cjwatsonadam_g,zul: do you think you could merge novnc from Debian?  websockify in saucy-proposed Breaks: novnc (<< 1:0.4+dfsg+1-6), which causes nova-novncproxy to be uninstallable00:12
cjwatson(This is why nova's autopkgtests are failing, although proposed-migration would reject the uninstallable package anyway)00:12
cjwatsonjbicha: ^- since you synced websockify00:14
jbichaand I blame angelabad ;)00:23
cjwatsonsync requests: not always as easy sponsorship as they look00:25
ScottKSince it's pick on jbicha day, your sflphone sync needs some looking after too.00:31
ScottKI got as far as libgnutls28-dev and libgnutls-dev conflicting in build-depends depends and gave up.00:32
zulcjwatson:  yeah can do it tomorrow00:33
cjwatsonzul: thanks00:33
cjwatsonI keep running across things in -proposed that are awaiting Debian NEW processing.  Do you think if I constructed a list (not today) and handed it to one of our illustrious new ftpassistants that they might be able to get priority?00:33
cjwatson(Presumably the absences of their build-deps constitute RC bugs in Debian too.)00:34
jbichaScottK: yeah that's particularly ugly http://bugs.debian.org/cgi-bin/bugreport.cgi?bug=71685500:44
ubot2`Debian bug 716855 in libucommon-dev "libucomon-dev: Dependency on libgnutls28-dev makes sflphone unbuildable" [Serious,Open]00:44
ScottKjbicha: Which is why it's nice to test build before doing the sync ...00:45
jbichawell sflphone was broken anyway with one of these library transitions00:47
jbichaI didn't make the mess any worse :(00:48
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* Riddell out until later this afternoon08:02
ogra_`cjwatson, hmm, there is something weird happening with the touch images http://paste.ubuntu.com/5899769/ i didnt run mark-current since the 16th but the recovery images get linked to the 19.1 build08:20
ogra_`(i re-ran it manually now to have the symlink back pointing to a dir since the QA stuff relies on it for version checking)08:22
stgraberogra_`: I did that change on Friday, so you now just broke --ubuntu-boostrap...08:28
stgraberogra_`: it's valid for current to be a directory containing symlinks instead of it being directly a symlink08:28
cjwatsonyeah, indeed, that seems OK08:29
cjwatsoneven if done by hand and unlogged :)08:29
cjwatsonogra_`: exactly what check does "the QA stuff" perform?08:29
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infinitycjwatson: My assumption would be 'readlink current', or the equivalent thereof.08:32
ogra_`stgraber, except that phable-flash completely breaks without a dir there08:32
ogra_`without a link08:33
stgraberogra_`: yeah, seems like we need to have it work with a dir considering it's a valid thing for mark-current to do...08:33
ogra_`people that dont use pending will ahh have failing installs08:33
stgraberogra_`: anyway, I have another hack in place on nusakan to make --ubuntu-bootstrap work (just replaced the recovery images in 20130716 by the new ones)08:33
cjwatsoninfinity: yeah, but not so pleasant over rsync08:33
cjwatsonogra_`: I have been telling people for weeks/months that they need to STOP assuming that that's always a symlink08:34
cjwatsonif people don't listen then by this point they're negligent08:34
ogra_`jut have mark-current put a stamp file in place08:34
ogra_`hmm, well, or better cdimage08:34
cjwatsonno, phablet-flash needs to do the equivalent of readlink -f, I think08:34
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cjwatsonit's a bit tricky over rsync but should be possible08:35
ogra_`stgraber, also, it is a bad idea to shove a single img file from another build into current ... especiasslly in the light that nothing that had not been through the utah auto testing is allowed in there08:36
ogra_`(how do you know the 19.1 kernel isnt busted on one of the arches for example08:36
cjwatsonso, stgraber's hack was needed to make system-image-updates work, which is required for this week08:37
stgraberogra_`: is there UTAH auto-testing for recovery? because if there was it'd have found that 20130716 was busted ;)08:37
cjwatsonI think it would be best to aim for having both of your use cases work, not one or the other ...08:37
ogra_`no, there *needs* to be one now08:37
ogra_`by new mgmt order everything we release as stable has to have a test run before it goes released08:38
stgraberogra_`: 20130719.1 recovery was tested by 3 people on all 4 devices with flipped and flipped+loop so at least in my book that's tested08:38
stgraberand that probably was way more than what Jenkins ever did with the recovery image08:39
ogra_`stgraber, utah counts08:39
ogra_`stgraber, thats the reason we havent released anyyhing since the 16th08:39
ogra_`we need to have an autotest for all bits we change from android default recovery at least08:40
ogra_`all images since the 16th had manual tests but werent released ...08:40
ogra_`(they are even all fine mostly)08:41
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ogra_`cjwatson, what cant (and never should) work is to mix up different android imgs  of different builds  (this will definitely be solved once the livefs builders create them from the packages for pending at least)08:49
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xnox^^^^^^ can only go into multiverse or restricted13:01
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infinityxnox: Would have been helpful if you set the section correctly in debian/control, then.13:28
infinityxnox: Especially if it's ever going to Debian, it should be non-free/otherosfs13:29
infinityxnox: (Which our queue will automagically map to multiverse by default)13:29
xnoxinfinity: i've used "multiverse/otherosfs" was that not good enough? was i meant to use debian's "non-free/otherosfs"?13:30
xnoxinfinity: first time trying to use a prefix for an upload =/13:30
ogra_`infinity, we probably actually want it in restricted (we do image builds with it) ... even though that brreaks the restricted policy13:30
xnoxogra_`: well, i'd rather have explicit promote from multiverse -> restricted with a MIR and some-such.13:31
infinityxnox: Oh, huh.  That should have worked.  Whatever.  I can override it.13:31
xnoxinfinity: ok, thanks. will use "non-free/" next time, and will see if that works.13:32
ogra_`xnox, it should definitely not just go into restricted indeed :)13:32
infinityxnox: Well, once I override it, what's in the package doesn't matter anyway. :P13:32
ogra_`just saying we need a policy exception for it13:32
ogra_`since it is more than just drivers13:32
infinity(But it's nice if they match)13:32
xnoxinfinity: oh, I have more stuff to go into multiverse =))))13:32
xnoxogra_`: do you have a tick in the nick, to denote the very hot weather in Germany? =)13:33
ogra_`xnox, i heard its hotter in the uk13:33
ogra_`we only got ~28C today13:34
xnoxogra_`: well, yeah, it is boiling hot. i take 4 showers a day + a swim.13:34
ogra_`good move :)13:34
infinityxnox: So, hilariously, the auto-override stuff only works for non-free and contrib, but not for our own components. :P13:34
infinityxnox: But non-free is what you'd want if it ever went to Debian anyway.13:34
didrocksogra_`: lucky you, it's 35 here13:34
tumbleweedit's suprisinigly warm (17C) for midwinter, here, today13:34
xnoxinfinity: I guess, it's good time for me to do a launchpad patch then =)13:35
ogra_`didrocks, yeah, germany only gets the edge of the heat wave13:35
didrocksogra_`: don't use that to make more promising anything during the hangout :p13:35
didrocksreally man, I feel so slow…13:35
ogra_`didrocks, i'll send you one icecream for each blindly nodded off thing :)13:35
didrocksogra_`: ahah, blackmailing! even before starting to negociate! :p13:36
ogra_`need to prepare the grounds :)13:36
xnoxogra_`: copyright file is only 2.1MB =)13:50
ogra_`xnox, thats 2M less than i had at least13:50
xnoxogra_`: my tarball is less than 100MB. I trimmed the fat.13:50
ogra_`sexy !13:51
ScottKinfinity: Done.13:54
ScottK(Uber block)13:54
infinityScottK: Nice response time.13:54
LaneyScottK: is yours just for Kubuntu or for all flavours?13:57
xnoxScottK: .... did we have ubiquity upload with all the ubiquity/kde fixes in?!13:59
ScottKPretty sure it's all.13:59
ScottKxnox: Dunno.13:59
* ScottK looks14:00
Laneymy script generates a larger block14:00
ScottKLaney: Feel free to replace it.14:00
ScottKI just grabbed Alpha 1 and reused it, so a current one is likely better.14:00
Laneyfair enough, wilco14:00
xnoxScottK: unmerged branch for bug 118776214:00
ubot2`Launchpad bug 1187762 in ubiquity (Ubuntu) "[ubiquity-frontend-kde] language drop down list closes on first click" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/118776214:00
ScottKProbably not then.14:01
ScottKThat looks like one it's be good to get in.14:01
Laneypushed a new one14:02
infinityScottK: Should I bug you or Riddell about the language-pack-kde-en -> calligra-l10n-engb NBS situation?14:02
infinityScottK: I'd just upload a fix, but I assume the next automagically-generated-by-scripts upload would undo it.14:03
ScottKRiddell is a better person to bother.14:03
infinityRiddell: ^14:03
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stgraberinfinity: any idea why ubuntu-archive is subscribed to bug 1175533?14:40
ubot2`Launchpad bug 1175533 in mesa-lts-raring (Ubuntu) "[HSW] intel VGA driver i915 doesn't support new haswell graphics [8086:0a2e] " [Undecided,In progress] https://launchpad.net/bugs/117553314:40
infinitystgraber: Because reasons?14:41
infinitystgraber: Likely because it required some action on our part at some point.  Is that helpful? :P14:41
tseliotcan an admin please approve nvidia-persistenced in Saucy (NEW) and then move it to main? The package was reviewed by cjwatson (some time ago) and I applied all the requested changes to the package14:47
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xnoxinfinity: i think, it's just queuebot as both androids are shown in multiverse component (one was multiverse the other was non-free)16:56
infinityxnox: I already overrode it in the queue, that's why. :P17:06
xnoxinfinity: :P mega-powers =)17:07
xnoxinfinity: i guess that's why you are on AA team =)17:07
infinityxnox: It's mostly just because I'm so very, very pretty.17:07
xnoxinfinity: filed MIR bug 1203800 and pinged security team about. not sure what other details I can include.17:07
ubot2`Launchpad bug 1203800 in gcc-arm-linux-androideabi (Ubuntu) "[MIR] Android, CynogenMod, Clockworkmod, et al" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/120380017:07
infinityxnox: Oh dear, those won't be fun.17:13
xnoxinfinity: 100MB xz compressed tarball for android, and has all time favourites like openssl, gnupg, libm, icu and other hits like busybox =)17:19
infinityxnox: ...17:28
xnoxinfinity: it's kind of like ia32-libs, if only we had a debian port to androideabi / bionic out of the box.17:30
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StevenKxnox: Mentioning that package name in this channel is forbidden. :-P17:38
xnoxStevenK: my amazon order of bird seeds has not arrived yet... oh wait. No longer accepted as payment? gosh I'll have to find a futures broker to exchange into beer.17:40
infinityxnox: It would only be like ia32-libs if it was pulling source from the archive.  If it's forked/different versions, it's really not.17:42
xnoxinfinity: it pulls some _some_ packages from the archive......17:42
xnoxinfinity: and the plan is to convert a few others (where possible). There is still a fair amount of original code.17:43
xnoxinfinity: and so far it is better than the original 2GB compressed tarball =)17:43
infinityxnox: And now I need to go drink heavily.  Thanks.17:43
doko infinity, after you make that eglibc upload?17:49
xnoxinfinity: and merge initramfs-tools ?! :))))))))))17:56
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cjwatsonLaney: Were you planning to merge mono?22:57
cjwatson(blocks xsp in -proposed)22:58
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