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zequenceOvenWerks: I'm documenting our packages here now 13:37
zequenceI'm going to create a wiki page for each package, explaining what it is, and when it existed in the repos13:37
zequenceAnd one page for each source package, and one for each binary package13:38
zequenceAfter I'm done, I'll reorganize the blueprints. Making one blueprint for each package13:38
zequenceSeems like the best way to go, don't you think?13:38
zequenceNon package projects get their own blueprints as well, such as website or PR, and things like that13:39
zequenceor maybe I'll just use the launchpad pages instead, and just list them in the wiki. Seems like less work :P14:50
zequenceI'll use both, what the heck15:22
zequenceOvenWerks: Think I got them all now https://wiki.ubuntu.com/UbuntuStudio/UbuntuStudioPackages17:22
zequencenext, the blueprints :P17:28
OvenWerkszequence: works fine for me.20:21
OvenWerkszequence: I was thinking to add ubuntustudio-installer as a part of ubuntustudio-menu. But I think that because we are widening the scope of use, it is better to have it's own package. For one it would allow it to be used to install the menu :)20:34
OvenWerksbasically, The package list to install would be on the command line. So it could be used for different things by adding a new desktop file.20:35
OvenWerksThis would allow our extra SW items to be used in all DEs.20:36
zequenceOvenWerks: definately in its own package20:37
zequenceI'd rather think UNIX20:38
zequencesmall tools that each do one thing well20:38
zequenceit's easier to maintain too20:38
zequenceI think20:38
OvenWerksI'll start in my own branch and PPA to develop then ccreate one in SU-dev20:39
zequenceand it doesn't make sense to have to install the menu in order to install some packages20:39
zequenceOvenWerks: Create a project for it20:39
zequenceOvenWerks: Or I can do it20:39
OvenWerksI should be able to just push a branch20:40
cubHello people20:40
zequencecub: hi20:40
* cub is still on vacation with poor wifi20:41
zequenceOvenWerks: Well, sure. I can wait with the project, but it's best we create a project for it later on20:41
zequenceSeems like a lot of people are on vacation now. Wonder why :P20:41
zequencecub: Where are you?20:41
cubIn Tidaholm, outside Skövde20:42
cubrenting a small cottage close to my GF family20:42
zequencecub: Pretty awesome weather, isn't it20:43
zequencemy belly looks like a giant rödbeta20:43
zequenceI forgot to put sun lotion on it the other day20:43
cubvery, I'm surprised with this Swedish summer. I was planning to read a lot and gather studio documentation20:43
cubI have done neither. :D20:43
zequenceYeah, tell me about it20:44
zequenceI also started dating20:44
zequenceBeen pretty crazy for me lately20:44
cubHow did the linux teaching go?20:44
zequenceOne of those dating sites. It works :P20:44
zequenceIt went fine20:44
zequenceThey liked me20:44
zequenceI'm supposed to do another three weeks, but not sure yet20:44
cubdating, yeah, I met my GF through shakemyworld site20:45
cubfour years later we have bought a home, car, got a dog and a daughter. :)20:46
cubso, met anyone you might see again?20:47
zequencecub: Yeah, I did21:02
zequenceand that's kind of the problem :P21:02
zequencebut it's a good problem21:02
cubit will limit time for other projects, that's for sure21:03
cububuntuforums.org is still down for cleaning up?21:27
cubrunning out of battery21:36

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