Kiloshi superfly and others06:54
superflyguten morgen Kilos07:01
ThatGraemeGuymorning all07:51
Kiloshi ThatGraemeGuy 07:55
Kilosyo JoTraGo Squirm 07:55
mazalMorning all07:58
Kiloshi mazal 07:59
Kiloshi psyatw 08:19
psyatwhi Kilos08:29
Kiloshi space_ 09:53
Kiloshi AlphaGuyy 10:05
AlphaGuyygoodday peeps10:05
AlphaGuyyhooray huawei10:06
Kiloshi Vince_0 10:27
AlphaGuyywhos alive here??10:31
superflydepends on your definition of alive.10:32
AlphaGuyymaaz, coffee please10:34
MaazAlphaGuyy: There isn't a pot on10:34
AlphaGuyymaaz, coffee on10:34
* Maaz flips the salt-timer10:34
KilosMaaz, coffee please10:34
MaazKilos: Yessir10:34
* AlphaGuyy fasting10:34
* AlphaGuyy cruising irc streets on a reserve tank10:36
MaazCoffee's ready for AlphaGuyy and Kilos!10:38
KilosMaaz, ty10:38
MaazYou are welcome Kilos10:38
mazalAnybody here using a scanner ?10:38
mazalDesktop scanner , not multi functional10:38
Kiloshave done mazal 10:39
Kilossimple scan only10:39
AlphaGuyyr there any cell network irc help channels10:39
Kilosi think they all use twitter10:40
mazalI need info oom Kilos , what scanners are compatible with Ubuntu ? And what software one uses. I never had a scanner on ubuntu and are thinking of getting one10:40
Kilossimple scan is installed by default10:40
mazalBut don't want to sukkel tot Piet kom just to get it to work10:40
Kilosand hp products work10:40
mazalAny hp one ?10:41
Kilosive tried 2 and both worked without installing anything extra10:42
AlphaGuyyanyone from ct?10:44
Kilos13 meg10:44
mazalKilos and simple scan can scan to various formats ? pdf , jpg ?10:45
AlphaGuyyis that for opera?kilos10:45
Kilosi dunno mazal i just scanned pages10:45
Kilosyip AlphaGuyy 10:45
mazalDocs I would like pdf and pics I'd like jpg10:46
mazalThere's no way I can see that now without a scanner , save as is obviously greyd out10:46
Kilosi tired the scanner on windows and it made big meg pages and the simple scan make small ones but same quality10:47
mazalMaaz google simple scan formats10:48
Maazmazal: "Simple Scan in Launchpad" https://launchpad.net/simple-scan :: "TBS - Simple Scan Station" http://www.simplescanstation.com/what_is_it.html :: "Simple Scan Station" http://www.simplescanstation.com/ :: "scanner - Simple Scan - Changing the default output File Type to ..." http://askubuntu.com/questions/245113/simple-scan-changing-the-default-output-file-10:48
Maaztype-to-pdf-and-improving-compres :: "Simple Scanning Utility — Ubuntu Apps Directory" htt…10:48
superflymazal: I got one of those HP all-in-one printer/scanner/copier/fax machines, and the scanner works out of the box10:49
mazalYou use simple scan superfly ?10:50
superflyno, I use whatever comes with KDE10:51
superflyI can't remember what it's called, but it works a charm10:51
mazalAh this is what I needed:10:51
mazal"Simple Scan10:51
mazalA really easy way to scan both documents and photos. You can crop out the bad parts of a photo and rotate it if it is the wrong way round. You can print your scans, export them to pdf, or save them in a range of image formats."10:51
mazalSo it seems it can go to both pdf and image formats10:51
=== space_ is now known as Space
Kilosoh my hes breeding12:37
mazalEnjoy the evening everyone12:46
Kilosty mazal 12:46
Kilosyou too12:46
ThatGraemeGuysorry, you make me think of this guy: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vifqXeITcvE13:36
Kiloshi free14:21
KilosDreen, 14:21
DreenJust got home from work14:22
Kiloslucky you not a sysadmin okey14:22
Kilosthey only starting to work now14:22
DreenI's a dev, yo!14:23
Kilosthey kinda do all the syncing and closing shop when others go home i think14:24
Dreensounds lame14:24
Kilosand all day they fix other peeps messups as well14:25
Dreenwhat you do Kilos?14:26
Kiloslets say im retired14:27
Dreeni c, then what did you do?14:27
Kilosdiesel mechanic farmer and all kindsa stuff14:28
Dreensometimes i wish i worked with my hands, i mean other than on a keyboard and mouse14:28
Dreenmy farther was a machanic 14:29
Kilospc work is much easier and cleaner14:29
Dreendiesel machanic14:29
Kiloshard dirty work that14:29
Dreenhe did bus and trucks transmissions mostly14:29
Kilosbiggest job is keeping your finger nails clean14:30
Kilosnow im the ubuntu-za greeter bot14:31
Kiloswhat do you do Dreen 14:31
Kilosi think you told me14:31
Kilosyou were somekindapc hey14:32
Dreenyes, but it doenst matter because i will most probably forget what you do too14:32
Kilosyou the one with a pc shop?14:32
Dreeni am a PHP developer that wishes i could be paid for being a Clojure developer14:33
Dreen'friad no14:33
Kilosi wonder who that was14:33
Kilospeeps come and go too fast for me14:33
Kilosnot many here like php if im not mistaken14:35
Dreen|2lol, its no surprise, while being ultra popular, PHP is generally frowned upon14:39
=== Dreen|2 is now known as Dreen
DreenI like Clojure a lot though, my past experience with OOP has put me off14:42
Dreenoff OOP that is14:42
Kiloshear what the fly says is the best to use. he knows about all them things14:43
Dreenthe fly?14:43
Kilossuperfly, 14:43
Kiloshes our main fixit guy14:44
Kilosused to be before life caught him that is14:44
DreenI am always interested in learning14:44
Kilosloves python14:44
DreenI'm no PHP fanboy, just get paid for it14:45
Kiloswell thats life hey14:45
Dreenif i could choose, I'd probably stop using it14:45
Kilosi think ThatGraemeGuy is also clued up with lotsa stuff14:46
Kiloshes a sysadminn14:46
Kilostalking about you14:47
Dreenah, would be kewl to rub shoulders with some highly experienced chaps14:47
ThatGraemeGuyi could use a good shoulder rub14:47
ThatGraemeGuyare you a hot blonde?14:47
ThatGraemeGuymy wife would frown upon that sort of thing anyway I guess14:48
Dreenso far from that, that no matter how many beers one consumes it is not likely to change14:48
KilosThatGraemeGuy, married men only allowed to look14:48
ThatGraemeGuyyea you can browse the menu anywhere you like as long as you still eat at home14:49
Dreenhow about comment on menu items?14:49
Dreenmmh, that looks wonderful, don't you think dear?14:49
Dreenwouldn't mind a spot of that pie14:49
ThatGraemeGuy"honey this sounds good, will you make that for a change?"14:49
Dreenmmh, I'm hungry14:50
Dreenthis is not me being perverse, I have had but a cup of soup the entire day14:53
Dreenwhoa there is a clojure za chan! 14:54
Dreenwonder if anyone ever speaks in it14:54
tumbleweedthere's a cape town startup using clojure14:56
Dreenwhat they using it for?14:56
Dreenweb based?14:56
tumbleweedhttps://www.cognician.com/jobs/software-developer tells more14:57
ThatGraemeGuyoh they had a dude at scaleconf14:57
Kiloshi tumbleweed 14:57
tumbleweedhi Kilos14:57
ThatGraemeGuynot a very good speaker IIRC14:57
ThatGraemeGuybut not completely terrible either14:57
tumbleweedinteresting topic, though14:57
Dreenthat sounds frikken kewl14:59
Dreen"Does any of this resonate with you? Do you have plenty of experience with (INSERT YOUR OOP LANGUAGE HERE) and have had enough of complecting state and behaviour?"14:59
Dreenthats me14:59
DreenI need to join that user group15:00
Dreenafter I move to CPT that is15:00
ThatGraemeGuy"although we all work remotely, we're close-knit"15:01
ThatGraemeGuycontact them, you needn't be in CT15:01
Dreenyes I think i should, just for the record, i was referring to the use group that meets in observatry 15:02
ThatGraemeGuyah right15:02
Dreenmy fiance and I are planning to move to CPT next year you see :)15:02
tumbleweedI imagine a close resemblance between cognician employees and the cape town clojure user group15:02
Dreenyes indeed15:03
Dreenthanks for the heads up tumbleweed, and for the chat ThatGraemeGuy and Kilos15:03
DreenI must depart now and get on with some chore n' sich!15:04
tumbleweedDreen: np. there is lots of fun dev work in CPT15:04
tumbleweedcome and join us :)15:04
DreenI will be! 15:04
not_foundso anybody wanting to get an ubuntu phone?16:07
Vince-0$600 ?16:09
Vince-0not bad16:09
Vince-0but Mozilla is going to beat Ubuntu into the ground16:10
Vince-0PC boot is nice16:16
not_foundwe will see about the mozilla phone... every poll I have seen from users to devs have ubuntu at the top and mozilla and tizen somewhere at the bottom...16:17
Vince-0on Mir? lol nooo16:19
Vince-0I guess iOS has best dev frameworks?16:19
not_foundmost consistent perhaps... oh and what does mir have to do with the price of eggs?16:21
Vince-0isn't mir gonna be on 1310+ and mobile?16:21
Vince-0or at least on Ubuntu for Android16:22
not_foundyes, mir and xmir will be used from 13.10 with x fallback for proprietary graphics drivers16:24
Vince-0I want mobile for PC dock - had high hopes for the Moto stuff with the Lapdocks but meh16:25
Vince-0perhaps new Moto will want this - 4gb RAM, 128GB hdd is plenty for a PC16:25
not_foundthe specs seem good...16:27
not_foundI don't know the new battery tech they are talking about howeber16:27
Kiloshi Vince-0 not_found  16:28
not_foundalo uncle Kilos16:28
Kiloshi kbmonkey 16:29
kbmonkeyI need to read up more on why ubuntu thinks its a good idea to build a separate video stack with Mir16:31
kbmonkeyalways can count on you Kilos :)16:32
Kilosim reading it too16:32
* kbmonkey screens another lynx16:32
Kilosas long as it works on my pc when 14.04 comes out im happy16:33
* not_found can't pledge $600 for an Ubuntu Phone cause he doesn't have his passwords and his wife isn't answering the phone at home :'(16:35
kbmonkeyI've read a similar thing in mark's announcement for Mir. It does not explain the reasons for not piping those resources to the widely used X server instead. then everyone would benefit16:37
kbmonkeyIt seems like the "not invented here" syndrome16:37
Kilosisnt it to make fones tablets and all work the same16:38
kbmonkeysure. but as it is compatible with legacy X programs then it seems like they are just recreating all that work, they might as well put that effort forth into X itself, so that other distros could also benefit by running on fones and tablets. Or do I miss something important?16:40
kbmonkeyand what is more, since they are working with the hardware vendors to improve display drivers, which is a major issue for most of the closed drivers, it makes even more sense 16:41
inetproGuten Morgen16:46
Kilosguten abend mein herr16:46
inetprooops, I mean good evening16:47
inetproKilos: for R189 I can get a Tap Reseater Tool at Builders Warehouse16:48
Kilosah good16:48
Kilosyou might need it for more taps in the future16:48
not_foundkbmonkey: yes, canonical has the time and money to just make stuff for no good reason...16:48
Kilosif they are all that old that is16:49
inetproand for R80 I can get a Basin Wrench16:49
Kilosand what does a new tap cost16:49
not_foundoh and yes, Mark Shuttleworth is an idiot and needs his ego stroked ... not like he has been to space or anything... oh wait...16:49
inetproKilos: new taps are crazy expensive16:49
Kilosif you get the wrench and taps arent heavy then replace the tap16:49
inetprostart at about R15016:50
Kilosis it?16:50
inetprofor one tap16:50
inetproso I be shopping around first16:50
Kilosi remember moaning about R20 for a tap16:50
kbmonkeywelcome to the future Kilos :p16:50
inetproand can't exactly only replace one tap in my basin, will look odd16:51
Kilosya maybe just fix that one then16:52
inetproI'll try16:52
kbmonkeynot_found, these changes are voted on and discussed in a board. let's not start calling names here.16:52
inetprobut first I have to wait for payday16:52
Kilosyou can try silicon and car tube so long16:52
Kilosshould last long16:53
not_foundsorry kbmonkey... didn't think naming Mark would cause offense...16:53
Kilosai! kbmonkey not_found play nice16:54
Kilosthis is a peaceful channel16:54
inetprohmm... 16:54
kbmonkeyoh I don't take offense, ever.16:55
not_foundKilos: :) this be friendly banter (especially for a foss channel) ;)16:55
* not_found slaps kbmonkey around a bit with a large trout16:55
kbmonkeyI just think it is rude calling him an idiot.16:55
Kilosinetpro, eish! //16:56
inetproI think Canonical's efforts may very well help the cause of FLOSS16:56
inetprobut perhaps I trust them to much16:57
Vince-0meh, FLOSS is for hippies. 16:57
Kilosoh thought you didnt like the silicon car tube plan16:57
kbmonkeywhat is floss? isn't it foss?16:57
Vince-0I kid, but Canonical is for business hippies16:57
Kilosfree linux16:57
inetproFLOSS = Free Libre Open Source Software16:57
kbmonkeyNice, thanks inetpro :)16:58
Kilosty goosie16:58
kbmonkeyI have brain-holes16:58
* kbmonkey summons forth the fleas of a thousand camels to infest not_found's armpits16:58
inetprothe fact is that they are still based on Debian and I don't think it will change any time soon16:58
Vince-0and Linux! Don't forget about Linux16:59
Vince-0although Debian has a BSD kernel recently16:59
* Vince-0 shuts trap and studies LPI.17:01
inetprothe strength of Debian lies in its policies 17:01
not_foundkbmonkey: perhaps you missunderstood my point... I was trying to point out the Mark isn't an idiot and I don't think he suffers from the "Not created here" syndrome :)17:02
kbmonkeyall hail the Tux17:03
kbmonkeycool not_found :) just friendly banter17:03
* Vince-0 chimes in17:04
kbmonkeyMaaz, coffee on17:04
* Maaz puts the kettle on17:04
Vince-0and Shut has to make some freakin $$ for a change - 580b doesn't go far these days17:04
not_foundand pledged... bring on the Buntu Phone!!!!17:04
inetprooh and then there is the Debian Social Contract http://www.debian.org/social_contract.html17:05
KilosMaaz, coffee please17:05
MaazKilos: Yessir17:05
* Vince-0 chimes out17:05
kbmonkeywell folks Im going back to work. keep those fishes flying, eh? ;)17:06
Kilosenjoy kbmonkey 17:07
MaazCoffee's ready for kbmonkey and Kilos!17:08
KilosMaaz, ty17:08
MaazYou are welcome Kilos17:08
Kiloshi Squirm 18:19
Kilosyo SilverCode 18:20
Kilosnight all. sleep tight18:28
Kilosnight neelsie18:28
* inetpro likes the Ubuntu Edge crowd funding idea18:29
inetprowill be very interesting to see that figure grow18:29
not_foundinetpro:I am refreshing constantly...18:30
not_foundso far it is going like a boeing...18:30
not_foundit is a good looking phone <318:31
superflyI'm getting old. I'm ready for bed and is not yet 9pm18:34
not_foundsuperfly: :) it is winter18:40
superflynot_found: 10pm is usually am early night for me. 18:41
not_foundjust means you are tired... get some rest and you will be able to stay up longer again... the body needs what it needs...18:44
inetprosuperfly: it gets worse18:46
inetprowait until you have three kids18:46
superflyinetpro: that won't be happening for a while18:46
inetpronot_found: I'm very surprised, those numbers are rising at an incredible rate18:47
* inetpro wish I had $60018:47
inetproI installed Sleep as Android the other day and it is an amazing app to track your sleep patterns18:49
not_foundI got me a fitbit flex... nice little gadget for steps and sleep monitoring18:50
superflyNight folks. I'm turning in for the night18:50
not_foundinetpro: I don't really have $600....18:50
not_foundbut sometimes you got to do what you got to do :p18:50
not_foundnight superfly18:50
inetpronot_found: you pledged?18:51
inetprogood night superfly18:51
not_foundinetpro: I have ;)18:51
inetprowell done!18:51
not_foundSo anybody interested in a slightly used Galaxy S3?18:51
inetpronot_found: it will be a long wait still18:51
not_foundtrue... and sadly I don't see them pulling off 32 million18:52
not_foundthat is a lot of $$$18:52
not_foundand at $830 it becomes perhaps just too much ...18:52
inetpronot_found: I seriosuly hope they do18:52
not_foundas do I ... it looks awesome and those specs... *drool*18:53
not_foundthere are a few good news articles about the choice of screen size and resolution...18:53
not_foundnothing about the device is trying to out do some other device, no HD screen because at that size it doesn't add value... screen size chosen because it is optimum for one handed use etc...18:54
inetpronot_found: how long do we have to go until the end of the first day?18:58
inetproI bet you it will be more than $1m at the end of the day18:59
not_foundsome hours... the campaign started about 5 or 6 hours ago as far as I can tell... not sure how long the campaign was live before the announement18:59
not_foundthe first 5 or so mill should be quick... it is the rest I am not so sure off... once the $600 pleadges are all gone or expired the incentive drops slightly18:59
not_foundthey can make a nice $3 mill from the $600 pledges alone19:01
inetproand there goes the $1m mark, within less than 5 hours19:44

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