RobbyFlast few saucy images feel good.00:15
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Deihmosis ubuntu touch usable as yet ?00:47
GraoggI'm just curious on the grouper development.  Anyone have up to date status for Nexus 7 touch?00:49
GraoggI'm a developer, and I was wanting to tests some tablet ideas for grouper.  I need to know what currently works and what doesn't.00:51
Joe_B@mhall119, that's even better.  Is there a date?01:03
Joe_BIt's Thursday, 09:30 Pacific (from his G+ page)01:08
lenzIs everybody going crazy here now? :)01:18
mhall119lenz: we did crazy 10 hours ago01:20
mhall119or, rather, for nearly the last 10 hours straight01:20
mhall119Graogg: camera and audio don't work on grouper, but other than that it runs great01:21
lenzI was hereshortly before release of those videos01:22
lenzthere was noone...01:22
mhall119lenz: we were crazy on the inside :)01:26
mhall119also, and I can't officially confirm or deny this, but some of us may have danced around like Justin Beiber fans when we hit our first $1 million01:26
lenzYeah I imagine01:27
lenzDo you think it will succeed?01:27
lenzWill Mister Shuttleworth just chip in the rest?01:28
geniilenz: It seems to be a matter of some speculation on that01:31
wilee-nileeI heard he was selling those pocket diamonds, by the way about the stupidest thing for him to say with the diamond troubles in Africa, his dual citizenship and the theft of a cultural term ubuntu, just an opinion I do use ubuntu.01:33
lenzwilee-nilee, havent seen it from that angle yet01:38
lenzbut you're right01:39
lenzI liked it though, it came out of nowhere01:39
lenzhe really is a good marketer01:39
wilee-nileeI have no problem with shuttleworth, just a degree in Black Studies, so I have a little different perspective.01:40
wilee-nileethe world is a complex place01:41
dcopehi all, is this the correct channel for questions about the campaign?01:45
lenzwilee-nilee, I'm a little worried the chinese/koreans will try to beat canonical to it and release a similar cheaper phone before the edge ships01:46
lenza phone running Ubuntu, that is01:47
wilee-nileelenz, Heh, it is open source.01:48
dcopei am interested in doing the 600 USD perk but i can't find any information for donors on indiegogo's page. has anyone else used them?01:48
wilee-nileemight be a good thing, the more the merrier01:48
vthompsonHey ladies and gents, I have some questions about apps in Ubuntu vs apps in Ubuntu for Android on the new Edge (or other dual boot phone). Does Ubuntu for Android load apps that are for Ubuntu? Or are two sets of apps needed? One for the phone (Ubuntu) and one for the convergence platform (Ubuntu for Android)?01:49
dcopeif they dont hit 32m do you get your money back?01:50
dcopedoes indiegogo actually debit the money from your account instantly or once the campaign is over?01:51
dcopehow does this work? :(01:51
lenzdcope, yes you do get your money back, AFAIK they charge you once the goal is reached01:52
dcopedid anyone else in here pledge?01:52
lenzRead the website I'm sure they put it there01:52
lenzI wiash I could spare the 630$01:53
RAOFThey charge you immediately, and refund if the funding fails.01:53
dcopelenz: they do not mention01:53
dcopeRAOF: excellent, thank you.01:53
lenzUbuntu is really starting to differentiate itself so much from linux in genreal01:55
lenzIt seems to try to be catering to a poweruser / high-end market01:56
vthompsonlenz, they are trying to push convergence. They don't really care too much about the highend market, IMHO01:58
wilee-nileewho gets the interest if they collect now?01:59
vthompsonwilee-nilee, they can't collect now. That's how these crowd sourcing projects work, they must meet their goal02:01
wilee-nileeI didn't figure the did.02:02
dcopedid they say what kind of cpu this will have?02:02
dcopeother than "fastest multi-core" o_o02:02
lenzNo, they will try to pick the best available CPU shortly before release.... which is the right thing to do...02:03
dcopeyes but what architecture?02:03
Xion_Hi, i am having an issue with returning to android. When i use the command "./flash-all.sh" it says that i don't have permission to do that. But if i add sudo before it, it says it can't find it. Help please.02:03
vthompsonYou think they may try to use what money they'll get to influence the ARM market?02:03
vthompsonMark straight out said he wouldn't be buying the sedan of CPUs.02:04
popeylenz: dcope no, your money is debited immediately, you get a refund if we don't hit 32M02:07
popeyvthompson: wilee-nilee ^^02:07
wilee-nileeI want the interest if all returned, lol02:08
popeygood luck with that02:08
wilee-nileegotta have dream02:09
vthompsonwilee-nilee, with rates as they are you'll just have to forgo the 2 dollars02:09
vthompsonwilee-nilee, but given the trajectory for the day I'd say you'll be OK :)02:09
wilee-nileelol, 1 month at a million alone is a nice chunk02:09
dcopei see... thank you popey :)02:09
dcopethis is a very exciting product02:10
vthompsonCan someone answer my question: I have some questions about apps in Ubuntu vs apps in Ubuntu for Android on the new Edge (or other dual boot phone). Does Ubuntu for Android load apps that are for Ubuntu? Or are two sets of apps needed? One for the phone (Ubuntu) and one for the convergence platform (Ubuntu for Android)?02:11
popeyvthompson: ubuntu for android is basically ubuntu desktop running on top of the android stack with a few interesting patches02:12
popeyvthompson: so you have two sets of apps, android ones that run in android, and standard ubuntu ones that run on ubuntu02:13
dcopepopey: is that available now?02:13
popeyubuntu for android is being used internally, it's not publicly available02:13
dcopeoh, the video demo makes it sound like its available to the public :(02:13
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vthompsonpopey, So if an app is installed for use on Ubuntu Touch, it will also work in Ubuntu for Android? But is the converse true? Will all my apps in Ubuntu for Android (Libre Office, Thunderbird, etc) work in Ubuntu Touch?02:14
popeyAh, hang on.02:14
dcopevthompson: from the video demo, yes02:14
dcopevthompson: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=EtNhlVn3ETQ#at=2502:14
popeyThere's three things you're talking about now.02:15
popeyUbuntu desktop, Android and Ubuntu Touch02:15
popeyThe edge dual boots, between android (+ubuntu for android) and ubuntu touch02:15
vthompsonI'm ignoring Android for the time being02:15
vthompsonOk, I'm only concerned with those two02:15
popeyso yes, we are converging the touch stuff back into the desktop02:15
vthompsonI see that, and that makes complete sense to me.02:16
vthompsonIs the converse true?02:16
vthompson(for any small value of true)02:16
vthompsonAlso, I take it that it's shared storage. How would Touch know to ignore desktop apps (if that's what will happen). Is that done through click packages?02:19
dcopehow often are new ubuntu touch builds released?02:20
dcopealso is it easy to upgrade on a n4?02:20
vthompsondcope, daily02:20
popeyfor a small value of true, yes02:20
popeysubject to apps working on mir in 14.0402:20
vthompsondcope, it's a well oiled machine that is making sure the various things that change often are tested early and often02:20
dcopevthompson: is it stable? i'd love to put it on my nexus 4 that i use for my main phone02:21
vthompsonpopey, I'm very excited. I was (honestly) pretty sad that convergence was being tackled before a stable mobile platform... but with the demand that exists you guys must know more than me :)02:21
ajmitch_popey: so there's nothing yet for running android apps under the ubuntu touch UI, but it'll require dual-booting?02:22
vthompsondcope, for the Nexus 4 you probably won't have issues and there are probably 10 people in this room right now running it on the same device...02:22
dcopevthompson: awesome, is it easy to upgrade to a new build or do you have to flash and lose all data?02:22
dcopedont see any mentions about upgrading on the wiki02:23
vthompsondcope, it apparently is as of the last few days... but I don't know much about it...02:23
popeyajmitch_: we don't currently plan to enabling running android apps under ubuntu touch02:24
popeydcope: you can apt-get to update ubuntu bits02:24
popeyand when you flash, you get to keep your /home on the device02:24
dcopeill install it now :D02:25
vthompsonpopey, ajmitch_ first one to monetize a dalvik VM in Ubuntu might profit heavily :)02:25
vthompsonsell the app for a quarter02:25
ajmitch_or they'd encourage people to step up & get it working for free02:26
vthompsonajmitch_, major apps certainly will.02:26
* ajmitch_ hasn't installed the ubuntu touch image on his nexus 4 due to wanting to keep android usable :)02:27
vthompsonajmitch_, xda could probably help you dual boot both OSes. I'm sure the Nexus 4 community is huge and helpful02:28
vthompsonOooooo, over/under on getting to 3 million in 12 hours?02:30
dcopeheh, followed install wiki02:31
dcopecant even find the packages even after updating sources02:31
dcopewell, that was a complete failure -_-02:31
vthompsondcope, what version of Ubuntu are you running?02:31
popeydcope: did you enable networking?02:33
dcopejust rebooted, it's in a vm... trying again02:34
popeyand can you be more specific, maybe pastebin02:34
dcopesure, if it persists ill paste the full output02:34
vthompsonpopey, I hate to poke you on this, BUT you were the last to update the wiki... when will the porting guide be updated for the new flip images?02:37
popeyI honestly don't know. I am out at OSCON.02:37
popeyI would poke rsalveti sergiusens and dholbach when they are awake02:38
vthompsonpopey, eh, this my reluctance.02:38
rsalvetiit'll be this week for sure02:38
rsalvetihopefully our images will be using the updated git repos in phablet.ubuntu.com by default from tomorrow on02:38
popeythere you go02:38
rsalvetiI'm also finishing a port for galaxy s2 lite02:38
vthompsonrsalveti, awesome! I've been waiting too patiently.02:38
popeythank you rsalveti02:38
rsalvetiand will do one for galaxy s as well, so I can see what might be the issues there02:39
rsalvetivthompson: yeah, it took a bit of more time than we wanted because we spent last week working in the test infra side02:39
vthompsonrsalveti, so preemptive question. Will I need to build (most) all of CM still?02:39
rsalvetiso we can validate the daily images before they can be consumed by phablet-tools02:39
rsalvetifor proper dog fooding02:39
rsalvetistill, but we're reducing it as we go02:40
vthompsonunderstood, I didn't think it'd be easy to switch everything over02:40
rsalvetionce we merge mir, we'll remove the need for surface flinger02:40
rsalvetiand once we integrate our new media decode implementation, we'll be able to remove the media service from android02:40
vthompsonrsalveti, mir isn't until 14.04 though right?02:40
rsalveti14.04 is the goal for the desktop02:40
rsalvetifor touch we'll be using mir for 13.10 already02:40
rsalvetiwe even got an image with it already, but still heavily wip02:41
GraoggThanks mhall119, and when you say the audio doesn't work, does that include the mic pickup?02:41
vthompsonrsalveti, I guess my main question is that while porting I had troubles with compiling the radios and other things in CM, will I be able to skip that with the new process?02:42
rsalvetiwell, it all depends, hopefully it'll get easier over time02:42
vthompsonrsalveti, is there a primer (non porting related) on how the new flip images work?02:43
GraoggAlso, is working on the audio problems of grouper something I could try to track down?  If you could send me what details, or where to look for more info, that would be helpful.02:44
mhall119Graogg: as far as I can tell, yes02:45
mhall119Graogg: I'm not sure what exactly the problem is, I think somebody told me it was missing some configuration (possibly for PulseAudio), but I'm not sure02:45
mhall119Graogg: rsalveti might be able to tell you more02:45
vthompsonrsalveti, the doctor is on call, I suppose. You can forget my inquiry--I'll wait for the guide02:46
rsalvetivthompson: you'll boot in ubuntu directly, but there a lot of more details in there02:47
rsalvetiyeah, we'll be updating it tomorrow (at least I hope to spend most of the day doing that) :-)02:47
rsalvetiGraogg: seems the default mixer settings there is not enabled by default02:47
GraoggOk, if its just a low priority issue that hasn't been looked at hard, I would be willing to help.02:47
vthompsonrsalveti, \o/ your time is appreciated!!!02:47
rsalvetiI believe if you open alsamixer, and enable Int Spk it should work02:48
rsalvetiwe just need to look in more details on how to get that enabled by default02:49
rsalvetibut I still need to debug why video decoding is not working in there02:49
rsalvetiI got a nexus 7 as well, so now I can debug those issues (hopefully later this week)02:49
rsalveticamera with latest image is almost working02:50
rsalvetiyou can see the image, but you can't yet take pictures (it crashes for some unknown reason)02:50
GraoggAwsome, is the current public image stable, or should I wait for an update before playing around with it?02:50
rsalvetiwell, it's quite usable, but there are a few things missing for nexus 7 still02:53
rsalvetihopefully that will get fixed later this week02:53
vthompsonJust < $30,000 from getting $3 Million in 12 hours. >300 devices at $600 to go... I feel like I'm watching QVC... sigh03:02
vthompson<300 devices at $600...03:02
RobbyFwhen is the 12hr mark?03:03
vthompsonRobbyF, 3 minutes ago from my clock...03:03
RobbyFwell hopfully there are a few large paychecks for everyone03:04
RobbyFtax refunds or something.03:04
rsalvetiaaaaaaand we're over 3m03:04
vthompsonrsalveti, \o/03:05
vthompsonAt this pace they'll be the most funded crowed sourced project in just over 24 more hours03:06
RobbyFshould get 120,000 in the next few hours. (5000limit)03:06
vthompsonRobbyF, only 203 left03:07
vthompsonThose 203 will be gone in 2 hours03:08
RobbyFI hope the next Nexus device gets supported.03:08
RobbyFphone and tablet that is.03:09
vthompsonProbably 1 hour.... I have no need, but my trigger finger is getting itchy03:09
vthompsonRobbyF, when's the next Nexus to be released?03:10
RobbyFI think the next is a 7" tablet and the end of this month.03:10
RobbyFrumour based of course.03:10
vthompsonI say we all (by we, I mean me) take a pull of what's in front of us when all 5000 sell out... in an act of morning.03:12
RobbyF104 remain.03:16
dcope ok so i installed it03:16
dcopesaw the shell on my phone03:17
dcopeclicked power button to reboot device and now it's stuck on the Google splash screen03:17
RobbyFit should have rebooted on it's own.03:17
dcopeshould i reflash?03:17
RobbyFI would.03:17
RobbyFit won't need to download the files this time so will take like 4 min.03:17
RobbyFvthompson, 8503:18
dcopeRobbyF: alright i can't get it past the google screen so flashing isn't working03:18
RobbyFcan you do 'adb devices'03:19
dcopeyeah, i see it there03:19
RobbyFmight have to do it the manual way03:19
RobbyFdid it install the CWM recover?03:20
vthompsonRobbyF, I don't get the acceleration of how much they are selling. This is just odd.03:20
RobbyFthe last few are a race/temptation limits03:20
htsemoddcope: I am currently experiencing the same issue03:21
RobbyFwhich devices?03:21
vthompsonRobbyF, Yea and I'm right there... with a CDMA carrier and still tempted03:21
dcopenexus 403:21
RobbyFdcope, reflash should work, I was using it on my nexus 4 last week03:22
RobbyFusing it on my galaxy nexus right now03:22
dcopei just did adb push... taking forever03:22
dcopeseems like 44 MB should move faster over usb 2.0.....03:22
RobbyFit shouldn't be to long to push it.03:23
RobbyFdcope, 830 KB/s (31632008 bytes in 6.394s)03:24
dcopemine took 41s for whatever reason03:24
dcopeanyways, about to push teh second zip03:25
RobbyFi'll race ya lol.03:25
dcopeyou'll win :PO03:25
vthompsonRobbyF, 11 left.03:26
RobbyF4648 KB/s (367177224 bytes in 77.141s)03:26
RobbyFthat was from earlier03:26
RobbyF76 seconds this time.03:26
RobbyFI'm pretty sure there exepectations were 3-4m the first day how ever.03:28
RobbyF5k * $600 = 3M03:28
RobbyFumm vthompson03:30
RobbyF5025 / 500003:30
RobbyFbut it shows sold out now. lol03:30
geniiAnd it keeps climbing03:33
RobbyFIt's all bill gates03:34
geniiI guess the next announcement there should be something like: 5000 more at $60003:34
dcopeok both zips pushed03:37
dcopejust rebooted03:37
dcopenow the loading bar is stuck at about 75%03:37
dcopeand it just rebooted03:37
dcopeomg it worked03:38
dcopethank you RobbyF et al!03:39
RobbyFhave fun.03:39
RobbyFbed time for me now, off to the tablet for google + updates03:41
dcopehow can i change the clock?03:47
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dcopeis there no way to change the ubu touch system clock?03:58
JPCalmonaHello, I have a Karbonn A9+ in India or Cherry Mobile Flare S100 in the Philippines04:02
JPCalmonaI am wondering if you have an UBUNTU OS for Mobile04:02
JPCalmonafor this kind of phone04:02
JPCalmonaDo you have UBUNTU OS for phones that do not require specific model to install?04:03
JPCalmonaSomebody that could help me with this Karbonn A9+ / Cherry Mobile Flare S100 for testing for Ubuntu Mobile04:05
JPCalmonaI am more than happy to help you all for testing for this mobile device04:05
htsemodguys, I have to use a mouse with my nexus 7 because the screen is broken, is there a way to make the mouse pointer visible?04:07
JPCalmonago to developer options for that04:08
JPCalmonaunder settings04:08
htsemodI was looking for that but I can't find developer options in the settings04:14
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htsemodjust to be clear I am talking about ubuntu, not android.04:25
eMinjaCould anyone help me at the moment>04:53
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rigvedhi everyone05:11
rigvedi am currently using the image from "http://system-image.ubuntu.com/" on my nexus. do i need to use adb to apply upgrades or can i run the command: "system-image-cli" from the terminal app on the nexus 7?05:13
rigvedfor clarification, this is a nexus 705:13
mezenokhello everybody!06:06
mezenokanybody here online?06:06
mezenokI need some hepl t be envolved into the development procees of ubuntu-touch...06:07
mezenokI need some hepl to be envolved into the development procees of ubuntu-touch...06:07
boladIs it possble to run ubuntu phone on the HTC 8X06:10
mezenokyou can try to see your phone in the list of supportedd devices...06:10
mezenokhere is the link - https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Touch/Devices06:11
mezenokor you can try to port it to your device06:11
RAOFbolad: No, it's not possible to boot anything but Windows Phone on the 8X06:15
virajhey guys.. i am new to ubuntu core apps06:18
virajand playing around with clock app06:18
mezenokRAOF: It is because ubuntu-touch is using some proprietary android binaries to run and build?06:18
boladwhat a dissapointment , the Phone specs are awesome but the OS is crap06:18
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virajis there a way to delete presets in Timer app?06:18
mezenokbolad: because it is under development06:19
RAOFmezenok: No, it's because the 8X is a Windows Phone with a locked bootloader and on linux kernel that runs on it.06:19
mezenoki think we can make conclusions only when it will be ubuntu-phone will be ready.06:19
mezenokROAF: thx a lot for explanation :)06:20
lauriHi guys06:20
lauriNice job @ indiegogo :)06:20
lauriWhat device would you guys suggest for Ubuntu Touch meanwhile?06:20
endiinstalled :)06:36
RAOFlauri: The various Nexi work well - Nexus 7, Nexus 10, Nexus 4.06:36
endiI just finished installing on Nexus 406:37
endinot getting any cell signal :-\06:37
endiwifi is running, thought I couldn't find an option to connect to hidden network06:38
lauriRAOF: What about Galaxy Nexus?06:45
RAOFThat's one of the core supported phones I believe.06:45
endialright what I gather from G+ posts etc is that there is no 3G or 4G connectivity at this point?06:46
endiand if you can hack it together you lose simultaneous wifi?06:46
RAOFI'm not sure; I've been doing it on a N7, which doesn't have a mobile radio.06:48
endihmm alright06:49
endiis "Ubuntu for Android" available? the overlaid or parallel operation06:50
endior is the Touch preview all we've got at this point in time?06:51
_5m0k3endi: U4A is not available, yet06:55
endi5m0k3; thanks :)06:56
endiwell with no Mobile Data connection or ability to make a phone call I guess I'll be flashing 4.2.2 back lol06:57
endidefinitely glad to know the process of flashing it successfully tho :) can't wait to try a functional version06:58
icoophi! How can I delete online accounts that were created with uoa-create?06:58
stgraberbarry: cool!06:59
icoopthere is an option in system-settings but it doesn't seem to work yet.06:59
ForbiddenX_Hey all07:14
rickspencer3hi ForbiddenX_07:14
ForbiddenX_I have a quick question: I've tried to install ubuntu-touch on my Nexus 4, but it gets stuck on the Google logo when booting for the first time :(07:15
ForbiddenX_I also see "E:Can't mount /cache/recovery/log"07:18
ForbiddenX_Is this something I should be worried about?07:18
=== edulix2 is now known as Edulix
=== Edulix is now known as edulix
ForbiddenX_Do I need to be using Quantal ? Or can I use saucy07:33
gemaForbiddenX_: did you follow any instructions?07:33
ForbiddenX_Yes I was trying to follow: http://nali.org/how-to-flash-install-ubuntu-touch-on-galaxy-nexus/07:34
ForbiddenX_I am trying to use OSX to do it as I don't have my Linux partition up and running yet07:34
gemaForbiddenX_: the official images by now are saucy and we have some tools that nicely do the installation for you07:36
ForbiddenX_Would you happen to have a link to those tools?07:36
gemaForbiddenX_: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Touch/Install07:37
gemaForbiddenX_: but these install from linux07:37
gemaas far as I know07:37
gemahaven't tried from MacOS07:37
gemaForbiddenX_: this wiki shows the tested path, I'd give it a try07:37
ForbiddenX_Ahh yea I saw those as well. I don't have access to those commands in OSX. I will have Ubuntu ready soon and I will give it a try!07:38
ForbiddenX_Thanks a bunch :)07:38
ForbiddenX_Much appreciated07:38
gemaForbiddenX_: you may want to go back to android before attempting another install07:38
gemathere are also instructions there07:38
gemaForbiddenX_: I have no idea what status your phone is in07:38
ForbiddenX_My phone just sits on the "GOOGLE" screen07:38
ForbiddenX_and then turns off07:38
gemaForbiddenX_: there are plenty of things on that wiki that you could try, if your phone is visible via adb or you can boot it into recovery mode you should be fine07:40
gemaForbiddenX_: but follow the official instructions, you'll be safer07:40
ForbiddenX_Yes fortunately I can access my phone through adb07:40
gemaForbiddenX_: cool, then attempt the next install from your linux07:41
gemaForbiddenX_: gotta go now, there's more people around here later in the day07:42
ForbiddenX_Yea I will definetly try that!07:42
ForbiddenX_Ok take care, thank you for your help07:42
gemaForbiddenX_: no problem07:42
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tsdgeosricmm: you there?08:23
eylithHi guys08:24
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OttomanTRhi guys, congratulations for the Ubuntu Edge project but I have some questions08:36
deathcrawlercurrent ubuntu touch images uses mir as display server?08:43
rickspencer3deathcrawler, I don't think that's quite ready yet08:44
deathcrawlerSo images are using Surfaceflinger yet08:46
ogra_asac, so do you thinnk all yellow is good enough to switch 20130722 to /current (so we finally get a new image out (it is 6 days already))08:46
JamesTaitGood morning all, happy Sweet Child O' Mine Day! :-D08:49
asacogra_: i will check on that in just a bit08:52
asacogra_: did all testsuites get strictly better on all archs :)?08:53
ogra_tell me if i can mark it once you know :)08:53
asachave you checked?08:53
ogra_well, all subarches are above 80%08:53
ogra_there is surely room for improvement, but i  would call it good enough as long as we dont regress anymore08:54
mhr3seb128, ping?08:55
seb128mhr3, hey08:56
mhr3seb128, hey, do you know where we can get the phone model string from?08:56
seb128mhr3, we being?08:56
mhr3seb128, we need to send it to the smart scopes server08:56
mhr3so that operators can have some control over what scopes get recommended08:56
seb128mhr3, what language do you use?08:56
xnoxogra_: hm. does phone-app-autopilot need a simcard? grouper and manta don't have one =)08:57
mhr3seb128, c/vala08:57
ogra_xnox, yeah, could be08:58
seb128mhr3, so, qtsystem reads /sys/devices/virtual/dmi/id/product_name atm, but that's not available on the devices, for the about info we fallback to read ro.product.model from libhybris08:59
seb128mhr3, http://paste.ubuntu.com/5903415/08:59
mhr3seb128, great, thx09:00
seb128mhr3, ideally we would fix our kernel to have the info available somewhere in /sys ... but that's not the case atm afaik09:00
seb128mhr3, yw09:00
mhr3seb128, i hope hybris is available on the desktop as well?09:01
seb128mhr3, hum, it is, but not in the default installation09:02
mhr3hm, so we need to dlopen it?09:02
seb128mhr3, do you need that info today?09:03
mhr3seb128, tomorrow is fine09:03
seb128mhr3, lol09:04
seb128mhr3, ok, fallback plan for you09:04
seb128$ getprop ro.product.model09:04
seb128Nexus 709:04
seb128mhr3, check if the binary is there, if it is uses it, otherwise read /sys/devices/virtual/dmi/id/product_name09:05
seb128mhr3, on ubuntu touch you have getprop that's going to do the right thing, and on desktop the dmi info is available09:05
seb128mhr3, easier to call the command than to dlopen the lib09:05
mhr3but dlopen is cheaper :)09:06
seb128your call09:06
mhr3considering that the lib initializes properly :)09:06
seb128ideally that's going to be away and replaced by "read the info from /sys"09:06
seb128to go away*09:06
seb128but meanwhile...09:06
mhr3seb128, do we have something more fine-grained for the model?09:06
seb128either way you have the infos, you pick whatever suits you best ;-)09:06
seb128mhr3, http://paste.ubuntu.com/5903426/09:07
mhr3seb128, as in i can imagine that "xx" sold in china would want to have different settings than "xx" sold in europe09:07
ogra_hmm, there should be info in sys even on the phones (surely not in the BIOS dmi indeed since there is no BIOS) but on android devices you should be able to read it from the adb/usb settings  in /sys09:07
seb128ogra_, well, we read it through libhybris atm09:08
seb128ogra_, but I'm happy to change that if you have a better way09:08
ogra_cat /sys/class/android_usb/android0/iProduct09:08
mhr3seb128, is there more stuff in ro.build?09:09
ogra_thats the value the device also reports via adb when connected09:09
seb128mhr3, http://paste.ubuntu.com/5903431/09:09
ogra_though getprop is probably preferred09:09
seb128ogra_, that's not going to exist on the desktop...09:09
ogra_seb128, right09:09
seb128ogra_, would be nice to have a way that works on both09:09
ogra_but would avoid getprop09:09
seb128ogra_, well atm we use libhybris (the C api)09:10
ogra_well, then stop using BIOS data on PCs :)09:10
seb128ogra_, what should we use on the pc?09:10
seb128I'm not sure where to get the info if it's not in the dmi infos09:10
ogra_heh, no idea if there is another way that is as reliable as the bios09:10
seb128but I'm happy to change09:10
mhr3seb128, i like /sys/class/android_usb/android0/idProduct09:10
mhr3think that would provide the required granularity09:11
ogra_mhr3, it is iProduct ... no "d" in it :)09:11
ogra_else yoou get a USB ID09:11
mhr3ogra_, ah, i thought it's some identifier of the device :)09:11
mhr3nvm then09:12
ogra_it is the textual identifier it reports when connected via adb09:12
seb128mhr3, I don't know if there is a difference between the models put on different markets and what id tells them appart09:12
ogra_while idProduct is the USB hex data09:12
seb128mhr3, https://developers.google.com/android/nexus/drivers09:13
nik90|Officemehow: I saw your and ckpringle in the ubuntu edge video :). I was even able to get a glimpse of the alarm design :D09:13
ckpringlenik90|Office: YEAAAAAH09:13
seb128mhr3, [ro.build.id]: [JOP40D] might be what you want09:13
seb128mhr3, at least on the nexus serie that seems to granularity09:13
nik90|Officeckpringle: :)))) Leading the meeting in both videos :P09:13
mhr3seb128, hmm, i was disregarding it, but you might actually be right09:14
ckpringlenik90|Office: ;-)09:14
ogra_seb128, thats available on all android builds09:14
mhr3seb128, ok build.id it is then09:14
mehownik90: HA! Calum is already moving to Hollywood ;)09:14
seb128mhr3, that doesn't seem to fit what you need though, that's going to give you granularity on the model (wifi, or 3g, or...), not geographical infos09:15
nik90|Officemehow: I know right :D09:15
mhr3seb128, i think build id could be region-specific as well09:16
seb128it could09:16
mhr3seb128, bottom line, it seems like the most fine-grained id without going to the serial itself09:16
seb128I'm just not sure the device info is what you want09:17
seb128you might rather want infos on the carrier09:17
seb128or the timezone in use09:17
mhr3yea, we might add operator as well, but this is needed eitherway09:18
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BasHello, Is there a way to recover a Nexus 4 with only the bootloader working? Because I accidentally installed with [phablet-flash -d grouper -b] and not [phablet-flash -b] (yes I know, very stupid mistake) but now recovery is not working and I can't get adb to see my phone. Is there a way out of this?09:46
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gemaBas: I'd go for manual installation from this page: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Touch/Install09:50
tsdgeosBas: does "adb reboot recovery" do something?09:51
tsdgeosalso you can try going into recovery manually by doing the 3 button press09:51
TinoBas: fastboot can recognize bootloader, yes?09:52
Tino("fastboot devices" ?)09:52
ogra_(needs sudo ... )09:52
Tinoif fastboot recognize bootloader, you can try downloading recovery image for mako here: http://download2.clockworkmod.com/recoveries/recovery-clockwork-
Tinoand then do: "fastboot flash recovery recovery-clockwork-"09:54
ogra_well, if you want to eventually use ubuntu touch, why not use the ubuntu touch recovery image ?09:55
mhr3seb128, btw there's no gsettings binary on the phone, desired?09:55
seb128mhr3, no, that seems buggy, libglib2.0-bin should be installed, it has the glib-compile-schemas09:56
seb128mhr3, I'm going to add a depends somewhere so it gets in09:56
ogra_xnox, OH ! whee !!! https://launchpad.net/ubuntu/saucy/+source/android/0.20130722-0ubuntu809:57
mhr3seb128, cool09:57
* ogra_ dances09:57
ogra_hmm, building since 7h ?09:57
ogra_are the buildds *that* slow today ?09:57
ogra_oh, no, started only 19min ago ... seems it sat in the queue for that long09:58
xnoxogra_: yeah, it was build-dep wait for a long time =)09:58
* ogra_ is impressed that infnity managed the copyright review that fast 09:58
ogra_i wouldnt have expected it before end of the week :)09:59
AskUbuntuWill Ubuntu Edge be available to everyone after the indiegogo campaign? | http://askubuntu.com/q/32334210:00
* ogra_ thinks the indiegogo site should have made it more clear that you can only get the devices through the campaign (or from ebay if someone wants to sell his edge later) ....10:02
davmor2morning all10:03
davmor2ogra_: how are the images today?10:04
ogra_davmor2, no idea, just started building :)10:04
ogra_yesterdays dashboard entries look pretty good though10:04
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kalikianaogra_, I've seen almost the whole of information it contains being asked here and there… people are too excited to actually read10:07
ogra_haha, yeah10:08
BasThank you tsdgeos and Tino, going to try this. But I see the battery died. And can't get my phone on again, so I have to pull the battery plug I think. But have no fitting tool for the screws. Have to go out to get me something. bbl Sorry...10:12
cjwatsonogra_: no.  android was dep-wait on android-src-vendor, which I NEWed this number10:15
cjwatsonthis morning (where did that come from?)10:15
cjwatsonthe builders are awesome right now.10:17
ogra_wow, already done10:22
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gemaogra_: finally someone notices about the results being good :D10:54
gemaogra_: we are hoping they'll be stable from now on10:54
ogra_gema, :)10:54
ogra_well done !10:54
gemaogra_: omer discovered that the lock screen was getting on the way of our tests10:55
gemaogra_: and we added an extra step at the beginning10:55
ogra_right, i watched that last night10:55
gemaogra_: cool10:55
* ogra_ just waits for asac's "go" to actually publish the 22 image10:55
gemaogra_: we haven't published it yet?10:56
ogra_nope, thats manual10:56
gemaasac: we are waiting for you man!10:56
ogra_and i wont do it wihout mgmt nodding it off10:56
gemaogra_: ack10:56
ogra_he knows :)10:57
gemaogra_: I know, it's just good to be at the pushing end for a change :)10:57
ogra_dont say that to loud, else asac waits even longer just to make you enjoy the feeling longer ;)10:58
gemaogra_: trying to sort out the memory tests now10:58
gemaogra_: and the mir tests10:58
gemaogra_: not rosy picture yet10:58
ogra_mir surely has to be fixed before we can even switch to it10:59
gemaogra_: I know, working on that10:59
gemaogra_: on the test automation10:59
* ogra_ isnt to concerned about memory tests 10:59
gemaogra_: I know, but the mir test folks are in the US and NZ10:59
gemaogra_: so jcollado is looking at the memory stuff11:00
ogra_we are shuffling the complete architecture a few times still before we are done ... that wwill definitely change memeory consumption values a few times11:00
gemaogra_: one problem at a time11:00
gemaogra_: maybe you should talk to mgmt about that11:00
ogra_they know11:00
gemaogra_: ok, then they want to track the changes, nothing wrong with that11:01
ogra_image based updates, click packages, readonly rootfs are next11:01
ogra_and after that repartitioning and dropping of the loop image setup on all but grouper11:01
gemaogra_: I am behind on click packages, what is that and where do I read about them?11:01
ogra_after that our foundation should not change anymore ... but i expect still some high impact until end of august until we have all this11:02
gemaogra_: so what testing would make your life easier besides the next bunch of autopilot to be added to smoke11:02
ogra_on the readonly images apt will be disabled, click packages are the way to install apps in a secure user accessible space11:02
ogra_we already have them on the images today btw ... duplicating the debs for some apps ...11:03
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ogra_once the last bits of the implementation are done we'll drop their deps11:03
gemaogra_: ok, so we'll need to support click updates in utah/autopilot setups11:04
ogra_not sure about updates, but the app tests surely need to make use of the installed click packages instead of the debs ... the switch should be largely transparent for users, not sure if it is for tests though11:05
ogra_and you likely want to change utah to actually use the developer mode (even though thats not actually real life testing, you need system debs and want to install them, that wont work with the readonly rootfs)11:05
ogra_gema, https://www.stgraber.org/2013/07/20/introducing-the-ubuntu-touch-image-based-upgrader/ ... you might want to give that to someone of your team to start checking what changes are needed in utah i guess11:09
gemaogra_: ack11:09
ogra_so you are prepared for the big disaster :)11:09
gemaogra_: there hasn't been a day without a disaster in the past 2 months, bring it on!11:10
cjwatsonlool: Did we decide what package to put the desktop hook in?  Maybe I should just shove it in click itself for now11:11
om26erogra_, so what happens to the autopilot suites in this case? how would we be able to install those with click packages? given systems directory are going to be read only11:13
asacogra_: sent11:14
om26erour packages will install to a different local +rw location and autopilot will need to be added the ability to look there for test suites as well ?11:15
ogra_om26er, thats what i mean, you want developer mode which enables rw root and apt11:15
ogra_i'm not sure if anyone through about actually making click based autopilot packages or some such11:16
asacogra_: now I hope that 22 image is really working nicely on the phone itself :)11:16
ogra_(we probably should)11:16
ogra_asac, why wouldnt it ? all images of the last week were fine on the phone (modulo known bugs indeed)11:17
asacgema: ^11:17
asacogra_: they were not fine... they were red :)11:17
asacthey might have been fine for the human stakeholder11:17
asacfor our infrastructure customer they were just horrible11:18
ogra_asac, mine was violet ... with a slight touch into orange11:18
asacmake it green when we hit green and post a screenwhot :)11:18
asacmaybe land a good screenshot feature while doing that11:18
asaclike pressing power and volume down11:19
ogra_we need live wallpapers and self running tests preinstalled ;)11:19
asacor whatewver it is for android11:19
tvoss_ogra_, o/11:19
ogra_on first boot do a selftest, remove the tests and reboot .... paint the background in the resulting color11:19
asaci really think live wallpaper are old school11:19
asacwe want live content11:20
asaclike harry potter newspaper :)11:20
asacgema: so what are you doing on the memory tests?11:21
ogra_ogra@chromebook:~/branches/utah$ get-touch-img-ver --current11:22
ogra_FYI ....11:22
gemaasac: making sure they are running smooth now that we know autopilot tests are passing11:22
gemaasac: and trying to get us some data to look at next week11:22
asacgema: do you have a reference on what is really planned to do?11:23
asace.g. what goal are you working against etc.11:23
asaclike maybe a dashboard mock?11:23
gemaasac: yes, we are still working towards tvoss_' requirements , stated in the doc11:23
asacok let me try to find that :-P11:23
gemaasac: the dashboard is almost ready, that's not a blocker11:23
gemaasac: I will find it for you11:24
gemaoh, there you are11:24
asacyeah i found it i think11:24
gemaasac: we are getting good at finding docs11:24
asacso thats it? anything else?11:24
gemathat's it11:24
asacdont say that11:24
gemaasac: the view is ready waiting for data: http://reports.qa.ubuntu.com/memory/memevent/11:25
gemathe rudimentary view that tvoss_ asked for11:25
asacgema: so are we already running each test multiple times in a row with reboot etc. to get good deviation etc.?11:25
asacgema: thats empty :)11:26
gemaasac: we were asked not to do that anymore because the memory allocation is supposed to be reliable11:26
gematvoss_ and slangasek asked for us to run only once11:26
cjwatsonsbeattie: Any progress on the apparmor hook?11:26
asacgema: well, lets run it multiple times to QA that approach :)11:26
tvoss_asac, the idea there is that we save time by only checking our deviation on a cadence11:26
asaci agree we can do it sample based11:27
gemaasac: I rather not change that again unless slangasek and tvoss_ agree11:27
asacnot daily11:27
tvoss_asac, our proposal was weekly11:27
asacbut it should be unpredictable QA control. someone taking, running, complaining that we have lied :)11:27
asaci am not sure; i think it sould just happen at random intervals11:27
asacbut at least pretty soon once11:27
tvoss_asac, fine with me, too11:27
asacgema: so thats good... do you have an autopilot test that starts all apps?11:28
asacstep by step?11:28
asacuntil we fall over>?11:28
gemaasac: yes11:29
asacgema: do you have something that starts and stops each app?11:29
gemajcollado: do you ahve a link to the mem code?11:29
asace.g. not having all apps started in a row?11:29
asacstart camera -> kill11:29
asacactually start camera -> use randomly -> kill11:30
asacnotes -> use randomly -> kill11:30
gemaasac: I don't think we kill, we agreed with tvoss_  not to if I remember correctly, but jcollado will be able to give you more details on the implementation11:30
asacgema: but the code could easily be adopted to have one that kills after11:30
asacand one run that doesnt?11:30
ogra_xnox, so do you want me to work on livecd-rootfs for including the android package ?11:30
jcolladogema, asac: https://code.launchpad.net/~javier.collado/ubuntu-test-cases/memory-usage-measurement/11:30
tvoss_asac, we don't kill from the test to be able to verify our lifecycle policy from the measurement11:30
gemaasac: I'd rather see it pass as is, and then think about variations11:30
* ogra_ is happy to do that11:30
asactvoss_: yes, but i think we might have a low hanging fruit to go to isle of man with a "wow" effect :)11:31
tvoss_asac, wow in terms of?11:31
asacdepending on what is there in autopilot11:31
ogra_just create a static dashboard page with all green :P11:31
xnoxogra_: i'd love for you to poke that. As i haven't ever touched livecd-rootfs. But do note, that I am away from keyboard from tomorrow -> sunday.11:31
gemaasac: running tests that do random actions makes it not easy to triage/understand results11:32
gemaogra_: you think that'll get the wow factor?11:32
ogra_xnox, i think i'll get along, no worries11:32
asacgema: well, random == i dont care how we run, you can probably reuse some app test11:32
ogra_gema, dunno, do you think blue would eb better ?11:32
gemaasac: you are talking at too high level for me to understand what you are after11:32
gemaasac: or do you want us to add some jobs that cap the available memory with a kernel configuration?11:33
gemaasac: like we discussed11:33
asacgema: just explained it to tvoss_11:36
asacso i want to land another maguro with mem=!386m option in lab11:36
asacand run three jobs on it:11:36
asac1. start shell and run test that uses the shell -> indicates that we can run 386m at all11:36
asac2. start shell and start each app, use and kill -> confirm that all apps can run in memory together with shell11:37
asac3. start all apps and ensure that no app gets OOM killed etc.11:37
asacthis gives us a nice dashboard that can be used from day one to steer engineering11:37
gemaasac: I don't think we can do that in the 3 days we have left,  plust all the other mir stuff that is ongoing11:37
asace.g. we see that browser doesnt work well with shell -> bfiller and shell team have to debug and identify how to fix memory issues11:37
asacgema: :)11:38
gemaasac: you can however pick some of the existing autopilot tests and we could run them capping the memory11:38
gemaasac: that's low hanging fruit11:38
asacgema: ok, but we could add a maguro with mem=386m ? and run the same job11:38
asacthat you do for tvoss11:38
gemaasac: we could do that, if that job was running at all11:38
asacit does11:38
ogra_should only be a few lines of code in the provisioning steps to update the boot.img commandline11:39
gemajcollado: how close are we to having that running and passing?11:39
asaci have 386m phone running :)11:39
asaci can use most apps ;.. only browser was getting tough11:39
asacits snappy and stuff11:39
gemaogra_: any chance you can provide us with those lines?11:39
asacso we can give confidence at IoM that we have no "big problem"11:39
gemaasac: sounds good11:39
xnoxogra_: one thing that i agreed with slangasek is to have livefs-rootfs builder include /usr/share/doc/[android|android-src-vendor]/copyright in the ubuntu rootfs, just with "cp" e.g. unowned dpkg files.11:39
ogra_gema, let me check, i also have to go back to my TODO list which was stalled for the last week11:39
gemaogra_: ack11:40
Eliathhow can root and install ubuntu on s2 phone pls? i have done the pc part and the phone is on odin modeas we speak.11:40
ogra_xnox, uhm, thats tricky11:40
gemaasac: what has more priority, this or the mir tests?11:40
gematvoss_: ^11:40
asacno idea11:41
ogra_xnox, i had planned to do the android installation after the rootfs tarball was created so copying stuff inside wont work .... if i do it during build (to have the copyright available) that will need very careful cleanup work11:41
asaci personally don't think MIR can be finished in short run :)11:41
xnoxogra_: that's ok, I will think about it more, on how to make it easier. Potentially I can shove those files into the .zip and then upon flashing, we can fetch those two inside the ubuntu rootfs. Just like we do with the kernel, for example.11:41
tvoss_asac, but we really need the numbers for Mir11:41
tvoss_gema, so chris gagnon isworking on Mir right now, correct?11:42
ogra_xnox, well, let me do some tests once i have my code, thanks for pointing that out though11:42
xnoxogra_: zip, being the ones that "android" package makes.11:42
ogra_xnox, ah, indeed, that would be eaiser for me11:42
xnoxogra_: that's purely to comply with the 4-clause bsd licenses.11:42
gematvoss_: correct but he obviously needs some guidance11:42
gematvoss_: i.e. someone to work out problems along with him11:43
jcolladogema: I feel like it should be possible to have something soon. I have been able to run the mediaplayer app test cases locally (playing a video file), so I'm updating my code to take advantage of the updates in the smoke testing code.11:43
gemajcollado: ack11:43
xnoxogra_: how long does the jenkins build take?11:43
xnoxogra_: compared to android package. faster/slower/about the same?11:43
ogra_xnox, hmm, thats a quesrion for sergiusens , i never actually checked11:43
gemajcollado: we will need to add an extra smoke testing job with your test on it and some memory capping at 386M11:43
ogra_i think not more than 30min11:43
gemajcollado: you need to coordinate with plars or doanac for that11:44
gemajcollado: it's all automated11:44
gemajcollado: the creation of the jobs, I mean11:44
* xnox ponders if jenkins cheats with prebuilts though & ccache.11:44
ogra_xnox, well, i was guessing11:44
gemajcollado: do that after your memory job is reporting results11:45
ogra_rsalveti, do you think we probably should add an option to the adbd upstart job to support something like http://paste.ubuntu.com/5900389/ ? (something like: "ADB_NETWORKING=true restart android-tools-adbd")11:46
loolcjwatson: probably best to put it in click itself for the demo11:57
tvoss_ogra_, http://www.spiegel.de/netzwelt/gadgets/ubuntu-smartphone-edge-canonical-will-32-millionen-dollar-sammeln-a-912540.html12:03
* ogra_ reads 12:06
ogra_tvoss_, \o/12:08
ogra_nice one12:08
tvoss_ogra_, yup12:08
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stgraberbarry: can you make dropping "model" from the config your priority, instead using a plugin system (similar to reboot) to get the device name?12:21
stgraberbarry: I'm asking because the last system-image broke on all existing installs as it now requires a "dbus" key in the config which isn't there as the existing devices use a copy of the file created on first boot12:21
stgraberbarry: the temporary workaround is to rm /userdata/system-data/etc/system-image/client.ini and reboot to get a new one generated, but that's pretty annoying so I'd rather get rid of that code ASAP12:24
stgraberbarry: subprocess.call(['getprop', 'ro.hardware']) seems to be the standard way of getting the model name12:25
=== MacSlow|lunch is now known as MacSlow
gemacjwatson: I am going to cancel today's catch up12:28
gemacjwatson: tons of stuff going on that require my attention12:29
gemacjwatson: if you and/or slangasek could send email if you have any immediate concern that'd help12:29
cjwatsongema: OK, that's fine, I'm sprinting anyway12:29
gemacjwatson: ack12:29
stgraberbarry: I've posted on G+ and on my blog post's comment about the workaround, so hopefully not too many people won't get stuck on today's image.12:29
* ogra_ giggles12:35
ogra_stgraber, btw, we switched to 20130722 today (finally) so your recovery img should be the right one in /current by default12:36
xnoxogra_: i thought there is another fix since 22 image.12:38
barrystgraber: ah, because client.ini will be conffiled but people will have edited it to change the model.12:40
ogra_xnox, another fix ?12:40
xnoxogra_: last commit Mon Jul 22 13:47:57 2013 +0100 no idea if that's on the 22 image or not.12:41
ogra_no, wont be12:41
ogra_the jenkins build runs a few hours before that12:41
ogra_and the ubuntu side just uses whats recent on jenkins12:42
xnoxogra_: will be soon here: https://launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/android/0.20130723-0ubuntu9/+build/481867112:42
ogra_well, we wont see a release soon i fear12:42
ogra_requirement now is that the deashboard is all green before we do the next /current release12:43
ogra_i suspect that will take a few days12:43
sergiusensxnox: jenkins build takes 1h (more or less depending on load)12:45
xnoxsergiusens: 41min on the builders, and that's with xz compression, could try without xz, to see if that improves buildtime.12:46
* ogra_ glares at the dashboard 12:47
ogra_so manta for yesterday and today had the same failure/success rate .... but yesterday shows 82.3% and today 82.8% ....12:48
* ogra_ wonders how these percentage values are made up 12:49
sergiusensogra_: gema the meeting we have with gema in 4 hours is to discuss click + image based upgrades12:50
ogra_sergiusens, oh, do we ?12:51
sergiusensxnox: nice, I know that I'm blocked on jenkins by I/O since it's virtual and shared12:51
sergiusensogra_: not you though ;-)12:51
xnoxsergiusens: ouch.12:51
sergiusensogra_: just mentioning it12:51
ogra_sergiusens, well, i think we wont get around using developer mode for testing in any case12:52
=== jhodapp is now known as jhodapp|afk
sergiusensogra_: we can avoid it12:59
ogra_with special image builds ?12:59
sergiusensogra_: our whole paradigm of the packagename-autopilot thing might need to change12:59
ogra_after all the test packages need to be installeed12:59
sergiusensogra_: can't12:59
ogra_thats what i mean13:00
ogra_so either make the tests (and their deps) click as well, or use dev mode13:00
sergiusensogra_: test packages depend on the actual package, not sure if in the end we should remove all debian packaging from the app source13:00
sergiusensogra_: I'm favouring click or just a source pull13:00
ogra_well, the default installl wont have apt/deb stuff enabled13:00
sergiusensogra_: images aren't that big, I can't use the device as a builder ;-)13:01
ogra_so yeah, i think it should be click13:01
ogra_*if* we can easily fulfill all deps in advance indeed13:01
fpswill there be ubuntu touch devices that will have a complete open source driver stack?13:02
ogra_unlikely unless there is a vendor creating a fully open graphics chip13:03
ogra_(which doesnt exist to date)13:03
sergiusensogra_: for http://paste.ubuntu.com/5900389/ we will need udev rules for 'sys.usb.config rndis,adb' ... I'll add those13:04
kalikianaintel showed it can be done, now we "only" need the equivalent arm based vendor13:04
=== iainfarrell1 is now known as iainfarrell
ogra_sergiusens, so do you agree to have something in the upstart job to switch it on ?13:05
ogra_i'm not really sure about the IP config that needs13:05
sergiusensogra_: I'd rather have seb128 do it as part of the settings app :-)13:05
ogra_i wouldnt expose it in any UI at all13:06
fpsogra_: i could live with unaccelerated graphics and an ncurses like text interface13:06
ogra_thats clearly a developer setup13:06
ogra_fps, Mir wouldnt :)13:06
fpsogra_: who's Mir?13:06
fps[sorry for noob question ;D]13:07
ogra_the thing driving the display13:07
ogra_the replacement for X11 the phones will use13:07
ogra_it either needs free drm drivers (which dont exist on phones) or android binary blobs13:07
fpsogra_: oh. another x11 alternative.. what happened to wayland or what it was called?13:07
ogra_still there but wont be used in ubuntu13:08
ogra_(for details feel free to go to #ubuntu-mir)13:08
fpsogra_: thanks for the tip13:08
mefriohi all...I just branches lp:music-app and tried to run it with QtCreator but I get the following error: "music-app.qml:23 module "org.nemomobile.folderlistmodel" is not installed"13:12
mefriohow can I install "org.nemomobile.folderlist"?13:12
mefriooh I solved installing lp:~ajalkane/ubuntu-filemanager-app/qml-folderlistmodel13:15
iainfarrellmefrio I have all sorts of errors running the apps on my desktop, do they depend on each another to operate?13:16
mefrioiainfarrell, I am trying it now for the first time with music app. Even if I solved the error above I still get "Cannot assign to non-existent property "filterDirectories" error13:17
mefriolet me try with filemanager app13:17
jeanaustinrHi, just a quick question. I'm planning to install Ubuntu Touch on my Nexus 4. How large are the packages to be installed to the phone?13:17
iainfarrellmefrio that's my experience too, 13.04 64bit13:18
mefrioiainfarrell, filemanager app does not run too here (13.04 32bit)13:18
mefrioI think we are doing something wrong13:19
mefrioiainfarrell, calendar app runs here13:19
iainfarrellmefrio me too :) I followed the OMG! and other sites instructions13:19
iainfarrellthey just said to install13:19
iainfarrellmine runs but the content is missing13:19
mefrioiainfarrell, can you link me this tutorials?13:20
iainfarrellmefrio http://www.omgubuntu.co.uk/2013/03/how-to-play-with-ubuntu-touch-apps-in-ubuntu-12-1013:21
mefrioiainfarrell, oh well, I am trying them from source code13:21
stgraberogra_: awesome, thanks!13:21
mefriobut it should be the same13:22
iainfarrellmefrio yeah, unless they broke them in the most recent commit :)13:22
mefrioiainfarrell, yeah but I doubt it happened with 2 of 3 apps13:23
iainfarrellmefrio https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Touch/Collection/PPA13:24
iainfarrellwe can reach out to  popey :)13:24
iainfarrellAlthough I'll need to do that when I'm back in front of my Ubuntu machine13:24
mefrioiainfarrell, anyway, looking at the errors I get, I think that it should be related to filemanager and its modules. Maybe music app uses them to load music files13:25
iainfarrellyeah, quite possibly mefrio13:26
iainfarrellwe need a VM! :D13:26
popeyiainfarrell: hmm?13:29
iainfarrellhey Mr popey13:29
iainfarrellme and mefrio are having trouble installing the touch core apps13:29
iainfarrellwe get loads of errors13:30
iainfarrellis this common?13:30
popeyon what release?13:30
iainfarrellI'm 64bit, he's 3213:30
popeycan you pastebin the output?13:30
iainfarrellany thoughts?13:30
iainfarrellmerfrio? ^^13:30
mefriopopey, sure, just a moment13:30
mefriopopey, "Cannot assign to non-existent property "filterDirectories""13:31
mefriomusic app13:31
loolralsina_: is there a test app I can search for with the new scope?13:33
* lool has a hard time triggering search on the grouper13:33
popeymefrio: there is a dependancy on the nemo file manager plugin13:33
popeywhich should also be in the ppa13:34
popeyhow did you install the music app?13:34
mefriopopey, I branched the code and run it with QtCreator13:34
loolbarry: oh there's another thing I wanted to bring up13:35
sergiusenscjwatson: when you have time, can I see your code (link/branch) for the click desktop hook?13:35
loolbarry: delta size seemed relatively big13:35
loolbarry: checking out today's update for grouper, I was surprized that it was so close in size to yesterday (27 vs. 26 M)13:36
popeymefrio: there's a dependancy you need installing first..13:36
loolbarry: looking inside, I saw almost all of it is system.img; would you know why that is?13:36
barrylool: i don't.  i haven't looked at the service side scripts at all unfortunately13:37
sergiusenslool: yesterday all the binaries were updated to 4.2.2 , so most likely in todays build13:37
popeymefrio:  nemo-qml-plugin-folderlistmodel is in the ppa https://launchpad.net/~ubuntu-touch-coreapps-drivers/+archive/daily13:37
loolsergiusens: ahhh just coincidence then13:37
popey(as is the music app)13:37
sergiusenspopey: what's the dependency?13:38
mefriopopey, thank you :)13:38
popeymefrio: you could build that from source too, or just install the file manager (and music app) from the ppa13:38
mefriook thanks :)13:38
mefrioiainfarrell, ^^13:38
popeysergiusens: ^^13:38
loolbarry: Hmm also I see all symlinks to busybox were updated which account for a number of small files in the update, but I suspect that might be a bug in the system side logic that it will bundle a symlink if the contents have changed; will check it out13:38
loolbarry: not too worrying13:38
barrylool: yeah, i do remember stgraber saying something about symlinks ;)  best perhaps to drop him an email13:39
sergiusenspopey: we probably need to strip out that dependency and either put it in the music app or if it's a plugin, add it as debian package and install on the base system (as in make it part of the sdk)13:39
sergiusenspopey: to get it click friendly13:40
mefriopopey, is there any software center app?13:40
popeymefrio: not yet13:41
nik90|Officetvoss_: Are there any sample qml codes for automatic location detection? I remember reading that location detection support has been added to the platform by you.13:41
w-floare there plans to support LGPL libraries with (proprietary) click packages? The user needs to be able to replace the .so file bundled with the packages with his own.. maybe we can start our apps with LD_PRELOAD_PATH=/home/app-id/lib/ to allow the user to put his compiled LGPL .so files there?13:41
=== ckpringle_ is now known as ckpringle
ogra_popey, will theer be ?i thought it was all "in shell" stuff now13:41
mefriopopey, ok13:41
popeywell, i mean "there is no store mechanism yet"13:41
mefriopopey, isn't there any wiki page or any other place where someone is discussing it?13:42
tvoss_nik90|Office, will find oyu an example13:42
nik90|Officetvoss_: If I can implement, then the weather app can benefit from this as well since they need it in the same way as the clock app :)13:42
nik90|Officetvoss_: thnx13:42
tvoss_nik90|Office, great :)13:43
cjwatsonsergiusens: when it exists :)13:44
cjwatsonsergiusens: (I'm sprinting on something else and stealing time for this when I can)13:44
cjwatsonsergiusens: what are you interested in about it?13:44
sergiusenscjwatson: ah great, I saw a comment on adding to package so thought it may be done, no rush13:44
cjwatsonsergiusens: from your point of view you should just be able to say "hooks": { "app-name": { "apparmor": "apparmor/app-name.json", "desktop": "app-name.desktop" } }13:45
cjwatsonwhich I think is the example structure sprinkled around in a few places13:46
popeysergiusens: as I am out at OSCON this week, maybe mhall119 can help you with that? the file manager app will also need the same plugin13:46
sergiusenscjwatson: that's done, all the new click packages have that :-)13:47
cjwatsonw-flo: the LGPL doesn't mean that the code has to be writable on disk; the user can build a new click package with their changes to the LGPLed elements (perhaps just locally) and install it13:47
jdstrandhttps://wiki.ubuntu.com/SecurityTeam/Specifications/ApplicationConfinement/Manifest#Click should be up to date13:47
sergiusenscjwatson: just wanted to see if I am missing anything in the desktop files themselves13:47
cjwatsonthat's sufficient to comply with the licence conditions, and probably the right thing anyway13:47
sergiusensjdstrand: the click packages as well ;-)13:47
jdstrandah, sorry, you were talking about the desktop files13:47
loolsergiusens, barry: Ok got it: the mtime of the symlinks to busybox was updated triggering the inclusion; so not a bug in the delta generation13:47
* barry nods13:48
jdstrandsergiusens: you updated the click packages to the new format?13:48
w-flocjwatson, it's an app that I want to sell, so it's probably a bad idea to release the source code so the user can re-package it? I'd probably have to switch to a BSD style library then instead of LGPL..13:48
sergiusensjdstrand: yes http://pastebin.ubuntu.com/5904158/13:48
cjwatsonw-flo: I think one of us misunderstands how click packages work ...13:49
w-flocjwatson, it's probably me. :-)13:49
jdstrandclick/DEBIAN/manifest vs click/apparmor/music.json13:49
cjwatsonw-flo: to construct a click package, you only need the filesystem tree that the click package unpacks to - so they can unpack it, replace the LGPLed elements, repack13:49
w-floah, alright, I see. thanks!13:49
sergiusensjdstrand: feel free to send me anything that needs fixing or updating13:50
sbeattiecjwatson: is the manifest file supposed to end up in .click/info/manifest or .click/info/APPNAME.manifest?13:50
cjwatsonsbeattie: the latter13:51
jdstrandcjwatson, sergiusens: perhaps some discussions happened that I missed. lets say I have a source tree. I don't know, let's call it 'evilapp' :)13:51
sbeattieah, okay13:51
urmysonyHi Guys13:51
urmysonym planning to install ubuntu touch on my nexus 4..13:51
* sbeattie missed when that change.13:51
urmysonyIs there any risk??13:51
cjwatsonsbeattie: it didn't change13:51
jdstrandcjwatson: where is the manifest supposed to go, and where does the apparmor json go?13:51
sergiusensjdstrand: that's an uninstalled package that I showed13:52
cjwatsonjdstrand: .click/info/PKGNAME.manifest; and you get the apparmor json from the symlink created during hook execution13:52
jdstrandright, I am talking about the source atm13:52
cjwatsonjdstrand: oh, who cares :)13:52
cjwatsonapp defines that13:52
jdstrandcjwatson: ok, how does the app define that?13:52
cjwatsonbest if the primary manifest is in manifest.json because then you don't have to pass options13:52
jdstrand"apparmor": "apparmor/music.json"13:52
cjwatsonthe location of the apparmor json file is defined in the hooks part of the primary manifest13:53
jdstrandapparmor/music.json is relative to the toplevel?13:53
=== jhodapp|afk is now known as jhodapp
cjwatsonjdstrand: ignore the DEBIAN/manifest in the paste above - --raw-extract isn't the way that click packages are actually installed13:53
cjwatsonso that just reflects that the manifest is shipped in the control part of the .click to make it faster to extract13:54
sbeattiecjwatson: okay, then I'm having trouble getting the hook to register a symlink, when installing the calendar click from https://jenkins.qa.ubuntu.com/job/calendar-app-click/11/13:54
cjwatsonsbeattie: manifest looks ok13:55
jdstrandcjwatson: where do I put the manifest so that 'click build' will find it?13:55
sbeattiecjwatson: I have a registered (at package postinst) hook that contains Pattern: /var/lib/apparmor/clicks/%s and /var/lib/apparmor/clicks/ exists, but I don't get a symlink showing up there.13:55
jdstrandI see13:55
jdstrand-m PATH13:55
cjwatsonjdstrand: yeah.  I would generally advise not using the option - just call it manifest.json13:56
cjwatsonsbeattie: can you pastebin the full hook?13:56
ricmmtsdgeos: ping13:56
tsdgeosricmm: hi13:57
sbeattiecjwatson: http://paste.ubuntu.com/5904177/13:57
nik90|Officetvoss_: were you able to find any examples?13:58
=== dandrader is now known as dandrader|afk
Shiggs|i5-2500kHas anyone successfully ported the developer preview of Ubuntu Touch for the HTC Evo 3D?14:01
Shiggs|i5-2500kI'm going to follow the porting guide, but I dunno how that'll turn out since I'm not a developer by any stretch of the imagination.14:01
sbeattiecjwatson: stracing the click install sees it open and read the hook, find and read the package manifest, but never search for the apparmor json or attempt to symlink it.14:01
sbeattiekilling the Exec line doesn't make any difference either.14:02
stgraberlool: hmm, interesting, I'll add that to my list of stuff to fix/improve in the differ (I've got bigger problems on that list though)14:03
mhall119sergiusens: what do you need for the file manager app?14:04
cjwatsonsbeattie: in fact could you put the click-apparmor .deb somewhere for me and I'll have a look via that?14:04
sergiusensmhall119: the music app depends on something in the filemanager app ... (not sure what, just caught the conversation) ... for click that won't be usable, we need to either move whatever is in the FM-app to the base system or the sdk; or copy it to the music app itself14:05
cjwatsonWell, you can't depend on one from the other14:07
=== kilo is now known as Guest3301
cjwatsonYou can in principle find the filemanager app with click pkgdir, but I wouldn't recommend it :)14:08
cjwatsonsbeattie: Oh, you're missing "User: root".  I'm surprised you don't get a traceback ...14:09
ogra_Shiggs|i5-2500k, is it not on the devices page ?14:10
ubot5You can find the full list of devices, official images, community images, and works in progress at https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Touch/Devices14:10
sergiusenscjwatson: the security hooks may disallow that though, can't be trusted :-)14:10
mhall119sergiusens: they both depend on another package for their QML plugin14:10
cjwatsonsergiusens: oh, true14:10
mhall119sergiusens: it's probably something we want to offer in the base system14:11
sergiusensmhall119: ah, so the qml plugin, we need that in the base system14:11
sergiusensmhall119: or as part of the sdk itself14:11
karancan somebody tell me how i can install ubuntu on micromax a57?14:11
sergiusensmhall119: has bzoltan looked into adding it?14:11
karanPlease help me out!!14:11
diwicrsalveti, awe, should we have a meeting about defining the requirements for the new audio stack?14:11
mhall119sergiusens: I don't think so, since pre-click it wasn't an issue14:11
bzoltanI am here...14:11
karancan somebody tell me how i can install ubuntu on micromax a57?14:12
karancan somebody tell me how i can install ubuntu on android phone?14:12
mhall119!devices | karan14:12
ubot5karan: You can find the full list of devices, official images, community images, and works in progress at https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Touch/Devices14:12
mhall119karan: if your device is on that list is should also have a link to instructions for installing Ubuntu Touch on it14:12
=== Namidairo is now known as Namidairo`bnc
karanThnx ubot5 and mhall11914:12
mhall119if it's not on that list, it probably don't have an image yet14:12
bzoltansergiusens: mhall119:  guys, please brief me :)14:12
Shiggs|i5-2500kogra_, no my device is not officially supported, but it should work since the HTC Sensation 4G (http://www.droidevs.com/showthread.php?t=1107) has a port in progress14:13
Shiggs|i5-2500kthey're essentially the same phone besides radios14:13
Shiggs|i5-2500k#Ubuntu-phone is invite only, but when I go into the webchat by means of Shiggitay it sends me here14:14
mhall119bzoltan: both the music-app and filemanager-app depend on a QML plugin in a separate package to read file data14:15
sergiusensbzoltan: there's a qml plugin that two apps use (music and filemanger), would you consider it for the sdk? It's a filemanager plugin (I guess)14:15
=== dandrader|afk is now known as dandrader
mhall119bzoltan: but when those apps start using Click packaging, they won't be able to specify that dependency14:15
mhall119which means it either needs to be in the base system that Click packages assume is available, or in the SDK itself14:15
bzoltansergiusens, mhall119:  sure.. what is that plugin? Where does it live?14:15
mhall119bzoltan: marina.engelvuori@canonical.com14:16
mhall119it currently lives in the Core Apps Daily PPA14:16
mhall119bah, wrong paste14:16
bzoltanmhall119: I do not wish to put her into the SDK :)14:16
sergiusenswe need that in main as well14:16
mhall119lol, she's probably not like that14:16
bzoltanlet me see14:17
cjwatsonsbeattie: does "User: root" help?14:18
bzoltan mhall119: well... ya  know... itis not exactly an early call to add something to the SDK :D14:18
rsalvetidiwic: yup, sending the invite in a few, will try something for tomorrow14:18
diwicrsalveti, ok!14:19
=== Namidairo`bnc is now known as Namidairo
slangasekgema: I'm fine to skip this week, it's all sprint prep for me right now :)14:19
gema slangasek same here, thanks ÑD14:19
karanhello, i didn't find anything usefull , any body knows the direct ubuntu rom download link , so i can install it via CWM recovery on my phone14:19
mhall119bzoltan: what do you mean, it's before release day, that should be plenty of time :)14:20
mhall119karan: try https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Touch/Porting14:20
urmysonyGuys is the wifi working on nexus 4??14:21
karanlet me try , thnx mhall11914:21
urmysonyas per the status it should work.. but with previous build of 12-07 it didnt work..14:22
bzoltanmhall119: hehe :)14:23
boikoawe: have you seen a problem that when you start ofono-phonesim on the desktop, networkmanager crashes?14:24
aweboiko, no... I never run touch on the desktop.  ;)14:25
aweboiko, I assume you're talking about the phabletX version of ofono?14:25
boikoawe: nope, the one in saucy, or at least I think it is the one in saucy14:25
aweso vanilla ofono/network-manager?14:26
boikoawe: yep14:26
aweyea, I hadn't heard about that problem14:26
boikoawe: ok, I'll try to get more info later today to report a bug14:26
aweI assume you'll be on the phone testing hangout, right?14:26
bzoltanmhall119:  just to verify ... so you want me to copy that QML plugin to the SDK Release PPA and add that package to the ubuntu-sdk dependencies14:28
sergiusensbzoltan mhall119 we eventually need it in the archives and in main14:30
bzoltansergiusens: that is something you need to talk to the distro folks14:32
mhall119we have it in a bzr branch currently and  building automatically with Jenkins14:33
bzoltanmhall119. and does it land to Saucy?14:33
chewed-onDoes Ubuntu phone comes with Super Tux preinstalled ?14:37
chewed-onMinesweep ? :D14:38
mhall119not pre-installed, but there's a minesweeper available14:39
mhall119bzoltan: no plans currently to land it in Saucy, no, but it should14:39
sergiusensmhall119: we are not upstream for that, right?14:40
bzoltanmhall119: hmm... then we need to be super careful ... because we will update the ubuntu-sdk in Saucy, but we do not want to add there dependency what will break14:40
sbeattiecjwatson: bah, issue is impedence mismatch between my package being called click-apparmor w/dh_click versus the hook name being apparmor.14:40
sergiusensmhall119: where's the branch?14:41
Shiggs|i5-2500kI guess no one's attempted my project huh14:42
ogra_chewed-on, ^^^14:42
mhall119sergiusens: technically no, Nemo Mobile is the upstream14:43
zAo_If there any hope for Snapdragon S600 phones?14:43
mhall119but I don't know if any of our changes have been incorporated into upstream yet14:44
urmysonyi have installed ubuntu touch on my nexus 414:44
urmysonyloving it14:44
barrydoes someone have some touch hardware handy that they could run a little bit of python on?  http://paste.ubuntu.com/5904337/  (my device is currently in an unhappy place ;)14:44
sergiusensmhall119: I'll package it with the diffs we have and see where we can go from there14:44
barrythat needs to run on actual h/w but it doesn't matter which model14:44
chewed-onI'm looking at this video:  http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=sLtcj7FdIYA   I think the user experience is slightly flawed.14:44
mhall119bzoltan: https://code.launchpad.net/~ubuntu-filemanager-dev/ubuntu-filemanager-app/plugin14:44
mhall119barry: sure14:45
barrymhall119: thanks14:45
sergiusensbarry: tuna14:45
Shiggs|i5-2500k:\ :\14:45
barrysergiusens: and what kind of h/w do you have?14:46
sergiusensbarry: we are using a different android prop14:46
sergiusensbarry: maguro, but the baseline is tuna so that is correct14:46
chewed-on1) Ubuntu mobile OS seems to encourage drag and drop action for menus. Dragging from left to switch app and then without lifting finger, move to app icon then release finger or dragging top menu down then while still holding finger down, move a scrollbar left and right to go to different screen settings, very error prone and requires too much cognitive load.14:46
sergiusensbarry: use ro.product.device14:46
barrysergiusens: it has to match up with these names: http://system-image.ubuntu.com/daily/14:46
barrysergiusens: thanks, let me adapt14:46
sergiusensbarry: [ro.product.device]: [maguro]14:47
chewed-on2) Swiping from right to left to switch between multitasking essentially provides tunnel vision of the opened apps, and sequential navigation is not very fast.14:47
sergiusensbarry: http://bazaar.launchpad.net/~phablet-team/session-manager-touch/trunk/view/head:/ubuntu-touch-session.conf#L2114:47
barrysergiusens: http://paste.ubuntu.com/5904352/14:47
sergiusensbarry: we use that entry everywhere to detect device14:47
cjwatsonsbeattie: that shouldn't matter as long as the .hook file is apparmor.hook ...14:47
barrysergiusens: beauty, thanks14:47
sergiusensbarry: that returns what you want: maguro ;-)14:48
sergiusenswithout the ;-)14:48
sbeattiecjwatson: how do I get dh_click to accept apparmor.hook in?14:48
ogra_gema, sisnce we discussed testing times yesterday ... just FYI, the image came out of cdimage at 11 UTC ... http://reports.qa.ubuntu.com/smokeng/saucy/ is still missing 4 tests for maguro and mako before it would be releasable ... so your estimation of "it takes munites" kind of doesnt match my observation :) (its rarther 4h currently)14:48
sbeatties/ in//14:48
barrysergiusens: thanks! and :)14:48
=== Namidairo is now known as Namidairo`bnc
zAo_Is there a way to test the desktop convergence? I really like that look into the future :)14:49
ogra_zAo_, thats a 14.04 feature, wont be worked on until october14:49
zAo_thanks ogra_14:50
cjwatsonsbeattie: oh, I see what you mean.  give me a minute14:50
=== Namidairo`bnc is now known as Namidairo
cjwatsonsbeattie: I'll give you a --name option like there is for dh_installinit, so you can call it debian/click-apparmor.apparmor.hook14:53
cjwatsonand call dh_click --name=apparmor14:53
cjwatsonsbeattie: Though you could just put the hook in apparmor, which would be more natural ...14:53
sbeattiecjwatson: the --name option would work great, thanks. (we'd figured the click hook would probably iterate more quickly than the rest of the apparmor package)14:56
urmysonyGuys how to get google contacts in touch..14:56
urmysonythe existing method is not working14:56
cjwatsonsbeattie: try http://paste.ubuntu.com/5904393/ ?14:58
gemaogra_: what tests are you missing? you should be talking to plars15:06
ogra_gema, he is in our standup and just told me there were several that had to be restarted manually15:07
ogra_the current set is supposed to take ~1h15:08
ogra_(though thats still a lot given there might be a few 100 more tests in the final setup)15:08
mhall119woot, new perk! https://code.launchpad.net/~ubuntu-filemanager-dev/ubuntu-filemanager-app/plugin15:10
sergiusensplars: do your devices in the lab have SIMs?15:10
mhall119dang, wrong link again!15:10
mhall119https://www.indiegogo.com/projects/ubuntu-edge/contributions/new?perk_amt=1400&perk_id=1204758 for the perk itself15:10
plarssergiusens: I think 2 do at the moment, nuclearbob is working on trying to get something going to actually try calling/texting15:10
codinhoso all edges perks ended already?15:11
popeyit useno15:11
codinhopopey, no?15:12
popey16:11:58 < codinho> so all edges perks ended already?15:13
codinhofor 630 usd?15:13
popeythat perk has15:13
popeyothers have not15:13
popeyhence "no" to "all"15:13
gemaogra_: sounds good15:13
jdstrandjcollado: hi! I just noticed that http://reports.qa.ubuntu.com/smokeng/saucy/image/3141/ the security tests came up, but have a Total count of 0. can you run them?15:19
jdstrandjcollado: also, http://reports.qa.ubuntu.com/smokeng/saucy/image/3139/ didn't run the security tests at all15:19
savagejenI updated to saucy and don't see any of the neat ubuntu-touch functionality that I see on phones and tablets in videos15:20
jdstrandstgraber: hey, so I had some questions about image based upgrades, particularly wrt ufw15:23
cloakandpigeonIs anyone else getting slow boot times after switching to the image based upgrader?15:23
jdstrandstgraber: how are you handling natural changes to /etc? eg, adding a new user or updating a password?15:23
ogra_cloakandpigeon, well, the image based updates use loop mounted ext4 images there is a lot more setup stuff happening during boot with that15:24
cloakandpigeonOkay I just wanted to be sure it wasn't a bug, thanks15:24
ogra_well, i would consider it a bug :)15:25
ogra_but it is still a aprototype without any optimization15:26
jcolladojdstrand: Let me have a look15:31
stgraberjdstrand: well, we currently don't as our images are single-user and that user is present during our builds so we don't actually allow writes to that file at the moment15:32
stgraberjdstrand: otherwise we usually fork the file entirely (copy it to writable, bind-mount over the original) or we use mechanisms allowing for config overlay (like the extrausers nss plugin in this case)15:33
jdstrandstgraber: ok, so ufw is available in the images (it will eventually be part of the network indicator) and there are smoke tests to make sure it works. they will fail once image based updates are the default15:35
jdstrandstgraber: currently it modifies files in /lib/ufw, /etc/ufw and /etc/default/ufw15:35
ogra_jdstrand, so like them to /run or if you want the settings persistent to some place in /data15:36
ogra_(or bind mount)15:36
jdstrandstgraber: what do you suggest? I'd prefer not to do wild packaging changes because ufw is also used on desktops and servers15:36
hans_henrikis flash* supported?15:36
hans_henrik(without gnash)15:37
stgraberjdstrand: so basically we can't deal with conffile prompts on upgrade, so it's easy for me to have those files copied to writable storage and then access them from there, but if you change the format during upgrades, we'll have a problem15:38
ogra_hans_henrik, nope15:38
stgraberor we'll need to add a boot-time transition script that includes migration code to re-base the file on the new copy from the package15:38
ogra_hans_henrik, youtube works though (full html5 support is there by default)15:39
hans_henrikdon't say that btw; "full html5 support" is bullshit :p15:40
ogra_well, it works fine15:40
ogra_for youtube at least15:40
ogra_and in the light that adobe stopped flash for linux a while ago already i doubt they would take the effort to port it to Mir15:41
ogra_(or wayland or anything else)15:41
jdstrandstgraber: currently only /etc/ufw/sysctl.conf and /etc/default/ufw are conffiles, the others are all ucf managed15:41
hans_henrikif "full html5 support" is indeed the case, i guess the infinite jukebox works great?  their heavy use of html5 Audio API  is only supported on chromium last i checked :p15:42
jdstrandwell, there are others, but they definitely won't change (the upstart job, rsylog config, logrotate config)15:42
hans_henrikany idea if this page works? labs.echonest.com/Uploader/index.html15:42
* ogra_ has no idea about any jukeboxes :)15:42
jdstrandthere is a /etc/ufw/applications.d dir, but ufw doesn't edit them15:42
hans_henrikcould som1 test if this page gives you a "play button", and starts playing a song when it has loaded? http://labs.echonest.com/Uploader/index.html?trid=TRORQWV13762CDDF4C15:43
stgraberjdstrand: so I've got some work schedule for next Friday (I'm sprinting this week and off all of next week except for Friday) to implement a nicer way of making files writable15:45
jcolladojdstrand: I see the test cases passed here: https://jenkins.qa.ubuntu.com/job/saucy-touch-mako-smoke-security/  It looks like the job was run twice, so probably what is being displayed in the dashboard is still the first run.15:45
ogra_hans_henrik, i have no phone near me atm, if it doesnt, please file a bug against the webrowser-app so it can be fixed15:45
stgraberjdstrand: that'll likely be a file under /etc that lists all paths that are writable with a choice of tmpfs/persistent and a flag to tell whether to copy the data over on first boot15:45
stgraberjdstrand: once we have that, it'll just be a matter of deciding what's best for each of your files/dirs and add them there15:45
hans_henrikogra_, i dont have a ubuntu touch; im just considdering getting 115:46
ogra_hans_henrik, well, if it wouldnt work it would be a bug that would get fixed :)15:46
ogra_(as long as it gets reported)15:47
popeyI'll test it15:47
jdstrandstgraber: ok, that sounds great. should we file a bug or add a work item somewhere to remember not to forget about ufw?15:47
stgraberjdstrand: so I'm planning to send an e-mail to the touch list and possibly -devel once I have a nice way of dealing with those (currently it requires 3 package changes and a full rebuild, so not ideal)15:48
jdstrandstgraber: thanks15:48
PaoloRotoloHi all!15:49
AskUbuntuData-Security in Ubuntu-Phone | http://askubuntu.com/q/32345615:50
hans_henrikAskUbuntu, are you a bot?15:50
popeyhans_henrik: tit is15:51
popeyhans_henrik: that page doesnt work15:51
popeyhans_henrik: they detect the browser it seems and spit out an error15:51
popeyhans_henrik: http://popey.com/~alan/device-2013-07-23-165214.png15:52
hans_henriknope, not the browser; e=document.creatElement(audio); if(!e)error(); if(!e.play)error();15:52
hans_henrikpopey, thanks for checking ^^15:53
jdstrandjcollado: re mako smoke> hrm, ok15:53
jcolladojdstrand: This is the link to next run in case you want to take a look in advance: https://jenkins.qa.ubuntu.com/job/saucy-touch-mako-smoke-security/40/15:54
jdstrandjcollado: will that update the dashboard? (assuming it passes)15:54
hans_henrik(but for the record, it checks if the javascript engine has the WebAudio API that it needs; (which IE and FireFox and Opera and Safari DOES NOT), and throws that error if it doesnt :p15:54
ogra_hans_henrik, so its time to file a bug :)15:56
ogra_and get it fixed for release day15:56
popeyhans_henrik: https://bugs.launchpad.net/webbrowser-app/+bug/120416115:56
ubot5Launchpad bug 1204161 in webbrowser-app "html5 audio playback doesn't work" [Undecided,New]15:56
popeyhans_henrik: feel free to leave comments there, much appreciated15:56
ogra_ah, neato15:56
hans_henrikpopey, will you still be here in about ~30 minutes?15:57
popeymy irc nickname will be15:57
popeyso leave me a message15:57
joselito1234Hi, I'm trying to solve something here... After installing Ubuntu mobile.... My nexus 4 rebooted but the screen just went black... I've tried to reinstall it or something but adb just cant find the device.15:59
ogra_joselito1234, did you use phablet-flash to install ?16:00
joselito1234phablet-flash -b16:00
joselito1234the phone enters to bootloader but when i try to access the recovery mode it just goes black... and adb cant find it.16:01
JamesTaitA couple of questions, if I may: I have ClockworkMod recovery on my Nexus 4, can I just flash, say, the system partition to get Ubuntu Touch and leave CWM in place?  And is there a dual-boot Ubuntu Touch/Android solution so I can switch back and forth easily, Just In Case?16:05
JamesTaitI'm positive these questions are answered somewhere, but my intarweb-fu is failing me.16:06
jcolladojdstrand: Yes, results have been updated now.16:07
ogra_joselito1234, apt-cache madison phablet-tools16:07
ogra_joselito1234, check that you use the latest version16:08
sbeattiecjwatson: sorry for the delay, that patch works for me. I have come across a new issue, though: http://paste.ubuntu.com/5904626/16:27
cjwatsonblink :)16:28
AskUbuntuinstall Touch on Nexus 4, via Trisquel in VM on MacAir | http://askubuntu.com/q/32347316:28
cjwatsonsbeattie: oh, you missed another part of the format change16:28
cjwatsonsbeattie: you need "Pattern: /var/lib/apparmor/clicks/${id}"16:28
cjwatsonsbeattie: and if I were you I would actually make that "Pattern: /var/lib/apparmor/clicks/${id}.json"16:29
cjwatsonsbeattie: It's helpful to have an extension so that you can unambiguously avoid editor backup files and other such silliness16:29
sbeattiemmm, yes.16:29
cloakandpigeonAnyone have any luck getting 3G data to work in Canada (Rogers)?  I have tried adjusting the serviceproviders.xml file about 100 times, but it still wont' connect16:31
n-iCeis ubuntu phone ready for any device?16:44
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savagejenIf I have a vanilla ubuntu installation of saucy, how do I make the interface look like the one for the phablet?16:49
wilee-nileesavagejen, Install touch16:54
savagejenwilee-nilee, where is it?16:54
savagejenwilee-nilee, in the ppa?16:55
wilee-nileesavagejen, I have not done it for awhile but the channel header has the info in the links16:56
jdstrandjcollado: cool, thanks :)16:59
savagejenwilee-nilee, I am just not finding it17:07
savagejenI did find a ppa called "touch-coreapps"17:08
wilee-nileesavagejen, this https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Touch/Install#Instructions_for_flashing_a_phone_or_tablet_device_with_Ubuntu17:08
popeysavagejen: wassup?17:08
savagejenwilee-nilee, no I'm not looking to flash a phone17:09
savagejenI have a touch screen laptop running saucy17:09
savagejenand want to give it the tablet interface17:09
savagejenwith all the fancy touch gestures17:09
wilee-nileesavagejen, Does not matter I loaded my nexus 717:09
savagejenI don't need to flash to a phone or tablet17:10
wilee-nileesavagejen, you can't just add the touch stuff to saucy as far as I know.17:10
savagejenwhy not?17:10
wilee-nileesavagejen, touch is 1/2 android, I'm not sure myself what is what as far as what you want.17:11
ogra_savagejen, oncee unity8 fully runs on MIr and Mir is in the archive you will be able to17:11
ogra_wilee-nilee, he can just install the shell17:11
ogra_it wont be a great experience but it surely works  once all bits are apt-gettable17:12
wilee-nileeogra_, I wondered, I was trying to make it clear that I only know so much, which is mot much, even on a good day. ;)17:12
ogra_well, the UI isnt bound to the android bits17:12
ogra_we do that on a lower level ... so just having the touch shell is possible17:13
wilee-nileeogra_, I know there is the saucy load17:13
wilee-nileeI have used both on my nexus 717:13
wilee-nileesavagejen, Is any of that making sense for you?17:16
savagejensorry on a call17:16
savagejenbut I want the interface on my laptop17:17
cjwatsonsbeattie: I'm having a go at writing the desktop hook now, although it will only work at all once click-apparmor is in place17:18
cjwatsonsbeattie: do you expect you might have that in place today?17:18
wilee-nileesavagejen, I'm only slightly familiar with all this so others will be better in helping. ;)17:19
sbeattiecjwatson: yeah, that's the intent17:25
annerajbOh ... just noticed the ubuntu edge is not CDMA... Does anyone know if it will support both CDMA and GSM??17:32
popeyit wont17:32
annerajboh brb going to cry under the desk17:32
annerajbnow i have to find a company that works as well as sprint that is GSM :(17:34
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cjwatsonsbeattie: You're possibly going to run into https://bazaar.launchpad.net/+branch/click/revision/16417:57
sbeattiecjwatson: ah, possibly, yeah.17:58
cjwatson(Breaks "click hook remove")17:58
marlinchttps://upload.wikimedia.org/wikipedia/en/thumb/1/16/Drevil_million_dollars.jpg/200px-Drevil_million_dollars.jpg - 32 million dollarsssss18:03
annerajbmarlinc: lol18:10
marlincI hope they succeed :)18:10
annerajbsame marlinc i also hope i have changed my carrier to a gsm one -_-18:11
marlincHaha :p18:12
marlincI hope we will get LTE in the entire country soon18:13
marlincWell soon might not happen :P18:13
annerajbmarlinc: i dont get if LTE should work on Sprint or if it has to be CDMA and LTE to work on sprint18:18
marlincBy the entire country I mean The Netherlands right :)18:18
marlincI don't know about the state in the US18:18
annerajbmarlinc: IC18:19
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cjwatsonExec = aa-exec -p com.ubuntu.calendar_calendar_0.4 qmlscene calendar.qml18:29
cjwatsonsbeattie: ^- that's right, isn't it?18:29
sbeattiecjwatson: ^18:30
barryseb128: hi.  just wondering what's up with the ui work today.  i am patch piloting this afternoon, and had a critical bug to fix this morning, so i haven't even started to look at it.18:31
cjwatsonsbeattie: If anything in https://bazaar.launchpad.net/+branch/click/revision/166 looks wrong to you (as opposed to merely ghastly), now's a good time to say :)18:31
sbeattiecjwatson: nothing looks obviously wrong to me, ugly though the desktop quoting might be.18:40
cjwatsonYeah, that's one of those where I want to reeducate the people who designed the format.  With a rubber mallet18:41
marlincWill any of the core touch apps be available on the desktop?18:41
cjwatsonAnd it seems to work at least for now18:41
* cjwatson uploads click 0.2.218:41
cjwatsonAnd I think it may be time for beer18:43
savagejenogra_, where can I find the package for the touch shell?18:48
savagejensorry that call took forever18:49
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seb128barry, hey, yes, we are on it, let me update the bug19:26
seb128barry, I spent an hour with didrocks today to get him started, he said he should have something working tomorrow19:26
seb128barry, is the service working on a normal desktop or only on ubuntu touch?19:27
barryseb128: only on touch, although if you fiddle with the ini file (to select writable paths) and run it as non-root, you can do everything on a normal desktop except reboot to recovery :)19:28
barryseb128: that sounds great, thanks19:29
seb128barry, ok, that's good to know, makes testing/iterating easier19:29
seb128barry, yw!19:29
dolm_Hey guys, I have a question is Ubuntu-touch still running on the android kernel?19:29
annerajbdolm_: AFAIK it's not19:32
dolm_have they modified the linux kernel?19:32
dolm_Or on which kernel do they run19:33
ogra_dolm_, it is the android kernel source with a modified config19:34
ogra_(and on the nexus devices with a few extra bits added ... i.e. apparmor)19:35
dolm_many thanks for the answers!19:38
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plarsrsalveti: I'm seeing the camera app crash if I switch back and forth quickly, maybe a dup of https://bugs.launchpad.net/touch-preview-images/+bug/1203133 but from your bug I got the idea that it didn't crash, just that it did all of the actions?19:55
ubot5Launchpad bug 1203133 in touch-preview-images "[camera-app] change camera button should be blocked while the app is switching cameras" [Undecided,New]19:55
rsalvetiplars: there's a memory related crash if you're using maguro19:56
plarsrsalveti: this one is on mako19:56
rsalvetiplars: have output from logcat?19:56
rsalvetiplars: interesting, let me try to reproduce19:57
plarsrsalveti: yes, one moment and I can pastebin it19:57
rsalvetiplars: yeah, for me it just worked as expected, just took a few minutes to do all the actions :-)19:57
plarsrsalveti: http://paste.ubuntu.com/5905256/19:58
rsalvetiplars: ouch, got a different crash here19:59
rsalvetirebooting and will try again20:00
rsalvetiplars: which image are you using? let me reflash my device20:01
plarsrsalveti: ah crap, I forgot the --pending again20:01
plarsrsalveti: I just realized that20:01
plarsrsalveti: let me reflash and retry20:01
rsalvetiplars: right, I'm also reflashing mine to see20:01
rsalvetiE/QualcommCamera(  554): int android::camera_device_open(const hw_module_t*, const char*, hw_device_t**) Mutliple camera open instances are not supported20:02
rsalvetibut seems I'm getting a regression here, seems it's trying to open the second camera while the first one is still opened20:02
sergiusensrsalveti: did you see my ping from yesterday morning?20:03
rsalvetisergiusens: yesterday morning? not so sure20:03
rsalvetisergiusens: which ping?20:04
sergiusens10:49 < sergiusens> FAILED (failures=5)20:04
sergiusens10:49 < sergiusens> asac: ^^20:04
sergiusens10:50 < sergiusens> asac: rsalveti main cause of failures in camera-app on manta is "Camera error: "Unable to connect to camera" "20:04
rsalvetiright, that's manta20:04
rsalvetilet me also reflash that20:04
rsalvetiseems the camera hal is really sensible somehow20:05
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rsalvetisergiusens: plars: the camera app is really broken with mako20:13
rsalvetiworks just fine with maguro, can take pictures, switch camera, record video20:14
plarsrsalveti: yeah, that's what I'm getting at20:14
rsalvetibut it seems we need a bit of more love in the hal layer20:14
ItsHorstHi, are there plans that the ubuntu installer offers btrfs on a LUKS-encrypted partition?20:14
rsalvetithere are so many bugs in the camera-app it's not even fun20:15
rsalvetiplars: let me open a few and you can confirm them20:15
plarsrsalveti: ok, sounds good20:15
xnoxItsHorst: that's not related to this channel, you might want to look into #ubuntu-installer. And that is available, but is not stable (can fail to boot sometimes)20:17
ItsHorstSorry for the wrong channel and thank you for your answer! I will ask there!! Thanks again!20:18
rsalvetiplars: bug 120425520:19
ubot5bug 1204255 in touch-preview-images "[camera-app][mako] can't record video, invalid frame rate" [Critical,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/120425520:19
ImageJPEGI need some help trying to get Ubuntu Touch on my Droid Bionic, I followed this guide: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Touch/Devices/targa and all i get is a blank screen after rebooting from safestrap20:21
annerajbImageJPEG: if you connect the usb cable and go into adb shell can you connect to the device?20:21
ImageJPEGi currently have a usb cable connected for power, can't transfer data20:22
ImageJPEGi don't have access to a usb cable to transfer data atm20:22
rsalvetisergiusens: we need to work with the hal/hybris testing asap20:22
rsalvetithis could be functional tests for qtubuntu-camera20:22
rsalvetiplars: bug 120426020:28
ubot5bug 1204260 in camera-app "[camera-app][mako] switching cameras crashes mm-qcamera-daemon" [High,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/120426020:28
sergiusensrsalveti: ack20:29
sergiusensit's my focus of the week20:29
sergiusensnot going to be firefighting anymore20:29
rsalvetiyeah, +120:29
plarsrsalveti: confirmed the first one, on 1204260 though I'm seeing something different. I don't see the crash, instead it seems to get stuck on one camera for me20:45
plarsoh, there it is20:46
plarssecond try did it20:46
rsalvetiplars: yeah, I got both20:47
rsalvetiguess they are probably related20:48
rsalvetiseems to be a race or similar20:48
rsalvetisergiusens: seems the camera-app is crashing from time to time with manta21:00
rsalvetitrying to reproduce, but it's always working now =\21:00
rsalvetigot it, finally21:01
rsalvetisergiusens: plars: bug 120426921:03
ubot5bug 1204269 in camera-app "[camera-app][manta] app freezes after taking picture" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/120426921:03
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plarsrsalveti: having trouble reproducing this one21:06
rsalvetiyeah, work most of the time it seems21:07
plarsrsalveti: oh, manta... I just saw that finally :)21:07
plarsrsalveti: I don't have a manta at home21:07
rsalvetioh, right21:07
rsalvetithen sergiusens can't confirm21:07
sergiusensrsalveti: can or cant?21:07
sergiusenswhat do you want it to be?21:07
MacSlowveebers, ping21:12
cjwatsonsbeattie: Any luck?  I'm slightly worried that we might end up with this half-landed in tomorrow's image, and it just occurred to me that we might find that the desktop files for the click core apps installed in the image will take priority over the ones created for the packaged ones21:14
cjwatsonsbeattie: So it would be very nice if they actually worked :-)21:14
sergiusensrsalveti: reproduced on first try21:22
rsalvetisergiusens: urgh21:22
cjwatsonOh, I forgot to set Path in generated .desktop files.  Better do that now21:27
Guganhello all, this is my first time here.21:40
Gugani have a samsung galaxy s plus gt-i9001 device21:40
Guganis there a possibility to installa ubuntu touch21:41
AskUbuntuUbuntu touch to Android on Nexus S | http://askubuntu.com/q/32359521:44
mhall119!devices | Gugan21:45
mhall119ubot5: ?21:45
ubot5Gugan: You can find the full list of devices, official images, community images, and works in progress at https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Touch/Devices21:45
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cjwatsonsergiusens: I am kind of tempted to disable the code in livecd-rootfs that installs .click packages for tomorrow's images, to make the landing of desktop file and AppArmor profile generation a bit less rough.  What do you think?22:08
cjwatsonsergiusens: There are several potential problems I can foresee with leaving that enabled following click 0.2.2, and I think it would be better to try installing Click packages on top of a clean image to see how they behave before turning the preinstallation back on22:09
cjwatsonsergiusens: (And click 0.2.2 etc. is a prerequisite for making preinstalled Click packages actually usable)22:10
veebersMacSlow: pong22:11
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jdstrandcjwatson: hi! I'm testing click 0.2.2 with click-apparmor, and it is all working great :)22:14
jdstrandcjwatson: is the desktop hook fully implemented?22:14
jdstrandI see this pattern: ${home}/.local/share/click/hooks/desktop/${id}.desktop22:15
jdstrandbut nothing showed up in ~/.local/share/click/hooks/desktop/22:15
jdstrand(the directory doesn't exist22:15
cjwatsonjdstrand: There are a few fixes needed in 0.2.3, which I just uploaded22:15
cjwatsonjdstrand: Are you using pkcon to install?22:16
jdstrandI was just using click install22:16
cjwatson(a) pkcon doesn't work right in 0.2.2, hence 0.2.3 (b) if you're using click install then you need to remember --user=jdstrand (or whatever) to register the installed package for your user22:17
cjwatsonIf you don't register it then user-level hooks don't get called22:17
jdstrandthat was probably it22:18
cjwatson~/.local/share/click/hooks/desktop/ is an intermediate directory - the actual output lands in ~/.local/share/applications/22:18
jdstrandcjwatson: does this json look ok: http://paste.ubuntu.com/5905647/22:18
cjwatsonjdstrand: As I said to sergiusens above, I think we should temporarily stop preinstalling Click packages in daily images so that we minimise risk to daily quality from bugs in this set of changes we're landing22:19
jdstrandcjwatson: oh, that's fine22:19
cjwatsonSince nothing actually depends on those preinstallations today as far as I know - we just wanted to make sure we could do it22:19
jdstrandI was going to put this on people and have someone install it manually for the walkthrough22:19
cjwatsonjdstrand: Yes, that JSON looks fine to me22:19
asacsergiusens: yeah. manta is second prio though22:19
jdstrandcjwatson: this is actually starting to get rather exciting :)22:20
asacwe want mako/maguro to be top22:20
jdstrandthings are coming together :)22:20
cjwatsonIt's coming together22:20
jdstrandyeah, --user=... did the trick :)22:22
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jdstrandcjwatson: oh, hah, you made the desktop hook prepend aa-exec. you're sneaky :) I was wondering why you made the wiki page edit earlier today :)22:26
* jdstrand hugs cjwatson and sbeattie 22:26
cjwatsonYep, pretty much had to22:27
cjwatsonI've disabled the preinstallation of Click packages for now as mentioned above, and sent mail with a progress report22:27
cjwatsonjdstrand: So does it actually let you launch the app?22:28
cjwatsonI guess I maybe need to munge the Icon field22:29
cjwatsonAnd I suspect X-Ubuntu-Gettext-Domain won't cause it to fetch translations from the right directory, but I'd need help to fix that22:29
jdstrandcjwatson: it will need an adjustment for sure22:30
jdstrandcjwatson: '--' should be before qmlscene. eg Exec=aa-exec -p <profile> -- /usr/bin/qmlscene ...22:30
cjwatsonjdstrand: If you have this up and running, you have about half an hour of my attention before I want to crash, so now's a good time to squeeze more stuff in for the demo :)22:30
cjwatsonjdstrand: OK22:30
jdstrandI'm testing if that's all that's needed22:31
cjwatsonI don't think we need the full path to qmlscene in general; aa-exec uses a primitive that winds up being execvp22:31
cjwatsonjdstrand: (done for 0.2.4)22:33
cjwatsonIt's launchable?22:38
jdstrandcjwatson: with manually adding '--' and adjusting my .desktop file, it worked on the desktop22:38
jdstrand(I had an error in my desktop file)22:38
jdstrandyes, let me try on group22:38
cjwatsonUploaded 0.2.422:39
cjwatsonWhat were you trying on?22:39
cjwatsonOh, the desktop22:39
cjwatsonToo many meanings of desktop22:39
jdstrandsaucy desktop. unity 722:39
cjwatsonYeah, that's definitely a good start but I'd like confirmation of behaviour with the touch shell for sure22:39
jdstrandI have the new qtubuntu on grouper22:40
jdstrandso just gonna try there real quick22:40
marlincThis is the wrong channel but anyone who knows something about Unity integration on the desktop? :p No one is talking in #ubuntu-unity and #ubuntu-app-devel ...22:40
k1lany chance on getting the demoed ubuntu4android app for the nexus4?22:44
jdstrandcjwatson: well, I unfortunately have to go, and I need to rebuild the click-apparmor package on armhf. I'll let you know how things go when I get up22:44
jdstrandcjwatson: the only question is if the dash will pick it up. I know that the hooks will put everything where the would on desktop, and I know aa-exec with the profile works22:45
cjwatsonjdstrand: OK, thanks for the feedback.  I'll be around again in nine hours or so22:46
liam__http://cdimage.ubuntu.com/ubuntu-touch/daily-preinstalled/20130716/         is this for phone also?22:56
sergiusenscjwatson: for tomorrow when you look. I'm fine with disabling23:01
cjwatsonsergiusens: great, thanks (working on that whole bed thing ...)23:08
cjwatsonjdstrand: When is the test-run demo to Rick?23:11
sergiusenswe can sync back tomorrow23:11
gnufsindiegogo down23:15
gnufsfalse alarm. it got back online.23:16
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