nasserI'm running KDE 4.10.5 on mint 15. I have newly created activity and I ran a command in konsole. Then I stopped the activity. When I start the activity again, konsole starts a new session. Is it possible to make konsole continue running the command before stopping the activity? or at least re-run the command again. Thanks00:52
MichaelPKde released 4.11 RC1 on the 16.. When will it be ready for kubuntu ? beta2 in ppa right now01:01
snuffleburgerconnection test...03:35
snuffleburgeram I here?03:35
snuffleburgerand what does this:03:38
snuffleburgerwell it seems to be working on the client side...03:39
geniisnuffleburger: Yes, we are seeing what you type.03:39
snuffleburgeryeah but do you see away messages?03:39
geniisnuffleburger: You haven't done: /away   so no03:40
snuffleburgerI did.03:40
snuffleburgerhere I'll do it again: /away03:40
OerHeksWe could, but we did not see it.03:40
geniiNeeds to just be:03:41
geniias the first thing03:41
geniisnuffleburger: You put two // there as I did. But I put two to make it show one. Use only one03:42
snuffleburgerI know.  I did it both ways just to see03:42
snuffleburgerI sound a lot stupider than I really am when it is after 10pm03:42
geniiAt any rate, works on my client so Freenode is fine. Something with your client or else your syntax03:43
snuffleburgeryour client is freenode or the server is freenode?  I thought freenode was a server.03:44
geniisnuffleburger: My client is quassel, the server is freenode03:44
snuffleburgerI just checked server settins and it is irc.ubuntu.com03:45
snuffleburgernot sure what happened there...03:45
snuffleburgerso I guess I will call it good enough that my internet connection is working, and I can login to IRC.  :)03:48
snuffleburgerooh and I can do pretty colors.03:48
snuffleburgerBetter watch for sharks03:48
snuffleburgerallright bed for real this time.03:49
snuffleburgerdreadfully sorry to clutter your channel while I tested quassel.03:49
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random_lurkerI recently got a vaio with preinstalled windows 808:08
random_lurkerI've setup a live usb with kubuntu 13.04 64bit image using Linux live usb creator, the laptop boots from the usb and I am shown the grub selector08:09
random_lurkerthen I select 'Start Kubuntu' but nothing happens08:09
random_lurkerIs this common? I have multiple partitions on the harddisk08:10
kidxhellow all i need help i updated KDE on 13.04 to 4.11beta 2 i tihnk and the desktop panel disapears once in a while mostly after ditting for a while any ideas?08:44
kidxsorry after sitting for a while08:44
kidxany way to downgrade08:45
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Avihaykidx: sounds like plasma-desktop is crashing on you. there are ways to downgrade, but I only know the hard-ugly one09:16
ss_hazehow do I get video file thumbnails for mo409:17
ss_hazemp4 *09:17
ss_hazeusing dolphin there was plugin09:19
ss_hazecan't remmber name09:19
ss_hazeok I found already mayb09:21
kidxoh ok09:23
kidxi just having issues09:23
kidxis liquorix a good kernel09:23
ss_hazewhy do you want bleeding edge at first09:23
kidxI am a gamer and need more gaming preformance for steam any ideas09:23
kidxi am sick of the crashing and stuff09:23
ss_hazeI also have games on steam, but I am not running for latest beta unstable thingy, just for newer something09:24
kidxwell i am on 13.0409:25
kidxgames run ok just want somthing thats gona make games load faster like a 10sec load to load up l4d2 huh yea09:25
Avihaycanonical, valve and your video card manufacturer work hard to give you a stable experience with the "default" kernel and set of drivers09:25
kidxyes i see this gaming is nice but i get stutters once in a while09:25
kidxplus this is unstable with the desktop disapearing once in a while09:26
kidxthere is a 4.10.95 out but dont know where to grab it09:27
kidxKDE 4.10.9509:27
lordievaderkidx: That is a beta.09:28
lordievaderBeta of 4.1109:28
kidxoko how do i down grade to stabel version09:28
kidxjust want kde stable09:28
kidxand gaming to get better09:29
lordievaderNo idea how to do that properly.09:29
kidxand not stutter09:29
kidxI hop[e some one comes along and help09:29
kidxI love KDE09:30
kidxKubuntu keeps KDE plain09:30
kidxjust like how they stay orignial09:30
lordievaderkidx: They might know in #kubuntu-devel09:31
kidxNow just gotta make gaming better on here and i am very happy i this craps out i am gona go to Gnome Remix i just want something to be stable09:31
lordievaderkidx: What kind of graphics card do you have?09:31
kidxAMD HD577009:31
kidxi am going to that channel09:32
lordievaderkidx: And you have installed the closed-source driver I take?09:32
kidxwhat driver09:33
kidxKubuntu is messed up for drivers lol not labling any expermential drivers like ubuntu they need to get like ubuntu for additional drivers?09:33
kidxthere is 2 additional drivers and none say experimental09:34
lordievaderkidx: Ubuntu and Kubuntu uses the same utility for that, run jockey-kde from the terminal.09:34
lordievaderFor AMD/ATI there are no experimental drivers, IIRC.09:35
kidxon ubuntu there is09:35
kidxi take it here there is not09:36
DarkSim_Hi I need some help with installing10:21
DarkSim_Im going to install Kubuntu 13.04 but I need some help making sure of one thing10:21
ikoniawhat's up ?10:22
DarkSim_Im not that good of a Linux user, but last time I installed a distro I tried to make certain that I could install another distro after that without having to lose all my data10:23
DarkSim_something like using two partitions, one for system and one for home or something10:23
DarkSim_But I honestly dont know if I did that and how I make certain of it10:23
ikoniadidn't you ask this the other day ?10:24
DarkSim_This is the first time Ive been here10:24
DarkSim_Sorry if you are confusing me with someone10:25
[Raiden]one home partition - is ok ,  one user  for two systems - imho bad idea.10:25
DarkSim_it was apparently so when I installed a new distro I would overwrite the system drive10:25
DarkSim_but the home partition would still be there and it would link with the new distro10:25
[Raiden]use /etc/fstab10:26
DarkSim_Im sorry if I dont know what to do10:27
DarkSim_should I use nano or something?10:27
[Raiden]or kdesudo kate /etc/fstab10:27
DarkSim_ok done10:28
[Raiden]and read man )10:28
DarkSim_so what am I looking for10:28
DarkSim_I dont know what to do with the information10:31
lordievaderDarkSim_: You are looking for a secondary partition mounted to /home10:32
[Raiden]you need to edit this file on new system and write there mount the home folder. If I understand the question :) I came here by accident10:32
DarkSim_the thing is that it seems like I only have the swap partition visible10:33
DarkSim_nothing else10:33
[Raiden]DarkSim_: better to use a separate partition for the home folder. For safekeeping.10:41
[Raiden]You can simply copy the / home directory to the new system as an option to check on it right then.10:41
[Raiden]I'd better keep quiet. My English is not ready for questions10:44
ubottunetsplit is when two IRC servers of the same network (like freenode) disconnect from each other, so users on one server stop seeing users on the other. If this is happening now, just relax and enjoy the show. See http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Netsplit10:59
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kidxis there any preformance tweaks i can do to opengl or KDE to gain a preformace boost in game?12:30
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tkennedy_anyone know how to get Krdc working with Xfree-rdp 1.0.2 ? I upgraded KDE to the 4.11 Beta 2 and now Krdc won't run because freerdp is 1.0.113:40
BluesKajHiyas all13:44
cmaginaanyone running saucy and seeing kde take a ridiculously long time to load from login?13:52
BluesKajok , ridiculously long time means how long , cmagina ?13:54
cmaginaBluesKaj: say a full minute or two after entering the password to login13:55
BluesKajand questions about saucy should be directed to #ubuntu+1 , btw13:55
cmaginaBluesKaj: alright, just figured i'd start here since this is a kde issue13:56
BluesKajI noticed my saucy install takes about 30 secs before everything loads ...a bit slow alright13:56
cmaginathe default splash appears, shows the first entry, sits there for a long time, then the screen attempts to make the transition to the desktop but stalls with a black screen and a cursor13:57
cmaginathen after another long period it loads the desktop13:58
cmaginaBluesKaj: i have some akonadi resources that are definitely increasing my load time13:58
BluesKajand you're install is up to date ? ..well I don't have either akonadi or nepomuk enabled13:59
cmaginai actually removed some as it was worse13:59
cmaginayeah, i first thought it might be akonadi, but this seems more like the kde init pieces are waiting for things14:00
cmaginaBluesKaj: fresh update as of yesterday14:00
cmaginahaven't checked for anything today14:00
* BluesKaj nods14:00
cmaginadid the transition to the new kdeinit occur (remembers reading some blog posts about that being improved)?14:01
BluesKajcmagina, kdeinit occur?14:08
MichaelPHow does 2 different distro's running the same version of kde. Like Kubuntu and Arch..graphics quality looks better in Kubuntu14:08
cmaginaBluesKaj: i remember some blog posts about the script that initializes kde being re-done/improved. i'm not sure if/when that stuff is replacing the old way14:15
BluesKajcmagina, haven't heard anything about that ... I recall hearing that parts of systemd are being employed in kubuntu 13.1014:18
cmaginaBluesKaj: ah, yeah, forgot about that.14:18
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tkennedy_anyone try using Krdc in 13.04 with update KDE 4.11 Beta 2 ?14:26
tkennedy_it no worky14:26
BluesKajtkennedy_, it noi worky maybe because KDE 4.11 Beta 2 is experimenty  :)14:31
tkennedy_of course it is but I guess it wasn't tested on 13.04 because 13.04 has freerdp
tkennedy_I would expect bugs but clearly not working at all is something different14:32
tkennedy_was just wondering if there was a quick way to get xfree-rdp upgraded to 1.0.2 with all it's dependancies14:33
BluesKajtkennedy_, I'm on 13.10 and don't see freerdp 1.0.1 available in the repos14:36
lordievaderI believe I compiled it once to get Krdc working again.14:36
BluesKajah there it is tkennedy_ , it is available , but no 1.0.214:37
lordievaderOr maybe there was a ppa carrying 1.0.2, can't remember.14:39
tkennedy_yeah 1.0.2 is in 13.10 repos not 13.04. so seems like only options are to compile with all dependancies sources or get all deb dependancies manually14:43
BluesKajah yeah freedrpX11 1.0.214:46
BluesKajinstalled here14:47
BluesKajbut never use kdrc14:47
BluesKajerr krdc :)14:50
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ubottuAttention everyone! if you dont REPENT GOD WILL KILL YOU and SEND YOU TO HELL!: Hey christel, Corey, Dave2, Gary, Myrtti, Pricey, VorTechS, jayne, marienz, niko, nhandler, tomaw, ldunn, I could use a bit of your time :)15:18
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DarkSimHello! How do I install kttsd on Kubuntu 13.0415:24
BluesKajDarkSim, i think kttsd has been replaced by jovie15:30
tsimpsonDarkSim: just choose kttsd (or jovie) from the package manager15:30
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MichaelPI have virtual desktop set to 4.. different widgets for each desktop... But i only getting the main desktop !!15:54
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BluesKajMichaelP, system settings>workspace behavior>virtual desktops , enable/check "Different widgets for each desktop" ?16:08
MichaelPBluesKaj: Did all that.. But found i had to add the pager widget16:09
BluesKajwell yeah...an easy way to keep track16:10
MichaelPThink one of the things i like about Kubuntu is graphics quality ( Desktop ) is cleaner then other distro's running same kde version16:13
BluesKajI've tried others like mint and arch ,but always used the same settings/themes and colours etc, so i never noticed much difference16:17
MichaelPLike the default themes.. Seem cleaner16:24
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apachelogger_tsimpson, jussi: could someone please remove me from the ops highlight :)16:49
tsimpsonapachelogger_: done16:50
apachelogger_tsimpson: thx17:00
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flyingpeacock@genii, hey sorry I've been lost. Did you figure anything out about my wireless card/driver?18:47
geniiflyingpeacock: Nothing enlightening18:48
flyingpeacock@genii okay, well thanks for trying18:53
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geriwhere can i set the proxy in kubuntu?19:21
geriis there a system wide config file?19:21
gomiboygeri: use the environment variables HTTP_PROXY and HTTPS_PROXY (and FTP_PROXY if you need it). Edit the file .profile in your home dir and add HTTP_PROXY = "yourproxy.com" and so on...19:28
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F41lQuestion, is there any way to take a 32bit Kubuntu install and convert it to using EFI bootloader? I tried using the boot-repair-disk method but it said that the linux version is not compatible with EFI. Do I need to replace the kernel with one that has an EFI stub?20:29
F41lQuestion, is there any way to take a 32bit Kubuntu install and convert it to using EFI bootloader? I tried using the boot-repair-disk method but it said that the linux version is not compatible with EFI. Do I need to replace the kernel with one that has an EFI stub?21:50
ikoniaF41l: what version of kubuntu ?21:50
ikoniashould be technically possible21:51
ikoniaI suspect you'll need to do a fair bit of manual effort though21:51
F41lI need to install onto a 32bit-only, efi-only IA32 tablet21:51
F41ltried a lot of options.21:51
F41lright now, working on doing an install to a USB stick, getting it EFI booting, and then using clone software to flash it to the tablet's 64gig SSD21:52
ikoniaF41l: I'm surprised by the kernel warning, I can't believe the 32bit/64bit kernel differ at that level21:52
F41lWell that's loosely what boot-repair-disk said about the installation.21:53
ikoniano idea what boot-repeair-disk is, so no trusting that21:53
F41lI did a manual partitioned install to a USB stick as the hard drive. 256 FAT32 partition (sda1), mounted to /boot/efi21:53
ikoniaF41l: out of interest can you just not install kubuntu to the tablet using the standard install process ?21:53
F41land the rest is ext4 sda2, mounted to /21:53
F41land swap21:53
F41lNo, it will not boot the installer21:54
F41lthe 32bit media is not EFI booting.21:54
QuintasanRiddell: ^21:54
ikoniaF41l: that seems wrong21:54
F41lthe tablet itself does not support legacy BIOS mode21:54
ikonia(I dont doubt what you are saying, but I can't believe that it doesn't support EFI)21:54
OerHeksGeneral principle To install Ubuntu in EFI mode: Use a 64bit disk of Ubuntu (32bit installer does not detect EFI) ? > https://help.ubuntu.com/community/UEFI#Installing_Ubuntu_in_EFI_mode21:55
F41lOerHeks: way past that.21:55
ikoniaso it's a glitch in the installer21:55
F41lIt's an IA32 processor (aka, does not do 64bit)21:55
ikoniano, but that may explain why it' not taking a 32bit install, if the installer has a bug in it21:55
OerHeksYes, that makes me wonder too, but the manual is not written by 1 person, i guess21:56
F41lI managed to get elilo to do -something-. I used rEFInd to attempt to boot the 32bit installation media written to a usb stick with my own added elilo bootloader.21:56
F41lIt just hits a black screen21:56
Quintasanwait, ia32 with efi?21:56
Quintasanwhat on Earth is that device?21:56
F41lDell lattitude 10 TS221:56
OerHeksDoes the bios have Legacy mode?21:56
ikoniaI'm curious to21:56
F41lno, it doesn't have legacy mode21:56
F41lstrictly EFI21:57
F41latom processor21:57
F41lbest thing I can try is to get a flash drive as a working installation booting21:57
F41lthen make it permanent by cloning it to the internal ssd21:57
ikoniathis looks very messy21:57
QuintasanF41l: That's your best bet in this situation21:58
F41lI think so, but having a hard time getting that done as well :D21:58
F41lI got it installed, but now trying to make it EFI booting.21:58
QuintasanEFI is a pain in the ass for everyone now.21:58
F41lbut the method recommended gave me an error and refused to complete.21:58
F41lThough I do suspect it might be because the computer I'm using to build the install itself doesn't have an EFI bios.21:59
F41lCan't be certain.21:59
F41lyeah EFI is being a real pain :D21:59
QuintasanF41l: I think guys over at #ubuntu-kernel might know more.22:00
ikoniaF41l: it would be very helpful if you kept notes, and logged any bugs, and considered making a wiki page entry for this device with pros/cons you found and a working process22:00
F41lI was planning on it once I had a good process.22:01
QuintasanF41l: You should consider asking over there if all fails22:01
QuintasanF41l: Did you see https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/grub2/+bug/1025555 ?22:05
ubottuUbuntu bug 1025555 in Ubuntu CD Images "Ubuntu i386 images are not compatible with recent (UEFI) computers" [Undecided,Confirmed]22:05
F41lYeah I did.22:06
F41lI'm way past that.22:06
F41lAlso, not to the point of testing to see if my specially prepared USB stick will boot on the tablet. I'm a step before that. Directly post-installation to the USB stick, trying to convert the installation to using EFI to boot.22:07
F41lthat's where the boot-repair software is giving me guff, saying the kernel installed by 32bit kubuntu 13.04 media is not compatible with EFI.22:07
F41lWhich makes no sense.22:07
OerHeks"They are Intel Atom x86 based Windows 8 tablets with 32bit EFI only no legacy bios options." the last past is not true, i guess, windows must startup legacy mode too, logically reading.22:10
F41lthere is no way to disable efi22:11
F41lI went through 8 agents over the course of an hour and a half to find this out.22:13
F41lwith dell22:13
F41lthe two options, UEFI with secure-boot enabled, or, UEFI with secure-boot disabled.22:14
F41lI did have it scraping at elilo to do something once before, but I need to configure elilo successfully apparently.22:17
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danielboston26im having a issue installing updates23:34
danielboston26when i start the software updater i get this error23:34
danielboston26failed to download repository information check your internet connection23:35
danielboston26the problem is my internet connection is fine23:35
danielboston26what could be the issue?23:35
danielboston26is anyone here?23:37
danielboston26im having a issue installing updates23:38
CopaceticI am running kubuntu 13.04, I have a set of wireless headphones (G930), my system sounds work, however sound in chrome and my media players don't work23:54
Copaceticwhat is weird is that in dolphin I can hear a mp3 if I play it using the preview23:55

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