adam_gzul, how are we meant to handle this? jsonpatch 1.0 (/usr/lib/python2.7/dist-packages), Requirement.parse('jsonpatch>=0.10,<=0.12'))00:17
zuladam_g:  run the tests locally with updated requirements.txt and then patch the requests00:18
zulwhich package is this?00:18
adam_gzul, this isn't the test suite, post-install service not working because VersionConflict00:18
adam_gzul, cinder, but nova is an issue as well00:19
adam_gzul, i was backporting to PPA to match UCA versions, and noticed in cinder as well as nova00:19
adam_gzul, i'm looking around for the reqiurements.txt that specifies the range, its not in requirements.txt according to github.com/openstack/requirements.git00:20
adam_gzul, im trying to get a good dep8 test going for this. stevedore catches these exceptions and lets the serices start up anyway, which is why our current dep8s are passing fine00:20
zuladam_g:  could it be one of the clients that is doing it?00:22
adam_gzul, agh, its python-warlock00:24
zuladam_g:  oh....bullocks00:24
adam_gzul, well, actually i've still got an older warlock in the repo00:25
zuladam_g:  ah that might be it then00:25
adam_gzul, im having trouble building the backport, tho00:25
zuladam_g:  buildlog?00:26
adam_gzul, http://paste.ubuntu.com/5902397/00:26
zuladam_g:  thats weird00:27
adam_gzul, i see it built fine in the havana PPA00:27
adam_ghavana-staging, that is00:27
zuladam_g:  im not sure whats going there but line 476 is definently weird00:28
adam_gzul, oh, nvm. thats still outdated there too. 1.0.0-1~cloud0, we want 1.0.1-1ubuntu100:28
adam_gzul, how did you handle other python3 backports to precise?00:28
adam_gi know we were hitting this in the past with something else00:28
adam_g1.0.1-1ubuntu1 added python3-warlock00:29
zuladam_g:  i think it might have been testtools i cant remember...or subunit...actually i think it was subunit00:29
adam_gzul, any idea what the solution was?00:38
zuladam_g:  it was not to build for python300:38
adam_gzul, whatcu talkin about willis?00:41
zuladam_g:  not to build the python3 package if i remember correctly00:41
adam_gzul, we have both python3-subunit_0.0.12-0ubuntu1~cloud0_all.deb +  python3-testscenarios_0.3-0ubuntu2~cloud0_all.deb00:41
adam_gin havana-staging ATM00:41
sarnoldjdstrand,hallyn: https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/linux/+bug/120321101:04
uvirtbotLaunchpad bug 1203211 in linux "Modprobe doesn't recognize any parameters on 3.10.0-4" [Critical,Fix committed]01:05
adam_gzul, FWIW subunit fails to rebuild there, as well, so maybe its something with the locla build env. and python3.01:07
* adam_g EOD01:07
jdstrandsarnold: hah! that would do it :)01:13
jdstrand-5 fixes it fwiw01:13
sarnoldjdstrand: woot :)01:15
med_adam_g, OpenStack question: any idea of status on LBAAS?01:53
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methods2is there an upstart event that fires before normal daemons launch ?02:32
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vikashlaMy httpd.conf file is blank how can I configure Apache(2.2)06:23
vikashlaCan Anyone help06:25
mrgate_im having a issue trying to run codeigniter on my ubuntu server06:50
mrgate_and i dont want to have to reinstall my entire os ):06:50
mrgate_apache error log http://pastebin.com/S5FeVd7p06:51
mrgate_anyone ):06:55
rbasak!patience | mrgate_06:58
ubottumrgate_: Don't feel ignored and repeat your question quickly; if nobody knows your answer, nobody will answer you. While you wait, try searching https://help.ubuntu.com/ or http://ubuntuforums.org/ or http://askubuntu.com/06:58
greppymrgate_: does the file it is looking for exist?07:02
greppydo the permissions of all of the directories and the end file, allow your apache user to read it?07:02
greppya common issue is that /home/user is set to 0700 permissions.07:03
greppyor that a directory in the path is.07:03
mrgate_how do you check07:06
mrgate_kinda new to ubuntu sorr07:07
greppyby default apache shouled be running as www-data07:07
greppymeh s/shouled/should/07:07
greppyso check the permissions of each directory in the path to make sure that it is set to 755 permissions, or rw rx rx.07:08
greppyls -ld /home/mrgate should give the permissions of your home directory.07:08
mrgate_the issue is fixed since i chmod the entire thing with 077707:08
greppydon't do that.07:10
greppy777 == evil.07:10
mrgate_its just my web folder ?07:10
greppyany user on the system can edit or delete files that are 77707:10
greppytry 75507:11
greppythat gives the owner rwx but limits everyone else to rx07:11
greppy777 on a folder exposed to the outside world has caused no end of issues.07:12
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greppymrgate_: a rule of thumb: use 755 for directories, use 644 for files if you need other users on the system to be able to read them.07:15
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StathisAi've installed Deluge on my headless server...manually works ok, but how do i make the services start with the server?08:53
hachreStathisA: are you running it as root?09:22
StathisAyes but nvm, its not as easy at it looks...09:22
StathisAneed to make some scritps as described on http://dev.deluge-torrent.org/wiki/UserGuide/InitScript/Ubuntu%2011.04%2B%20%28Upstart%20Job%29#StartingandstoppingUpstartScripts09:23
hachreStathisA: you gotta make a upstart job09:23
StathisAyeah thats what the link is about09:23
StathisAthanks for the answer thought :-)09:37
hachrenp ;)09:40
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koolhead17hi all10:11
g105bCan someone point me in the right direction? I want to have 3 staging servers and keep their installed packages and config files in sync - what tools are available?11:09
ikoniarsync ?11:13
g105bikonia: I'm actually using scp at the moment, but the problem I'm facing is that when I install a package, say 'php', and I make a change in the php.ini, along with some timezone settings, then the other servers need to be set up like that too.11:14
andolg105b: puppet/chef/cfengine?11:14
ikoniag105b: is this a production config and 3 servers part of it, or is this just 3 stand alone servers and thats all you've got11:15
g105bonly got 3 servers.11:15
ikoniaok, so puppet or something like that is probably overkill11:15
ikoniajust setup rsync to push out config/content on regular basis from one server to the other 311:15
g105byeah I'm aware of puppet, and that's what I thought.11:16
g105bikonia: Alright, thanks I'll look into rsync ... not used it before.11:16
ikoniag105b: should tick %99 of what you need and want out of the box11:16
g105bikonia: but what about installed packages? When I install something on one server, how can I keep all servers on the same version?11:17
jamespagejdstrand: ping re mongodb MIR - I'd like to discuss what you need re libv8 and upstream management to address security concerns11:18
ikoniag105b: you can script that with ssh pretty easy11:19
StathisA_if i install dropbox by downloading it through WGET ("wget -O dropbox.tar.gz "http://www.dropbox.com/download/?plat=lnx.x86"" will it be updated when i run sudo apt-get update?11:28
StathisA_or any other software installed like this11:28
ikoniaStathisA_: no11:28
g105bStathisA_: to use a package manager to manage packages, the packages need to first be installed by that said package manager.11:32
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jamespagezul, these all build OK with the staging PPA - http://people.canonical.com/~jamespage/ca/havana/12:10
jamespageaside from warlock which has a python3/dh tantrum12:10
jamespagelooking that that now12:10
zuljamespage:  +112:12
zuljamespage:  we need to add heatclient as well (for horizon)12:17
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jamespagezul, agreed12:18
zuljamespage:  heh good thing we are not rgb colorblind ;)12:20
jamespagezul, ?12:20
zuljamespage:  just thinking about the ca report12:21
jamespageyeah - right12:21
greppyg105b: salt or ansible may be an option.12:22
jamespagezul, can you ack the python-*client packages I just uploaded to the same location please12:23
jamespagezul, scp sulked about them the first time12:23
jamespageall three build fine against staging12:24
zuljamespage:  +1 can you pick up ceilometerclient and heatclient as well12:24
jamespagezul, ack12:24
zuljamespage: ok they are backported locally i just have to do a build test, almost forgot about python-greenlet12:29
zuljamespage:  do we want iscsitarget in there as well (trawling saucy-changes for the past month)12:31
jamespagezul, its not really worth the delta TBH12:31
zuljamespage:  ack12:32
sudormrfHey guys. Does anyone here have experience with iredmail? I am hosting multiple virtual domains on a single 12.04 LTS server and the webhosting is fine, but I can only seem to get one domain working with the iredmail email. :-/12:39
jamespagezul, I did heat and ceilometer clients as well12:40
zuljamespage:  cool...ill do heat as well12:40
jamespagezul, heat itself?12:40
zuljamespage:  yeah12:40
jamespagewe should get it into the CI then12:41
jamespageis the branch under ~ubuntu-server-dev yet?12:41
jamespagezul, ^^12:41
zuljamespage:  it is. i did it yesterday12:41
jamespagezul, its in the branch right?12:42
jamespagestill needs creating in the lab then12:42
jamespagezul, right - understand now!12:42
jamespagezul, I'll get that CI'ed12:43
zuli didnt get heatclient its own branch i think12:43
jamespagezul, added12:49
jamespagethat will fail for the moment then12:49
jamespagelemme sort that out12:49
jamespagezul, nope - its there12:50
zuljamespage:  ok12:50
StathisA_hmmm i got a router which with "" in a browser enables its debug mode. is there a way to do this from a cli?12:58
hallynjdstrand: still will be interesting to see if modprobe not accepting parameters becomes the reason for your host lockup when starting a kvm vm (bug 1203211)13:04
uvirtbotLaunchpad bug 1203211 in linux "Modprobe doesn't recognize any parameters on 3.10.0-4" [Critical,Fix committed] https://launchpad.net/bugs/120321113:04
jdstrandhallyn: it isn't. that bug is fixed in -5 and I still have lockups with it13:07
jdstrandhallyn: apw filed bug #1204005 (he sees it too)13:07
uvirtbotLaunchpad bug 1204005 in linux "[saucy] kvm host hangs of guest boot with 3.10.0-5" [Critical,Triaged] https://launchpad.net/bugs/120400513:07
apwno indeed, it is utterly broken and has been for all of the v3.10 kernels i have tested13:08
apwclearly noone is using that combination13:08
jamespagezul, meh13:10
jamespagepython-warlock is not currently cleanly backportable13:10
zuljamespage:  python3?13:16
jamespagezul, yeah - the test rules are a bit sucky - gonna fix in saucy to make backporting easier13:17
zuljamespage:  ack13:17
jdstrandjamespage: pong re mongodb13:33
jamespagejdstrand, hey13:33
hachreStathisA: you just want to access that url? use curl13:34
jamespagejdstrand, I was about to get in contact with MongoDB upstream about how they are managing their embedded version of libv8 re security issues etc..13:34
StathisAhachre: Yes, but oh well i thought i could use something already installed...13:34
hachreStathisA: I guess wget would also work13:34
StathisAit does, but ends up downloading it as well..:-S13:35
jamespagejdstrand,  but I wanted to checkin with you first on whether libv8 in mongodb was going to be acceptable for MIR in any form13:35
jamespageand if so what sort of thing you are looking for re active management of libv8 from mongodb upstream13:35
jamespage(try to avoiding security -> me -> upstream -> me -> security ping-pong)13:36
jdstrandjamespage: it would be acceptable if it didn't provide an attack surface, but I don't think the design and intent would allow for that13:36
hachreStathisA: wget url -O /dev/null13:36
jdstrandjamespage: which means someone has to update it13:36
jdstrandjamespage: how long has mongodb been around? will the MREs last through to the April 2019?13:37
jamespagejdstrand, I would suspect not13:37
jdstrandI'm very hesitant to allow it, even with upstream saying 'sure we'll do it'13:37
jdstrandnothing against them (I don't know them at all), but past experience tells me that upstreams quickly lose interest in old software and we are left holding the bag and our users lose13:38
jdstrandlibv8 will literally be unmaintainable within a few months13:39
jamespagejdstrand, as in I would expect the LTS support period to exceed the active point release schedule from upstream by years13:39
jdstrandso unless someone is shoving in new upstream versions as security issues are fixed, we are in a bad spot13:39
jamespagejdstrand, there is another option instead of libv8 but I'm not sure its any better13:39
jamespage2.2 series defaults to spidermonkey; the switch to libv8 was made 2.4  but the support is still their for spidermonkey13:40
jamespagebut again I expect that will disappear in 2.6 of suchlike13:40
jdstrandlibv8 changes so much that it would require significant effor to do it ourselves (we went through all this when reviewing the sdk)13:40
jdstrandspidermonkey is not any better-- we've actively tried to avoid it. iirc, it is less and less interesting to mozilla13:41
jamespageyeah - that was my guess :-)13:41
jdstrandof course, that means it doesn't change very much13:41
jamespagebut I guess its not getting much active maintenance either...13:42
jdstrand(attempt at bad joke-- we would then have to write our own fixes)13:42
zuljamespage:  http://people.canonical.com/~chucks/ca/13:42
jdstrandjamespage: an alternative would be to have the package that provides the attack surface in universe13:43
jamespagejdstrand, so only enabling the scripting engine if that is installed on the server component?13:43
jdstrandI'm not sure how feasible that is, but it would at least allow mongodb to move forward and give libv8 to users that want it who could control their environment13:44
jdstrandwell, I don't know how the packaging is13:44
jamespagejdstrand, I'd need to look - I'm not sure that separation exists in the upstream codebase13:44
jdstrandbut you said "libv8 is used to provide the scriptable shell in mongodb; access to the13:45
jdstrandshell is via the mongo client application"13:45
jdstrandI don't know where the script interpretation happens, but if it is in the client, you could put the client in universe, or have a client in main without it, and one in universe with it13:46
jamespagejdstrand, no - its in the server side13:46
jdstrandif that isn't supported by upstream, you could compile twice: once with scripting and once without13:46
jdstrandwithout -> main, with -> univers13:46
jamespagejdstrand, hmm - there is a '--noshell' build option13:49
jamespagelemme check that out13:49
jamespagejdstrand, my concern would be that mongodb without the shell for admin is pretty useless13:55
jamespagebut lemme check13:55
zuljamespage:  ping http://people.canonical.com/~chucks/ca/13:59
jamespagezul, looking right now13:59
zuljamespage:  thanks13:59
jamespagezul, all done using cloud-archive-backport?14:00
zuljamespage:  except for heat14:00
jamespagezul, why not heat?14:01
jamespageoh - I expect you hit the same bug I did with heatclient...14:01
zuljamespage:  because i got a traceback when i ran it14:01
jamespageI have a fix for that14:01
zuljamespage:  cool14:01
jamespagezul, OK - they look fine14:05
jamespagezul, I already did eventlet btw14:05
zuljamespage:  oh14:08
zulill get rid of that then14:08
jamespagezul, did you build test them all first?14:08
zuljamespage:  i couldnt build the openstack packages because of a newer clients14:09
zulbut they all build14:09
jamespagezul, hmm14:09
jamespagezul, OK - python-warlock fixed up in saucy14:28
zuljamespage:  cool have you reviewed rest of the CA stuff prepped14:28
jamespagezul, yeah - all your stuff looked OK to me14:28
zuljamespage:  cool thanks14:28
jamespage(don't upload eventlet - I already did)14:29
zulnow to make my internet connection cry14:29
zuljamespage: ack14:29
jamespagezul, we still have a kombu ftbfs in staging14:30
jamespagelooking right now - might need an anyjson backport14:30
zuli have it queued up14:31
zuljamespage:  im missing something here http://pastebin.ubuntu.com/5904291/14:31
micahgjamespage: when you get a minute, can you forward the python-warlock fixes to Debian? debian 71746914:36
uvirtbotDebian bug 717469 in python-warlock "python-warlock: Please add python3 package" [Wishlist,Open] http://bugs.debian.org/71746914:36
jamespagemicahg, will do14:37
jamespagezul, urm14:40
jamespagezul, can you run with -d and --simulate please14:41
jamespagezul, switch back to dput for the time being14:47
jamespagezul, I think dput-ng has a few problem right now (that I think I fixed locally but negelected to upload - my bad)14:47
zuljamespage:  ack14:48
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zuljamespage:  btw the new python-warlock will have python3 support upstream (ie: we can drop the patch when a new version is cut)14:51
jamespagemicahg, done15:10
jamespagezul, http://people.canonical.com/~jamespage/ca/havana/ python-anyjson please15:10
zuljamespage:  +115:11
zulok uploading finished15:17
adam_gjamespage, is there a trick to getting python3 stuff backported to precise? i noticed they seem to build fine on buildds in the trunk and CA staging PPAs, but fail for various reasons when trying to do it locally using the backport-package job16:41
jamespageadam_g, anything specific causing you an issue?16:41
adam_gjamespage, http://paste.ubuntu.com/5902397/16:42
jamespageadam_g, oh - I fixed that already in saucy16:43
jamespageprecise has 3.2, saucy has 3.3 so the targets don't work like that for the backport16:43
jamespageadam_g, the fix is in saucy - just needs a fresh backport16:43
adam_gjamespage, oh, i see the upload. was trying to get that built last night.16:43
adam_gawesome :)16:44
zuljamespage:  http://people.canonical.com/~chucks/ca/16:49
jamespagezul: +116:56
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zuladam_g: https://code.launchpad.net/~zulcss/nova/h3-patch-refresh/+merge/17644017:17
jamespagezul, obvious really but we missed neutron/neutronclient17:24
* jamespage faceplants17:24
zuljamespage:  DOH!17:26
jamespagezul, sweeping up right now17:27
zuljamespage: ack...17:27
adam_gzul, can you please add some patch header info to that sqlalchemy patch? its still a mystery to me17:28
zuladam_g:  right17:28
adam_gjamespage, yolanda: my first dep8 test, could use some feedback17:29
jamespagezul: http://people.canonical.com/~jamespage/ca/havana/17:32
zuljamespage:  why glance?17:33
jamespagezul, http://reqorts.qa.ubuntu.com/reports/ubuntu-server/cloud-archive/havana_versions.html17:34
jamespagestill out of date17:34
jamespageand not showing in the PPA either so its valid17:34
zuljamespage:  doh17:34
zuljamespage:  +117:34
zuladam_g:  pushed17:35
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jamespagezul, I think we need a backport of python-migrate as well for heat17:44
zuljamespage:  probably17:44
jamespagezul, ok that lot is all uploaded17:45
* zul goes have lunch17:47
zuljamespage:  new rule we should upload to the cloud archive relevant stuff when we upload to the regular archive17:56
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zuladam_g:  pushed again18:11
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Shogoothi people. im a linux newbie so be nice :) im installing u server 12.04. i want to make a upgrade. I f i fo apt-get upgrade, will it install u server 13.04?19:27
cwillu_at_workapt-get update applies 12.04 updates; it doesn't change the release19:28
Shogootupdate im ok with, but upGrade?19:28
cwillu_at_workI meant upgrade19:29
Shogootah. ok so it safe then19:29
cwillu_at_work(update just gets an updated list of packages)19:29
cwillu_at_workdo-release-upgrade will upgrade to the next full release (man do-release-upgrade for basic documentation)19:29
Shogoothow then do install 13.04 from 12.04? just to know... :)19:30
cwillu_at_work<cwillu_at_work> do-release-upgrade will upgrade to the next full release (man do-release-upgrade for basic documentation)19:30
Shogootah. sorry i didnt quite read19:30
Shogootcwillu_at_work, THANKS!19:30
sarnoldShogoot: note the --mode setting especially19:30
cwillu_at_workand makes backups if this matters19:31
cwillu_at_work(you should of course already have backups if it matters :p)19:31
Shogootits a fresh install19:36
cwillu_at_workShogoot, if it's a fresh install, I'd tend towards just installing the new version fresh in the first place19:43
skritehey all19:44
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geniiIs there some reason the -n of dhclient doesn't work?22:16
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jsonperl_Would you consider 15 servers writing a lot (more than 1k a second) to rsyslog a problem?22:55
sarnoldjsonperl_: that's roughly 15 packets per second of network IO, and most disks can handle ~50MB/s or more.. it feels like a very slow trickle.22:57
sarnoldjsonperl_: I had a firewall system logging at roughly that kind of level, not much, but the drive died after just two years or so. There were some nice grooves worn in the drive platters. :)22:57
sarnoldbut that was 12, 13 years back, I hope newer drives are less likely to act like farmers plowing fields.. hehe22:58
jsonperl_rsyslogd kinda handles file contention though right23:02
jsonperl_like they're not all writing to the file, their hitting rsyslog, and he takes care of business23:02
thumperhallyn: you around?23:02
hallynthumper: I'm about to run off to dinner23:02
thumperhallyn: ok, I'll email23:02
sarnoldjsonperl_: right, I'd expect messages to be properly interleaved without scrambling23:02
hallynthumper: thanks23:03
jsonperl_Can anyone think of a situation which would kinda totally bork networking on a machine? I've been trying to figure out an issue on my servers where at some undetermined threshold the machine becomes VERY hard to connect to.23:05
sarnoldjsonperl_: swapping itself to death? too much disk IO swamping usual traffic? unhappy drives? unhappy NICs?23:07
jsonperl_I've been pouring through sysstat data and I don't see anything of real note23:08
jsonperl_The only clues that I have so far are, the runq-sz gets much higher than norm, and the load average and cpu usage drops a lot (because people are unable to connect)23:09
sarnoldjsonperl_: maybe look for the wait channel of sleeping processes? I'm not sure that'd lead to high run queue, but if everything is asleep on the same resource, you might have an idea what to work with23:12
jsonperl_hmm, wait channel?23:12
jsonperl_what tool would you use to inspect that23:13
sarnoldtop or ps, I think..23:13
cwillu_at_workwhat's the question?23:14
jsonperl_Who's question?23:16
cwillu_at_workto which "top or ps, I think.." was the answer23:18
sarnoldcwillu_at_work: which programs will show the wchan of stalled processes23:19
sarnoldI know top can do it, but it's not very friendly when servers are slowly dying23:19
cwillu_at_workthen check dmesg23:19
sarnoldoh nice, better for when things are very nearly toast23:19
cwillu_at_work(note: other sysrq keys are dangerous)23:20
sarnoldI think ps can dump wchan, but it's been ages since I've needed it..23:20
cwillu_at_workalt-sysrq-w will give you the whole kernel stack trace though23:20
jsonperl_dmesg will give me the wchan?23:21
cwillu_at_workalt-sysrq-w, followed by dmesg, will give you more than wchan23:21
sarnoldafter hitting that sysrq key, yes23:21
sarnoldif you want to script it up, you can echo w > /proc/sysrq-trigger ; dmesg > /path/to/file23:22
cwillu_at_worka bit better to cat /dev/ksmg > /path/to/file & echo w > /proc/sysrq-trigger23:22
cwillu_at_workas that will capture the whole output even if it's bigger than the ring buffer that dmesg is stored in23:22
sarnoldooh? that'll work even with a running syslog?23:23
cwillu_at_workI _think_ so23:23
cwillu_at_workyep, works fine23:23
cwillu_at_workcat /dev/kmsg | nc cwillu.com 10101 is a trick I use for getting troubleshooting info in #btrfs all the time23:24
sarnoldhahaha, that's clever. :)23:27
cwillu_at_workit's like netconsole, but not annoying to set up :)23:28
sarnoldprobably more reliable too23:28
jsonperl_cwillu_at_work: so I want to look at "runnable tasks" and see what they're waiting on?23:29
thumperlets say I have a remote machine... say the precise server in my office23:29
cwillu_at_workjsonperl_, if you're looking for blocked tasks, you're looking at the ones that aren't runnable23:29
cwillu_at_workthere's one big stack trace for each one23:29
thumperis there a way I can run something as root on that machine over ssh with one command?23:29
cwillu_at_workthe wchan is the top function in that trace (I believe)23:29
sarnoldthumper: ssh root@remote.machine "uname -a"   :)23:30
cwillu_at_workthumper, not really, unless you add an ssh key to /root/.ssh/authorized_keys23:30
thumperdoes that work with sudo stuff?23:30
thumpernext question then23:30
thumperif I just use ssh as normal23:31
jsonperl_I'm a little confused on to analyze this: http://pastebin.com/5d83kp1b23:31
thumperbut then execute a script that runs sudo23:31
thumperwill I be prompted nicely?23:31
jsonperl_Not that i'm seeing my issue, but so I'm prepared when I do :)23:31
thumperI suppose I can test this pretty trivially23:31
* thumper goes to test23:31
cwillu_at_workscripts shouldn't call sudo23:31
jsonperl_I see stats about wait_max, wait_time etc... but not WHAT they're waiting on23:33
cwillu_at_workjsonperl_, doesn't appear that there's anything blocked23:33
jsonperl_so I would see diff output if there were blocked processes?23:33
jsonperl_and what they are blocked from?23:33
cwillu_at_workyeah; do you know what a kernel oops looks like?23:35
cwillu_at_work(with the registers and the call trace?)23:35
sarnoldlucky :)23:36
cwillu_at_workhttp://permalink.gmane.org/gmane.comp.file-systems.btrfs/20592 is what you'd see23:37
jsonperl_So it will show me a trace of every blocked process23:40
cwillu_at_workyou can tell it to give you a trace for _every_ process, but that's mostly just noise23:41
jsonperl_yea i'm only interested in the ones making my machine unhappy23:43
jsonperl_and in turn myself (and my girlfriend)23:43

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