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SmittieHello world?16:46
omarhi all16:51
mfraz74QUESTION: Do you think Canonical is concentrating on phones and tablets whilst ignoring desktops and servers?16:52
AlanBellQUESTION: Who is the vendor? Canonical or Indiegogo?16:54
AlanBellQUESTION: does the $830 include UK VAT?16:54
AlanBellQUESTION: can UK VAT registered businesses reclaim VAT on Ubuntu Touch purchases through Indiegogo?16:54
dexorMr. Lazy :D16:54
mfraz74QUESTION: Are you English or American?16:54
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mfraz74Dogfooding means nothing to the world outside the US16:57
mhall119wow guys, we haven't even started yet16:59
AlanBellmfraz74: it means nothing to anyone outside of the software industry17:02
AlanBell(who doesn't have a dog)17:02
AlanBellbut that could lead to some unfortunate culinary experiments, regardless of how good you are with a BBQ17:03
nik90mhall119: we can see you17:03
nik90its live17:03
mhall119thanks nik9017:06
mhall119if anybody can't see the video, refresh the page17:06
dexorQUESTION: What is the main purpose of this crowdfunding? Not to make a concept phone. 32Mil is too much and almost unreachable number. The number of 40000 concept phones seems suspicious. 1000 phones for higher price would be a much more reachable goal. Is this just a meter for carriers and investors too see interest and this "record breaking" announcements to generate buzz? Well if you get 32 mil congrats make the phone and lea17:08
mfraz74QUESTION: What are the chances of AMD / Nvidia releasing graphics drivers for Mir?17:10
bountamIs there any plans about unity and leap motion?17:15
SmittieHello world?17:15
SmittieWhoa! Where did Jono go??17:16
kgunnmfraz74: hope my answer made sense, you can imagine that this is something we would love to happen sooner than later17:17
kgunnbut its simply not ours to promise or comment on17:17
AlanBellso is it only going to work on Intel?17:18
AlanBellif they don't jump in17:18
mhall119http://www.indiegogo.com/projects/ubuntu-edge is the campaign link17:19
kgunnAlanBell: by "it" i assume you mean xmir - we are working today on open source drivers for intel, ati, nv17:19
kgunnAlanBell: don't forget...we work on binary android drivers also today (maybe not your area of interest...desktop)17:19
AlanBellok, so it will work fine on everything, but the vendors could jump in and make it faster then is that right?17:20
kgunnAlanBell: i think that's a great way to look at it17:21
kgunnAlanBell: one thing to keep in mind, all change comes with some costs....adapting code, but even if that is minimized, there is qa/test considerations there as well17:22
AlanBellsure, I was just a bit worried, I misunderstood your response :)17:23
kgunn...my point is, these things take some time17:23
garibarbaAbout Ubuntu Edge, do you think contributions will raise after Google's and Motorola's conferences if no surprise devices are shown?17:24
AlanBellno it doesn't answer my question!!!17:24
mhall119garibarba: please start your questions with QUESTION:17:24
AlanBellQUESTION: do I get a VAT reciept so I can reclaim the VAT as an input tax to my business17:24
greenie25If you want to keep the interest then add an option for $600-700 with no limits. Putting this into perspective $3M was made in under 24 hours. Since the $600 tier was used up there have only been 375 $830 tier sold. Lower the price to gain interest. I want this to happen!!!17:24
mhall119greenie25: please start your questions with QUESTION:17:25
garibarbaQUESTION: About Ubuntu Edge, do you think contributions will raise after Google's and Motorola's conferences if no suprise devices are shown?17:25
greenie25QUESTION: Will the Edge be ruggedized in any way such as water/dust/drop proofing?17:26
vicQUERY: ONAIR: will you be supporting Open Src boards like Beaglebone - for us hackers?17:27
mhall119vic: please start your questions with QUESTION:17:27
vicQUESTION: will you be supporting Open Src boards like Beaglebone - for us hackers?17:28
vicProblem with devices u have chosen is they dont have Schematics open17:29
greenie25QUESTION: How up to date will the AOSP version of Android be on the Edge?17:30
vicQUESTION: followup: Devices u have chosen for touch today dont have schematics open. Will Edge have open schematics?17:31
vicQUESTION: thats why i asked will u support open schematics boards like Beaglebone?17:34
greenie25QUESTION: does that mean that the Bay-Trail Chips from Intel are a consideration aswell?17:35
fugue88QUESTION: Is there any target for runtime on a single charge?  Pushing the envelope there, or status quo?17:35
ziggeWhat GPU will be in the Egde17:36
godhikawill there be a complementary dock? for usb and stuff. also if you should choose to lower the price probably it would be an idea to offer the dock for the people who already paid 83017:36
jonahbronWhat graphics chips have you considered?17:37
ziggeOkay thanks :)17:37
mhall119please start your questions with QUESTION:17:37
jonahbronQUESTION: what graphics chips have you considered?17:37
greenie25QUESTION: Will there be any possibility of running/emulating Android apps inside the Ubuntu Phone OS/Desktop OS? For fun and debugging purposes.17:38
skydemonCan you design a 13 inch laptop dock for the phone  that docks the phone in the laptop? or bigger laptop even. And will this work with AT&T usa?17:39
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Arioch_QUESTION: do you plan to add a planbundle for small companies? Say 5-10 devices?17:41
greenie25QUESTION: last one i promise :P. Are there any planned accessories for the Edge, for example a dock, keyboard/mouse combo, etc?17:42
ziggeHave you considered the final price for the product   ?17:43
mhall119please start your questions with QUESTION:17:43
ziggeQUESTION: :Have you considered the final price for the product   ?17:43
greenie25don't think this is going retail. Indiegogo only17:44
Corleonehi all17:48
willalfangomHi Corleone17:49
garibarbaQUESTION: Will the Wifi chip have FM receiver capabilities?17:51
lakeWhat will happen if the goal is not reached ?17:51
mhall119lake: everybody who contributed will get a refund17:52
greenie25Thank You!!17:52
lakeok thanks17:52
Corleonewhen next time?17:52
mhall119Corleone: the campaign ends August 21, I don't know how long it takes Indiegogo to process refunds though17:52
mhall119Corleone: oh, the next weekly update will be at 1700 UTC next Tuesday17:53

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