zkriesseHallo all00:12
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DarthBeardoes anyone know of a good tutorial if you new to xchat and irc03:34
DarthBearincluding commands and stuff03:34
DarthBearthnx buddy03:36
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jjseekerHi I'm back again with another question if that's okay06:28
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jjseekerI would like to know if it's worth the time to learn how to install packages from .tar.gz files vs just getting the .deb package06:30
jjseekerif that makes any sense06:30
wilee-nileejjseeker, Rarely do you need a tar install, you want to see if what your looking for is in the repos first.06:33
geirhaYes and no. You'll learn abit on how software gets built, but it generally gets messy, and the software will be hard to uninstall.06:34
geirhaOh, he left06:34
wilee-nileetarred and feathered06:34
regorI'm having multiple issues popping up so, I'm not sure where to start. Now that things have settled down a bit and I can get online, my first issue is with my hp printer! It prints fine but scanning software say's no scanners present?09:14
regorBTW...this all started when I upgraded to unbuntu 13!09:15
regormorning pip__09:47
pip__quiet in here...09:48
regoryeah...it is. you come in here a lot?09:49
pip__only when I need something09:49
regoris it usually this quiet this time of the day?09:49
pip__I usually try the forums - a bust t the moment clearly - first09:49
pip__I'm not on this early mostly, but it's a little busier most times I'd say09:50
regoryeah, spent a lot of time there myself09:50
regoris this place for beginners to learn about linux OS or beginners to get help with issues?09:51
pip__I'd say both, possibly more on the issues side09:52
regor:) well then I got the tight place!09:52
pip__the ubuntu channel gets pretty hectic as i recall09:53
pip__so I try here as it's a bit quieter09:53
regori'm logged in there too!09:53
regorthey are way over my head!09:53
pip__me too09:53
regorlast time I played with linux was when mandrake just came out!09:54
regoram I showing my age? :)09:54
pip__wow, is that quite a while ago?09:54
regorseveral years.09:54
pip__yeah, I think. It became Mandriva & then something else I think09:55
pip__from what I hear the whole GNU/Linux thing is more people friendly these days09:55
pip__most of the time :)09:55
regoryep...your right...mandriva. When I was looking for a new distro, I found out how long ago mandrake really was!09:56
regorlinux has come a long way sine those days09:56
regorhas gotten more user friendly09:57
pip__It's improved greatly since I started using it09:57
regorhow long you been playing with it?09:57
pip__how long have you been using again - sounds like the wrong place to ask that actually lol09:58
pip__using linux09:58
regorI guess I should have said "using" it!09:59
pip__it was my bad, I made it sound like a 12 step channel09:59
regorI just like to play around with linux and see what it can do09:59
regorit's seems like real "computing" to me!10:00
regornot just clicking on icons10:00
pip__can you explain?10:00
regori'm an old DOS user....guess I like the command line!10:00
pip__I'm scared of it, but getting there & I agree, it feels more "hands on"10:02
regorWhen I played around with DOS, I used to set up the boot process so it would load one line at a time. I could see how things were loading and I could hit "enter" each time for another command! Maybe I'm just a control freak! :)10:03
pip__lol, maybe, but it's an excellent way to learn how a computwer system really works10:04
regor:) exactly!10:04
pip__regor; I gotta go - real world stuff10:05
pip__catch you soon bud, welcome to the community10:05
regorgot ya...take care and stay out of trouble!10:05
pip__u know it10:05
regor:) later10:05
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[1]toman older version of ubuntu (10.04) is advised for my colleges robotics club18:22
[1]tombut when setting up the dual boot on my laptop i've run into some issues installing the build-essential packages18:22
[1]tomis there anyone who might be able to help?18:22
Unit19310.04 has gone EOL for the desktop, though.18:24
[1]tomwould you recommend trying to use a later version? last year i tried using 12.x with out success18:25
[1]tomgot lost in dependency hell with the packages they wanted us to use18:25
[1]tombut at least i got the compiler and the internet working.18:26
[1]tomi think i have decided to go for a more recent version. any reason i shouldnt go with 13? i just might have better luck with back compatibility with a slightly older version, i'm thinking18:30
krytarik[1]tom: You should go with Ubuntu 12.04 then, as it's also a Long-Term Support version.18:38
jjseekerWhat happens to a file if I moved it to a directory that did not exist at the time?19:14
jjseekerIs it gone forever?19:15
jjseekerWell I just started searching for it using find /19:18
jjseekerhopefully I'll find it19:18
regorgood morning all! I logged in last night with a question about ubuntu 13. I've been getting several error messages popping up. Once things get quieted down, it seems to run fairly well but I am having issues with scanning on my hp printer. Ubuntu seems to print just fine, most of the time, but no scanner is recognized! any suggestions?21:48
wilee-nileeregor, You might try simple scan21:59
regorthanks wilee-nilee, but that's what I was trying! Then I tried Xsane, both of which detected no scanner!22:00
wilee-nileeregor, Is the scanner part of the HP?22:02
regorYes, it's an all-in-one!22:02
wilee-nileeregor, Give ne the model and let me look around.22:02
regorHP Photosmart 3210 All-In-One22:03
wilee-nileeregor, Here is some info take a look and see if any scanner references are there, it is listed as working in general in ubuntu. https://wiki.ubuntu.com/PhotoSmart321022:05
regorOK, thanks...brb22:06
wilee-nileeDoh I forgot the ubuntu forums are down.22:06
wilee-nileeregor, Which ubuntu release do you have installed 13.04?22:08
regorMmm, I can see the printer setup process is what I did and even had it print a test page. But, when I followed the information about the scanner, I received, "libnetsnmp.so.15: cannot open shared object file: No such file or directory" which is the same error that pops up when I try to scan! Also, after I typed in the command and saw the response, I got a crash report pop up telling me that...22:14
regor...the application makeuri.py has stopped!22:14
regorafter doing a lot of reading on this issue, I've come to the conclusion that 13.04 has many issues and the version I had, 12.04 has long term support, sooooo, maybe I should just start all over and reload 12.04! I mean, I'm not going to loose anything, this system is pretty new!22:21
regorand...12.04 worked great!22:22

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