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atpa8ajust tried installing 13.04 with kvm, openvswitch and pci passthrough of a SAS controller using kvm managed mode02:49
atpa8ano luck on the last part tho02:49
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martisjIs there a good way to clone ubuntu server instances?04:01
martisjmoving from us servers to aus servers and provider doesn't have a way to clone instances across datacenters04:01
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guzzlefrycan the installer for Ubuntu Server 12.04 walk me through setting up a mirrored RAID?04:34
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termantI've got Ubuntu 12.04.2 and while startign drbd service I get "DRBD module version: 8.3.1306:27
termant   userland version: 8.3.1106:27
termantyou should upgrade your drbd tools!" multiple times.06:27
termantI found out that variable DRBD_DONT_WARN_ON_VERSION_MISMATCH= might help on this, but how should I use it?06:34
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termantI solved it.07:30
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xnoxguzzlefry: yes, see serverguide advanced installation.08:25
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lperry65I'm added myself to the www:data group which owns /var/www but i'm unable to change file permissions on a style sheet in a subdirectory of /var/www. i've checked and all directories in www are owned by www:data with g+w please help!10:33
maxbUm you can't have a colon in a group name - what do you actually mean?10:34
rbasaklperry65: check the ownership on the files as well.10:35
lperry65sorry should have said  www-data10:36
lperry65file permissions are -rwxrwxr--10:36
lperry65file is owned by  www-data: www-data10:37
maxbAlso, being in the group associated with a file does not grant you permissions to change permissions10:37
maxbOnly the owning user can do that10:37
lperry65ah i see, so I could edit the file but not change the permissions? ok10:37
lperry65thank you :)10:38
jamespagezul, http://pad.ubuntu.com/havana-2-problems11:01
jamespagewhen you start :-)11:01
zuljamespage:  what if i never want to start? :)11:19
* jamespage digs zul out of his hole11:19
jamespagezul, hey!11:20
zulill take a look at cinder first...the nova one is easier11:20
jamespagezul, we have a mismatched novnc/websockify causing the nova issue11:20
jamespagezul, I think that is just a sync11:20
zuljamespage:  yeah cjwatson pointed that out last night11:20
jamespagezul, the cinder issue is i386 only - but I've no idea bout greenlet11:20
zuljamespage:  ack11:20
zuljamespage:  i think its a sqlalchemy issue11:21
jamespagezul, probably11:21
* zul shakes his fist11:21
jamespagezul, python-ceilometerclient is holding up the keystone client migration - looking at that now11:25
jamespagezul, pkg_resources.DistributionNotFound: python-keystoneclient>=0.2,<0.311:27
zuljamespage:  fudge11:27
jamespagezul, python-keystoneclient - 1:0.3.1-0ubuntu111:27
jamespagezul, trunk is OK - we might need to push a snapshot11:28
zulnah just bump the requirements.txt file11:28
jamespagezul, can you push your uploaded package changelog to the branch please11:29
zuljamespage:  sure11:29
zuljamespage:  lemme finish breakfast first11:29
jamespagezul, sure11:29
jamespagezul, nm - I see your branch - I'll merge in and update11:36
jamespagezul: https://code.launchpad.net/~james-page/python-ceilometerclient/fixup-keystone/+merge/17617311:54
zuljamespage:  +111:54
zuljamespage:  just starting to fix cinder11:55
jamespagezul, coolio11:55
jamespagezul, taking a break for lunch11:56
zuljamespage:  ok hopefully i will have something cinder related for you after lunch11:56
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Beatstreetwhen installing Ubuntu Server on a drive other then sda do I need to tell the master boot record to install to the drive (sde1) I have setup to mount at / or should installer do it automatically?12:34
xnoxBeatstreet: it will ask you later, the default will be auto-detected and should be pre-set correctly to /dev/sde, but you can change it to something else, if you want to.12:41
Beatstreetdo I point it to /dev/sde1 (the partition) or /dev/sde (the drive)?12:47
koolhead11hi all12:54
zuljamespage:  we should be able to sync novnc13:16
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StathisAi'm updating a server with "apt-get update" and 2 packages are kept "back"...i know i can manually update that but why they arent done along with the rest?13:33
PiciStathisA: You'd need to use apt-get dist-upgrade13:33
ubottuA dist-upgrade will install new dependencies for packages already installed and may remove packages if they are no longer needed. This will not bring you to a new release of Ubuntu, see !upgrade if that is your intention.13:33
StathisAah thanks a lot!13:33
zuljamespage:  interesting...13:39
* zul shakes his fist at sqlalchemy13:39
* koolhead11 watches zul dancing :P13:41
zuljamespage:  fixed locally...need new greenlet13:42
jamespagezul, most excellent!13:42
jamespagezul, thought it might be something todo with that version bump13:42
zuljamespage:  i need to add a patch that bumps the sqlalchemy in the requirements.txt though13:44
zuljamespage:  http://pastebin.ubuntu.com/5900633/13:46
joe____Would it be ok to ask configuration questions on this channel?13:50
ubottuPlease don't ask to ask a question, simply ask the question (all on ONE line and in the channel, so that others can read and follow it easily). If anyone knows the answer they will most likely reply. :-) See also !patience14:01
zuljamespage:  ping greenlet has been uploaded can you +1 https://code.launchpad.net/~zulcss/cinder/cinder-alchemy/+merge/176202 please14:05
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joe1234Anyone know how to configure forward commerce to work on apache?14:21
zuljamespage:  fyi horizon needed a new compressor version i think have it working now14:22
joe1234Or if no one knows forward commerce, then how would one go about making a site accessible to the world rather than accessing it locally (this is for testing purposes BTW)?14:27
zulDaviey: ping14:42
Davieyzul: hey14:44
zulDaviey: mind promoting heatclient https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/python-heatclient/+bug/120312214:44
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zuljamespage:  before you go https://code.launchpad.net/~zulcss/horizon/2013.2.b2/+merge/17623015:46
jamespagezul, not got just yet - looking now15:47
zuljamespage:  thanks15:47
jamespagezul: + - Add python-neatclient15:58
jamespageare you sure :-)15:58
zuljamespage:  but it was neat ;)15:59
jamespagezul, I think some of the generated assets are also missing15:59
zuljamespage:  really?15:59
hedin_Hi, how do I add the 12.04 repos in this link to sources.list?http://repo.zabbix.com/zabbix/2.0/ubuntu/16:00
zulhow can you tell?16:00
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Ahti333would you guys recommend additional backups before updating linux-image-generic? (no fancy stuff on the server, just postfix/dovecot, mysql, apache, php , ruby on rails)16:33
lamontI recommend regular backups for anything you care about16:33
jamespagezul,  how are well looking now?16:39
zuljamespage:  pretty good...just need to work on ceilometer and heat16:39
zuljamespage:  for heat im just going to get it to build im not going to rip out the dbconfig-common parts  (yet)16:40
jamespagezul, ah - cinder is ftbfs16:40
jamespagelemme look at that16:40
zuljamespage:  arrgh16:41
jamespagezul, builds fine locally on i386 and amd6416:49
* jamespage hits the button of despair in LP16:49
jamespagezul, meh - built this time16:53
zuljamespage:  lovely16:55
roaksoaxMadkiss: howdy!16:55
roaksoaxMadkiss: do the tests for libqb pass in debian?16:55
zuljamespage:  ill just upload horizon16:56
vedicHey guys, I am running on 12.04 64bit. I want to install Apache 2.4.x which is the latest but 12.04 LTS repository provides 2.2.x version. Is there ready package for Ubuntu for apache 2.4.x? I don't want to recompile Apache if there is any security fix release.16:59
ScottKNo.  If you install 2.4 on 12.04 you're on your own.17:00
ScottKThe Ubuntu packages will get security updates.17:00
pmatulisvedic: not in the official archive, 2.2.22 only17:00
sarnoldvedic: 2.4 apache transition involves a lot of different moving pieces. afaik there's nothing ready to download and try; 13.10 will be the first with apache 2.4, and backports feel unlikely.17:00
ScottKpmatulis: 2.2.22 + patches.17:01
jamespagezul, ack17:01
pmatulisScottK: for sure, yeah17:01
vedicsarnold: I see. Then in that case, how do people who use production server manage security or bug fix release of apache? Do they remove source install and then recompile it?17:02
sarnoldvedic: most will be content to run apache 2.2 until 14.04 LTS is released.17:02
vedicsarnold: Ah, thats long wait?17:03
sarnoldvedic: you would not believe how close it feels. :)17:03
vedicsarnold: any expected dates yet?17:03
zulsarnold:  LTS is coming....LTS is coming...17:04
sarnoldvedic: april 2014? :)17:04
* zul shakes 17:04
sarnoldzul: that's right out of some horror film, right? :)17:04
zulsarnold:  simpsons..17:04
zulsarnold:  cant sleep...clown will eat me17:04
vedicWaiting for 14.04. Supporting phones, tv etc17:06
smoserjamespage, i'm sure you know this..17:16
smosera .config script.17:16
smoseram i allowed to assume dependencies are installed ?17:16
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ScottKNo.  Unpacked, not fully installed.17:28
smoserScottK, so ... if i want to read a yaml config file.17:29
smoseri have to do that with sed and awk ?17:29
smoserthat sucks.17:29
smoser(or some other 'essential' i guess)17:30
ScottKDoes the config run during package install (I was assuming that was the case)?17:30
=== ogra_` is now known as ogra_
smoserScottK, please excuse my grave ignorance.17:40
smoserthi sis something i've never really fully grokced17:40
ScottKNo problem.  What are you trying to do?17:40
smoserthe postinst does handle $1 == configure17:40
smoserand uses db-get17:40
smoserso is that a yes to "does the config run during a package install"17:41
ScottKYes, so you can only assume depends are unpacked, not fully installed.17:41
smoserso cannot use python then at that point ?17:45
smoserScottK, i was wanting to read a yaml config file "correctly" 9not depending on formatting17:46
smoserlike this17:46
sabanhi. i want to make vpn server to connect to other sites via vpn (cisco, microsoft vpn..) can someone point me to the right direction for google? im a bit lost. basicly what i need is that i could connect to 5 vpns at same time?17:47
NomadJimanyone know when the next LTS release after 12.04 will be?17:49
NomadJimguessing 201417:49
sarnoldNomadJim: afaik the plan is still for 14.0417:50
sarnoldsaban: some of the VPN implementations I've seen are very poor.. I wouldn't be at all surprised if at least one of them throws a complete fit with the others installed and running.17:53
sarnoldsaban: ideally, you could just configure them all and have everything Just Work, but some people try to be too clever for their own good..17:53
ScottKsmoser: I think you'd need to pre-depend on python-yaml.17:56
sabansarnold: the only way that our nagios server can control sites is true vpn. everything else is blocked. but there are so many vpn (no site has the same vpn...) so i was tinking about dedicated "vpn server" to connect to all vpns and put in on esxi. im googleing about this and just cant find any good article about this :P17:56
sarnoldsaban: hah, that's a clever idea. :)17:57
Ahti333can anyone recommend a good tool for scheduled backups to a ftp backup space?17:59
blkperlpeople seem to like bacula17:59
sarnoldAhti333: also investigate duplicity18:02
sarnoldAhti333: here we are: http://duplicity.nongnu.org/18:02
Ahti333bacula looks pretty complicated, i really only need something like "back everything except /tmp up to this ftp host, full backup every weekend, incremental on weekdays or sth like that18:03
Ahti333sarnold how does duplicity handle cross device directories? (/ is one volume, /home is another one)18:08
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sarnoldAhti333: I've not set it up myself, it's still on my todo list :) hehe18:09
Ahti333oh okay :) it loos just like what i need though :D18:09
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jdstrandhallyn: hi! does kvm work well for you on a saucy host?18:10
jdstrandhallyn: with the 3.10 kernel on my x201s, it hard locks my system as soon as I fire up a vm18:11
jdstrand3.8.0-26 and earlier are fine18:11
hallynjdstrand: I'm using it nested - saucy vm is running kvm with no problems18:21
hallyn(my saucy laptop can't very well run kvm - or anything - without overheating and shutting down so i haven't tested that yet)18:22
jdstrandhallyn: well, it totally hard locks here18:22
jdstrandI have to use 3.818:22
hallynjdstrand: so you boot a 3.8 kernel, and run newest qemu-kvm, and it works?18:22
hallynplease do file a bug (kernel also affecting qemu...)  no idea what htat would be18:23
jdstrandhallyn: I also downgraded qemu-kvm and tried with the 3.10 kernel, and same issue18:23
hallynSubject: commit f8f559422b (KVM: MMU: fast invalidate all mmio sptes) causes hang18:24
hallyn(on lkml this weekend)18:24
jdstrandthe problem is that it crashes so hard I don't get a trace. I do get NUL in the kern.log though18:24
jdstrandso at least there's that :\18:24
hallynhm, that thread says it's amd-only - you don't roll low-rent like that18:26
jdstrandhallyn: this is a host lockup btw, not guest18:26
jdstrandheh, this is an i718:26
jdstrandhallyn: also, fyi, appears 3.10 doesn't support nested=118:27
jdstrandI had to remove that from /etc/modprobe.d/qemu* to load the kvm_intel module18:27
jdstrandweird, modinfo /lib/modules/3.10.0-4-generic/kernel/arch/x86/kvm/kvm-intel.ko says it is supported18:28
hallynjdstrand: any chance you have some weird case of module not matching kernel?18:29
jdstrandnot sure how that would happen18:29
jdstrandI updated today18:29
jdstrand(note the host lockup issue happened with 3.10.0-2 too)18:29
jdstrandlet me reboot into 3.10.0-4 so I can report the lockup and see what it says again18:30
jdstrand$ cat /proc/version_signature18:32
jdstrandUbuntu 3.10.0-4.13-generic 3.10.118:32
jdstrand$ sudo modprobe kvm_intel18:32
jdstrandERROR: could not insert 'kvm_intel': Unknown symbol in module, or unknown parameter (see dmesg)18:32
DYSW3.10.2 is out btw18:33
jdstrand[  106.814382] kvm_intel: Unknown parameter `nested'18:33
jdstrandDYSW: ah, in 3.10.0-5.14 I see "rebase to v3.10.2"18:34
* jdstrand tries18:34
hallynjdstrand: nested= definately still exists in arch/x86/kvm/vmx.c...18:36
jdstrandyeah, modinfo says it is supported too18:37
jdstrandfilename:       /lib/modules/3.10.0-4-generic/kernel/arch/x86/kvm/kvm-intel.ko18:37
jdstrandparm:           nested:bool18:37
jdstrandI have an older kernel though, let me update18:37
DWSRHey all, can someone help me troubleshoot a fresh install of Precise amd64 that won't boot after a kernel upgrade?18:37
DWSRAdditionally, can someone help me with why my grub is completely fscked up when displaying?18:38
DYSWDWSR: on hardware or vps ? did you use a non standard kernel and updated grub when done ?18:38
DWSRDYSW: I did a dist-upgrade off of a fresh install, so it would have been using the standard ubuntu kernel.18:39
DWSRAnd I assume that a dist-upgrade deals with all of the neccessary changes to GRUB.18:39
DYSWsure it would do that itself18:39
DWSRSo basically.18:39
DYSWIf its on hardware, a log could help18:40
DWSRI guess that whole "I can't boot" thing doesn't really mean much to you?18:40
DYSWXen, vps can be killed with apt-get dist-upgrade so, its important we know if its virtual or not18:40
DYSWlol. it does, but ubuntu boot menu has the option of using an earlier kernel or recue etc. from there you can get in and see the logs18:41
DWSRI can't actually SEE the options.18:41
DWSRSec, I'll post a pic.18:41
DYSWBut first thing i would do, is check iso hashes, reburn and try, or reinstall to usb and boot.18:42
sarnoldDWSR: I think some releases require you to hold down left shift or something while booting to get grub menu :/18:42
DWSRI have the grub menu.18:42
DWSRAgain, I'll show you in a second with a picture.18:42
DWSRSince, a thousand words and all that.18:42
DWSRI will note that the BIOS menu displays correctly.18:43
DWSRAnd that Ubuntu didn't have display issues when I was in the install originally, and the LiveUSB didn't have an issue either.18:44
DYSWYour screen is off. I would try all the options. the one with (mode) in it first18:44
DWSRNo, it's not.18:44
sarnoldDWSR: hah, that's a good one, never seen that..18:45
sarnoldwell, I haven't seen that since CRT days..18:45
DYSWi cant see any words on the screen just (mode) at the ned of a line, all to the left is black.18:45
DWSRAssuming that the hardware is at fault is quite frankly, ignorant.18:45
DWSRThe panel is completely fine and displays correctly EVERYTHING ELSE from this computer AND from another.18:45
DYSWjust looks like the screen is not centered. Doesnt matter. just try all the 4 options. It wont take much time18:45
DWSRThe panel is fine.18:45
DWSROk, getting a bunch of spew regarding my drives.18:46
DYSWnot hardware related, your setup is fine, but the screen can still be offcentered18:46
DWSRWhich is a change from before.18:46
DWSRThere we go, it's mounting /.18:46
DWSROk, that (mode) line was the recovery option.18:46
DYSWi know18:47
DWSRSo I'm in the recovery menu.18:47
DWSRIt wouldn't actually make it here before.18:47
DWSRSo, yay progress.18:47
DYSWsee hope18:47
DWSRI guess first order of business is unbreak system.18:47
DWSRShould I just try the dpkg option?18:47
DYSWNot sure, i have never needed to use the recovery option.18:48
DWSRwelp, I'm trying a fsck first.18:48
DWSRAnd after that I'll try the dpkg option.18:49
DWSRThe reboot was graceful, but I've done a couple of hard poweroffs (presumably) in the middle of the boot process, so the FS might be asploded.18:49
DWSRAnd the fsck just....froze?18:49
DWSRhow long should a 300GB fsck take?18:50
DWSRalso, can I just say that fsck is such a hilarious shortening.18:50
bekksDWSR: Depends on the filesystem, and even more on the content, it can take several hours.18:53
DWSRbekks: Mostly empty space.18:54
DWSRIt's kind of fine though18:54
bekksDWSR: Then just let the fsck run until it finishes.18:55
DWSRI sent a ^C and now the system boots just fine.18:55
bekksYou cancelled the fsck run.18:55
bekksSo you have to run it again.18:56
DWSRYou're assuming, of course, that it's required.18:56
bekksIt is, in fact.18:56
DWSRThe system's booted currently.18:57
bekksBecause your filesystem still may be corrupted.18:57
DWSRYeah, acceptable risk until I figure out my display issues.18:58
bekksBooting does not tell you anything about the health status of a filesystem. The only thing thats obvious now is, that it isnt corrupted that severe that it wont boot anymore.18:58
DWSRLet's just take it as read that I understand and accept the risks, ok?19:00
DWSRI'm now having display issues in GRUB and Ubuntu. The panel I'm connected to is a 1080p panel, but doesn't appear to be detected as such19:05
sarnoldDWSR: search for 'gfxmode' in the grub info documentation; you might be able to force a graphics mode that does work with your display19:09
DWSRsarnold: What about inside of Ubuntu?19:11
=== JanC_ is now known as JanC
sarnoldDWSR: that'll require fiddling with X configuration, either xrandr or Xorg.conf...19:14
DWSRsarnold: No X installed.19:15
sarnoldDWSR: ah, then the kernel's Documentation/kernel-parameters.txt file may have some guidance, the vga= or video= options may help19:16
DWSRsarnold: The panel is detecting the video signal as 1400x1050.19:17
sarnoldDWSR: oh, yes, the kernel does fancier things these days.. you can also try adding 'nomodeset' to the kernel command line. Or, force the kernel mode setting as described https://wiki.archlinux.org/index.php/Kernel_Mode_Setting19:20
jsonperlPatrickdk you around? http://pastebin.com/YPA7X0Ym19:24
patdk-wkdunno what I'm looking at19:25
jsonperlSome data during another "blip".19:27
jsonperlRun queue spikes, load is low, cpus accross the board drop in usage....19:27
jsonperlEven systat had problems collecting the data, as you can see by the timestamps. One is 39 SECONDS late19:28
jsonperlIt's like the machine decides to take a lil breather19:28
patdk-wkjsonperl, note the cpu usage during those spikes?19:28
patdk-wkwhree cpu usage is normally spread out, with >10% usage over many cores19:29
patdk-wkin the spikes, it's limited to one core19:29
jsonperlThen it's all in the single dig19:29
patdk-wkdefently a locking/mutex issue19:29
jsonperlCould you explain w a small example?19:29
patdk-wksomething is holding a lock around stuff, while it works, and is keeping it for an extended period of time19:30
patdk-wkwhere normally it wouldn't19:30
jsonperlAt the os level19:30
patdk-wkdon't know19:30
jsonperlWhat types of things lock like that?19:30
patdk-wkbut since you said you have like 10-20 of the program running19:30
patdk-wkI would have to say so19:30
jsonperlYep 1419:30
jsonperlIt's definitely not overheating? That wouldn't act like that?19:31
DWSRjsonperl: No.19:31
patdk-wkoiwait doesn't go up, so not a disk19:31
DWSRThermal throttling acts much differently.19:31
DWSRFrom a hardware perspective, it just clocks down the processor until the processor stops overheating.19:32
DWSRWhich means that you wouldn't see a sudden shift from 4 cores to 1.19:33
DWSRAdvantages to using an LVM for a single disk?19:33
patdk-wkmany :)19:34
patdk-wkdynamic repartition, snapshotting19:34
patdk-wkreasons to not use it, the same :)19:34
jsonperlI've had very very good experience with LVM19:34
jsonperleven with hardware raid19:34
patdk-wklvm can be ok, but it can get in the way also19:34
DWSRIck hardware raid.19:34
patdk-wkwell, they haven't started making bbwc for soft-raid yet19:35
DWSRUnless you're dropping a few bills for good cards, you might as well be using soft-raid.19:36
jsonperlHW raid gets a bad rap from crap onboard controllers19:36
patdk-wkonboard controllers is not hw-raid19:37
DWSRAnyone in here want to buy 8x4GB DDR2 ECC RAM?19:37
DWSRI really haven't a clue where I would list something like this.19:37
jsonperlYea I can vouch for ebay19:37
DWSRpatdk-wk: No, but HW raid requires controllers. Hence why HW-raid gets the bad rep.19:38
DWSRs/requires controllers/requires good controllers/19:38
DWSRYou don't get good controllers for <$100.19:39
patdk-wkhardware raid gets a bad rap, cause of the people making it keep producing incompatable firmware and randomly adding/removing features from the firmware19:39
patdk-wkI'm talking >$70019:39
DWSRpatdk-wk: Never been so flush with cash as to be playing with that kind of hardware.19:39
patdk-wkcrap raid cards are <$40019:39
DWSRpatdk-wk: No, crap is <$200. Cheap is <$400.19:40
patdk-wk<$100 has to be software raid19:40
BeatstreetI thought hardware raid mostly exsisted because more computers couldnt handle the load of a software raid but over the eyears as power increase software became more reliable19:40
patdk-wkhardware raid exists for two reasons19:40
jsonperlI think I got LSI's in the 300 range and they've been completely fine19:40
DWSRBeatstreet: That's certainly been part of it. Hardware, done right, is better.19:40
patdk-wkyou need it to boot19:40
patdk-wkor you need it for bbwc19:40
DWSRpatdk-wk: You can boot from softraid. =\19:41
patdk-wkDWSR, you can? on every os? on every motherboard?19:41
jsonperlpatdk-wk: Can you think of an example that you could demonstrate server level locking19:41
patdk-wkwhat happens when grub gets screwed up on your drive?19:41
BeatstreetI agree that hardware done right is better but the money involved to get it right is a lot19:41
patdk-wkthe bios booted the first disk and won't try the second19:41
patdk-wksystem won't boot19:42
DWSRpatdk-wk: can is binary. It doesn't have to work in every case, only 1 to disprove your statement.19:42
DWSRpatdk-wk: I never claimed it was a good idea. Merely that it was possible.19:42
patdk-wkyes, but hardware raid is known to work :)19:42
patdk-wksoftware is more of a, make sure you test it good19:42
DWSRpatdk-wk: Back to my, it does work, but isn't recommended.19:43
DWSRAlso, ~$200 LSIs are great for home use.19:43
DWSRCheap != crap.19:43
patdk-wk$200 lsi's don't support bbwc19:43
DWSRYou don't need BBWC if you configure your RAID correctly.19:44
patdk-wkyes you do19:44
DWSRWon't argue it's better to have, but you don't need it.19:44
DWSRNo, you don't.19:44
pmatulisanyone set up or maintain ipsec tunnels between ubuntu and pfsense?19:44
DWSRBetter? Yes. Neccessary, no.19:45
patdk-wkif I wasn't going use a bbwc, I would just use softraid19:45
patdk-wkthen I have complete flexability over moving my raid to any other system19:45
DWSRpatdk-wk: That's a personal choice. You can configure LSI cards to always flush cache.19:45
DWSRIt's not neccessary to have a WC at all.19:46
patdk-wkthe lsi card your talking about has no cache19:46
patdk-wkyou need a real raid card for cache, and those support bbwc19:46
DWSRpatdk-wk: Correct. I'm talking about disk cache.19:46
DWSRpatdk-wk: You seem to be confusing neccessary with optimal.19:46
DWSRThese things work, and work just fine, in the manner in which I've specified.19:47
DWSRWhether or not performance levels are to your personal definition of satisfactory are a COMPLETELY different subject.19:47
patdk-wknot with the latency requirements I need, therefor required :)19:47
DWSRpatdk-wk: Since you mentioned $700 cards, that's probably true.19:48
DWSRBut just remember "This doesn't work" is a very binary statement.19:48
DWSRAnd that this is a channel for server support and that covers all manner of use cases.19:48
DWSRFor example, like home servers such as the one I'm currently reinstalling because, for the love of all things digital, I don't understand why dist-upgrade should BREAK an installation.19:49
patdk-wkit doesn't19:49
DWSRIt does.19:49
DWSRBecause I just had it happy.19:49
patdk-wkno, something else broke it19:49
patdk-wkdist-upgrade just caused you to notice it19:49
Beatstreetrunning a RAID 5 on 3 drives. Is it better to create a small partition on each drive and RAID that for an OS partition then just putting the OS on a partition on the first drive? I've lost sda before and box wont boot with OS RAID'd across all 319:50
DWSROh god no.19:50
DWSRYou should get a small drive and have /boot on it.19:50
DWSREven use a flash drive if that's all you have laying around.19:50
DWSRRAID, in whatever form you're using it, should always have access to the entire disk.19:50
Beatstreetflash drive would be a really slow running OS would it not?19:51
DWSRHence why I said /boot.19:51
BeatstreetI guess I need to read up on the /boot thing19:51
DWSRBeatstreet: Basically, you can have your boot partition (/boot) installed on a seperate device from your root partition.19:52
DWSRMeaning you can pull fun shenanigans like make your system unbootable unless you have your flash drive in.19:52
Beatstreetso the /boot on the flash drive just boots it and it not accessed after that?19:52
DWSRBeatstreet: Not unless you're changing the contents of it for some reason.19:53
DWSRWhich would be only during a kernel upgrade, or a GRUB upgrade, or something similar.19:53
Beatstreetwhich you dont do that ofter19:53
DWSRBeatstreet: I'm not recommending you use a flash drive, mind you.19:53
DWSRJust saying it's a last resort kind of thing.19:54
Beatstreetthe servers I have19:55
Beatstreetall are full of drives19:55
Beatstreetso the usb drive would have to be19:55
DWSRI can guarentee you that you can put more in.19:55
DWSRassuming you're talking of desktop cases.19:55
BeatstreetI know I can add controller cards19:55
DWSRhttps://www.dropbox.com/sc/mb1stsgiaj1b2h6/j0ATKr0yrE <-- this is my home server that has 14 drives in it.19:56
DWSRI ran out of bays so I literally mounted a 5.25"->3.5" converter to the bottom using a 120mm fan as an "adapter"19:57
DWSRThat's only a mid tower. I guarentee you you can add more drivers.19:57
patdk-wkhmm, I don't have any pics of mine, 45 in it19:57
DWSRpatdk-wk: You use the Storage Pod design from Backblaze?19:57
Beatstreetyou have sata controoler cards?19:58
DWSRBeatstreet: I have 1.19:58
patdk-wk17 internal sata, and 28 fc drives19:58
jsonperlso… system mutex19:59
jsonperlhow would one create one of those19:59
tdaohi all.  ive installed a raid array in my home server.  dmraid shows 3 disks but no array.  in my bios the array shows functional.  any direction would be helpful and appreciated.  the forums are down still from being hacked :P19:59
DWSRtdao: I'm assuming that you have created an array in the BIOS?20:00
tdaoyes DWSR20:00
DWSRtdao: dmraid won't detect anything then.20:00
tdaook, so how do i find what i need to mount?20:01
DWSRtdao: What RAID controller are you using?20:01
tdaobuilt in on the mobo20:01
DWSRyeah, that's why dmraid doesn't detect anything.20:01
tdaoah, i misunderstood the package20:02
DWSRAnd no.20:02
DWSRIt does what you're thinking it does, it doesn't support what you're using, almost certainly.20:02
tdaodmraid or ubuntu server?20:02
DWSRtdao: dmraid/.20:03
DWSRtdao: What does dmraid -r output?20:03
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DWSRHave you tried deactivating your onboard raid?20:06
DWSRAnd just using md?20:06
tdaono, i was hoping to use my hardware for the raid20:07
tdaopart of my mobo, wanting to use it20:07
DWSRtdao: Why?20:08
tdaoive done the software raid before20:08
tdaoon this server, ive not used the soft raid20:09
tdaoforums are down, so i was looking for something i might have missed.  the install is older than the array20:09
BeatstreetDWSR, so this server I am running has 3 serial ports and they are all full. You dont recommend a flash drive /boot. What would you do?20:09
Beatstreetadd a controller card and 1 drive just for OS?20:10
DWSRBeatstreet: Yeah. Even if the controller card is crap, it's better than USB.20:10
Beatstreetthey dont make a controller card that has a small drive built in do they?20:10
patdk-wkno internal usb ports/headers?20:11
Gugoieshello peeps20:13
Gugoiesare pyton better for script then bash (newb here)20:16
Madkissroaksoax: sure they do20:27
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DWSRCan someone please explain to me why a fresh install of precise amd64 won't actually boot?20:31
patdk-wkdid you use 12.04? 12.04.1? 12.04.2?20:35
roaksoaxMadkiss: interesting, libqb is failing in our builders20:37
roaksoaxMadkiss: tests are failing20:37
roaksoaxMadkiss: https://launchpadlibrarian.net/145612225/buildlog_ubuntu-saucy-amd64.libqb_0.14.4-1ubuntu1~ppa2_FAILEDTOBUILD.txt.gz20:37
Madkissdon't jniwm sirry20:39
Madkissdon't know, sorry.20:39
Madkisslet me have a look tomorrow, it is late oer here already20:39
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DWSRpatdk-wk: 12.04.220:52
patdk-wktry 12.04.120:54
patdk-wk.2 has the enablement stack on it20:54
rtoyzeranyone there ?21:00
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DWSRpatdk-wk: Doesn't the 12.04.2 media come with a pre-enablement kernel on it?21:07
patdk-wkI didn't think so, not sure21:08
patdk-wkthought it didn't cause there wasn't enough space21:08
rtoyzeranyone ?21:16
rtoyzeri can't access to ubuntu channel ? do you know whY  ?21:16
sarnoldrtoyzer: I didn't see any obvious bans that would prevent you from joining.. (but wow there are a -lot- of them...)21:18
rtoyzer== #ubuntu Cannot join channel (+b) - you are banned21:19
rtoyzerwhy baned ?21:19
sarnoldrtoyzer: I suggesst asking in #ubuntu-ops if someone can look into it for you21:21
rtoyzeri m looking something equivalent of windows illuminate room21:30
rtoyzerwho knows ?21:30
rtoyzerin opensource21:30
oops_im_a_sysadmHi all. I'm having trouble getting the nginx repository working for an Ubuntu Precise server. I download the key, added it to apt, apt-add-repository, apt-get update, and when I apt-get install nginx, it says it's already newest, but nginx -v reports 1.2.9. How can I debug this issue?21:31
rtoyzeroh my god ubuntu forum get hacked lollllllll21:31
rtoyzerthis is showing how ubuntu is vunerable21:32
rtoyzerfor security issue21:32
DWSRoops_im_a_sysadm: Is 1.2.9 the latest in the nginx PPA?21:33
sarnoldoops_im_a_sysadm: can you pastebin your "apt-cache policy nginx" somewhere?21:33
ScottKrtoyzer: Every web content management service has security vulnerabilities of some kind.  Until you know how they got hacked, you don't know if it says anything about Ubuntu the distro or not.21:34
oops_im_a_sysadmDWSR no, that's the problem. sarnold: ah, yes, it knows of the later version, but decides this older version is the newest. Maybe it's because of the crazy '1:version' naming scheme which I don't understand. Here's the output: http://pastebin.com/LBKGhpE221:36
DWSRoops_im_a_sysadm: Just checking. Had that happen to me a few times before.21:36
sarnoldoops_im_a_sysadm: hrm, I don't see any 1: epochs in the nginx installed on my laptop, nor in the ppa...21:37
oops_im_a_sysadmDWSR: thanks, always worth a double check21:37
DWSRoops_im_a_sysadm: Can you install the package by specifying the version number?21:37
oops_im_a_sysadmsarnold: I have another repository enabled (for ruby) that has these 1:1.2.9 nginx versions21:37
sarnoldoops_im_a_sysadm: ah!21:37
sarnoldoops_im_a_sysadm: ah, so you do, sitting right there in the output.21:38
oops_im_a_sysadmDWSR: that may work, but I need to be able to launch new instances of the server without first manually checking the latest version in the repo21:38
oops_im_a_sysadmcan I specify >=version with apt-get?21:38
DWSRDon't think so. I think apt only allows specific versions21:39
oops_im_a_sysadmand will this even count as >=, given the crazy 1: prefix?21:39
sarnoldoops_im_a_sysadm: probably better would be to specify which repository you want to supply your nginx21:39
DWSRAlso, ^^21:39
oops_im_a_sysadmsarnold: yes, that would be nice. I didn't know if I could do that21:39
DWSRWas just wondering if you needed 1.2.9 specifically or just "latest"21:39
oops_im_a_sysadmsarnold: can I do that?21:40
sarnoldoops_im_a_sysadm: look for the text "Default Priority Assignments" in apt_preferences(5) manpage21:40
sarnold(I have to look it up every time I want to use it.. heh.)21:41
DWSRhttp://serverfault.com/questions/247708/specify-ubuntu-repository-from-which-a-package-is-installed <-- I believe this might also help.21:41
oops_im_a_sysadmThanks very much sarnold and DWSR21:41
sarnoldnice, short and sweet. :)21:42
DWSRCan you pin repositories at higher priorities?21:43
DWSROR can you only pin packages?21:43
oops_im_a_sysadmIt looks like you can specify the package as "*"21:44
DWSRSo it would seem21:44
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DWSRAnyone know of a way to provide a multi-platform AD-equivalent?21:56
sarnoldDWSR: I believe that is a claimed feature of Samba421:58
DWSRI'll believe it when I see it22:01
DWSRIs there a Samba PPA?\22:04
hallynstgraber: bleh.  i've got the changes all implemented, but am seeing inexplicable subtle regression :(  no patchset going out tonight probably22:04
sarnoldDWSR: samba4 is packaged in the archive for all releases -- though it is in universe in all releases22:05
DWSRsarnold: IT's in universe?22:05
DWSRAh, that makes sense, I'm only searching precise main22:05
sarnoldDWSR: yeah, it might make sense to promote samba4 for saucy, but as far as I know, no one has asked..22:06
DWSRWhat a *puts on shades* saucy suggestion.22:08
DWSRpatdk-wk: ty for the suggestion on precise .1. Seems to work MUCH better.22:11
DWSRpatdk-wk: Will a dist-upgrade at this point give me the enablement stack, or no?22:12
hallynhm, maybe it's not so bad.22:14
hallyneh i'm gonna look at it after dinner.  mind numb.  going afk.22:16
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TheLordOfTimeanyone here an expert with PPTPd and PPTP VPN setups?22:49
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TheLordOfTimeanyone on the server team want to lend me their time for, oh, about 30 minutes so they can comment on a discussion on the -quality mailing list? (I'm going to CC the -server ML shortly)23:08
ScottKPlease don't.23:08
ScottKDual posted ML discussions are a nightmare.23:09
ScottKHe should formulate his thoughts and post to the ubuntu-server ML.23:09
TheLordOfTimeScottK:  then may I just give you a link to the discussion on the archives of the mailing lists so I can get your comments before I respond to the latest email in the chain?23:12
ScottKI've been reading it.23:12
TheLordOfTimeah so you're already there23:13
TheLordOfTimeyou can give opinions on the latest one :p23:13
ScottKI think he should write the server ML.23:15
TheLordOfTimeScottK:  and ask the server mailing list about it before the discussion gets any further?23:17
ScottKI think the sooner he talks on the server ML the better, but kind of up to him when his thoughts are fully formed enough to feel comfortable with it.23:17
ScottKHe also ought to look over the existing server test cases, because I think they kind of do what he's saying already.23:18
TheLordOfTimeI think he's trying to have a group that goes beyond the testcases23:18
TheLordOfTimeScottK:  i couldn't convince you to reply to their latest email and suggest they take a look at the existing server testcases, could I?23:20
ScottKBut feel free to say I said it in a mail you write.23:21
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