rick_hjcastro: any new word on juju/rackspace than this? http://askubuntu.com/questions/166102/how-do-i-configure-juju-for-deployment-on-rackspace-cloud02:07
rick_hjcastro: https://twitter.com/jessenoller/status/355757374906183680 has me kind of curious02:07
rick_hsweet, goldieblox in AMZ! http://www.amazon.com/Goldie-Blox-The-Spinning-Machine/dp/B00BCXU3PQ/12:09
snap-lGood morning12:50
snap-lMan I want to go back to bed12:51
rick_hneither the body nor mind are willing today12:52
rick_hbut big day today...going to be a fun ride12:53
snap-lWhere are you headed?12:55
rick_hheh, it's a sit at my desk and watch the show kind of ride12:55
rick_hbut my 'shed' arrives today as well so party party12:55
rick_hget to build something12:55
snap-lAh, so more of a "let things wash over me"12:55
snap-lWhat sort of shedpocalypse hath thou wrought?12:55
brouschKnowing rick_h, it's probably a airplane hangar13:05
rick_hbrousch: no, I had to scale back after getting the camper this year13:05
rick_hso it's a small plastic thing big enough for lawn gear and about it13:05
rick_hbut getting the lawn gear out of the garage will be yay!13:05
snap-lplus alternate sleepnig arrangements whenever rick_h is in the doghouse. :)13:06
rick_hthat's what the camper is for :P13:06
rick_hso long guest room!13:07
snap-lAssuming Erica doesn't change the locks. :)13:07
rick_hpsh, she can barely figure out how to unlock it :P13:07
rick_hon our second trip she went to the camper and came back with the keys in hand saying she couldn't get it to unlock13:08
rick_hthere are two locks on there and they move in different directions so she kept unlocking one and locking the other13:08
snap-lIf it's the camper locks I remember, they were all keyed differently and had a tumbler mechanism that was mostly a suggestion13:08
snap-lYou had a better chance of picking the lock than of using the proper key.13:09
rick_hwoot! https://jujucharms.com/14:06
rick_hit's alive!14:06
snap-lrick_h: Congratulations!14:29
rick_hand there's one bad config value breaking it and we're all chickens with our heads cut off yay14:30
snap-lOf course. :)14:31
snap-lIt wouldn't be a launch without someone forgetting the baking powder.14:31
rick_hhttp://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mspwQfoYQks for a video put together showing it off15:11
jrwrenrick_h: congrats.15:12
rick_honce you can get past the keyboard typing in the video :/15:12
* rick_h gets some popcorn to read the comments section http://techcrunch.com/2013/07/22/ubuntu-smartphone-canonical/15:35
rick_hyea, I was suckered in and signed up15:42
rick_hwasn't planning on it, but the video talked me into it :)15:42
rick_hbut clearly the updated juju-gui release is a MUCH bigger story than some fancy hardware stuff :P15:43
smoserrick_h, so you put in $600 ?15:43
smoseri'm tempted15:43
rick_hsmoser: yea15:43
rick_hsmoser: if they don't reach the goal it gets refunded and I'm lokoing to buy a new phone anyway15:44
rick_hI'm getting off verizon when my contract expires in Dec and I want to go the 'buy your own phone' route15:44
brouschCan you run Android on it if ubuntu phone sucks?15:44
rick_hbrousch: yes...yes you can15:44
rick_hwhich is part of what convinced me to go ahead and do it15:44
rick_hI'll be hoping for some big time xda love15:44
greg-gwait, I can fund it, get my phone, then return it within 28 days for a refund?15:58
greg-g"What warranties apply to the Ubuntu Edge?"15:58
snap-lrick_h: You might want to check that16:01
snap-lindiegogo is not kickstarter. There's an option to keep the money if it's not funded.16:01
snap-l"This campaign will only receive funds if at least $32,000,000 is raised by Wed 21 Aug 11:59PM PT."16:01
rick_hsnap-l: but that option is not in effect. It states it on the site16:01
jrwrenthe thing about charms is they are overly complex for my use case. all I really want is cloud-init wiht some extra help.  :)16:02
brouschWill Edge work on Ting?16:05
rick_hprobably not, it's dual LTE and not sure what's behind it after that.16:05
brouschexpected delivery in May 201416:05
rick_hthough sprint is deploying lte now so who knows by the time it comes out next year16:05
brouschThat's a long time in phone years!16:06
snap-lI'd be highly surprised if it was on Sprint16:06
snap-lI think Verizon is the only domestic option at the moment16:06
snap-lHonestly I'll be surprised if this funds at all16:08
snap-lWhen did they sign up?16:08
* snap-l is out of the loop apparently16:08
rick_hthey didn't but tech wise it should work16:08
rick_hand CAG does not mean anything about phone working16:08
snap-lI see no mention of the FCC on this page. That concerns me16:10
greg-goh come on, snap-l, just trust Canonical FOR ONCE!16:14
snap-lKeeping my mouth shut and waiting for miracles.16:18
snap-lI've been proven wrong before. :)16:18
rick_hheh, well odds are it won't happen and this is a cheap publicity stunt. If it does go through, then unique toys for some people16:28
rick_hI suppose 'functional' is a loaded word for non-programmers17:05
rick_hlmao, and of course we deploy without setting the deploy config flag. #LaunchFail17:24
rick_hman, what a Monday17:24
rick_h1) Deploy months of work ...check17:26
rick_h2) Get completely overshadowed by other company release ... check17:26
rick_h3) Find giant bug in newly deployed production ... check17:26
rick_h4) Find out production wasn't deployed correctly and make everyone download 275 requests to load a single web page ... check17:27
greg-gyou sound like WMF!17:27
* rick_h gives WMF a hug17:27
snap-lWhaddya mean we left debugging on?17:28
rick_hgotta love it17:28
rick_hnow where's my EOD so I can get myself a post-release beverage?17:28
snap-lThis is why I hate deploy events that are only once a perioud (month, etc)17:28
greg-gweekly ftw!17:28
rick_hyea, well after this it'll be weekly I think? Maybe more. but we're doing a bit swtich, moving two domains around, etc17:29
rick_hso it's a big initial 'release'17:29
* greg-g nods17:29
snap-lI like the "as needed, but everyone gets on the horn and things get worked out"17:30
snap-lBut yeah, once a week is a good target17:30
snap-lbut if stuff is broken, or suboptimal, release as needed17:31
rick_hyea, we try to follow a 'release when there's something that's done' model vs regular schedule17:33
rick_hthat way we're not rushing to hit a release window and each little feature lands as it's ready to go for prompt feedback/etc17:33
greg-gfor smaller projects that makes sense, for MediaWiki, we have to release more often and force people to use "feature config flags" to disable code that isn't ready for prime time but needs to be tested17:36
greg-gtoo many moving pieces17:36
rick_hyea, we do that as well17:38
rick_hhttps://jujucharms.com/:flags:/serviceInspector for instance17:38
rick_hbut once the flag is cleared to be removed, we'll update production that day vs waiting for release day17:39
rick_hkind of idea17:39
snap-lAt least it isn't Chrysler where you had one day a month to launch (5:00am on x Thursday of the month)17:42
snap-land if stuff broke, it got backed out17:43
snap-l(This was FieldConnect, and it sucked)17:43
snap-lBut it was also the direct result of people promoting shit code that caused Dealer Connect to go boom (and was subsequently escalated all the way to the CEO)17:44
rick_hwho asked wtf 'code' was :P17:44
snap-lrick_h: I believe the terminology was irrelevant, and the conversation went a little like this "fix yo shit"17:49
snap-lProbably in a very jaunty German accent17:50
snap-lMock me18:26
snap-lFor I am mocking objects, poorly. :)18:26
jrwren275 reqs!!!18:38
jrwrenthat is a lot even to bundle up18:38
rick_hwell, ends up around 70 total but 1/3 of those are the same .svg image file18:39
rick_hhttps://jujucharms.com/fullscreen/ and check out the network graph. Should hit nicely after first load18:39
rick_hstill some more combining can happen, so it's not perfect yet18:40
greg-gholy shit, when I opened the ubuntu edge campaign this morning it was $70k, I think, now it is $765k!18:48
rick_hyea, two people have signed up for the $10k phone18:49
jrwrenstill, $14M$ is A LOT18:51
snap-lApparently Canonical is 3.1% of the way towards funding this Edge20:35
snap-lThat's further than I thought they'd be20:35
snap-lThough it'll be interesting to see if the momentum will last past the initial push20:35
brouschIt'll take 30 days for corporations to get approval20:36

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