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pittiGood morning04:48
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DanChapmanGood Morning all :-)06:30
elfymorning DanChapman06:35
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slickymastergood morning  all09:13
DanChapmanslickymaster, good morning09:13
slickymasterDanChapman :)09:13
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DanChapmanxnox, hey hope you had a good weekend. Quick question, for the grub install failed dialog is it ok to just select continue without installing grub and let the install complete without it or should i get the test to exit with a fail?10:10
xnoxDanChapman: depends, so when running installer using pitti's method, we disable installing grub & no "grub installed failed dialog" should appear. When using e.g. jibel's method, one can and should be able to install grub successfully.10:12
xnoxDanChapman: so in general, i'd say it should fail. How are you running the test? is it possible to install grub? if the testbed doesn't allow grub installation, then well autopilot shouldn't fail on grub pop-up.10:13
DanChapmanxnox, I am using jibel's test runner. I have had it a couple of times now that grub fails to install. Ok so i could select to try and install grub again before it fails.10:18
xnoxDanChapman: hm...10:21
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satyamI don't know if  I am asking correct question but is it true that autopilot works only on raring or quantal, not on precise?12:12
xeranas__satyam, autopilot also works on saucy. Not sure about precise12:35
pittisatyam: that's right, the package is not in precise yet12:49
satyamAlright. :-|12:53
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balloonshow is everyone today? giddy with excitement over ubuntu edge? We're all so quiet in here :-)16:44
SergioMenesesballoons, hey16:44
elfyI'm a bit shell shocked balloons16:44
SergioMeneseswe (ubuntu colombia) made a post about edge in spanish http://ubuntu-co.com/ubuntu-edge16:44
SergioMenesesand I'm still working at my office, waiting for lunch :)16:45
balloonselfy, well, consider that two of us.. it's a lot to take in16:46
balloonsThe biggest piece for me is the convergence story... having a pc in your pocket16:47
DanChapmanHey everyone 0/16:47
elfyhi DanChapman16:47
elfyballoons: I've not looked at it much tbh16:48
SergioMenesesballoons, +1k16:48
balloonshey DanChapman16:48
dkesselgood evening17:39
dkesselballoons, yesterday evening I had a look at: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/QATeam/RequiredTests#review_package_for_tests17:39
balloonsdkessel, how are you17:39
dkesselis it ok to just edit the wiki page with the results of the review? i have scanned the packages for existing tests...17:39
dkesselballoons, fine, how are you? :)17:39
balloonsdkessel, sure.. jibel is the person to talk to about autopkg :-)17:40
balloonsdkessel, the master list of course for what's running and what isn't is on jenkins17:43
balloonswhat were you looking at? usually the work is started off by looking for upstream tests to incorporate17:43
dkesseli checked the bottom list... the packages needing review for existing tests. and using the results, there would be some packages that could be added to the "run upstream tests" list17:46
dkessele.g., i think it might be fun to have jenkins run its own test suite :D17:46
balloonsdkessel, lol!17:47
balloonsthat would be quite fun17:47
dkesselbtw, is there a launchpad integration with svn repositories? i found some projects which did not have their source linked in launchpad, and they use svn17:48
balloonsdkessel, I'm not super familiar with all the integration bits, but for what your after I don't think you'll find issues17:56
balloonsxeranas, hello18:00
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xeranasballoons: hi, I see testing apps now have status (Estimated %) very useful18:15
balloonsxeranas, yes, I tried to reflect the status to help those people trying to contribute out :-)18:15
phillwballoons: Hi, firstly can you update the topic to mention that Alpha2 is being tested for those flavours using them. Secondly, I've a had a stab at re-formatting https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Testing/QATracker over the weekend. It's not finished yet, if you get time to finish it off :)18:37
balloonsphillw, howdy18:37
DanChapmanballoons, yo could you have a browse over this for me mate http://bazaar.launchpad.net/~dpniel/+junk/ubiquity_new/files/head:/autopilot/ubiquity/ ive been giving the tests a makeover/improved. Its made it alot easier to work with and read now :-)18:45
balloonsDanChapman, sure18:46
DanChapmanjibel, is it possible to turn off installing grub in the testbed you created? the failed grub install dialog is a right pain! i can't seem to select it to see if it pops up.18:50
DanChapmanI'm calling it a day. See you all tomorrow :-)19:15
TheLordOfTimeballoons:  see the email on the -quality ML subject "Launchpad group for ubuntu servers"19:17
TheLordOfTime(doesn't matter if you've seen my response or not yet)19:18
balloonsTheLordOfTime, looking19:19
TheLordOfTimeballoons:  i see possible conflict with the Ubuntu Server Team, hence asking additional clarification of what the individual is looking for19:20
=== balloons changed the topic of #ubuntu-quality to: Welcome to Ubuntu Quality | http://wiki.ubuntu.com/QATeam | Alpha 2 Testing for flavors and Cadence Week 3 this week | Cadence Week Schedule: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/QATeam/Cadence/Saucy
elfyTheLordOfTime: I'd suspect it's someone not making their case well19:21
TheLordOfTimeelfy:  indeed, hence asking clarification19:21
TheLordOfTimesuch that: "... perhaps you can detail what specifically you think the group would do, before we start deciding on whether to create a new group..." in my response19:21
TheLordOfTimenot sure if anyone's seen it yet19:21
elfyit'll have a facebook/ggogle+/twitter page in no time at all19:21
TheLordOfTimeelfy:  what's interesting is if i weren't on the -quality mailing list (nevermind if I'm on the QA team or not), I'd have not seen it19:22
TheLordOfTimeso at least someone who works with server stuff (me) was able to take a look19:22
* TheLordOfTime yawns19:22
TheLordOfTimecoffee time!19:22
balloonsTheLordOfTime, thanks for jumping in19:24
balloonsI agree with the sentiment, we don't need specific subteams -- odds are they already exist :-)19:24
TheLordOfTimeballoons:  yep19:27
TheLordOfTimeballoons:  again, I'm not on the QA team, but hopefully you don't mind the occasional "jump in" from me on things :)19:28
TheLordOfTime... ooh my signature got eaten19:28
TheLordOfTimeUbuntu Bug   instead of   Ubuntu Bug Triagere19:28
balloonsTheLordOfTime, I don't mind at all.. Indeed, I am happy to get outside input.. it's good :-)19:29
balloonsmy mail client had been closed, lol, so I hadn't see the threads.. rofl19:29
TheLordOfTimeballoons:  yeah, cross-team collaboration is something that is occasionally missing19:30
balloonsno wonder it felt so blissfully quiet19:30
Letozaf_balloons, Hi19:42
Letozaf_balloons, I was having a look at other core apps to write tests for, I picked the  Dropping Letters one but when I launch it with autopilot launch I get this error:  Loading testability driver.19:43
Letozaf_file:///home/letozaf/autopilot-tests/dropping-letters/dropping-letters.qml:8 module "Ubuntu.HUD" is not installed19:43
balloonsLetozaf_, hello!19:44
Letozaf_balloons, :D19:44
balloonsLetozaf_, ahh.. did you install dropping letters from the ppa?19:44
balloonsit will pull any dependencies needed to run it19:45
balloonsmakes things easy19:45
Letozaf_balloons, no I bzr branched it, I will install it form the PPA, thanks19:45
balloonsLetozaf_, right.. bzr branch it of course, but installing the app via the ppa means you don't have to worry about what dependencies you need to run it :-)19:46
Letozaf_balloons, ok thanks19:47
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Letozaf_balloons, working now thanks :D20:05
balloonsLetozaf_, perfect :-)20:05
balloonsmorning thomi20:32
dkesselgood night :)20:43
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slickymastergood night everyone21:47
knomenight slickymaster21:47
slickymasterknome ;)21:47
knomeyou going, or coming? :P21:47
slickymasterarriving here, knome21:48
knomei was looking at your test reporst before21:48
slickymasterknome, and can't still manage to circumvent that issue21:48
knomewas wondering if you really got the same bugs for the desktop and post-installation tests, and if the "critical" bug prevented you from finishing the test?21:49
slickymasterare you refering to the ISO testings?21:50
knomeyup, those (xubuntu ones)21:50
slickymasterknome, I was convinced you were speaking about the manual ones21:51
knomeah, nope, sorry for not being exact21:51
slickymasterbut yes, I've done the post installation one after the desktop test21:51
knomeyeah, but i'm really wondering if you got the same bugs during both tests21:52
knomethat doesn't make sense, if you know what i mean21:52
slickymasterknome, you're referring to the crash with add user part of the test, right?21:53
knomethat and the other xfhelp4 error21:53
knome(you don't get those while *installing*, right?)21:54
slickymasterno, just in the desktop and the post installation21:54
knomehmm, right21:54
knomeyeah, you're correct21:54
knomesorry, i'm misunderstood :)21:54
knomeyou're correct21:55
slickymasterknome, now I lost you21:55
knomedon't worry21:55
knomei just mis-thinked something before21:55
knome(and i've had some beer now, so i'm prone to errors...)21:56
slickymasterknome, your feedback is important. I may be doing something wrong21:56
knomeno, as i said, it's good21:56
knomei thought you had done an installation test - but it was the desktop test21:56
slickymasterknomw, glad to hear it21:56
knomeso everything is as it's supposed21:57
slickymasteryeah, but that xfce4help bug has been there for quite a while, now21:57
Noskcajslickymaster, If you press the TAB button while typing the persons name, it auto-finishes it. that stops you typing knomw21:57
knomeslickymaster, mhm, i'll try to get it fixed21:58
slickymasterNoskcaj, good night and thanks21:58
slickymasterNoskcaj, by the way I was trying to get in touch with you21:58
slickymasterYes, the damn settings manager test seems to be jinxed, I can't find a way to push correctly21:59
knomeslickymaster, what's the erorr?22:00
slickymastereither I get ther error that branches have diverged or I can't push correctly, missing the first blok of it22:00
Noskcajok. If it won't work, you could just change to another test, since this is an expansion rather than a new test22:00
slickymastercan you take a look at this http://bazaar.launchpad.net/~slickymaster/ubuntu-manual-tests/1574_xfce4settings/view/head:/testcases/packages/Xfce/1574_xfce4settings%20tests22:01
slickymasterNoskcaj, but now I really would like to solve it22:01
knomeslickymaster, i'll get on with you in a moment22:02
slickymasterNoskcaj, ok22:02
Noskcajslickymaster, then (just incase you haven't already). branch the latest version, then copy the new text into the existing testcase.22:03
knomeslickymaster, ^ what i was thinking you could try next22:03
knomejust to make sure it isn't some really weird error22:04
slickymasterNoskcaj, will do it now. will get back in muntes22:04
Noskcajone test specific thing: you can skip saying "press enter" by adding -y22:04
Noskcajslickymaster, ok, i'll probably be gone by then22:04
knomei'll be here22:04
slickymasterNoskcaj, well, if not today, we'll get in touch tomorrow22:05
slickymasterknome, thanks22:05
Noskcajand knome, balloons and elfy will all be here at different times to help22:05
slickymasterknome, still getting the diverged branches error22:14
NoskcajDelete the branch on launchpad, then push. that fixes it. i hadn't realised what the issue was22:14
knomeslickymaster, did you do what Noskcaj suggested?22:15
slickymasterNoskcaj, when you say delete do you mean to abandon the branch or do you mean to delete it from the directory push and then add it once again?22:16
slickymasterknome, yes, I did22:16
knomeslickymaster, bzr branch lp:ubuntu-manual-tests22:16
Noskcajslickymaster, There is a thing on the right-hand side that says "delete branch"22:16
knome(and make sure that doesn't throw you any errors?)22:17
slickymasterNoskcaj, OK, going there22:17
Noskcajbye guys22:17
slickymasterNoskcaj, see you tomorrow22:17
knomehf Noskcaj22:17
slickymasterknome, I've deleted it, now I bzr branch lp:ubuntu-manual-tests again, add it and push it, right?22:19
slickymasterknome, about to do it22:20
slickymasterknome, just pushed it without errors. Going to take a look in LP if everything is ok22:24
knomeslickymaster, ok, good to hear22:25
slickymasterknome, keeping my fingers crossed. Of all the almost ten tests I've done so far, this one has always been a pain in the neck22:26
slickymasterknome, hallas, at last22:31
slickymasterknome, eveything is perfect. But let me robe you a few more minutes of you precious time, will you?22:32
slickymasterknome, thing is that now in the main trunk there is the right test I've just pushed and proposed to merge (https://code.launchpad.net/~slickymaster/ubuntu-manual-tests/xfce4settings/+merge/176299) and there is also this one http://bazaar.launchpad.net/~slickymaster/ubuntu-manual-tests/xfce4settings/view/head:/testcases/packages/Xfce/1574_xfce4settings%20tests which is the old one22:34
knomeslickymaster, the merge proposal refers to the branch22:35
slickymasterknome, are you asking me?22:35
slickymasteror are you saying it to me22:35
knomei'm saying22:35
knomeso the first link is the merge proposal22:36
slickymasterknome, :) yes22:36
knomethat is simply saying ubuntu testcase admins "there is this branch, you should merge it"22:36
knomethe latter link is the branch which they should review22:36
slickymasterknome, yes, I'm aware. My question is about the fact if the other one should be deleted22:37
knomeyou need to have both, until it's merged22:37
slickymasterknome, ok, we're always learning22:37
slickymasterknome, I won't bother anymore, got finish the gThumg test. Let me just ask you one final thing. Do you think it's wothr to do the Mir tests?22:39
knomethat's up to you :)22:39
slickymasterknome, ok, I'll do it then22:40
slickymasterknome, thanks for everything. Have a great night22:40
knomenp. have fun :)22:40

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