lightdm which10:33
apwseeming should stop it working for anyone ever10:33
apwand yet has only started hitting my machine today randomly10:34
apwnow to try and find the frigging source branches for it10:34
apwoh god ... it has a packaging only branch ... i hate those even more10:34
infinityHeh.  Just pull-lp-source10:35
apwyeah i am going to, it is clear seb128 has done that in the past as well :)10:35
apwnow i could just edit this shit, and debcommit it and it will make me a quilt patch right ?10:37
apwarse, not that, its erm, why are names so hard10:38
infinityapw: dpkg-source --commit10:41
apwnow, why doesn't debcommit do that10:41
infinityapw: debcommit is for magically committing to packaging branches (it even sorts out if you're in git, bzr, svn, etc)10:41
apwinfinity, is it reasonable to just upload this lightdm change11:01
dupondjeapw: can only test this evening if still needed :)11:05
apwdupondje, ok11:05
apwi guess smb's and my confirmation will have to do11:05
* ppisati -> out for lunch11:15
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infinityapw: Just uploading it is probably fine, but if the packaging branch is up to date, you should commit there too.12:13
* henrix -> lunch12:28
zequenceinfinity: If I were to update linux-lowlatency for the development release now and again, how would the uploading work? Do you have something similar to SRU for the development release as well? I think I read something about you changing routines for saucy, or maybe I was just imagining?12:39
infinityzequence: kernels to straight to the archive for devel releases, no interim PPA business.12:42
infinityzequence: For the master kernel, they're using tracking bugs, but no need for derivatives.12:43
apwzequence, infinity, i suspect once i've done a couple to amke sure its working ok, you could do them, and just upload them to your normal ppa12:50
apwthen we can copy them out in the normal way12:51
apwinfinity, ok this revert is looking like it is doing the business on the module param issue12:52
apwso i'll get that preped and uploaded shortly12:52
apwrtg, yo12:52
rtgapw, dude12:52
apwrtg, i am just prepping a 3.10.0-4 upload to quickly fix a module load iss12:52
apwrtg, but i see there is a .2 in stable and now wonder if we should shove that in12:53
rtgapw, wanna pick up a stable ?12:53
apwi'll take that as a yes :)12:53
zequenceapw: infinity: ack12:54
rtgapw, yeah, I'll get the -rc2 in shape in the meantime. gonna start prodding the dkms folks to be ready for a switch by te end of the week.12:54
rtgapw, don't forget the tracking bug :)12:54
apwrtg, ok ... revert the 'all parameters' patch en-toto for now, we don't require it in fact and it is causing these issues right now; i'll fix it up12:54
apwand resubmit once i have figured out the issue12:54
rtgapw, 'UBUNTU: SAUCE: (no-up) add option to hand off all kernel parameters to init' is the patch causing problems ?13:00
apwyes .... revert that, upstart will cope (and be marginally slower)13:00
apwbut something in the forward porting (or lack thereof) has broken it all of a sudden in -413:01
rtgapw, ack, I'll just drop it from unstable for now13:01
apwthough i suspect -3 working is complete luck there13:01
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infinityapw: Wait, is that the patch responsible for my upstart getting passed things like --debug and --no-sessions from the cmdline?13:27
infinityapw: Losing that will be a bit irritating.13:27
apwyes it is13:27
apwoh, no it isn't13:28
apwthose are unknown which are passed on, its the known ones like quiet that are the issue13:28
apwwhich upstart looks for in /proc/cmdline anyhow, its all a bit stupid13:28
apwi want to rework it anyhow, cause i think when we are doing it, the init needs to know, so we need to say like "ALL" at the front or something to say they are indeed all there13:29
apwso i'll revisit it, and fix it right this time13:29
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dupondjeapw: just home, will test13:52
dupondjeapw: ok, it works :)13:58
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apwdupondje, nice thanks14:43
ppisation S/generic (but only highbank related so far) i need to run a script/function at postinst time14:46
ppisatiis there a generic way to hook into the installation process, or shall i just modify debian/control-scripts/postinst and be done?14:46
ppisatiwhat i need to do is to change some constants in /boot/boot.script, since the new kernel in S needs more space (and thus we need to move initrd further below in memory)14:47
caribou_ivoks: I have one Maas bug that I haven't had time to work on14:55
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Caribouivoks: would you have some cycles to look at it ?14:55
Caribouivoks: pretty simple issue14:55
Cariboucrap ,sorry for  the noise guys, wrong room14:56
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apwCaribou, np15:25
* apw wanders to another (hopefully cooler) location ... bah for heatwaves15:54
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* apw discovers that this "other location" has cold cider, who would have guessed16:10
apwrtg-afk, ok kernel uploaded16:11
apwogasawara, i uploaded a -5 kernel today to fix a module parameter issue which was affecting testing pretty badly, fyi16:11
ogasawaraapw: ack16:12
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rtgapw, how will reverting that parameters patch affect upstart in Lucid (with the LTS kernel) ?16:35
rtgnot Lucid, but precise16:36
apwrtg, shouldn't affect it in theory, though i intend on fixing it tommorrow16:36
apwit needed a cleanup anyhow16:36
rtgapw, ack16:36
apwrtg, basically upstart has no way to know the kernel can do the feature, so it has to check, so it should find out what it needs by other means16:37
loolHi, Xorg doesn't start anymore with 3.10.0-4 but it does with 3.10.0-3; is this a known bug?16:37
apwand we need a way to allow it not to do that, so it needs ot know it can not do that16:37
loolthis is on intel graphics on a thinkpad X30116:37
apwlool, i have been some issues with lightdm and unity-greeter with later kernels16:37
apwlool, so far the bugs have not been the kernel though16:37
apwwhat is the last thing you see16:38
loolapw: If I try to launch X, it says no device detected16:38
rtgapw, I also sent an email to you and the k-team list about a couple of other patches that I dropped. 16:38
lool[    16.760] (EE) No devices detected.16:38
loolis what it says in the Xorg log16:38
loolit's possibly related to some Xorg side changes that are needed for the new kernel16:38
apwlool do yo uhave any i915 kernle parameters16:39
dupondjelool: prolly some modules not loaded ? :)16:39
apw(on your command line)16:39
lool/proc/cmdline: BOOT_IMAGE=/@/boot/vmlinuz-3.10.0-3-generic root=UUID=b13b1eeb-f9f4-404f-bb88-3c87466c9c14 ro rootflags=subvol=@ quiet splash vt.handoff=716:39
apwnot that then, that one may be new, though i would strongly suggest trying the .5 i just uploaded to confirm16:39
loolapw: in -proposed then?16:40
apwlool building, i'll find you a binary16:40
loolI discovered a bug in the failsafe handling while I was there16:41
loolapw: thanks16:41
apwlool, if those don't do it: http://people.canonical.com/~apw/master-next-saucy/16:51
rtgmy Sandy Bridge server sure doesn't get along with 3.11-rc216:52
apwrtg, my efi obox doens't either16:53
apwit is not a happy release16:53
rtgapw, so far its not16:54
apwfingers crossed for -rc316:54
rtgapw, yeah. in the meantime I guess I'll go work some Nexus kernel issues16:55
loolapw: good news!16:59
loolapw: it's indeed fixed with 3.10.0-5-generic17:00
loolapw: thanks for putting it together17:00
apwlool, great, that is already uploaded, so should be in the images tomorrow if we are lucky17:00
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* rtg -> lunch17:35
cooloneyogasawara: your video about Ubuntu for phone is great!!!17:42
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hallynjdstrand: we should probably discuss the kvm.ko problem here18:37
rtginfinity, were you considering making use of saucy-udebs-generic in Precise ? That patch is causing a build error in the LTS backport (though easily fixable)18:38
jdstrandhallyn: ok. still, I want to reboot into 3.10.0-5 :)18:44
* jdstrand is almost done downloading18:44
rsalvetirtg: thanks for rebase & upload18:45
rtgrsalveti, I figured that was the most thorough approach18:45
rsalvetiyeah, that's fine as well18:46
kamalbjf, jsalisbury, mjg59: just fyi, I have released which includes the fixes "Modify UEFI anti-bricking code" and "x86/efi: Fix dummy variable buffer allocation" (plus some supporting framework)18:48
mjg59kamal: Thanks!18:48
mjg59Appreciate it18:48
kamalmjg59, likewise!18:49
jdstrandhallyn: ok, 3.10.0-5 fixes the kvm_intel nested=1 issue18:54
jdstrandlet's see if it also fixes the hard lockup18:54
jdstrandthat would be a 'no'18:57
jdstranderf, ubuntu-bug won't let me report it ye18:58
apwjdstrand, hard lockup doing what18:59
jdstrandapw: the 3.10 kernel, kvm and my x201s (i7) do not get along19:00
apwso kvm, ok, i have seen a lock there too19:00
jdstrandapw: qemu-kvm crashes hard unless I downgrade to a raring kernel19:00
apwwhen you have filed a bug, would you ping me the number so i can look at it19:00
jdstrandsure thing19:00
* jdstrand wonders if there is a way to waive the official Ubuntu package check19:01
jdstrandah, maybe I just have to add -proposed back to sources.list19:02
jdstrandah, no it is in NEW and arm is still building19:07
* jdstrand reboots in 3.8 for now19:07
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* rtg -> EOD20:01
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