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airurandois everyone in here (who is interested) OK with our next team meeting being at 20:30 on 01 Aug 13?19:22
mokmeisterhello everyone!19:42
airurandohey mokmeister!19:46
airurandofinally get to say hi to you on irc!19:47
airurandoproof there are some people active in this channel from time to time19:47
mokmeisterHi airurando ! Sorry, went afk almost as soon as I had typed! How are you doing?20:23
mokmeisterTwould be good to see something happening in here from time to time alright!20:24
airurandohe he that's the way it goes.20:24
mokmeisterCongrats btw on all your hard work with the reapproval process and all that/20:25
mokmeisterSo what do you make of the Ubuntu Edge?20:25
airurandoit's interesting20:25
mokmeisterSigned up for one there yesterday.20:26
airurandoif I had the 600 or 830 I'd go for it!20:26
mokmeisterMissus was not impressed.20:26
mokmeisterI don't think she understands that it's more than a phone, more like a PC in your pocket20:26
mokmeisterwith sapphire crystal!20:26
airurandoi do hope they make it and I hope I have the funds in the future to get one20:27
airurandosapphire crystal sounds great20:27
airurandosaved screens everywhere20:27
mokmeisterYes, €3M in one day is crazy, it's slowed down alot now though. Twill be hard to get to the €32M target. Hope it gets there.20:28
airurandothe 600 dollar special was very attractive20:28
mokmeisterIt was.20:29
airurandothey should so that again20:29
mokmeisterI think it would help alot to do it maybe once a week20:29
airurandoagain i was itching to buy but funds will not allow20:29
mokmeisterBut even at that, €32M is alot of cash!20:29
mokmeisterone sec, back in a mo20:31
mokmeisterback again21:14
mokmeisterhello zmoylan21:14
zmoylanhi mokmeister21:14
mokmeisterhow's things?21:14
zmoylanenjoying the break in the hot weather21:14
mokmeisterYeah, it's nice alright21:14
mokmeisterBeen heading down to Lahinch after work most of last week, making the most of it.21:15
mokmeisterCan't beat it21:15
zmoylanof course in galway it's little excessive http://www.broadsheet.ie/2013/07/23/now-you-must-pay/21:15
mokmeisterJaysus, I was just about to say that we could probably with the *bit* of rain!21:18
mokmeisterUntil I saw your link!21:18
mokmeisterThat's something else!21:18
mokmeisterNothing like that down here at the mo, even though it has gone very dark...21:18
zmoylannear 100% humidity and a bit of a cool breeze?  like squeezing a sponge21:19
mokmeisterTis humid down here too alright21:20
mokmeisterKids are complaining that they can't go to sleep.21:20
zmoylanthat was when my dad would make us run around the block... :-)21:20
zmoylannot a subtle man, but he got results. :-)21:21
mokmeisterhehe, heard a story today about a Kerry dad of old.21:23
zmoylango on21:24
mokmeisterThe type who always wore the tweed cap no matter where he went21:24
mokmeisterHimself and the family went down to the beach21:24
mokmeisterHe settled himself down on a blanket with his transistor radio and his cap to shield his eyes from the sun21:25
mokmeisterwhile the sons ran off kicking ball around the place.21:25
mokmeisterAll was well til one of the lads kicked the ball off of some fellas flask and broke it.21:26
mokmeisterThe three sons took off towards the dad with your man chasing them, waving his fist etc.21:26
mokmeisterThe lads reached the dad and without him moving the cap, he said to the lads, keep running!21:27
mokmeisterHe had no intention of having to deal with the irate beach goer.21:27
mokmeisterSo the lads kept running.21:28
mokmeisterTis a better story to be told than to be written! ;)21:28
airurandosorry  I was off on bedtime duty... just catching up now21:28
mokmeisterairurando: I know the score! :D21:28
airurandowe had torrential downpours in athy earlier today21:31
airurandogo caught in one myself21:31
airurandomokmeister: indeed!21:31
zmoylanwas looking touch and go coming back from tescos on foot but it held off bar a few drops21:32
airurandohi zmoylan21:32
zmoylanhi airurando21:32
airurandoand lucky bloody you!21:33
mokmeisterNever really got too bad here at all.21:33
zmoylandon't worry, i was sweating enough that it might as well have being raining21:33
mokmeisterWas raining back in West Clare most of the morning this morning.21:33
mokmeisterGot nicely wet, was trying to deal with a cable fault and of course I'd left all my wet weather gear at home, hohum.21:34
zmoylannext few days are looking more like a normal irish summer.  http://www.yr.no/place/Ireland/Leinster/Dublin/long.html21:35
mokmeisterLesson learned for today: Never, ever leave your wet weather gear at home... ;)21:35
zmoylanin ireland always have an umbrella and a fold up rain coat to be sure to be sure21:36
mokmeisteryech, don't like the look of that.21:37
mokmeisterEven though I looked at the Limerick forecast, it said fair, so hopefully they'll get the rest of it wrong too... ;)21:37
zmoylandon't worry it'll rain around 0900 and 1700 to catch the commuters and be dry in between those times21:37
mokmeisterhahaha, indeed!21:38
zmoylani'm not cynical, merely predicting... :-)21:38
airurandomokmeister & zmoylan: will you be able to attend Team meeting @ 20:30 on 01 Aug 13?21:38
mokmeisterIt's not cynical to comment on reality as it is! :D21:38
mokmeisterairurando: YEah, I don't see why not21:39
zmoylanfingers crossed airurando yes21:39
mokmeisterMy problem is I just forget!21:39
zmoylantwitter is your friend to remind you21:40
airurandomokmeister & zmoylan: cool.21:40
airurandonice to not talk to myself!!21:40
mokmeisterI'm gonna try and make more of an effort to hang out here more often though, see if we can revive the whole thing a bit.21:40
mokmeisterDon't really do twitter zmoylan21:40
airurandomokmeister: music to my ears!!!!!21:40
mokmeisterairurando: Only way to be sure of intelligent conversation (to quote blackadder)!21:41
mokmeisterairurando: nice one!21:41
mokmeisterone sec21:41
airurandomokmeister: we try for that but i can't promise anything!!!21:42
mokmeisterairurando: lol!21:49
mokmeisterhi czajkowski21:49
czajkowskiso I'll be in Dublin on August 14th and August 15th21:50
czajkowskion August 15th there will be a MUG on21:50
czajkowskiso a mongo user grop meet up21:51
czajkowskicould be fun to come along21:51
czajkowskithen have some nibbles and a drink afterwards21:51
czajkowskiand catch up with folks21:51
czajkowskievent is open to everyone21:51
zmoylanyou must clock some serious airmiles czajkowski21:51
czajkowskionly travel for August is Ireland21:52
czajkowskiSEptember and October will be busy21:52
mokmeistermongo is a kind of a web based type db, is it?21:55
mokmeisterSo where are you off to in September and October?21:57
czajkowskiBerlin and italy in september22:05
czajkowskiparis munich and italy in october22:05
czajkowski<-- sleep in london tomorrow which means I have to get up early22:05
czajkowskiaka not 8:55am :)22:06
mokmeisterNice one. That's a fair bit of jet setting alright!22:07
zmoylanthey don't do duty free anymore do they? :-)22:08
airurandoczajkowski: stop teasing me.... :-)22:11
mokmeisterThey do do that shop and collect thing now, that's kinda cool.22:11
* zmoylan breaks out harmonica and prepares to play the insomnia blues :-D22:12
zmoylanreckon i'll sleep around 0400-0800 tomorrow if i'm lucky.22:13
mokmeisterzmoylan: coz of the heat or are you just sleep challenged in general?22:14
zmoylansleep challenged for past 5 years or so.  no more than 4 hours at a time and at irregular times.  usually 1-2 a day all going well.22:15
mokmeisterouch. Sorry to hear that. That must be tough22:16
zmoylancan't sleep, clown will eat me :-)22:17
zmoylanthe simpsons22:18
mokmeisterShoulda known! :)22:19
zmoylanwell it was back when the simpsons was funny so 20 years ago now22:19
mokmeisterYes, it has lost it's way a bit. Still worth watching from time to time22:20
airurandonight all.  kids have had a two hour head start on me which does not bode well for tomorrow.22:21
zmoylanmight try and sleep myself, might get lucky...22:26
mokmeisterk g'nite! Hope you get some sleep!22:29

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