BezNalogovHello people. I have seen that there used to be a Bulgarian LoCo. It seems that it's defunct for a while already. Their wiki is outdated and there is no Bulgarian LoCo listed on the LoCo overview page. Could someone tell me how to revive this LoCo? I have a small group of people available to get started.04:35
joseBezNalogov: I think the first step would be to contact the people who were in charge for the old LoCo04:36
josetried that already?04:37
BezNalogovOn the wiki are given two contact options: The mailing list and #ubuntu-bg. Both seem to be without activities. At least I never got a reply, but I'll give it a bit more time. I've only send a message yesterday04:40
BezNalogovOn the channel has been no activity. There are only some bots04:40
joseBezNalogov: the Launchpad team owner is Ivaylo Ivanov, maybe contacting him via email would work (see https://launchpad.net/~icefox )04:41
BezNalogovThanks, I'll try that04:41
joseno worries :)04:42
joseif there's anything else I can help with, let me know. Worked on reviving a loco before :)04:42
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sollyntilaGood day everyone11:11
sollyntilaHello anyone home 11:12
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