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SpamapSxnox: flirting with a 5-digit LP bug eh? ;) Nice work on the reload signal stanza :)15:44
xnoxSpamapS: i think i did get a 4-digit one last year in installer, need to check =))))15:47
xnoxSpamapS: but yeah, needs review from jodh, as the dbus unit tests are a bit crazy. They fork a dbus server & client and make them talk to each other from a single source-code......15:47
SpamapSI love that15:49
SpamapSbut, I'm a fan of fakes :)15:49
xnoxjodh: any comments / help with above dbus tests for https://code.launchpad.net/~xnox/upstart/reload-signal/+merge/176099 are appreciated =)16:54
daguzstupid user question:  how does upstart track a process?  i'm trying to get it to start a process (redis) and only as root.  I can get it to start but not status nor shutdown.  Simply the script says exec redis-server config.file .   The pid file is created in /var/run/ .   16:56
xnoxdaguz: "redis upstart" gives me https://gist.github.com/bdotdub/71453316:57
xnoxdaguz: but looking at the jobs, this one is better https://gist.github.com/twoolie/461755316:58
daguzI'll try the second one.  I tried a number of versions I saw when searching.      17:00
jodhxnox: ack - I'll take a look tomorrow.17:00
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