ubottuHalyard called the ops in #ubuntu ()04:22
ubottucfhowlett called the ops in #ubuntu (Der_FIIIIIIISCH, freaky fetish)04:22
ubottucfhowlett called the ops in #ubuntu (Masturbater90000,)04:24
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ubottuFloodBot1 called the ops in #ubuntu-ops-monitor (banlist filling up: 658 bans)12:22
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MyrttiI'm not sure what was that for?18:28
bazhanghe's hitting multiple channels with nonsense thats why18:29
LjLbesides iirc shizuo is someone who should be banned on sight18:33
bazhangpretty much18:33
bazhang<HALP> thing is though, when you update windows it fixes stuff....and when you update Linux...it breaks EVERYTHING18:39
geniiPretty much the exact opposite of my experience.19:02
bazhangof course19:03
bazhangother gems from Halp include "did you power it on and off"19:04
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rtoyzerhi telle21:20
rtoyzerwhy i get baned in ubuntu channel  ?21:21
rtoyzer== #ubuntu Cannot join channel (+b) - you are banned21:21
k1l_because you made trouble in the channel as zertyu .21:23
rtoyzer??? trouble21:25
IdleOneyou got banned because you were saying random words on multiple lines.21:25
IdleOneit was disruptive to the other users in the channel21:25
rtoyzer???signification trouble21:25
IdleOneenough to get you banned21:26
rtoyzeri m one the main contributor for ubuntu channel21:26
rtoyzerhow you can ban me ?21:26
IdleOneno you aren't21:26
IdleOneI already told you why you got banned21:26
rtoyzer #ubuntu Cannot join channel (+b) - you are banned21:27
rtoyzerwhat's that mean ?21:27
IdleOneit means you are banned.21:28
k1l_rtoyzer: it means you are not welcome because you dont act according to the guidelines. thats it.21:28
IdleOneAt this time you will remain banned. I don't believe you have any intention of using the channel productively.21:28
rtoyzerwhat i have to sacrifice to have a normal access on that channel ?21:29
IdleOne7 more days21:29
IdleOnein the mean time21:30
IdleOne!guidelines | please read them21:30
ubottuplease read them: The guidelines for using the Ubuntu channels can be found here: http://wiki.ubuntu.com/IRC/Guidelines21:30
IdleOnertoyzer: the ban will be removed in 7 days. Please part this channel.21:32
rtoyzerthat's completly stupid21:33
rtoyzertell me the reason i get banned there21:33
rtoyzerhave insult anyone ?21:33
IdleOneyou got banned because you were saying random words on multiple lines.21:33
IdleOnethat is disruptive and prevents other users from being able to get help21:34
IdleOnertoyzer: the ban will be removed in 7 days. Please part this channel.21:39
rtoyzeri can't wait till 7 days21:40
IdleOneyou don't have a choice.21:40
IdleOnertoyzer: the ban will be removed in 7 days. Please part this channel. 3rd time I ask.21:46
rtoyzerwhy  i have to wait 7 days ?21:46
rtoyzergive me the reson ?21:46
IdleOneok, the reason you have to wait 7 days is because you tried to lie to me by saying you are a main contributor to #ubuntu, when in fact we the channel ops know you are not. Another reason is because if you read the guidelines I linked to you, you would have known that when someone asks you to stop doing something you should stop which in turn also means that when an op tells you his decision about you21:48
IdleOner ban and asks you to leave the ops channel, you should leave.21:48
IdleOneNow, I am trying to be really nice and patient but you are testing the limits of my patience. Please part this channel and in 7 days the ban in #ubuntu will be removed and you will be able to join it.21:50
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