BigRedSbigcalm: "the company will hire a network guy at some point" ; I wouldn't hold your breath07:19
jpdsEveryone needs to know a bit about networking.07:19
BigRedSyeah, but just enough that it's dangerous to not have a network guy around to supervise07:20
czajkowskiBigRedS: bingo07:28
AlanBelllooks like the phone thingie is 10% of the way to the goal, which is kinda impressive07:40
TheOpenSourcererThe first $3m was the $600 phone though. Now it's $830... Bet it slows down.07:41
AlanBellthey would have to have a fundraising profile unlike any other crowdfunding event to hit the target still07:41
ali1234current 2-hour projction says 67%07:42
ali1234that's still very achievable if there is a big spike at the end, which there probably will be if it looks like getting close07:42
ali1234i wonder how many preorders jolla got07:48
diploMorning all07:50
directhexali1234, i can't find a kicktraq equivalent for indiegogo07:58
ali1234directhex: apparently they have a stats api. someone is pulling it and mirroring to U107:58
ali1234and also generating the projection07:58
ali1234i don't know how it works but i am using this:07:59
ali1234watch -n 300 'echo -n "   Current:" ; wget -O - -o /dev/null http://ubuntuone.com/2woYdw7S6lUssuio7Jr69P | tail -n 1 | cut -d, -f2 ; echo -n "Projection: " ; wget -O - -o /dev/null http://ubuntuone.com/3KsmEumWq4td3vbHjSUQJS'07:59
arc__what is the linux mint channel on the irc08:00
arc__ok cuz i just put #mint08:01
Laneyoh my god08:04
Laneythis storm08:04
LaneyMooDoo: tell me you're here!08:05
christelit is A LOVELY DAY08:05
Laney5041 out of 5000 claimed08:11
DJones!mint | arc__08:11
lubotu3arc__: Linux Mint is not a supported derivative of Ubuntu. Please seek support in #linuxmint-help on irc.spotchat.org08:11
Laneyhow did that happen?08:11
DJonesarc__: The official support channel for mint is on a different network to freenode, see lubotu3's info08:12
=== schwuk_away is now known as schwuk
bigcalmGood morning peeps :)08:20
brobostigongood morning everyone,08:22
BigRedSGoood Morning!08:22
brobostigonmorning BigRedS08:23
arc__is it normal for the startup disk creator to lag/hang on (90-98%)08:35
arc__for 10mins +08:35
bigcalmI'm guessing you've opted to create user space08:40
bigcalmOh, never mind then :)08:40
neuro_ali1234: where did you get those u1 urls from?08:45
ali1234found them on g+08:45
neuro_ah k08:46
neuro_that's no api08:46
neuro_that's aq doing a spot of scraping :)08:47
ali1234no the comments08:48
neuro_yeah, they're scraping, indiegogo doesn't have a public API08:48
neuro_notice tim using BeautifulSoup08:49
mungbeansomeone should add a plugin for supybot08:49
JamesTaitGood morning all, happy Sweet Child O' Mine Day! :-D08:49
JamesTaitneuro_, daysoftheyear.com has Hot Dog Day, which I thought was rubbish, so I trawled the archives and apparently Guns 'n' Roses launched Sweet Child O' Mine on this day in 1988.08:50
neuro_um, no08:50
neuro_Appetite for Destruction came out on 21st July 198708:51
neuro_Sweet Child o'Mine was released as a single on 17th August 198808:51
mungbeanoh i thought we were celebrating the royal prince!08:51
JamesTaitmungbean, maybe you're getting confused with Purple Rain?08:52
neuro_how could you confuse purple rain with babies?08:53
JamesTaitneuro_, Purple Rain, by Prince. Tenuous, admittedly.08:54
neuro_yeah, i got that, i just didn't want to acknowledge such an awful pun :)08:55
JamesTaitneuro_, I misrepresented the significance of the day - Sweet Child entered the Billboard Top 40 on this day in 1988.  Apparently.08:55
JamesTaitSource: http://www.history.com/this-day-in-history/guns-n-roses-make-popular-breakthrough-with-quotsweet-child-o-minequot08:56
mungbeanmy baby was was born on 3.14 pi day, and the royal baby was born on 22/7 which is pi approximation day08:58
mungbeanits fate...08:58
ali1234they should name him Thor08:58
ali1234because how awesome would it be to have King Thor?08:59
neuro_(note: kingly name not necessarily related to princely name)08:59
brobostigonor arthur? lol.08:59
mungbeanubuntu phone made the bbc09:00
JamesTaitNow *that's* news. :)09:00
mungbeandid i dream that they called him george?09:00
JamesTaitTyler, I heard.09:00
mungbeanwell they edited it today09:00
=== graingert is now known as Guest19239
mungbean"As of Tuesday morning, the Ubuntu Edge phone had attracted just over $3,295,000 worth of pledges, but the terms of the campaign mean Canonical does not receive the cash unless it hits its target."09:01
neuro_i can barely read bbc tech news these days09:01
neuro_every article assumes you're an idiot09:01
neuro_and there are often mistakes09:01
JamesTait$3.3m now. The $600 ones are sold out.09:01
mungbeanit was next to a story "beyonce gets hair caught in a fan"09:01
JamesTaitPoor fan.09:02
JamesTaitI mean, what was she doing to the poor person to get her hair stuck in them?09:02
ali1234hah, it's still going up?09:02
mungbeanoooh another 10k funder09:02
ali1234bbc article should be good for another half million i guess09:03
ali1234otoh it was posted yesterday09:03
mungbeanhow many phones is that09:04
ali1234hmm RS has a free next day delivery offer09:05
ali1234anyone else get the email just now?09:05
ali1234is this even a change or are they just emailing to remind me they still exist?09:06
mungbeani accidentally clicked "fork" on github. how can i remove it?09:10
mungbeangot it09:13
mungbeanWe wanted to let you know that Amazon.co.uk has introduced a £10 minimum spend to qualify for Free Super Saver Delivery in a number of product categories, effective 23 July 2013.09:18
mungbeanOrders that include books, DVDs, Blu-rays, music, video games and software products continue to qualify for Free Super Saver Delivery with no minimum spend threshold. So whether it’s a new release CD for £7 or a bestselling book for £5, you’ll continue to receive Free Super Saver Delivery on millions of items regardless of the amount you spend. In fact, you will continue to enjoy Free Super Saver Delivery on all orders that include these 09:19
dwatkinsah, that's what that mail from Amazon Prime was about09:20
mungbeanbecause argos etc will probably follow suit09:20
dwatkinsArgos do free delivery?09:20
mungbeani bougt a small item t'other day with free delivery09:20
dwatkinsthat was the straw which broke the camel's back, clearly09:20
ali1234find the shop on amazon and then buy from their own website09:21
ali1234then amazon don't get any money09:21
mungbeanwith modelzone in administration, my local model shop closing for council enforced refurb, i have nowhere to buy models cheaply09:21
BigRedSThe only stuffy I buy from Amazon is stuff actually sold by Amazon09:21
BigRedSelse I figure I might as well just use Ebay09:21
ali1234i would rather pay more and buy it somewhere else09:21
mungbeanyeah, i wish there was a button to click "NO 3rd PARTY"09:22
BigRedSmungbean: you can select "amazon.co.uk" out of the "sold by" list, but only once you've picked a category09:22
BigRedSali1234: i keep meaning to, but Somewhere Else keeps being worse than Amazon09:23
mungbeani found a new retailer but their stock is not as diverse09:23
neuro_oh good, ovh / kimsufi's internal network has been compromised09:27
neuro_french dedicated server host09:28
neuro_they "assume" the person got their european customer database09:28
neuro_name, ovh nic, contact details, encrypted+salted password09:29
ali1234there's a lot of this going around at the moment09:29
neuro_i know09:29
neuro_worrying, isn't it09:29
ali1234school holidays?09:29
ali1234i am not particularly worried by it09:30
SuperMattI think there might be some bugs in saucy right now09:30
mungbeanmust be the weather SuperMatt09:30
SuperMatt/usr/share/lightdm/greeters is now /usr/share/xgreeters, but the lightdm confs haven't been updated to reflect it09:30
SuperMattcould be09:31
SuperMattbut it's driving me up the wall09:31
SuperMattI've had to boot back in to osx09:31
ali1234symlink it and forget about it?09:31
SuperMattyeeeaaah, that's not the only issue09:31
SuperMattthe dm won't start up, claiming it can't find any x screens09:32
ali1234surely that's intentional?09:32
SuperMattI shouldn't have thought so09:32
ali1234just imagine if you had a choice between this, or 12.0409:33
SuperMattugg no, I couldn't use 12.0409:33
mungbeanall my machines are 12.0409:33
SuperMattit all depends on requirement09:34
SuperMattand preference09:34
mungbean3 are running elementary PPA though09:34
mungbeanonly one has unity (and not for long)09:34
=== Myrtti_ is now known as Guest91874
JamesTaitPotentially interesting graph: http://webnumbr.com/ubuntu-edge-funding09:40
=== Guest91874 is now known as Myrtti
neuro_potentially interesting because it doesn't work? :)09:44
bigcalmA page that never loads, nice09:44
neuro_oh, here we go09:45
neuro_oof, sharp tail after 4am09:45
mungbeanhow dare people go to bed09:46
bigcalmI guess I didn't leave it long enough. My loss09:46
* neuro_ hears thunder outside09:46
neuro_oh joy09:46
bigcalmWas a nice storm, hope your power stays put09:46
neuro_i've had two power cuts in my nearly 13 years living here09:47
neuro_neither due to storms09:47
bigcalmWork me and Hayley up at 5am, terrible night sleep after that when we eventually got to sleep09:47
neuro_haven't seen any flashes through the window yet09:47
neuro_but it's definitely getting closer09:48
bigcalmAre you counting elephants?09:48
neuro_HAVEN'T seen flashes yet :)09:48
mgdmI've seen them, but I have headphones on so can't hear the thunder :-)09:48
neuro_good shout, choons09:49
mgdmthere's another one09:49
mgdmneuro_: you at home or in Embra?09:49
neuro_9 secs from you saying "there's one" to me hearing it09:49
mungbeanthat page never loads for me09:49
neuro_which means it's between us :)09:50
neuro_my office window faces northish09:50
mgdmthe one I"m looking at faces south09:51
neuro_wait, you're in glesga, aye?09:51
neuro_or embra?09:51
MartijnVdShttps://subbable.com/crashcourse is doing better :P09:54
mgdmneuro_: aye, glesga09:54
mgdmneuro_: beside the Squinty09:54
neuro_i always found it funny that stv and the beeb planted themselves right next to each other09:55
mgdmWe were here first \o/ (as I understand it)09:55
mgdmand there was an effort to make a 'digital media quarter' down here (so says the sign)09:56
neuro_"beat it, ya publicly funded bawbags!"09:56
mgdmCapital FM are between us and the Beeb09:56
neuro_at some point i want rock radio to turn a tx towards cumbernauld09:56
mgdmoh aye09:56
neuro_a legacy from Q9609:57
neuro_and sometimes the feed on tunein doesn't work right, so i end up listening to the manchester variant09:58
neuro_weird hearing the same music then some random ad for a manc cab company09:58
neuro_wow, thunder really kicking off now09:58
davmor2Morning all10:04
Dave2I got a bit wet when cycling in10:04
Dave2Only a little bit, though, and it was refreshing10:04
davmor2neuro_: you can't blag me with your fake yorkshire accent, get ye back to Scotland ;)10:11
neuro_davmor2: dammit, busted :)10:19
ali1234has anyone read feersum endjinn?10:20
ali1234i read on some message board that the character bascule is supposed to have a scottish accent (he writes everything phonetically) but he always sounded more cockney to me10:22
SuperMattwoo! I have my display server back10:41
SuperMattlooks like the root of the issue was down to my box not installing the lastest kernel correctly10:41
SuperMattthat was a lot hairier than it needed to be10:42
DJonesCan somebody let me know what my quit/exit reason was a minute or two ago, just wondering whether I was on the wrong side of a netsplit or whether I timed out11:04
TheOpenSourcerer(11:59:46) DJones left the room (quit: Changing host).11:05
bigcalmAnd just before that: * DJones has quit (*.net *.split)11:05
DJonesAh, thanks, that would explain it11:05
DJonesnetsplits yay11:06
oourrfhow i can print to the same line in python?11:11
MartijnVdSprint "the same line"11:12
MartijnVdSoourrf: http://stackoverflow.com/questions/493386/how-to-print-in-python-without-newline-or-space11:12
MartijnVdSoourrf: google is your friend11:13
oourrfgoogle hate me11:13
neuro_gotta love hotukdeals.com sending out a deal in their newsletter today that expired 2 days ago11:27
mungbeananyone got experience with modules package rather than sourcing .sh scripts?11:28
MartijnVdSmungbean: like dkms?11:29
mungbeanno, like modulefiles11:29
mungbeanThe  modulefiles  are  added  to  and  removed  from  the  current  environment  by the user.  The environment changes contained in a modulefile can be summarized  through  the  module  command  as well.11:29
MartijnVdSkernel modules?11:29
mungbeanenvironment settings11:29
mungbeanman module11:29
MartijnVdSmungbean: a TCL thing?11:29
=== mh0 is now known as PepperClark
=== PepperClark is now known as mh0
neuro_hmm, that's the second delicious password reset request notification i've had in the last hour11:43
=== Guest46778 is now known as Monotoko
neuro_breaking news, royal baby to be called Linus12:56
popeyMorning all12:57
neuro_why aye12:57
mgdm'lo popey12:57
neuro_blimeh, another air crash in US last night12:58
neuro_southwest 737 nose wheel failure on landing at la guardia12:58
MartijnVdSneuro_: not "Steve"?13:01
TheOpenSourcererWhy not "The Edge"13:02
TheOpenSourcererSee what I did there?13:03
neuro_actually, it's going to be called Susan13:03
mungbeanwhat would it cost (very approx) to send a box from derby->london , not very heavy but maybe approaching tv sized box13:05
MartijnVdSTheOpenSourcerer: "Kevin"13:06
MartijnVdSTheOpenSourcerer: so he'd be "King Kevin I"13:06
TheOpenSourcerermungbean: I used to have an account with Parceforce. UK Mainland 48hr up to about 40Kg was £8 IIRC.13:07
mungbeanpretty good13:07
TheOpenSourcererMy wife has used these before: http://www.parcel2go.com13:08
popeyyeah, i have used p2g before, but there is a local boxes etc type place and they said dont use p2g, they'll undercut them every time13:09
mungbeantrying to negotiate a sale on gumtree of loose items13:09
mungbeanits a bargain but i don't wanna drive 3+ hours type bargain13:10
mungbeanparcelforce looks cheaper13:11
xnoxLaney: lastpass is confusing, tried to use to update a site to a random password generated by it, it well submitted the form but didn't store the new password in lastpass =(13:18
xnoxLaney: oh noes, all is fine it did save it!13:19
Myrttiugh, I just OD'd on salmiakki13:22
TheOpenSourcererSalty Liquorice or the booze?13:26
mungbeanso as ballpark figure, we need to see 1,000 phones in the $830 range per day getting sold?13:27
marxjohnsonmungbean: that's about right13:27
TheOpenSourcererthey aren't going up very quickly now.13:29
mungbean283 since 7am13:30
MartijnVdSno enterprise bundles yet13:30
mungbeanplus the regret effect where someone is cheesed off about not getting the first 5000, so waits a few days13:30
MyrttiTheOpenSourcerer: the candy13:30
marxjohnsonGoing to be interesting how Canonical play it, whether they're planning to let it run or there'll be periodic marketing pushes13:33
mungbeanwhat's the story with the new elite game?13:35
marxjohnsonmungbean: in dev I think13:35
marxjohnson"out 2014"13:36
mungbeanbest game ever13:38
marxjohnsonbetter if they were doing a Linux port!13:39
mungbeanah, i was wondering why i didn't contirbute13:39
mungbeanoolite gives my fix13:39
mungbeanand my computer is 5yrs old13:41
ali1234david braben is like the george lucas of video games13:50
MartijnVdSali1234: who's the jarjar of the elite universe then?13:51
ali1234the people funding "elite 4: this time we really mean it"13:51
MartijnVdS"Meesa stupid!"13:51
ali1234i kid.13:51
ali1234but it's like when he was young and had people around him to say "that's rubbish, don't do that" - that's when he did all his best work13:53
ali1234now he's old and rich and gets his own way... most of it isn't great13:53
ali1234also i might be confusing some of his work with peter molyneux13:54
mungbeanor bono14:00
mungbeana multiplayer elite needed to be done14:01
ali1234it's called eve14:01
ali1234it's a lot less fun than you would imagine14:02
mungbeani've heard of eve but didn't know that14:02
mungbeanhence branding tends to do well14:02
mungbeansingle player elite is awesome anywy14:02
ali1234the only thing eve doesn't have is dogfighting14:02
mungbeanespecially with the oolite extensions14:02
ali1234it has literally everything else14:03
mungbeando you shoot people in eve or not though/14:03
ali1234but you fly with the mouse14:03
ali1234and dogfighting is inneffective14:03
ali1234combat is about strength in numbers and staying at the most effective range14:04
mungbeani spend most my time hunting lone traders and scooping up their cargo14:04
ali1234you cannot solo in eve14:04
ivankayo aquarius14:04
ali1234you will be killed immediately14:04
aquariusheya ivanka14:04
ali1234i mean within 5 minutes of entering any sector where combat is allowed14:04
mungbeandoesn't scale to MMO then14:04
ali1234yes, that is the problem14:04
ivankaaquarius, did you make an indicator to track ubuntu edge?14:05
* ivanka ivanka wantss14:05
ali1234a game where you can choose to be a pirate doesn't work as an MMO except for a certain type of player14:05
davmor2ivanka: he did14:05
ivankaschoolgirl error14:05
* ivanka wants14:05
ivankaaquarius, how do I install it?14:05
MartijnVdSivanka: he posted about it on G+14:05
ali1234because *everyone* wants to be a pirate - and if they don't, they're just constantly getting killed by pirates14:05
aquariusivanka, I did. :) https://plus.google.com/u/0/108243663090085262773/posts/irW4n4abMs8 -- techie instructions, I'm afraid.14:05
ivankahave to go to meeting, will install later :-)14:06
aquariusivanka, download that script, then "python name-you-downloaded-it-as.py" in a terminal...14:06
davmor2ivanka: oh I thought you were turning slowly into Golum14:06
ivankadavmor2 :-)14:06
ali1234so what they did was split the world into "empire" and "anything goes" - and in empire everyone afk mines all day, in the rest of space it's 100% PvP in throwaway ships14:06
ali1234on the borders at least. in deep null sec it's locked down by corps, which are player clans/guilds/ or whatever. 50% of the map is owned by goonfleet who are basically pro griefers14:07
mungbean55phones/hour req'd14:07
mungbeanwell, between 45-5514:08
mungbeanMMO sounds boring14:09
mungbeanmight as well go to work14:09
ali1234it is. it is like having a job14:09
ali1234the game is also known as "spreadsheets in space"14:09
mungbeanincluding the commute14:09
=== Hornet- is now known as Hornet
mungbeanin other news i got my phi coprocessors up and running14:09
ali1234i look forward to seeing how elite 4 solves these problems but i can't see it happening14:10
mungbeanhard to understand the benchmarks though14:10
ali1234what is a phi coprocssor?14:12
mungbeana coprocessor made by intel with lots of cores14:12
mungbeanbut not cuda14:12
ali1234is that like the kinght's corner stuff?14:12
mungbeanregular x86 code14:12
mungbeanali1234: yes, the new version14:12
mgdmmungbean: what are you using it for (out of noseyness)?14:12
mungbeani have 2 servers with 2 cards each14:13
ali1234i didn't know you could actually buy that stuff14:13
mungbeanthey cost around £2.5-3k per card14:13
ali1234i thought it was still prototype14:13
mungbeani haz pics14:13
mungbeanthey released in march i think14:13
MartijnVdSbut will they run emacs?14:13
mungbeanthey run linux14:14
mungbeanyou can ssh to the card14:14
MartijnVdSdo they blend?14:14
ali1234you don't just get X amount of CPUs in one system?14:14
mungbeanits complicated14:14
mungbeanyou can offload jobs14:14
mungbeanits not that complicatied14:14
mungbeanbut you can compile native code, or offload14:14
mungbeanhold on , i'll find the info14:14
mungbeanagh, my u1 still broken14:15
ali1234my code is using pool.multiprocessing still14:15
ali1234that means it just shells n pythons and then collates the results14:15
mungbeanneed 100+ threads, and vectorisation14:16
mungbeanthis is usually a 1u server, but 1u is the co-pros too14:16
ali1234threads *and* vectorisation?14:16
ali1234it's SIMD?14:17
mungbeanRather than traditional narrow MMX, SSE or AVX vector capabilities, the Intel® Xeon Phi™ coprocessor is equipped with uniquely-wide 512-bit SIMD vectors14:19
ali1234i don't know if i could benefit from that or not14:22
ali1234maybe if numpy ever supports it14:22
ali1234my problem is i'm doing blind deconvolution by a brute force approach, using heuristics to skip certain "obviously wrong" answers14:24
ali1234but those heuristics also make vectorization impossible14:24
ali1234well, probably not impossible. just too hard for me14:26
mungbeanalso need intel compiler 2013 afai see14:27
ali1234yeah that's no good. i want to type "cat /proc/cpuinfo" and have 200 cores14:27
mungbean240 cores ;)14:27
ali1234yeah, that :)14:28
mungbeani did14:28
mungbeanas i say, ssh mic014:28
mungbeanruns linux14:28
ali1234and i can run 240 pythons and they all run full speed?14:28
ali1234that's all i really need :)14:29
mungbeangive me some code and i'll test14:29
ali1234well the code is on github14:29
mungbeanyou can scp stuff to the cards, or p2p the cards14:29
ali1234but the data set is like 4GB14:29
mungbeandon't have python on the card14:30
ali1234i suppose it's only a matter of time though...14:31
mungbeani could install a portable python in /home14:31
mungbeanbut native compiled code code is prob best way14:32
ali1234numpy is native compiled... it's even MMX optimized14:32
ali1234i'm sure one day someone will do a phi version too14:32
mungbeanthis cookie law became the single most anything thing to happen to the internet in years15:18
mungbeanespecially on mobiles15:18
SuperMattit did?15:32
SuperMattDid I miss that?15:32
mungbeanabout a year ago15:32
mungbeanevery site i visit shows a massive overlay on mobile usually15:32
SuperMattoh, you said anything, you meant annoying15:33
SuperMattyes, I agree15:33
BigRedShaha, I read that as 'annoying' first time round15:35
BigRedSfound SuperMatt quite confusing15:36
SuperMattI'm a confusing guy, tbh15:36
mungbeannew option appeared on the phone page15:51
mungbeandouble edge $140015:51
popeystay tuned ☻15:52
mungbeanmungbeanmaybe they should extend the $600 phone offer20:5915:53
mungbeanpopeythat's not happening15:53
mungbeanstrictly true but...15:54
mungbeancheeky pope15:54
popeyno, i was truthful15:54
mungbeanyou were15:54
mungbeanmaybe all hpones should be etched/numbered15:55
* popey summons powers16:02
davmor2popey: Austin is there wow get his autograph..... Doctor evil too he won't be far behind16:04
davmor2popey: Austin Powers/Doctor Evil16:05
davmor2popey: you said summons powers16:06
bigcalmGold Member and Fat Bastard as well16:06
popeyyes, i get it16:06
davmor2popey: man that is bad jetlag or you need moar sleepz16:07
popeyno, just not a funny joke :þ16:07
davmor2popey: man harsh ;)16:08
Laneythis is a lot of rain16:21
MartijnVdStimes you need to start being scared:16:21
MartijnVdS* When someone from Britain thinks an amount of rain is "a lot"16:22
Laneyit looks like someone is pouring a bucket of water over the window constantly16:22
Laneyi had to turn the light on because it got so dark16:22
Laneywtf, now I'm getting wet at my desk half way across the room16:23
* Laney shuts the window16:23
shaunoheh, I got hit by a low-flying carwash earlier too.  quite refreshing16:31
ivankaaquarius, are you still online?17:48
=== ivanka is now known as ivanka-train
aquariusivanka-train, I am17:48
MartijnVdSivanka-train: finally out of the meeting? :)17:49
ivanka-trainMartijnVdS, :-)17:49
ivanka-trainaquarius, so, this script, I am on 13.0417:49
aquariusivanka-train, as am I17:49
ivanka-trainaquarius, okay, that's good, was checking17:49
aquariusivanka-train, so that's not the reason it doesn't work ;) There will likely be other reasons ;)17:50
aquariusnot gonna catch me upgrading to a development release just yet!17:50
* ivanka-train is going in17:50
ivanka-trainanything to stop with the refresh!17:50
aquarius...to a tunnel? :)17:50
* aquarius laughs17:50
aquariusivanka-train, so, I can talk you through how to run it, if that's helpful?17:51
ivanka-trainaquarius, yes - I have got as far as downloading it17:52
aquariusivanka-train, OK. Do you know where you downloaded it to?17:52
aquarius(the browser does not always make it very clear!)17:52
ivanka-trainaquarius, looking at it now, it is in downloads17:52
aquariusivanka-train, OK. Start a Terminal, and do: python ~/Downloads/ubuntu-edge-indicator.py17:53
ivanka-trainaquarius, that is a good question though, not sure I know the path17:53
aquariusyour Downloads folder should be ~/Downloads -- the ~ here is a shorthand for "your home folder".17:53
aquariusstop me if I'm being incredibly condescending, here.17:53
ivanka-trainaquarius, you are not. carry on17:54
aquariusCondescending: that means "to talk down to someone in a patronising way" ;-)17:54
* ivanka-train flips aquarius the bird17:54
aquariusOK. So, if you try the above command in a Terminal, you *should* get a new indicator in the Unity menu bar.17:54
aquariusalternatively, you may get some sort of error.17:55
ivanka-trainaquarius, it's like magic!17:55
MartijnVdSaquarius: add that to your job title: "Wizard"17:55
aquariusivanka-train, it works?17:55
ivanka-trainaquarius, it works, yes!17:56
ivanka-trainaquarius, you rounded up to much, I want the detail17:56
ivanka-trainaquarius, can I file a bug? Put in a change request?17:56
aquariusyou can put in a change request by asking me for something. :)17:57
aquariusI have a bunch of people on G+ who are all "make a bzr branch" and "add custom icons" and I have had to explain that 20 minute hacks don't get proper tech support ;)17:57
MartijnVdSaquarius: but it's open source, you have obligations!17:58
aquariusivanka-train, you will, sadly, need to re-run the script every time you restart.17:58
ivanka-trainI don't know how the rest of your users feel, but I like the big long number17:59
ivanka-trainaquarius, I can handle that17:59
ivanka-trainI hardly ever restart :-)17:59
aquariusalso, you can't close the Terminal that you started it from. :)18:00
MartijnVdSyou can move it to another virtual desktop to hide it though18:00
MartijnVdSor minimize it18:00
ivanka-trainaquarius, good job you told me that!18:00
ivanka-trainMartijnVdS, so that's what virtual desktops are useful for!18:01
aquariusivanka-train, the big long number...I don't have, for two reasons. The first, and most venial reason, is that it takes up too much room on the menu bar. The second, which is more important, is that the number only updates every 5 minutes (so as to not hammer the indiegogo people too hard), and that's really obvious if you have the full amount; if you only have $3.55m then it's not as obvious. :)18:01
MartijnVdSivanka-train: that, and windows full of scrolling web server logs ;)18:01
aquariusivanka-train, if starting the thing manually every time you restart seems really annoying, which it is, you *should* be able to add a new Startup Application -- Startup Applications is in the Dash, and the "command" that you put in the new Application that you add is "python /home/ivanka/Downloads/ubuntu-edge-indicator.py" (note that you can't use the ~ shorthand here).18:02
ivanka-trainaquarius, ack (as they say on the internet)18:03
ivanka-trainaquarius, that ack was to the reasons no long number18:03
ivanka-trainI will investigate the other when not on the train18:03
aquariusivanka-train, yep; if you're online when you investigate and get stuck, let me know and I can talk you through it.18:04
aquariusivanka-train, stuff like that would be, of course, handled for you if this were a real project rather than a 20 minute hack ;)18:04
aquariusnow I have to go eat dinner before the cauliflower cheese burns to an absolute crisp18:05
aquariusivanka-train, let me know if you run into further problems...18:05
ivanka-trainwill do18:05
ivanka-trainbon apetit18:05
diddledanphoo where's this rain we were supposed to get today?!18:08
MartijnVdSdiddledan: Laney's place18:08
MartijnVdSdiddledan: he got bucketloads of it18:08
aquariusthat was excellent. Not burned at all. Well done Stuart the Masterchef.18:18
MartijnVdSaquarius: .. next on 'Come Dine With Me'?18:32
aquariusMartijnVdS, well, that's why I've been learning to cook this year.18:32
aquariusum. To be clear, I've been learning to cook so I can eat nice food, not so I get on telly ;)18:33
MartijnVdSaquarius: suuure :P18:33
Azelphurhey folks, got a USB bluetooth adapter, works fine in my laptop (13.04) doesn't work on my desktop (13.10)18:34
Azelphurdmesg on my laptop says it loads btusb to drive it, pc does not.18:35
Azelphurany ideas?18:35
MartijnVdSAzelphur: are you plugging it into a hub or in a port on the machine itself?18:35
MartijnVdSAzelphur: USB2 port or USB3 (blue) port/18:36
MartijnVdSAzelphur: do other USB devices work in the port?18:36
AzelphurMartijnVdS: I've tried it in two different ports, it was on my internal USB port, which it has worked on before, other usb devices work fine in both ports.18:36
MartijnVdSAzelphur: so.. is it USB1/2 or USB3?18:37
MartijnVdSAzelphur: does it show up in lsusb?18:37
AzelphurMartijnVdS: 2/318:37
Azelphuryes it shows up in lsusb18:37
MartijnVdSso it's a blue port/18:37
MartijnVdStry a black one18:37
MartijnVdS(this sounds smurfist, I know)18:37
Azelphurblack port, same results.18:38
MartijnVdSAzelphur: hcitool de18:38
MartijnVdSAzelphur: hcitool dev18:38
MartijnVdSdoes that show anything?>18:39
AzelphurMartijnVdS: that's what I'm using to define if it's working or not, nothing in there.18:39
Azelphur(but when I use it on my laptop, it shows up in there)18:39
MartijnVdSare you sure it's not the laptop's internal bt thingy/18:39
Azelphuryes, my laptop doesn't have 2 internal bluetooths ;)18:39
MartijnVdSblueteeth* :P18:39
Azelphurthis adapter also did used to work on 12.1018:40
MartijnVdSI don't know then.. maybe some kind of rfkill thing? does dmesg say anything at all?18:40
MartijnVdSAzelphur: dmesg -T gives nicer timestamps ;)18:41
MartijnVdSAzelphur: lsmod | grep btusb ?18:41
Azelphurbtusb                  22474  0  || bluetooth             238521  12 bnep,btusb,rfcomm18:42
MartijnVdSso it's loaded18:42
AzelphurI did manually modprobe it to see if that solved it, it didn't.18:42
MartijnVdSyou could diff the lsusb -vvv entries18:43
MartijnVdSfrom the laptop & desktop18:43
MartijnVdSsee if there's anything different18:43
MartijnVdSdoes it work if you boot with it plugged in, instead of plugging it in afterwards?18:43
MartijnVdS(you never know..)18:43
AzelphurMartijnVdS: nope, it was on internal, so it's always plugged in on boot ;)18:44
AzelphurMartijnVdS: no differences in lsusb -vvv18:47
MartijnVdSAzelphur: anything in syslog anywhere?18:47
Azelphurshort of bus and device, anyway18:47
MartijnVdSyeah but that's sort of always the case18:47
AzelphurMartijnVdS: nothing I can see really, the laptop does lots of bluetoothd stuff indicating it worked, I guess18:49
Azelphurwhile the PC does not.18:49
MartijnVdSI'm afraid I don't know18:49
Azelphurany idea where I could go for assistance? seems like a regression18:50
Azelphurand these are the $2 ebay adapters that half the planet has, so it's gonna cause problems ;)18:50
MartijnVdSI'd file a bug: ubuntu-bug linux18:51
MartijnVdSget a $3 one from the local store18:51
MartijnVdSwell £318:51
AzelphurI think I have another one actually, wonder if that ones alive.18:51
* MartijnVdS will be getting this tomorrow: http://www.dell.com/ed/business/p/dell-u2913wm/pd18:52
Azelphurthis one works18:53
Azelphurthis has to be a regression :p18:53
MartijnVdSAzelphur: maybe the serial number of 00000000 has something to do with it not working?18:54
* Azelphur shrugs18:54
Azelphurstill a regression, as I say, works on 13.04, doesn't work on 13.1018:55
MartijnVdSubuntu-bug linux18:55
Azelphuryup, ubuntu-bugging linux18:55
MartijnVdSbut.. a 21:9 computer screen18:57
MartijnVdSthat's going to be SWEET ;)18:57
AzelphurMartijnVdS: Problem in linux-image-3.10.0-2-generic, The problem cannot be reported: This is not an official Ubuntu package. Please remove any third party package and try again.19:01
MartijnVdSyeah they're up to 4 now19:01
MartijnVdSor -5 even19:02
MartijnVdSthat said.. I need to reboot & upgrade my bios19:02
Azelphuroh, so I should update and reboot and try again?19:02
MartijnVdSAzelphur: probably19:02
MartijnVdSAzelphur: and if it still doesn't work, ubuntu-bug19:02
AzelphurI'll attack that one a bit later then :)19:02
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MartijnVdS<- back19:20
MartijnVdSsomehow, Gigabyte main boards can't remember settings across bios upgrades, even if you store those settings in a file before upgrading19:21
MartijnVdS(and then re-load it)19:21
Azelphuranyone recommend something I can use to recover a busted exFAT partition?19:21
Azelphurmy next fun mission of the day :)19:21
Azelphurthis was a gopro that fell off a motorbike, I did manage to dd the partition without any errors though, so I'm hopeful something is there ;)19:22
MartijnVdSAzelphur: have you installed the exfat FUSE bits?19:22
AzelphurMartijnVdS: this is a live cd19:22
MartijnVdSexfat-fuse - read and write exFAT driver for FUSE19:22
MartijnVdSexfat-utils - utilities to create, check, label and dump exFAT filesystem19:22
Azelphurso dunno19:22
mgdmAzelphur: testdisk might get files off it?19:23
MartijnVdS^ those 2 can probably help with basics19:23
AzelphurI'll install them both19:23
Azelphurmgdm: cool, will try that :)19:23
mgdmit goes through filesystems and looks for files, and pulls those, but ignores directory entries so you don't get filenames19:23
mgdmoften that doesn't matter19:23
AzelphurI assume I can run that against the dd image?19:23
Azelphur(don't wanna do any more damage to the physical drive)19:23
MartijnVdSAzelphur: you can19:24
Azelphurcool :)19:24
mgdmAzelphur: aye, that's the recommended way19:24
Azelphurfigured it would be :)19:26
Azelphurhmm, seems mount is playing up19:46
Azelphurhttp://pastebin.com/LKGSN82z any ideas on this?19:47
Azelphurno such file or directory my ass :P19:47
Azelphurhmm, I found out why, the image is empty, wtf lol19:48
AlanBello/ victorp19:55
AlanBellvictorp: so, is there someone on the project who understands the VAT question for B2B sales?19:56
mfraz74_AlanBell: has no one given a definite answer yet?19:57
Azelphurmgdm: hmm, it's asking me what partition table type, I'm not 100% sure but gparted says it's msdos, which isn't listed as an option.19:57
diddledanAzelphur: msdos partition table is also more correctly known as the MBR style19:58
diddledanMBR = Master Boot Record19:58
Azelphurfound out it auto detects and suggests, so I went with it's suggestion19:59
diddledanwhat's ubuntu like on retina screens these days? (macbook pro 13")20:14
diddledanlast I tried it on here everything was too teeny20:15
diddledanI would need it to 2x the retina and not 2x the external display20:15
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Laneyohhhhhhh alice morgan22:17
diddledanso who's still awake?! :-p22:52
shaunoat this hour?23:23
diddledanshauno: I didn't think you did late nights anymore - you said you'd got old or some such excuse23:39
shaunothis isn't late :/23:40
shaunoI'm trying to find the right googlefu to figure out why my kerbals seem to pass out / turn into ragdolls / explode23:41

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