Kiloshi mazal  and others06:18
mazalMore oom Kilos 06:23
mazalEk het toe 'n hp scanjet 200 bestel. Ek hoop hy werk06:24
Kilosdit hoort06:24
Kilosdaai simple scan het net gewerk hier met een scanner en een kombo ding altwee hp06:26
mazalBk unhappy deesdae met my ubuntu. Klomp irriterende dingetjies wat pla. Hoop nie ek gaan met daai ook sukkel nie06:37
Kiloswat pla nou06:37
mazalDie goete soos die dvdstyler wat nie werk nie , k9 wat nie meer in repos is nie , startup disk creator wat crash. Alles goete wat my werk moeilik maak06:38
Kilosdaai video goed?06:38
mazalHou nie van sukkel by die huis nie , kry genoeg van dit bedags06:39
Kilosin 12.04??06:39
Kilosgebruik 12.04 vir ernstige goed en speel met 13.04 dan06:40
mazalUbu begin my bietjie krap krap waar dit nie jeuk nie06:40
mazalMaaz define AD06:40
Maazmazal: Ad- \Ad-\ [A Latin preposition, signifying to. See {At}.] As a prefix ad- assumes the forms ac-, af-, ag-, al-, an-, ap-, ar-, as-, at-, assimilating the d with the first letter of the word to which ad- is prefixed. It remains unchanged before vowels, and before d, h, j, m, v. Examples: adduce, adhere, adjacent, admit, advent, accord, affect, aggregate,06:40
Maazallude, annex, appear, etc. It becomes ac- before qu, as in acquiesce. [1913 Webster], AD adv…06:40
mazalMaaz define 200AD06:41
Maazmazal: I don't have a definition for that. Is it even a word?06:41
mazalMaaz define 200 AD06:42
Maazmazal: I don't have a definition for that. Is it even a word?06:42
mazalWaarvoor staan die D ?06:45
Kilosafter the death06:45
Kiloshi Squirm 06:45
KilosNC in afrikaans06:46
mazalFound it , Anno Domini - In the year of the Lord06:47
mazalOom Kilos that is the reason why I'm going to redo my recovery partition and put 12.04 on it. Then I can also use it for those apps that still works on 12.04 and are broken on 13.0406:53
Kilosis there no way to get k9 for 13.0406:53
mazalOnly by compiling06:54
Kilosoh my06:54
mazalAnd I tried but couldn't do it06:54
mazalNo proper manual to do it06:54
mazalJust two commands and neither works06:54
Kilosmorning superfly 06:55
Kilosthere are compilers in the repos i thing06:55
superflysudo apt-get install build-essential06:56
Kilosmazal, ^^07:14
Kiloshi psyatw 08:24
psyatwhi Kilos08:26
Kiloshi ThatGraemeGuy 08:27
Kilosand tonberryE352 08:28
Kiloshi space_ not_found Vince-0 08:54
not_foundAlo :)08:55
inetprogood morning09:10
inetpronot_found: and what do you think about the numbers now?09:10
superflyguten morgen inetpro09:10
not_foundthe long walk to freedom now starts inetpro 09:11
not_foundoh and morning inetpro , superfly :)09:11
Kiloshi inetpro 09:11
not_foundstill epic to go from 0 to > 3mil in so little time09:11
not_foundbut it had much todo with the $600 deal09:11
inetproeh Kilos, hoe lyk dinge daar?09:12
inetprosuperfly: hi09:12
Kilosok dankie, nie goeie kop dag nie09:12
inetpronot_found: you're right, it's a long way to go still09:12
not_foundit is ambitious... perhaps overly so... but what if they pull it off :D09:14
inetproyep it will be a new game altogether 09:14
inetprohi Vince-009:16
mazalSjoe whar a busy day10:22
mazalsuperfly, I assume that's what I need to be able to compile from source ?10:29
superflymazal: that's the basics10:31
superflywhatever else the project needs you'll need to install as well10:32
Kilosmazal,  https://help.ubuntu.com/community/CompilingEasyHowTo10:37
mazalDankie oom10:43
Kiloshoop dit help10:43
mazalThis is a lot of time and effort just to get 1 app installed :(10:43
mazalAnd the problem is , the dependencies as well. If the dependencies are all also only in source code format ones must build all of them also10:44
Kilosuse 12.04 then10:50
Kilosoh my10:59
not_foundinternet broke again :/11:02
magespawngood day all11:47
magespawnhi Kilos\11:47
magespawnhi Kilos11:48
magespawnMaaz coffee please11:48
Maazmagespawn: There isn't a pot on11:48
Kiloswb magespawn where you been?11:48
magespawnMaaz coffee on11:48
* Maaz puts the kettle on11:48
KilosMaaz, coffee please11:48
magespawnMaaz larger11:48
MaazKilos: Righto11:48
Maazinna bucket for you magespawn11:48
magespawnquassel server is messing around11:49
magespawngoing to do a Kilos11:49
Kilosit works if you havent got trouble shooting time11:50
magespawnwiser more educated person setting things up this time11:50
Kilosoh wiser than who?11:50
magespawnwiser than i was before (hopefully)11:51
magespawnstill me, but have some education this time11:51
magespawnbrb going for lunch11:51
MaazCoffee's ready for magespawn and Kilos!11:52
KilosMaaz, dankie man11:53
MaazGroot plesier my vriend11:53
mazalHy jy dop ?12:13
=== space_ is now known as Space
mazalEnjoy the evening everyone12:46
Kilosyou too maza12:46
Kiloshi Dreen yeah very quiet15:07
=== meatpc is now known as Dreen
Kiloshehe dreen you were meatpc15:53
=== meatpc is now known as Dreen
=== meatpc is now known as Dreen
Kiloshome time ThatGraemeGuy 16:04
Kilosyou forgot?16:04
ThatGraemeGuyhrmmm yeah16:04
ThatGraemeGuyeish she is too many busy16:04
* ThatGraemeGuy disappears16:05
Kilosgo well16:06
* inetpro starting to think that not_found was right16:48
Kiloswhat what16:59
magespawnhey Kilos  finally back at the shop for more than 10 seconds17:17
Kiloswhat you been doing?17:17
magespawnSGB meetings and various works stuff17:22
magespawnjust packing up then off home17:22
Kilosok go safe17:22
magespawncool Kilos later17:25
Kiloshi smile4ever 17:46
smile4everHi my friend :D17:47
smile4everI was fixing the links to tv.com17:47
smile4everdone 150 of 811 so far :)17:47
Kiloscan take a while hey17:47
kbmonkeyhello Kilos and smile4ever 17:53
Kiloshi kbmonkey  cold hey17:54
kbmonkeyit was colder yesterday this side17:54
kbmonkeyit probably moved your way Kilos 17:54
Kilosthe weatherman said 4°c last night but all outside water pipes were frozen, and they say 4 again tonight17:55
kbmonkeyja maybe they mean open air temp. the ground gets colder17:56
Kiloshehe i think they mean inside a hotel with the heaters on17:57
kbmonkeyyes ;)17:58
smile4everKilos: yeah, but I made a HTML list with libreoffice calc + gedit to assist me17:59
Kilosthere are lots of links all over that dont work18:00
Kilosi had a few today18:00
smile4everKilos: :(18:11
Kiloswhat now18:12
not_foundinetpro, right about?18:15
not_foundoh and hi all :)18:15
Kiloshi not_found 18:16
Kilosyo Mezenir 18:16
not_foundhello uncle Kilos ... now I am lekker stiff...18:17
not_found4 karate class and I survived18:17
Kiloslotsa push ups and sittups18:18
Kilosin one day18:18
not_foundoh and a crap ton of other things18:18
not_foundno, 4 in the last month :p18:18
not_foundone is enough to kill me18:18
not_foundalmost fif18:18
Kilossquat kicks and all that exciting stuff18:18
smile4everGood night, Kilos :D18:35
smile4everand others :)18:35
Kilosnight smile4ever 18:35
Kilossleep tight18:35
smile4everthanks :)18:37
inetpronot_found: you wrote last night "...sadly I don't see them pulling off 32 million"18:43
not_foundinetpro, oh I am sure they have some more tricks up their sleeve...18:50
not_foundnew goal - get two phones for $140018:50
not_foundpledge I mean18:51
not_foundI feel more confident18:51
not_foundmore than 10% funded in first day....18:51
inetproI will be very surprised18:51
not_foundwell, at the very least this is mega publicity18:52
inetprobut I'm still positive and hopeful18:52
inetproyou're right18:52
not_foundand I think if their specs are good enough (don't know what will come out by May next year) even those just wanting an android phone might be tempted to try it...18:53
not_foundheck, top tier phone that isn't HTC or Samsung :D18:53
Kiloshi psychicist 18:59
psychicisthi Kilos 18:59
kbmonkeyhi psychicist 19:19
kbmonkeyMaaz, coffee on19:19
* Maaz starts grinding coffee19:19
psychicisthi kbmonkey 19:21
Kilosnight all. sleep tight19:22
psychicistnight Kilos 19:22
MaazCoffee's ready for kbmonkey!19:23
kbmonkeyMaaz, thanks ou19:23
Maazkbmonkey: no problemo19:23
not_foundnight all20:13

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