OiZOa lot more people in here then i thought there would be00:14
darkxstjbicha, oops I missed the updated symbols file in gtk commit01:20
darkxstjbicha, so do we want to override ubufox homepage setting or wait for a proper fix?01:32
darkxstjbicha, http://paste.ubuntu.com/5902582/01:52
jbichadarkxst: ooh, I'm impressed :)02:01
jbichamaybe we should split it into a separate package so that anybody can install it easily (or flavor can ship it)02:29
jbichaor do it the other way, have about:startpage as homepage in a separate package but let's just do it the easy way since we're in Alpha Freeze02:35
darkxstubufox sets about:startpage based on the locale/*/ubufox.properties02:36
darkxstkind of makes it harder to split that out02:36
jbichauploaded, next week I think I'll look at adding those 2 files to a new package in the ubufox source then02:38
darkxstjbicha, I don't suppose upstream would take this as is, but this should fix the empathy panel bug for us? http://paste.ubuntu.com/5902695/02:43
jbichathey actually might since UOA is so far a Ubuntu-specific feature (as is XDG_CURRENT_DESKTOP I believe)02:45
jbichaeventually I'd like for our patches to sniff dbus to see whether Shell or Unity is running instead of using XDG_CURRENT_DESKTOP02:47
jbichabecause GNOME Flashback should probably get a lot of the Unity stuff instead of the GNOME stuff02:47
bjsniderwhat is gnome flashback02:48
jbichathat doesn't help for OnlyShowIn though, but even for that maybe an upstart user job could handle that02:48
jbichathe mostly unmainted gnome-panel session that Edubuntu still offers as an option (I think mostly because of LTSP and similar)02:49
darkxstthat sounds like it will end up a bit of mess either way02:53
bjsniderit's always safe to package something that's unmaintained. that never leads to problems03:09
darkxstjbicha, is there an ubuntu bug for the empathy issue?03:10
jbichadarkxst: I don't think so03:12
jbichahere's the unblock list once things build and pass autopkgtest http://paste.ubuntu.com/5902731/03:13
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Guest9608anyone installed ubuntu/gnome plzz18:48
Guest9608wifi setup plzz18:49
Guest9608well if no one answers its back to windows LOL18:51
jbichalatest Alpha2 candidate posted: 20130723.119:16
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Ben64is there any way to get 13.10 classic mode to look and act ... classic?20:28
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jbichadarkxst: the latest alpha2 candidate has your empathy fix22:18
darkxstok, good22:18
darkxstI suppose gtk is still blocked though?22:19
jbichayeah, I don't think gtk+3.0 will make it in22:19
jbichayou can try pinging jibel to look at notify-osd though in the morning so at least it will be ready to go on Thursday22:20
darkxstjbicha, is the google 2 factor fixed?22:23
jbichaand backported to the gnome3 ppa for raring; sruing to raring looked a bit more complicated though :(22:32
jbichaI want to try to get goa 3.10 in to saucy later this cycle22:34
darkxstyeh that should be fine22:35
darkxstI think we should try get the new gjs in as well, if mozjs17 ever gets past the new queue22:35
g33zrHello.  I have ubuntu-gnome 13.04 installed on my ThinkPad T400.  The GUI is very laggy when under load.  How can I switch to Unity to see if it is equally bad?22:35
g33zr(Unity is installed, but is not an option from either gdm or lightdm.)22:36
g33zrSorry, I meant it "is not listed as an option".22:37
g33zrIs there a better place to be asking about how to switch to Unity on ubuntu-gnome?22:40
darkxstg33zr, if its installed it should show up as a login session, however you can switch while logged in22:41
darkxstjust run `unity --replace` from a terminal22:41
g33zrOK, thanks.  I'll try that.  Since it isn't showing up, is there some package I should dpkg-reconfigure to get it to show up?22:42
darkxstg33zr, no22:44
g33zrdarkxst, OK, thanks again.22:45
darkxstg33zr, you could check that the session file is installed22:45
darkxstjbicha, that image has the broken kernel23:24
jbichayou're on http://cdimage.ubuntu.com/ubuntu-gnome/daily-live/current/ right? somehow the amd64 manifest wasn't updated23:30
darkxstjbicha, yes23:33
darkxstimage had 3.10.0-4 kernel23:33
jbichaok but don't trust the .manifst there23:35
jbichado you know how to respin the images?23:35
darkxstjbicha, yes fired a respin already23:38
jbichaI thought it would say (Rebuilding)23:48
darkxstjbicha, well it says it has finished, but actually it hasnt!23:50
jbichayeah you were right about the amd64 image23:53
jbichait still calls itself 20130723.123:53

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