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skellatI neither encourage nor discourage giving to the Ubuntu Edge crowd-funding campaign that I had no forewarning of and suggest that you merely give as you feel so moved.  See also: http://www.jonobacon.org/2013/07/22/announcing-the-ubuntu-edge/18:12
jenni[ Announcing the Ubuntu Edge | jonobacon@home ] - https://j.mp/1aEupIF18:12
* paultag giggles18:12
thafreakHow do you know what email address you gave to the ubuntu forums?18:58
skellatthafreak: Good question and no, I don't know.19:05
thafreakWell, I'll just assume I used the same one as I did for launchpad I guess19:27
drkokandy_Incidentally, if anyone's been waiting around trying to decide whether to put in for the one-day offer of a $600 Ubuntu Edge, there are only about 1800 remaining at that special price.23:10
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dzhoskellat: I'm beginning to question your committment to Sparkle Motion23:44

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