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kpepple_Ubuntu announced a MapR charm back in April (http://www.eweek.com/database/mapr-puts-hadoop-on-ubuntu-source-code-on-github/) but I can't find it anywhere. did this get released ?05:17
kpepple_I looked thru https://jujucharms.com/ but don't see any sign of it05:17
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faisalhello :)09:35
tom95is it possible to use nginx instead of apache as http server with juju?11:23
mgztom95: there's a somewhat involved answer, but yes11:25
tom95mgz: I haven't used it yet, I just had a look at juju and decided I like it, so I don't know much about the technical side yet. Are there downsides on using nginx compared to apache or is there basically no difference?11:26
mgzit's flexible, and can be decided at the charm or deployment level11:27
mgzsome web frameworks prefer one or the other or could support both11:28
mgzyou can write your charm (or use existing ones) that would use either11:28
tom95ok, thanks!11:34
gotwighello world11:34
_mup_Bug #994699: Charm Needed: Nginx <Juju Charms Collection:Confirmed for imbrandon> <https://launchpad.net/bugs/994699>11:35
gotwigcan you do something here?11:35
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marcoceppigotwig: what is there to do?11:53
marcoceppiThat charm was never approved for the charm store11:53
gotwigmarcoceppi: why11:55
gotwighow can it get approved11:55
marcoceppigotwig: All charms go through a review process before making it in to the charm store. This one was in the process of being reviewed but the author never finished the charm11:55
gotwigtom95: ^11:56
gotwigmarcoceppi: what is missing11:56
marcoceppigotwig: read the bug, these "Charm Needed" bugs are not stating that the charms are missing, but are part of the charm submission process11:56
marcoceppigotwig: a charm doesn't NEED to be in the store for you to deploy it. It's in a "personal" charm branch right now. You can fork the branch and work on it if you're interested in using it (and deploy from local repository) or you can deploy it as is with juju deploy cs:imbrandon/nginx11:58
marcoceppigotwig: however, based on the feedback it doesn't look 100% ready, so it's deploy at your own risk when using a personal deployment branch11:58
gotwigmarcoceppi: does it work with juju gui?11:59
marcoceppiGiven that this charm hasn't been touched in over 6 months, if you're interested in using it, you might want to take over development of it11:59
marcoceppigotwig: https://jujucharms.com/fullscreen/search/~imbrandon/precise/nginx-7/?series=precise&text=nginx yes11:59
gotwigmarcoceppi: this doesnt work12:00
marcoceppigotwig: You can deploy "personal" branches from the GUI, you just need to make sure you unselect "Reviewed Charms" from the search12:00
marcoceppigotwig: You'll need to provide more details than "doesn't work"12:00
gotwigtom95: ^12:00
gotwigmarcoceppi: I dont see it in the link12:01
gotwigyou posted12:01
gotwigdat checkbox, yeah..12:01
marcoceppigotwig: When searching, it'll default to only showing reviewed charms, to get all charms - including personal UNREVIEWED branches unselect that checkbox12:02
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gotwignginx devs go mad on me :>12:18
jamespagewow - I just found "add-unit --to"12:21
jamespagehulk smash builtin12:21
jamespagenegronjl, racedo: ^^ both deploy and add-unit both have a '--to' option in the latest juju-core release which covers the co-location/hulk smash challenges we talked about last week12:22
negronjljamespage, cool ... thx.  I'll start playing with it12:32
racedojamespage: awesome!12:34
racedojamespage: btw the virtme charm is great, i couldn't use it in precise though, I believe that if the charm pulled libvirt from cloud-archive it would work well in precise12:37
jamespageracedo, yeah - I've only been using on raring12:38
jamespageracedo, I suspect it could be fixed up12:38
racedojamespage: i suspect it's just libvirt not having support for openvswitch type of bridge12:38
jamespageracedo, feel free to fixup and propose a merge :-)(12:38
racedojamespage: i still need to get my hands dirty charming stuff12:38
racedojamespage: negronjl is the charms master so i can relax there ;-)12:39
jhfhey m_3 - you there?13:36
marcoceppijhf: he's on the west coast for the week13:39
jhf_well m_3 if so - I told you something wrong yesterday - my website-relation-joined hook is still hard coded. I'm fixing it now.13:40
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marcoceppijhf: He brought this up earlier actually, I think he patched it already13:45
jhfoh.. ok, thanks for doing that - I was thinking about my start hook where I did make the port dynamic, but he was talking about the website-relation-joined and I confused the two. thanks!13:46
marcoceppijhf: https://code.launchpad.net/~charmers/charms/precise/liferay/trunk13:46
marcoceppinp! I think he's using it during a demo, so it was quickly patched13:47
jhfcool.. should I fix it in my branch too?13:47
marcoceppijhf: you can just bzr pull lp:charms/liferay to get the patch13:48
jhfk thx13:48
m_3jhf: thanks!13:53
m_3jhf: btw, now having some sort of issues with liferay behind haproxy13:53
m_3jhf: not sure what the problem was, but don't have time to debug it now13:54
m_3had the java exceptions, but I think I wiped them13:54
jhfok. liferay can produce lots of innocuous stack traces :)13:55
m_3this was just one mysql, one liferay, and one haproxy node all wired up13:55
m_3then hit the haproxy and got "An unexpected system error occurred.13:55
m_3via the web interface13:55
jhfok. sounds un-haproxy-related to me, but if/when you see it again I should take a look.13:56
jhfill be there around 8:30 or a bit before13:56
m_3jhf: k, thanks!13:57
freeflyingbootstraping a local environment need to be done as root with latest juju-core?14:29
marcoceppifreeflying: bootstrapping and destroying need to be done with root14:30
marcoceppifreeflying: this is expected behavior14:30
freeflyingmarcoceppi: I recall in juju python version, sudo will be invoked by juju itself, now we need run sudo juju bootstrap?14:37
marcoceppifreeflying: correct, this is a similar but different implementation of the local provider. Instead of having sudo called during bootstrap (requiring someone to watch the command) it's just required for the bootstrap and destroy-environment command outright. All other commands can be run as a normal user14:38
freeflyingmarcoceppi: cool, thanks, but by running sudo juju bootstrap, I got error: no reachable servers14:39
marcoceppifreeflying: What version of ubuntu are you using?14:39
freeflyingmarcoceppi: 1.11.3--ubuntu114:41
marcoceppifreeflying: `lsb_release -r` ?14:41
freeflyingmarcoceppi: saucy, sorry, the package was installed from archive14:41
marcoceppifreeflying: okay, good. You're probably missing a few dependencies. First, `juju destroy-environment`, then install lxc, mongodb-server, mongodb; then run `sudo service mongodb stop`, bootstrap again14:43
freeflyingmarcoceppi: yep, I forgot to install mongodb, thanks again for pointing it out14:44
marcoceppifreeflying: np, I seriously think it should be a recommends for juju-core packaging, but until then the docs will just need to mention it14:44
marcoceppiat least a suggests14:45
marcoceppifreeflying: http://bit.ly/1366OtX14:46
freeflyingmarcoceppi: if we can update the doc, might be more helpful, since most users will dig into documents firstly14:46
marcoceppifreeflying: docs for local provider are landing soon14:46
freeflyingmarcoceppi: in terms of packaging, we may have a meta package for user who want try with local provide to get dependencies installed14:47
freeflyingmarcoceppi: that sounds great14:47
marcoceppifreeflying: that's a good idea as well, juju-core juju-core-local-provider or something like that14:47
freeflyingmarcoceppi: will file a whishlist for it :)14:49
pavelI've updated documentation for rack charm v2 https://github.com/Altoros/rack14:57
arosalespavel, looking good. I know m_3 is at OSCON this week so if any Rails guys are there I am sure your charm may come up.15:29
pavelarosales, tomorrow meeting will be on schedule?15:31
arosalespavel, yes marcoceppi and I (at a minimum) will be there15:31
pavelarosales, cool15:32
freeflyingmarcoceppi: after installed and run mongodb-server, still run into problems: freeflying@ultra:~$ sudo juju bootstrap15:39
freeflyingerror: no reachable servers15:39
marcoceppifreeflying: make sure mongodb service is off15:39
marcoceppithen destroy-environment again and bootstrap once more. If you're still having an issue let me know15:39
freeflyingmarcoceppi: yes, tried both, same issue15:45
marcoceppifreeflying: what does /var/log/upstart/juju-db-*.log have in it?15:46
freeflyingmarcoceppi: only has /var/log/upstart/juju-db-freeflying-local.log15:50
marcoceppifreeflying: no output in the log?15:50
marcoceppifreeflying: can you destroy-environment again, then run sudo juju boostrap -v and pipe the output to a pastebin? It'll be pretty verbose.15:51
freeflying2013-07-23 15:53:40 ERROR juju open.go:89 state: connection failed, will retry: dial tcp connection refused15:53
freeflyingmarcoceppi: http://paste.ubuntu.com.cn/25114015:55
marcoceppifreeflying: what does `sudo status juju-db-freeflying-local` say?15:56
freeflyingjuju-db-freeflying-local stop/waiting15:57
marcoceppifreeflying: run `sudo start juju-db-freeflying-local` then run status again15:58
freeflyingmarcoceppi: same, http://paste.ubuntu.com/5904578/ log from syslog FYI16:01
* freeflying 's bed time, see you later16:01
marcoceppifreeflying: I'm not sure, it looks like a bug. I've not tried in saucy yet though16:03
mhall119mramm: will you be able to join the weekly engineering webcast in 20 minutes to update everybody on juju?16:39
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mrammmhall119: I'm in the charm school at OSCON, so I won't be able to be there16:43
mhall119and no jorge either :(16:43
mrammperhaps antonio can cover... let me see16:44
mhall119okay, we'll get a Juju update next week then, you guys have fun (but not too much fun)!16:44
mrammarosales: you around?16:44
arosalesmramm, yes16:45
mrammwould you be interested in covering for me/jorge on the weekly engineering update webcast?16:45
mrammit's not critical, we can just do the update next week16:45
mrammactually, let's just do it next week16:46
arosalesmramm, let me check on the conflicting meetings I have atm16:46
mrammarosales: don't worry about it, next week is fine16:46
arosalesmramm, ok totally your call16:47
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