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xnoxwhen i swtich to tty1: vga monitor brightness drops, dvi monitor stays the same. annoying =) how can I fix this?09:38
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* apw is dropping to low-resolution mode, though i can see nothing in the Xorg.0.log to say why, it just quits14:20
mlankhorstxnox: probably a monitor thing then :P14:32
mlankhorstapw: hm attach debugger? if it's a case of a missing symbol xorg will just quit without reporting anything..14:32
xnoxmlankhorst: but, but my dual screen monitors are the same: vga->vga goes dim, hdmi->dvi does not. And it's clearly os driven, e.g. focusing on a Virtual Machine KVM on the vga screen makes it go dim, moving that window to dvi screen makes the vga go bright again.14:33
xnoxit's a desktop, yet the vga screen behaves as if it's a laptop one with battery saving stuff.14:33
apwmlankhorst, hmmm i see that is unhelpful14:34
xnoxmlankhorst: thanks for the hint. the settings on the screens are different depending on the input. Disable "active auto contrast" on the vga and all seems to be fine =)14:35
apwmlankhorst, it also seems to be a race of some kind, as it does not occur on all boots14:37
mlankhorstapw: fun :/14:38
apwmlankhorst, i know14:38
mlankhorstI tried putting the nv50 in my computer and was hitting a similar issue, now I'm putting the nv50 in an old computer with a serial port, so that I can bisect it, so that I can use it in my own computer, so that I can bisect the nvc0 locking up on mmiotrace :/14:39
apwmlankhorst, nice14:43
apw(in a tecno-purv kind of way)14:43
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