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ollygosh, hope you're all ok05:51
* olly in austria - didn't feel it here05:51
chiltsolly: did you feel this one? http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/world-asia-china-2340147005:54
chiltslooks pretty big too05:55
chiltsUpper Hutt was ok, much further than Wgtn ... was a lot stronger down there I think (as others on here can vouch)05:55
chiltskarora: congrats on the XO tablet lanuch! :)05:59
karorachilts: Hey, thanks :-)06:08
noskcajAnd i thought ubuntu-au was small...10:21
noskcajMaybe someone should merge the two LoCos?10:21
noskcajhttps://help.ubuntu.com/community/LocalCustomisation/NewZealand looks a touch outdated10:26
noskcajAnd ubuntu-nz.org doesn't exist10:28
Gnoskcaj: it serves as a regional 'morning' channel, merging with Aussie would throw our mornings out of whack ;)10:31
Atamirathe au chix combined with the nz chix . didnt turn out well13:26
thumperigg.me/at/ubuntuedge anyone?22:24
GI saw that, not critical of Canonical really but it leaves a lot of wiggleroom to really miss expectations on22:26
mwhudsonit's pretty crazy22:26
G'Fastest multicore CPU' is open to so much interpretation22:28
GSilicon Anode battery sounds interesting though, but the gotcha for me would be safety given the issues with LiIon a few years back22:29
chilts$32Million ... someone's going to get rich and not be held accountable for what they spend the money on22:41
* chilts decides not to back it22:41
chiltsah, Canonical is actually running it22:42
chiltsI'm not sure that crowdsourcing works for such big projects, smaller amounts is better I think22:42
Gyeah, it's actually interesting watching a couple of the kickstarter campaigns, the current showcase for crowdfunding seems to be the Veronica Mars movie which pulled in nearly 6mil US (and appears to be getting good press for it), that's a real breaking down traditional barriers thing, but a lot of the tech projects seem un-original/yawn22:45
GI'm not sure why Canonical can't snuggle up to a traditional phone manufacture like Facebook did  (or maybe Facebook's failure has left HTC/Samsung/LG/etc weary)22:46
thumperG: they will,23:33
thumperfor some reasoning, watch the hardware intro video23:34

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