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blizzow1I think there might be a bug in 13.04 NetworkManager when trying to connect to WPA2 networks that use 802.1x auth.  When I try to connect to my WPA2 network, I have a self signed cert, I choose to put in my username and password, then I get a notice about my self signed cert.  I choose to ignore and tick the box that says ignore future warnings.  Then a wireless client will fail and return to a username and password dialog.  I attempting to connect will16:52
blizzow1I've tried on three different machines and get the same behavior every time. :(16:54
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blizzowI also remove another password line in there that's set to =1 if I remember correctly.16:58
nitink_Hi All17:14
nitink_i am learning about fixing bugs.17:21
nitink_But when i do "#dch -i"  to document the fix i get error17:22
nitink_$ dch -i17:23
nitink_dch: fatal error at line 570:17:23
nitink_Cannot find debian/changelog anywhere!17:23
nitink_Are you in the source code tree?17:23
nitink_(You could use --create if you wish to create this file.)17:23
hggdhnitink_: you should be using dch under a source package tree; it will have a ./debian subdirectory and ./debian/changelog17:32
hggdhnitink_: per the message, you are *not* under a source package tree...17:32
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nitink_No i can't see any debian subdirectory17:44
nitink_i took a branch as : bzr branch lp:getdeb-web17:45
nitink_it created source directory getdeb-web17:45
nitink_after doing changes when i try dch -i .. i got this error17:45
nitink_I am inside getdeb-web and cannot see debian subdirectory.17:46
nitink_Sorry, I am new to this and learning . any help will be appreciated17:47
hggdhnitink_: you should instead bzr branch lp:ubuntu/<version>/getdeb-web18:04
hggdhnitink_: lp:getdeb-web is the upstream project, and it is probably not packaged for Ubuntu18:05
hggdhnitink_: while lp:ubuntu/<version/* has the official packages18:05
nitink_Thanks hggdh. I will try that18:07
hjdHm, anyone have suggestions for what do do further with bug 1133543? It seems like it solved itself, but I am not sure what the underlying problem was, as I was never able to reproduce it...18:18
ubot2`Launchpad bug 1133543 in apport (Ubuntu) "ubuntu-bug assert os.path.exists(self['ExecutablePath']) AssertionError" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/113354318:18
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