rannongaXYZ: are you still there?00:04
kontagioususr there is no ubuntu drivers common00:07
mikodoDr_Willis, Thanks, again: "A Flash-based solid-state drive is less suitable as a temporary-storage device for reading and writing due to the asymmetric read/write duration and due to wear." http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Temporary_folder00:09
Dr_Willismikodo,  of course theres many sites out about how people are overly paranoid about their flash drives wearing out. ;)00:10
Dr_Willisit should last you a few years with very little hassles. even if you abuse it. ;P00:10
mikodoDr_Willis, :000:10
Dr_Willisoops wrong url. ;P00:11
Dr_Willisthe ssd site/blog im looking for has a similer title. ;)00:11
mikodoOh, OK ... I had starting reading :P00:12
XYZAFFA1RI am back00:12
XYZAFFA1RI cant delete any partitions00:13
XYZAFFA1RIt looks like im not getting ubuntu00:13
Dr_Williswhy cant you? or you mean you dont want to?00:13
XYZAFFA1RI want to00:13
rannongaXYZ: what are your partitions?00:13
XYZAFFA1RBut what if something goes wrong?00:13
XYZAFFA1RTHats the thing00:13
XYZAFFA1RI dont know what they are00:13
XYZAFFA1RI cant afford an ssd00:13
rannongaXYZ: could you please boot into windows 800:14
Dr_WillisXYZAFFA1R,  people in #windows will tell you what they are00:14
rannongaXYZ: it should be easy to see from there00:14
XYZAFFA1RI know what an ssd is00:14
Dr_Willisif you got a revovery dvd set. then you should be able to reinstall windows later if needed from them00:14
Dr_Willisssd info was not for you XYZAFFA1R ...00:14
XYZAFFA1ROh ok00:14
daftykinsXYZAFFA1R: are you wondering why your windows 8 system has 3+ partitions?00:14
Dr_Willisim guessing its a windows 8  boot. windows 8 data, windows recovery tool partion, then the actual recovery partion itself00:15
daftykinssounds more like the UEFI spec on a GPT drive to me.00:15
rannongaXYZ: are you still there and what are you on atm?00:16
rannongaXYZ: i mean os00:16
Datanyone have experience with gre? right now I have host-a and host-b talking to each other but when I have a client connect it all fails00:16
dazrikHi all, I am looking to hire somebody to assist me in performing easy modifications00:16
draconusrannonga lol00:16
Dr_Willisif it was a GPT drive. then the installer should have been able to  resize/make more partions id think. unless of course they way they are arranged is causing the issue00:16
dazrikPM me please00:16
Dr_Willisdazrik,  thats rather vague job description.00:17
Datvery vague00:17
rannongamodifying your car?00:17
Dr_Willisuse a hammer!00:17
dazrikOk sorry, let me be more specific00:17
dazrikLooking for somebody to assist me with changing the behavior of specific apps in ubuntu 12.0400:18
draconusit doesn't know...00:18
dazrikPM please if interested, decent payment00:18
Dr_Willisstill rather vague.. and there are 'bounty' sites for paying people to code stuff...00:19
dazrikWhat are bounty sites ?00:19
Dr_Willis'pay people to code stuff' :)00:19
tbhynhello world!00:19
dazrikgun.io  for instance ? sucks hard00:19
dazriktried it00:19
=== carlos is now known as Guest60910
Dr_Willis$100 to fix  bug xyzpdq  in this....  and so forth.00:20
mikodoNice read! I get it! Last paragraph: So I haven't stopped worrying entirely ... but given the performance improvement, the cost, and the new lease of life on my old machines, it's a trade-off I'm delighted with.And I back up, constantly. As should you00:20
mickstepdazrik: http://www.fossfactory.org/ is one00:20
Dr_Willismikodo,  from what ive seen the livespan of new non-ssd drives seem lower then it used to be for the old drives from years back.. so i doubt if ssds are much worse. ;)00:21
netlarHi all00:21
Dr_Willisbut im also constantly (well yearly) upgradeing bits and peices of machines..00:21
LozzyI think temperature is the HD's enemy - mine last when kept cool it seems00:22
kontagiousher i got the hdmi output working with additional drivers but now the screen cuts off the edges00:22
rannongathats some scanning crap00:23
Dr_Williskontagious,  that would be your 'overscan' settings on the monitor most likely00:23
Dr_WillisI have several tv's that can disable overscan. (higher end models)00:23
kontagiousit is a tv00:23
Dr_Willissome i cant. and have to use the config tools to tweak the settings00:23
Dr_WillisHigher end tvs are becomming more and more like a pc monitor all the time. ;)00:23
rannongatry going to ati catalyst monitor settings and set overscan to 000:23
mikodoDr_Willis, I also have on another install, a link that can explains how to considerably diminish the write times of SSD's in Linux. I will not worry, except I don;t have the link to offer to other readers now.00:24
Dr_WillisI had to disable several settings on my Samsung tv - for it to work 'best' as a computer monitor..  the stuff the tv did to make movies and shows look better.. made the desktop look worse.00:24
kontagiouscatalyst control panel is not installed i don't think00:24
rannongaforgot to ask ati or nvidia00:24
kontagiouswhen i had proprietary drivers installed it did it but I'm not sure with open source00:25
babinlonstonWill the ubuntu-13.04-desktop-amd64.iso Support Intel 61 motherboard00:25
Dr_Willismikodo,  i just use one or 2 options to fstab for /  and thats about it. :)  in a few months ssds are coing to be cheaper.. i will get a bigger one and use it as my main drive. and move this one to  my older ubuntu box. :) progress00:25
rannongaoh so you have open source00:25
rannongano wonder you dont have catalyst00:26
kontagiousproprietary messed up display on restart00:26
Ari-Yangkontagious, you're still doing this? all you have to do is go to software sources, go to the additional drivers tab and select the driver, apply changes, then reboot00:26
Ari-Yangkontagious, oh00:26
Ari-Yangyeah that figures00:26
Ari-Yangjust stick with the open source one00:26
Dr_Willisneat thing about the Raspberry Pi and its disrtos ive noticed.. it (can) ask  if you got overscan on the monitor and enable or disable it as needed  :P00:26
kontagiousthe edges of the screen are now city of00:26
Ari-Yangand when you try plugging in your computer with hdmi kontagious run xrander --auto00:26
Ari-Yangin terminal00:26
Dr_Williswonder how hard that would be to implement on ubuntu00:26
XYZAFFA1RSo I am going to get an external for my birthday00:26
XYZAFFA1RIN october00:26
babinlonstonubuntu-13.04-desktop-amd64.iso   can i installed it and will this Support all the Drivers for my Intel 61 HO motherboard00:27
XYZAFFA1RSo when I do, I will install linux on that.00:27
Dr_Willisbabinlonston,  test it out on the live dvd and see what all works.00:27
XYZAFFA1Runtell then, I will use puppy00:27
Dr_Willisbabinlonston,  we dont memorize hard ware specs here.00:27
rOObHello all. Does the 13.04 installer offer FDE options? Or do you still need the alternative installer image?00:27
kontagiousxrandt not installed00:27
rannongaXYZ: xrandr00:27
Intotherainhello ,where i can get help? :)00:27
Intotherainubuntu 12.04 lts here.00:27
ubottuPlease don't ask to ask a question, simply ask the question (all on ONE line and in the channel, so that others can read and follow it easily). If anyone knows the answer they will most likely reply. :-) See also !patience00:28
rannongaforgot to remove your name00:28
ubottuFor information on setting up encrypted private directories (8.10+) see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/EncryptedPrivateDirectory00:28
XYZAFFA1R kay00:28
XYZAFFA1R Bye00:28
babinlonstonok Will Ubuntu 12.04 LTS for 61 series00:28
ubottuHi! I'm #ubuntu's favorite infobot, you can search my brain yourself at http://ubottu.com/factoids.cgi | Usage info: http://ubottu.com/devel/wiki/Plugins | Bot channels and general info: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/IRC/Bots00:28
XYZAFFA1RThank you00:28
Intotheraini have trouble with installing Steam ,well i've instelled it with Software Center, everything must be right ,but when im trying to open it ,nothing.What to do?00:28
Dr_WillisIntotherain,  i had better luck downlioading the .deb from the steam web site and installing it that way.00:29
Intotherainwith terminal?00:29
Dr_Willisactually i think the deb just installs the steam installer the user then runs and it actually THEN installs into the users home.00:29
Dr_Willisterminal works..00:29
Intotheraincan you  guide me in query?00:29
Dr_Willis:)   there is a #ubuntu-steam channel also i think00:29
OerHeksthere is an #ubuntu-steam channel here on freenode.00:30
Dr_Willisremove steam witht he package manager.. download the .deb from the steam site.. install it.. run it00:30
Dr_Willisthen it actually installs..00:30
Intotherainwell i never downloaded deb file or install file like this00:30
texHello, I just dl'd Ubuntu Studio yesterday & am totally new to Linux & so have a couple of basic questions. 1) Which folder are the apps stored in on the directory tree?00:31
Dr_Willissteam is very very weird compared to other apps.00:31
kontagiousxrandr is in x11-xserver-utils?00:32
rannongakont: yeah00:32
OerHeks!find xrandr00:32
ubottuFound: lxrandr, lxrandr-dbg, libxrandr-dev, libxrandr2, libxrandr2-dbg00:32
kontagiouscan't find it on apt-get or software center00:33
OerHeks!find randr00:33
ubottuFound: x11proto-randr-dev, arandr, lxrandr, lxrandr-dbg, libxcb-randr0, libxcb-randr0-dbg, libxcb-randr0-dev, libxrandr-dev, libxrandr2, libxrandr2-dbg (and 1 others) http://packages.ubuntu.com/search?keywords=randr&searchon=names&suite=raring&section=all00:33
kontagiousarandr is there but no arandr --auto00:33
IntotherainAnother question ,how i can:move taskbar on the top ,to bottom (like old ubuntu) ,and how to lock icons there ,instead of the left dock bar.00:34
Dr_WillisIntotherain,  you dont move the unity left side launcher panel.00:34
rannongahe meant the top taskbar with volume00:34
Dr_Willisif you want a bottom panel. use a dock for down there. or a differnt desktop.00:34
Dr_Willisyou dont move the top panel either. ;)00:34
rannongabut i dont think its possible in unity00:35
kontagiousAri-Yang, how do i install xrandr on Ubuntu?00:36
Dr_Willis!find xrandr00:36
ubottuFound: lxrandr, lxrandr-dbg, libxrandr-dev, libxrandr2, libxrandr2-dbg00:36
Dr_Willisif you install lxrandr it should pull in the needed xrandr tools00:36
texHello, I'm totally new to Linux. When I try to download an app or driver I get a password authentication window. Where do I go to setup the password?00:37
kontagiouswith apt get not software. thanks00:37
Ari-Yangkontagious, xrandr should already be installed00:37
Ari-Yangjust type xrandr --auto in terminal and hit enter00:38
Ari-Yangif it isn't you should get "xrandr not installed sudo apt get etc. etc."00:38
wilee-nileetex, Itb is the user password you login with00:38
rannongatex: I don't understand00:38
kontagiousit wasn't installed before. i got it installed and ran command successfully but it didn't work00:38
texIt's not accepting that password.00:38
rannongatex: perhaps it is the default ubuntu stuff00:39
doradoddi have a vpn connection so i use some times on my unbuntu server 10.04, problem i getting when turning on the vpn is that noting can connect to my pc when that is in use teamspeak/red5 or any other service so runs from the outside. is it posible to do so when i have the vpn active people can still connect to my wan ip and connect to the teamspeak00:39
wilee-nileetex, You in the account you have with installation?00:39
bivucan someone test my name please?00:40
somsip!test | bivu00:40
ubottubivu: Testing... Testing... 1. 2.. 3... ( by the way, remember that you can use /join #test )00:40
texOh, I only setup one acc, so yes00:40
bivuThanks, somsip ubottu00:40
wilee-nileetex, You sure you have the password memorized and are typing it in correctly?00:41
texAs sure as I can be00:42
kontagiousAri-Yang, any other suggestions?00:42
rannongatex: is this in the software centre or in the terminal with apt-get00:42
=== shock is now known as shock-
texSoftware center & when trying to download flashplayer for YouTube00:43
kontagious the edges of my tv are cut off and no audio00:44
wilee-nileetex, Do you have auto login on, and has your user password worked as of yet when needed?00:45
texI set it to auto00:45
texHave not had to use password yet00:45
wilee-nileetex, Run in a terminal sudo apt-get update enter password you will not seeit.00:46
sunshinejayhello guys, I'm using ubuntu 12.10 gnome, I can't connect to windows share. error is "Failed to retrieve share list from server".00:46
=== luese_ is now known as luese
Dr_Willishow are you trying to connect sunshinejay ? can the  linux box ping the windows box?00:48
wilee-nileetex, Sounds like you have not remembered it correctly, no biggie you can reset it, so I'm just trying to conform this.00:49
IntotherainHow i can install graphics on my ubuntu 12.04 LTS?Nvidia GeForce GT 630M?00:49
texwilee-nilee I just remembered something about the password because of your question & now it's working. Thanks.00:49
wilee-nileetex, Cool, enjoy00:49
rannongaInto: do you mean proprietary drivers?00:50
BLZbubba_i switched from ati to nvidia and removed fglrx.  however, what do I have to do to reconfigure the nvidia alternatives?  i had to manually link them after the last kernel update, e.g. nvidia_drv and libvdpau_nvidia00:50
Dr_Willisthats why you stick your password on a post-it-note :)00:50
BLZbubba_guess i could try dpkg-reconfigure first :P00:50
Dr_WillisBLZbubba_,  how did you install the nvidia drivers and remove the fglrx00:50
Taekidiot me, did sudo -l user00:51
IntotherainWell i will say it like that ,im new to ubuntu.I have both Intel and Nvidia but i need Nvidia graphics.00:51
BLZbubba_actually i had nvidia before i had ati so it was already there00:51
BLZbubba_i'll bet reconfigure fixes it00:51
Dr_WillisIntotherain,  you have an optimus system?00:52
BLZbubba_but on the other hand, 640x480 looks great on a 30" screen00:52
Intotherainwell i think so.00:52
texWhere is the Apps folder in the Directory Tree00:52
Dr_Willisthen you need to install bumblebee  to enable turning on of the nvidia card/drivers and  use it for games00:52
Intotherainwell i really need a query for this?can someone really help me.00:53
Dr_Willistex,  apps folder?    there is no such thing in linux as far as i know.00:53
Intotherainwith all i read ,something gets wrong from google.00:53
rannongatex: yeah im not quite sure what you mean00:53
texSo there isn't a folder where you can view the application files?00:53
Dr_Willistex,  echo $PATH     shows the paths searched for running stuff00:53
TaekDr_Willis: why do I get lsb_release error - did a dist-upgrade from 10.04 and now i get this as error lsb_release fail00:53
Dr_WillisTaek,  no idea.00:53
texOK thnx00:53
rannongatex: if you know the name of the software you can use (whereis software) in terminal00:54
Taekmaybe wrong depends?00:54
Taekor no depends installed00:54
texGot it thnx00:54
Dr_Willislsb_release just reads from a file in /etc/ i thought. ;)00:54
texWhen you're poisoned by years of Windows use it tkaes an adjustment in thinking00:55
IntotherainAfter installing Bumblebee what to do?00:55
Dr_Williswindows dosent have to use a  c:/program files/ either tex .... its just common practice for them00:55
rannongayeah you can install everything on desktop though that would be stupid00:56
Dr_WillisIntotherain,  no need to msg me.. I dont use bumblebee. so no idea.00:56
IntotherainAnd who can help me with thise drivers problem?00:56
IntotherainI have OpenGL problems and can't insteall one program.Need to fix my drivers(which arnt installed) so I can run the program.00:56
Dr_Willisbumblebee is very much a 'work in progress'  and may or may not work properly in every case.00:56
IntotherainWell no one is helping me with "work in progress".00:56
IntotherainI really wants to know how to install the drivers ,thats why I came here =)00:57
Dr_Willisit may be easier to just disable the intel chipset and enable the nvidia one in the bios if you can.00:57
wilee-nileeIntotherain, You get what you pay for. ;)00:57
rannongaInto: lol00:57
TaekDr_Willis: seems to be a bug issue with teamviewer 800:57
IntotherainWell still how to install Nvidia drivers?00:57
Dr_WillisOptimus breaks the standard way of doing things.. and ive never used an optimus system.  I imagine the askubuntu.com site has many hits/info on setting up bumblebee also.00:57
Dr_Willissince the forums are down. ;)  (they are still down?)00:58
Ficmanhow long will they be down?00:58
Dr_Willisi imagine no one knows Ficman  ;)00:58
wilee-nileeuntil vb sets a fix, and they isolate the hack probably00:59
BLZbubba_Dr_Willis: ah i see, fglrx didn't really die00:59
fabiobikhow to find the drivers for my graphic card?00:59
fabiobiki know its intel but its old00:59
reisioand if it was a vbulletin problem, the only sane course is to migrate all the data to another system00:59
wilee-nileeits not open source00:59
Dr_Willisintel drivers are normally included fabiobik00:59
reisiowilee-nilee: exactly01:00
reisioin the end it always comes back to haunt you, closed source software :p01:00
fabiobikDr_Willis, im talking about an evo d510 pc01:00
fabiobikfrom 2004 i guess01:00
Dr_Willisfabiobik,  ev0 d510 means very little to me.. if its using an intel video chipset - intel video drivers are normally included01:01
fabiobikDr_Willis, i dont think its sucessfull installed01:01
fabiobikDr_Willis how to test the drives? because in youtube videos its not fluid01:01
Dr_Willisfabiobik,  flash videos suck - is not a sign the drivers are wrong.. ;)01:02
Dr_Willisits a sign that flash basically stinks.01:02
Dr_Willistry the html5 mode on youtube perhaps?01:02
fabiobikDr_Willis, but also in system the shadows are not showing correctly01:02
fabiobikappears black instead01:03
fabiobikHow to know what graphic card its present?01:03
reisiosudo lspci | grep -i vga01:03
Dr_Willislspci command shows that info01:04
Ari-Yangfabiobik, lspci | grep VGA01:04
fabiobik00:02.0 VGA compatible controller: Intel Corporation 82845G/GL[Brookdale-G]/GE Chipset Integrated Graphics Device (rev 01)01:04
ryanlinanyone think they can help me out? New to linux, i'm trying to run steam, but it does not open01:05
Ari-Yangryanlin, how did you install it? j/w01:05
ryanlinOriginall I tried from steam's website and had the issue, removed it, then tried from the USC01:05
ryanlinboth times, same result01:05
Dr_Willisand the result was?01:06
ryanlinNothing happens.01:06
Ari-Yangtbh, I'm not sure :F01:06
wilee-nileebeat me to it Dr_Willis01:06
Dr_Willisand did  you try running it from a terminal and looking for error messages?01:06
Ari-Yangryanlin, you mean it doesn't run?01:06
Ari-Yangwhat Dr_Willis said, try running it in terminal01:06
ryanlinI tried from terminal, this is what I'm getting: xerror_handler: X failed, continuing01:06
mikodoDr_Willis, Finally found it: This page was recommended to me for SSD LInux Optimization. And yes,  I am noticing everyone I m reading now, are saying also to put /tmp on the platter. Thank you: https://sites.google.com/site/easylinuxtipsproject/ssd01:07
ryanlinShot in the dark here through my searching, is it possible I have the wrong video drivers installed?01:07
Ari-Yangryanakca, what card do you have?01:07
Ari-Yangati? or nvidia?01:07
Ari-Yangryanlin, and what ubuntu version are you running?01:07
Ari-Yangwhat kind of card?01:08
ryanlinAnd I couldn't tell you on the card, it's a laptop I hadn't used in some time.  However, I have the AMD catalyst installed, but it willnot let me open, which leads me to believe it's nvidia01:08
Ari-Yangrun this in terminal: lspci | grep VGA01:08
Ari-Yangand then copy and paste the output01:09
wilee-nileemikodo, It says not in ram.01:10
mikodowilee-nilee, OK01:11
wilee-nileecan we assume your calling the SSD platter here?01:11
ryanlinam i to type as: "lspci | grep VGA" ?01:11
wilee-nileemikodo, Thats the link I use to set mine up I like it.01:11
Ari-Yang.........ryanlin, yes without quotes.....01:12
TaekWhy I get this fail: wine: /home/taek/.config/teamviewer8 is not owned by you01:12
ryanlin00:02.0 VGA compatible controller: Intel Corporation Mobile 4 Series Chipset Integrated Graphics Controller (rev 07)01:12
Ari-Yangso it's intel...01:12
* wilee-nilee thinks wine is fro drinking, period.01:12
mikodowilee-nilee, NO. I will use a SSD for /root and spinning platter disk for DATA to symlink back to the /root installs on the SSD.01:12
reisiowilee-nilee: :)01:13
Ari-Yangdoubt fglrx would have any affect for your card *shrugs*01:13
Ari-Yangat least you know what card you got01:13
mikodowilee-nilee, Multiple /root installs on the SSD01:13
ryanwinso how do i uninstall the amd catalyst that's on here, and install the intel drivers?01:13
wilee-nileemikodo, Ah, I have only room for one HD so I bought a 356 gig and run it all on it.01:13
wilee-nilee4 OS's01:14
xmetali saw someone in one of the other rooms last night that was trying to get Wine working ... on Windows01:14
Dr_WillisTaek,  check that all the files and dirs in your home are owned by you, not root.01:14
mikodowilee-nilee, It could have been you that told me about the link. Thanks01:14
Ari-Yangryang, I'd run sudo aptitude purge fglrx in terminal. but first, go to system settings -> software sources -> additional drivers tab01:14
Ari-Yangwhat do you see there?01:14
Dr_WillisTaek,  ls -al filename01:14
xmetal(thats a "doh!" moment)01:14
wilee-nileemight have been I don't follow the 20% not used though.01:14
TaekDr_Willis: so uninstalling teamviewer 8 via apt requires that root owns the dir01:14
wilee-nileeof the ssd unalocated01:14
Dr_WillisTaek,  UNinstalling somthing with apt - does NOT touch files in the users home  (at least not that ive ever seen)01:15
wilee-nileeheh actually 10%01:15
ryanwinokay, the only thing showing is my Boradcom STA wireless driver.01:15
Ari-Yangokay, ryanwin in terminal what do you get when you run fglrxinfo01:16
TaekDr_Willis: tell that to my computer - http://pastebin.com/QAuYVvH101:16
ryanlinX Error of failed request:  BadRequest (invalid request code or no such operation)   Major opcode of failed request:  154 (GLX)   Minor opcode of failed request:  19 (X_GLXQueryServerString)   Serial number of failed request:  12   Current serial number in output stream:  1201:16
ikoniaTaek: you started teamviewer wrong01:16
Dr_WillisTaek,  why not just remove that directory its complaining about?01:17
ikoniaTaek: or that package has been built incorrectly01:17
Taeknot trying to start anything ikonia trying to uninstall it01:17
ikoniaTaek: yes, but you started it wrong - hence why it has the wrong permissions01:17
ikoniaTaek: I suspect if you check it's owned by root01:17
Ari-Yangryanlin, how did you install fglrx? did you install it with sudo apt-get install fglrx?01:17
Taek install package was made by teamviewer01:17
Dr_Willisive never noticed an apt package remove try to clean out settings in the users home befor.01:17
Taekdpkg -i teamviewer.deb01:17
ikoniaTaek: there we go then01:17
Taekwas how I install it :D01:17
ryanwinlol, I can't say for certain unfortunately, I've typed a lot of things I've read on the internet today:(01:18
ikoniaTaek: so either a.) you started it wrong b.) the package was built wrong01:18
Taekwell, sudo dpkg -i teamviewer.deb01:18
ikoniaTaek: repeating that doesn't change anything01:18
Dr_WillisTaek,  so look at the directory/file and see who owns it..01:18
ikoniaroot will own it01:18
Dr_Willisand remove it if you want to.01:18
ryanwinI've been using Ubuntu for all of 12 hours at this point01:18
ikonia(I suspect)01:18
reisioIIRC, teamviewer works best if you simply install wine via your package manager, and run teamviewer from the tarball (not deb)01:18
TaekDr_Willis: Owner of that directory is me01:18
mikodoYou guys are great. Thank you. Foss rocks!01:18
ikoniaTaek: owner of the file....01:18
Taekit's noit saying file, it's saying folder ikonia01:19
ikoniaTaek: /home/taek/.config/teamviewer8 is owned by you ?01:19
ikoniaahhh wine01:19
Dr_Willisdelete the directory then.01:19
xmetalbeen awhile since i used this distro01:19
ikoniaahhh you're running it via wine01:19
=== sam113101_afk is now known as sam113101
* curatrix wonders if wine was running when Taek was trying to remove teamviewer01:20
TaekI didn't install it in wine XD.. it installed itself.01:20
ikoniait's wine that's complaining, not dpkg01:20
ikoniaTaek: yes, the package is junk01:20
Ari-Yangryanwin, type sudo aptitude purge fglrx fglrx_* fglrx-amdcccle* fglrx-dev*01:20
Taekthat's how teamviewer is, junk ;)01:20
ikonia...and yet you installed it01:20
Dr_Willismakes me wonder what would happen if you had 100 users that have used teamviewer would it try to remove alltheir configs also? thats scary01:20
Taekwas looking up an error for another user :D01:20
AbuAyyoubHello all. I was wondering if anyone here has any experience with Ubuntu Touch OS for mobile phones? I have an old, yet, awesome android phone that I would  love to install ubuntu on it.01:20
wilee-nileeAbuAyyoub, #ubuntu-touch01:21
Ari-Yangryanwin, when you type it and enter your password and hit enter, is it uninstalling?01:21
Dr_WillisAbuAyyoub,  i imagine its only going to be avail for select phones01:21
reisiomost handheld devices and tablets are locked down with secure boot01:21
reisiomost that aren't will probably be fairly well supported01:21
AbuAyyoubDr_Willis: I assumed as much. What is there out there for older phones?01:21
Taekoh well, it's gone now, thanks for inputs Dr_Willis ikonia01:22
Dr_WillisAbuAyyoub,  i imagine you will be out of luck  Unless some guys do some rom hacking for it. ;)01:22
ryanwinResponds: sudo: aptitude: command not found01:22
reisioAbuAyyoub: as far as OSes?01:22
Taeknow maybe my lsb_release error will stop!01:22
Taekas it was due to teamviewer01:22
ikoniaTaek: lsb is nothing to do with teamviewer or wine01:23
Ari-Yangryanwin, type sudo apt-get remove --purge fglrx fglrx_* fglrx-amdcccle* fglrx-dev*01:23
Ari-Yangryanwin, after, reboot, afk dinner01:24
ryanwinlol ok01:24
Taekno but the error was getting was cause by teamviewer -01:24
reisioyou said01:24
reisioa few times01:24
curatrixwine: /home/taek/.config/teamviewer8 is not owned by you01:24
Taekikonia: https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/lsb/+bug/109421801:25
ubottuUbuntu bug 1094218 in lsb (Ubuntu Raring) "lsb_release crashed with IOError in getstatusoutput(): [Errno 10] No child processes (called by teamviewerd)" [High,Fix committed]01:25
* curatrix is guessing that wine is conflicting01:25
Dr_Williswonder which 'you' it ment. ;)01:25
Dr_Willisperhaps it ment its not owned by root.. since wine was getting ran as root?01:25
Dr_Willisand was conrused by the use of sudo01:25
ikoniause weak 3rd party packages, get bugs01:26
Taekwell suggest to teamviewer.com to make better packages :D01:26
reisioTaek: use the tarball instead of the deb01:26
curatrixTaek: Try killing all wine processes and then uninstalling01:26
TaekI wont use teamviewer again here.01:26
Taekcuratrix: already delt with it, thanks though01:27
Taekjust deleted the folder and boom done.01:27
usr13curatrix: chown taek /home/taek/.config/teamviewer801:27
curatrixWine has obviously got a process in the stack that is active and using that directory .01:27
usr13curatrix: Or ls -l and see who it's owned by.01:28
curatrixthe stack is using the directory ....it doesnt matter who owns it ....it wont let it delete/write as it would cause a conflict01:29
Dr_Willisjust nuke it from orbit..01:29
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reisioonly way to be sure01:29
TaekIt's dealt with guys.01:29
Taekand/or gals01:29
usr13curatrix: It?  Who is it?  ls -l ~/.config/teamviewer8/01:33
mikodoDr_Willis, I have been rebooting all over the place, looking for the bookmark I showed on SSD optimization. I've missed some comments by you. 1/ I looked at using the fstab instance, but supposedly it doesn't work well with SAMBA, so I have chosen to learn to do basically the same thing with Symbolic links. 2/ I get that you are saying that SSD are lasting well and that you are suggesting the regular spinning platter disk, is better for01:33
mikodo space allocation, especially with me booting up to 10 distro's at a time 3/ I appreciate the tip about SSD coming down in price soon. Maybe I'll wait before buying my SSD. Thanks.01:33
carlosefQuick question: I was working on a dual boot install. Does it make a difference to create the /boot partition as primary vs logical? I was able to install Ubuntu when I chose Primary and ext4 and I had not problems writing GRUB on this partition.01:34
usr13  I think I may be a bit late in this conversation....01:34
rannongacarlosef it shouldnt matter as long as you have less than 4 primary partitions01:34
rannongabut since its boot you should probably use a logical partition, because you can have unlimited logical partitions01:35
CoburnI tought you could only have 32 logical parititons01:36
Coburnon MBR01:36
billquantushow do i get my nvidia drivers for my laptop01:36
rannongayou must be right01:36
usr13carlosef: Doesn't make a difference, primary is ok, logical is ok too, use logical if you need to, (if you need more than 4).01:36
Coburnmake the boot partition primary01:37
carlosefrannonga I have never had issues with this, but this week was weird.01:37
Coburnand then you can have logical space for the OSes01:37
carlosefI ended up using a primary and /ext4 for /boot, and it finally worked, but it didn't make sense why...01:38
mikodoDr_Willis, Use /tmp in larger disk for space allocation. OK I am done :(01:38
usr13carlosef: It doesn't make a difference primary or logical.01:38
goddardwhere is my sftp mounts if looking from the command line?01:44
Dr_Willisi filled up /tmp/ befor on a small 15gb ubunti install once. ;P01:44
goddardim using nautilus01:44
Dr_Willisgoddard,  in .gvfs somewhere01:44
goddardDr_Willis: it requires root privilages and it is empty when doing sudo su01:44
Ari-Yangryanwin, did it work out with Steam?01:44
Dr_Willisgoddard,  err.. dont use 'sudo su' and you are running nautilus as root?01:44
goddardDr_Willis: no01:45
Dr_Willisany would sftp require root?01:45
LeBoukshow do i unlock torrents01:45
naryfagksudo nautilus01:45
goddardim trying to do this from the command line01:45
Dr_WillisLeBouks,  the question makes little sence.01:45
goddardthe sftp is already mounted01:45
goddardusing nautilus normally01:45
Dr_Willisgoddard,   mounted how?01:45
LeBouksi'm not quite good with linux, i'm in saudi arabia01:45
LeBoukstorrents are blocked01:46
goddardDr_Willis: using nautilus' connect to server menu01:46
Dr_Willisgoddard,  then they should be in ~/.gvfs/ somewhere as far as i know.01:46
Ari-YangLeBouks, no they are not. you can torrent just fine in Saudi Arabia01:46
Ari-Yangunless you mean torrent sites....01:46
ryanwinAri, it did thank you01:47
Ari-Yangryanwin, nice :>01:47
Ari-Yangyou're welcome01:47
LeBouksi can't even acces torrentz.eu01:47
goddardDr_Willis: odd because it is empty even though I can see it mounted from nautilus01:47
ryanwinNow, to break something else01:47
Dr_WillisLeBouks,  use tor01:47
Ari-YangLeBouks, yeah, sounds like to me some torrent sites are blocked. is thepiratebay.sx blocked?01:47
goddardLeBouks: or even better use a VPN01:47
Dr_Willisgoddard,  i dont understand your ussage/mention of root/sudo su.01:47
Prof_Ionhey all o/01:48
goddardDr_Willis: that mention is in reference to .gfvs file ownership/group01:48
goddardDr_Willis: for some reason that folder is owned by the root user01:48
Dr_Willis.gvfs uses the fuse stuff, so that may be why it seems odd.01:48
Dr_Willisits special. ;P01:48
goddardobviously :D01:48
LeBouksdr willis, can you suggest a simple VPN, for exemple for windows i use CHRIS PC ANONYMOUS FREE PROXY01:49
LeBouksyes all torrents sites are blocked in KSA01:49
KerimLeBouks: I would avoid proxies, mate01:49
Dr_WillisLeBouks,  nope.. id say hit up google.01:49
Dr_Willistheres vpn's for $5 a mo out there.01:49
goddardeven cheaper if you pay for the year01:49
Prof_IonI was wondering if I might be able to get some help with a strange issue I am having01:49
usr13goddard: could it be because your using the filemanager as root?01:49
Dr_Willisi forget the name. saw an ad for them on omgubuntu  had $10 credit code.01:50
Ari-Yang<LeBouks> yes all torrents sites are blocked in KSA ---> now is the time to leave the country :b01:50
Dr_Willisdigitalocean perhaps01:50
goddardusr13: im not though and never do01:50
goddardusr13: if i need to do something that requires root i just use the terminal01:50
LeBouksari yang, lol thank you i'm leaving anyway01:50
carlosefthanks, good night01:50
LeBouksari yang, i the mean time i need to download some movies01:51
Dr_Willistorrent SITES blocked.. is differnt then torrents being blocked.01:51
Prof_Ionhey could I get some help?01:51
Ari-Yangwhat Dr_Willis said...01:51
usr13goddard: Okay, well, reguardless of how it came to be owned by root, just chown it back to user.01:51
wilee-nileeProf_Ion, State the problem to the channel for help.01:51
Ari-Yangyou could probably get a hold of the .torrent file and still be able to leech01:51
Dr_WillisI just watch crunchyroll.com and dont even use torrents much any more.01:52
Prof_IonI am having an odd error with Ubuntu 13.04 in which when I log in I get a blank screen. If I log in as guest I get a very distorted screen that is black on the right half.01:52
usr13goddard: But it appears that you are doing stuff that you only think requires root.01:52
Ari-YangDr_Willis, but not all of us enjoy streaming :b01:53
Dr_WillisAri-Yang,  i record the shows. ;)01:53
LeBouksari yang dr willis, so in case i get the "torrent" bittorent transmission will work ?01:53
Ari-YangLeBouks, you could always like, download stuff from IRC01:53
Dr_WillisLeBouks,  how should i know.. try it and see. there are legal torrents you can test01:54
ubottuSome torrent clients: Transmission (GTK and terminal-based), Deluge-Torrent, Freeloader, BitStormLite, BitTornado-GUI (GTK), KTorrent (KDE), QTorrent (Qt), Azureus/Vuse (Java), !Frostwire (Java), TorrentFlux (web-based), bittornado, rTorrent, cTorrent, bittorrent, aria2 (terminal-based) - FAQ: http://www.bittorrent.com/help/faq - See also !P2P01:54
wilee-nileeProf_Ion, This a fresh install, and or have you installed any drivers?01:54
KerimLeBouks: If you want to you can get the torrent file for Ubuntu01:54
KerimLeBouks: and see if it works01:54
KerimLeBouks: just for testing01:54
Prof_IonFresh install, and something I am sure you all hate to hear. I have NEVER used linux before01:54
Dr_Willistheres several 'legal torrent sites' out also01:54
Dr_Willis'sita sings the blues' is worth torrenting. ;)01:55
wilee-nileeProf_Ion, Heh no biggie, did the live cd show the desktop?01:55
Prof_IonI had the same issue on the live CD01:55
usr13Prof_Ion: Not really.  It means that your questions/problems will more-than-likely be fairly easy to answer/solve.01:55
wilee-nilee!nomodeset Prof_Ion Try this link for a low graphic boot.01:55
ubottuwilee-nilee: I am only a bot, please don't think I'm intelligent :)01:55
wilee-nilee !nomodeset |  Prof_Ion Try this link for a low graphic boot.01:56
ubottuProf_Ion Try this link for a low graphic boot.: A common kernel (boot)parameter is nomodeset, which is needed for some graphic cards that otherwise boot into a black screen or show corrupted splash screen. See http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=1613132 on how to use this parameter01:56
Venksi get the message "hardware graphics not available" using vmware is there any remedy for this ?01:56
Prof_Ionalright I will try that and return with information thanks. :)01:56
wilee-nileeProf_Ion, You will insert nomodeset in grub, you may need to tap the shift key at powering on to see it.01:56
Prof_Ionlink doesn't work01:56
wilee-nileeProf_Ion, Heh, I forgot about the forum being down, Doh, So power on and at the grub menu hit e for edit and using the arrow keys to get to where you see no splash and put in nomodeset and hit esc I think to boot01:58
wilee-nileeesc then enter, anyone correct me here freely.01:59
Prof_Ionalright to get to grub I have to tap the shift key on startup? Like right when I start the computer?01:59
wilee-nileeProf_Ion, Yeah if it is only ubuntu installed grub is bypassed, if you are seeing it just do the edit.01:59
Prof_Ionalright Let me reboot again :P02:00
Prof_IonI held the shift key last time got a weird thing about keyboard issues02:00
wilee-nileeProf_Ion, If needed we might use the tty a terminal type command line and see if a update and upgrade loads the drivers, do you know the graphic card?02:02
Prof_Ionsadly I do not know the graphics card. I know it is old02:02
Dr_Willislspci should show info about the card.. if you can get to a console02:03
wilee-nileeProf_Ion, Yeah as Dr_Willis willis says.02:03
Dr_Willis'error: keyboard not found - hit any key to continue'02:03
Prof_IonI can get the console to show just fine I just don't know how to use the tty commands and such. I can't ever seem to get it to let me log in02:04
Dr_Willislogin:  enter username   then password...02:04
Prof_Ionyeah I enter username hit enter02:04
Prof_Ionthen it says password:02:04
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Dr_Willisand you type the password....... and hit enter...02:05
Prof_Ionso I enter my password and it says badloging02:05
Dr_Willissounds like you got a wrong user or password02:05
DWSRWhat's the best way to recover information off of a suspectedly damaged USB flashstick?02:05
Prof_Ionuse scandisk02:05
Dr_WillisDWSR, ddrescue to a image file then recovery fro the file02:05
DWSRDr_Willis: ddrescue will just produce a bitstream, correct?02:06
Dr_Willisit can make an image file of the drive02:06
Dr_Willisbitstream means what? ;)02:06
DWSRMeh, you've answered my question.02:07
=== rahul is now known as Guest77923
DWSRbitstream is just a stream of 1s and 0s.02:07
Prof_Ionstill having said issue with log in which is odd. Because I checked the caps and such on my user name and password to log and it worked fine02:07
Dr_Willisso 'just produce a computer data file....' ;P02:08
DWSRDr_Willis: Yeah.02:09
Prof_Iongot to grub!02:10
DWSRAlso, good lord do I prefer the Ubuntu server installer.02:11
shysoftI installed ubuntu (kubuntu 13.04, actually) on my new retina macbook pro, and when I type on the keyboard strange things happen, as if the OS is detecting random keys are periodically being pressed. What could be wrong?02:12
Ultrachili210720hi to all02:12
shysoft(In chrome, for instance, focus will unexpectedly be redirected to the address bar, or other UI elements.)02:13
paul_double check they keyboard shortcuts?02:13
paul_is there certain keys that are triggering it? media keys, special function keys, etc?02:13
LeBouksit works now02:13
Ultrachili210720I have a guess?02:13
LeBouksthank you guys02:13
draconusi love socat!02:14
draconusand you should too ;)02:14
shysoftpaul_: No, I could by typing 'a' and it might happen (It's like random, maybe 1/30 keystrokes will result in these 'phantom keys')02:14
Prof_IonWilee-nilee I got to grub now what exactly am I doing?02:15
Prof_Ion* wilee-nilee02:15
shysoftHas anyone successfully installed Ubuntu (or any other linux distro) on a Retina Macbook Pro? What Distro? What Version?02:15
reisiodraconus: what do you use it for?02:16
draconusreisio: i just finished setting up a very nice traffic forwarder from one system to another (different network)02:17
paul_I can't imagine what that means, shysoft ; Definitely doesn't seem like it's certain keys that are triggering it then02:18
draconusreisio: the cool thing is that socat works in both directions plus there are so many options... you can even talk to a file over network :)02:18
Prof_Ionalright I got into grub and hit e so I can edit what do I need to change now?02:19
draconusreisio i was going to to go to bed early tonight but this thing took 3 hours to learn basics and study alot of nice examples, when you are bored please take a look :)02:19
draconusit's like nc on steroids to me :)02:20
monkeyjuiceshysoft: http://randomtutor.blogspot.com/2013/02/installing-ubuntu-1304-on-retina.html02:21
qiangAnyone can tell me how to install "libdl" on ubuntu 12.04 ?02:21
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mikodoProf_Ion, maybe just wait a bit and ask your last question again. Both wilee-nilee and Dr_Willis are still on the channel. I think you are on track, and just need the next steps.02:25
CelrocI just logged on.  What was the question?02:25
Dr_Willisi dont even know what his problem is/was :)02:25
* Dr_Willis is watching anime in another window. ;P02:25
wilee-nileeI was doing my yearly shave with a gas powered hedger02:29
Dr_Willisuse 'lye' to burn it off.02:30
wilee-nileemmmm lye02:30
mikodowilee-nilee, Prof_Ion has a grub instance and is asking what to do next02:30
wilee-nileeyeah a graphic problem it seemed02:30
kalakaWho can I talk to about a question I have about the recent attack on UbuntuForums?02:30
kalakaany idea who the admin is?02:31
usr13qiang: https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/eglibc/+bug/100267202:31
ubottuUbuntu bug 1002672 in eglibc (Ubuntu) "apps can't be linked against libdl in 12.04" [Undecided,Invalid]02:31
wilee-nileekalaka, #ubuntu-forums or #ubuntu-offtopic02:31
kalakathanks wilee-nilee02:31
wilee-nileekalaka, Some of the admins hang on the forums one, but they only know what the site says.02:31
wilee-nileemods anyway probably not the admin02:32
kalakais there an email address? i really need to ask a question only UF admin can answer02:32
kalakabut UF is down, it was hacked recently02:33
reisioyou don't say02:33
wilee-nileekalaka, Not that I know of, I doubt they are accessible02:33
reisiokalaka: #ubuntuforums02:33
reisiothey're installing vb again02:33
reisiowon't learn02:33
Dako300I have an X1600 card that will not work on my 2 GPU setup. I get no signal from the X1600 but a useable GUI from my old TNT2. How could I enable the other card. I have the radeon module loaded and running Ubuntu 12.04 LTS. Any help would be nice02:34
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Dako300any help would be nice02:37
Prof_Ionalrighty I am back laptop crashed02:38
Prof_Ionso in grub what do I need to change for this graphic problem I am having?02:38
naryfaadd the word "nomodeset"02:39
Prof_Ionwhere do I add it?02:39
Dako300Some help please02:43
wilee-nileeProf_Ion, So hit e at the menu and insert nomodeset where you see no splash and hit esc then enter02:44
Dako300I have an X1600 card that will not work on my 2 GPU setup. I get no signal from the X1600 but a useable GUI from my old TNT2. How could I enable the other card. I have the radeon module loaded and running Ubuntu 12.04 LTS. Any help would be nice02:44
Prof_Ionalright lets see if this works02:44
wilee-nileeProf_Ion, http://askubuntu.com/questions/38780/how-do-i-set-nomodeset-after-ive-already-installed-ubuntu02:44
wilee-nileeI guess it is ctrl-x to boot Prof_Ion02:45
Prof_Ionyeah I got that one lol02:45
naryfaProf_Ion: if it works, you will have to make a permanent change in /etc/default/grub02:45
draconusreisio did i hear it right? an attack on ubuntuforums? a hole in vb?02:45
Prof_Ionwell now I get the default backround but non of the other things02:46
reisiodraconus: I don't believe anyone has said what the vector was yet02:46
reisiobut it's hard to not suspect vbulletin02:46
=== mike is now known as Guest75045
reisiothe cracker's notice suggests it was a known exploit and not anything fancy, which further suggests vbulletin02:47
wilee-nileeProf_Ion, Have you been able to login in yet at the tty getting there with ctrl-alt-f102:47
Prof_IonI will have to try and log in there02:47
draconusi used to use vb for many years and it never failed me, it was probably the most secure forum script to date02:47
wilee-nileeProf_Ion, Or ctrl-alt-t and get a terminal02:48
Prof_Ionstill cant get the darn thing to log in :/02:48
naryfaProf_Ion: what graphics card do you have?02:48
Prof_Ionquite a good question my friend.02:49
Prof_IonGot the computer today used from a friend. its an oldy02:49
Dako300I have an X1600 card that will not work on my 2 GPU setup. I get no signal from the X1600 but a useable GUI from my old TNT2. How could I enable the other card. I have the radeon module loaded and running Ubuntu 12.04 LTS. Any help would be nice02:49
wilee-nileeProf_Ion, What is the computer and model?02:49
Prof_Ionlet me check02:50
Prof_Ionthere are no tags on it saying02:51
Prof_Ionbut I could check the graphics card in the terminal02:51
virtyxHey I don't really know how to phrase this as a question but I started a software update and it's been on the installing phase (not downloading) for an hour, in that time it's only reached 17%02:51
wilee-nileeProf_Ion, does ctrl=alt-t bring up a terminal02:51
virtyxI feel like I could've installed a distro from scratch and been done by now... am I doing something wrong?02:51
Prof_IonI have terminal02:52
virtyxI'm on Kubuntu and using Muon to update02:52
wilee-nileeProf_Ion, Run lspci and look for the graphics info02:52
naryfavirtyx: restart the computer and open up a terminal and do: sudo dpkg-reconfigure02:52
naryfavirtyx: sorry, not sudo, kdesu02:52
virtyxnaryfa: If I'm in the middle of installing will that break my update?02:53
Prof_IonNvidia NV502:53
Dako300I have an X1600 card that will not work on my 2 GPU setup. I get no signal from the X1600 but a useable GUI from my old TNT2. How could I enable the other card. I have the radeon module loaded and running Ubuntu 12.04 LTS. Any help would be nice02:53
naryfavirtyx: it depends on many factors, some files will get updated, some will have to be redone02:53
wilee-nileeProf_Ion, Graphics are not my strong point I have not had to load any in 6 years of use, but others know that part.02:53
virtyxnaryfa: Er, rather will that break my system?02:53
naryfavirtyx: no02:53
virtyxnaryfa: Oh alright. Thanks for the tip!02:54
Prof_Ionwell that is what I found for my graphics card info02:54
Prof_IonI do get the default background image now though02:54
curatrixDako300: Will the x1600 work with the TNT removed?02:54
wilee-nileeProf_Ion, Ah nvidia, lets see if a update upgrade works first run his sudo apt-get update ; sudo apt-get upgrade02:55
Dako300No, the computer will not even boot02:55
Dako300the whole reason that the TNT2 is in there is because it is the only way to get past the POST02:55
curatrixDako300: Has the x1600 worked previously on the same pc?02:56
pedro1hi everybody02:56
Prof_Ionalright wait how do I run that?02:56
Prof_IonJust type it into the terminal right?02:56
* Prof_Ion is a total newb02:56
naryfaProf_Ion: sudo apt-get install nvidia-current02:56
Dako300I have gotten a terminal and on the live CD, I can get graphics but when I select use Ubuntu, then it complains about low graphics and crahses02:56
pedro1how do i do for apt-get stop asking for my sudo password?02:56
Dr_Willishow are you using apt-get ?02:57
curatrixDako300: with the x1600?02:57
pedro1sorry i just got here02:57
Dako300Yes, the live CF graphics is coming from the X160002:57
Dako300*live CD02:57
wilee-nileeProf_Ion, Yeah type it into the terminal, however Dr_Willis is back, he knows the graphics way batter than I.02:58
Prof_Ionshit I am gonna have to take the damn thing downstairs02:58
Dr_Willisall i do lately is just install the drivers via the addatioanl-drivers tool and they work. ;)02:58
Prof_Ionmy linux machine doesnt have an internet connection02:58
ryanwinDo you guys run Linux as your primary OS?02:59
pedro1@Dr_Willis asking can i install programs through apt-get install without having to type my password02:59
Dr_Willisryanwin,  on some pcs i do02:59
Dr_Willispedro1,  you can set up sudo to not ask for some apps.. but its not reccomended02:59
pedro1ah ok thanks, so i'd better set up a shorter password02:59
Taekwhat everyou do make sure 'sudo -l {user{' is not one of them!02:59
naryfapedro1: type in: sudo visudo03:00
naryfapedro1: and then scroll down03:00
Dako300Now I can only pull video from the TNT2 and there is No Signal from the X160003:00
wilee-nileeryanwin, From the beginning.03:00
naryfapedro1: and change root    ALL=(ALL) ALL to root    ALL=(ALL) NOPASSWD: ALL03:01
curatrixDako300: is it possible that the x1600 is faulty?03:01
naryfapedro1: and %admin ALL=(ALL) ALL to %admin ALL=(ALL) NOPASSWD: ALL03:01
curatrixDako300: Or not compatible with the mobo03:01
Dr_Willisnaryfa,  thats terriable to set it where sudo  dosent ask for all apps. ;)03:01
Dako300I would be pretty pissed at the eBay seller that sold me a broken "Used" item.03:01
LeBouksDoes anyone know when viber desktop will be available for linux ??03:01
Dako300If it helps, the X1600 has some problems with older Dell boards03:02
naryfaDr_Willis: I don't make decisions for people, I leave them at their free will, while I agree with you, I think it belongs to the user to decide.03:02
curatrixDako300: Have you checked the voltages for both the mobo and the gpu?03:02
Dako300It is not compatible with the mobo, that is why I need the TNT203:02
Dako300but I find it odd that I can pull graphics and text from it and it be faulty03:02
Dako300It is plugged into the AGP slot and I have plugged in the Molex connector into it.03:03
wilee-nileeLeBouks, How would anyone on the ubuntu support channel know that?03:03
Dr_Williscould be it needs moar power to run the gfx!03:03
Dako300I think a 480W power supply will churn out enough power for it.03:03
* Dr_Willis wonders if anyone knows what a viber desktop is.03:03
wilee-nileeI do now03:03
naryfaDr_Willis: isn't it that skype-like application?03:04
kingbeastwhat the permission mode to give all privileges to a folder for me (ie - chmod +477)?03:05
wilee-nileehere it is wine https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6KYo2nQaYW003:05
pedro1Dr_Willis: Thanks a lot!!  Just, is it possible to specify which program the password should be asked?03:05
wilee-nileein wine*03:05
naryfakingbeast: +77703:06
curatrixkingbeast:  chown --help03:06
naryfakingbeast: it is actually chmod 777 dirname03:06
naryfakingbeast: it is actually chmod -R 777 dirname03:06
ryanwinSorry for the stupid questions, on a Linux crash course here..  which gui is generally more preferred, Unity, or something like Gnome?03:06
ryanwinAny specific reasons?03:07
naryfakingbeast: 7 in binary is 111, which means it is on for each permission03:07
curatrixLinux user in general(not ubuntu exclusively) seem to prefer gnome03:08
kingbeastwhy does this thing keep saying invalid mode?03:08
wilee-nileeryanwin, Unity runs on top of gnome 3 using just gnome can mean multiple possibilities03:08
ryanwinOh, I thought it was an "either-or" type choice03:08
Dr_Willisgnome-shell  vs unity   ;)03:09
Dr_Willistry them both..03:09
curatrixvs KDE03:09
Dr_Willisyou dont hear much about kde these days03:09
pedro1xubuntu beats all03:09
ryanwinI started with Unity right out of 12.04 install, and I'm using Gnome now03:09
naryfakingbeast: what did you type exactly?03:09
Dr_Willisjwm+rox-filer! ;P03:09
wilee-nileeryanwin, Gnome 3 is the default there is unity a compiz plugin on top the gnome-shell and the the fallback which is a pseudo gnome 203:09
wilee-nileeOpps on top of gnome 3 not the shell03:10
ryanwinoi lol03:10
pedro1but i still prefer windows03:10
* curatrix thinks that it explains where the love for xubuntu came from03:11
kingbeastnaryfa, I got it nevermind.03:11
wilee-nileeno explaining taste.l03:11
naryfakingbeast: cool03:11
cdotycan i get someone to help me get my vpn connection working.  I have gotten it to connect and it shows connected.  But my web traffic is not routing through it. any thoughts03:11
martisjwe're looking to move our ubuntu servers from the us to aus. Is there a way to clone a cloud server and send it to another location?03:18
wilee-nileemartisj, You might ask in #ubuntu-servers03:19
Dr_Willisive seen some vpn services have  a way you can dowload images.. but if those images were compatable with another vpn server maybe a bigger question03:19
naryfamartisj: do you have physical access to the server?03:19
martisjnaryfa: no03:19
martisjit's hosted with rackspace,03:19
wilee-nileemartisj, Doh #unbuntu-server03:19
martisjcloud servers.03:19
martisjwilee-nilee: thanks03:20
Dr_Willisreally wouldent you just need to copy over the installed packages. and the config and data files. not the whole server image.03:20
* martisj joining servers chan 03:20
wilee-nileeno prob03:20
martisjDr_Willis: that would be the easiest indeed03:20
martisjis there a way to get a dump of what's been installed with apt-get?03:20
ubottuTo replicate your packages selection on another machine (or restore it if re-installing), you can type « aptitude  --display-format '%p' search '?installed!?automatic' > ~/my-packages », move the file "my-packages" to the other machine, and there type « sudo xargs aptitude --schedule-only install < my-packages ; sudo aptitude install » (this may cause problems with multiarch before 12.10) - See also !automate03:20
Dr_Willisthat funny looking aptitude command. :)03:21
Dr_Willisthere might be other ways also.03:21
wilee-nileesudo dpkg --set-selections < my-packages    Is what I use for a package list03:21
wilee-nileethats everything though03:22
wilee-nileeDoh I mean dpkg --get-selections > ~/my-packages03:22
* wilee-nilee lol at his self03:22
DWSRbuilding kernel modules takes a while *yawn03:25
Int19hIf you're building all the unnecessary ones03:27
starkillerlol help03:30
starkilleri need to open port 22 :P03:30
martisjwilee-nilee and Dr_Willis: thanks03:31
martisji'll try that :)03:31
martisjthis is awesome!03:31
starkillernetstat tells me its closed:P03:31
Alegreyatheres  new ubuntu mint03:31
Dr_Willisthere is no 'ubuntu mint'03:34
Dr_Willisits 'mint' :) and its not ubuntu.03:34
curatrixmint is downstream of ubuntu03:34
naryfaneue, nowa, novaya, new, nueva, baru, mpya, yeni03:35
naryfait's a derivative03:35
naryfathey mean03:35
me_owdoes anyone know that game where there's bubbles, and the new bubbles have numbers (i.e. 1-7), and you stack the bubbles and they pop. it's in the format of bejeweled.03:35
Int19hStarkiller: install openssh-server03:36
curatrixIm not sure but I think one of the early versions of Bubble Bobble had a number mode03:36
naryfathat was like Commodore 64 time03:37
ubottu#ubuntu is the Ubuntu support channel, for all Ubuntu-related support questions. Please use #ubuntu-offtopic for other topics (though our !guidelines apply there too). Thanks!03:37
Int19hBubble bobble03:37
naryfaHalyard: yeah, but nobody is asking anything on topic, say something and we'll be back on track03:37
Dr_WillisPuzzlebobble ;)03:38
curatrixBubble Bobble, was dos/win95 era03:38
Dr_WillisI dont recall any numbers bubble bobble.. and i did have bubble bobble on my c64 i recall03:38
meowi think it was flash on a website03:39
meowmaybe 4-5 years ago03:39
meowclean looking game03:39
Dr_Willisthe various dos-emu sites might mention any similer games03:39
meownot bubble bobble... it was bejeweled style/candy crush like03:39
naryfaanybody used kingsoft office on Ubuntu?03:39
naryfawilee-nilee: did you install 32 bit libs?03:40
wilee-nileenaryfa, It just installed as is been awhile though I forget03:41
wilee-nileeI have W8 and word 365 and 2007 and 2010 I don't need it really03:42
naryfawell if you can afford it, why bother03:42
wilee-nileenaryfa, Student prices, and financial aid.03:42
Int19hI've never even heard of if03:42
naryfaInt19h: Kingsoft Office?03:43
wilee-nileeI used openofice and libreoffice for a longtime till I hat grad school.03:43
naryfaInt19h: I like how it renders doc files, it doesn't actually break the formatting, as LO or OO does03:43
rohffhi guest12903:44
wilee-nileenaryfa, There are a cople of others that work well let me see if I can find them.03:44
Int19hI'll have to look into it03:44
meowgot an answer elsewhere03:45
meowdrop7 is the game03:45
rohfffine guest12903:46
wilee-nileenaryfa, If I remember lotus symphony worked well. http://www-03.ibm.com/software/products/us/en/lotusymp03:46
nassepossuhi, any ideas why touchpad doesn't work? It quit working after using ubuntu 13.04 a couple of days03:47
Int19hOh its for windows03:47
naryfawilee-nilee: Does that work on Ubuntu?'03:47
Int19hYou probably inadvertently disabled ot03:47
wilee-nileeI'm checking03:47
nassepossualso in system settings the mouse & touchpad thing displays settings for mouse instead of touchpad as it used to03:48
Prof_Ionwell I got an error while running that update for my drivers -.-03:48
nassepossui have tried to enable it again via the fn+f7 key but no luck03:48
wilee-nileenaryfa, Yeah it does but it is a hunt to find the download and even more fun to install.03:48
Int19hNasse: did you try using the fn key to toggle it03:48
naryfaProf_Ion: what were you updating?03:48
=== Cloud_ is now known as Guest3247
naryfawilee-nilee: probably compiling lol03:49
Prof_Iongraphics drivers03:49
Int19hCheck your syllogism see if it's recognozed03:49
wilee-nileenaryfa, You have to register I believe. http://www-03.ibm.com/software/lotus/symphony/home.nsf/home03:49
Int19hStupid phone03:49
naryfaProf_Ion: you had nvidia, right?03:50
nassepossuuh, how?03:50
Prof_Ionyes I do03:50
Prof_IonI got error code 103:50
Taekadministrator huh?03:50
Taek<3 your ip address03:50
=== administrator is now known as Guest18723
naryfaProf_Ion: how did you go about installing the driver?03:50
Int19hdmesg | grep -i synaptic03:51
nassepossureturns nothing dmesg03:51
nassepossuerr.. Int03:51
Prof_Ionrunning sudo apt-get nvidia-current in the terminal03:52
Int19hTry it again but grep for mouse03:52
naryfaProf_Ion: sudo apt-get install nvidia-current03:52
Int19hOr pad03:52
nassepossumousedev: PS/2 mouse device common for all mice03:52
Prof_Ionreally? I am such a newb lol03:52
Prof_Ionthe linux machine is downstairs as it needs internet03:53
naryfaProf_Ion: I have a very nice way to install that thing, but you will have to bear with me03:53
naryfaProf_Ion: we will exit the graphical server, and do everything in the command line03:53
naryfaProf_Ion: if you want to03:53
naryfaProf_Ion: of course03:53
Int19hlspci -vv03:54
Int19hAnd see of its listed in there03:55
Prof_Ionsure man I am willing to do just about everything to make that thing work03:55
mikodonaryfa, so I think he goes downstairs and runs command on his lappy and then comes upstairs and reports on another. Is that right Prof_Ion03:56
naryfaProf_Ion: write these things down, and do them in the order I write.03:56
naryfamikodo: it's okay03:56
Prof_Ionactually desktop is upstairs I just brought lapy with me :P03:56
Prof_Iondesktop is downstairs I mean03:56
nassepossuno it isn't03:57
naryfaProf_Ion: 1. Press Ctrl+Alt+F103:57
naryfa2. login with your login and password03:57
naryfa3. type in: sudo service lightdm stop03:57
naryfa4. type in: sudo apt-get install nvidia-current03:57
naryfa5. after installation type in: sudo reboot03:57
FloodBot1naryfa: Please don't flood; use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste; don't use Enter as punctuation.03:57
naryfadamn floodbot, I didn't flood03:58
naryfaProf_Ion: 1. Press Ctrl+Alt+F103:58
naryfa2. login with your login and password03:58
naryfa3. type in: sudo service lightdm stop03:58
naryfa4. type in: sudo apt-get install nvidia-current03:58
naryfa5. after installation type in: sudo reboot03:58
starkillerhey sorry int i already did:P03:58
holsteinnaryfa: you are actualy still flooding.. just type more input.. and dont hit enter so much03:59
doc|homeworse than that, he flooded the same thing, just twice...03:59
naryfaholstein: I can stop helping too03:59
starkillerwow now i see it its open :P03:59
Prof_Ionpackage nvidia 304 is not configured yet04:00
holsteinnaryfa: i for one, apprciate your assistance in the channel, but it is a concern, to keep the channel clear, that im sure you wont mind to take into account while you are graciously sharing your time04:00
holstein!enter > naryfa04:00
ubottunaryfa, please see my private message04:00
Prof_Ionprocessing nvidia current04:01
Prof_Iondependency problems04:01
holsteinProf_Ion: you have a PPA added?04:01
Prof_Iondon't even know what that is04:02
holsteinProf_Ion: run "sudo apt-get update" and share any errors in pastebin04:02
Prof_Ionno apport report written because MaxReports is reached already04:02
Prof_IonI cant pastebin things on the linux pc04:03
Prof_Ionunless it has a pastebin thing built in04:03
Prof_Iondoesn't seem to give any errors at all holstein04:04
holsteinProf_Ion: what error are we dealing with then?04:05
Prof_Iongraphical issues with the desktop04:06
holstein!nvidia > Prof_Ion04:06
ubottuProf_Ion, please see my private message04:06
holsteinProf_Ion: ^ thats what i always refer to... are you trying to install the driver from the repos?04:07
Prof_IonI am trying to make the OS work. I get nothing but a colorful screen when I log in, and if I log in as guest I have everything but its distorted on the left half and black on the right04:08
mikodoProf_Ion, dependency errors right when processing nvidia current04:08
erasmusdoes everyone know about this?04:08
Prof_Ionyes that is what I am getting mikodo04:09
wilee-nileeyes manty anyway04:09
holsteinProf_Ion: sudo apt-get update && sudo apt-get install nvidia-current ..pastebin errors04:10
holsteinProf_Ion: you can paste them manually in http://paste.ubuntu.com/ if you need.. thanks!04:10
nassepossuapparently hardinfo either can't find any mouse devices04:11
Prof_Ionit would take ages to type the errors04:11
wilee-nileeProf_Ion, YOu can open another terminal and type firfox04:12
Prof_Ionthe graphics aren't working04:12
Prof_Ionlike EVERYTHING is near impossible to read04:12
wilee-nilee!pastebin | Prof_Ion04:13
ubottuProf_Ion: For posting multi-line texts into the channel, please use http://paste.ubuntu.com | To post !screenshots use http://imagebin.org/?page=add | !pastebinit to paste directly from command line | Make sure you give us the URL for your paste - see also the channel topic.04:13
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=== Granis` is now known as Granis
ubottunetsplit is when two IRC servers of the same network (like freenode) disconnect from each other, so users on one server stop seeing users on the other. If this is happening now, just relax and enjoy the show. See http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Netsplit04:13
wilee-nileeProf_Ion, That link tells you how to install a from the terminal to pastebin.04:13
holsteinProf_Ion: you can use the vesa driver... you can try nomodeset.. you can use commandline only via tty04:13
holstein!tty | Prof_Ion04:13
ubottuProf_Ion: To get to the TTY terminals 1-6, use the keystroke ctrl + alt + F1-F6 respectively (Alt+F7 will get you back to your graphical login).  To change the resolution for your TTY, see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/ChangeTTYResolution04:13
=== xrandr_ is now known as xrandr
holsteinProf_Ion: i realize, understand, and identify with your frustrations.. but you are dealing with some hardware that cannot be easily supportd by linux, so your patience, and troubleshooting will be necessary to "fix"04:14
Prof_IonI understand that. I am just trying to understand how to paste bin the stuff. you said I could do it directly from the tty?04:16
holsteinProf_Ion: you can, assuming you have internet connection, install the application wilee-nilee suggested, and use it from tty, where you will not be dealing with the current graphics issues you have04:16
Prof_Ionokay thank you04:17
wilee-nileeProf_Ion, Run sudo apt-get install pastebinit then it is any command | pastebinit04:17
=== Guest89811 is now known as Der_FIIIIIIISCH
wilee-nileecommand | pastebinit then shows the url Prof_Ion04:18
nassepossuoh well, i'll come back for help later on :/04:18
=== chalcedony` is now known as chalcedony
=== krzkrzkrz is now known as krz
=== yCrazyEdd is now known as CrazyEddy
wilee-nileeno prob you have been trying hard04:18
=== CamC_ is now known as CamC
Prof_Ionsorry if I am being a bit of an ass. EXTREMELY tired atm but I won't sleep till this works04:18
Der_FIIIIIIISCHyo bro04:19
Taekyo is not a valid question Tschennieh04:19
CelrocTaek: Sure it is!  It had a question mark in front of it!04:20
TschenniehDas ist ne Begrüßung aldaaaah04:20
Der_FIIIIIIISCHhab die hoseeee voll04:20
twenty-threehi, i am trying to set up mounting of Box (cloud storage) on ubuntu 13.04 according to the instructions in http://www.liberiangeek.net/2012/03/mount-box-cloud-storage-in-ubuntu-12-04-11-10/ howeverthe instructions are for ubuntu 12.10 and the "connect to server" window is significantly different so I don't seem to be able to follow the instructions, presumably it can be done from the...04:21
twenty-three...terminal? i just don't know how to go about it04:21
Der_FIIIIIIISCHim looking for new foot04:21
Der_FIIIIIIISCHi like big feet04:22
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Tschenniehwow u can speak english04:22
ubottuHelp! Channel emergency! (ONLY use this trigger in emergencies) - elky, Madpilot, tritium, Nalioth, tonyyarusso, PriceChild, Amaranth, jrib, Myrtti, mneptok, Pici,  jpds,  gnomefreak, bazhang,  Flannel, ikonia, maco, h00k, IdleOne, bkerensa, nhandler, Jordan_U, DJones or k1l!04:22
cfhowlettDer_FIIIIIIISCH,  then you are in the wrong channel04:22
cfhowlett!ops|Der_FIIIIIIISCH, freaky fetish04:22
ubottuDer_FIIIIIIISCH, freaky fetish: please see above04:22
Tschenniehhes masturbating every time v.v04:22
holsteintwenty-three: have you tried gigolo?04:23
holstein!info gigolo | twenty-three04:23
ubottutwenty-three: gigolo (source: gigolo): frontend to manage connections to remote filesystems using GIO/GVfs. In component universe, is optional. Version 0.4.1+dfsg-1 (raring), package size 143 kB, installed size 753 kB04:23
twenty-threeholstein, hadn't heard of it, i'll give it a try04:23
elkyDer_FIIIIIIISCH: please behave according to the guidelines04:23
=== BTCnub is now known as bitcoin_trader
cfhowlettelky, he has no interest in the guidelines and he doesn't belong here04:23
Der_FIIIIIIISCHdo you like feet? elky04:23
=== Tschennieh is now known as Masturbater90000
elkyTschennieh: i just saw what you said before. you need to follow guidelines too04:24
ubottuMasturbater90000,: Help! Channel emergency! (ONLY use this trigger in emergencies) - elky, Madpilot, tritium, Nalioth, tonyyarusso, PriceChild, Amaranth, jrib, Myrtti, mneptok, Pici,  jpds,  gnomefreak, bazhang,  Flannel, ikonia, maco, h00k, IdleOne, bkerensa, nhandler, Jordan_U, DJones or k1l!04:24
twenty-threeholstein: it worked really well!, thanks a lot holstein04:28
holsteintwenty-three: enjoy!04:29
guzzlefrycan the installer for Ubuntu Server 12.04 walk me through setting up a mirrored RAID?04:32
ubottuguzzlefry: Ubuntu Server Edition is a release of Ubuntu designed especially for server environments, including a server specific !kernel and no !GUI. The install CD contains many server applications. Current !LTS version is !Precise (Precise Pangolin 12.04) - More info: http://www.ubuntu.com/products/whatisubuntu/serveredition - Guide: https://help.ubuntu.com/12.04/serverguide/C/ - Support in #ubuntu-server04:33
cfhowlett!ubuntu-server  guzzlefry04:33
guzzlefrygot it the second time, thanks04:34
cfhowlettguzzlefry, best of luck04:35
countzI hate those annoying popup notifications in unity, can I make it so that when I click them, it opens the relevant app that produced the notification?04:35
=== Random833 is now known as Random832
guzzlefryAny reason to actually use LVM? Is that the default for the desktop version as well?04:36
guzzlefrySingle disk here for the moment.04:36
wilee-nileeguzzlefry, Desktop no.04:40
wilee-nileeI thought lvm was a choice not a default04:40
goddard.gfvs is empty04:40
goddardeven though I mounted some sftp directories with nautilus04:41
guzzlefryIt's selected by default on the server build. Guess I'll start over without it. :P04:41
=== fallout is now known as Guest74839
=== Thor^^ is now known as Thor
ubottuaerosforce,: En la mayoría de los canales de Ubuntu, se habla sólo en inglés. Si busca ayuda en español entre al canal #ubuntu-es; escriba "/join #ubuntu-es" (sin comillas) y presione intro.04:51
wilee-nileeaerosforce, /j #ubuntu-es04:52
myersghey, I was wondering is there a way I can edit my system details?  I want it to look like my computer has less ram than it does04:52
* 92AAAFRXU ... not even going to ask ... ah, HELL04:53
tr0numm just take out a stick of ram04:53
92AAAFRXUmyersg, why?04:53
myersgI only have one stick.04:53
Random832myersg: why do you want to do that04:53
myersgfor reasons 92..lol04:53
myersgcan it be done?04:53
Random832probably not04:53
Random832it's such a bizarre thing to want04:53
tr0nit'd have to be done on the machine level, even if possiable04:54
myersgYou know how you go into system settings, and than details..,04:54
myersgit will show memory04:54
myersgIt is showing 3.6 GiB04:55
myersgI need it to show 1.904:55
guzzlefryerr, why?04:55
myersg...my ram chip went out.. I stole one from my brothers computer04:55
guzzlefrywow :P04:55
brucewhealtonI was wondering if someone could help me.  I setup ubuntu server 12.04 and updated php to 5.5.0 using phpbrew.  Later i tried to install drupal and it said i need php extensions enabled.04:55
myersgbut its a 4gb, I had a 2...,04:56
goddardbrucewhealton: sounds like you need to enable php extensions04:56
guzzlefrymyersg: Best keep him away from your box.04:56
myersghe discovered on the other computer it is now saying 6gb and not 8.  ..04:56
goddardbrucewhealton: and you know php can be managed with debian packages haha04:56
myersghe has asked to see my system settings etc..04:56
xanguamyersg: man up04:56
penoshow to use ubuntu04:56
brucewhealtonI would think there are many extensions.04:56
goddardbrucewhealton: you dont need phpbrew or what ever mac crap that is04:56
tr0ndont steal, give back his ram04:56
ubottupenos,: Please give us full details. For example: "I have a problem with ..., I'm running Ubuntu version .... When I try to do ..., I get the following output: ..., but I expected it to do ..."04:56
myersgwell..it's not really his in the first place..long story.04:57
holsteinpenos: try if from a live CD, and get some detailed questions to ask about it04:57
brucewhealtonAnyway, it lists gd extension is needed.04:57
tr0nmastershake dont irc as root, add a regular user and use that to irc04:57
goddardbrucewhealton: dont use phpbrew and you will have no issues04:57
goddardbrucewhealton: use apt-get04:57
goddardbrucewhealton: this isn't mac or crappy ruby04:58
guzzlefrymyersg: Anyway, no real way to hide it. RAM is cheap, give it back and order some. :P04:58
myersgso I take it there is no way to just edit a file?04:58
penoswho stole my ram? hahaha04:58
goddardmyersg: you could probably compile that program from source04:58
brucewhealtonI tried sudo apt-get install php5-gd and it couldn't find it04:58
cfhowlettmyersg, or, and I know this is crazy, you could MTFU and say, "Yo, bro.  I gotta tell you something ..."04:58
goddardand edit that particular variable04:59
penossteal more ram so he doesnt suspect u04:59
goddardbrucewhealton: DUDE uninstall phpbrew and all that crap and reinstall php completely04:59
brucewhealtonNo this is a pentium d system w ubuntu server 12.0404:59
goddardbrucewhealton: it is seriously like the easiest thing to setup in Ubuntu Server04:59
goddardbrucewhealton: it is apart of the installer for Ubuntu Server05:00
brucewhealtonOk, what's the easiest way to  remove phpbrew05:00
goddardbrucewhealton: save all your crap you have and reinstall ubuntu server is probably the easiest05:00
brucewhealtonI'm having trouble getting it to boot from usb05:01
=== mastershake is now known as mastershake|zzz
brucewhealtonAnd if that isn't strange enough the dvd drive won't eject05:02
goddardbrucewhealton: dude you sound like you got a mess on your hands05:03
brucewhealtonYeah, so is it possible tô start a reinstall from within ubuntu05:03
brucewhealtonI installed the kubuntu desktop, so maybe i just need to boot to a command prompt.05:05
brucewhealtonI guess i should open it up and find out why the dvd won't eject05:07
ubottuText Editors: gedit (GNOME), Kate (KDE), mousepad (Xfce4) - Terminal-based: nano, vi/vim, emacs, ed - For HTML/CSS editors, see !html - For programming editors and IDE, see !code05:11
ubottuProgramming editors/suites: Terminal-based: vi/vim, emacs - KDE: Kate, KDevelop, Quanta+, Umbrello - GNOME: gvim, gedit, anjuta, pida, monodevelop, geany - Others: eclipse, netbeans, qtcreator05:12
SunStarWhat is there available to edit flash projects?05:15
doc|homeSunStar: windows/mac + adobe flash05:16
doc|homeor wine + adobe flash if you're lucky05:16
penoswine is rubbish :\05:17
penosjust use winodws + virtual box05:17
curatrixwine is awesome05:17
SunStaryeah id rather do windows in vm than use wine05:17
DuncanNZyeah I've only had bad experiences with wine – not working and then leaving rubbish all over the system…05:19
whoeverDuncanNZ: then quit drinking wine next to you box :-)05:20
DuncanNZwhoever: ha lolll05:20
tr0nthats how the kiwis get the reputation for being sheep shaggers, they get drunk and go to a farm05:21
=== pedro_ is now known as Guest46915
Guest46915hi everyone, i'm new over here. could someone help me get python on xubuntu?05:21
whoeverdrow-ubvm__: try winblowz vm05:21
tr0nGuest46915: sudo apt-get install python05:21
DuncanNZGuest46915: sudo apt-get install python05:21
DuncanNZtr0n: oh lol05:21
DuncanNZexact same05:21
XionkanaHi guys! Anybody mind if I ask a regular expression question?05:23
DuncanNZXionkana: go ahead... but I can't help05:23
penosDuncanNZ: do you have fast speed internet?05:24
penosor dial up05:24
XionkanaDuncanNZ: Just wanted to make sure I wouldn't be publicly shamed or anything, damned regex is hurting my brain.05:24
DuncanNZpenos: broadband05:24
penosjust asking ;)05:24
causasuihi, how much space should I allocate to the / partition for a new install of ubuntu 13.02 desktop?05:25
DuncanNZ?? why05:25
DuncanNZwhy me?05:25
Equinox3causasui: probably over 10 GB05:25
DuncanNZlow ping time or something05:25
XionkanaI'm trying to get a substring from a outputted line which looks like "         <raw_text>foo bar</raw_text>".05:25
causasuiEquinox3: 40gb is overkill? more like 15gb better?05:25
causasuiwith a separate /home05:25
Equinox3causasui: i said over 10 GB05:26
Equinox3not 40 GB05:26
causasuiyeah, i had it set to 40, curious what the ceiling would be05:26
sajancausasui, how you you allocate / kind of depends what you're allocated or partioning elsewhere.  There's no 'right' amount.  If you're doing a basic desktop install and don't have any special requirements, just let Ubuntu do it for you.05:26
guzzlefryXionkana: which language?05:26
causasuisajan: i have 40mb for /boot, 6gb for swap, and now allocate a further 250 or so gb between / and /home05:26
Xionkanaguzzlefry: Just a bash script.05:27
causasuiis 15gb safe for / ?05:27
somsipXionkana: this should give you a starting point, using sed http://stackoverflow.com/questions/3588782/extract-html-tag-data-with-sed05:27
Xionkanasomsip: Cheers :)05:28
Equinox3causasui: it really depends on what you plan to do afterwards, as all the installations are going to go on / partition.05:28
ox8085_unable to patch my wireless card bcm4312 for packet injection05:28
causasuiEquinox3: i use archlinux but this is my gfs computer. she pretty much just browses internet, writes email, and writes poetry in office05:29
Equinox3i'd recomend minimum would be 10 GB05:29
causasuiso I dont think she will be installing any huge database apps or what have you05:29
tr0nthen you dont need 250gb for /home unless ur not dual booting another os05:29
causasuithen i dont need 270gb for / either >_>05:29
causasuii'm trying to figure out how much space ubuntu 13.02 will take up after being installed05:30
ox8085_unable to patch my wireless card bcm4312 for packet injection05:30
causasuianybody know?05:30
Equinox3max 5 GB i think on /05:30
causasuiokay i'll go with 15gb for / then, thanks05:31
penosthat shud b fine05:31
causasuipenos: ya i kno05:31
Equinox3also swap doesn't have to be 6 gb05:31
doc|homeanyone able to help me with this? http://www.skynet.ie/~doc/example.jpg I can't seem to get the xorg config to work, though everything seems like it should be fine. http://pastebin.com/jeM8RTdL05:33
tr0ndoc u in Eire?05:33
teslaSpamdid you Xorg -configure05:34
doc|hometr0n: originally from, yeah not there now05:34
doc|hometeslaSpam: nope, was worried that would kill what I have05:34
doc|hometr0n: bye05:34
Xionkanasomsip: Thanks, that worked beautifully!05:34
somsipXionkana: np05:35
tr0n26 + 6 = 105:35
teslaSpamyou were afraid it would overwrite an existing one?05:35
doc|hometeslaSpam: yeah, I can copy it out, but didn't think it should require that much of a change05:36
teslaSpamdoc you want to know where the default xorg config file is?  /etc/X11/..... i think05:37
doc|hometeslaSpam: thanks, yeah, I know, just thought it would be something I could get working without that, just by editing it.05:38
teslaSpamdoc- when im having xorg iss05:40
=== Jam_Jar is now known as JamJar
teslaSpami   Xorg -configure .... worth a try05:41
Lazuroth78Hello how is every one05:47
CelrocLazuroth78: Doing well, thank you.  And yourself?05:47
Lazuroth78I am ok05:48
Lazuroth78not sure what i am doing as far as setting up xchat installed it and my it person is not around lol05:49
guzzlefryLazuroth78: It's installed?05:49
CelrocHaven't really used Xchat much, sorry.  Can't really help you there05:49
Lazuroth78I think I am new to ubunto I am not sure how that all works05:50
nano-Will GTK 3.10 be used for Ubuntu Saucy 13.10?05:51
nano-or it will stick with 3.8?05:51
Lazuroth78I have ubunto 12.0405:51
guzzlefryLazuroth78: I'm not too familiar with Ubuntu either, but check the menus for Xchat.05:52
ubottunano-,: Ubuntu 13.10 (Saucy Salamander) will be the 19th release of Ubuntu. Announcement: http://www.markshuttleworth.com/archives/1252 - Discussion and support in #ubuntu+105:52
Lazuroth78Does any one know how to update ubunto or will it do it on it own05:53
cfhowlettLazuroth78, UBUNTU will update automatically if set to do so ...05:53
Lazuroth78were do I find out if it is set up to do so05:54
cfhowlettLazuroth78, are you trying to update 12.04 or upgrade to a newer version05:54
Taeksudo apt-get update && sudo apt-get upgrade05:54
Lazuroth78newer version05:54
TaekLazuroth78 that wont upgrade you to a new distro version05:55
cfhowlettLazuroth78, 12.04 is supported for 5 years.  the newer versions are not ... are you sure you need the newest version?05:55
Lazuroth78not sure on any thing05:55
cfhowlettLazuroth78, lol.  okay.  I humbly suggest you stick with 12.04 but get all the updates for it05:56
cfhowlettLazuroth78, from a terminal, run sudo apt-get update && sudo apt-get upgrade && sudo apt-get dist-upgrade05:56
Lazuroth78so the sudo apt-get upgrade that will get me the newest updates right05:56
cfhowlettLazuroth78, for 12.0405:56
Lazuroth78Good nite yall I need to get sleep screen is in triplets now06:00
prgCoderAUanyone seen this - http://ubuntuforums.org/announce.html06:03
prgCoderAUbit weird huh?06:04
guzzlefryThat's been up for a while.06:04
prgCoderAUlast week we decided to use ubuntu but now....06:04
TaekThey are probably trying to figure out how the breech happened, so they can patch it and look for other possible exploits of the same method before thet restore it06:05
TaekJust my guess about it.06:06
jjseekerwhat's up everyone06:06
Ari-Yangdisappointing it happened.....though never made an account on the forums06:06
Taekalso it is probably giving them time to upgrade the forums06:06
Ari-Yangjjseeker, for off topic stuff join #ubuntu-offtopic like if you want to chat06:06
prgCoderAUi have just set up a ubuntu server - edited the interfaces file and restarted the networking, but the new ip address is not in the /etc/hosts file, any ideas?06:09
prgCoderAUbut I can connect to it using ssh...06:09
=== prgCoderAU is now known as prgCoder
prgCodercfhowlett: thanks06:10
prgCodercfhowlett: there is NO ONE in that channel...................................06:11
gerihi how can i fix this issue? kernel headers for the target kernel version could not be found and you did not specify other valid kernel headers to use06:12
cfhowlettprgCoder, that happens at times.  I always imagine the sysadmins happily percolating their ubuntu boxes ... anyway, post your details here.06:12
gerii already downloaded the kernel headers related to the kernel displayed uname -r06:12
Taekpercolating... serious with that?06:13
Ari-Yanggeri, you have the headers and the headers all as well?06:14
Ari-Yanggeri, copy and paste the output of uname -r06:14
geriheaders all?06:14
guzzlefryAre Virtualbox Guest Additions not in the package repo?06:14
Ari-Yangperhaps you need those *shrugs*06:14
Ari-Yanggeri, what kernel are you running on?06:15
geriAri-Yang should it get them via sudo module-assistant prepare06:15
Kartagisdoes anyone know why this is happening? https://dl.dropboxusercontent.com/u/11918318/Screenshot%20from%202013-07-22%2009%3A13%3A01.png06:15
geriAri-Yang, 3.8.0-19-generic06:15
CelrocKartagis: What's it doing wrong, specifically?06:16
=== CyberJacob|Away is now known as CyberJacob
geriAri-Yang, any idea?06:17
KartagisCelroc: all the icons are question marks as you see. this happens random. on Friday, only 1 was like this. and today this...06:17
CelrocKartagis: Oh, yes, I see.  Hmm, I haven't had much use with a dock for a while, sorry.06:18
cfhowlettguzzlefry, don't think so.  you need to manually add them.  g06:19
Ari-Yanggeri, type in terminal apt-cache search linux-headers-3.8.0-1906:19
Ari-Yangand then pastebin the output06:19
Taekthere should be an app by now for something similar to whatever cmds | pastebin06:20
curatrixpastebinit ?06:22
energizerI'm having trouble watching a video in vlc -- the screen is just black, so i disable hardware acceleration as suggested by google, and then its very jerky and slow. Not sure what to do.06:25
penos!windows | energizer06:25
ubottuenergizer: For discussion on Microsoft software, or help with same, please visit ##windows. See http://launchpad.net/distros/ubuntu/+bug/1 http://linux.oneandoneis2.org/LNW.htm and /msg ubottu equivalents06:25
Ari-Yangenergizer, I recommend mplayer, mplayer2, or mpv (new fork of mplayer). but go to preferences in VLC and go to 'Video', what is the output?06:26
energizerpenos VLC is not microsoft software, im on raring06:26
Ari-Yangenergizer, try VLC with OpenGL video output or XVideo06:27
energizerAri-Yang: At the moment, accelerated video output (overlay) is disableed06:27
energizerdeinterlacing off, mode blend06:27
Ari-Yangno, the Output06:27
Ari-Yangenergizer, check this screen shot http://gyazo.com/25a00f5894c82a4844b73a642782c9ff (see the drop down menu of Output, it's blue and set to OpenGL)06:28
energizerits on default06:28
Ari-Yangeh? change it to OpenGL or XVideo06:28
energizeropengl makes it jerky and xvideo is just black06:30
Ari-Yangenergizer, what about X11?06:30
energizerthanks Ari-Yang06:31
Ari-Yangenergizer, you're welcome...06:31
energizercan i ask, there's so many settings-- how did you know which one06:32
Ari-Yangenergizer, well, I just had a hunch that it might be a video output problem, and the common outputs to use would be OpenGL, XV, and X11 :]06:33
Ari-Yanggeri, type in terminal apt-cache search linux-headers-3.8.0-1906:33
geriAri-Yang: http://openpaste.org/3E3E99FF06:33
Ari-Yanggeri, sudo apt-get install linux-headers-3.8.0-1906:34
wilee-nileeenergizer, Generally vlc has plenty oh codecs, but have you installed the restricted-extras in ubuntu?06:34
energizerAri-Yang: http://paste.ubuntu.com/5899556/06:34
Ari-Yangtbh, energizer I recommend you switch over from VLC to one of the mplayer families06:34
Ari-Yangenergizer, that command was directed to geri lol xD06:35
energizerlol Ari-Yang06:35
Ari-Yangenergizer, a simple way to install mplayer2 and the front-end GUI SMplayer2, you can go here for installation instructions, http://www.webupd8.org/2012/01/install-mplayer2-and-smplayer2-in.html though mplayer2 might be out of date (but probably will run fine..)06:36
geri_Ari-Yang: http://openpaste.org/2644Cc6E06:37
wilee-nileesmplayer wont play anything vlc wont06:37
Ari-Yanggeri_, run sudo apt-get install linux-headers-3.8.0-19-generic (but that should be installed too)06:38
Ari-Yangwilee-nilee, but I think some codecs and what not will be installed from that ppa *shrugs*06:38
geri_Ari-Yang: i did?06:38
Ari-Yanggeri_, I asked you to install linux-headers-3.8.0-19 not linux-headers-3.8.0-19-generic06:39
geri_already newest version06:39
=== schmidtm_ is now known as schmidtm
geri_Ari-Yang: i got the same output for linux-headers-3.8.0-1906:39
wilee-nileeyou just like smplayer there are no extra codecs in that ppa and the drama is well special.06:40
Ari-Yanggeri_, okay so it's installed, tbh I don't know what the problem is then....06:40
Ari-Yangwilee-nilee, I don't like smplayer at all, I don't use it. I suggested it because it's /easier/ to install than the player I'd recommend, mpv.06:41
geri_thats strange06:41
Ari-Yangenergizer, the reason why xv and opengl don't work is because something might not be installed, like codecs... if X11 works just fine for you, you can stick with that, or find out what stuff is missing so you can use better VOs like opengl or xv06:41
cfhowlettenergizer, someone asked and I didn't see your response; have you intalled ubuntu-restricted-extras to get all those sweet codecs??06:43
AnThRaX-SOIubuntu newbie looking for help with installing ubuntu along side windows on my SSD and using a different drive for installation and whatever of apps for ubuntu.06:44
energizer cfhowlett apparently i hadnt06:45
cfhowlettenergizer, sudo apt-get install ubuntu-restricted-extras06:45
energizerya its doin it06:45
energizercfhowlett: Ari-Yang so in general i want to have opengl or xv as opposed to x1106:46
energizeras my video output type06:46
aeon-ltdAnThRaX-SOI: so one ssd one hdd, win on ssd ubuntu on hdd?06:46
cfhowlettenergizer, I can't answer as my default setup "just works"06:46
energizerso i got ubunturestrictedextras06:47
geri_Ari-Yang: hmm?06:48
energizerand opengl xcb doesnt work06:48
energizerand im not sure which one is xv06:48
AnThRaX-SOINo, one SSD 120GB, i only use it for windows and install everything else on a 500GB HDD, I want to install ubuntu on the SSD with windows and use the 500gb for installation of all of the ubuntu apps and such, like i do for windows06:48
aeon-ltdAnThRaX-SOI: i don't think separating /usr is a option on the standard install disk06:49
AnThRaX-SOIdo i have any options to do this? i want ubuntu to be as fast as possible like windows is on the SSD but use and store files on the 500GB HDD06:50
geri_Ari-Yang: can i tell module-assistant which kernel header to use?06:50
wilee-nileeAnThRaX-SOI, What release of windows?06:50
AnThRaX-SOI7 Pro06:50
aeon-ltdAnThRaX-SOI: you can separate /usr to have the binaries on the hdd, but i don't know how hard it is. separating /home is very common though which can be on the hdd then have the rest of / on the ssd06:51
energizerAri-Yang: ehh i found xv and gl, but neither seem to be doin the trick after installing u-r-e06:51
wilee-nileeAnThRaX-SOI, Yeah just make a space for it, use the windows disk manager to shrink it if needed, and reboot for the auto chkdsk and install ubuntu in the unallocated06:52
AnThRaX-SOIre-size my SSD?06:52
AnThRaX-SOIand the HDD?06:52
AnThRaX-SOIthe hdd is obviously ntfs06:52
wilee-nileeAnThRaX-SOI, I assume you have the ssd full of partitions am I correct?06:52
AnThRaX-SOII have the default 100MB partition win7 makes and then the rest is windows itself06:53
farbodsome one help me06:53
AnThRaX-SOIhow big of a partition should I make for ubuntu?06:53
aeon-ltdfarbod: help you with what?06:54
wilee-nileeAnThRaX-SOI, Then you need a unallocated space for ubuntu's ext4 partition and a swap maybe, aeon-ltd suggests a splitting of home and root.06:54
ubottufarbod,: Please give us full details. For example: "I have a problem with ..., I'm running Ubuntu version .... When I try to do ..., I get the following output: ..., but I expected it to do ..."06:54
AnThRaX-SOIi've no clue how to do that.06:54
farbodi want a proxy06:54
cfhowlettAnThRaX-SOI, depends.  stock ubuntu partition without data runs about 8 gigs max ...06:54
aeon-ltdfarbod: that isn't a lot of info06:54
cfhowlettfarbod, I want a lamborghini ... see?  useless.  Details matter.06:55
wilee-nileeAnThRaX-SOI, Not difficult, however you should have the windows backed up no matter what or the ability to reinstall without losing anything.06:55
farbodi want a proxy to open some webs06:55
AnThRaX-SOIany free options to do that? windows backup doesn't work worth a shit06:55
farbodlike tor or freegaite06:55
guzzlefrypotentially dumb question, how do I reboot from GUI? :P06:56
ubottufarbod,: Tor is a program to route connections through several servers for anonymity. It is in Ubuntu's repositories, but the Tor Project recommends using their Tor packages due to past issues with Ubuntu's. For setup info, see option (2) of https://www.torproject.org/docs/debian.html.en | To use Tor on freenode, see !tor-sasl06:56
farbodi now06:56
wilee-nileeAnThRaX-SOI, Personally I use the windows imager on windows but clonezilla on linux, but there are handfuls of free imagers.06:56
farbodi want somethings to open some webs06:56
aeon-ltdfarbod: webs?06:56
farbodsome sites06:57
farbodcan you help?06:57
aeon-ltdfarbod: and the reason you can't use an existing proxy is?06:57
guzzlefryAs a matter of fact, how do I even run installed programs? 0.o06:58
rannongaguzzle, I am very confused06:59
aeon-ltdguzzlefry: if this is stock ubuntu there is a dock and a search06:59
guzzlefryah no06:59
imahzhello everyone06:59
imahzquick question about the forum breach07:00
guzzlefryaeon-ltd: This is Ubuntu Server 12.04 where I installed ubuntu-desktop with the --no-install-recommend option.07:00
imahzI use my launchpad/openid to log in to the forums07:00
aeon-ltdif ubuntu-desktop is unity then you've pretty much got stock ubuntu minus a lot of applications07:00
wilee-nileeimahz, Nothing here not on its splash page, go to #ubuntuforums07:00
guzzlefryI still don't see a dock or search. :/07:01
aeon-ltdguzzlefry: what do you see?07:01
rannongado you see anything?07:01
imahzhave those details been leaked?07:01
imahzwilee-nilee: thanks!07:02
guzzlefryoh derp07:02
wilee-nileeimahz, The passwords have been randomized and you will need a new one when it is back on.07:02
guzzlefryaeon-ltd: Is the dock the part with the Dash Home, System Settings, etc?07:02
=== duncan is now known as Guest27315
guzzlefryThrew me off, I don't see a search.07:03
imahzwilee-nilee: best to just change everything, I guess07:03
aeon-ltdheh i can't do thiis from memory, if anyone is one unity guzzlefry needs some guidance07:04
aeon-ltd*on not one07:04
wilee-nileeimahz, If you used the same password anywhere I would.07:04
imahzcan't actually remember :)07:04
imahzah well07:05
guzzlefryaeon-ltd: Are there other desktops available? Unity makes me feel like I"m using OS X. :/07:05
wilee-nileeimahz, I change passwords on occasion, I have no duplicates and they are long and complex.07:05
rannongathere's kubuntu, gnome07:05
histo!notunity | guzzlefry07:06
ubottuguzzlefry: Ubuntu 11.10 and higher use the !Unity desktop environment by default.  To use GNOME Shell instead, install the "gnome-shell" package and investigate "gnome-tweak-tool".  For GNOME Fallback mode, which is similar to GNOME 2, install "gnome-panel". Both packages will place entries in the Sessions dropdown.07:06
guzzlefryah, thanks07:06
histoguzzlefry: there is also xfce lxde etc... there are plenty of Desktop environments to choose from.07:07
guzzlefryah, xfce it is. :P07:07
wilee-nileeguzzlefry, One thing you want to be aware of is that desktops are meta packages so if you install another and want to remove one there is a website that has the package list to do this safely.07:07
clynamenhello. Can you import setuptools in python2? (quantal)07:07
histoguzzlefry: xubunt-desktop meta package may be of interest to you if you want a polished looking xfce experience.07:08
xmetali like xfce07:08
guzzlefryhisto: Is that going to pull in lots of extra software? Trying to avoid that since I just use this for development.07:08
histoguzzlefry: yes the xubuntu-desktop meta package will pull in a bunch of extras. You can go more minimal by just pulling the xfce or xfce4 package I believe it is.07:09
guzzlefryThe blog post I read for installing a desktop environment on the server version had me pass --no-recommend-install to avoid that with Unity. Would it work for xubuntu-desktop?07:09
histoguzzlefry: eap xfce407:10
histoguzzlefry: I would just install xfce4 if you want a lighter setup.07:10
xmetali am in mint now as opposed to ubuntu though thats what i did07:10
xmetaljust get the "xfce" packages alone07:10
histo!info xfce4 | guzzlefry07:10
ubottuguzzlefry: xfce4 (source: xfce4): Meta-package for the Xfce Lightweight Desktop Environment. In component universe, is optional. Version 4.10.0 (raring), package size 4 kB, installed size 31 kB07:10
guzzlefryok, thanks07:10
rannonga!info vlc07:10
ubottuvlc (source: vlc): multimedia player and streamer. In component universe, is optional. Version 2.0.6-1 (raring), package size 1059 kB, installed size 3356 kB07:10
=== sins-_q is now known as sins-
noersetiawanUmm.. Hello07:17
=== lux_ is now known as Guest5010
pranav1about the recent command search when we press ctrl+r in terminal. if i press "-r". is there a way to get all 3 recent command i typed that had -r and not just 1. (ps. i know history | grep '-r')07:23
wilee-nileepranav1, You can search in ,bash_history07:27
ActionparsnipPranav1: history | grep search07:27
pranav1its ok guys..07:28
pranav1thanks :)07:28
Actionparsnip Pranav1: eg: history | grep sudo07:28
pranav1Actionparsnip: I knew that one. But is it that the history also differs for different tabs of terminal ?07:29
Margorneed help please07:29
wilee-nileeMargor, Tell the channel your problems child. ;)07:30
ActionparsnipPranav1 : yes. The file is updated when the tab closes if memory serves. It is the same shell so the same file is used07:30
marandihi guys , i want to capture screenshot from specific Workspace even when im in another workspace with command line , how can i do that ?07:30
Margorubuntu stuck on logo after reboot, if i turn it down it log in07:31
Margorhave to turn off pc every reboot07:31
histopranav1: you can also press ctrl+r again after you get one result to get the previous one07:31
histo!nomodeset | Margor07:32
ubottuMargor: A common kernel (boot)parameter is nomodeset, which is needed for some graphic cards that otherwise boot into a black screen or show corrupted splash screen. See http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=1613132 on how to use this parameter07:32
histoMargor: scrot07:32
pranav1hm.. histo thanks.. that was what i was searching for exactly :)07:32
Margorhisto, not black screen07:32
histopranav1: grep '-r' .bash_history07:32
wilee-nileehisto, I saved this while the UF is down. http://askubuntu.com/questions/38780/how-do-i-set-nomodeset-after-ive-already-installed-ubuntu07:33
ashfallen0o/ what's going on with the forums?07:33
histopranav1: grep '-r' .bash_history | tail -n 307:33
Margorhisto, ubuntu logo seems like booting, but it can take a hour and nothing07:33
ActionparsnipMarandi: seems like shutter does it according to their website07:33
pranav1histo: ok, is there a way to come back to recent one. i tried ctrl+shift+r. didn't worked.07:34
marandiActionparsnip: i found , u r right i guess , let me check it07:34
ActionparsnipMarandi : I just searched the web .....07:35
marandiActionparsnip: me too , i searched and i got it same time u respond07:35
=== Rafik_ is now known as Rafik
ActionparsnipMarandi : then why ask here before you have searched?07:39
histopranav1: man history may be of use to you.07:39
randomaussieyay i think i finally figured out my problem.... swap partition cant be first can it?07:39
pranav1histo: okey..07:40
historandomaussie: can't be first in what?07:40
randomaussiecant be the forst partition on my harddrive07:40
pranav1i thought the ctrl+r searching was not part of history command07:40
historandomaussie: sure it can07:40
randomaussiehmm ok something else must of fixed my problem them.. doesnt matter i've gotten past it :)07:41
ActionparsnipRandomaussie: if you mean the order of partitions on the drive then it doesn't make a difference.  Nor does having it as an extended partition07:41
histopranav1: it's not but there are things you can do with the history command that you may apply to whatever it is you are trying to do. Like !?string?07:41
Actionparsnip Randomaussie : sorry, logical partition07:41
randomaussieactionparsnip: no problem i'm just glad i fixed my gtp problem :)07:42
ActionparsnipRandomaussie : sweet :-)07:42
historandomaussie: you mean gpt?07:43
randomaussiehisto: guid partition table07:43
histopranav1: what exactly are you trying to do? Like what is the end goal here?07:44
jactahttp://pastebin.ubuntu.com/5899703/ - can anyone help me with this one? :S07:44
randomaussiehisto: sorry i'm very dyslexic :) makes things difficult some times07:45
histojacta: remove the two packages from /var/cache/apt/archives/... that it is complaining about and redownload them.07:46
ActionparsnipJackta: are the files from PPAs?07:47
jactaI really don't know, actually, can I see that somehow?07:47
ActionparsnipJackta : some files seem to overlap and dpkg doesn't like it07:47
sontek_Any of you guys know a good upstart event to catch *after* network mounted file systems would be available?07:48
ActionparsnipJackta : apt-cache policy fonts-unfonts-core07:48
jactaActionparsnip: http://paste.ubuntu.com/5899718/07:49
guzzlefryNo Oracle JRE in the package manager I take it?07:49
ActionparsnipJackta : you can force install the debs and the overlap will be ignored but the package needs sorting out and you should report a bug07:50
jactaActionparsnip: I'm just a newbie to all  this, I'm not sure what I should do :S07:50
Electric_ChargeHey, did you guys hear about what happened with the Ubuntu forums>07:50
Actionparsnip Guzzlefry: no but webupd8 has a ppa for Oracle Java you can use07:51
Actionparsnip Electric_charge: this is support. Chit chat in #ubuntu-offtopic please07:52
Electric_ChargeSorry, I'm gonna head over there. Thanks.07:52
Actionparsnip Jacta: run: ubuntu-buf fonts-unfonts-core07:52
ActionparsnipJackta : you get the idea: ubuntu-bug packagename07:53
ActionparsnipJackta : also try: sudo apt-get update; sudo apt-get clean;  sudo apt-get upgrade07:54
Actionparsnip Jackta : fresh download of the package07:55
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jactaActionparsnip: after the three: http://pastebin.ubuntu.com/5899733/07:56
ActionparsnipJackta : what is the output of : cat /etc/issue07:57
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jactaActionparsnip: http://paste.ubuntu.com/5899734/07:58
konadrIs there some strange issue with www.ubuntuforums.org and debian.org I can't resolve their DNS?07:59
ActionparsnipJacta: run: ubuntu-bug fonts-horai-umefont07:59
ActionparsnipJacta : the packages are not right07:59
ikoniakonadr: no problem at all07:59
jactaActionparsnip: can we see what installed it, so I can remove it? :S08:02
ActionparsnipKonadrr: tried a different DNS?08:02
ActionparsnipKonadr: dig a debian.org @
Celrockonadr: I think the forums are currently down.  There's been some kind of security breach08:03
ActionparsnipKonadr: does that give an answer?08:03
konadrI think so, I also think my DNS server was on it's way out at the same time, thanks folks :)08:04
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ActionparsnipKonadr : change server for DNS. There are loads online08:04
mreggHi, with the integrate gpu HD3000 (i5-2500) on precise, is it recommended to install xorg-edgers?08:05
konadrIt's just our internal one Actionparsnip, we set it up last week so it's resolving everything apart from debian.org and the forums :) weird08:06
ActionparsnipYou can even use namebench to see which is fastest for your location08:06
=== dominic_ is now known as mdih
Actionparsnip Mregg: xorg edgers is notoriously unstable and experimental.  I don't suggest it to production systems08:07
Actionparsnip Konadr: check your DNS forward or add a zone08:07
konadrI think it was the forward Actionparsnip, someone had been tinkering with it!08:08
mreggActionparsnip: Thanks. Prior to 12.04, I was on 10.10, and there I *had* to use xorg-edgers as Sandy Bridge wasn't recognized by maverick, hence my question.08:08
syn-ackGood evening08:08
kingbeastsyn-ack, evening to you08:09
ActionparsnipMregg: did you clean install or did you upgrade all the way from Maverick to Precise stopping at each consecutive release?08:09
mreggActionparsnip: clean install08:09
syn-ackif he did, I pitty him08:09
syn-ackmregg, Good boy. heh08:09
kingbeastif he didn't catch the blank screen on boot he should be fine08:10
ActionparsnipMregg: you could try it.  You can use ppa-purge to roll back08:10
mreggsyn-ack: Although on my laptop I did 10.04 - 12.04 - 12.10 - 13.04, and all that went surprisingly smooth!08:10
syn-ackAnyway, as we digress08:11
kingbeastvery, tis the reason I use LTS only, I plan builds according08:11
=== _BJFreeman is now known as BJfreeman
mreggsyn-ack: yeah well with a good dd of your sda1...08:12
syn-ackimages for the win08:12
Jubeihello. My box refuses to resolve things. I wanted to manage networking manually so i purged the network-manager08:12
syn-ackSeems like a slow night08:12
Jubeibut now dns resolution just doesn't work (even though resolv.conf is populated)08:13
auronandace!resolvconf | Jubei08:13
ubottuJubei: resolvconf is a set of scripts that's used to manage /etc/resolv.conf in 12.04 and later, for more information please see: http://www.stgraber.org/2012/02/24/dns-in-ubuntu-12-04/ and https://help.ubuntu.com/12.10/serverguide/network-configuration.html#name-resolution08:13
Jubeiauronandace, actually I've read both those pages08:14
syn-ackJubei, yeah, can't really do things the old fashioned way easily in Ubuntu, imo08:14
histoJubei: resolv.conf will get overwritten even when network-manager is removed due to the resolvconf package now.08:14
exenкак попасть на русский канал?08:15
syn-ackexen, Engrish only, pls08:15
Jubeihisto, auronandace thanks I found the problem08:15
JubeiI had mistakenly added in /etc/network/interfaces dns-nameservers servera,serverb08:15
Jubeineeds a space, not a comma08:16
Jubeifixed it and it works now thank you very much08:16
ikoniawhy are you using the interfaces file ?08:16
histoikonia: he is manually configure his interface08:16
syn-ackHe's doing it the very old fashioned Debian way, it appears08:16
Jubeiikonia, because I just want a static IP and I think that running that network-manager thingie is .. too much08:16
ikonianetwork manager should be used08:17
ikoniait's intergrated into the desktop....for a reason08:17
randomaussiei have a self hosting network printer that doesnt have its own specific drivers... it seems i might still be able to get it to work using jetdirect and i can find a guide to help me make sure i'm setting it up properly.. doesn any one know of a guide or has experiance in this?08:17
Jubeiikonia, I don't use the desktop. I want to be able to alter addresses etc from remotely08:17
histoikonia: without network-manager that is the preferd way08:17
kingbeastit should be done how the user prefers08:17
ikoniaJubei: so you don't have the desktop installed/running08:17
fishcookerhow to protect screen session with apassword08:17
historandomaussie: what kind of printer do you have?08:17
Celrocexen: #ubuntu-ru08:17
Jubeiikonia, I don't have it running :)08:17
histofishcooker: ctrl+a then x08:18
randomaussiehisto: fuji zeros docuprint cp205w08:18
fishcookerhisto nice and quick resp08:18
ikoniahisto: that's useful to know, didn't know you could password "screen"08:18
syn-ackJubei, what I tend to personally is use Static Leases, instead. I prefer to do everything in the router and within my AD Servers.08:18
randomaussiehisto: i can find it on the network just not sure what i'm auposed to do wit the "connections" option08:18
syn-ackMakes the Network Management easier.08:18
Jubeisyn-ack, fair enough.08:19
syn-ackBut, to each their own08:19
histofishcooker: you can also run screen with password options in your .screenrc or at cli so it will prompt for password upon connecting etc... info is the in man page for screen.08:20
fishcookerwhy always request a password "Screen used by root <root> on sentral."08:24
ikoniaerrr "root" screen....no no no no08:24
ikoniafishcooker: start it as an unprivileged user, then switch user in the screen08:24
histofishcooker: to avoid your error08:25
arun_I have 2 audio output ports, one of them is not detected why?08:27
histoarun_: perhaps one is for mic one is for speakers08:27
arun_then i have 408:28
histoarun_: if your ports are multiplying you really have issues08:28
arun_2 in the front of my CPU08:29
arun_2 in the back of CPU08:29
histoarun_: those are usually just front audio jacks for the same card08:29
arun_can u find out what is wrong with them?08:30
arun_back one is working fine08:30
histoarun_: maybe the wire is disconnected inside your computer or the headphone jack is muted in your sound settings08:31
=== CyberJacob is now known as CyberJacob|Away
obronihi, ubuntuforum.com was hacked, right? does this also inclued launchpad and reated sites/forums?08:32
ikoniajust ubuntu forum08:33
syn-ackWhen was it hacked?08:33
DJonesobroni: As per -ack> When was it hacked?08:33
histosyn-ack: Saturday I believe08:33
ikoniathere is an announcment on the website08:33
Jubeithank god for google cache08:34
obroniikonia: ok,since i have an account there (reported on or two bugs long time ago and never used it since) - i'd have to find out what password I used there and change the pw, in case i use it somewhere else?08:34
obronianything else to do or think of?08:34
DJonesAs per www.ubuntuforums.org/announce.html, it was hacked late on the 20th July, Ubuntu One, Launchpad and other Ubuntu/Canonical services are NOT affected by the breach08:34
ikoniaobroni: that's up to you, the password database is encypted, so that's up to you08:35
=== jpmh_ is now known as jpmh
DJonesobroni: You can't do anything yet anyway, everybody has to wait until the forums are back up and running before you can change your password08:35
obroniDJones: i mean changing the password on other services in case i sue them same paw08:36
obroni*paw-> password08:36
ikoniaup to you08:36
obroniDJones: since i created the account long ago i don't think i use the pw anywhere else - but i'd like to make sure08:36
syn-ackas was mentioned. The PW DB is encrypted and hopefully salted so it shouldn't bee too much of an issue08:37
syn-ackbee? gah08:37
obroni*hopefully salted*?08:37
gordonjcpobroni: even unsalted md5 is a pig to crack08:37
syn-ackas in, I don't know if they salted it, but it more than likely is08:37
gordonjcpsyn-ack: by default it would be salted; making it unsalted would have required additional effort08:38
histosyn-ack: it was salted08:38
syn-ackgordonjcp, Ah well, I'm not up as to how the backend is set up and all that...08:38
syn-ackYeah, then I wouldn't worry about it.08:38
gordonjcpsyn-ack: I use the same "insecure" password for a bunch of stuff, and a more secure one for things I care about, and a more secure one still for my personal machines and online banking ;-)08:39
obroniso currently i can not log on to ubuntuformus?08:39
arun_how to search files?08:39
ikoniaobroni: visit the front page08:40
obroniarun_: do you want to search by name?08:40
syn-ackobroni, Thtat would be a negative08:40
ikoniaarun_: the search box in the file manager08:40
fishcookerhow to remove the history log .. i want to remove some line but it always come back08:40
ActionParsniparun_: if you run:  sudo updatedb   you can then use the 'locate' command08:40
ikonialocate is not a "search"08:40
ikoniait only searched set paths08:40
ActionParsnipikonia: sure it is, it searches the database of file names created by updatedb08:41
syn-ackgordonjcp, For everything local, I use a randomly generated password plus biometrics08:41
sontek_Whats the latest upstart event emitted that can be caught?08:41
gordonjcpsyn-ack: apg for the win08:41
ikoniaActionParsnip: that's not a search - that's basically a quick find for certain paths, mostly the common binary paths, it' not really more than "which"08:41
mathfreakobroni: Passwords are apparently salted as md5(md5(pass).$salt)08:41
obroniikonia: syn-ack ok, thank you08:41
obronimathfreak: OK08:41
syn-ackYeah, I love my fingerprint scanners.08:42
ActionParsnipikonia: it is still a search, it also adds in $HOME which 'which' doesnt appreciate08:42
ikoniaI just don't understand why you'd suggest "locate" when there is a proper definable search function in nautlius08:42
randomaussiei've forgotten how to change my ubuntu to use the main servers instad of hte australian mirrors08:42
syn-ackI personally use "which" and "locate" more than the gui things08:43
syn-ackjust a creature of habit, I suppose08:43
obroniwhat about find?08:43
ikoniaagain, why suggest such things, when there is a proper search function in nautilus.08:43
randomaussienevermind i've finally found it08:44
R0SSIIs there any app is in YUMI for linux? I want to creat a Multiboot USB. (http://www.pendrivelinux.com/yumi-multiboot-usb-creator/)08:44
syn-ackikonia, I fail to see how one is less proper than the other. It all gets the job done, no?08:44
obronioh: i was merey asking syn-ack why he preferes which and locate. but i see your point, ikonia08:44
R0SSI*as in YUMI08:45
syn-ackobroni, that's just the way I've done it since I started using linux in 199808:45
ActionParsnipikonia: i like cli, depends on the needs really, the user may be on a server install so nautilus will no be installed. 'locate' covers both desktop and server08:45
obroniah ok08:45
fishcookeris it possible to remove some line history line .. so it wont come back again08:45
ikoniasyn-ack: your on a desktop, designed for ease of use, a guy ask "how to find files" suggesting he really has no idea, and you are suggesting a.) terminal commands b.) hardcoded path searches, when there is an easy to use gui tool built into the desktop08:45
syn-ackikonia, fair enough08:45
ikoniaActionParsnip: I do'nt disagree with what "you" use, but see comment to syn-ack08:46
ActionParsnipfishcooker: you can grep -v the bash history file and output to another file as a user with sudo access. You can then copy the new file over08:46
ActionParsnipikonia: gotch08:46
syn-ackikonia, Like I said, personally, I'm just a creature of habit. I tend to go where I "know"08:47
syn-ackI know CLI. :/08:47
mathfreakfishcooker: Use your text editor on ~/.bash_history. Remove the line you don't want. Save and quit.08:47
ikoniasyn-ack: yes, but think about who you're helping when they ask08:47
ceil"The Ubuntu forums software was compromised by an external attacker. As a result, the attacker has gained access to read your username, email address and an encrypted copy of your password from the forum database."08:47
ceilthanks a lot, Ubuntu :(08:47
ikoniaceil: not here to rant08:47
ikoniaceil: you've got the announcment information, - that's as much as can be informed08:48
ceilikonia: that was my rant :)08:48
syn-ackceil, simply put; things like this happen. Deal.08:48
mathfreakceil: Not technically Ubuntu's fault. Besides, you should never place too much trust in any one entity.08:48
ceilsyn-ack: tbh, i don't even remember my ubuntu login info heh. i'm sure it's an old password that's long since fallen to disuse08:48
arc__hi guys how do i reinstall grub08:48
syn-ackIt'll be fixed and we'll all be happy little users again here in the near future.08:48
ceilalso, i'm glad they store passwords encrypted :)08:48
ceil(back to your regularly scheduled help chat)08:49
mathfreakarc__: sudo grub-install <device file for your hard drive>08:49
mathfreakarc__: What do you need to re-install grub for? What happened?08:49
syn-ackmathfreak beat me to it08:49
arc__i had gurb rescue08:49
ActionParsniparc__: you can do it in a chroot from livecd if needed08:50
arc__no i random08:50
syn-ackcome again08:50
arc__no i randomly installed it again to fix it08:50
arc__sorry bad fast typer08:51
syn-ackI think I see what you're getting at, but wow08:52
syn-ackarc__, It sounds like you're trying to learn how the internals of linux. I commend you on that. Might I recommend something to you though? Install Vbox or VMware or something and get something like LFS, Gentoo, Slackware or the like and do it that way08:53
syn-ackdon't waste a perfectly good system08:53
histo!grub | arc__08:54
ubottuarc__: GRUB2 is the default Ubuntu boot manager. Lost GRUB after installing Windows? See https://help.ubuntu.com/community/RestoreGrub - For more information and troubleshooting for GRUB2 please refer to https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Grub208:54
syn-ackhisto, to me, it sounds like he did just to see how to do it.08:54
syn-ackdid it, that is08:54
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Kingsyis it true that the ubuntu forums were breached and passwords where lost?08:57
ikoniaKingsy: please read the front page of rht eforum08:58
Kingsyikonia: what if you cant remember which password you used? and therefore are not sure which accounts need to be changed?08:59
k1lKingsy: #ubuntu-offtopic or #ubuntuforums are the channels to discuss that topic08:59
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DragonDonGreetings all....well, looks like I'm back to Ubuntu after being away for a few years :)09:05
=== Guest79533 is now known as _nebula
vlad76DragonDon: hey, welcome back. Why did you drop ubuntu? :)09:06
_nebulaSomebody help!09:06
mathfreak_nebula: What's up?09:07
_nebulaI recently installed gnome desktop on raring ringtail09:07
DragonDonsold my system, had a little netbook (Win7 Starter) for about a year, didn't want to change it till I could backup/restore to factory shoudl something go wrong....(cont)09:07
restinghelp in installing php 5.3.10 in ubuntu 10.04? http://askubuntu.com/questions/102117/how-to-update-to-php-5-3-10-in-10-04 doesn't work anymore. ppa seems to have been taken down09:07
_nebulasince then I have lost the wifi option in network applet09:07
DragonDonthen built a new system, tried Ubuntu....it wouldn't install properly, so installed Debian....(cont)09:07
k1l_nebula: which gnome desktop?09:07
DJonesresting: Server or Desktop?09:07
DragonDonDebian broke recently for me....and I want to try out Steam....so back I came :)09:08
restingDJones: server09:08
mathfreakDragonDon: I can attest that Steam on Ubuntu is pretty awesome.09:08
DragonDoninstalling now mathfreak09:08
k1l_nebula: more precise please. the gnome-shell (aka gnome3)?09:08
_nebulagnome 309:09
_nebulaI have now gnome3 and unity both installed09:09
DragonDonalthough, Steam has some sort of issue with my first purchase....go figure...waiting for them to respond.09:10
_nebulamy network card is09:10
_nebula Broadcom Corporation NetLink BCM5906M Fast Ethernet PCI Express09:10
sandeepr_ltphi, i'm using preseed file to install 12.04 x64 server. i want to install ubuntu desktop as --no-install-recommends ubuntu-desktop09:10
_nebulaand it works fine in windows09:11
sandeepr_ltpanyone know how i can specify it in the preseed file in d-i pkgsel/include string09:11
_nebulaIt worked earlier so I suppose it is not a driver issue!09:12
syn-ackThat's kind of out of the scope of this channel, sandeepr_ltp... I would imagine, at least.09:12
Ignatiusnickname Gnagna09:12
sandeepr_ltpsyn-ack, is there another channel i should ask this?09:13
mathfreak_nebula: I've always had trouble with Broadcom cards on Linux.09:13
DJonesresting: As far as I can see, that ppa no longer exists, you may need to look for another ppa but bear in mind that ppa's aren't officially supported09:13
syn-acksandeepr_ltp, to be honest, I'm not sure...09:13
_nebulamathfreak: I am facing this problem first time09:14
guzzlefryI'm trying to install make, it appears to have frozen.09:14
_nebulalooks like I will have to reinstall everything09:14
mathfreak_nebula: Is this the first time you've installed Linux on that system?09:14
_nebulaI have used almost all versions of ubuntu from 10.0409:15
_nebulaworked with all previous releases09:15
DragonDonanyone know why my downloads are soo slow?  I mean, they are peaking at a whopping 21kB/s!!  Geeze!  I know I can get multi-MB/s...09:15
restingDJones: yea, i'm aware ppa has risks…but where does one usually find ppas? not really a linux guy09:15
_nebulaIt was working with raring ringtail too09:16
DragonDonto clarify, these are update downloads....09:16
mathfreakHmm... Out of my scope then. You might want to take a look at wicd over NetworkManager sometime, though.09:16
DJonesresting: I'd give https://launchpad.net/ubuntu/+ppas a search09:16
_nebulabut something happened after gnome install09:17
joshu_hi is there anything I need to consider when installing ubuntu 13.04 on an SSD?09:17
_nebulaok mathfreak, thanks09:17
guzzlefrySo, package installation kind of freezes on "applying changes" in the GUI app, how do I fix this?09:18
syn-ackjoshu_, your mount flags.09:18
restingDJones: awesome! thanks..think i found what i need..09:19
syn-ackjoshu_, http://askubuntu.com/questions/19376/installing-ubuntu-on-a-ssd09:19
joshu_syn-ack hi so after I install ubuntu I make the changes? are the changes dependent on the type of sad?09:19
syn-ackrefer to my last09:19
joshu_ok thanks syn-ack ;)09:21
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=== Zill is now known as Guest68598
joshu_syn-ack I read through your link and in the answers no one mentions mount flags. Just the type of filesystem and some other basic things.09:25
syn-ackjoshu_, did you look at the first reference link in the article?09:28
syn-ackjoshu_, http://opentechnow.blogspot.com/2010/02/linux-ssd-optimization-guide.html09:28
joshu_ok I went for the answers as I thought that would provided solid info from experienced users. I'll have a look at all the links now.09:29
jactaActionParsnip: are you still here?09:30
syn-ackjoshu_, yeah... it's actually a very well written article with other options. I wish I could personally could give you more definite advice, but I run platters.09:30
joshu_syn-ack no worries I appreciate the help you've given!09:31
=== r is now known as Guest43900
syn-ackI know the big one is that you move /tmp into RAM and something about TRIM and etc, but yeah...09:32
syn-ackI mean, if you have the RAM, you should move /tmp into RAM and have it noexec anyway, for security purposes.09:33
syn-ackThats one of the first things I do on my servers. My workstations.... not so much09:33
syn-ackAnd since Linux 2.6, I have followed the rule of thumb with regards to swap, anyway since its memory management is far better than that of 2.4 was.09:34
syn-ackhaven't, that is09:35
joshu_interesting thanks syn-ack09:37
ActionParsnipjacta: a little09:37
syn-ackjoshu_, for example, I have 4 gigs of RAM on this machine here, and I only have 500 megs of swap and even with that, I never touch it unless I'm running a VM or something09:38
ActionParsnipsyn-ack: moving ~/.cache/google-chrome or whatever browser you use's cache to tempfs too :)09:38
joshu_syn-ack and the machine you mention is running ubuntu desktop?09:39
syn-ackjoshu_, Xubuntu, but I would set up Ubuntu the same way09:40
syn-ackjoshu_, it's not like I do anything really intensive all the time, like Database serving or the like, so there's no real point in a heavy swap, here.09:41
joshu_ok syn-ack seems to be a lot of different opinions on how to configure ubuntu when using an SSD and also some bug related to lightdm. Starting to think that maybe it is not worth it to get an SSD to replace a platter09:41
syn-ackI mean, I cant hibernate, but boo hoo, I hate that feature anyway09:41
syn-ackjoshu_, what bug is this?09:41
joshu_syn-ack http://www.webupd8.org/2013/01/ubuntu-lightdm-black-screen-when-using.html09:42
syn-ackHell, if that's all the bug is... oh well, just go in there and fix... besides, it's probably fixed already anyway. Don't let that sway you from getting an SSD09:43
joshu_i'm creating this system for multiple users and buying new laptops, so I was considering SSDs as they don't spin and less risk of damage if the users are rough with the laptops. But I don't know now...09:43
gordonjcpjoshu_: you don't know why?09:43
syn-ackI wouldn't go as far as installing GDM... esp since LightDM is better.09:44
syn-ackjoshu_, you'll be fine.09:44
syn-ackjoshu_, Just deploy one, for you run it as your primary system for a while, tweak it and then deploy on a wide scale. No biggie, really.09:45
joshu_syn-ack yeah I have a system I'm still working on building that just uses ubuntu mini 13.04 and xserver-xorg lightdm…I'm essentially building a thin client laptop09:45
ajay_hi ajay09:45
ajay_this is sandesh09:45
syn-ackThen just go buy a bunch of ChromeBooks.09:45
joshu_gordonjcp sorry what I mean is don't know if the SSD is worth it that's what I was trying to say...09:45
joysonhi m ajayn :P09:45
joshu_syn-ack hehe no Google thanks ;)09:46
syn-ackI was being sarcastic, anyway09:46
joshu_syn-ack I know :D09:46
syn-ackSeriously, I think you'll be fine09:46
gordonjcpjoshu_: get a couple and try it09:47
HexagoniteWhy won't dd stop copying when it already said '2537521152 bytes (2.5 GB) copied, 607.722 s, 4.2 MB/s'09:47
syn-ackas far as preseeding goes... I haven't done a preseed and deselect install in many, MANY moons and I've never done it on Ubuntu, so I seriously wouldn't advise it.09:47
Hexagonitethe USB still blinks and closing the terminal says there's an ongoing command09:48
gordonjcpjoshu_: kickstart and PXE are your friends, for bulk installs09:48
Hexagonitethe USB stopped blinking; anyone?09:50
joshu_syn-ack gordonjcp this link I just found seems pretty straightforward https://sites.google.com/site/easylinuxtipsproject/ssd09:51
Jessica1988I scanned paper from book, now i want print it out in bigger scale. How todo that ?09:51
Jessica1988i was trying with gimp, but it dont change printing size :/09:52
Hexagonitenevermind, stopped copying09:53
=== richard_ is now known as rich97
syn-ackjoshu_, I think that one's going in the ol bookmarks09:56
joshu_syn-ack ;) just need to check what's suitable ssd make and model. need something tiny09:56
syn-ackjoshu_, Buddy of mine says the WD units are actually really good. The one constant I hear is to NOT get one of those hybrid drives.09:57
joshu_syn-ack thanks for the tip!09:58
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=== harshadura_ is now known as harshadura
syn-ackOne thing I don't agree with in this is that it says not having a separate /home part isnt useful.10:00
syn-ackimo, it most certainly is10:00
joshu_syn-ack so you wouldn't do a guided partitioning?10:01
syn-ackjoshu_, I never have.10:02
wy017Hi all. I'm new to Ubuntu. Just installed the Ubuntu 13.04 on my Asus A46CM, and I'm happy with it however I encounter minor issue with my keyboard layout and my GPU. Anyone has solutions to this? Ta.10:02
syn-ackjoshu_, on my workstations, I have / /home and swap10:02
tvjunkycan somebody tell me how to read the ubuntu CVE tracker?10:02
tvjunkyi.e. http://people.canonical.com/~ubuntu-security/cve/2012/CVE-2012-3411.html10:02
ubottuDnsmasq before 2.63test1, when used with certain libvirt configurations, replies to requests from prohibited interfaces, which allows remote attackers to cause a denial of service (traffic amplification) via a spoofed DNS query. (http://cve.mitre.org/cgi-bin/cvename.cgi?name=CVE-2012-3411)10:02
tvjunkydoes this mean there is no patch yet?10:02
syn-ackjoshu_, on my servers, I tend to have about 6 or 7 different partitions.10:02
tvjunkyi'm on 12.04 LTE10:03
syn-ackjoshu_, before ext4, I ran XFS, and on that I had /boot, /, /home and swap10:03
syn-ackand I still have a seperate /boot on my servers, even with ext4, for added security.10:04
joshu_syn-ack ok I'll have to consider the partitioning some more10:04
syn-ackjoshu_, yeah, a good partitioning plan is very important.10:05
syn-ackThough, I'm sure some in here would argue that some of what I do is no longer necessary and blah, blah, blah10:06
joshu_sure everyone has there own ways.10:06
joshu_syn-ack something I've been wondering is how I can update and make configuration changes to the OS when these laptops will be in remote locations and I'll only need direct physical access if there's something really wrong.10:07
joshu_syn-ack commercial thin clients such as those by HP or Wyse when you update the OS you basically update an image10:08
syn-ackjoshu_, Landscape.10:08
syn-ackor clonezilla.10:08
syn-ackclonezilla can be set up as a PXE server.10:08
syn-ackIf the OS is going to be local and Ubuntu, look into Landscape, if you're wanting to go with a PXE Boot type system, use something like Clonezilla10:09
joshu_syn-ack so as long as a laptop has an internet connection and can power on I would be able to remotely  update it…ok PXE boot might be a bad option for remote users not on the LAN right?10:10
syn-ackStick to Landscape.10:10
syn-ackIt is really, REALLY nice10:11
joshu_syn-ack not overkill for 5 users?10:11
syn-ackyes and no.10:11
syn-ackIt certainly leaves room to scale it up, when the time comes10:12
NK`anyone know what is the environment variable "without NO_AT_BRIDGE" aim to ?10:12
NK`i meant "NO_AT_BRIDGE"10:12
joshu_syn-ack I was considering creating something on my own although what exactly I don't know..don't need anything super fancy or complex. Just need to be able to change a laptop's config say network settings, vpn settings and update the few things i've installed if needed10:13
lperry65I'm added myself to the www:data group which owns /var/www but i'm unable to change file permissions on a style sheet in a subdirectory of /var/www. i've checked and all directories in www are owned by www:data with g+w please help!10:13
syn-ackjoshu_, I know there's some free solutions out there, but Landscape is nice because A) you dont have to deal with that part of the administration B) it integrates nicely10:14
syn-ackjoshu_, I mean, really, when you think about it's a lot like LogMeIn10:14
joshu_can I shadow users to help them with landscape?10:15
syn-ackNot sure if they added that feature10:15
syn-ackjoshu_, Hell, that really can be done via RDP or VNC, really.10:15
joshu_syn-ack that's another thing I'm investigating…I was thinking team viewer, but it doesn't work if the user hasn't logged in I believe. What I'd like is to connect to a laptop at the lightdm greeter so I can help the user from there10:15
syn-ackI haven't used it in a while, but I believe you can do that, with TeamViewer.10:17
joshu_syn-ack I've read that a VNC server can be started at the lightdm greeter, then the issue becomes how to access a laptop that's in a remote location with unknown NAT etc…To replicate team viewer's magic I would need the laptop on power on with an internet connection to connect to say an EC2 server that I would run and then whenever I need to help the user I would connect to the EC2 server as well..This way avoiding networking issues on th10:17
joshu_ user side.10:17
syn-ackThe last time I used it was years ago, when it first hit the scene and I thought it was too clunky for my liking10:18
syn-ackjoshu_, you could have it tunnel through a VPN link to your Network10:19
syn-ackmost consumer type routers allow vpn passthrough by default.10:19
syn-ackthough it's involved, your idea isn't a bad one, joshu_10:20
lperry65should i be asking this question somewhere else?10:21
joshu_syn-ack to provide some more info essentially this custom ubuntu I'm still putting together we some difficulty will be very simple from a user perspective. User powers on laptop, lightdm greeter presented. User either connects to internet via ethernet or provided USB modem. User logs in and VPN connection is established to my firewall and then an RDP session to my windows terminal server. User works.10:21
rap_haelhi, i rebooted my computer, and login managers (either lightdm or gdm) fails to load any wm, i have to use startx, any idea ?10:21
joshu_syn-ack from my management, support perspective I need to be able to shadow/ help the user from the lightdm greeter all the way to when they've logged in and connected to vpn, rdp. However I'm trying to cover most scenarios so let's say the laptop has an internet connection, but vpn doesn't work. IN this instance I need to be able to access the laptop outside of VPN if you know what I mean.10:22
syn-ackjoshu_, then regardless you should be able to vnc in once the tunnel's up10:22
DJoneslperry65: It might be worth asking in #ubuntu-server if you don't get a reply here10:23
lperry65DJones: thanks10:23
syn-ackjoshu_, you could dual-home the connection, just in case, I suppose.10:23
syn-ackI mean, its *going* to be anyway, but, hrm10:24
joshu_syn-ack once tunnel is up I should be able to VNC and it's protected and all that. But I'm wondering what to do if VPN tunnel doesn't come up for whatever reason. I mean the system I provide a user will be configured and tested by me and ready to use, so maybe this is a non-issue?!10:24
syn-ackIt should be a relative non-issue once the bugs are worked out10:24
joshu_syn-ack btw thanks for brainstorming with me it is very useful to bounce ideas off someone ;)10:24
syn-ackThere is always an "in-case" situations, though10:25
syn-ackjoshu_, np10:25
joshu_syn-ack so do you think I'm over thinking this and should be satisfied that as long as a laptop has an internet connection (ethernet or 3G) and connects via VPN then I can shadow form lightdm and update, configure whatever I need?10:26
rhymyou got a webdev background zen?10:26
syn-ackjoshu_, yes, but no... I feel like I'm missing something, now10:27
A_JHey all. I wanted to know how do i automount one of my drives on bootup of my pc10:27
syn-ackThen again, it's 033010:27
iceroot!fstab | A_J10:28
ubottuA_J: The /etc/fstab file indicates how drive partitions are to be used or otherwise integrated into the file system. See https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Fstab and http://www.tuxfiles.org/linuxhelp/fstab.html and !Partitions10:28
A_Jthanks iceroot10:28
joshu_syn-ack hehe10:28
syn-ackjoshu_, what's your timeline looking like? workflows, etc?10:29
syn-ackyou know what, take this to a /msg10:29
A_Jiceroot okie. so UUID=XYZ /media/Data Drive ntfs-3g defaults10:41
A_Jthats it ?10:41
icerootA_J: quote Data Drive because of the whitespace10:42
A_Jokie thats it ?10:43
icerootA_J: and i dont know if you need ntfs-3g, it should be fine to use   UUID=foobar /media/DataDrive ntfs defaults10:43
icerootA_J: you can test it with "sudo mount -a" that will mount everything from fstab (which is not mounted already)10:44
A_Jyou ment single or double quotes iceroot ?10:45
icerootA_J: /media/Data\ Drive  or "/media/Data Drive" should be fine10:46
icerootA_J: but the best idea is to avoid white spaces in filenames10:46
A_Jit gave an error while booting it took it as /media/"Data.10:47
icerootA_J: "/media/Data Drive"10:47
icerootA_J: but the best idea is to avoid white spaces in filenames10:47
A_Jhmm okie. i would put in the backslash10:48
A_Jbut the keyboard is acting funny.10:48
A_Jthink the keyboard type is off.10:48
A_Jprinting funny characters when i push symbol keys10:48
TheBraynhow can I tell ubuntu to only keep 2 kernel versions in /boot?10:50
A_Jiceroot umm well ?10:51
OerHeksTheBrayn, This page might be the help you need >> http://askubuntu.com/a/10437010:53
frankboard@OerHeks a10:53
OerHeksa ..?10:54
jimmyffhey guys, I'm installing a new ubuntu server, will migrate from my old server next week. I want to take the opportunity to upgrade the software: apache 2.4, php5.5 (or 5.4), php_pfm, mod_proxy_fcgi, postgresql 9.2 etc. I was going to go with ubuntu 12.04 as it's LTS - is this going to be a struggle?11:00
dinnahhow do i enable disk controller on the bios menu?11:01
OerHeks!info apache2 precise11:01
ubottuapache2 (source: apache2): Apache HTTP Server metapackage. In component main, is optional. Version 2.2.22-1ubuntu1.4 (precise), package size 1 kB, installed size 29 kB11:01
OerHeksjimmyff, yes, current version would be apache 2.2.2211:02
OerHeks!info php5 precise11:02
ubottuphp5 (source: php5): server-side, HTML-embedded scripting language (metapackage). In component main, is optional. Version 5.3.10-1ubuntu3.7 (precise), package size 1 kB, installed size 21 kB11:02
OerHeksphp5 too, maybe !backports will give more recent packages11:03
bgardnerjimmyff: And PostgreSQL in Precise would be 9.1, I think.11:03
OerHeksbgardner +111:04
jimmyffcouldn't I add ppa's like this one: https://launchpad.net/~ondrej/+archive/php5 to get access to the latest packages?11:04
hanumanhi to all11:04
OerHeksPPA's are unsupported, check backports first11:04
jimmyffor is that a bad idea on a production server?11:04
bgardnerjimmyff: I wouldn't for a production system, no.11:04
hanumanhow can i install sudo apt-get things automatically using script in ubuntu11:04
jimmyff:( I guess they all most likely me packaged with 14.04 but I have to upgrade now as current server is overloaded11:06
jimmyffshould I go for a more recent none LTS release?11:06
bgardnerjimmyff: I wouldn't recommend it, no.  For a production server, that's really what the LTS releases are for.11:07
jimmyffbgardner: but 12.04 + backports is okay?11:07
bgardnerjimmyff: Much better than using PPAs, yes, in my opinion.11:08
jimmyff!info apache2 quantal11:09
ubottuapache2 (source: apache2): Apache HTTP Server metapackage. In component main, is optional. Version 2.2.22-6ubuntu2.3 (quantal), package size 1 kB, installed size 29 kB11:09
jorickwhats the open source alternative to technologies like airtunes? i want to connect my rpi to my speakers and be able to stream music to it from my laptop.11:10
OerHeksjimmyff, quantal is 12.10, check raring ( 13.04)11:10
jimmyff!info php5 quantal11:12
ubottuphp5 (source: php5): server-side, HTML-embedded scripting language (metapackage). In component main, is optional. Version 5.4.6-1ubuntu1.3 (quantal), package size 1 kB, installed size 21 kB11:12
jimmyffOerHeks: but I thought backports was only +1 version?11:13
jimmyffoh if this is all there is in precise backports I'm stuck with the really old stuff: http://packages.ubuntu.com/precise-backports/allpackages\11:14
A_Jjimmyff can you help me add a entry in my fstav11:14
A_Jfuuu ftsab*11:14
ActionParsnipjorick: http://www.makeuseof.com/tag/apples-airtunes-ubuntulinux/11:14
jimmyffA_J: I'm not very good with fstab stuff - ask the channel, im sure someone will be able to help you11:15
A_Jhmm okie how do i add a Drive name "Data Drive" into my fstab11:15
A_Jo/ ActionParsnip11:15
jorickActionParsnip, im not 100% sure i want to use apple's protocol ... i was hoping there'd be a more open source friendly way to stream sound from one device to the next11:15
ActionParsnipjorick: you are connecting to an Apple product, its probably some proprietary mess11:16
ActionParsnipjorick: seems pulseaudio can do it though11:16
joshu_anyone have good recommendations of makes/models of SSDs something small 40GB or similar for ubuntu?11:17
* A_J pokes ActionParsnip11:17
mathfreakA_J: What's going on exactly?11:17
jorickActionParsnip, iam connecting my speakers to a raspberry pi... ill check out PA11:17
A_Jmathfreak need to add my windows drive labled "Data Drive" in my fstab11:17
A_Jfor some reason it doesnt like the whitespace. and refuses to get added11:17
A_JUUID=XYZ /media/Data\ Drive ntfs-3g defaults11:18
mathfreakA_J: You have a few options. You can try escaping the whitespace with a backslash (\).11:18
jimmyff!info postgresql precise11:18
mathfreakA_J: Oh, I see.11:18
ubottupostgresql (source: postgresql-common (129ubuntu1)): object-relational SQL database (supported version). In component main, is optional. Version 9.1+129ubuntu1 (precise), package size 5 kB, installed size 63 kB11:18
k1lA_J: you need to escape whitespaces11:18
A_Jhow do i do that now. i even tried quotes as someone suggested11:19
A_Jdidnt help11:19
k1lA_J: does the folder exist?11:19
k1lA_J: what does "mount -a" tell you?11:19
ActionParsnipA_J: or drop the space in the mount point11:19
mathfreakA_J: Do you absolutely have to mount it at /media/Data\ Drive?11:19
A_Jmathfreak if possible yes.11:20
mathfreakA_J: I personally would mount it somewhere like /media/Data_Drive. If I really wanted the whitespace, I can set up a symlink to it later.11:20
A_Ji've got torrents recheking from there11:20
KeyboardNotFoundWhere I can get source code from askubuntu.com ?11:20
A_Jhmm if that would work. i would not mind11:20
mathfreakA_J: I don't normally mount at paths with whitespace, so I'm gonna go experiment with this to see what happens.11:20
A_Jokie lets see11:21
mathfreakA_J: Okay, then! Go ahead and create the directory /media/Data_Drive, and update your fstab so that it mounts here instead.11:21
k1lA_J: again, what does mount -a give you as error?(that re-reads the fstab)11:21
mathfreakA_J: afterwards, sudo ln -s /media/Data_Drive '/media/Data Drive'11:21
OerHeksKeyboardNotFound, http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Ask_Ubuntu11:21
ActionParsnipKeyboardNotFound: how do you mean? do you want the service running the forum?11:21
A_Jshould i add the backslash ?11:22
A_Jk1l yes error on the line i just added11:22
hanumanhow can i sudo apt-get upgrade command aitomatically11:22
OerHeksKeyboardNotFound,  ASP.NET MVC (Model-View-Controller) framework11:23
mathfreakA_J: For the sudo ln ... command, nope. The single quotes in the command treat the /media/Data Drive as a single string, so you're good11:23
ServerSageIs it possible to start ssh from an ubuntu 10.04 server boot cd?11:23
hanumanhow can i run "sudo apt-get upgrade" command automatically11:23
A_Jno such file in directory11:23
mathfreakA_J: did you create the Data_Drive subdirectory under /media?11:24
A_Jumm no. i'll create it sec11:24
ActionParsniphanuman: do you mean on a regular basis?11:24
ActionParsnipmathfreak: /me facepalms11:25
mathfreakActionParsnip: What's up?11:25
ActionParsnipServerSage: you can remaster it so that it does11:25
ActionParsnipmathfreak: not making the mount point...11:25
A_Jmathfreak it says Data drive doesnt exist.11:25
ServerSageActionParsnip: Unfortunately, not an option right now.  I have an untrained lackey in a datacenter 3000 miles from me.11:26
A_Ji think i'll reboot once mathfreak. with a working fstab then add the link]11:26
ActionParsnipA_J: sudo mkdir /media/Data\ drive     or whatever you want the mount point to be11:26
ActionParsnipServerSage: that's the only way, unless you  get a smarthands to install the service. It will autostart once installed11:26
mathfreakA_J: if you haven't already rebooted, try ActionParsnip's command. Just capitalize the D in 'drive'11:27
mathfreakA_J: and then try the sudo ln ... command again. If it still fails, give us an output of 'ls -l /media'. Paste to http://paste.ubuntu.com/ to share.11:28
ServerSageActionParsnip: What about like the alternate cd, or the live cd?11:28
A_Jokie symlink done11:30
A_Jmathfreak do a mount -a now ?11:31
mathfreakA_J: give it a shot.11:31
obroniServerSage: can you just run "sudo apt-get install sshd" on the live11:31
obroniServerSage: sorry, my bad11:32
obroniServerSage: server install cd is not live system11:32
exporti love how my desktop loads so fast XD11:32
ServerSageobroni: I have the lackey downloading the live cd now to do just that.11:32
A_Jsays Data_Drive not present11:32
A_Jalthough i have created it and it is visible mathfreak11:32
obroniServerSage: what's the problem anyway? a computer/OS is broken and you need ssh access to it?11:33
mathfreakA_J: Huh. Can we get a copy of the output from the command 'ls -l /media'? Paste to http://paste.ubuntu.com/11:33
ServerSageobroni: Yeah, we had a power outtage, and when the system came back up the volume group was hosed.  So, I need to get reboot from a CD, fix it, and get it going again.11:34
Unknown0BCOk, so I just want to use a beep for perl and scripts, but "beep" is not working.11:35
Unknown0BCThe ubuntu forums are down...11:36
Unknown0BCHow can I get "beep" to work on ubuntu ?11:36
A_J_mathfreak: http://pastebin.com/3JqY7fqW11:36
mathfreakA_J: okay, type the following commands.11:37
Ojolocoey guys, how could I install arm-angstrom-linux-gnueabi-gcc?11:37
mathfreakA_J: sudo rmdir '/media/Data Drive'11:38
mathfreakA_J: sudo ln -s /media/Data_Drive '/media/Data Drive'11:38
k-josephhi guys, is this right http://ubuntuforums.org/announce.html11:38
mathfreakOjoloco: Is this for an embedded systems project?11:38
k-josephUbuntu Forums is down for maintenance11:38
A_Jfailed to remove as directory is not empty mathfreak11:38
Ojolocomathfreak: if for compiling binaries for ARM (Android)11:39
k-josephUnfortunately the attackers have gotten every user's local username, password, and email address from the Ubuntu Forums database.11:39
ActionParsniprm -r /media/Data\ Drive      escape the space11:39
mathfreakA_J: Hmm... what's inside that directory?11:39
obroniServerSage: i'm not sure if this is correct (maybe my memory tricks me) but you have to do something before you can use sudo on the live cd... maybe explicitly set the sudo password or something like that... hope i am not misleading you right now...11:39
ActionParsnipk-joseph: password hash, not password :)11:39
mathfreakk-joseph: Yup. Please change any passwords you use in common with ubuntuforums.11:40
A_Jmathfreak the sys link you made earlier :P11:40
ServerSageobroni: It seems to be working actually.  I downloaded it and fired up a vm, was able to install openssh-server.11:40
A_Jshould i delete it ?11:40
=== tbn is now known as Guest76964
NK`no one has an idea what is the use of the environment variable "NO_AT_BRIDGE" ?11:40
wizrdActionParsnip: that will delete all files while I assume that it only should be unmounted11:40
Braden`Jul 22 02:51:19 ip-blah kernel: [956599.816283] type=1503 audit(1374486679.099:407):  operation="mknod" pid=23849 parent=16526 profile="/usr/sbin/mysqld" requested_mask="c::" denied_mask="c::" fsuid=0 ouid=0 name="/mnt/truecrypt/mysql/ip-blah.lower-test"11:40
mathfreakA_J: Ah, I see. Yeah, go ahead and remove that symlink and then the 'Data Drive' directory.11:40
Braden`I am not sure what is going on there, but how do I fix it?11:40
k-josephmathfreak: so unfortunate, changing that11:40
obroniServerSage: ok - went better than expected, I'd say :D11:40
ServerSageobroni: Yup, I'm happy.11:40
Braden`The directory permissions are correct11:40
ServerSageobroni: Thanks.11:40
mathfreakA_J: we'll recreate the symlink under /media instead :p11:41
A_Jhow do i remove it ?11:41
A_Jrm -rf ?11:41
mathfreakA_J: sudo rm '/media/Data Drive/Data Drive'11:41
obroniServerSage: wasn't much more than hot air from my side, but you're welcome - good luck11:41
Braden`Does anyone know what might be causing that?11:42
Braden`Its apparmor11:42
* BlackHeart panics. No beer left in the fridge.11:43
A_J_done mathfreak11:43
mathfreakA_J: How come there's A_J and then A_J_?11:44
A_Jthis is my windows pc. A_J_ is my unix pc11:44
mathfreakA_J: Oh, I see. Gotcha. Got '/media/Data Drive' removed as well?11:44
A_Ji did sudo rm '/media/Data Drive'11:45
ryan__Hello there how do I install Ubuntu with Windows too11:45
A_Jalthough mathfreak it yet exists on the ls11:46
mathfreakA_J: I think you'll need to do sudo rmdir '/media/Data Drive'11:46
mathfreakA_J: rm is for files, usually. rmdir for directories11:46
k1lryan__: make paritions, first install windows, the install ubuntu.11:46
obroniryan__: do you have windows already installed and set up or do you want to reinstall windows?11:46
ryan__k1l: obroni I already have Windows installed11:47
A_J_rmdir: failed to remove `/media/Data Drive/': Not a directory11:47
ActionParsnipryan__: which version of windows?11:47
mathfreakA_J: interesting. can I get an updated output of 'ls -l /media'?11:47
ActionParsnipA_J_: rm -r /media/Data\ Drive11:47
ryan__Plus I need a diffrent BootLoader11:47
ActionParsnipryan__: Grub will be installed in the install process11:48
ryan__ActionParsnip: Windows Xp SP311:48
ActionParsnipryan__: you do know that XP has less than 300 days support left...?11:48
A_J_mathfreak: http://pastebin.com/WMqgM2xm11:48
obroniryan__: well you can just start the ubuntu install then - it will take care of everything11:48
obroniryan__: all you need is some free hard disk space11:49
A_JActionParsnip lol wait a second here. i dont wanna end up deleting my data11:49
ActionParsnipryan__: 252 days11:49
mathfreakA_J: Well, that's interesting, but it looks like everything's set for it to work now.11:49
obroniryan__: if required, partitions  can be resized during install11:49
mathfreakA_J: Let's double-check fstab, and then we'll try mounting11:49
ActionParsnipA_J: no bad thing11:49
ryan__ActionParsnip: Yes I know and it keeps on giving me facial error11:49
ryan__when I'm trying to install11:49
ActionParsnipryan__: you can resize NTFS in the installer to make space for Ubyntu, then install11:49
obroniryan__: do you use an old computer?11:50
ActionParsnipryan__: personally I recommend you use the entire space and wipe out the dying XP install.11:50
obroniryan__: or do you have any specific reason for win xp sp3?11:50
A_J_mathfreak: http://pastebin.com/JCA47kcq11:50
ryan__ActionParsnip: NO I don't have any more disk so now I'M NOT UNINSTALLING WINDOWS XP SP311:51
ActionParsnipryan__: why the caps?11:51
ActionParsnipryan__: ive only mentioned it in passing....and once?11:51
A_Jlol he likes xp sp3 dont bug him to remove it11:51
ryan__obroni: no I don't have old computer and yes i do11:51
ActionParsnipryan__: capslock slip?11:51
obroniryan__: ok11:51
ryan__ActionParsnip: I found a way11:52
ryan__obroni: I've found a way11:52
ryan__So, I'm off now if I need support for #ubuntu I know where is comes11:52
ActionParsnipryan__: wubi is not a long term solution btw, its a quick try before you buy. If the way you found is wubi, i suggest you dont use it11:52
obroniryan__: bye :)11:52
mathfreakA_J: I think you can remove the quotation marks around /media/Data_Drive in fstab now.11:52
bgardnerNK`: See: https://blogs.oracle.com/jeffcai/entry/release_java_access_bridge_111:53
A_Jokie mathfreak should i give it a reboot and check ?11:53
ryan__ActionParsnip: Why are you my mother or something ;)11:53
NK`thx bgardner11:53
ryan__ActionParsnip: I use what ever I want to USE OKAY NOW F*** OFF V11:53
mathfreakA_J: sure thing.11:53
ActionParsnipryan__: just a recommendation, wubi is super fragile11:53
ActionParsnipryan__: get a new attitude, ok11:53
obroniryan__: better don't use wubi11:54
A_Jryan__ use xp it's better than any linux os11:54
A_Jthe BSOD's rock11:54
ActionParsnipryan__: when people suggest things to you they aren't having ago or anything like that11:54
ryan__STFU PREV11:54
ActionParsnipryan__: yeah, you know I'm a perv from our short discussion....11:54
ryan__i don't want help of you ActionParsnip11:54
gotwigwhats up with the website countdown? Do today "two surfaces merge" ??11:55
gotwigor was it just an accident?11:55
A_JActionParsnip man let it go. your too awesome for him11:55
ActionParsnipA_J: hehe, most people are from what's been going on11:55
gotwigA_J: what is xp11:55
A_Jmathfreak will my torrents work ? or will i have to manually point em11:55
ActionParsnipgotwig: Microsoft's OS, Win XP11:55
gotwigA_J: wait... I dont even care :)11:55
=== obroni is now known as ryans_good_twin
A_JGothPaw err windows xp ? worst windows os ever ?11:55
ActionParsnipA_J: nar, vista and millenium were far worse11:56
ActionParsnipA_J: xp was decent11:56
ryans_good_twinActionParsnip: sorry for the behaviour of my bad twin :(11:56
gotwigcan someone tell m something about he countdown?11:56
A_Jmy xp kept giving me bsod. thats why i started using linux in the first place.11:56
DJonesryan__: Stop that,11:56
mathfreakA_J: Did you set up the torrent client to save files to '/media/Data Drive'? They'll work.11:56
gotwigwhats up with the countdown?? was it an acciden? there is like no official statement11:56
mathfreakgotwig: Where's this countdown?11:56
ActionParsnipA_J: i just got sick of issues11:57
gotwigmathfreak: it was exactly 4 day ago on the website11:57
BlackHeartA_J, issues with drivers?11:57
A_JBlackHeart not sure. was back is 200211:57
mathfreakgotwig: I'm not sure which website we're talking about here.11:57
A_Jmathfreak worked wonderful. thank you very much11:58
gotwigmathfreak: ubuntu.com11:58
=== ryans_good_twin is now known as nudelsuppenathle
mathfreakA_J: glad to see it working. enjoy!11:58
=== nudelsuppenathle is now known as chefkoch
A_Jone question though i would like a few programs to start on boot. is it going to be easy ?11:58
chefkochA_J: on ubuntu?11:59
BlackHeartA_J, what programs?11:59
A_Jyes xbuntu. i found a session and startup manager11:59
gotwigA_J: are you a troll?11:59
A_JDeluge and Sabnzb11:59
A_Jno i'm not11:59
mathfreakA_J: One final thing. We made some dummy directories in /media while setting it up. You can use sudo rmdir '"Data' 'Data\' to remove them (note the single quotes. Type that exactly)11:59
BlackHeartA_J, if you already found startup/session manager, where is the problem?12:00
chefkochA_J: wanted to point you to the respective sessionmanager of your distro12:00
* A_J is not familiar with the command to start a program in linux.12:00
NK`thx bgardner i found was I was looking for :)12:00
gotwigso, no one does know anything about the countdown at all? I am Ubuntu Member, and I've got no freaking idea12:00
mathfreakA_J: Starting programs on boot? Eh, that's out of my scope. I never really learned the finer details of bootup.12:00
A_Ji mean except type it in the terminal window12:01
napscgotwig: only speculation floating around12:01
gotwigA_J:  #xubuntu just saying12:01
A_Jnp mathfreak ty very much12:01
bgardnerNK`: Happy to help12:01
gotwignapsc: was it an accident?12:01
mathfreakA_J: if you know the name of the program, you can just type the name of it into the command line and press enter to start it12:01
A_Jmathfreak what is the thing to start it with a hidden terminal12:01
chefkochA_J: the go with the startup manager12:02
* BlackHeart listening to http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2KkarMNlTzY12:02
chefkochA_J: don't know it for xubuntu though12:02
mathfreakA_J: If you want the program to start when you log in, you can use startup manager12:02
gotwigwhy should the Ubuntu Edge be anounced today, when Mark's keynote is on Wednesday?12:03
chefkochA_J: the only thing you might want to consider: if you want to start services BEFORE you log in you have to do it in the initscripts12:03
mathfreakA_J: If you want it to start when you boot up, you're going to have to deal with the rc* scripts (and that's something I don't know very much about)12:03
lenzWow thats really embarassing12:03
BlackHeartchefkoch, not sure what Sabnzb is, but Deluge doesn't need to be run as a daemon (service).12:04
ActionParsnipmathfreak: gnome-do, katapult (kde)12:04
A_Ji think i managed it with the startup manager12:04
A_Jlets hope12:04
BlackHeartA_J, you think?12:04
ActionParsnipmathfreak: gmrun is what I use12:05
A_Jwaiting on a reboot12:05
gotwigA_J: you said you use xubuntu12:05
chefkochBlackHeart: ah ok - didn't knwo he mentioned the specific prog he wanted to start12:05
A_Jyes gotwig12:05
A_Jnop didnt work12:06
wachpwnski-mobihow can i tell if a restart is pending on the cli?12:06
BlackHeartA_J, http://xubuntugeek.blogspot.com/2011/12/add-application-to-xfcexubuntu-session.html12:07
mathfreakwachpwnski-mobi: ps aux| grep shutdown12:07
mathfreakwachpwnski-mobi: ps aux| grep reboot works too12:07
BlackHeartA_J, that's the first entry in Google12:07
chefkochA_J: check in your dmesg, just to make sure - maybe something went wrong12:07
wachpwnski-mobimathfreak: then what will it tell me?12:07
chefkochA_J: but go with the link BlackHeart first12:08
A_JBlackHeart i dont know the command. :(12:08
A_Ji've done now deluge.desktop12:08
wachpwnski-mobiI mean like when you upgrade if you need to restart for changes to take effect, not that a restart was initialized12:08
mathfreakwachpwnski-mobi: The first one tells you if a shutdown command is counting down before a shutdown/reboot12:08
BlackHeartA_J, deluge12:08
A_Jumm okie12:08
BlackHeartA_J, as I already said, I don't know the second app you mentioned so .. no help on that one, sorry.12:08
mathfreakwachpwnski-mobi: The second one does the same, except it checks if someone's rebooting with the "reboot" command instead of the "shutdown" command12:09
A_Jnp ty BlackHeart12:09
greyhathey ,guys12:10
gotwigwhy should the Ubuntu Edge be anounced today, when Mark's keynote is on Wednesday?12:10
greyhatare you here?12:10
* BlackHeart laughs at greyhat12:11
greyhatwhat's up?12:11
greyhatanswer me12:11
k1lgotwig: that is not a topic in this technical support channel. better do discuss in #ubuntu-offtopic :)12:12
greyhatgood idea12:12
=== jubei_ is now known as jubei
BlackHeartgreyhat, you think?12:13
greyhatyou  laught at me12:14
BlackHeartgreyhat, you think *nothing*?12:14
jubeiguys I'm stuck trying to install java http://codepad.org/xa4s0LXk12:15
jubeisomething about held back packages, doesn't proceed no matter what I try12:15
PiciBlackHeart: Can we please keep #ubuntu clear for support, discussion in #ubuntu-offtopic, thanks12:15
saiarcot895jubei: for the held-back packages, do "sudo apt-get dist-upgrade"12:16
greyhatwhich country do you live ,blackheart12:16
wasanzyhello I am still finding it difficult to install ubuntu along side with windows 8. windows 8 was on the machine before I bought so I partitioned it to enable me install ubuntu too. but when installing ubuntu, it doesn't see the disk as partitioned but want to use the whole disk12:16
BlackHeartPici, as you wish12:16
wasanzyI need a help12:16
DJones!ot | greyhat12:16
ubottugreyhat: #ubuntu is the Ubuntu support channel, for all Ubuntu-related support questions. Please use #ubuntu-offtopic for other topics (though our !guidelines apply there too). Thanks!12:16
auronandacejubei: what is the output of: lsb_release -sd12:16
greyhatjust say12:16
jubeiauronandace, ubnutu 12.1012:17
chefkochwasanzy: how did yo partition the disk?12:17
wachpwnski-mobimathfreak: I am more looking for something that is saying a restart is required after a dist-upgrade or something12:17
jubeisaiarcot895, that didn't do anything12:17
greyhati want to have foreign friend to talk with me12:18
auronandacegreyhat: that can be done in #ubuntu-offtopic12:18
mathfreakwachpwnski-mobi: Oh, hm... I usually know a restart is required when I log in through a terminal. For the desktop, there's an icon telling me that I have to restart when I need to restart.12:18
DJonesgreyhat: This channel is for Ubuntu support issues, you'll need to find friends to talk to in other channels12:18
A_Janyway thank you guys12:19
A_Jawesome help :)12:19
wasanzyin windows, I used the disk manager to shrink the disk, it didn't work so I formatted it disk and when installing windows, I used a small part of the disk leaving the rest unalocated but still12:19
jubeioh I just realized that I made my apt-sources for precise12:19
auronandace!uefi | wasanzy12:19
ubottuwasanzy: UEFI is a specification that defines a software interface between an operating system and platform firmware, it is meant as a replacement for the BIOS. For information on how to set up and install Ubuntu and its derivatives on UEFI machines please read https://help.ubuntu.com/community/UEFI12:19
chefkochauronandace: that12:20
chefkochauronandace: that's not really the matter12:20
storagenewbiehi guys I am trying to setup a debian server for a storage file system with RAID 6 and LVM system, now I have the question what would be better for managing 26TB of storage size, ext4 or XFS?12:20
chefkochstoragenewbie: go #debian`?12:21
cfhowlettstoragenewbie, probably best to ask #debian, yes?12:21
storagenewbiealright thank you12:21
chefkochwasanzy: your new windows install is working?12:21
wasanzyauronandace, I followed that and any time I disabled the Legency, the boot options never shows boot from dvd/cdrom.12:22
chefkochauronandace: ok, seem's you're on the right track and i was not :P12:23
storagenewbiesorry :) I meant Ubuntu Server 12.04.2 mystyped :(12:23
wasanzychefkoch, no I format it and install only ubuntu since I need ubuntu the most, but I still want to mantain the windows 812:23
=== Guest84306 is now known as Debolaz
anoneehello, after a power failure, the audio device is gone, but I can hear the login sound, I can adjust the volume on the login screen too, but when I login it disappears again.12:24
auronandacewasanzy: sorry, i don't use uefi, i'm just aware of that wiki page12:24
mathfreakanonee: Which desktop are you using? Unity?12:25
wasanzyauronandace: ok, am sure someone else here might had similar issue12:25
wasanzyanyone to help further?12:26
anoneemathfreak GNOME 3.4 fallback12:26
chefkochwasanzy: hm, you confuse me a bit... do you currently have a working windows 8 installation on your hard disk?12:26
anoneemathfreak cuz i use compiz, and btw i use pulseaudio equalizer, which means there were 2 sound devices, and both are gone now12:27
wasanzychefkoch: No12:27
chefkochwasanzy: ok. do you want to have windows on your computer again?12:27
zipydoes "find" work too with a string included by a file?12:28
BluesKajHey all12:28
wasanzychefkoch: Yes12:28
chefkochwasanzy: sorry to ask you such "stupid" questions, but i want to make sure i get everything right before giving advice12:28
lotuspsychjeBluesKaj: hi mate12:28
chefkochwasanzy: ok12:28
cfhowlettBluesKaj, so ... we meet again, Mr. Kaj.   :)12:28
mathfreakGah, I usually defer back to the forums for issues, since there's so many solutions on forums. Sucks that it's down right no.12:29
BluesKajhiyas lotuspsychje , cfhowlett12:29
chefkochwasanzy: you need to install windows, before you install ubuntu (becuase windows will not recognize ubuntu, but ubuntu recognizes windows)12:29
lotuspsychjezipy: you mean the !find trigger?12:29
wasanzychefkoch: don't worry about the questions12:29
chefkochwasanzy: so what happens when you try to install windows?12:29
chefkochwasanzy: windows 8 it is, correct?12:29
Beatstreetwhen installing Ubuntu Server on a drive other then sda do I need to tell the master boot record to install to the drive (sde1) I have setup to mount at / or should installer do it automatically?12:29
lotuspsychjeBeatstreet: maybe the #ubuntu-server guys might help you aswell12:30
=== rmichnik_ is now known as rmichnik
wasanzychefkoch: the situation now is, when ubuntu is on the machine, windows sees all the partitions but says, could not install windows on the disk, the only way I could install windows again is to format the whole disk and create new partition with the windows cd. when windows is on the machine, ubuntu doesn't see the partitions but sees it as one disk so u can only use the whole disk12:32
wasanzychefkoch: yes windows 812:33
zipylotuspsychje, lets say i have a folder with 5 .txt files, i want to find the file that cointains "hello" in it so i know which one to open12:33
lotuspsychjezipy: maybe grep can help you? man grep12:33
zipybut it doesnt open files and search in them12:34
chefkochwasanzy: ok. it is no surprise that windows does not see the ubuntu install. but ubuntu not seeing windows - that is strange12:34
zipygrep only filters12:34
anoneewasanzy this is normal, you need to read about partitioning your hard drive, ntfs and ext systems12:34
lotuspsychjezipy: hmm not sure then12:34
wasanzychefkoch:yes very strange12:34
chefkochwasanzy: usually you have 3 options during ubuntu install. 1) use all space 2) use left over space 3) manual config12:34
zipyhmm ok thx anyways12:35
chefkochwasanzy: did you get at any point of the ubuntu installation to a scrren that let's you select how to partition?12:35
lotuspsychjezipy: re-ask your issue here once in a while im sure they can solve this12:35
saiarcot895zipy: grep should be able to search in text files12:35
saiarcot895zipy: grep (-r) "string" .12:36
wasanzychefkoch: yes when I go to  manual config, it sees the whole disk as one, so it doesn't sees the windows partition12:36
braulioHello everyone. Can anyone give me a help? I'm just starting with Linux and I installed the Xubuntu 13.04 on it. Everything is working perfectly but I have a problem that is already known for the EeePC PXB1001: The internal microphone does not work. Is there a simple way to fix it?12:36
chefkochwasanzy: hm, ok - that is really odd12:36
lotuspsychjesaiarcot895: tnx for the grep tip12:36
saiarcot895wasanzy: is it an encrypted disk or something like that?12:36
auronandacewasanzy: could you show us some screenshots of that?12:36
lotuspsychjezipy: http://askubuntu.com/questions/127892/how-to-find-a-text-file-which-contains-a-specific-word-inside-not-in-its-name12:37
zipyye foudn that page :P12:37
wasanzyanonee: I am aware of partitions, so this one is very strange to me.12:37
chefkochwasanzy: ok, i am going to stop to help you. 1) my knowledge can not help you further 2) saiarcot895 and auronandace may be a better help to you - good luck12:37
lotuspsychjebraulio: maybe you can trace down the audio error in your logs and pastebin it here?12:38
zipyfind / -name "shares" | grep -r hello *12:38
zipylike this?12:38
anoneewasanzy would u try partitioning your hdd first using some 3rd party partitioning software?12:38
zipylooking for all files with "shares" in name and then grep the ones with hello?12:38
lotuspsychje!who | zipy12:39
mathfreakanonee: Best thing I can suggest is try adding the Notification Area to the gnome panel again. If that doesn't work, I'm stumped. :p12:39
ubottuzipy: As you can see, this is a large channel. If you're speaking to someone in particular, please put their nickname in what you say (use !tab), or else messages get lost and it becomes confusing :)12:39
saiarcot895zipy: that might work; I'm not sure about the star at the end, though12:39
zipyhmm ok12:39
brauliolotuspsuchje: I just switched from Windows, don't know how to do that. Can you explain me? The problem that I have seems to be this exact same: https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/alsa-driver/+bug/68925812:39
zipyill just try12:39
ubottuUbuntu bug 689258 in alsa-driver (Ubuntu) "Microphone does not work in Aus eeePC 1001px!" [Undecided,Confirmed]12:39
wasanzysaiarcot895: I am not sure is encrypted. but this is a new technology hp is trying to use together with microsoft.12:39
lotuspsychjebraulio: you can find your logs in /var/log/syslog.1 and trace down issues with your audio12:40
wasanzyanonee: I don't have any third party partiotioning software12:40
anoneemathfreak ofcourse i have the notification area in the panel, and the audio icon is there, and when i click it i get rhythm box but the volume slider is inactive..12:40
saiarcot895wasanzy: my guess is that since Ubuntu sees just one whole disk, it might be that the disk is encrypted, either with BitLocker/TPM or HP's software12:40
saiarcot895wasanzy: In windows, open up the HP Essential Tools (or something like that, forgot the name), and check if Drive Encryption is enabled12:41
wasanzysaiarcot895: ok12:42
lotuspsychjebraulio: seems like one guy solved the bug with kernel update12:43
brauliolotuspsuchje: is there a keyword that I should look for in the log? How do I do that?12:43
lotuspsychjebraulio: i think grep can do that aswell, find matches on pulseaudio example in /var/log12:44
saiarcot895zipy: you might be better off first doing a grep on the string you want to search inside the file and then another grep searching for the name of the file12:44
DKFermiHi, I'm trying to install a really annoying unbranded network print server that (at least under windows) is displayed as LPR printer. Any idea how to do that?12:45
lotuspsychjebraulio: vim can do colored text sorting aswell in /var/log/syslog.112:45
auronandace!cups | DKFermi12:46
ubottuDKFermi: Printing in Ubuntu is done with cups. See https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Printers - https://wiki.ubuntu.com/HardwareSupportComponentsPrinters - http://linuxprinting.org - Printer sharing: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/NetworkPrintingWithUbuntu12:46
lotuspsychje!info vim | braulio12:46
ubottubraulio: vim (source: vim): Vi IMproved - enhanced vi editor. In component main, is optional. Version 2:7.3.547-6ubuntu5 (raring), package size 808 kB, installed size 1907 kB12:46
lotuspsychjebraulio: or do a tail -f /var/log/syslog.1 for realtime issues12:47
greyhatwho has a QQ number12:47
auronandacegreyhat: ask in #ubuntu-offtopic12:48
brauliolotuspsychje: I looked up here in the syslog.1 and it doesn't seem to appear any problem related to audio there.12:48
lotuspsychjebraulio: can you pastebin it anyway for us? (or paste ubuntu)12:49
cfhowlettgreyhat, this is not a dating channel ...12:49
brauliolotuspsychje: another thing is, when I go to the sound settings seems like the mic is "installed" because when I clap in front of the mic it kind of responds, just not loud enough. I checked the volumes and everything but it doesn seem to fix.12:50
brauliolotuspsychje: this is all that I found for the keyword "audio": [pulseaudio] server-lookup.c: Unable to contact D-Bus: org.freedesktop.DBus.Error.NotSupported: Unable to autolaunch a dbus-daemon without a $DISPLAY for X11 || [pulseaudio] main.c: Unable to contact D-Bus: org.freedesktop.DBus.Error.NotSupported: Unable to autolaunch a dbus-daemon without a $DISPLAY for X1112:51
anoneemathfreak Im gonna try this https://docs.google.com/document/d/1iTlJ8BfqXUjaHO__TEdlkvuqB1WLOkGaudngc5SFLMI/edit?pli=1&hl=en12:53
mathfreakanonee: Ah, sorry. I'm headed off to bed soon. I'm afraid I won't be able to help you on the sound at all.12:55
anocideis it normal to have multiple instances of dbus-daemon running?12:55
mathfreakanonee: The guide looks interesting though.12:56
anoneeno mathfreak I don't mean that, yeah this is why I wanted you to see it :) thank you man12:56
=== dragondon is now known as Guest28941
mathfreakanonee: Good luck on resolving the volume slider. The volume applet has actually given me lots of trouble in the past, but I never knew how I resolved it each time. Oh well... good night!12:57
anoneemathfreak peach, good night.12:58
anoneemathfreak peace i mean lol12:58
anocideis it normal to have multiple instances of dbus-daemon running?13:03
gotwigChickenCutlass: hello13:06
gotwigbac: hello13:06
bachello gotwig13:07
gotwigbac: can you tell me something about the countdown thing?13:07
gotwigbac: was it an accident?13:08
ActionParsnipgotwig: omgubuntu have a post on it13:08
bacgotwig: no, i can't.13:08
bacgotwig: should be exciting13:08
gotwigbac: oh.. :>13:08
lqzjoin #linuxba13:09
bacgotwig: the page at http://www.ubuntu.com has a lot more lines now!  :)13:09
gotwigbac: haha, thx :D13:09
cfhowlett!ot|gotwig, we'll know when they tell us.  Anything else is mere speculation.13:10
ubottugotwig, we'll know when they tell us.  Anything else is mere speculation.: #ubuntu is the Ubuntu support channel, for all Ubuntu-related support questions. Please use #ubuntu-offtopic for other topics (though our !guidelines apply there too). Thanks!13:10
gotwigI just wanted to be sure, that today is the right day..13:11
srini_hello all13:14
Caseyif I wanted to have a raid1 for storage and be able to access it the raid when I switch between OS's (windows and ubuntu) what would be best  formate scheme to us, GUID or MasterBoot?13:14
cfhowlettsrini_, greetings13:14
Braden`none                    148216    142717         0 100% /var/lib/ureadahead/debugfs   <-- What is that and why is it 100%?13:15
Braden`mysqld complains that ureadahead is full13:15
=== maxx is now known as Guest85145
anocidehello, try one more time - how many instances of dbus-daemon should be running?13:18
saiarcot895anocide: I have 3 on my system13:19
anocidesaiarcot895: thanks - damn. I was hoping you'd say 2, then i'd have somewhere to look13:20
saiarcot895anocide: I just found 2 more running under other users13:21
anocidemy dbus and gnome-keyring have stopped talking to each other, broke my 3g wireless. Very little info out there, and none of it works.13:21
BlackHeartI want to dual-boot Ubuntu w/ Window 8. How to install it without messing up Windows 8 and PCs default recovery partition?13:27
BlackHeartLast time I tried, I was left with nothing except Ubuntu.13:27
ActionParsnipBlackHeart: resize NTFS in WIndows13:29
ActionParsnipBlackHeart: then install Ubuntu to the unpartitioned space13:29
ezra-sUbuntu installation is very clear showing which options you can use, if you wipe your windows partition while installing is because you don't read13:30
usr13BlackHeart: Of course, you should back up any important files first, just in case.13:31
cfhowlettezra-s, that's a bit harsh.  ubuntu is known to not see other partitions at times.13:31
Caseyif I wanted to have a raid1 for storage and be able to access the raid when I switch between OS's (windows and ubuntu) what would be best  formate scheme to us, GUID or MasterBoot?13:31
ezra-scfhowlett, alright, it might, but if you see ubuntu installation does not show the option, then you do know there is a problem.. you just don't go and select the first option "wipe the whole disk and install"13:32
usr13cfhowlett: The ubuntu user is known to not see other partitions at times.13:32
ActionParsnipCasey: as long as you use NTFS for the resultant partition(s) it will be usable in both. Not sure about the GUID/Masterboot thing13:32
ezra-sno harshness at all, one just needs to pay attention13:32
ezra-susr13, I'm with you :)13:33
cfhowlettezra-s, true I wouldn't ... but new users?  anyways, have we a solution?13:33
ActionParsnipusr13: people are just used to hitting next as fast as Michael J Fox13:33
k-josephBlackHeart: ;begin with win 8 and then then install ubuntu, i guess you are aware, it is better u shrink a seperate volume/ partition for ubuntu and leave it un allocated, on install you may allow ubuntu to partition that unallocated space automatically  for u, alot of resources are up try google incase of any issues, and to have a better knowledge base ::::: :)13:33
lewandowskiI have a problem, I am installing Ubuntu 12.04 on a windows netbook, I have a free 100GB partition. The installer shows partitions, but how do i know which one is right?13:33
ActionParsnipCasey: MBR should be ok13:33
ezra-scfhowlett, well, windows does not care a bit about whatever there is installed beforehand, Ubuntu does.. so it is a problem with the user, not Ubuntu13:33
usr13cfhowlett: One problem folks run into is already having 4 primary partitions.13:33
ezra-sif users are used to not pay attention there is not much you can do13:34
MonkeyDustlewandowski  are you now in ubuntu, a live session?13:34
cfhowlettusr13, I've got to plead ignorance.  I understood that the new UEFI did away with the 4 primary partition limit ...13:34
CaseyActionParsnip: Thanks for the reply, thats what I was thinking as well (either would work) but I wanted to make sure that there wasn't a more "preferred " option.13:34
BlackHeartActionParsnip, that was really *helpful*13:34
lewandowskiMonkeyDust: I am,  should i choose install beside windows?13:34
CaseyActionParsnip: thanks again.13:34
MonkeyDustlewandowski  open gparted, a windows partition is marked as NTFS, don't use that partition13:35
BlackHeartk-joseph, considering Windows 8 ins already installed, shoud I use the Windows installer or boot Ubuntu from the CD?13:35
BlackHeartk-joseph, also, will I be able to resize my Windows partiton from the Live CD?13:35
lewandowskiMonkeyDust: Is gparted there on the live disk?13:35
* BlackHeart haven't used Ubuntu for a while ..13:35
usr13cfhowlett: And so if you already have 4 primary partitions, you have two choices; 1) Use another HD.  2) Delete one of the 4 primary partitions and create an extended one in place of it.13:35
MonkeyDustlewandowski  yes13:36
lewandowskiMonkeyDust: Ok, wait a sec, my netbook is slow as shit.13:36
cfhowlettusr13, yeah I've run into that.  But  I thought UEFI didn't have that limitation ... it applied to MBR setups only?13:37
ezra-scfhowlett, yes, mbr only13:37
usr13cfhowlett: There seems to be some Win8 PC's on the market these days that have one HD with 4 primary partitions.  UEFI is another issue, a totally separate problem.13:38
k-josephBlackHeart: just shrink a new volume and leave it unallocated, then boot the live CD, on the partition part, use a manual one and then choose your unallocated space, some distributions of ubuntu allow automatic partitioning for you, all you need is to select the space and choose that option, if it is missing then you manually create the partitions your self13:38
ActionParsnipBlackHeart: Win8 can resize its own partition13:38
* cfhowlett ... totally confused by it all. sticking with my 2009 Dell/ubuntu/win7 as long as it'll boot 13:39
werxxxЕсть кто13:39
lewandowskiMonkeyDust: I have opened it, there is a dev/sda1 which says system reserved(its 100 MB) and dev/sda2 has an exclamation mark beside it(!)13:39
ubottuПожалуйста наберите /join #ubuntu-ru для получения помощи на русском языке. | Pozhalujsta naberite /join #ubuntu-ru dlya polucheniya pomoshi na russkom yazyke.13:39
usr13BlackHeart: As ActionParsnip points out, Win8 has it's own partitioning resize tool and it is best to use it.13:39
werxxxSorry men13:39
sssilverHello gentlemen13:40
cfhowlettsssilver, and the rest of us?13:40
MonkeyDustlewandowski  any comment with the exclamation mark13:40
sssilverI'm randomly getting "Segmentation fault" in my X, regardless of the DM (I've tried Unity, XFCE, Openbox). Then my GDM restarts. What gives?13:40
ezra-scfhowlett, go to google and type  "GPT vs. MBR" there are a few external sites that will tell you exact descriptions13:40
lewandowskiNo. Its of 100 GB NTFS and it does not show how much is used and how much is free13:40
sssilvercfhowlett, the rest of you, hello to you too!13:40
cfhowlettsssilver, greetings13:41
lewandowskiMonkeyDust: No. Its of 100 GB NTFS and it does not show how much is used and how much is free13:41
sssilverthis segfault has been driving me nuts for days. How should I approach this?13:41
cfhowlettezra-s, thanks.  no need to subject myself to all that yet.  Ye Ole Dell 1545 is still plugging along.13:41
MonkeyDustlewandowski  have you anything installed on that netbook?13:41
lewandowskiMonkeyDust: I have win 7 on some sda and my personal data on dev/sda3(NTFS)13:42
ezra-scfhowlett, but you seemed interested in it, so there it goes, knowledge never fills space :)13:42
lewandowskiMonkeyDust: Is the exclamation mark some kind of a corruption?13:43
ezra-slewandowski, 100GB NTFS mean the whole partition is used up by NTFS and you have to resize to make room for another partition13:43
BlackHeartk-joseph, ActionParsnip, usr13 Thank you all! Once I'll get it burned, I'll see how it goes and get back to you if I'll run into any questions.13:43
MonkeyDustlewandowski  ctrl-alt t to open a terminal, paste the following line       sudo apt-get install pastebinit;sudo fdisk -l|pastebinit     and paste the url here13:43
BlackHeartAny news on ubuntuforums.org?13:44
lewandowskiezra-s: I have another 100 GB NTFS free and want to install ubuntu in it.13:44
k-josephBlackHeart: safe go ahead,13:45
ezra-slewandowski, it is not free if it is 100 GB NTFS13:45
ezra-sNTFS is a partition type, no free space13:45
wilee-nileeBlackHeart, you would want #ubuntuforums13:45
lewandowskiezra-s: It says 98 GB free.13:45
lewandowskiezra-s: So i want to install it on that. can i?13:45
ezra-slewandowski, then you can do that for installing, reserve some space for swap too13:45
ezra-sswap = as much as your RAM if you want to hibernate in common setups13:46
lewandowskiezra-s: Where to set for swap?13:46
ezra-slewandowski, you make two partitions in free space one for / and another for swap13:46
ezra-sso for example 90GB for / and 8GB for swap13:47
lewandowskiezra-s: Ok. Fine. Nothing wrong right?13:47
ezra-sthere are more fancier partition layouts13:47
ActionParsnipezra-s: with 8Gb RAM, yes if you need hibernate13:47
ezra-slewandowski, no, nothing wrong.. also make backup first, because mistakes happen13:47
lewandowskiezra-s: can i install linux on ntfs?13:47
ActionParsnipezra-s: I'd even go to 9Gb swap13:47
ActionParsniplewandowski: its not suitable13:47
ezra-slewandowski, sinner!!13:47
* ezra-s pukes13:48
lewandowskiezra-s: But my partition is ntfs, will the installer make it non-ntfs?13:48
ezra-slewandowski, let's see.... you need some backgrounds about partitions13:48
lewandowskiezra-s: Please educate.13:48
usr13lewandowski: You should use a native filesystem for the OS you install.  One of the most popular and most widely used ones for linux is ext413:48
cfhowlettikaslea, greetings13:48
ezra-slewandowski, I am going home in a minute, I don't have time13:48
lewandowskiusr13: Would you continue?13:49
ezra-slewandowski, just take into account partitions are used space and free space is for new partitions13:49
lewandowskiezra-s: Ok. Thanks for the help! Safe Journey!13:49
usr13lewandowski: You want other choices?13:49
ezra-sNTFS is windows propietary13:49
ezra-sLinux uses EXT2/3/413:49
ezra-sand swap is a "type of partition" in itself13:49
usr13lewandowski: (I was just answering your question about trying to install Linux on NTFS. The short answer is no.)13:50
lewandowskiusr13: My GParted is showing the partition on /dev/sda4 as NTFS with 98 GB. I want to format the drive.13:50
ezra-slewandowski, when you install ubuntu it usually is wise knowing where it can install itself it you have doubts you can take screenshots of pictures, share them to internet and ask if you are doing it correctly13:50
lewandowskiusr13: So, should i format it to ext4 and install?13:50
ezra-slewandowski, in any case I would try to understand it better before doing anything, just as a precaution, experimentation can and will lead to error13:51
lewandowskiezra-s: Murphy's law!13:51
usr13lewandowski: First, make sure it is a partition that you don't need.13:51
ezra-sexperimentation is not bad, but risk13:51
ezra-slewandowski, exactly13:51
wilee-nileelewandowski, 4 partitions in the standard msdos partitioning is the max for a single hd, I hope your helpers look at what is actually there.13:51
=== dougsko_ is now known as dougsko
usr13lewandowski: (... one you don't need for something else.)13:51
ezra-sI know what I do because I do it a thousand times, but my first times I was in the same situation as you are now.. so I assumed the risks and I would not complain13:52
lewandowskiusr13: I suppose yes. Let me see,13:52
ezra-sdon't blame ubuntu if you fail because you are not fully prepared! ;P13:52
wilee-nilee4 primary anyway13:52
MonkeyDustlewandowski  do some reading, first https://help.ubuntu.com/community/PartitioningSchemes13:52
ezra-shaving said this, lewandowski , good luck and I hope you get to be a proud ubuntu user soon13:52
ezra-sgotta go, bye13:53
pr0gu1kaPlease need help. How to configure ufw/iptables to deny all incoming connections but i want apps like firefox or irc working13:53
=== fs_ is now known as ref
lewandowskiusr13:  dev/sda1 is labelled System Reserved and is 100MB NTFS, sda2 is having an exclamation mark, sda3 is my personal data, sda4 is the partition i wish to install(NTFS)13:53
linux_hackspr0gu1ka: use firewall util13:54
=== ref is now known as phs
pr0gu1kalinux_hacks: ok will check13:54
pr0gu1kalinux_hacks: ty )13:55
usr13wilee-nilee: We already discussed the limitation of 4 primary partitions, but thanks for re-stating.13:55
lewandowskiusr13: I wish to install on sda4.13:55
linux_hackspr0gu1ka: am glad..13:55
wilee-nileeusr13, Cool, It seems they do not understand it though.13:55
usr13I know13:55
lewandowskiusr13: Please help. I am going to convert sda4 to ext4 and making a swap of 6GB. Is that correct?13:56
Ojolocohi guys, I'm having this trouble: /usr/local/angstrom/arm/bin/arm-angstrom-linux-gnueabi- gcc: cannot execute binary file13:57
wilee-nileelewandowski, No it needs to be a extended for logical partitions inside13:57
lewandowskiwilee-nilee: So, should i NOT make it ext4?13:57
usr13lewandowski: How much RAM do you have?13:57
lewandowskiusr13: 6GB13:58
wilee-nileelewandowski, You have good help here, I don't want to just add more.13:58
usr13lewandowski: ok good.13:58
lewandowskiwilee-nilee: Help me anyway, you guys are awesome!13:58
wilee-nileelewandowski, My advice is to keep your cart behind your horse. ;)13:59
lewandowskiwilee-nilee: I have many carts. Thats the problem here.13:59
wilee-nileeI noticed, are you backed up. lewandowski14:00
lewandowskiwilee-nilee: Backed up and tight!14:00
lewandowskiwilee-nilee: First thing to do.14:00
lewandowskiwilee-nilee: I just booted up windows, I can see the empty partition.14:00
usr13lewandowski: How many partitions are there?14:01
lewandowskiusr13: I have a 320GB HDD with three partitions14:01
usr13lewandowski: If there is an empty one, delete it.14:01
lewandowskiusr13: I have an empty partition, delete as in from windows?14:01
lewandowskiusr13: Or using gparted?14:01
usr13from windows14:02
ubottu#ubuntu is the Ubuntu support channel, for all Ubuntu-related support questions. Please use #ubuntu-offtopic for other topics (though our !guidelines apply there too). Thanks!14:02
lewandowskiusr13: Make it unallocated you say.14:02
lewandowskiusr13: Done sir. Its now unallocated.14:03
lewandowskiusr13: And i cant see it in my computer14:03
usr13lewandowski: How much unallocated space do you have?14:03
lewandowskiusr13: 96.92GB TO be precise.14:04
usr13lewandowski: Good. Now you can continue, do the Ubuntu install.14:04
lewandowskiusr13: Boot up from CD and open gparted?14:04
usr13lewandowski: Boot from the CD, it will see the empty space and will ask if you want to install on it, (you will have choice for auto or manual partitioning).14:05
lewandowskiusr13: So, take auto and choose unallocated?14:06
usr13lewandowski: That is up to you.  Look at the available options and see.14:06
lewandowskiusr13: Thnaks a million sir. I love you and this community! You guys are awesome! Goodbye Windows!14:07
usr13lewandowski: My preference is to have a separate partition for /home/. In which case you'd set a swap partition of 6G, a partition for / of about 20G and the rest for /home/ (63.?)14:08
lewandowskiusr13: Ok. So, all this is done in installer(my comp is booting up)14:09
usr13lewandowski: ... and the only reason for doing that is so that if you want to do a fresh install later on, you can just leave /home/ alone and use it in the new install.14:09
Ojolocoey guys, how could I know which one is my package? http://www.angstrom-distribution.org/toolchains/14:09
=== olaf__ is now known as zathras
lewandowskiusr13: OK. My question was this allocation for home and / is done in installer or should i do it in gparted?14:10
usr13lewandowski: You can let it do the auto partitioning and look at what it does.  It will probably create an extended partition with two logical partitions of 6 & 90G, one for swap and the other for /14:10
lewandowskiusr13: The rest should be done manually then. I will check back.14:11
usr13lewandowski: .... if you like it that way, just go with it.14:11
gotwig49 minutes remaining..14:11
lewandowskiusr13: Like it what way, the 6+90 partitioning?14:12
usr13lewandowski: Yea, it's up to you.14:12
lewandowskiusr13: Thanks. BTW, What exactly happened to ubuntuforums?14:12
usr13lewandowski: Even if you have your system files and /home/ files on the same partition, there is always the option for backing up the /home/ directory to a flash memory drive (in the event you do a nother install).14:13
lewandowskiusr13: I keep backing up.14:13
lewandowskiusr13: Thanks.14:13
usr13go forward14:13
ranticlewandowski: We got haxed!14:13
lewandowskirantic: How is that possible? I thought it was secure.14:14
ranticlewandowski: There is no such thing as unhackable, http://www.omgubuntu.co.uk/2013/07/ubuntu-forum-hacked-users-advised-to-change-passwords14:14
lewandowskirantic: I did change my passwords everywhere. Pain in the butt.14:15
lenzCan somebody clear me up?14:15
lenzThe Ubuntu Edge Phone is actually coming out today?14:15
ranticlewandowski: The passwords stolen were salted and hashed, they were basically useless to anyone who got them14:15
usr13!phone | lenz14:16
ubottulenz: Information about the Ubuntu Touch platform for Phone and Tablet is available here https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Touch support and discussion in #ubuntu-touch14:16
ranticlewandowski: It's the 1.8 million e-mail addresses that they're after, sell 1.8 valid e-mail addresses of technical people to a third party for money14:16
wilee-nileelenz, We would not know.14:16
wilee-nileerantic, That is #ubuntu-offtopic topic this is support14:16
lewandowskiusr13: I have a problem.14:16
lewandowskiusr13: I have booted up with live cd.14:17
lewandowskiusr13: It says no root fs specified.14:17
usr13lewandowski: The partitioning is yet to be done.  (That's what it is telling you.)14:17
lewandowskiusr13: Sorry. They are logical right?14:17
usr13lewandowski: You will first create an extended partition, then a couple logical ones, (within the extended partition).14:18
usr13"the extended partition can be subdivided into multiple logical partitions"14:19
lewandowskiusr13: The thing gives me two options primary and extended. Should I first create a 6GB of swap (in the beginning) and then 90GB for root?14:20
lewandowskiusr13: sorry, primary and logical14:20
usr13"the extended partition can be subdivided into multiple logical partitions"14:20
lewandowskiusr13: Ok. and should i create swap first?14:20
usr13and then, (if you like) the rest can be for /14:21
usr13... in which case, it will be only two [additional] partitions.  One for swap and one for /14:22
lewandowskiusr13: Swap is done.It shows unknown beside it. Proceed to root(90GB)?14:22
usr13( /  is the root directory, all others will be sub-directories within / )14:22
lewandowskiusr13: EXT4?14:23
lewandowskiusr13: Success! sda4(ext4) created. Installing.14:24
usr13The rest is easy. You'll just have some questions to answer, user-name, password... stuff like that.14:24
Braden`none                    148216    142717         0 100% /var/lib/ureadahead/debugfs   <-- What is that and why is it 100%?14:24
lewandowskiusr13: How to specify where to swap, or will it automatically set it?14:25
usr13Braden`: sudo fdisk -l | pastebinit   #Show us the URL, we'll look and see.14:25
usr13lewandowski: It will automagically do it.14:26
ranticBraden`: What version of Ubuntu are you running?14:26
lewandowskiusr13: Thanks.14:26
usr13Braden`: df | pastebinit  #We should see that too.14:27
usr13lewandowski: NP14:27
ActionParsnipusr13: df -h   is a bit more readable14:28
ActionParsnipBraden`: what is the output of:  cat /etc/issue14:28
Braden`http://pastebin.com/wTQ7QKVM     Ubuntu ver is 10.04.4 LTS14:29
=== BadLarry_ is now known as BadLarry
usr13Braden`: df -h | pastebinit   #Show us that too.14:32
wilee-nileeBraden`, This a desktop or server?14:32
ActionParsnipBraden`: and the output of:  uname -a14:33
ranticBraden`: Known bug from < Ubuntu 11.04, run sudo mv /etc/init.d/ureadahead.conf /etc/init.d/ureadahead.conf.disabled and sudo apt-get update && sudo apt-get upgrade14:33
ikoniarantic: ?14:33
h22guys, is there a wget/curl option to get only the text content (without html tags)?14:35
ActionParsniph22: there is html to text converters14:36
ActionParsniph22: http://unix.stackexchange.com/questions/42636/how-to-get-text-of-a-page-using-wget-without-html14:37
Mephistohello I'd like to build something similar to ubuntu's software center (accessible both from the distroand from the web), can you point me to some resources plz ?14:37
usr13Braden`: http://serverfault.com/questions/269918/out-of-disk-space-whats-the-source & http://ubuntuguide.net/howto-fix-ureadahead-problem-after-upgrading-to-ubuntu-10-0414:37
ikoniaMephisto: it's not an open source product14:37
ActionParsniph22: http://whathesaid.ca/2008/02/11/how-to-convert-a-websites-content-into-simple-text-files/14:37
h22ActionParsnip: I already checked that SO page... I think html2text is what I'm looking for14:37
Braden`I moved the conf14:38
Braden`I ran svn update and svn upgrade, but it didn't find any updates14:38
Braden`If I leave ureadahead disabled, can I safely restart the machine?14:38
ranticBraden`: Yes14:38
Mephistoikonia, well thank you very much, I understand this, I thought maybe someone knows what technologies to use to get something similar :)14:39
ActionParsnipBraden`: what is the output of: uname -a14:39
klinej #furnace tech14:39
ikoniaMephisto: you can use any technology you want,14:39
ranticBraden`: You ran svn update or apt-get update?14:39
lewandowskiusr13: Why does the installer retrieve files? Is this some third party shit?14:40
ikonialewandowski: that language is uncalled for and unwelcome14:40
usr13lewandowski: I don't know.14:40
lewandowskiikonia: I am so sorry.14:40
ikonialewandowski: not a problem14:40
lewandowskiikonia: Its just that sometimes i am very irritated by unavailabiltiy of drivers14:41
yebyendoes anyone have a laptop with HDMI that has been disabled by some recent update in raring?14:41
randomaussiehi alll... anyone have experiance with steam on 64bit ubuntu.... i have manage t instal it but it wont run.... i think i've exhausted my google options.... pointers please14:41
usr13lewandowski: (I don't know what you mean by retrieve files.)14:41
irssi-mikeyebyen: I have HDMI on a laptop however I don't have anything to plug it ingo14:41
ActionParsniprandomaussie: run it from terminal, the output may be useful14:41
yebyenmy HDMI works fine in windows... unless I have already booted into ubuntu once since the last cold poweroff.14:41
ranticrandomaussie: What do you mean it won't run? is there an error?14:41
yebyenotherwise i have to use the VGA which really sucks at 1080p14:41
lewandowskiusr13: Its doing that since 15 mins14:42
randomaussieactionparsnip: how do i do that14:42
wilee-nileerandomaussie, There is a #ubuntu-steam channel as well.14:42
randomaussierantic: i can load it.. its tried to run an update and just dissapears14:42
usr13lewandowski: It will automatically get newer versions of applications it is installing.  (There is an option for that, you prolly didn't see it.)14:43
randomaussiewilee-nilee: thank you14:43
lewandowskiusr13: Dang. Want to taste ubuntu and cant do it immediately.14:43
usr13lewandowski: What do  you mean?  (You are now....)14:44
lewandowskiusr13: Pardon.14:44
holsteinlewandowski: what operating system are you used to using? windows? you can always run ubuntu virtualized in virtualbox.. less driver issues that way14:44
ActionParsniprandomaussie: find what the command you run is in the relevant file in /usr/share/applications14:44
usr13holstein: He's doing the install now.14:44
usr13lewandowski: (The liveCD is Ubuntu too, you know....)14:45
holsteinlewandowski: also, you could purchase a machine from a vendor, much like you would windows.. a vendor such as system76 who make sure driver support is there.. or purchase something with known good support, such as most intel hardware14:45
prashant_123456using ubuntu 13.04 wifi gets disappear after some time any help ?14:45
ActionParsnipprashant_123456: which wifi chip?14:46
prashant_123456ActionParsnip, do i use lspci ?14:46
usr13prashant_123456: Open terminal, type:  lspci   Hit enter.14:46
ActionParsnipprashant_123456: sudo lshw -C network       will tell you14:46
prashant_123456ActionParsnip, ok14:47
prashant_123456atheros communication ActionParsnip14:47
ActionParsnipprashant_123456: ok, run:  lspci     what is the line related to the atheros?14:48
ActionParsnipprashant_123456: is it USB wifi?14:48
prashant_123456ActionParsnip, built in in hp laptop14:48
* genii ponders USB autosuspend nonsense14:48
ActionParsnipprashant_123456: ok, run:  lspci     what is the line related to the atheros?14:48
ActionParsnipprashant_123456: do you dual boot?14:48
=== ubuntu is now known as Guest78780
ubottuFor posting multi-line texts into the channel, please use http://paste.ubuntu.com | To post !screenshots use http://imagebin.org/?page=add | !pastebinit to paste directly from command line | Make sure you give us the URL for your paste - see also the channel topic.14:49
prashant_123456yes i have dual boot ActionParsnip14:49
boniiHi, I have a HP Elitebook 8570P which has an integrated Intel HD4000 graphics card and an additional AMD Radeon 7670 graphics card. I am running Ubuntu wheezy on it. The machine becomes really hot and lspci only shows the AMD card as the VGA controller which seems to suggest that the integrated card is switched off. In BIOS there does not seem to be any option to enable/disable graphics card, can someone tell me how can I switch on the Intel card and switc14:49
boniiSorry for the long winded question14:49
ActionParsnipprashant_123456: what is the output of the lspci command, what is the atheros line please?14:49
wilee-nileebonii, There is no ubuntu wheezy14:50
ActionParsnipbonii: there is no 'ubuntu wheezy'14:50
prashant_123456 ActionParsnip14:50
ActionParsnipbonii: what is the output of:  cat /etc/issue14:50
ActionParsnipprashant_123456: ok, it is an AR948514:50
boniiActionParsnip: Aargh typo, sorry about that, the version is Ununtu 13.0414:50
prashant_123456ActionParsnip, yes14:50
ActionParsnipprashant_123456: you can now use this to find guides14:50
ActionParsnipbonii: can you give the output of the command I gave, pleas14:51
boniiActionParsnip: Ubuntu 13.0414:51
ActionParsnipbonii: thats not what is output14:51
prashant_123456ActionParsnip, any solution ?14:51
ActionParsnipprashant_123456: not yet, what did you find?14:51
ActionParsnipprashant_123456: what is the output of:  lsb_release -a; uname -a    please pastebin the output14:52
boniiActionParsnip: It is Ubuntu 13.04 \n \l14:52
Braden`Sorry for the delayed response14:52
Braden`Yes, I can, but its a special distro set from GoDaddy14:52
Braden`So it naturally doesn't return all of the most recent updates for that particular release :/14:53
boniiActionParsnip: The output of /etc/issue14:53
ActionParsnipBraden`: is that the OS having issue14:53
ActionParsnipbonii: are there any bugs reported?14:53
gotwig6 minutes remainingg...14:54
ActionParsnipBraden`: are you having issues with this 'godaddy distro and not Ubuntu?14:54
prashant_123456ActionParsnip, http://paste.ubuntu.com/5900846/14:54
prashant_123456 no lsb modules are available14:54
boniiActionParsnip: Bugs for ?14:54
ActionParsnipprashant_123456: did you find any guides ?14:55
ActionParsnipbonii: your situation based on your make and model system14:55
prashant_123456ActionParsnip, no14:55
usr13ActionParsnip: "Ubuntu Forums is down for maintenance"14:55
ActionParsnipusr13: indeed14:55
boniiActionParsnip: I couldnt find any14:56
ActionParsnipprashant_123456: if you run:  sudo lshw -C network    do  you see   driver=ath9k14:56
boniiActionParsnip: I am not sure if it is a bug at all.14:56
prashant_123456ActionParsnip, http://paste.ubuntu.com/5900853/14:57
ActionParsnipprashant_123456: echo "options ath9k nohwcrypt=1" | sudo tee /etc/modprobe.d/ath9k.conf14:58
ActionParsnipbonii: of cause it is14:58
=== random__ is now known as randomaussie2
usr13ActionParsnip: prashant_123456: Maybe network-manager needs an update? Is it fully updated?14:59
prashant_123456nope its not fully updated usr1314:59
usr13prashant_123456: sudo apt-get update && sudo apt-get upgrade15:00
lewandowskiApple Dev. Center also hacked.15:00
ryan_12345Hello guyts, i'm on Ubuntu 13.04LiveUSB15:00
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=== dv__ is now known as dv_
usr13ryan_12345: Good job!  How can we help you.15:00
ryan_12345I need to resize my HDD because ive already go Windows Xp installed15:00
gotwigUBUNTU EDGE!!!15:01
gotwigITS THERE15:01
FloodBot1gotwig: Please don't flood; use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste; don't use Enter as punctuation.15:01
usr13ryan_12345: There is a privision for that on the LiveCD's installer program.15:01
prashant_123456ActionParsnip, is it necessary to add the line to ath9k.conf ?15:01
=== tank is now known as Guest59910
usr13ryan_12345: But you can just fire up gparted on your own.15:01
dutchiehey, i'm having some issues with command-not-found. See http://pastebin.com/H5vuuTkK. I've tried dpkg-reconfiguring and apt-get install --reinstalling both command-not-found and -data, but no luck. Should I just remove those and get it to regenerate them somehow?15:01
=== BadLarry is now known as BadLarry_
ryan_12345I need to do something to remove NTFS and put GRUB instead can you help me please15:02
ryan_12345usr13: i  need to do something to remove NTFS and put GRUB instead can you help me please15:02
wilee-nileeryan_12345, Nyfs is a partition grub is a bootloader15:03
wilee-nileeryan_12345, Have you actually installed ubuntu?15:04
=== rahul is now known as Guest9795
ActionParsnipprakriti: can help15:04
ryan_12345wilee-nilee: nope I currently using LiveUSB15:04
boniiActionParsnip: Its a bug in which component ?15:04
usr13ryan_12345: How many partitions are there now?  (And how large?)15:05
ActionParsnipbonii: xorg15:05
usr13wilee-nilee: He is running the LiveCD, wanting to install as we speak.15:05
ryan_12345usr13: partitions15:05
ryan_12345usr13:  2 partitions15:05
wilee-nileeusr13, Yeah I saw that, just checking. ;)15:05
usr13ryan_12345: How large? and How large?15:05
Guest9795I tried charging ipad with my ubuntu laptop. It didn't charge. But that's not the issue. now the "You have just inserted a digital audio player"  dialog won't go away. I have tried clicking 'cancel', 'ok', close, alt-f4...Does anyone know what process should I kill for it to go away?15:05
ryan_12345usr13:  I've got 2 H.D.D15:05
usr13ryan_12345: Ok, the question is;  Which partition(s) can you do without?  (Which ones are expendable?)15:06
wilee-nileeGuest9795, That a popup?15:06
Guest9795Yes. The popup dialog15:07
wilee-nileeGuest9795, use the alt key and cursor to move it to see if anything is underneath.15:07
boniiActionParsnip: Ok thanks15:07
usr13ryan_12345: If you open a terminal and type   sudo fdisk -l   #...and send us the URL, we can look and see.15:07
ryan_12345usr13: I got 37.27GIB - File System is NTFS and that's one of of the H.D.D15:08
usr13ryan_12345: sudo fdisk -l | pastebinit   #send url.15:08
ryan_12345usr13: Nope I have Personsal infomration on these H.D.D15:08
=== Sedated_ is now known as Sedated
usr13ryan_12345: That will not be personal information.15:09
wilee-nileeGuest9795, At times multiple popups can happen and need to be closed in order, just guessing here.15:09
Guest9795Tried alt+`. Tried moving the windows. http://i.imgur.com/ht6k2fc.png15:09
usr13ryan_12345: Otherwise, all we can tell you is to delete what ever partitions you want and install on the empty space that results. (The choice is yours.)15:09
wilee-nileeGuest9795, You look behind the irc screen?15:10
usr13ryan_12345: (We can only give you specific advise if you give us specific information.)15:10
Guest9795wilee-nilee: Even when there are popups which need to be closed in order, I think alt-f4 works if it's in focus. Anyway, I have looked behind the irc screen, alt+`, the unity bar, alt-tab...15:10
Guest9795Those 4 buggers are all that's open15:10
wilee-nileeGuest9795, You have htop installed?15:11
Guest9795No. What does it do?15:11
usr13ryan_12345: See my PM15:11
wilee-nileeGuest9795, You can kill with it15:11
otak$ xkill :)15:12
Guest9795But kill which process?15:12
MonkeyDustotak  xkill kill the GUI, not the process15:12
wilee-nileeGuest9795, I'm not sure the name of those for a kill is all. htop will show them15:12
wilee-nileeprobably ipod in htop15:13
Guest9795Diving into htop output now15:13
wilee-nileeGuest9795, there is a f3 search15:17
Guest9795Tried that. Nothing by the name ipad or Ipad or ipod...15:17
ryan_12345usr17: Hello15:19
Guest9795I think the zombie notifications should be somehow gfvs mounters children. Looking into gvfs processes15:19
wilee-nileeGuest9795, You can use the arrow keys to scroll and look for what they may be.15:19
ryan_12345usr13: Sorry ISP Problems, what was that command again15:19
usr13ryan_12345: sudo fdisk -l | pastebinit   #send url.15:21
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usr13!paste | ryan_1234515:21
ubotturyan_12345: For posting multi-line texts into the channel, please use http://paste.ubuntu.com | To post !screenshots use http://imagebin.org/?page=add | !pastebinit to paste directly from command line | Make sure you give us the URL for your paste - see also the channel topic.15:21
ryan_12345usr13: here s the URL - http://pastebin.ubuntu.com/5900911/15:22
Guest9795I give up. ps axu > before.ps. I will logout and see the diff <(ps axu) ~/before.ps15:23
KerimAnybody got an idea why indiegogo requires you to fill the second address line, even though it is optional?15:26
usr13ryan_12345: Ok. Looks like you have a 40G and a 160G drive.  The 40G drive has just one partition.  The 160G drive has a 155G partion and an extended partition with only one 1.5G logical partition which is designated as swap.  You probably will want to shrink the 155G partition down to a smaller size. Right?15:26
usr13ryan_12345: I would suggest deleting the extened partition and then shrink the 155G partition to something a lot smaller.15:27
ryan_12345usr13: that's 155GiB is where I want Ubuntu to be installed15:28
usr13ryan_12345: ... but it depends on how full it is.  If it has about 50 or 60G of data on it, you could shrink it down to about 80G or so?  Maybe?15:28
ryan_12345usr13: No! stop I want 160GB on this HDD to have Ubuntu how do I do that then?15:29
usr13ryan_12345: Oh, you can do witout the data on the 160G drive?  Good, just delete all partitions on it and install on the unallocated (free) space.15:29
ryan_12345usr13: How do I do that then15:29
usr13ryan_12345: Just delete all partitions on it and install on the unallocated (free) space.  (on sdb)15:30
craigbass1976I've got to get rid of oracle java 7 and upt 6 on.  When I apt-get purge oracle-java7-installer,  there's no choice to just remove that; apt also wants to install openjdk and I don't want that, because I'm going ot be putting oracle 6 back on and would have to delete it anyway.15:30
craigbass1976How do I just get rid of oracle java 7?15:30
usr13ryan_12345: ... You don't have anything on it you need to save?  Right?...15:30
Alegreyaarch linux is more popular that ubuntu now15:31
ryan_12345usr13: I don't want to lose WINDOWS XP MIND!!!15:31
usr13ryan_12345: If you do, get out a thumb drive or some other type of USB drive and transfer files now.15:31
ryan_12345usr13: your lieing15:31
causasuiyou're a retarded15:32
Alegreyawndows xp is now kde15:32
ryan_12345usr13: I can just delete then NTFS on the 40GiB H.D.D15:32
usr13ryan_12345: Ok. Well then the question is;  Where is your Windows XP install?  (Is it on the 40G drive?)  (Do you have some stuff for XP on the 160G drive?, and if so, how much?)15:32
usr13ryan_12345: You can delete the partition on the 40G drive if you are not using it for XP.  (Again, where is XP installed?)15:33
ryan_12345usr13: the 160GiB HDD is blank and the 40GiB is the one with Windows XP on it15:33
usr13ryan_12345: Are you sure?15:33
ryan_12345usr13: and by the way i'm not deleting Windows XP15:33
ryan_12345usr13: Yes15:33
usr13ryan_12345: If you are not sure, mount the drives and see what is on them.15:33
usr13ryan_12345: They may be mounted already.    Open a terminal and type mount and hit enter to see if they are.15:34
ryan_12345usr13: I'm sure that the 40GiB Hdd as Window s on it and the 160GiB is blank15:34
ryan_12345usr13: Right, i've opened Gparted15:35
R0b0t1Hello. How do I change DNS in 12.04 LTS?15:35
usr13ryan_12345: Ok if you are sure, then just delete the partitions on the 160G drive and install on the available free space.15:35
usr13R0b0t1: edit /etc/resolv.conf15:35
R0b0t1I can't really search for anything because, well, I am trying to set the DNS...15:35
wilee-nileeryan_12345, For what it worth we all watch what is going on if you were being misled you would be informed.15:35
usr13R0b0t1: nameserver
R0b0t1usr13: /etc/resolv.conf is autogenerated15:35
R0b0t1it resets after a few minutes15:35
usr13R0b0t1: Edit your router's config15:36
ryan_12345usr13: okay what's next then15:36
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usr13ryan_12345: create new partions15:36
ryan_12345usr13: as what a extened15:37
R0b0t1usr13: I can't.15:37
DaveC_Having issues with mounting ubuntu volume from other computers. (samba)15:38
usr13ryan_12345: You need at least 2 partitions, one for swap and another for the root partition. (At minimum.)15:38
usr13ryan_12345: How much RAM do you have?15:38
ryan_12345usr13: 1.50GB15:39
ryan_12345usr13: so how do I create a partitions15:39
usr13In gparted15:39
ryan_12345usr13: then what, your not helpping15:39
MonkeyDustryan_12345  gparted means gnome partition editor15:40
usr13You can create extended partition and logical partitions within that one.15:40
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ryan_12345usr13: olay then what I've done that15:40
usr13ryan_12345: Create a logical partition for swap, 4G.  Create a logical partition for /  30G  Create a third partition for /home/  and let it be just the rest of the drive.15:41
MonkeyDustryan_12345  explore gparted a bit and see how it works and what it does, it's best way to learn and we all did it that way15:41
ryan_12345MonkeyDust: Don't confuse me now I've created partitioins15:41
usr13ryan_12345: (The above is just a suggestion, do it as you see fit.)  (As I said before, you only need 2 partitions, one for swap and one for / )15:42
ryan_12345usr13: SLOW DOWN, i'm slow okay15:42
usr13ryan_12345: Take your time.15:43
R0b0t1Is there a way to change DNS locally on 12.04 LTS? I worked around the autogen'd /etc/resolv.conf by keeping it open in an editor, but... yeah...15:43
usr13R0b0t1: I just told you.15:43
usr13R0b0t1: Change the line that starts with   nameserver (change the IP)15:43
R0b0t1usr13: I do that. /etc/resolv.conf will reset itself after a few minutes.15:44
usr13R0b0t1: Or, you can use the network manager.15:44
R0b0t1(I thought I mentioned that)15:44
varunendraR0b0t1, either set the DNS in NM itself, or add the desired DNS in /etc/resolvconf/resolvconf.d/base file15:44
ryan_12345usr13: right I've created two partitions one is exteneded and the 2nd one is ext215:44
usr13What sizes?15:44
ProstetnicCan anyone tell me how I would setup persistence on the liveUSB beyond: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/LiveCD/Persistence#Setting_Up_Your_USB_Stick  ???15:45
R0b0t1varunendra: How do I do that in NM?15:45
R0b0t1varunendra: Must it be per-connection?15:45
varunendraR0b0t1, In NM -- > IPv4 tab > Mode "Automatic (DHCP) address only"15:45
klrrubuntu edge LOL15:45
usr13ryan_12345: Wait.... You nave an extended partition with how many logical ones within that extended partition?)15:45
varunendraR0b0t1, I think so.15:45
klrrubuntu phone is a bit fail15:45
usr13ryan_12345: The extended partition can be subdivided into multiple logical partitions15:46
wilee-nilee!ot > klaas15:46
ubottuklaas, please see my private message15:46
werxxxI want to mount flash drive15:46
usr13ryan_12345: Tell us what you've done so far.15:46
wilee-nilee!ot | klrr15:46
ubottuklrr: #ubuntu is the Ubuntu support channel, for all Ubuntu-related support questions. Please use #ubuntu-offtopic for other topics (though our !guidelines apply there too). Thanks!15:46
wilee-nileesorry klaas15:46
cziksonhi does some one know a program that can format or delete a protected partition on a pen drive?15:46
wilee-nileeczikson, Protected?15:46
usr13ryan_12345: Tell us what sizes the partition(s) are.15:47
cziksonwrite only protected15:47
werxxxSome body15:47
R0b0t1varunendra: I am unable to write to /etc/resolvconf/resolvconf.d/base, I assume it does not exist?15:47
cziksonits 8 gigs15:47
R0b0t1Unable to write as root.15:47
wilee-nileeczikson, I would think gparted would.15:47
varunendraR0b0t1, the Method --> "Automatic (DHCP) addresses only" will let you edit the DNS field. And it is indeed per connection (just confirmed)15:47
varunendraR0b0t1, my mistake15:47
usr13R0b0t1: Is this a server or a Desktop PC?15:47
ryan_12345usr13: size on extended is 149.05GiB15:47
cziksongparted dosnt work at all dd too15:47
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werxxxHow I can to mount pen15:47
varunendraR0b0t1, it was /etc/resolvconf/resolv.conf.d/base15:47
ryan_12345usr13: and ext2 is - 159.05GiB15:48
wilee-nileeczikson, You unmount it in gparted?15:48
usr13ryan_12345: Ok. Tell me more.15:48
cziksonyes and then try to delete it but it seys its write only15:48
ryan_12345usr13: that's all15:48
=== dpac|away is now known as dpac
R0b0t1varunendra: Ah, okay. The missing periods looked suspicious...15:48
usr13ryan_12345: You need two partitions.  One for swap and one for the system files.15:48
reisioczikson: ask #hardware about it15:48
wilee-nileeczardoz, Is their a read only switch on it?15:48
netlarIs there a way to show the power usage?15:48
cziksonno switch15:48
zipyhttps://www.youtube.com/watch?v=eQLe3iIMN7k <-- damn ubuntu edge *gimmedatnow*15:49
werxxxHelp me15:49
wilee-nileeczardoz, yeah #hardware it seems15:49
klrrzipy: it's so ugly i agree15:49
wilee-nileeczikson, heh^^^15:49
klrryeah i agreed with you15:49
werxxxI need help15:49
ryan_12345usr13: then tell me how to do it then please, Im not a professional of Linux OS, your just telling me to click and partition. I don't understand15:49
klrrzipy: i hope they remake it with more apple feel15:49
zipyofc :D15:49
usr13ryan_12345: If you have just one big 149.05G partition, delete it.  Create two logical partitions (within the extended partition).  One small one for swap, and another large one for / (system files).  At least two logical partitions.15:50
cziksonok thx i'll ask15:50
klrryes, that ugly guy in the video should get same beard as steve jobs had15:50
zipyput in the apple logo and sell it as iphone 6 :D15:50
wilee-nileezipy, Don't be a pinhead15:50
klrrzipy: who is the guy in the video, is it some kind of hipster?15:50
zipyi think its a bot15:50
ryan_12345usr13: I'm on Create a new partition15:51
usr13ryan_12345: If that 149.05G partition is an extended partition, then just create two logical partitions within it, one small one for swap (maybe 4G) and the rest for /15:51
werxxxI'm busy15:51
usr13ryan_12345: Ok create a small one for swap.15:51
ryan_12345usr13: your doing it again, your speaking Jargon15:51
klrrubuntu 13.10 when does it come?15:51
coventryOn a box I recently downgraded from 13.04 to 12.04, video played with vlc in a virtualbox now runs very choppily.  Same video runs fine on the box itself.  I get the problem with ubuntu 12.04 virtualbox, and Oracle virtualbox 4.1 and 4.2.  Is there a fix for this?15:51
klrrwill it ship with mirshit?15:51
ryan_12345usr13: tell me what to tell and click15:51
usr13ryan_12345: I can't help it.  That is the only way  to explaine it. See: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Disk_partitioning15:52
zipy4gb ram phone is nice15:52
zipyu can run vms on it x)15:52
gr3c0i need some help15:52
ryan_12345wilee-nilee: Help me please usr13 is not helping me15:52
usr13ryan_12345: Create new partition.  Label it swap. Make the size 4G.15:52
gr3c0i am wondering if anyone is familair with the new uefi15:52
usr13ryan_12345: Create new partition for /  ext415:53
ryan_12345usr13: what 4 gb in mb15:53
gr3c0i have windows 8 preinstalled so i have the stupid new bios15:53
wilee-nilee!uefi | gr3c015:53
ubottugr3c0: UEFI is a specification that defines a software interface between an operating system and platform firmware, it is meant as a replacement for the BIOS. For information on how to set up and install Ubuntu and its derivatives on UEFI machines please read https://help.ubuntu.com/community/UEFI15:53
gerihi how can i fix this issue? kernel headers for the target kernel version could not be found and you did not specify other valid kernel headers to use15:53
geriwhen running module-assistant15:54
ryan_12345usr13: would that go into @New Size15:54
gr3c0i disabled secure boot and installed windows 7 and then another windows 8 pro15:54
wilee-nileegr3c0, You can ask for help, but not many if us are up on uefi, as the manufacturers tweak there own versions.15:54
werxxxI go away15:54
geniigeri: install linux-headers-generic15:54
usr13ryan_12345: I'm on the phone.....15:54
Ampelbeingeri: install "linux-header-generic", that should pull the correct header package.15:54
Shirahello i have a biig question about encryption in ubuntu 13.0415:55
usr13ryan_12345: One of the others can help you....15:55
ryan_12345usr13:  Um.....okay lol :-p15:55
wilee-nileeShira, and?15:55
gr3c0i think i bypassed efi already15:55
Shirai have forgotten to do it in the installation from ubuntu, how can i do it after a install? i have only 1 hhd with 1 partition and a older swap partition15:55
wilee-nileegr3c0, Have you looked at the link?15:55
ikoniaShira: do you REALLY need to encypt15:56
gr3c0question is with windows bootloader if i install ubuntu will it come up on windows bootloader15:56
redtape|renegadeWhere is the LIVE stream of Mark Shuttleworth being sent from for #oscon 2013 ?15:56
ActionParsnipShira: do you use autologin?15:56
reeedguys. somethings going on with my Kubuntu right NOW -- both CPUs at 100%, top says 'nepomukservices', 'get-distro-upgr', 'virtuoso-t' are active15:56
gr3c0i am unfamilair with grub15:56
Shirai dont use autologin and yes i need a encryption15:56
ActionParsnipredtape|renegade: please ask in #ubuntu-offtopic    this is support15:56
ikoniaShira: really you have data that's "that" secure you need to encypt your disk and all the disks that come with it15:56
reeedwhat's going on? I didn't authorize any software update15:56
ActionParsnipShira: is it a brand new install?15:56
wilee-nileegr3c0, you will have a grub menu I believe, you might wait till the ubuntu forums is up for best help, there is an excellent thread for covering most possibilities.15:57
ryan_12345ActionParsnip: Will you help me15:57
Shiraits fresh from yesterday but i have already install tools, also changed to gnome 3.8 etc15:57
ActionParsnipryan_12345: what is the issue15:57
wilee-nileeShira, 3.8 is a ppa and no supported and a bit problematic.15:58
ryan_12345ActionParsnip: well usr13 told me to create partitions because I've got Windows Xp installed on my one of my H.D.D15:58
ryan_12345ActionParsnip: one partition is for swap with space of 4GiB15:59
ActionParsnipryan_12345: thats fine, resize ntfs then install to the freed space15:59
Shira3.8 works great for me, atm i have no bugs found15:59
ikoniaShira: this is unwise15:59
ActionParsnipShira: its support is smaller15:59
dutchiehey, i'm having some issues with command-not-found. See http://pastebin.com/H5vuuTkK. I've tried dpkg-reconfiguring and apt-get install --reinstalling both command-not-found and -data, but no luck. Should I just remove those and get it to regenerate them somehow?15:59
ikoniaShira: if you have data that is that important you need to encypt it you should not be using unstable software15:59
usr13ActionParsnip: http://pastebin.ubuntu.com/5900911/  (He has XP installed on the 40G drive sda)15:59
ryan_12345ActionParsnip: How do I do then, if you understand what I mean it all Jargon, could you guide me what to do15:59
klrrubuntu penis16:00
ryan_12345usr13: and thanks for helping order members to help me16:00
usr13ActionParsnip: He wants to use the entire 160G drive for Ubuntu.16:00
Shiragnome 3.8 is unstable?16:00
ActionParsnipryan_12345: are you wanting to get rid of XP or dual boot?16:00
ActionParsnipShira: its not supported here as its not from the Ubuntu repos. Its a 3rd party source16:01
ryan_12345ActionParsnip: I want to keep Windows XP so Dual-boot16:01
Shirayes i dont want support for gnome i want support for the ubuntu encryption16:02
ActionParsnipryan_12345: then chkdsk your NTFS as well as defrag it16:02
ikoniaShira: yes, but you're missing the point of what I'm saying16:02
ActionParsnipShira: i'm looking for guides, you'll need to do it from liveCD16:03
gr3c0question is with windows bootloader if i install ubuntu will it come up on windows bootloader16:03
ikoniaShira: if you are using important data that is that importnat you need encyption, using unstable software can cause problems with it16:03
ikoniaShira: more so as later versions of the software can pull in later versions of the dependencies16:03
gr3c0i am wondering if my windows 7 and 8 and 8 pro will boot off of grub bootloader16:03
ikoniagr3c0: should do16:03
ryan_12345ActionParsnip: what do you mean by that16:03
wilee-nileeShira, read the warning, I found it to be a problem in raring. https://launchpad.net/~gnome3-team/+archive/gnome3-staging16:04
ActionParsnipShira: you may have to wait while the forums come back up after the password fiasco16:04
ActionParsnipryan_12345: in Windows, do a defrag..you know how to defrag in WIndows right?16:04
Shiraikonia i know what you mean but i want a normal aes encryption for the complete hdd not only the system, same as my truecrypt hdd encryption on windows before.16:04
ActionParsnipryan_12345: and check the disk for errors too, use the full check so that you know the file system is 100% healthy16:04
ryan_12345ActionParsnip: I've done all that like 4 hrs ago16:05
usr13ryan_12345: Create a [logical] partition for swap, 4G.  Create a [logical] partition for /  30G  Create a third partition for /home/  and let it be just the rest of the drive."  "These are just suggestions do it as you please but you need at least one for swap and one or two more for system files and /home/.   I suggest 3 partitions, but 2 is ok.  Creating an extended partition will allow as many as you want, (logical partitions are created within an extended 16:06
gr3c0i am working off of an efi system with secure boot disable and csm enabled i had to do that to enable dual boot , i installed win 7 and win8 pro on different parition and now i want to add ubuntu16:06
ShiraActionParsnip i know what you mean via livecd but i have think its also a methode before you have ubuntu installed16:06
anthonycraigshello there16:06
gr3c0installing unbuntu will replace windows boot loader ?16:06
Shirayes it replace16:07
anthonycraigsi wanted to know if the new haswell processors are well supported in ubuntu or not?16:07
ikoniaShira: yes, and that's running from a disk that is not in use16:07
usr13ActionParsnip: The above is what I've already advised, I just put it into one post for us to see all at one time.16:07
ikoniaanthonycraigs: should be fin e16:07
anthonycraigsspecifically the intel graphics chipset16:07
reisiogr3c0: by default, but not necessarily16:07
ikoniaanthonycraigs: should be fine16:07
anthonycraigsHD 500016:07
Shiraikonia, give it a way to encrypt the complet hd after my setup or i need to install ubuntu new?16:07
ikoniaShira: you'll need to do it from livecd so your disks are not in use16:08
ActionParsnipShira: found this: http://ubuntuforums.org/announce.html?t=420182&highlight=Howto+encrypt+harddrive   but again the forums are down16:08
ActionParsnipShira: its not going to be an easy task16:08
ryan_12345<So what is the best thing to dio then16:08
gr3c0i made an usb bootable with unbuntu ready to go live16:08
usr13ryan_12345: So, do you have your partitions done created?  If so, you are ready to install.16:09
gr3c0yes i shrunk 100 gb off my main os16:09
ryan_12345usr13: help me please this is all Jargon16:09
gr3c0do i have to format it before?16:09
varunendraanthonycraigs, you may get some answers on #hardware16:09
ActionParsnipgr3c0: let the ubuntu installer format it16:10
ShiraActionParsnip and ikonia, i have a howto with a livecd but i dont know, is this methode before i have installed ubuntu or also after i have installed ubuntu??16:10
usr13ryan_12345: So, do you have your partitions created?16:10
gr3c0i have a universal question16:10
Shirathats my point16:10
ActionParsnipShira: its hard to find guides when the forms are down, there may be other guide but all I find is the forums16:10
ryan_12345usr13: no but can you help me where do I type in 400mib into16:10
Shirai have find it on the ubuntuwiki16:10
gr3c0i bought a 2tb 3.5in hdd 7200rpm and enclosed it in 3.0 external hub16:10
gr3c0is is possible to installed os's on this drive and boot them?16:11
gr3c0therotically 3.0  will make the connection as fast as sata16:11
ActionParsnipgr3c0: if your BIOS can boot USB, sure16:12
Shirai will check it out16:12
gr3c0i tried so many times and coundlt get ti to boot16:12
gr3c0rtand it does support16:12
gr3c0but its not bios16:12
gr3c0its efi16:12
usr13ryan_12345: Set the size of the partitions as I told you, small, 4G or so for swap, larger, 30G or so for /home/  (type=ext4)  and the rest for / (type=ext4).16:12
ryan_12345usr13: jargon AGAIN!!! SLOW THE HELL DOWN16:13
ActionParsnipgr3c0: then I suggest you ask in ##hardware to see how you can make your hardware boot the storage16:13
usr13ryan_12345: I said that backwards... sorry16:13
ActionParsnipgr3c0: or conatct the motherboard manufacturers, or post on their forum16:13
usr13ryan_12345: Set the size of the partitions as I told you, small, 4G or so for swap, larger, 30G or so for /  (type=ext4)  and the rest for /home/ (type=ext4).16:14
gr3c0thanks guys16:14
wilee-nileegr3c0, Honestly this is the lat place for uefi support I would go, the ubuntu forums has a specific mod who is best at it, wait till they are on line.16:14
ryan_12345usr13: right I've got Gparted open right16:14
ActionParsnipryan_12345: its hardly jargon, you undersatd Gb is a gigabtyte, right>16:14
gr3c0i hate this efi crap16:14
ActionParsnipryan_12345: and what a partition is?16:14
usr13ryan_12345: 1G=1000M16:14
ActionParsnipgr3c0: seems like a headache16:15
gr3c0i spent 12 hr on phone with microsoft, asus, and geek squad16:15
varunendragr3c0, I can boot from my USB3 port, but have only tried USB 2 flash drives so far (and my laptop does support efi, although it's disabled)16:15
gr3c0they were clueless16:15
gr3c0secure boot is efi right?16:15
usr13ryan_12345: G=Gigabyte  M=Magabyte16:15
ryan_12345usr13: where do I type in 4000mib for the "swap" partition16:16
varunendragr3c0, no, secure boot is a different thing, although it works on top of EFI.16:16
ryan_12345usr13: which box the16:16
gr3c0i disabled secure boot with allowed me to have mulitle version of windows16:16
ryan_12345usr13: Free space preceding(Mib)16:17
gr3c0but now i want this linux16:17
gr3c0i gave up trying to install to usb hard drive16:17
gr3c0windows doesnt allow usb installtion16:17
usr13ryan_12345:  The partition size. Is it already created?  If it is too small or too large, edit it and change the size.16:17
varunendragr3c0, have you read the wiki page about UEFI installation thoroughly? It's not difficult if you understand the basics.16:18
gr3c0i tried installing and cloning but nothing there either16:18
gr3c0i even migrated the os16:18
gr3c0and still nothing16:18
usr13ryan_12345: if you are resizing it, "New size"16:18
ryan_12345usr13: nope I don't know what to do do I where onearth do I type in 4000mib16:18
gr3c0and the external had the efi system partition16:18
gr3c0i read everything on it16:19
gr3c0does it make a difference if it s pirated versions?16:19
=== dpac is now known as dpac|away
varunendragr3c0, that kind of discussion is not allowed I'm afraid ;)16:19
gr3c0haha word16:20
usr13ryan_12345: Make the swap partition 4G (4000 MiB)16:20
gr3c0im assume tho it should be a problem16:20
SuperstringQuestion, in the rc-sysinit.conf, there is a DEFAULT_RUNLEVEL environment variable and below that there is another RUNLEVEL=16:20
SuperstringWhat ist he purpose of the second RUNLEVEL?16:20
gr3c0i had the sweest laptop too but the hd came with crap 750gb 5400rpm16:20
gr3c0asus g46vw16:20
ryan_12345usr13: and what is the file system16:21
gr3c02gb gtx 660m 8gb ram, i5 323016:21
usr13ryan_12345: If you just want to use two partitions, (simple/easy), make the second partition (type=ext4), the rest of the drive.16:21
gr3c0but crap hdd and i have 3hr dissemble to replace16:21
usr13ryan_12345: The file system type for swap is swap.  For the other(s)  ext416:21
Aaruniis there any way to save all the currently installed application and updates for a backup ? 12.04 64bit16:21
ActionParsnipgr3c0: switchable GPU too16:22
ryan_12345usr13: is it linux -swap16:22
ActionParsnipgr3c0: you'll need bumblebee for that16:22
wilee-nileeAaruni, dpkg --get-selections > ~/my-packages16:22
varunendraAaruni, if you haven't cleared the cache, then there is - AptOnCD16:22
wilee-nileeAaruni, Mines just a install list16:23
Aarunivarunendra: I don't know if I have cleared the cache16:23
usr13ryan_12345: Yes.  Linux-Swap (the small one).16:23
gr3c0bumblebee for the vid card?16:23
Aaruniwilee-nilee: not just install list, but the downloaded packages too.16:23
wilee-nileeI figured as such16:23
Aarunidon't want to download them again, in case I need to format my drive tomorrow16:23
varunendraAaruni, if you don't know, then you haven't.16:23
varunendraAaruni, you can browse to /var/cache/apt/archives to see if the downloaded packages are still there.16:24
ryan_12345usr13: and what do I create that as a Primary partition or a Extended partition16:24
usr13ryan_12345: And then just one more, (the rest of the drive) type=ext416:24
usr13ryan_12345: Primary16:24
ryan_12345usr13: and what about the label16:24
Aarunivarunendra: ok, there are about 900 packages there16:24
usr13ryan_12345: On which partition?16:25
ryan_12345usr13: Linux-Swap16:25
ActionParsnipAaruni: its fun to have a local package server if you have multiple PCs16:25
varunendraAaruni, you can just copy the /var/cache/apt directory as a backup, but it'll take extra efforts to make them recognised as a software source. aptoncd makes it easy.16:25
usr13ryan_12345: On the first one, (the small one, swap).16:25
usr13ryan_12345: Yes, Linux-Swap16:25
Aarunivarunendra: thanks.16:25
ryan_12345usr13: so the first partition is called swap16:26
varunendraAaruni, what ActionParsnip suggested is an even advanced option, for networks. :)16:26
Ahti333i have some packages kept back during apt-get upgrade, amongst them is linux-image-generic, should i expect any trouble when apt-get dist-upgrading?16:26
wilee-nileeAhti333, Thats the command used16:26
Aarunivarunendra, ActionParsnip : not looking for networks. its just that I may need to format my drive, and don't want to waste bandwidth downloading the packages again. I just downloaded the whole thing yesterday16:27
usr13ryan_12345: Yes16:27
varunendraAaruni, if you install aptoncd (sudo apt-get install aptoncd), make sure to also install 'hal' package (sudo apt-get install hal).16:27
ryan_12345usr13: now what about the second partition is that a primary or a exteneded partition16:27
usr13ryan_12345: Primary16:27
ryan_12345usr13: and the file system for the second partition16:27
Ahti333wilee-nilee i know ;) what i am not sure about is wether upgrading the kernel on a production server is a thing that i should just do without making tons of backups etc beforehand16:28
Aarunivarunendra: what's hal ?16:28
varunendraAaruni, be informed that this backup will only work for the same architecture, same version of Ubuntu.16:28
Aarunivarunendra: planning to install the same thing. 12.04 64bit16:28
ryan_12345usr13: and the label for the second partition16:28
varunendraAaruni, it is just a supporting package, without which the "Restore" button in its gui doesn't work.16:28
wilee-nileeAhti333, We don't know what you have there, backups are always a good thing.16:28
Aarunivarunendra: ok.16:28
Max-Powerzquick Q/A16:29
Max-Powerzdoes ubunti still have that silly side bar ?16:29
AaruniMax-Powerz: you mean the unity launcher ?16:29
wilee-nileeMax-Powerz, thats the unity desktop, there are many others.16:30
pilsahi ... will the new version of wine (1.6) also go into the 12.04 repositories (probaby not)?16:30
MonkeyDustMax-Powerz  unity has that 'silly' side bar, if you don't like it, don't use it16:30
ryan_12345usr13: shall I just leave the second partition label blank16:30
holsteinMax-Powerz: the unity UI sidebar? unity has that.. ubuntu uses unity.. main ubuntu.. other official version of ubuntu dont have unity or a sidebar16:30
Aaruniits there on 12.04, not sure about never releases. Max-Powerz, try using gnome or something, if you didn't like unity16:30
Ahti333wilee-nilee well, nothing more than apache php mysql and ruby (on rails), no fancy things that do any kernel things like vms do16:30
Ryan_winsilly question.. when using Unity.. is there a way to browse all of my applications as opposed to just searching with dash?16:30
bray9082_does anyone know if the $600 ubuntu edge phone expires tomorrow or not16:30
wilee-nileeAhti333, YOu might check with #ubuntu-server16:30
AaruniRyan_win: in dash, select applications, and then click on all installed16:31
Ahti333wilee-nilee thanks :016:31
Ahti333* :)16:31
wilee-nileeno prob16:31
bray9082_the kickstarter for the edge phone that is16:31
Ryan_winAaruni thanks :D16:31
AaruniRyan_win: no prob16:31
ryan_12345usr13: hello.....you there16:31
bray9082_or doe sit have the same 31 days like the rest of the project16:31
usr13ryan_12345: I was on the phone.  Set it to ext4  (partition type)  and Use for   /16:32
=== chefkoch is now known as chinese-chefkoch
ryan_12345usr13: there is the 2 partition created shall I click to tick?16:33
usr13ryan_12345: Mount point is /16:33
usr13ryan_12345: What size are they?16:33
usr13ryan_12345: Does it show it in GiB ?16:33
Shirai have a little last question16:34
ryan_12345usr13: for linux-swap is 3.91GiB and for ext4 is 145.14GiB16:34
Shirais the encryption from the ubuntu setup AES?16:34
=== chinese-chefkoch is now known as chefkoch
ryan_12345usr13: and yes it does16:34
usr13ryan_12345: And mount point for the ext4 one is /  Right?16:34
ryan_12345usr13: yes, shall I tick then16:35
SuperstringIn rc-sysinit.conf, there is a DEFAULT_RUNLEVEL and a RUNLEVEL.  What is the purpose of the second RUNLEVEL?16:35
usr13ryan_12345: If so, you are done. Install Now.....16:35
usr13ryan_12345: Install Now16:36
ryan_12345usr13: do I click the tick in Gparted or not16:36
usr13ryan_12345: "tick"16:37
usr13ryan_12345: See my PM.16:37
usr13ryan_12345: What is the "tick"?16:37
ryan_12345usr13: see my PM16:38
vedicHey guys, I am running on 12.04 64bit. I want to install Apache 2.4.x which is the latest but 12.04 LTS repository provides 2.2.x version. In case apache releases security fix, how would I update apache if I install apache 2.4.x from source (as repository only provides 2.2.x). Is there ready package for Ubuntu for apache 2.4.x?16:42
usr13vedic: You're on your own if you do not use the package manager.16:43
usr13vedic: Why not just use the version from the repository?16:43
vedicusr13: the httpd guys say that there is 2.4 package and installing that would not require recompilation. But I don't know where to find that?16:43
Myrikhave russians16:43
vedicusr13: 2.4.x is recommeded for event-mpm model for apache. Also more optimized16:44
usr13vedic: Ok. Go for it then.....16:47
vedicusr13: But where is that package located? I could not find16:48
countzwhat's the deal with the mouse & touch pad settings? I have a touchpad on my laptop, and also a mouse, I can't set the mouse speed?!16:52
countzonly the touchpad speed16:52
=== akshay_ is now known as akshay_r
holsteincountz: everything is always configurable. but it might be more hassle than you are willing to go through16:53
bhalashcountz: xset16:53
countzwhat about those popups? is there something that makes them clickable?16:53
bhalashcountz: xset allows you to finely control mouse sensitivity and speed16:53
countzthis is so 2005 stuff16:54
bhalashcountz: Example: xset m 3 5 - sensitivity 3 and speed 5. Etc. Tweak as needed and add the line to the relevant startup file16:54
=== _BJFreeman is now known as BJfreeman
holsteincountz: sure.. be sure you let the mouse manufacturer know the issues you are having16:54
countzhow is this related to the mouse manufacturer?16:54
countzthis is a preferences thing16:55
holsteincountz: sure.. but the mouse didnt come with linux support, did it?16:55
countzubuntu is supposed to see I have a mouse, and should let me set mouse sensitivity, double-click speed, etc.16:55
countzthis is a generic mouse...16:55
countzhow do I hide quits/joins/parts in empathy?16:56
holsteincountz: ubuntu is seeing you have a mouse, and supplying a driver from the kernel automatically.. nothing downloaded from anywhere to supply that16:56
countzyes I know16:56
xanguacountz: you don't, better use a dedicated irc program16:56
countzbut ubuntu preferences should provide for that16:56
holsteincountz: you know where to file a wishlist bug?16:57
holsteinhttps://wiki.ubuntu.com/Ubuntu/Wishlist might help with that16:57
countzthanks, will file one if one does not already exist16:58
SolarisBoycountz: nothing in All Settings > Mount and Touchpad?16:58
holsteincountz: also, let the mouse manufacturer know, so they may supply linux tools with the device, as they do for other OS's16:58
countzSolarisBoy: nope, surprisingly... you'd think, right/16:58
SolarisBoyyes - strange16:58
countzholstein: I don't want some bloatware from some manufacturer, who might hire not so professional linux app developers and introduce crashes..16:58
countzjust for mounse sensitivity16:59
holsteincountz: then, xset is the tool.. enjoy!16:59
countznow about those notifications on the top right... any way to modify their behavior?16:59
SolarisBoythe indicator(s) countz ?16:59
holsteincountz: http://askubuntu.com/questions/185078/is-it-possible-to-temporarily-disable-notifications17:00
countzI want them to be clickable17:00
holsteinthere are other nofification systems with little "x"'s to close them, if you prefer17:00
countz(and take me to the app that prompted them)17:01
countzthat would be great, if I can just replace them17:01
trismcountz: clickable notifications require a different notification daemon...I think notification-daemon specifically supports that, but I haven't used it in a while17:02
countzok i'll be right back from xchat... this irc client is impossible with #ubuntu, too many joins/parts/quits17:02
countzinstalled it17:04
skaag<-- CountZ17:08
=== skaag is now known as Skaag
Skaagok so how do I use notification-daemon?17:11
trismSkaag: you'll need to remove notify-osd because dbus autostarts that in unity, you'll also need to start it manually in unity since the /etc/xdg/autostart script only starts in gnome fallback17:12
Skaagremoved it + purge, it also removed the package 'ubuntu-desktop'.... :-o17:13
trismSkaag: you could simply run /usr/lib/notification-daemon/notification-daemon or add it to Startup Applications17:13
trismSkaag: it will do that17:13
Skaagcool, now to test it17:14
SkaagI guess it doesn't have some settings GUI?17:14
trismSkaag: it used to a long time ago but I think that's gone now17:14
trismSkaag: you could just run: notify-send Test Message17:14
Skaagthat works17:15
Skaagyep, much less annoying notifications!17:15
SkaagI don't know who's idea it was, the way notify-osd behaves17:15
honest_crookhello - newbie here17:16
trismthe issue is, notify-osd notifications are drawn directly to the screen, they don't really have windows so there is nothing to catch clicks17:16
usr13honest_crook: Ok, well, looks like we've established the honest part.17:17
rodrigograca31Hi :)17:18
honest_crookI plan on creating a home server and would like to use ubuntu server, but i am a total noob when it come to linux. i will be downloading media content via usenet and i want to store it on the server. my pc is windows, though. Is it easy to move files from windows to linux?17:18
usr13honest_crook: Yes17:18
usr13!samba | honest_crook17:18
ubottuhonest_crook: Samba is the way to cooperate with Windows environments. Links with more info: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/MountWindowsSharesPermanently and https://help.ubuntu.com/12.04/serverguide/C/windows-networking.html - Samba can be administered via the web with SWAT.17:18
rodrigograca31why i can't /join php ???17:19
usr13rodrigograca31: I don't know. Why can't you?17:19
honest_crookthanks for links. i will look at them in a few. is samba something that can automate moving files?17:20
usr13!register | rodrigograca3117:20
ubotturodrigograca31: Information about registering your nickname: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/InternetRelayChat/Registration - Type « /nick <nickname> » to select your nickname. Registration help available by typing /join #freenode17:20
usr13honest_crook: No17:20
rodrigograca31 it says: Irssi: You are now talking in #php17:20
rodrigograca31Cannot join to channel #php (You must be invited)17:21
usr13rodrigograca31: Try ##php17:21
nightdemon666Can anyone suggest a better remote access protocol/application for accessing  an ubuntu server/pc other than ssh? Just curious of the response from experienced linux users...17:21
usr13nightdemon666: What kind of access do you need?  (ssh if very powerful. Not sure what you need beyond that.)17:22
usr13nightdemon666: Do you want a GUI of some sort?  Like vnc?17:22
usr13nightdemon666: VNC is a protocol for remote desktop. https://help.ubuntu.com/community/VNCOverSSH describes how to use it securely.  (But that would not be for server use.)17:23
ranticnightdemon666: SSH is the ideal solution for terminal access, as usr13 said VNC is also an option, but I've heard great things about TeamViewer for newbies.17:23
honest_crookuser13: darn that is a huge bummer. the programs i use do automate moving files and that's a huge reason why i use them. is there any way to make this work?17:23
usr13honest_crook: What "programs" do you use?17:24
varunendraDoes anyone know of a bandwidth monitoring applet that integrates into Unity panel?17:24
usr13honest_crook: I don't understand your question, (if you already have a program you use).17:24
rodrigograca31usr13:  Irssi: You are now talking in ##php17:24
geniinightdemon666: ssh is pretty much the defacto standard. You can enhance it by using for instance key based instead of password based auth.17:25
rodrigograca31usr13: ##php Cannot join channel (+r) - you need to be identified with services17:25
ranticrodrigograca31: You need to register an account with FreeNode and authenticate to speak in certain channels.17:25
usr13rodrigograca31: You must register your nick.  See above msg from ubottu.17:25
honest_crookusr13: sabnzbd+, sickbeard, couchpotato, headphones. they do move files locally, but I want to start putting them on a home server running ubuntu server.17:26
rodrigograca31rantic: Ok....17:26
ranticrodrigograca31: /msg NickServ REGISTER password youremail@example.com17:26
rodrigograca31usr13: ok....17:26
usr13!register > rodrigograca3117:26
ubotturodrigograca31, please see my private message17:26
W3ird_N3rdsomething @ wiki seems broken. I want to edit https://wiki.edubuntu.org/Lubuntu/RemoteDesktop but have no account. So I went to the login page, entered my launchpad details17:27
W3ird_N3rdOpenID error: return_to does not match return URL. Expected 'http://wiki.ubuntu.com/?action=login&login=1&oidstage=1&stage=openid', got u'http://wiki.edubuntu.org/?action=login&login=1&oidstage=1&stage=openid&janrain_nonce=2013-07-2217:27
W3ird_N3rdand I have arrived at some extremely long URL17:27
W3ird_N3rdfull of openID info17:27
nightdemon666Usr13, to be honest, my neighbor has asked me about why i choose cli access for almost everything i do on my ubuntu 12.04 netbook. I told him its because it lows me to access the machine in the most powerful way, requiring the least amount of bandwidth, all on only one software port of access. My opinion, still better than vpn, as i hear stories and experience frequent drop outs. Ssh seems much more reliable, and very configurable. I17:27
dwrHey can anyone help me with a network issue on fresh install of 13.04 on a dell inspiron 1520 laptop17:27
ranticdwr: Maybe. If you provide us with enough information.17:28
usr13honest_crook: Far as I know, it will work across samba, (it's just a network share).17:28
dwrhey rantic, what do you need to know?17:28
varunendradwr, please show us output of "lspci -nnk | grep -iA2 net". Paste the output to pastebin and give us its link17:28
usr13honest_crook: I don't see that moving files locally will be any different than to and from a network-share.17:28
honest_crookusr13: great. thanks.17:28
ranticdwr: I don't know what your networking issue is at all. Let me know to the best of your ability what is happening.17:29
usr13honest_crook: ... but I don't use a lot of MS Windows tools.  I use nfs mostly.17:29
Skaagtrism: that explains things... (about notify-osd)17:30
Skaagthanks for that17:30
honest_crookusr13: yes, i was just worried that windows wouldn't communicate properly with ubuntu server. now i need to find out whether the programs i use can actually do it.17:30
usr13honest_crook: ... but samba works just as well.17:30
trismSkaag: actually I think I might be wrong, looks like it renders to a gtk widget so I really have no idea17:30
Skaagwell I sure hope that part gets improved dramatically, it is very lacking and a great annoyance17:31
dwrrantic I have no wireless or wired connection at all. I am not sure if i need to install drivers? First time trying linux.17:31
ro9help "import json" error in python17:31
ActionParsnipDwr: what wifi chip does the system use?17:31
=== zephyr is now known as Guest70543
usr13honest_crook: it will17:32
dwrpretty sure it is a broadcom17:32
usr13dwr: What does iwconfig say?  (Open a terminal, type  iwconfig  hit enter.)17:33
gustav__I'm having some trouble with an external disk. Not sure if it's a hardware error or if there's a problem with the FS or what's wrong. Do you know? dmesg has a lot; http://pastebin.com/a6pp5pdm17:33
Tuna-Fishhow can you set up an alarm clock that plays music in rhytmbox?17:33
nightdemon666Ha! Well i guess ssh is all i really need since no one suggested anything else :-P17:33
usr13Tuna-Fish: Why not just use a cron job17:33
ActionParsnipDwr: if you run : sudo lshw -C network , what is the chip?17:33
ranticdwr: What laptop is this again?17:33
trismro9: can you pastebin the error?17:33
=== ogra_` is now known as ogra_
Tuna-Fishusr13: it'll be for a non-technical user17:33
varunendradwr, We already guessed by the name Dell. But exactly what chip it is?17:33
dwrbear with me finding now17:34
Tuna-Fishusr13: and it would be swell if she could adjust the alarm herself17:34
usr13Tuna-Fish: I don't know then.17:34
ActionParsnipTuna-fish: for a one time alarm use 'at'17:34
gustav__http://pastebin.com/wiYys7AM Am I screwed?17:34
usr13Tuna-Fish: May be a plugin17:35
W3ird_N3rdohw I can't log onto wiki.ubuntu.com either17:35
honest_crookcould someone type out a fake directory address for a home network ubuntu server?17:35
W3ird_N3rdso all wiki is broken..17:35
ranticW3ird_N3rd: works for me17:35
ActionParsnipTuna-fish : https://apps.ubuntu.com/cat/applications/precise/alarm-clock-applet/17:35
W3ird_N3rdrantic, wiki.ubuntu.com seems to work now.. edubuntu still no17:36
ranticW3ird_N3rd: This could in some way be related to the security breach on the forums17:36
ActionParsnipTuna-fish : all I did was search the Internet17:36
ranticW3ird_N3rd: edubuntu works for me too17:36
ro9need help pastebin http://pastebin.com/jkAtNPR717:36
usr13Tuna-Fish: http://fabien.carrion.free.fr/Rhythmbox.html17:36
W3ird_N3rdkeep getting OpenID error: return_to does not match return URL. Expected 'http://wiki.ubuntu.com/?action=login&login=1&oidstage=1&stage=openid', got u'http://wiki.edubuntu.org/?action=login&login=1&oidstage=1&stage=openid&janrain_nonce=2013-07-22T1717:37
ranticW3ird_N3rd: Yeah no problems here17:37
W3ird_N3rdseems just nothing but a bug17:37
ranticW3ird_N3rd: Scratch that mine isn't functioning anymore17:37
usr13Tuna-Fish: http://www.omgubuntu.co.uk/2009/08/5-rhythmbox-plugins-you-should-install17:37
Tuna-Fishusr13: that's for the pre-3 version of rhythmbox17:38
usr13Tuna-Fish: I know.17:38
ActionParsnipTuna-fish : search the Internet for: ubuntu alarm clock17:38
dwrsudo lshw -c network show bcm431117:39
ActionParsnipTuna-fish: simple search lots of hits.17:39
ActionParsnip!broadcom | dwr17:39
ubottudwr: Help with Broadcom bcm43xx can be found at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/WifiDocs/Driver/bcm43xx17:39
trismro9: that is a weird error, can you try in the interactive python shell: import encodings17:40
ActionParsnipDwr: thought it would be a cheap broadcom17:40
ro9trism: http://pastebin.com/jkAtNPR717:40
varunendradwr, do you have a wired connection available?17:40
ro9trism: import encodings OK17:40
trismro9: it looks like bug 105888417:41
ubottubug 1058884 in python3.3 (Ubuntu Raring) "Race condition in py_compile corrupts pyc files" [High,Fix committed] https://launchpad.net/bugs/105888417:41
dwri tried plugging it in and no connection17:41
dwrethernet is bcm440117:41
nathaneltitanehello guys/girls, I am looking for info in regards to having the ubuntu on android install (the 'dock to switch' ubuntu for android)17:41
Tuna-FishActionParsnip: all of which are for old versions and don't work anymore or don't do what I want to17:41
DJones!phone | nathaneltitane17:41
ubottunathaneltitane: Information about the Ubuntu Touch platform for Phone and Tablet is available here https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Touch support and discussion in #ubuntu-touch17:41
Tuna-Fishspent a while doing this already17:42
varunendradwr, please show us the output of "lspci -nn | grep 0280"17:42
nathaneltitaneDJones: but is it the actual dock to switch version?17:42
DJonesnathaneltitane: I don't know, as far as I know, thats probably the only channel that is likely to be able to give you any pointers through17:43
dementorhy need some help to install a fan control un my machine  i am a newbie17:43
bazhang##hardware dementor17:43
nathaneltitaneDJones: thanks, because i am not interested in replacing android as the phone os, but would like to have ubuntu as a main os when docked to a workstation17:44
varunendradwr, only the last big bracket would suffice (for example [168c:002b])17:44
dwrvarunendra, if i knew how to type the vertical line. I feel like an idiot right now!17:44
dwr[14e4:4311] i think17:45
varunendradwr, it's on the same key as "\" on my us-104 keyboard. (press with "Shift")17:45
bazhangdwr, thats the pipe, it's the key above enter with shift17:45
bazhangso blah | blah17:45
dwrgot it17:46
dwrit was [14e4:4311]17:46
fetoegaHas the ubuntu site been defaced?17:46
geniifetoega: The ubuntuforums site is currently down.17:46
trismro9: you might try: sudo apt-get install --reinstall libpython2.7-minimal libpython2.7-stdlib; to see if recompiling the python bytecode for those two modules fixes things17:46
varunendradwr, download the linux-firmware-nonfree package from here : http://packages.ubuntu.com/precise/all/linux-firmware-nonfree/download >> copy it to your ubuntu machine and double click to install. Reboot or just do "sudo modprobe -v b43". Done !17:47
dementorany  softuare  somthing?17:49
bazhang!sensors | dementor17:50
ubottudementor: To access CPU temperature sensors and detect fan speeds, install the lm-sensors package. See https://help.ubuntu.com/community/SensorInstallHowto for installation and usage instructions.17:50
dwrok i opened the installer and it looks like the install button is greyed out.17:50
irssi-mikecan't adjust fan speed of gpu, any chance i'm missing something--added coolbits and nvlclock however nvclock freezes.17:50
varunendradwr, it shouldn't be..17:52
varunendradwr, it shouldn't matter, but try the 13.04 specific package : http://packages.ubuntu.com/raring/all/linux-firmware-nonfree/download17:53
ascheelsudo question.  Any idea why my username cannot sudo?  It APPEARS to be set up properly:  https://gist.github.com/anonymous/605600117:54
fetoegagenii: thanks17:55
studiousascheel: add your username to sudo group, logoff, login17:55
dwrsame thing, is it supposed to open Ubuntun software centre17:56
zachrabwhats the best irc client for Ubuntu?17:56
studiouszachrab: xchat17:56
bazhang!best > zachrab17:56
ubottuzachrab, please see my private message17:56
ascheelstudious: It's a member of the sudo group already and I've already started a new shell session17:56
studious!best > studious17:56
ubottustudious, please see my private message17:56
varunendradwr, yes. It's the first time I'm seeing this behaviour. Must be something's wrong with the software centre.17:57
zachrabsorry was logged off17:57
zachrabwhat is the most widely used ubuntu irc client?17:57
varunendradwr, nevermind. Can you open it with archive manager? (Right-click > open with archive manager)17:58
dwroh dear, do you think i should try 12.04?17:58
dwryes opens with archive manager17:58
dwrhave 3 folders17:58
zachrabUbuntu IRC client i got disconnected?17:58
varunendradwr, browse to "/lib/firmware/" and extract (drag & drop) the "b43" folder.17:59
bazhangzachrab, no way possible to know that. dont poll here17:59
dwrto desktop?17:59
varunendradwr, yes17:59
kulhashi, how can I configure the unity rigth app menu to scrool with mouse scrool ?17:59
zachrabbazhang: k not a poll objectively what is the most widely used irc client for ubuntu17:59
ascheelzachrab: there is no 'best' piece of software.  For IRC, the most common is 'XChat' as it's installed by default.  Pick your preference.17:59
bazhangzachrab, stop asking. try some and decide17:59
usr13zachrab: just use irssi like most of us do.17:59
ascheelusr13: +118:00
kulhasI like konversation18:00
=== Vampire0_ is now known as Vampire0
varunendradwr, now open a terminal (ctrl+alt+T) > enter this command - "cd ~/Desktop" (mind the caps).18:00
zachrabi dont have xcat on my ubuntu18:01
anoneehello room, could you please help me with this: http://pastebin.com/HH3DhcQV18:01
zachrabhow do i dl it?18:01
usr13zachrab: sudo apt-get install <package-name-here>18:01
anoneeI don't know what to do, the sound works on the guest account18:01
anoneeand on the login screen ofcourse18:02
varunendradwr, now do - "sudo mkdir /lib/firmware/b43"18:02
zachrabusr13: what is the package name? Xchat?18:02
usr13zachrab: irssi18:02
zachrabusr13: k18:02
usr13zachrab: sudo apt-get install xchat-gnome18:02
kulhaszachrab: why dont you use the software center or synapitic ?18:03
usr13zachrab: sudo apt-get install xchat18:03
chisholmIs anyone having trouble where their sound is staticy in chrome?18:03
usr13zachrab: Sorry just xchat18:03
varunendradwr, next - "sudo cp b43/* /lib/firmware/b43/" (mind the space before "/lib/fir...")18:03
usr13zachrab: apt-cache search <key-word>   #To find out what you don't know.18:04
zachrabusr13: ok i installed irssi how do i launch it18:04
=== CyberJacob|Away is now known as CyberJacob
anoneeagain, if anyone just tells me what to do, it would be great, the sound doesn't work only on my user account, this is what I get when I type "pulseaudio" in the terminal http://pastebin.com/HH3DhcQV18:05
MeirDHow can I run a process from the shell with a different LANG env?18:05
Nach0zzachrab: tmux irssi18:05
Nach0zor screen irssi18:05
zachrabNach0z: so does irssi run in the terminal?18:05
Nach0zrun it in screen or tmux, makes it more BNC-ish18:05
zachrabNach0z: BNC?18:05
varunendradwr, now confirm - "ls /lib/firmware/b43 | wc -l" ==> does it show about (or exactly) 117 ?18:05
Nach0zreduces startup lag for people like me who are on a hundred fifty some odd channels...18:06
Nach0zzachrab: screen or tmux, so it never goes offline basically18:06
usr13zachrab: Yes irssi runs in terminal18:06
Nach0zand you can just hop right back in18:06
varunendradwr, sorry, make it "ls -1..."18:06
zachrabusr13: i wanna use a more GUI client so i tried installing xchat18:06
hrolf_Sucks when a single browser, a single tab, a single script can bring your whole system down.18:06
hrolf_Something is wrong with Ubuntu18:06
=== james is now known as Guest55226
Nach0zif you want a gui client, try icechat 9.18:07
zachrabusr13: how do i launch xchat and delete irssi18:07
dwrcursor flashed, then went solid, now nothing18:08
varunendradwr, does the command "ls /lib/firmware/b43" return some output?18:08
dwra list of .fw files18:09
varunendradwr, that's fine then. Now do - "sudo modprobe -rfv b43"...... then..... "sudo modprobe -v b43" . Does the wireless come to life?18:10
DWSRhey all, I just did an install of precise server amd64, did an initial dist-upgrade, and rebooted because of a kernel upgrade. Now I can't boot the server. Halp? Additionally, my grub is fscked and doesn't display properly on the connected monitor.18:11
=== ese is now known as ezze
dwrhey cursor flashes the goes solid then flashes, no sign of wifi yet!18:14
HALPhave you tried turning it off and back on?18:14
satyam2DWSR: what do you need the server for?18:14
DWSRsatyam2: File/media server.18:14
varunendradwr, does "lsmod | grep b43" return some output?18:15
satyam2DWSR: try going by tty, see if you login there...18:15
DWSRHALP: Yes.18:15
DWSRsatyam2: This is a vanilla server install. I don't have Unity or X installed. The ttys don't appear at all, trying 1 through 718:16
sharifcan u help me plzz any one18:16
HALPnew install? i would just do a "do over"18:16
sharifUbuntu Edge price plzz18:16
satyam2DWSR: ohh alright! Let some expert help you! By the way you work in a company?18:16
DWSRsatyam2: no.18:17
Myrttisharif: it's on the indygogo website.18:17
karen_Hi, I've had Xubuntu 12.04 for a few months and heard that Linux doesn't use Silverlight. I just signed up for Book Patch and online site to write and print a book. It is asking me to download Microsoft Silverlight to be able to use the site. What should I do?18:17
DWSRHALP: I'd rather not spend the 3 hours it took to get the server to where it is currently. It's a new installation, but I had to install zfsonlinux, which takes a long while to compile the kernel modules.18:17
MagePsychohow to diff two folder files?18:17
DWSRkaren_: Use Mono.18:17
sharifweb sit plzz18:17
sharifweb site plzz18:18
karen_What do you mean, "use Mono"? How do I do that?18:18
sharif<Myrtti> plzz website18:18
Myrttikaren_: moonlight might work, but there's no guarantees. moonlight requires mono to work.18:18
karen_o.k. is that in the software?18:18
Myrttisharif: I'm sure the website you heard about the device has a link to the indygogo fundraiser.18:19
satyam2yes try Moonlight18:19
dwrnothing as yet, starting to think this laptop is just a pos18:19
DWSRkaren_: http://www.microsoft.com/silverlight/what-is-silverlight/ <--- Silverlight is officially supported on Linux.18:19
DWSRkaren_: Additionally, check out the Moonlight project. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Moonlight_(runtime)18:20
varunendradwr, are you sure you are typing "|" and not "\" ?? ;P18:20
dwryes, i think terminal is still processing sudo modprobe -v b4318:21
karen_So, can I download the Silverlight and be safe here on my Xubuntu?18:21
karen_since you said it is supported on lInux18:21
xanguakaren_: there is no 'silverlight for linux'18:21
varunendradwr, it should be done in less than two second !18:21
dwrmaybe bad laptop, am trying ubuntu cos win7 ground to a halt?18:22
karen_soooo I'm sorry, what should I do then on that site?18:22
varunendradwr, so is the terminal not ready to accept commands yet? Can you run "lsmod | grep b43" in another terminal ?18:22
godbodhello, anyone knows how to enable/disable USB port wth fake usb like fans, lihts etc?18:23
HALPKaren : Virtual Box18:23
karen_did someone just write me saying get Virtual Box?18:24
dwryes just goes to next command line, no output18:24
HALPi run XP on Oracle VM18:24
varunendradwr, the firmware files seem to be in place. You may just reboot if nothing else works. And make sure the wireless switch is turned on if you laptop has one.18:25
ShizuoWelcome to Ubuntu18:25
dwryes it is on, will try reboot. Thanks anyway, your a star for helping18:26
varunendradwr, not yet ? ;P18:26
karen_O.K. guys, what do i do on Book Patch if I can't download Silverlight?18:26
varunendradwr, I assume you are replying from a different system ?18:26
ubottuFor Microsoft Silverlight support, install Moonlight with the following command: « sudo apt-get install moonlight-plugin-mozilla » in a terminal.18:27
DWSR!silverlight | karen_18:27
ubottukaren_: please see above18:27
xanguaDWSR: moonlight is no longer developed18:27
DWSRxangua: Mono still is.18:27
DWSRxangua: So confused.18:27
DWSRMicrosoft says they officially support it.18:28
karen_THANKS! I'll try that command!18:28
xanguaDWSR: microsoft says lots of things18:28
DWSRxangua: Yeah, they do.18:28
DWSRkaren_: If that doesn't work for you, you're going to have to install Windows inside of a virtual machine (such as with VirtualBox) and run your Silverlight application from there.18:29
DWSRhey all, I just did an install of precise server amd64, did an initial dist-upgrade, and rebooted because of a kernel upgrade. Now I can't boot the server. Additionally, my grub is fscked and doesn't display properly on the connected monitor.18:29
dwryes using my ex-bf win7 pc he left here! hence why i would love to get up and running18:30
DYSWHe left.. Imagining him standing in socks only outside in january. OT sorry18:30
karen_It said it was unable to activate    moonlight-plugin-mozilla18:30
dwrIm stuck with this old dell with smashed screen and ext monitor feeling pretty sorry for myself18:31
varunendradwr, if you haven't restarted the ubuntu lappy yet, or if the reboot doesn't work, please check if "lsmod | grep wl" returns something. This device should be quite simple to fix (unless it is broken).18:31
DYSWdwr; at least you got his laptop. Lets get it working18:31
karen_I mean "unable to locate package"18:32
DWSRkaren_: Apparently the package is no longer supported.18:32
DWSRkaren_: Meaning you'll have to use a virtual machine.18:32
dwrjust about booted up18:32
karen_oh    what does "use a virtual machine mean?"18:32
varunendradwr, did you cross your fingers ?? ;P18:33
DWSRkaren_: It's a machine inside of a machine.18:33
DWSRkaren_: It's like running a computer inside of your computer.18:33
varunendradwr, and toes ??18:33
karen_ummm soooo?18:33
DWSRhey all, I just did an install of precise server amd64, did an initial dist-upgrade, and rebooted because of a kernel upgrade. Now I can't boot the server. Additionally, my grub is fscked and doesn't display properly on the connected monitor.18:33
DWSRkaren_: I'm not really sure how much more I can really explain that to you.18:33
dwrwl 3226093 118:33
DWSRkaren_: You're going to have to virtually run a copy of Windows inside of a virtual machine so that you can use your Silverlight application.18:33
dwrlib80211 14352 1 wl18:34
DWSRMeaning it's going to require at least an hour or so of your time and effort.18:34
varunendradwr, that may be the problem. I think BINGO !18:34
dwrcfg80211 510937 1 wl18:34
Sarger001Is there a way I could run my laptop at home and connect to it using a remote desktop on a live cd or do i have to install ubuntu first onto the computer i'll be connecting from?18:34
karen_o.k.  or use my other computer Windows computer.18:34
DWSRkaren_: Or that as well.18:35
varunendradwr, try - "sudo apt-get purge bcmwl-kernel-source"18:35
karen_There's no other thing that will work, huh? Kinda like trying to get Netflix to work, same thing, I think.18:35
DWSRkaren_: Yes. Unfortunately, with such a small market share, Linux is left in the cold for these things.18:35
karen_o.k.  that's a bummer, but thanks for your time.18:36
DWSRkaren_: Sorry I couldn't help you further!18:36
HALPpersonally if something doesn't work on Linux I don't miss it18:36
HALPI'm just thankful my computers don't have to install updates for 45 minutes every time i shut them down18:36
DWSRHALP: yeah, there are pros and cons.18:37
dwrremoving all dkms modules18:37
dwrstill working18:37
HALPevery time my uncles starts his laptop he has to update something, and every time he shuts it down too LooooL18:37
Sarger001Like can i share a remote desktop from my laptop computer at home (Ubuntu 13.04) and use someone elses computer far away or something with a Ubuntu 13.04 live CD and view my remote desktop and control it?18:37
dwron a side note, i think win7 knew i was abandoning them18:37
HALPthing is though, when you update windows it fixes stuff....and when you update Linux...it breaks EVERYTHING18:38
varunendradwr, yes, we are removing the proprietary driver. Once it is finished, check - "lsmod | grep b43". Any output?18:38
dwrmy ubuntu iso download got to 94% and i look up and see installing updates on my screen18:38
euxneksHALP, that's debatable18:38
HALP(also *never* update iOS)18:38
varunendradwr, win7 knew? Any misbehaviour from it?18:38
Sarger001When i updated my Windows 8 it broke itself18:39
dwrno output18:39
Sarger001And then i just reinstalled linux because i didn't want to install that piece of ****18:39
varunendradwr, good. Now do - "sudo modprobe -v b43" -- > shouldn't get stuck this time.18:39
dwrjust that it let me get 20 mins into downloading ubuntu then it decided now would be a good time to restart and install updatesw18:40
Sarger001Have you tried torrenting it? Faster and more reliable.18:40
dwri have it now.18:40
=== karen is now known as Guest87760
dwrterminal looks like not responding again18:41
Guest87760O.k. i just went to the Software Center and typed in Silverlight to see what they offer. It's offering "Splash to Personal for Linux (Beta)", something about being able to hook up to Windows etc... I don't know. does anyone know about that?18:42
dwrcock it18:42
varunendradwr, perhaps I should have brought down the interface also.... another reboot ? :(18:42
dementorhow  can i controll my  laptop fan speed i install lm-sensor i can see the temp of the proc but i need to control the fan  speed   i am new in linux18:43
MichaelPIf attackers can steal are user names and passwords.. from ubuntu servers.. for the ubuntu fourums .. how sercure is are compyrers running the distro. ?    Ubuntu forums was attacked.....   http://ubuntuforums.org/announce.html?t=147166418:43
baordoghow would I ask unix's time function for yesterdays date?18:44
fellayaboyhow do i mount a network (ssh) filesystem to my local filesystem...i have a laptop and i want to mount my desktops filesystem as if it were a local drive..i only connect to it via ssh18:44
jribMichaelP: depends on how the server was compromised I imagine.18:44
SlartMichaelP: as safe as the people taking care of them make them. I doubt it was a ubuntu-specific bug that was exploited18:45
dwrvarunendra, what does your nick mean?18:45
ryan_12345usr13: Helo it's me again, I've installed Ubuntu and it's taking me stright back to Windows XP BootLoader18:45
Slartfellayaboy: sshfs springs to mind if you're already got ssh setup18:46
Slartfellayaboy: you basically use it the same way you mount other drives.. in /etc/fstab18:46
varunendradwr, it's an Indian name - meaning .... umm.... are you really interested.. ?? ;P18:46
dwrgo ahead, I am intriuged18:47
varunendradwr, just for your confidence, this device you have works pretty well with the native b43 driver : http://wireless.kernel.org/en/users/Drivers/b43 . But the initial failure to simply install the linux-firmware-nonfree package may indicate some additional (possibly non-related) issues.18:47
varunendradwr, the name means - "The God of Water" by the way.... :)18:48
Slartbaordog: date --date="yesterday"    seems to work18:48
Slartbaordog: not sure if it works on a unix machine though.. but this is #ubuntu after all =)18:48
dwrVery nice18:48
fellayaboyStart i havent mounted nothing in fstab in my knowledge..i usually mount iso files to my /mnt using mount -t iso9660 myiso.iso /mnt18:49
varunendradwr, thanx ! :D18:49
micahfhey, i just installed ubuntu 13.04 on an acer w700 tablet... there's all kinds of trouble!18:50
Slartfellayaboy: try using sshfs instead of iso9660 .. oh and you have to put the address for the networked computer as well.. google "sshfs" for better directions on how the command should look exactly, I don't really remember the specifics18:50
micahfthe touch screen stops working after a few minutes18:50
dwrmy name means lady of the home18:50
fellayaboythanks Start18:51
micahfthe included usb keyboard is not detected18:51
micahfpulse audio crashes after a few minutes18:51
dwrok its booted18:51
varunendradwr, I didn't think "dwr" could be a name ;)18:51
dwrHaha, id love to hear you pronounce it.18:51
ryan_12345Hello it's me again, I've installed Ubuntu and it's taking me stright back to Windows XP BootLoader18:52
dwrit is my initials18:52
Slartryan_12345: no problems during the install? Is this a brand new computer? uefi bios?18:52
varunendradwr, I'll try if you wish. Meanwhile, check again "lsmod | grep -e b43 -e wl" ===> is wl still there? Is b43 there?18:53
dwrHey! It works!18:53
varunendradwr, YAY !! :D18:53
dwrLovely lovely wifi18:53
dwryou are my hero!18:53
ryan_12345no it has Windows XP on a 40GiB HDD18:54
varunendradwr, I was about to get you into mess of a complex script... ! You were rescued before the crisis ! ;)18:54
InsaneGeneGuys, I get the GUI crash whenever I open video file, I'm on 12.04 ,I've installed sis671 driver long time ago to fix the resolution problem and the resolution problem is solved but the GUI crashes every time I play videos any help?18:54
dwrtbh I kinda enjoy the problem solving18:54
dwri loved rooting my phones18:54
Slartryan_12345: so no grub booting screen when you start the computer? it just goes to windows directly?18:55
Morph4mevarunendra: good call on purging proprietary driver /etc/modprobe.d/blacklist-bcm43.conf18:55
R0b0t1Hi, I am trying to apt-get various packages and apt says they are not authenticated?18:55
ryan_12345Slart: It asks me if I want to select which OS (cause I have 2 HDD18:55
dwrYay for varuendra!18:55
wilee-nileeR0b0t1, you get a key missing?18:55
varunendradwr, if you wish to keep using Ubuntu on it, remember - always just install the "linux-firmware-nonfree" package anyhow, and DO NOT install the proprietary driver (wl, aka bcmwl-kernel-source).18:56
varunendraMorph4me, thanx ! :) Although I suspect it was the 'loaded' state of wl that was more problematic. (causing the freezes)18:56
Morph4mevarunendra, as a side not sudo apt-get install linux-firmware-nonfree ...< works18:57
Questis there a program for ubuntu that is similar to corel paint ? I need to use it for writing and drawing with my mouse pen tablet?18:57
varunendraMorph4me, that was my first attempt, but she didn't have a working internet connection.18:57
PiciQuest: I've heard good things about krita18:58
dwrok im getting off his machine now!18:58
wilee-nileeR0b0t1, If you are getting the missing key showing run sudo apt-key adv --keyserver keyserver.ubuntu.com --recv-keys "missing  key"18:58
varunendraMorph4me, fortunately, that package doesn't have any dependencies. :)18:58
dwrthank you so much, you fricking genius18:58
QuestPici,  hm.18:58
PiciQuest: It'll probably pull in a bunch of KDE dependencies though.18:59
Morph4mevarunendra you made her day :)18:59
R0b0t1wilee-nilee: No, I do not get a missing key message18:59
Slartryan_12345: ok.. so you do get the grub screen at bootup.. but it won't load the proper os, correct?18:59
R0b0t1Just says not authed18:59
varunendraMorph4me, this is actually the first time a bcm4311 took so long !18:59
R0b0t1wilee-nilee: "WARNING: The following packages cannot be authenticated!" Then prompts for install, default of no.19:00
ryan_12345Slart: Yes19:00
Morph4melol next time check > ls /etc/modprobe.d/* for bcm  ...j/k you stuck with it and got it working for her ...good stuff19:01
wilee-nileeR0b0t1, Right but does it show something like this "B998019EC07BBEC4" in that notification?19:01
Slartryan_12345: I'm not really familiar with the new grub.. there used to be commands to make grub look around on the hard drives for operating systems to boot and configure itself more or less automatically.. but I'm not really sure how to do that with grub 219:01
wilee-nileeR0b0t1, best here really is to pastebin the whole sudo apt-get update or installs.19:01
ryan_12345Slart: right okay19:02
trismQuest: mypaint is pretty nice19:02
R0b0t1wilee-nilee: Oh, I had to apt-get update19:02
wilee-nileeSlart, grub legacy did not have a os-prober sudo update-grub is grub 2's os-prober19:03
diverdudewtf. when i execute eog imagename.png in the terminal, the image is shown....but the image window is not the active window....terminal keeps being that active window....thats insanely annoying...of course i expect the newly opened image to be the active window so, that its the first to be closed when i press F4. Why is it that various linux distribution can never get these little very essential things right!19:03
wilee-nilee!language | diverdude19:03
ubottudiverdude: Please watch your language and topic to help keep this channel family-friendly, polite, and professional.19:03
diverdudewilee-nilee, thats not gonna help mate19:04
Slartwilee-nilee: oh.. must be me glorifying the good old days =)19:04
Slartryan_12345: try  sudo update-grub   and see if that makes things better19:04
wilee-nileeSlart, Heh, I never bothered with grub legacy.19:04
SuperLagWow. The Ubuntu Edge looks NICE.19:04
hioWhy does Ubuntu put close button on top left? Do they want to make people kill themselves?19:04
zeokilaSuperLag, I agress, just that 32M is a lot... I hope they get it19:05
wilee-nileehio, That can be fixed.19:05
diverdudehio, ubuntu have many insane "features"...until they stop doing those things...ubuntu will never be number 119:05
hioI know, but everytime I reinstall Ubuntu I have to deal with this stuff19:05
fpswill the drivers for the ubuntu edge hardware be completely free?19:05
DJones!controls | hio19:05
ubottuhio: Starting in Lucid, the minimize, maximize, and close buttons have been moved to the left side. For more information and workarounds, please see http://pad.lv/53263319:05
SuperLagzeokila: assuming you meant "I agree"... I hope they get it too :)19:05
fps[i.e. free as in libre/open source]19:05
wilee-nileehio, Just a minute let me see if I can find that worlds smallest violin. ;)19:05
SuperLagwilee-nilee: LOL19:06
hioThank you, I'm pretty sad so I think I deserve some empathy19:06
zeokilaSuperLag, I agree too x)19:06
SuperLaghio: haha19:06
* SuperLag breaks out the popcorn19:06
wilee-nileehio, You have more than you know. ;)19:06
hioYou are making me feel terrible19:07
hioToday I got turned down for a job and now this on #ubuntu19:07
wilee-nileehio, Was not my intention, your among friends here.19:07
hioOk, can you tell me why Unity is so terrible? For example: When I click on an icon to start an application, it does not change state. I have no idea whether the click worked until the application actually is loaded19:08
goddardi want to patch the ubuntu font where is it located?19:10
hiofor example, when I click on "launchpad", it's like clicking a flat surface. No indication that I just clicked something19:10
SuperLaghio: My apologies, as well. You are definitely among friends here.19:11
nawkonly few hours in and almost $1M raised19:11
fpshio: i have no answer for your question as i avoid unity like the plague, but i want to say that the best way to get answers is probably by not bashing the project as a preamble19:11
hiofps, that's really hard19:12
wilee-nileenawk, Can I interest you in #ubuntu-touch19:12
johnsmithI have a quick question. When you install an exe program on ubuntu with wine, where do the program files go?19:13
hioin home19:13
wilee-nileejohnsmith, somewhere in the wine folder I believe19:13
DYSWthen C:/ etc inside there19:13
SuperLaghio: he's right19:13
hioSuperLag, but I can't find anyone who likes Unity19:14
fpsSuperLag: i prefer the preincrement operator19:14
johnsmithOkay, thanks.19:14
SuperLaghio: I didn't like it at first, but it's waaaaaaaaaaay better now than it was initially19:14
hiobut have you compared it to Gnome? I mean, there's no contest really19:15
wilee-nileeI liked it better with the CUBE19:15
bazhang!ot | hio19:15
ubottuhio: #ubuntu is the Ubuntu support channel, for all Ubuntu-related support questions. Please use #ubuntu-offtopic for other topics (though our !guidelines apply there too). Thanks!19:15
bazhanglets get back to ubuntu support19:15
sethjDoes anyone know where I can find 'qtdeclarative5-accounts-plugin' and the like for Precise?19:15
wilee-nileesethj, I'm in raring but see it in synaptic.19:17
bazhang!find qtdeclarative5-accounts-plugin precise19:17
ubottuPackage/file qtdeclarative5-accounts-plugin does not exist in precise19:17
sethjbazhang, yeah I know that.19:18
sethjwilee-nilee, Let me look.. I'm afraid I'll have to download the raring version and hope for the best dependency wise >.<19:19
wilee-nileesethj, I'm looking for a deb right now19:19
SuperLagfps: why19:20
fpsSuperLag: oh in c++ the preincrement operator might be non trivially overloaded19:20
mengesbsomeone able to help with a "xen dom0 mem directive being ignored" problem? I installed xen-hypervisor-amd64 and xcp-xapi packages, but it seems that dom0_mem= directives are being completely ignored and I have a dom0 with <2g memory19:21
fpsand in that case it's more efficient than the postincrement19:21
fpsso i have made it a habit to use ++foo, instead of foo++19:22
fpsalso it's more clear and less confusing..19:22
fpsaside from the fact that it seems that ALL textbooks prefer foo++ ;D19:22
fpsfor no good reason at all19:22
wilee-nileesethj, http://askubuntu.com/questions/236012/cant-install-qt-components-ubuntu-because-im-using-full-release-of-qt-5-0-019:22
fpse.g. in a for loop: for (size_t index = 0; index < some_size; index++)19:23
mengesbOdd, in math, one doesn't seem to care if its "add one to var" or "var plus one".... addition doesn't have a n order of operations importance =/19:23
fpsint i = 0;19:23
fpsstd::cout << i++;19:23
fpsstd::cout << ++i;19:23
fpsprints two different things..19:23
wilee-nileemmmm algebra19:23
fpsmengesb: well, yes, simple functions like additions in maths don't have state..19:23
ianorlinyes they do different things19:24
sethjwilee-nilee, I don't necessarily see how that applies.. unless you think installing the Qt sdk will get me those libs..19:25
mengesbwhere ever the ++ lands, means |this side|var = do op on var, then run; var|this side| = loop execution then op; makes sense to me19:25
mengesb<-- believes only in var++ syntax19:25
fpsmengesb: why?19:25
wilee-nileesethj, May not be just trying to help.19:25
mengesbbecause you want to execute on the known19:25
sethjwilee-nilee, Ah, ok. Well I might do that as a last resort.. Thanks :)19:26
fpsi could not parse that sentence19:26
mengesbsetting a var, then executing math on something you just set while defining a loop is somewhat idiotic19:26
reisioluckily you don't have to pick only one approach19:26
wilee-nileeno prob19:26
reisioas there are many19:26
fpsmengesb: well, c++ 11 has for (auto i : mycontainer) { /* do something with i */ }19:27
mengesbfor ( i = val ; val |op| value ; val|operation| ) is predictable - since you initiate on i = val, not i = (val++)19:27
fpsmengesb: kinda like in java. noone should have to declare integer variables just to iterate over a colletion19:27
fpsmengesb: i still don't get your reasoning.. also your pseudocode syntax is strange..19:28
bazhangfps, how does this relate to ubuntu support19:28
axisyswhat is that tool to diff between directories starting with letter `m' ? I forgot.. anyone can help remember?19:28
mengesbwhat I've found is that people who use ++var want indexes of 1, and those who operate with var++ are those who can handle counting from zero19:28
reisioaxisys: meld19:28
fpsmengesb: no..19:28
jribaxisys: huh?19:29
axisysreisio: bingo! thanks a lot19:29
fpsmengesb: anyways, we're drifting off topic19:29
bazhangfps mengesb please take the chat elsewhere19:29
reisiobeing able to count from zero and needing or wanting to are different things :)19:29
fpsredundant bazhang is redundant19:29
jribaxisys: oh.  I read your question as a toll that: differentiates between directories starting with the letter 'm' and was very confused.19:29
mengesbbazhang: I'm still awaiting someone to help with a dom0_mem directive in grub being ignored19:29
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axisysjrib: lol19:30
axisysjrib: should have phrases it differently19:30
reisio'lo Curiousness19:30
Curiousnessi want to know everything about linux... lol19:31
reisioCuriousness: start with this: Linux is a kernel, GNU/Linux is an OS, a clone of another OS: Unix19:32
axisysreisio: I forget this name a lot.. wish it named something else with the word diff in it19:32
Curiousnesswhat is a kernal?19:32
reisioaxisys: help alias19:32
reisioCuriousness: exactly19:32
reisioCuriousness: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Kernel_%28computing%2919:33
axisysreisio: right.. doing it now19:33
JLUChello people19:34
reisio'lo JLUC19:34
Curiousnesswhat is the difference between unix and linux19:34
neekz0rCuriousness: methodology, licesning, and philosophy19:35
=== eihnat_ is now known as bubu1uk
reisioCuriousness: Unix is an OS, Linux is a kernel19:35
reisioalso licensing19:35
Curiousnessso UNIX is like ubuntu?19:35
JLUCi have a big big issue with my computer's keyboard and i want Ubuntu to stop listening to it : how can i do ?19:35
reisioCuriousness: Ubuntu is like Unix, more like19:35
reisioJLUC: xinput19:36
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wizrdCuriousness: http://www.diffen.com/difference/Linux_vs_Unix19:36
varunendra!linux | Curiousness this may be a good starting point for you19:36
ubottuCuriousness this may be a good starting point for you: Linux is the kernel (core) of the Ubuntu operating system. Many operating systems use Linux as a kernel. For more information on Linux in general, visit http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Linux19:36
neekz0rCuriousness: what reisio said.. but there are a lot of differences.. think about it kind of like horses and zebras19:36
reisiozebras live in africa19:37
reisiohorses live in montana19:37
Curiousnesslol thnx for all the help everyone...19:37
neekz0rbut if you don't know any better, you'd say they are the same except for the colors19:37
reisiobecause they are mostly the same19:37
JLUCthanks reisio - is there a very easy way to switch it off without exploring (because it keeps typing az-s much faster than me)19:38
reisiounplug it19:38
JLUCits a laptop and as far as i know i cannot unplug it19:38
JLUCi've taken the faulty keys off but no effecty19:39
reisiocan you ssh into it?19:39
JLUCssh from another computer on the local network ?19:39
reisioxinput list will give you the id #, then you can do xinput set-prop idHere 'Device Enabled' 019:39
reisioJLUC: yeah19:39
JLUCi'm very bad with network managing and i have no other linux machine there19:40
JLUCthen maybe i should install lubuntu on another19:41
reisioyou can ssh from any OS19:41
reisioJLUC: http://the.earth.li/~sgtatham/putty/latest/x86/putty.exe19:42
JLUCoh i remember having used putty19:42
reisioyes, yes you do :)19:42
testusuUbuntu Edge has reached one million! http://www.indiegogo.com/projects/ubuntu-edge19:42
reisioone of many ssh clients you can use on Windows19:42
reisiotestusu: yeah? What is it?19:42
JLUCdoes it require something on the faulty computer i want to connect to ?19:42
reisioJLUC: sshd needs to be running19:43
testusureisio: "smartphone and desktop PC in one state-of-the-art device"19:43
reisiosudo service ssh start or something like that19:43
reisiotestusu: so it's a device?19:43
testusureisio: Yeah.19:43
JLUCok i can try to launch that command line, but does it require to create some ssh key too ?19:44
JLUCi think there is some local ssh key there allready - i was requested it for some git access19:44
testusureisio: Well, it might be a device in the future. It's getting crowdfunded right now.19:44
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=== onekt2 is now known as onekt
reisioJLUC: it shouldn't require it19:45
reisioJLUC: keys are nice, but you can use simple passwords, too19:45
Curiousnessidk if something is wrong with my wifi detector thingy or my OS but if i have my laptop run for awhile the wifi connection will drop and will not reconnect until i restart it19:45
reisioyou can get to that later after you disable the keyboard19:45
JLUCthank you for your answers reisio19:46
JLUCi will probably have some more questions when i go into that ssh solution19:46
reisiotestusu: wow, these are going to be expensive19:49
dkpiAnd $1,000,000 for ubuntu edge http://www.indiegogo.com/projects/ubuntu-edge?c=gallery19:49
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Elfonis real?19:49
reisio33 million in five weeks?19:51
reisiothat'd be impressive19:51
Curiousnessidk if something is wrong with my wifi detector thingy or my OS but if i have my laptop run for awhile the wifi connection will drop and will not reconnect until i restart it19:51
wilee-nileeCuriousness, Can you post the card?19:51
Curiousnesswhats that..and how?19:52
wilee-nileeCuriousness, run lspci in the terminal and look for it if it's internal.19:52
CuriousnessNetwork controller: Atheros Communications Inc. AR9485 Wireless Network Adapter (rev 01)  is this it?19:53
sethjwilee-nilee, I just downloaded it from packages.ubuntu.com and after a little dependency haggling it installed just find \o/19:53
wilee-nileesethj, Groovy, ;)19:54
CuriousnessNetwork controller: Atheros Communications Inc. AR9485 Wireless Network Adapter (rev 01)  is this it?19:55
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=== JLuc_ is now known as JLuc
Curiousnessshould i do this? http://askubuntu.com/questions/245826/network-card-atheros-problem-ubuntu-12-1019:56
wilee-nileeCuriousness, Thats it take a looksie through here. http://askubuntu.com/search?q=+AR9485+  I se you found one.19:57
Curiousnessso do as that guy says?19:57
tdaohi all.  ive installed a raid array in my home server.  dmraid shows 3 disks but no array.  in my bios the array shows functional.  any direction would be helpful and appreciated.  the forums are down still from being hacked :P19:57
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wilee-nileeCuriousness, Not sure myself, I was just trying to get the info needed on the channel for general help.19:58
varunendraCuriousness, do you currently have a connection somehow? (cable, usb modem etc.)19:59
Curiousnessright now i have a connection thru wifi19:59
varunendraCuriousness, please show us the output of "lspci -nnk | grep -iA2 net" . Paste the output to pastebin and give us its link20:00
varunendra!pastebin | Curiousness20:00
ubottuCuriousness: For posting multi-line texts into the channel, please use http://paste.ubuntu.com | To post !screenshots use http://imagebin.org/?page=add | !pastebinit to paste directly from command line | Make sure you give us the URL for your paste - see also the channel topic.20:00
varunendraCuriousness, try the solution in the askubuntu link you found : http://askubuntu.com/questions/245826/network-card-atheros-problem-ubuntu-12-1020:05
Curiousnessok so how do i do that in the terminal?20:05
GugoiesHello i am running Ubuntu 10.04 32bit and i am trying to allow my root account to connect to a system but it refuses i have already used passwd and look in the sshd file any help will be apperticheded20:06
JLucas for now i can use kbd20:07
varunendraCuriousness, try this : echo "options ath9k nohwcrypt=1" | sudo tee /etc/modprobe.d/ath9k.conf20:07
JLucxinput output is here reisio : http://ubuntu.pastebin.fr/18079  -  what should i type now to stop kbd ?20:08
JLucyes : xinput output is here reisio : http://ubuntu.pastebin.fr/28079  -  what should i type now to stop kbd ?20:08
varunendraCuriousness, the above will create the .conf file with the option in it. Afterwards, do - "sudo modprobe -rfv ath9k" (this will disable the wifi, so you'll get disconnected). Then -- "sudo modprobe -v ath9k". It will load the driver again with that parameter.20:09
Curiousnessok thanks20:09
varunendranp :)20:09
wilee-nileeGugoies, This a server?20:10
Gugoieswilee-nilee: yes but not an important one i am just playing around withe ubuntu to learn the it better20:11
Gugoiesso i set this task for me :)20:11
wilee-nileeGugoies, Cool, there is also the #ubuntu-server channel if needed.20:12
Gugoiesaww awesome20:12
Gugoiesi'll join that!20:12
Gugoiesthanks a lot20:12
wilee-nileeno prob20:12
Gugoiesi love linux :D20:12
Gugoiesi also started learning python20:12
caologiausing irc after a loooong time20:13
JLuci'd say xinput --float 13 reisio ... would that require to be done each time i switch computer on or is it definitively "floated" ?20:14
reisioJLuc: it's easy enough to run each time X starts if necessary20:14
JLucyes, as long as the kbd leaves me this ability :-/20:15
theupsidecan someone help me install a driver for my modem.   I'd like to send faxes with my unbuntu machine.  I believe I have a Conexant_0x14f12c06 modem based on https://help.ubuntu.com/community/DialupModemHowto/ScanModem20:16
reisiofaxes? :/20:17
theupsidei know huh20:17
reisiowhat is this, the 19th century?20:17
JLucit works - good !20:17
=== andrex|off is now known as andrex
JLucand now i can play dices with all these little keys that cripple my table20:18
JLucthanks a lot reisio !!!20:18
reisiotheupside: seriously, 167-year-old technology20:19
theupsidei know i know20:19
bekks!notworking > bekks20:19
vaderI just bought an Ubuntu Edge (hopefully) Thanks for posting that link... who ever that was :)20:19
JLucit reminds me when soldiers had to be amputated of a leg so as to be saved20:19
reisiovader: does that buy you one, or only the potential of buying one?20:19
theupsidewell if you can muster up the help i would appreciate it20:19
reisioJLuc: still happens a lot, of course20:20
reisioprosthetics business booms in war time20:20
vaderreisio: If they meet thier $32m goal it will. If not i get a refund.20:21
reisiovader: how much was it?20:21
vaderOne day offer at that price point. The deal expires tomorrow.20:22
reisio<reisio> testusu: wow, these are going to be expensive20:22
reisioproved right again :p20:22
reisioprobably because if they don't get donation momentum early on, they have a lower chance of making the goal20:22
JLuctomorrow or one day afer the thing exists ?20:22
goddardwhat program does nautilus use to mount server drives?20:23
goddardsshfs isn't installed and neither is fuse20:24
=== ms|lunch is now known as mikestewart
k1l_goddard: gfvs ?20:24
theupsideman tough crowd or is this normal treatment in the #ubuntu room20:24
reisiotheupside: looking for anything?20:24
k1l_goddard: or samba. dont know which typ of server20:24
theupsideyes reisio20:24
reisioor nfs20:24
theupsidehelp with my modem20:25
reisiotheupside: I've got some coffee20:25
Gugoiesare pyton better for script then bash (newb here)20:25
reisiooops, no it's gone now20:25
reisioGugoies: depends on the application, and programmer20:25
IdleOnetheupside: if noone is around who knows the answer, noone will answer20:25
Gugoieswhat do you use ?20:25
reisioGugoies: fundamentally either can do what the other does, in the end20:25
reisioGugoies: I use bash for simple things and python for less simple things / things other people will be involved with20:26
Gugoiesi just feel more motivateted to learn python20:26
goddardk1l_: know where it mounts those drives?20:26
goddardk1l_: its sftp20:27
reisio'mount' knows20:27
theupsideor don't want to answer.... one would think the linux (ubuntu) community would be welcoming new comers20:27
reisiommm, welcoming and knowing things, kinda different :)20:28
theupsidemaybe so20:28
goddardreisio: excellent20:28
RoflWaffle17Can someone help me? I keep getting an error upon start up (I'm using VMware Workstation with version 12.04) Saying "Could not apply stored configuration for monitors.monitor20:28
goddardreisio: it is mounted in a odd place20:29
RoflWaffle17I know this is a known problem...but seeing as the ubuntuforums.org is down...I didn't know where to turn :D20:29
goddardreisio: is that an ubuntu choice20:29
reisiogoddard: depends, where's it mounted?20:29
RoflWaffle17I don't believe so. I haven't changed any of the mounting locations....20:29
reisioRoflWaffle17: VirtualBox is a saner choice20:29
reisiogoddard: that's probably a gvfs thing, on any distro20:30
reisioany distro that uses gvfs :) which is probably most20:30
RoflWaffle17I updated my nvidia drivers and everyting.20:31
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DreamPCsHey guys, what's going on?20:31
RoflWaffle17The weird thing is it just started happening last night....I've had this VM for about 2 weeks.20:31
RoflWaffle17So I don't know what went wrong and when it went wrong :(20:32
DreamPCsI have a question. Is there a relatively simply way to implement a duress password? A password that can be entered under duress to present a fake or decoy user account?20:32
reisioDreamPCs: while still showing your ordinary user at login?20:32
reisioDreamPCs: it'd be simpler, I believe, to just disable the user name showing at login, and have an entirely fake user+pass20:33
rodrigograca31I'm back :)20:33
wilee-nileerun for the hills20:33
DreamPCsI thought of that reisio and I think that may be the route I go. I was just hoping to be able to use the same account name to help thwart suspicion.20:33
reisioDreamPCs: yeah20:34
rodrigograca31I heard now that Ubuntu Forum was hacked.... :(20:34
RoflWaffle17Do you have any suggestions, Reisio?20:34
DuncanNZrodrigograca31: yep..20:34
reisioDreamPCs: some encouraging stuff here: http://www.google.com/search?q=%22linux%22%20%22duress%20password%2220:34
reisioRoflWaffle17: besides choosing a proprietary vm system?20:34
wilee-nileeDreamPCs, YOurs or anothers?20:35
reisiorodrigograca31: hacked is a strong word20:35
reisiorodrigograca31: it was compromised20:35
rodrigograca31reisio: yes....20:35
reisioprobably by someone who knew about a known exploit to vbulletin, but that is conjecture on my part20:35
DreamPCsThanks, reisio, I read most of those links and it looks like the easiest way would be to use something like truecrypt to have a hidden volume.20:35
DreamPCsA wilee-nilee I'm sorry I don't understand your question.20:35
wilee-nileethwart suspicion20:36
Skaagcan I change individual colors in a theme? like the background color of an inactive tab?20:36
dlpenguinloverRoflWaffle17: You might need to reinstall VMWare tools as your graphics card (i assume you tried installing your nvidia drivers) is totally seperate from the VM. I'm not sure how to do that though as all of my ubuntu vm's are in virtualbox.20:36
rodrigograca31reisio: i jsut heard it some minutes ago, i need to read some articles about it :)20:36
DreamPCsNot my own suspicion, but other's suspicion if I'm forced to login under duress.20:36
reisioDreamPCs: well, that's for data more than just login20:36
rodrigograca31reisio: yes they said it was a vbulletin vuln :(20:36
reisiorodrigograca31: did they? Where?20:36
Curiousnesswhere can i go to completly understand all the files and things on my computer directory for ubuntu os?20:36
wilee-nileeDreamPCs, Really you married? ;)20:37
DreamPCsI am, lol. I'm just a stickler for security.20:37
reisioCuriousness: http://www.tldp.org/LDP/Linux-Filesystem-Hierarchy/html/Linux-Filesystem-Hierarchy.html20:37
DWSRDreamPCs: Have you tried TrueCrypt?20:37
reisiotruecrypt isn't really what I'd use for encryption on a Unix system20:37
DreamPCsIn the wake of all the recent (and not so recent) stuff going on in this country, I rather know I'm the only one with access to my data.20:37
reisiothere are other ways to get dummy passwords20:38
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rodrigograca31reisio: by "they" i mean the podcast i'm hearing and zdnet: http://www.zdnet.com/ubuntu-forums-hacked-1-82m-logins-email-addresses-stolen-7000018336/20:38
DreamPCsAnd DWSR I dabbled with it years ago but I'm by no means experienced with it.20:38
m_hello is there any girl20:38
DreamPCslol a/s/l rofl20:38
Picim_: This is a support channel, not a dating service.20:38
bekksm_: That doesnt matter in an ubuntu support channel.20:38
reisiorodrigograca31: does the podcast have someone involved on it, or are they just conjecturing?20:38
reisiom_: #girls20:38
m_ok do U know how to be incognito in web ???!!!20:39
rodrigograca31reisio: what kind of encryption (if any) vbullein uses?20:39
DreamPCsm_: Yes...20:39
rodrigograca31reisio: its a "linux news podcast"20:40
DreamPCsSomething strange about that m_ character...20:40
reisioI doubt encryption was the issue20:40
reisiorodrigograca31: so you don't know :p20:40
DreamPCsFortunately the passwords were protected by a salted hash but I believe user name and email addresses were plain text.20:40
DreamPCsThat's one reason why I like to use gmail aliases.20:41
rodrigograca31 reisio: what kind of encryption (if any) vbullein uses?20:41
reisioDreamPCs: https://code.google.com/p/confused/source/browse/trunk/pam_confused/pam_confused.py?r=2 looks more like what you want20:42
reisioas you're likely already using PAM20:42
DreamPCsrodrigograca31: I literally copied and pasted your question into google and clicked the first link.20:42
DreamPCsreisio: Thanks, checking it out now.20:42
reisioDreamPCs: there's this other one, too, dunno what it uses: http://hg.ausiv.com/tedd20:43
reisiolooks more complex, which could be either good or bad20:43
rodrigograca31DreamPCs: vbulletin uses MD5?20:44
DreamPCsChecking that out too, thanks.20:44
=== rap424_ is now known as rap424
reisiorodrigograca31: if you haven't been using the same password on ubuntuforums.org for other things, you have nothing to worry about20:46
RoflWaffle17Reisio: have you any suggestions for my issue? I can't seem to figure it out for the life of me as I am relatively new to ubuntu/linux in genera,l.20:46
reisioRoflWaffle17: what's your issue?20:49
dossahstart up trouble20:49
RoflWaffle17Every time at start up on my desktop I get the error of "Could not apply the stored config for monitors"20:49
reisiooh right20:50
reisiotalk to #vmware20:50
RoflWaffle17I have had this VM for about a week, week and a half. And it just started doing it.20:50
rodrigograca31reisio: i know that...20:50
reisiorodrigograca31: good20:50
rodrigograca31reisio: but if they are using MD5 ..... the passwords will be decrypted very fast.... :(20:51
dossahI've installed Ubuntu 13.04 and evry time on startup my keyboard is disable. And this message appears "kvm disabled by the bios"20:51
bekksPasswords arent encrypted using MD5. MD5 is just a hash.20:51
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zykotick9dossah: i'd guess, that's a kernel warning saying virtualization is disabled in bios... (or do you also have a KVM keyboard video mouse?)20:54
SuperLagRoflWaffle17: I have encountered that issue as well. I've never figured out a fix. :(20:54
raymond_I don't recall MD5 being reversible; the issue iirc was with collisions.20:54
dossahok i see20:54
ubottuПожалуйста наберите /join #ubuntu-ru для получения помощи на русском языке. | Pozhalujsta naberite /join #ubuntu-ru dlya polucheniya pomoshi na russkom yazyke.20:55
bekks!gr | Guest4854020:55
ubottuGuest48540: #ubuntu-gr και #kubuntu-gr για Έλληνες χρηστές  /  #ubuntu-gr kai #kubuntu-gr gia Ellhnes xrhstes20:55
fuzzyBunnyi'm running 12.04 LTS and i'm having trouble with my flashplayer constantly crashing. On the flash website it says im running 11.2 but in my addons page it says im running 2 different versions of flash 11.2 and 12.1. If I try to disable either one flash does not work at all. Any suggestions?20:55
garth_I need help getting my Epson Stylus NX330 scanner to work (the printer part works fine).  I have installed the core and data package iscan-data_1.23.0-1_all.deb and iscan_2.29.1-5~usb0.1.ltdl7_i386.deb.  I also installed the network package iscan-network-nt_1.1.0-2_i386.deb.  Still simple scan says it can not scan, and locks up the printer when I try.20:56
=== kboodu is now known as kboodu|AFK
wilee-nileefuzzyBunny, there is no 12.1 are you sure?20:56
fuzzyBunnyYeah I'm at the Firefox Addons Page and the title of the version says Shockwave Flash 12.1 r720, maybe that's different than my flash player though for watching videos and such?20:58
usr13fuzzyBunny: 11.2 is what you should have. See: http://get.adobe.com/flashplayer/?&utsm=0350d39669c347c21:00
wilee-nileefuzzyBunny, you been to github lightspark sound familiar?21:00
usr13fuzzyBunny: And it's not in the Addons Page21:00
fuzzyBunnyWell I have that also yes.21:01
rodrigograca31bekks: by encrypted i meain hashed or what "you" want to call it :)21:01
bekksrodrigograca31: hashing is totally different from encrypting. And because of the difference, you cannot decrypt a MD5 hash.21:01
fuzzyBunnyYea I did try lightspark it didn't seem to work so well. My best thought was reverting to an old stable version but I can't seem to find one. So I would be grateful for a link to an old version, however, if there is another way to fix the problem I would be fine with that also.21:02
fuzzyBunnyAn old stable version of flashplayer21:02
reisiofuzzyBunny: it says you have two versions of Flash?21:03
reisiomight be time to backup your profile directory and make a fresh one21:03
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todaymanI'm having trouble preseeding a RAID configuration.  I think (but am not sure) that the installer runs partman-auto-raid trying to create the RAID array before the disks that I want to use are detected / up.  Does this sound plausible?21:04
keithzgHmmm no specific mentions on the Ubuntu Edge campaign page about the 3G frequencies supported. That's less than encouraging.21:04
rodrigograca31bekks: yes i also knwo that..... and when you say "you cannot"...... yes we can't but.... you know.... MD5 can be "brute forced" you probabli know that.....21:04
fuzzyBunnyreisio: yea it's weird