DrFooIs mythweather already installed?02:21
Tickhey all04:27
Tickanyone here have issues updating 12.04 from 0.25 to 0.26/04:27
TickI've added 0.26 PPA but cannot seem to do the actual upgrade04:28
Tickwhen I try to install mythtv it just says that the newest version is already installed04:28
TickZinn is has the channel died?04:29
ZinnHi Tick, something I can help you with today?  I am a bot, use !help to see what I can do.04:29
Tickguess not04:29
Tickanyone around?04:29
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jKlausHey all13:51
jKlausHave any of you had issues upgrading from 0.25 to 0.26?13:51
jKlausI've added 0.26 PPA and it seems to hit it when it updates13:51
jKlausbut when I try to install mythtv it says that the most current version is already installed.13:52
jKlausI found a couple forum threads with people having an issue that sounded similar and they were sovled by executing the install with a couple different options enabled.. I tried but that did not work.13:53
DrFooWhen I look at my media library (videos) in gallary view, it flashes a message that there are no videos in the directory and sends me to /mnt. I navigate manually and there they are. It seems my videos path is correct. What else could be wrong?13:56
jKlausverify your path is correct13:57
jKlausif it is then I might try reinstalling if I were in your shoes13:57
jKlausI always get nervous doing that kind of thing though13:57
jKlauswhat version of myth are you running?13:58
tgm4883DrFoo, permissions14:06
jKlausam I the only one that sets my movie dir to 777/14:09
tgm4883jKlaus, probably. I set the proper permissions on mine14:15
jKlausYeah.. I should probably start doing that14:16
jKlausbut the Mythbox is only used for myth14:16
tgm4883as is mine ;)14:16
jKlausohhh well aren't you just on top of your game lol14:17
jKlausI used to keep on top of that stuff a lot more than I do anymore.. I just don't have the time.14:17
jKlausWhen I graduated college I thought I would really start contributing to open source but now after getting home from working 10-12hrs programming all day the last thing I want to do is continue programming.14:18
jKlaustgm4883, what do you do for a living?14:19
tgm4883linux system admin14:19
jKlausthat wouldn't be so bad.. at least then you're staying in the same system14:20
jKlausI'll try to get you the logs tonight if you'll be on.14:21
tgm4883i'm usually around14:21
jKlausalright, thanks man14:21
jKlausI have to stop chatting on here and get ready for a meeting :-\14:22
DrFootgm4883: permissions are good. read+write by the current user. It is a mounted cifs share, would that cause issues?  It's fine when I manually navigate, it just has issues when it tries to go to the folder directly (when I click watch videos)18:29
tgm4883DrFoo, depends.  It needs to be readable by the mythtv user. A good way to test is to 'sudo su mythtv' then see if you can cd into that directory and see whats there18:30
DrFootgm4883: mythtv can read the directory.19:02
DrFooDo you know how to get coverart for videos such as home movies?19:03
DrFooI'm testing out some of the major features in a VM. Will I be able to migrate the metadata, screenshot, coverart, etc. folders to the production machine without loss? (The video folder will remain untouched.)20:36

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