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tvossSaviq, ping06:13
Saviqtvoss_, pong07:03
Saviqmzanetti, \o07:20
Saviqtsdgeos, \o07:20
mzanettiSaviq: how are things?07:25
mzanettiSaviq: any news I should know of?07:25
Saviqmzanetti, we're not releasing until we got integration tests in a better state07:25
Saviqmzanetti, which https://code.launchpad.net/~autopilot/unity8/autopilot-test-refactoring/+merge/175452 is aiming at07:26
mzanettiSaviq: right... just checked out the autopilot-refactor branch07:26
mzanettiSaviq: doesn't really work at all here07:26
Saviqmzanetti, but it still fails in Nexus10 scenario on Jenkins07:27
SaviqI'm about to test on maguro07:27
mzanettiSaviq: it completely fails here on my desktop07:27
tsdgeosSaviq: o/07:27
mzanettibut I guess that's subject for the meeting now anyways07:27
Saviqmzanetti, you're joining, right?07:30
Saviqmzanetti, ooh, bad network?07:31
tsdgeosoh man, gmail marked kgunn's mail as spam07:43
mzanettiWellark: ping07:48
Saviqveebers, I wonder if you should try the timeout thing in a VM detached from Jenkins07:49
Saviqveebers, rather than wait for the whole job to finish07:49
tsdgeosmeh calum left :-/07:49
CimiSaviq, forgot what I promised being on my plate for today...07:50
CimiSaviq, apart of the scrollbars check07:50
Saviqtsdgeos, yeah :|07:50
Cimithe holiday worked :D07:50
Cimibrain cleared07:50
Saviqveebers, here are the failures I get on the VM http://pastebin.ubuntu.com/5899725/07:51
Saviqveebers, feel ap-internal07:51
Cimithere's a branch to fix07:51
veebersSaviq: I understand the pastebin, but not your second comment?07:51
Saviqveebers, that failure seems autopilot-internal07:52
CimiSaviq, https://code.launchpad.net/~unity-team/unity8/unity8.background_gsettings/+merge/17495807:52
veebersSaviq: ah gotcha, yeah it's interesting07:52
Saviqveebers, http://pastebin.ubuntu.com/5899727/ here's one more07:52
CimiSaviq, with 'gsettings mock' you mean I need a fake gsettings panel that sets that?07:52
SaviqCimi, they're random07:52
SaviqCimi, yeah, should be doable in QML07:53
CimiSaviq, I'll create a GSettings component then07:53
SaviqCimi, yeah it feels like it's enough for it to just be a QtObject, really07:53
CimiSaviq, but how will it override the import GSettings 1.0?07:53
Saviqwith some props07:53
SaviqCimi, like everything else does?07:54
SaviqCimi, we have mock/fake plugins for almost all the interfaces we use already07:54
Cimiit's monday morning and brain it currently empty07:54
Cimias well as my stomach07:54
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veebershmm Saviq, with those logs  you didn't see any evidence that Unity8 crashed (or anything else for that matter)?07:55
Saviqveebers, nothing that autopilot reported back for me07:55
Saviqveebers, it seemed like it was just killed by autopilot07:56
Saviqveebers, but anyway - that's low prio07:56
veebersSaviq: hmm, alright understood07:56
Saviqveebers, shall we detach a VM for you to debug the timeout?07:56
veebersSaviq: not right now, but soon would be a good idea07:56
Saviqveebers, ok cheers07:58
Saviqmzanetti, tsdgeos will you guys write a trip report for QtCS?07:58
tsdgeosthat's the plan07:58
mzanettiSaviq: yep08:00
veebersSaviq: odd, I'm not seeing the grid px unit issue on my galaxy nexus08:00
mzanettiSaviq: is there any template we need to use or is it just a free form text?08:01
Saviqmzanetti, free-form I'd say08:01
* mzanetti gets started before today's afternoon beer wipes memories08:01
Saviqveebers, hum, so when you run the tests everything looks fine?08:02
veebersSaviq: yes08:02
Saviqveebers, can you send me your unity8-autopilot .deb?08:02
Saviqdednick, indicators-client doesn't work on device (no input), any idea?08:02
mzanettiSaviq: a btw. today is a sort of town-wide public holiday where everyone living here in Ulm takes a self-build boat, a huge amount of beer and swims down the river Danube. Can't miss that one, so I'll be awayas of 3pm08:02
veebersSaviq: hmm, that could be interesting, I was just running the tests from source. Building now to test08:02
dednickSaviq: i was using it on friday :/08:03
Saviqdednick, hmm let me check some things out08:03
dednickSaviq: I needed to kill unity8 though08:03
Saviqdednick, a --desktop_file_hint to any .desktop file would've sufficed08:03
dednickSaviq: ah. i tried, but couldnt get it working. didnt know about that command line.08:04
Saviqmzanetti, don't drown! (unless it's beer)08:04
Saviqdednick, but anyway, I'm trying with unity8 stopped, too08:04
Saviqdednick, hmm completely no input...08:05
dednickSaviq: let me give it another go08:05
tsdgeosoh noes08:06
tsdgeossomeone dumbed down the unity sound indicator :-/08:06
* Saviq reflashes08:06
tsdgeoscan't use the mouse wheel on it anymore08:06
* tsdgeos shakes fist08:06
mzanettiSaviq: http://tinyurl.com/jw33wwn :D08:07
dednickSaviq: device out of juice. give me a few minutes :)08:07
Saviqmzanetti, ok, no drowning there ;)08:07
Saviqdednick, k, I'll reflash in the mean time08:07
SaviqCimi, moving to CrossFadeImage from SDK was the only task for you I could find in my logs08:10
veebersSaviq: who would I talk to about detaching a VM so I can have a poke around without interrupting people? (and not having to wait for the whole CI process)08:12
Saviqmzanetti, can you ↑?08:12
mzanettiSaviq: sure08:13
mzanettiveebers: I think you can do that yourself too actually08:13
mzanettiveebers: go to Manage Jenkins -> Nodes -> pick the node you want and click "Mark this node temporary offline"08:13
veebersmzanetti: ah ok, err do you mind pointing me in the right direction?08:13
mzanettiveebers: leave a short comment on why you detached it08:13
mzanettiveebers: once you have that, log in to naartjie via ssh08:14
mhr3Saviq, tiny fix https://code.launchpad.net/~mhr3/unity8/scopes-real-category-ids/+merge/17613908:14
veebersmzanetti: alright, am I able to ssh into the machine as per normal?08:14
veebersmzanetti: ah ok and then from there into the vm?08:14
mzanettiveebers: from there you can ssh to the vm's using their hostnames08:14
mzanettiveebers: if the vm is not running use "virsh start ps-saucy-server-<arch>-<id>"08:14
veebersmzanetti: would I duplicate what I see in the job config for starting X etc. so i can launch things (namely unity8) to test?08:14
mzanettiveebers: use "virsh list" to see if its running or not08:15
veebersmzanetti: awesome cheers08:15
Saviqmhr3, thanks08:15
mzanettiveebers: yeah, copy/paste the whole job script into the shell and you're set up08:15
veebersmzanetti: awesome, thanks08:15
Saviqtsdgeos, btw http://bazaar.launchpad.net/~unity-team/unity8/trunk/revision/12208:15
mzanettiveebers: you need to copy/paste parts of it as the paste buffer might get cleared during long-lasting things like apt-get update08:16
veebersmzanetti: sure, thanks for the heads up08:16
veebersSaviq: ugh, I'm getting this error trying to build the package: http://pastebin.ubuntu.com/5899765/08:17
tsdgeosSaviq: yep seen it08:17
mhr3jibel, ping? could you run http://paste.ubuntu.com/5899763/ on the memusage.log files when testing finishes?08:17
Saviqveebers, looks like some apt failure08:17
Saviqveebers, those are distro packages08:17
mhr3jibel, will produce a nice graph ;)08:17
tsdgeosSaviq: not really sure it's a correct fix though08:18
Saviqtsdgeos, we weren't sure whether that was the correct fix :)08:18
Saviqtsdgeos, right08:18
CimiSaviq, indeed will work on that08:18
tsdgeosi had thought that m_firstVisibleIndex would had been -1 when nothing is in the view08:18
Cimitummy is satisfied now, had to grab a sandwich08:19
SaviqCimi, too many details ;)08:19
jibelmhr3, sure, could you file a bug against otto, (https://bugs.launchpad.net/otto) ?08:19
veebersSaviq: bah, why's it failing on those packges all of a sudden. Will investigate08:20
sil2100mhr3: hello!08:22
mhr3jibel, https://bugs.launchpad.net/otto/+bug/120365008:22
ubot5Launchpad bug 1203650 in Otto "Add a graphical representation of memusage" [Undecided,New]08:22
mhr3sil2100, hey08:22
sil2100mhr3: so, we have some unity results - on one machine we got a timeout and the test run failed (due to dbus issues?), but the second one looks pretty ok08:23
sil2100mhr3: since the other one has only 17 failures08:23
mhr3mardy_, do you do dbus-test-runner reviews? if you do - https://code.launchpad.net/~mhr3/dbus-test-runner/watch-pipes-for-hup/+merge/176092 pls ;)08:24
tsdgeoswhat provides unity-shell-launcher=2 ?08:24
SaviqWellark, HUD stuck here again08:24
mhr3sil2100, there shouldn't be any dbus issues anymore08:24
sil2100mhr3: so I wonder why we had that timeout on one machine08:25
Saviqtsdgeos, unity-api-dev08:25
Saviqtsdgeos, from ppa:ubuntu-unity/next08:25
Saviqtsdgeos, ./build -s; ./build -c08:25
mhr3sil2100, maybe compiz crashed?08:25
SaviqWellark, http://pastebin.ubuntu.com/5899782/08:25
tsdgeosSaviq: ah, forgot about the -s08:25
tsdgeoshad done -c only08:25
didrocksSaviq: if people are not going to hack on it, better that they install the package :)08:25
didrocksSaviq: or even run bzr bd directly08:26
Saviqdidrocks, not sure what you mean?08:26
mhr3sil2100, are we talking about this?
Saviqdidrocks, ./build in unity8 goes mk-build-deps08:26
Saviqdidrocks, we're not building nothing locally anymore08:26
didrocksSaviq: ah ok, I thought you meant from unity-api-dev08:26
sil2100mhr3: yes, I see that suddenly unity.tests.test_dash.PreviewInvocationTests.test_home_scope_lmb_app started and did not finish08:27
Saviqdidrocks, nah08:27
didrocksSaviq: great! the unity 7 team got bitten by that a lot :)08:27
sil2100(no video of that)08:27
didrocks(like stuff stil in usr/local :p)08:27
veebersSaviq: what process do you use to produce unity8 debs on your machine?08:28
* mhr3 looks at what the test does08:29
Saviqveebers, bzr bd08:29
Saviqveebers, for armhf pbuilder or on device itself08:29
Saviqveebers, locally sbuild, too08:30
veebersSaviq: cool thanks, my pdebuilder is giving me that apt issues, so I may build on the device08:30
Saviqveebers, here's one more interesting one... http://pastebin.ubuntu.com/5899803/08:30
sil2100mhr3: so I've been wondering if that's a real regression causing this problem, or maybe some temporary failure that we can ignore08:31
veebersSaviq: hmm, I'm certain I've seen/heard of something similar before. I believe a workaround is to do: export LANG=C08:31
Saviqveebers, yeah, I did that08:32
Saviqveebers, and yeah, it helps08:33
mhr3sil2100, the whole ati testing is weird, ap started 5:20 and still wasn't finished at 6:5308:33
mhr3sil2100, i suspect compiz crashes08:33
Saviqdednick, hmm works on the current image, /me tries on pending08:33
mhr3sil2100, ie it's not one mishaving test that blocked everything, the whole collection of them took too long08:34
dednickSaviq: do the menus show any content? I get input, but no content in menus. showing "empty"08:34
sil2100mhr3: there also seems to be much much more failing tests there than in the intel machine08:34
Saviqdednick, yeah08:35
Saviqdednick, but that's probably unity8 conflicting08:35
dednickSaviq: probably.08:35
Saviqdednick, hmm or not08:37
Saviqdednick, I « chmod -x `which unity8`; pkill unity8 », as session upstart is b0rked in current08:38
dednickSaviq: definately had it working before i flashed with upstart image.08:38
mhr3sil2100, they're probably real failures then08:38
Saviqdednick, and still empty08:38
* Saviq flashes current now08:38
sil2100mhr3: let's maybe re-run the tests then to see how it goes08:38
mhr3sil2100, i don't think anything will change really08:38
sil2100mhr3: it's strange though that intel was fine08:39
mardy_mhr3: I don't, but I could try :-)08:39
sil2100mhr3: in any case, we need someone assigned to deal with this issue, if it's a real regression as you say it is - Trevinho?08:40
dednicksigh. really need to add a back button to that indicator-client app.08:40
mardy_mhr3: oh! "Lastly, don't print empty line after each received line from the process tasks. :)" this alone is a reason to approve your MR! :-D08:41
Cimiguys I think since we removed android08:41
Cimimy phone power button doesn't seem to work well08:41
CimiI have to remove battery to turn it on08:42
Cimior it doesn't power off08:42
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dednickSaviq: i think the indicators are stopped when unity stops :(08:43
dednickmine aren't running anyway08:43
Saviqdednick, ugh, right, upstart?08:44
dednickSaviq: i wouldnt have thought so because most of them run from dbus service i think. unless we stop dbus as well.08:44
Saviqdednick, yeah but we're walking away from dbus activation, afaik08:45
dednickSaviq: new indicators are.08:45
dednickSaviq: phone still on old system i think.08:46
Saviqdednick, mhm08:46
pete-woods1Saviq: just remembered, I made the libusermetrics initialisation asynchronous now - version 1.0.9 has it08:46
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Saviqpete-woods, cool!08:46
Saviqdednick, hmm, I `stop unity8`'d on pending08:47
Saviqdednick, all the services seem to be running still08:47
dednickSaviq: i restarted phone with -x unity8.08:48
Saviqdednick, right, so they never got started in your case08:48
Saviqdednick, yeah, but on current they don't get input at all08:49
dednickSaviq: as in no touch?08:49
Saviqdednick, yeah08:49
dednickSaviq: weird08:50
SaviqI wonder if the fix to ubuntuappmanager caused that...08:50
dednickSaviq: presumably other apps ok started from command line --desktop_file_hint ?08:50
Saviqdednick, actually not08:51
dednickSaviq: good news for me. bad for app manager08:52
Saviqdednick, hrmpf.... I seem to have no input at all...08:54
Saviqdednick, in apps, that is08:54
Saviqdednick, seems my maguro is b0rked (I wonder if image-based upgrades did that to me)08:56
mhr3mardy_, ;)08:58
mhr3sil2100, maybe there's something with x and ati in s?08:58
mhr3sil2100, i did see in the last couple of runs in the videos that compiz crashed there from time to time08:59
dednickSaviq: ok, i'll try pending now and see if i can confirm08:59
sil2100mhr3: do you know who's responsible for compiz maintainance right now?09:00
mhr3sil2100, stephen's team09:01
mhr3it didn't change09:01
mhr3sil2100, do you have time for a quick chat?09:02
sil2100mhr3: what's up?09:03
mhr3sil2100, i mean with audio&video :)09:04
Saviqdednick, seems restarting unity8 makes input fail for apps...09:04
sil2100mhr3: can we hang out in 30 minutes? ;)09:04
dednickSaviq: oops09:04
mhr3sil2100, ok09:04
Saviqdednick, hrmpf, now it's working fine...09:07
mhr3mardy_, pushed btw09:07
dednickSaviq: hm. damn inconsistent bugs. just waiting for mine to finish flashing.09:08
Saviqdednick, the slider test needs fixing anyway, gets stuck at the slider going back and forth indefinitely09:12
Saviqtsdgeos, thanks for answering on the ML ;)09:24
tsdgeossure, that's why we have ML, no? :D09:25
Saviqtsdgeos, yeah, we've taken care of it over IRC, but good to have a response there anyway09:26
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Saviqveebers, btw, on manta I get four failures like so http://pastebin.ubuntu.com/5899914/09:28
Saviqveebers, but grid unit seems to be fine somehow...09:28
veebersSaviq: did it swipe too far or similar?09:29
Saviqveebers, running again09:29
Saviqveebers, I think it was grid units' fault09:29
veebersSaviq: perhaps I missed something subtle with that when moving the calculation wrong09:29
Saviqveebers, because it was at bad gu before09:30
Saviqveebers, yeah, now it completed OK09:30
Saviqveebers, ah, I *think* the indicators client fook up the grid unit09:30
veebersSaviq: ah ok09:31
Saviqveebers, if I only run the unity8 ones it's fine09:31
veebersSaviq: oh fyi I've had to bump up the timeout to 40sec to get the Nexus 10 desktop tests to pass (just running more now)09:31
Saviqveebers, yeah, so you need to have a look at the indicator_client ones to not set gu if !Desktop09:31
Saviqveebers, ugh09:32
Saviqveebers, at least it's fine on devices09:32
veebersSaviq: perhaps we need to update the indicator tests to use the refactored code09:32
Saviqveebers, yeah, exactly09:32
veebersSaviq: yep, I'll look into getting the ci running on the device tomorrow too09:32
Saviqveebers, yeah, they'll be run in image smoke testing anyway09:33
Cimido you guys have the problem above ^^09:33
Saviqveebers, please just let us know when should we take over, then09:33
veebersSaviq: I'll have a look at the indicators stuff now, will me changing it screw things up for dednick ? or perhaps cause merge conflicts in trunk (or vise versa)09:34
Cimipower button not really working as before, sometimes the phone doesn't turn on or off?09:34
Saviqveebers, not that I know of09:34
veebersSaviq, dednick: is dednick actively working on those tests in trunk?09:34
Cimiit gets stuck into charging mode09:34
Saviqveebers, I don't think that he is09:34
veebersSaviq: cool thanks09:38
Saviqveebers, confirmed - "autopilot run unity8.shell" completes on both maguro and manta09:38
veebersSaviq: cool, so no grid px issue. I'm just running the tests on the VM with the new timeout to see how the run, while that's running I'm just looking at what needs to happen w/ the indicators test09:39
Saviqveebers, awesome!09:39
veebersSaviq: just read backlog (and email) if, for the nexus 10 desktop scenarios, it's still not loading the Home dash screen, then we will have failures there09:43
Saviqveebers, it is09:43
Saviqveebers, the fix is in trunk09:43
veebersSaviq: ah cool, I'll make sure that's merged in09:43
mzanettiSaviq: trip report written in case you're interested09:52
Saviqmzanetti, cheers!09:52
Saviqdednick, whoa, tricky - input in ubuntuappmanager gets stuck if no app was launched in the shell prior to killing it09:55
Saviqdednick, if you launch an app *before* starting shell, or start one *in* shell, everything will be fine09:56
Saviqdednick, but if unity8 starts, stops, and *then* an app is launched - input is lost for them09:56
Saviqforever in a ubuntuappmanager run, that is09:56
dednickSaviq: hm. dodgey09:58
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Saviqdednick, indeed10:00
Saviqdednick, can you confirm bug  #20369810:04
ubot5Error: Launchpad bug 203698 could not be found10:04
Saviqdednick, can you confirm bug  #120369810:04
ubot5bug 1203698 in platform-api "input is lost if no app was launched before or during shell run" [High,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/120369810:04
dednickSaviq: sure. give me a sec to reproduce.10:05
Saviqdednick, yup, that's what I meant :)10:05
CimiSaviq, shall I create a tst_Shell then?10:10
dednickSaviq: hm. my device just got wiped with last update.10:10
dednickpending i mean10:10
SaviqCimi, there is one by dandrader already10:10
SaviqCimi, https://code.launchpad.net/~dandrader/unity8/runningApps_lp1193419/+merge/17595510:11
CimiSaviq, ok I'll merge this10:12
dednickSaviq: confirmed10:15
Saviqdednick, thanks10:15
veebersSaviq: is this correct, I'm seeing for the test 'test_can_unlock_passphrase_screen' the unity8 log output: responding "PASSWORD" false (and the test fails)10:20
Saviqveebers, caps lock?10:21
Saviqveebers, should be lowercase10:21
veebersSaviq: hmm, interesting10:21
veebersSaviq: ah, I think it had to do with me kvm-ed in and hitting caps (which is actually my control)10:26
mzanettiSaviq: is the problem with touch input in autopilot resolved?10:27
Saviqmzanetti, not all of it10:27
Saviqmzanetti, just discovered bug #120369810:27
ubot5bug 1203698 in platform-api "input is lost if no app was launched before stopping shell" [High,Confirmed] https://launchpad.net/bugs/120369810:27
Saviqmzanetti, but yeah, the other one is fixed10:27
mzanettiSaviq: do we know what was/is the issue?10:28
Saviqmzanetti, which actually probably introduced that one ↑ :/10:28
Saviqmzanetti, https://code.launchpad.net/~ricmm/platform-api/fix-crasher-on-last-app-dead/+merge/17566710:28
mhr3sil2100, https://code.launchpad.net/~mhr3/unity-scope-home/revert-r133/+merge/17615711:05
mhr3sil2100, and https://code.launchpad.net/~mhr3/unity-lens-applications/revert-351/+merge/17615811:05
mhr3pete-woods, ping?11:08
pete-woodsmhr3: hi11:09
mhr3pete-woods, hey, re https://code.launchpad.net/~pete-woods/unity-scope-soundcloud/native-rewrite/+merge/174535/comments/393645 you tested that on unity8, right?11:09
mhr3(the preview thing)11:09
sil2100mhr3: reviewing in a sec11:09
pete-woodsmhr3: no, just with unity7 and the scope debug tool thing11:09
mhr3pete-woods, oh? hmm, then i'll have to take a look, i thought you used unity8, cause it doesn't support music previews yet and uses generic one instead11:10
pete-woodsmhr3: it's probably just something stupid I've done in the preview method, I wasn't totally clear on what I was supposed to do in there11:11
mhr3pete-woods, the code looks fine11:11
Saviqveebers, if you're still here, you should not, just give us what you have and we'll take over? unless you really want to pull it through, of course ;)11:13
veebersSaviq: heh, yeah I'm still here11:13
veebersSaviq: it appears there is an issue with the indicator tests and autopilot re: the grid unit px11:14
veebersSaviq: I've just done some debugging and about to put a MP against autopilot too (after running the test suite)11:14
Saviqveebers, ah, we seem to be hitting all kinds of bugs *everywhere* ;)11:15
Saviqand here we thought our tests were simply that bad :D11:15
sil2100jibel: hi, can I bother you for a moment? I noticed something strange in one of the otto runs11:15
veebersSaviq: I'll push both the timeout update and the indicators fix, but until that autopilot one is merged, if the indicators tests are run it will change it for those in the same run11:15
veebersSaviq: :-)11:15
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Saviqveebers, cheers, will try and harass someone into merging it today11:18
nic-doffayAnyone here familiar with the Popover API component?11:22
greybackthank $DEITY for ppa-purge11:25
mlankhorstSarvatt^ :P11:26
sil2100mhr3: ok, I'm poking jibel right now about it, but it seems that the ati run wasn't even properly archived ;/ So we can't really even check if the compiz crash log was in the ati machine11:29
sil2100mhr3: but I'll check if intel has it11:29
sil2100mhr3: since you said it crashed once ;)11:29
mhr3sil2100, (at least) ;)11:29
sil2100mhr3: it's taking a while, as it seems it's strangely big, having over 4GB11:29
sil2100Normally it's much smaller11:30
mhr3sil2100, what has 4gb?11:30
sil2100mhr3: the otto FS snapshot diff ;p11:33
mhr3maybe there's lots of crashes :)11:33
lakhanmy menu bar goes on missing how could i resolve this issue.11:45
lakhanplease answer11:46
SaviqWellark, ping12:09
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Saviqkgunn, ping12:32
kgunnSaviq: pong12:32
greybackkgunn: ping12:40
kgunngreyback: pong12:42
Saviqdednick, the indicator battery slider test needs fixing, could you look at it?12:53
Saviqdednick, starting from branch lp:~autopilot/unity8/autopilot-test-refactoring12:53
Saviqdednick, we need it to work at a different geometry - it fails on manta12:53
dednickSaviq: ok13:03
Saviqdednick, actually it might be enough to just run it with --side_stage_hint=SideStage13:06
Saviq--stage_hint=SideStage, I meant13:07
Saviqnvm then13:07
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seb128Saviq, hey, do you know if the touch image is using the standard xdg directories (e.g ~/Photos for gallery), and if there is a qml/qt api to get those?13:29
seb128Saviq, or who is the person to ask for those infos ;-)13:29
Saviqseb128, I'm afraid Pictures is hardcoded13:29
Saviqseb128, gusch will know more13:29
Saviqseb128, but http://qt-project.org/doc/qt-5.0/qtcore/qstandardpaths.html13:30
Saviqpaulliu, start without me, I'll be right there13:31
seb128Saviq, excellent, thanks ;-) (I was google for variants around "xdg" and didn't find that one)13:31
Saviqseb128, cheers13:45
Saviqdednick, the slider test seems unstable on maguro as well (at least prior to the refactoring branch, which I got fed up with now and backporting only the fixes)13:46
dednickSaviq: hm. you testing on actual devices?13:47
Saviqdednick, yes13:47
Saviqdednick, but you should be able to reproduce with different geometry13:47
dednickSaviq: but it's not fullscreen.13:47
Saviqdednick, on devices it is13:47
Saviqdednick, they don't do anything else13:47
dednickSaviq: i see.13:47
dednickSaviq: I've never tested on device.13:48
Saviqdednick, yeah, that needs to change ;)13:48
Saviqdednick, but anyway it should be reproducable on desktop, just use the same geometry13:50
dednickSaviq: unfortunately i dont have a 2560 wide screen :)13:54
dednickSaviq: but i will give changing geo a try13:55
Saviqdednick, it should be the same with half the GRID_UNIT_PX13:58
Saviqunless it's a rounding issue13:58
CimiSaviq, how do i create a property with a rule?14:09
CimiSaviq, in my case, schema.id14:09
Cimiwas doing with a list model but it's kinda stupid :p14:09
dednickSaviq: what is the error? i can't get it to fail on desktop14:11
SaviqCimi, http://pastebin.ubuntu.com/5900718/14:12
Saviqdednick, it gets stuck14:12
Saviqdednick, as in it drags back and forth14:12
CimiSaviq, always awesome you are14:12
dednickSaviq: i c.14:13
SaviqCimi, never did that before and there might be a better way, but then again there might not be14:13
Saviqdednick, let me get you a video14:13
dednickSaviq: how do you actually run ap on the phone with indicators_client?14:15
didrocksmzanetti: hey, mind merging https://code.launchpad.net/~mzanetti/cupstream2distro-config/drop-phablet-team-ppa/+merge/169373?14:15
didrocks(top approving)14:15
didrocksif things are ready14:15
didrocksfginther: do you mind looking at merges that are on your side for cu2d-config?14:17
* didrocks tries to clean stuff ;)14:17
didrocksfginther: there are 4, from you, mmrazik and alesage14:18
fgintherdidrocks, no problem, I'll add it to the days list14:18
didrocksfginther: thanks!14:18
nic-doffaypaulliu, ping14:20
nic-doffayIf you're still around!14:20
paulliunic-doffay: hhi14:22
nic-doffaypaulliu, since Pawel's on holiday, do you have any info regarding the filters for me?14:24
nic-doffaypaulliu, see this picture: http://design.ubuntu.com/apps/building-blocks/option-selector14:24
Saviqdednick, http://pastebin.ubuntu.com/5900759/ should show you the failure14:26
paulliunic-doffay: I have no idea right now. But are you based on his filter branch?14:27
nic-doffaypaulliu, yeah14:28
Saviqdednick, http://ubuntuone.com/7AIixqURu1p5JqPALK7iPm14:29
dednickSaviq: reproduced already :) thanks14:30
dednickjust needed the ap deps installed14:30
Saviqdednick, cool14:30
CimiSaviq, so I only need a small qml file14:34
CimiSaviq, GSettings.qml14:35
SaviqCimi, yup14:35
CimiSaviq, was wondering how I make it with version14:35
Cimiso import GSettings 1.0 will get it14:35
CimiGSettings 1.0 GSettings.qml?14:35
Saviqmodule GSettings14:36
SaviqCimi, but yup14:36
SaviqCimi, very simple14:36
* kgunn read mzanetti & tsdgeos reports....and really really really wishes he had more time to play on qt/qml14:37
kgunnexcellent write ups14:37
tsdgeoskgunn: thanks for the writing compliment :-)14:41
dednickSaviq: it's the touch device14:45
dednick*touch input14:45
dednickSaviq: same thing happens when you switch to touch input on desktop14:46
Saviqdednick, ah!14:46
Saviqdednick, wonder if we could get away with mouse for now14:47
dednickit's really wierd. cursor goes in opposite direction to slider :/14:48
dednicki'll try mouse on device14:49
Cimiforgot the command to run just one test?14:49
Cimithought it was testCompoennt14:49
Cimimake testShell doesn't work14:50
SaviqCimi, it should14:50
SaviqCimi, but you need to build first14:50
Cimimmm weird14:50
CimiSaviq, I did14:50
SaviqCimi, to update the targets14:50
Cimioh right14:50
CimiI merged daniel branch14:50
Cimibut didn't rebuild14:50
Saviqdednick, right, Mouse doesn't work on device...14:54
dednickSaviq: should probably figure out why it's not working in the first place.14:54
Saviqdednick, yeah14:54
Saviqdednick, well, it imports Xlib14:55
Saviqdednick, so that's why ;)14:55
Saviqdednick, and we're only doing touch on devices, so it kinda makes sense14:55
dednickSaviq: Pointer doesnt suppose drag for Touch device :(15:02
dednicknot properly anyway.15:02
Cimidandrader, what's the command to run test for shell?15:08
Saviqdednick, ok, so whatever we're using for the Hud is working15:11
dednickSaviq: hud not dragging ;)15:11
Saviqdednick, what's it do?15:18
Saviqdednick, "self.touch.drag"...15:19
Saviqyeah, but _finger_move, too15:19
Saviqspread the word! http://www.indiegogo.com/projects/ubuntu-edge15:22
dednick600. tempting15:30
dednickSaviq: yeah. the pointer position doesnt update. we rely on it having last location.15:31
dandraderCimi, make tryFoo15:32
dandraderCimi, and "make testFoo"15:32
dandraderwhere "Foo" is the name of the component (e.g. Stage, Launcher, etc15:33
Saviqdandrader, yeah, he just didn't rebuild so his targets weren't ready15:34
Saviqnice, $42k done, $31,958k to go15:34
kgunnSaviq: your good for the balance right?15:35
Saviqkgunn, let me call my bank, k?15:35
Saviqkgunn, 5 mins15:35
* kgunn folds wallet, places back in hip pocket15:36
Cimidandrader, make testShell doesn't seem to work15:36
Cimidandrader, no works, sorry was in the wrong dir15:36
=== dandrader is now known as dandrader|lunch
=== salem_ is now known as _salem
Saviqdednick, will you please file a bug with autopilot16:01
Saviqdednick, ideally with a small test?16:02
=== _salem is now known as salem_
mhr3sil2100, news on testing?16:11
sil2100mhr3: was still testing when I last checked, one moment16:12
sil2100mhr3: ouch, red16:13
sil2100mhr3: both timeouts... damn16:13
sil2100mhr3: I'm filling in a bug then16:13
mhr3sil2100, why is there no autopilot artifacts?16:14
sil2100mhr3: the logs are strange16:15
sil2100mhr3: it's as if compiz didn't even start16:16
sil2100So hmmm16:16
dednickSaviq: yup16:16
sil2100mhr3: if the tests didn't even run, why did it take 2 hours?16:16
sil2100Timeout, yes?16:17
sil2100Trevinho, bschaefer, bregma: ping16:18
bschaefero a large ping.... sounds bad :(16:18
bschaefersil2100, pong!16:18
mhr3sil2100, i see lightdm segfault in syslog16:18
pete-woodsis anyone able to review this trivial MR to the camera-app for me? https://code.launchpad.net/~pete-woods/camera-app/change-infographic-text/+merge/17623816:18
pete-woods(the label change is per design-team request)16:19
sil2100bschaefer: one moment then16:19
sil2100(since mhr3 noticed something)16:19
* bschaefer sits close to the edge of his chair16:19
sil2100lightdm segfault... but why on both machines?16:19
sil2100bschaefer: since we can't get unity released for a looong time :(16:19
dednickSaviq: https://bugs.launchpad.net/autopilot/+bug/120380816:20
ubot5Launchpad bug 1203808 in Autopilot "Input Pointer class drag function does not update the current position for Touch device." [Undecided,New]16:20
Saviqdednick, awesome, thanks16:21
mhr3sil2100, can you just restart the test machines and try again?16:22
sil2100jibel: hi! Are the machines restarted on every run? Or do those have to be restarted manually?16:23
sil2100didrocks: ^ ?16:23
dednickSaviq: we could fix it our side by making the test less presumptuous.16:23
Saviqdednick, https://code.launchpad.net/~saviq/unity8/fix-ap-on-device/+merge/17623616:23
Saviqdednick, I want to just have it working ASAP16:23
Saviqdednick, so I skipped the broken tests16:24
dednicklol. ok16:24
didrockssil2100: they are daily restarted, after refreshing the image16:24
dednickthey're pretty useless tests anyway16:24
sil2100didrocks: can we somehow restart them manually?16:24
sil2100mhr3: I can check if it's badly broken by running it manually with any test16:24
didrockssil2100: ssh and reboot it :)16:24
bregmasil2100, are you alluding to https://bugs.launchpad.net/unity/+bug/1202976 above?16:25
ubot5Launchpad bug 1202976 in Unity "Unity preview autopilot integration tests failing" [High,New]16:25
mhr3sil2100, i'm running the daily ppa, guess i'll just try restarting my machine16:25
sil2100bregma: hi! I think sadly no... since right now we seem to be encountering compiz (and lightdm) crashes that make tests fail16:25
sil2100bregma: we didn't yet find what exactly is going on, but we're guessing something might be wrong causing compiz to crash16:26
sil2100didrocks: will try!16:26
didrockssil2100: thanks!16:27
Saviqdednick, when it builds, I'll ask you to put it on your device and run the whole unity8 suite, ok?16:27
mhr3bregma, most of the preview stuff was fixed, the bug could use updating16:27
mhr3sil2100, ^16:27
mhr3yea, if i don't come back, something is *reall* broken :)16:28
dednickSaviq: ok16:28
dednickCimi: ping16:29
mhr3sil2100, looks like my system survived16:32
sil2100mhr3: phew16:32
sil2100mhr3: I'm trying to log in but having some key problems16:32
sil2100mhr3: in the meantime, I checked the FS snapshot from the previous run and couldn't see /var/crash ;/16:33
Saviqyikes we're at $240k16:33
nic-doffaySaviq, just wanted to check something with you before I code something. There isn't a general purpose bool on a Component or Item or some other child class which checks if it's animating? You have to check on the actual animation itself, correct?16:33
mhr3great, so we are where we  were in the morning16:33
sil2100mhr3: didrocks says the machines seem ok16:33
nic-doffaySaviq, I haven't been able to find one as of yet.16:33
Saviqnic-doffay, yup16:34
nic-doffaySaviq, cool beans16:35
sil2100mhr3: ouch16:42
sil2100mhr3: when did you upgrade? Do you have -proposed enabled?16:43
sil2100mhr3: siiiince!16:43
mhr3sil2100, no proposed16:43
sil2100mhr3: there has been an lightdm upload 10 hours ago to main which has this https://bugs.launchpad.net/lightdm/+bug/120371116:43
ubot5Launchpad bug 1203711 in lightdm (Ubuntu) "uninitialised list pointer in configuration directory handling" [High,New]16:43
sil2100mhr3: it seems a critical bug, but the bug says that it's 'rarely triggered'16:43
sil2100(I think our jenkins is the case where the bug appears)16:44
sil2100mhr3: there's a new upload in -proposed fixing that bug16:44
sil2100mhr3: upload made 1 hour ago16:44
mhr3sil2100, but doesn't that mean that the bug has been there for quite a while?16:44
mhr3it run "fine" today morning16:45
sil2100mhr3: not sure! It might be something introduced in the recent version, who knows?16:45
sil2100mhr3: maybe it doesn't happen every time16:45
sil2100mhr3: and we're just unlucky16:46
mhr3sil2100, hmm, i guess a re-run will tell16:46
sil2100mhr3: re running, let's see what's happening... btw. unity is failing on powerpc right now ;p16:47
sil2100Because of unit tests16:47
sil2100Trevinho, bschaefer: could you guys take a look?16:47
mhr3Trevinho, ^16:47
* bschaefer reads backlog16:48
sil2100bschaefer: the backlog is about something else, I mean the failing powerpc unit test for unity16:48
sil2100bschaefer: in the log I pasted ;)16:48
bschaefersil2100, sweet, I just got to that bit16:48
* bschaefer looks at log16:48
mhr3sil2100, is it going to re-build everything or just run the tests?16:49
mhr3sil2100, ie will it take an hour or three? :)16:49
sil2100mhr3: just re-run the tests ;)16:49
sil2100bschaefer: thanks!16:49
bschaefersil2100, strange failure, Im hoping I can reproduce it!16:50
mhr3bschaefer, unlikely :)16:50
mhr3bschaefer, unless you have powerpc ;)16:50
sil2100mhr3: well, last time it was JUST running the tests for 2 hours (and by 'running' I mean 'timing out' for 2 hours)16:50
bschaefermhr3, thanks for the hope man, i suppose well have to figure out why its failing due to that log then16:50
* bschaefer looks harder at the log16:50
mhr3sil2100, yea, but if someone looked at the output it'd be clear after 5minutes that it's not going anywhere16:50
mhr3bschaefer, you're welcome, i'm super-positive today16:51
bschaefermhr3, :), it sounded that way!16:51
dednickBE the log16:51
Trevinhomhr3: oh, sorry...16:52
bschaefersil2100, also on a different thing im working on, you know the new ibus 1.5 stuff? Well its always on, which is making these tests fun to fix16:52
mhr3Trevinho, your double tests, when are you going to learn? :P16:52
Trevinhomhr3: I didn't made them double... They already were16:53
bschaeferie. enable/disable signals are no longer emited16:53
sil2100bschaefer: the new ibus is always on in the end?16:54
sil2100bschaefer: I remember a discussion on the ML but don't remember the end result16:54
bschaefersil2100, right, or so it seems, its kind of cool, but kind of annoying as we can longer detect when we are about to be entering preedit or not16:55
sil2100bschaefer: shiiit...16:55
bschaefersil2100, also it uses gsettings now, which the xml file is just one huge string16:55
bschaeferish, its just not formatted very well, but hopefully I can read that stuff in and get the hot key...16:56
sil2100But that's just mean16:56
bschaefersil2100, but I might have to go back to asserting the results by hand :(16:56
bschaefersil2100, which in doing so I get 32 tests to pass16:56
bschaeferSaviq, thats going up fast!16:56
sil2100bschaefer: ok, let's do that, since I started the automated mess, I'll maybe try to work around it some other way in my free time ;p16:57
Saviqbschaefer, it is16:57
sil2100bschaefer: since I remember 1.5 opened up some new possibilities16:57
bschaefersil2100, right, theres 1 other regression I see in the dash hint, but I should just get the tests passing, then we can go back and fix it up16:57
bschaefersil2100, as we can no longer assert we have enabled ibus or not :( which is really bad, but we might have to assert which engine is active or not now16:58
bschaefersil2100, ie. <Hot key triggered> assert pinyin is active16:58
bschaefervs asserting we are enabled16:58
bschaefersil2100, but overall unity still works well with ibus :)16:58
sil2100bschaefer: at least that!16:59
bschaefersil2100, yup :), well Ill take  alook at this test and see how powerpc could be failing16:59
sil2100bschaefer: I talked with the SRU team about the XIM things btw. - they answered and poked me for more info, which I am providing slowly bits by bits16:59
sil2100bschaefer: since they want to know a bit more about the risk factors16:59
bschaefersil2100, if you have any questions, let me know17:00
sil2100Will do!17:00
sil2100For now, I think I need to pop out for now17:00
sil2100So see you tomorrow!17:00
bschaefersil2100, thats always a tough thing to answer, but we've been using it since 13.0417:00
bschaefersil2100, alright!17:00
sil2100See you17:00
Trevinhomhr3: do you know if using EXPECT_FLOAT_{GE,LE} can help there?17:00
mhr3Trevinho, i dont think such function exists17:01
mhr3er, template17:01
Trevinhomhr3: EQ exists...17:01
TrevinhoI wanted to try :D17:01
mhr3but EQ is special :)17:01
mhr3Trevinho, it's likely that it needs to be clamped in the real thing17:02
Trevinhomhr3: we have a fast way to test other a launchpad build?17:02
mhr3don't think so17:03
Saviqdednick, http://s-jenkins:8080/job/unity8-saucy-armhf-ci/358/17:03
mhr3you can do a vm :)17:03
Trevinhomhr3: would sooo fast17:03
Trevinhobe ^17:03
bschaeferwell it would be nice to see what the value of rem is :)17:04
mhr3Trevinho, you don't need to compile the entire unity, just create a test method that uses the fpu the same way17:04
mhr3but yea, definitely, change the assert to two EXPECT_LE and EXPECT_GE17:04
mhr3that won't fix it, but it will produce better output next time :)17:04
bschaefervery much so :)17:05
bschaefermhr3, should we just merge in a branch now, and see what happens or get a VM set up?17:05
mhr3bschaefer, well there's two things the failure will say either than expected value was supposed to be <= 1.0 and is 1.00001 or that it was supposed to be >= -1 and is -1.0000117:07
mhr3there i just saved us a 3 hour build :P17:07
bschaefermhr3, haha, well I know that much...17:07
bschaefermhr3, but ... if its those values vs say 2.0? (i don't htink it can get that high though...)17:08
bschaeferwe'll just need to clamp it...17:08
* bschaefer starts getting a VM set up17:08
dednickSaviq: it's still broken17:15
dednickSaviq: in ci i mean17:15
Saviqdednick, yeah, bad skips17:15
Saviqdednick, pushed a fix already17:15
dednickSaviq: yeah, i see that now17:16
Saviqdednick, I'll have a fixed unity8-autopilot package in 517:16
Saviqdednick, so you can still grab the output (binaries aren't changed in that branch anyway)17:16
dednickSaviq: ok17:17
mhr3ehm, so the testing is hanging again afaict, who has the powers to kill it?17:17
mhr3Trevinho, ^?17:17
Trevinhomhr3: ok17:18
=== dandrader|lunch is now known as dandrader
Trevinhomhr3: which job is?17:18
dandraderracarr, ping17:19
Trevinhomhr3: oh, no... I can't login there mhmh17:20
Trevinhomhr3: no, no way.. ask fginther ^17:21
bschaefermhr3, i've cancelled it...17:21
mhr3fginther, AP machines are broken :(17:21
bschaeferit looks like at lease17:21
bschaeferand building again17:21
mhr3i see [27209.760444] lightdm[10208]: segfault at 3f7 ip b74cba42 sp bfae2d9c error 4 in libglib-2.0.so.0.3703.0[b7489000+102000]17:22
mhr3 in dmesg17:22
mhr3hmm, can i just update lightdm and start the testing manually?17:24
mhr3anyone know how to run them manually?17:25
racarrdandrader: POng17:25
dandraderracarr, that server api for getting notified when a client changes the type of one of its surfaces17:26
dandraderracarr, did you have time to make it?17:26
dandraderI should probably join #ubuntu-mir...17:27
dednickomg. these test run even slower than on the desktop :( sleeep time17:27
racarrdandrader: Agh, no sorry.17:28
dandraderracarr, it's blocking the work of "osk on unity8-mir"17:29
racarrdandrader: Ok. I made a note and will try and make sure it happens today17:29
racarrI did a bunch of other stuff last week and got kind of in to it17:29
racarranything else blocking?17:29
dandraderracarr,  that mp on the input-method surface type. although I could work around it by using the overlay type as a substitute for the time being17:30
mhr3bschaefer, can you now re-run the test again?17:33
bschaefermhr3, thought I did that...17:33
mhr3i upgraded lightdm there17:33
bschaefermhr3, o cool, alright just re-did it17:33
mhr3not sure if it's going to survive the re-run, but let's hope it does17:33
* bschaefer crosses fingers and toes17:33
bschaefermhr3, I don't think im entering the correct info in ...17:34
fgintherTrevinho, mhr3, what's going onnow?17:34
bschaeferas normally the params stay around...17:34
bschaeferfginther, could you make sure the tests are re-running at this point :)17:34
* bschaefer does not think so17:35
mhr3fginther, some weirdness with the AP testing, lightdm is crashing and therefore nothing gets tested17:35
mhr3fginther, there's probably a fix for that in proposed17:35
fginthermterry, cyphermox, can one of lend a hand? AP test in dailyrelease is failing due to lightdm17:35
Saviqdednick, http://ubuntuone.com/216F6FhOBIhiHTitoJOqa817:35
bschaefermhr3, alright, I just copied over the info from that last build17:36
Saviqdednick, reboot phone, start an app, close the app17:36
Saviqdednick, phablet-test-run -i -n -p unity8-autopilot -c indicators-client_*deb -c unity8_*.deb -c unity8-autopilot_*.deb -c unity8-fake-env_*.deb -c unity8-private_*.deb unity817:36
mhr3bschaefer, cool, seems to be doing something now :)17:36
cyphermoxfginther: sure17:37
mhr3bschaefer, lovely [29901.858938] lightdm[17098]: segfault at 3f7 ip b7479a42 sp bfc4caac error 4 in libglib-2.0.so.0.3703.0[b7437000+102000]17:37
cyphermoxfginther: where is the failure?17:37
fginthercyphermox, i think bschaefer restarted it # 56217:37
bschaefermhr3, yup, last time it was just empty, pointing to raring... ops :)17:37
mterryfginther, I'm a tad busy, but if something needs lightdm specific knowledge, maybe I can help17:37
bschaefermhr3, that was quick17:37
mhr3i can upgrade it again, but dunno how to manually kick start it17:37
bschaefermhr3, I can start it up again it seem, but you have to get an account from QA I think17:38
* bschaefer got it from thomi17:38
mhr3i can connect to the lxc containers using ssh17:38
fginthermterry, cyphermox, the problem was reported by mh317:38
fginthermterry, cyphermox, the problem was reported by mhr317:38
bschaeferyou mean sshing :)17:38
cyphermoxwell it's going to be hard to reproduce as-is17:39
cyphermoxI'll see if I can get in the container to get a crash dump or something17:39
mhr3cyphermox, basically we just need to upgrade lightdm from proposed17:39
mhr3that should fix it17:39
cyphermoxwhat's blocking lightdm in proposed?17:39
mhr3proposed is already enabled, but it seems it doesn't pull it17:39
mhr3cyphermox, no idea17:39
mhr3cyphermox, or perhaps you just the right command to manually starting the testing from within the lxc container?17:40
Saviqdednick, ok, don't - there's something wrong there still :|17:40
Saviqah right, stupid .pyc17:40
cyphermoxmhr3: i'll take a look17:40
bschaefermhr3, that would be awesome if it fixed that crash....17:41
bschaefermhr3, do the lightdm logs offer any other info?17:41
* bschaefer is guessing you've covered those bits already 17:41
dednickSaviq: ok, got past the indicators tests and running uniyt817:42
Saviqdednick, so you're better than me17:43
Saviqdednick, but seems I got some dependency issues17:43
mhr3bschaefer, cyphermox, yea, ok lightdm from proposed does fix it17:45
bschaefermhr3, yay17:45
mhr3i upgraded and did "reboot" and it seemed to to start up compiz then17:45
mhr3although then otto reported a timeout :)17:45
mhr3guess it doesn't like reboots17:46
Saviqok yeah, it's looking better now17:46
cyphermoxmhr3: proposed is not enabled there17:47
mhr3cyphermox, i saw it in one of the otto dirs17:47
mhr3plus it offered my lightdm...ubuntu217:47
cyphermoxwell, I can't see it in the directories there
cyphermoxbut it seems like you know better how this is done than I do, it was my first time seeing this URL at all17:49
mhr3..hm unless it was coming from main17:49
cyphermoxI don't know17:50
cyphermoxseems like lightdm should land in the archive anytime too17:50
mhr3nope, just check, it's not in main yet17:50
mhr3well if it's going to land, then we just need to run the tests again once it lands17:51
mhr3seems like only didrocks and jibel really know how this works :)17:52
dednickSaviq: hm. unity8 tests didnt appear to actually start :(17:57
Saviqdednick, yeah, it's all still not good17:58
dednickjust hung waiting for pid17:58
Saviqdednick, go have a life ;)17:58
dednickSaviq: woooh!17:58
mhr3tedg, eh http://bazaar.launchpad.net/~mhr3/dbus-test-runner/watch-pipes-for-hup/revision/7518:02
mhr3this is embarrassing :P18:02
tedgWonder why the test didn't get that...18:04
mhr3the tokens weren't split properly so it considered them all invalid18:07
mhr3and the last test... probably different scheduling that made it succeed :)18:08
dandraderIf I run unity8 manually on the device it doesn't get any content (all dbus connections fail) such as indicators and scopes18:48
dandraderwhat I am missing?18:48
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Saviqdandrader|afk, tried logging out and back in?19:00
Saviqdandrader|afk, sounds like your session isn't set up?19:01
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dandraderSaviq, so my DBUS_SESSION_BUS_ADDRESS was different than the one used to launch the session bus daemon (dbus-daemon --session --address=...)19:18
Saviqdandrader, must've gotten out of sync19:18
Taek|WorkWhy does unity exists?19:18
hioHi, does anyone here like Unity?19:19
dandraderSaviq, btw, should run_on_device work at the moment? (with this new upstart setup)19:19
Saviqdandrader, yes19:19
Saviqdandrader, but not on "current"19:19
Saviqdandrader, flash with --pending19:19
Taek|WorkNo one knows why Unity exists?19:20
hioI think nobody actually loves Unity. People tolerate it19:20
hionature - it's amazing19:21
dandraderSaviq, so "pending" is the next "current"?19:21
Saviqdandrader, yeah, pending is the latest and greatest19:22
Saviqdandrader, current is the latest that passed QA19:22
dandraderSaviq, hmm, ok. thanks19:22
Saviqhmm how do I use CalDAV on Google with SSO...19:22
Taek|Workdon't use google19:22
Taek|Workthey want all your base!19:22
Taek|Workto give it to the Fbi19:23
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