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pittiGood morning04:47
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DanChapmanGood Morning all :-)05:12
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slickymastergood morning evrybody08:54
xeranas__good day09:14
xeranas__I notice that autopilot tests for some touch core apps need aditional dependecies (or additional setup) in order to run. For example music-app I get "ModuleImportFailure"  or something wrong with my enviroment :/09:17
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slickymastergood afternoon everybody13:25
SergioMenesesslickymaster, morning here :D13:44
slickymasterSergioMeneses: :) over here it's past lunch time13:51
SergioMenesesslickymaster, jeje13:53
SergioMenesestime zone things13:53
slickymasterSergioMeneses: yeah, it's a big world :D13:54
SergioMenesesslickymaster, it is not as big as we think :S13:56
slickymasterSergioMeneses: yes, you're right. At least nowadays it isn't13:57
slickymasterSergioMeneses: it used to be for the generations of our fathers and grandfathers13:57
knomeslickymaster, you're clearly talking about subjective opinions on how big or small something is. may i notice you that the world feels awfully big for many people even now; for example, the front door might seen really far away for a depressed person - so how far away would another continent seem to be?14:01
slickymasterknome: no argues there. I was referring to the general perception that nowadays people have of the world14:03
slickymasterknome: and once I have let me ask you something, in the manual tests, when we're writing terminal commands we open it with a <code> tag, right?14:05
slickymasterknome: onve I have your attention14:05
knomeslickymaster, that's the preferred way to do it, yeah14:05
slickymasterknome: my question is, isn't there a closing </code> tag?14:06
knomeyes, sure14:06
knomeblahblah <code>terminal command</code> blahblah14:07
slickymasterknome: I assumed so, but wasn't sure of it. Thanks14:07
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elopioballoons: an update. All my branches are on trunk and released on the PPA. However, before using them, it might be better to get tha package namespaces right.14:55
elopioI'll rename UbuntuUIToolkit to ubuntuuitoolkit.14:55
balloonselopio, ahh yes.. what's the ppa again?14:56
elopioballoons: https://launchpad.net/~ubuntu-sdk-team/+archive/ppa14:57
balloonselopio, I thought you were trying to say it was in your personal ppa somewhere :-p14:57
qenghoHi all. On the mailing list, in response to Phill, I (chad.miller@c.c.) asked for guidance and help automating some quality tests for chromium.  I don't think my message went through the moderation queue.14:58
elopiooh, no.14:58
qenghoI have a simple autopktest smoke test (with Xvfb), and I run some unit tests at pkg build time.14:59
asacpitti: dont we have existing network-manager tests that we could try to land on phones before we have rild working?14:59
asacor is that not usable on phone?14:59
asac(answer after call)14:59
qenghoI think I need more automated test for chromium-browser, and I would love some help or pointers to the state of the testing art.14:59
balloonsqengho, nothing is in the queue that I see.. did you send to ubuntu-quality? anyways, what's up?15:00
qenghoballoons:  Message-ID: <CAE1yU5wTm4R1001A8-vYeMiHL5Dy3-jiL-hwhhbSQTJvpBZ=RA@mail.gmail.com>15:01
qenghoHere is a wishlist of things I know I would like to test about webapps.  http://bazaar.launchpad.net/~chromium-team/chromium-browser/saucy-working/view/head:/debian/tests/webapps15:03
pittiasac: we do have NM tests, yes15:03
pittiasac: we run them as part of autopkgtest now15:03
pittiasac: https://jenkins.qa.ubuntu.com/view/Saucy/view/AutoPkgTest/job/saucy-adt-network-manager/15:03
pittiasac: that's also using simulated wifi and eth devices (not with umockdev, though)15:03
pittiasac: it should in principle also work on a phone, we just don't run autopgktests on arm ATM15:04
asacpitti: we dont run autopkgtests on images unfortuntely15:04
pittiasac: but that's a totally different story than telephony/rild15:04
asacwhat does it take to get those into autopilot tests? or in a simple run-cmd-list15:04
qenghoI can fire up a virtual X server, easy.  I am wondering what tools there are that I should consider for trying to test those.  I suppose it might need to inject X events to test things.15:04
pittiasac: apt-get source network-manager; sudo debian/tests/nm15:05
asacpitti: it is separate, yes, but we have NM on the phone and want to test it is how i see it15:05
qenghoI remember some accessibility-exercising test tools, but not the name.  I don't know if they would work.15:05
asacpitti: that won't report results nicely to dashboard. if we could get single commands for each test that that suite runs it would be easier15:05
asac(or i am wrong :))15:06
asacmayube check with real folks like doanac what is easiest to get those run on images as well15:06
pittiasac: hm, we don't have a python unittest parser?15:06
asacno clue. assume it would be another test suite integration abstraction that needs to be invented15:06
asacso far we have support for autopilot15:06
pittiasac: it would seem to me that grabbing individual tests from a python unittest program is a rather common situation15:06
asacand suites that have alist of commands to run (each exit 0 if succeed to count as 1 in dashboard)15:07
pittiasac: autopilot uses the python unittest framework as well; it reformats its output though as it has its own runner15:07
asacwe only support simple exit code based command lists ... otherwise test suites need to produce compatible output on their own15:08
asacbut yeah. maybe a place to invest if thats common15:08
asacand will stay common (like python for testing not going away)15:08
balloonsqengho, did you get my reply to you at all? the primary method for testing the app at a UI level would be autopilot but it didn't seem to work out of the box. Now, we could file a bug and see if pitti might now why or might be able to make it work.15:11
balloonsassuming autopilot is off the table, what does upstream do for there UI testing?15:13
jibelqengho, the moderation queue for ubuntu-quality is empty when did you send it?15:17
jibelqengho, was it your message https://lists.ubuntu.com/archives/ubuntu-quality/2013-July/004090.html15:17
qenghoballoons: I did get your message, thank you.15:17
qenghojibel: Yes, that's it.  Huh.  The moderation message said I'd get a confirmation when it was accepted or rejected.  Ah well.15:18
qenghoballoons: So, that helps.  "autopilot" is The Way to test these days.  Awesome. I'll focus on that.15:19
balloonsqengho, yes, but chromium doesn't let you introspect it out of the box15:25
balloonsMeaning, chromium eitheir isn't listing anything on dbus or otherwise is doing something "different" than other gtk apps which prevent autopilot from being able to get at what's going on. SO, we'll need some help from pitti to see if we can solve that problem or not15:26
balloonsIf we can't, we'll have to come up with a plan b15:26
qenghoballoons: Yeah, I don't think it's a proper GTK app.  It's gtk2, at that.15:27
pittiballoons: I have some feeling that it's not actually using the system GTK library15:27
pittiballoons: oh, and gtk2 too, there is no ap plugin for that; but we might be able to create one rather easily15:27
balloonspitti, are firefox and thunderbird in a similar boat?15:28
pittiballoons: I guess, they also still haven't changed, although I'm hearing promises like "it will land RSN" very often :)15:28
pittithe firefox gtk3 branch has existed for like two years now15:28
balloonspitti, yea, not sure what the true holdup is.. ok, so a gtk2 app plugin eh?15:29
pittiballoons: yes, unless these programs bundle GTK15:29
pittian ldd on the binary should be enough to check15:29
pittiif it links against /usr/lib/.../libgtk2, then we can provide an ap plugin15:29
qenghopitti: ldd grep gtk : libgtk-x11 only15:29
pittiqengho: that's it15:30
balloonspitti, k let's have a lok15:30
jibelqengho, isn't selenium more appropriate to test webapps?15:30
pittiballoons: qengho just checked15:30
qenghojibel: that's why I'm here.  I have no idea what selenium is.15:31
jibelqengho, I think that's their website http://docs.seleniumhq.org/ and there is a driver for chromium15:32
balloonsjibel, looking at qengho's list I can see selenium working out for some of his needs, but other pieces are intended to check the application state.. It was my first backup option :-p15:32
pittihm, I thought selenium was for testing webapps15:33
pittinot for testing the browser itself?15:33
balloonspitti, indeed15:33
jibeltrue, I read chromium / tests / webapps in the initial question which matched with selenium :)15:35
jibelif you need to interact with the webapps and check the state of the desktop, then that would be a mix of selenium + autopilot15:36
qenghojibel: Right, I don't wish to test any web-app, just that the patches to chromium that enable webapps do what we expect.15:36
balloonsok well so it looks like a gtk2 app lib for autopilot would allow this to work, n'est pas?15:36
pittiballoons: right15:48
qenghopitti: I don't want to push something onto your to-do list if I can do it.  I'll give it a try, if you don't care.15:56
pittiqengho: absolutely, good luck! please let me know if you have some questions15:56
pittiqengho: worth filing a bug against ap-gtk anyway though, for tracking15:56
balloonspitti, qengho ty.. If I can help by filing a bug, I'll do it15:58
qenghodone, balloons.  lp#120416315:59
elfyballoons: got a comment on a merge proposal for a manual test - "For terminal comands, type <code> at the start." I assume that you'd do </code> at the end of it ?16:07
elfyand hi :)16:08
balloonselfy, hello16:08
balloonselfy, yes, that's correct with the closing code tag16:09
elfycool - just checking - amazing how people forget that their only born knowing how to cry and suckle :p16:09
* balloons stops himself from making a bad joke16:10
elfyprobably one I would have made before I stopped myself from making bad jokes :p16:11
balloonselfy, they are the only jokes I know how to make!16:18
* balloons shouts hello to dkessel as he jets16:24
dkesselballoons, hello :)16:25
rbasakpsivaa: the job related to bug 1203048 looks good now. Is that enough to consider it Fix Released?16:31
ubot5bug 1203048 in Ubuntu Test Cases "testModPhp test failure occurs in Lamp saucy server tests" [Undecided,Fix committed] https://launchpad.net/bugs/120304816:31
psivaarbasak: I am fine with that.16:31
rbasakpsivaa: great. Thanks for flagging that!16:32
psivaarbasak: yw16:32
DanChapmanjibel, hey :-) how often is ubiquity set to run on jenkins? is it daily?17:09
DanChapmanballoons, elfy, hey o/17:10
elfyhi DanChapman17:10
xeranasDid music-app can be launched? To me it says module "org.nemomobile.folderlistmodel" is not installed did I missing some package?.17:38
jibelDanChapman, hi, when a new image is published17:48
jibelor manually17:48
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balloonsxeranas, is the music app still not running for you/18:55
balloonsxeranas, the easiest way to make sure you have the dependencies is to install the version published in the core apps ppa18:55
xeranasballoons: ok I will tried to install it18:56
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qenghopitti: I didn't see an easy way to have this coexist in the same location. Do you want another bzr branch and source package, or another directory in the same branch?19:22
qenghoSorry.  This = gtk2 support.19:22
dkesselwow, so late already... and no good deed done for ubuntu today... :/19:41
balloonsdkessel, I'm sorry mat19:43
balloonsdkessel, how's things this week?19:44
dkesselballoons, weather's hot in germany...19:46
balloonsdkessel, we've been underwater here, lol.. lots of rain. rain every day.. it's raining now.. lol19:46
dkessel30°C here... the poor cat lies on the (relatively) cold parquet floor all day... maybe i should go and lie next to her...19:49
balloonsdkessel, hehe.. my dog does similar things.. we have almost no carpeting in the house. tile or wood, so the floors stay cooler19:50
dkesseloh btw i tried to build jenkins locally... multiple times... and failed with different results. with yesterday's git version one junit test failed... with todays, one test gets stuck forever....19:55
balloonsdkessel, pulling from the stable tree for jenkins or ?19:59
dkesselballoons, from git://github.com/jenkinsci/jenkins.git . i don't know what branch/tree that is even...20:00
balloonsdkessel, it looks like maybe they have stable branches20:03
dkesseli'm unsure about if the whole thing makes sense. what exactly happens when a jenkins package for ubuntu gets built? does that not also execute the main build script, which also causes the junit tests to be run? in that case... enabling autopkgtests would be pointless20:04
* dkessel goes to find source of smell...20:05
balloonsdkessel, probably not.. hence the autopkg test :-) however, I'll defer to jibel a bit here, but I would probably start with the ubuntu source, not the upstream source20:05
balloonsas that's kind of the point eh? and it should properly build to boot !20:06
dkesselballoons, right. i'll give it another try with the ubuntu source... some other day20:15
* dkessel opens a nice cold beer20:16
balloonsdkessel, you understand how to get the source right?20:16
balloonsjust want to make sure your set :-)20:16
dkessellp:ubuntu/jenkins - i guess20:17
dkesselballoons ^20:20
balloonsdkessel, sorry, umm sure.. but I was thinking just grabbing the source package20:38
dkesselhm... too easy :)20:39
balloonsor whatever else.. again I'll defer to jibel on this20:39
dkesselballoons, np. anyway... not tonight. good night :)20:39
balloonsgood night20:40
slickymastergood night, all21:24
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elopiofginther: ping. Can you please enable the pep8 check on ubuntu-ui-toolkit?22:16
fgintherelopio, yes22:16
elopiothanks man.22:18
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fgintherelopio, it's been added22:37
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