snap-lGood morning13:14
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rick_hlmao, detroit bit on the daily show is great15:50
jrwreni'm gonna stab cloud-init in the face. it handles 1000 cases, and I can't figure out how to make it handle mine :)16:17
jrwrenoh shit, as I type this, I think I just realized how to handle it.16:17
rick_hadd smoser to add support for it16:17
jrwrensorry smoser16:17
rick_hask that is16:17
jrwrennah, I'm not gonna ask him for my 1 stupid 1-off16:17
rick_hor he'll tell you why you're wrong and how to do it right :P16:18
smoseri'm curious.16:18
smoserwhat was wrong ?16:18
jrwreni have a command in place which uses user-data already. i was trying to wrap my head around how to use both.16:21
jrwreni think easy thing is to move that current user-data to cloud-config which writes a file16:21
jrwrenthen just check for the file before pulling meta user-data in my current script.16:22
jrwrenfallback can be user-data16:22
jrwreni'm slow. it just wasn't clicking in my brain for a while there.16:22
jrwrentoo much C code lately had me in a different mode :p16:22
jrwrensmoser: btw, cloud init is splendid.16:39
smoser"command in place"16:41
smosermeaning its already in your image ?16:41
smoseroh. i think i understand now. yeah.16:41
smoseryou coudl also make that "command" be a part-handler16:41
jrwreni'd have to patch cloud-init to do that.16:43
jrwreni want it to work today. maybe even yesterday (12.04) :)16:43
smoserjrwren, why would you have ot patch cloud-init ?17:54
smoseryou can send a part-handler in user-data17:54
jrwrenthat is waht I plan on doing17:54
jrwrenbut there are only so many part-handlers, right?17:55
jrwrenoh, python code.17:55
smoserthey're loaded on being seen17:55
jrwreni was avoiding that.17:55
smoserand applied.17:55
smoseronly one part handler can claim a given type17:55
jrwrenright, at first i was looking for a "write file" type handler. in my case the old user-data is pretty small, I was just going to embed it into cloud-config runcmd17:56
jrwrenwhere the runcmd is going to be echo "THINGS" > FILE17:57
brouschsnap-l rick_h: You guys see the email from Karl Karston re: Pyohio?20:54
smoserjrwren, i dont mean to offend you, but if you have MAC and virtualbox tendencies, this might help a bit (although i'm sure you would have figture dhtis out)21:15
snap-lLooks like Carl figured out his ride situation21:20

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