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Whixhey hey anyone ears up05:57
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Whixanyone ear up for iwlwifi06:07
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rymate1234I am seriously regretting my decision not to upgrade to 13.1007:20
hachrerymate1234: so why arent you upgrading now?08:19
rymate1234wait i misphrased that08:20
rymate1234I'm regretting my decision to upgrade to it08:20
rymate1234In order for my wireless card to work, a usb adaptor based upon the RealTek 8188cus chip, I needed to install a driver from https://code.google.com/p/realtek-8188cus-wireless-drivers-3444749-ubuntu-1304/08:23
rymate1234however the kernel module doesn't compile under 13.1008:23
hachreI have had a problem like that too08:26
hachreended up compiling my own vanilla kernel and compiling the module as well08:27
rymate1234problem is without that module I can only connect to unprotected wifi points08:27
rymate1234and there aren't any near me08:27
rymate1234I'll just wait for an update for that .deb package08:29
rymate1234or invest in a new adaptor08:29
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BluesKajHiyas all13:44
Captain_ProtonWhere do I find ubuntuone-indicator for 13.1014:10
FundyChristian!ops | Attention everyone! if you dont REPENT GOD WILL KILL YOU and SEND YOU TO HELL!15:21
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Shipphey everyone I have a problem with ubuntu 13.10 booted into windows 8 which i hate to do but had to for work anyways when i went back to boot into ubuntu it is stuck on the splash screen and help would be great.18:57
wilee-nilee!uefi | Shipp19:08
ubottuShipp: UEFI is a specification that defines a software interface between an operating system and platform firmware, it is meant as a replacement for the BIOS. For information on how to set up and install Ubuntu and its derivatives on UEFI machines please read https://help.ubuntu.com/community/UEFI19:08
wilee-nileeShipp, I assume here you have a oem W8 and it is uefi19:08
Shippyes been running ubuntu on it for long time19:10
wilee-nileeShipp, I assume you know 13.10 is in development as well.19:10
geniiEveryone needs to move to coreboot19:10
Shippyes i know19:10
Shippit was fine till i went into windows and then back again19:11
wilee-nileeShipp, So what is your definition of stuck at the splash screen?19:11
Shippbeen using 13.10 for about a week after it came out19:11
Shippthe screen that has ubuntu on it with the cirles that do like a count down19:12
Shippmake sense19:12
wilee-nileeShipp, It would except for the vague nature of it. So you had saucy working fine and now its not?19:13
Shippyes correct19:13
wilee-nileeShipp, this is probably beyond any efficient fix by me, I hate to waste our time, I want breakfast. ;) If ot were me and a fix was longer then a reinstall I would reinstall.19:15
wilee-nileeor load the clones I always make19:15
Shippi think i seen a error something like lightdm fail19:17
Shippcant go to forums as we know they are down19:18
wilee-nileeShipp, Yeah you can turn off the splash from the grub menu and see the text.19:18
Shippyes i did that19:19
wilee-nileeI figured you probably had19:19
Shippguess that will teach me to boot into windows19:21
wilee-nileeShipp, Should not be a problem in general, I have W8 and 3 linux on one HD, but all msdos no uefi.19:24
Shippoh i know i have it on 3 laptops and all are running ubuntu and windows 819:26
Shippi did do a update right before i left ubuntu19:27
Shippso i think that may have had something to do with it19:27
Shippand google is no help it wants to take me to answers on the forums lol19:28
wilee-nileeShipp, Was there a kernel update I saw one a couple of days ago I think, not sure if relevant but you might try the various kernels still there.19:30
Shippi did19:30
wilee-nileeShipp, So in text it must stop somewhere.19:31
Shippyes it does19:31
wilee-nileeShipp, generally that is a key, can you share that with the channel if it is relevant.19:32
Shipphmm let me boot into it on that laptop and i will share one sec19:32
Shippok last few lines are19:34
Shipplightdm display manager      (fail)19:35
Shippsend event to indoicator  ( fail)19:35
Shippmount netwrok ok19:35
Shippsamba ok19:35
Shippstopping light dm display manager19:36
Shippthat is where it stops19:36
AmpelbeinShipp: What's in /var/log/xorg.log?19:37
AmpelbeinActually it's called Xorg.0.log19:37
Shippi do not see that log19:38
AmpelbeinShipp: You have no /var/log/Xorg.0.log ?19:39
Shippwhere is it located should it show in this text19:39
AmpelbeinShipp: It should be on your laptop, in the /var/log directory, named Xorg.0.log . You can also check the /var/log/lightdm for logfiles and errors.19:43
Shippall i did was hit Esc on the splash screen to get to this text19:43
Ampelbeinnvm me.19:44
Shippprolly be faster to do a reinstall19:47
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FribergSoo, Just upgraded all packages on my system. X says it can't find my settings and that I need to configure them manually.. X is an asshole :(20:23
FribergRunning HD 797020:23
IdleOnePlease keep the language clean20:24
FribergSorry. The message is : "The system is running in low-graphics mode", "Your screen, graphics card and input devices could not be detected correctly. You need to configure these yourself."20:25
FribergI guess this OS still doesn't support 6 monitor setup, nor Radeon HD-cards..20:28
FernandoMiguelI would love to have 220:36
FernandoMigueland you have 620:36

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