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Taggghello, if I've found a wiki page that duplicates a page from developer.ubuntu.com, what's the right way to suggest it's removal?19:49
Tagggshould i just delete it?19:49
pleia2Taggg: on wiki.ubuntu.com or help.ubuntu.com?20:19
Tagggpleia2: wiki, but it looks like i can just set up a refresh, does that sound like the right thing to do?20:20
pleia2Taggg: that's probably a better idea than deleting it :) (redirect will preserve history in case someone needs to revert it)20:22
Tagggpleia2: yup, sounds good :)20:22
pleia2Taggg: thanks for the sharp eyes!20:22
pleia2I think they've been trying to clean up the developer stuff that's duplicated, but not sure if they ever finished their review20:23

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