gordonjcpvalroadie: there's no easy way to do that00:00
invisiblekhrm...why does ubuntu fail so hard at using my local dns server to resolve local nodes?00:00
gordonjcpvalroadie: the root account is deprecated00:00
valroadiegordonjcp, ah well, anyplace with steps to guide me? Or...00:00
invisiblekit should be acquiring dns servers from my dhcp server (also the dns server)00:00
gordonjcpvalroadie: if you *insist*...00:00
usr13valroadie: Sure it's possible.  sudo -i  gives you super-user mode.00:00
valroadie:D I do I do!00:00
invisiblek$ cat /etc/resolv.conf00:00
invisiblek# Dynamic resolv.conf(5) file for glibc resolver(3) generated by resolvconf(8)00:00
FloodBot1invisiblek: Please don't flood; use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste; don't use Enter as punctuation.00:00
invisiblekthats not a flood =P00:00
gordonjcpvalroadie: maybe you can pass something to gnome-terminal on startup to force it to run as root00:00
invisiblekany more maybe...00:00
invisiblekanyway, it shouldnt be using for dns =\00:01
gordonjcpvalroadie: why do you want to do that, anyway?00:01
invisibleknot sure why its getting that in there00:01
pozI am with valroadie, I want that as well00:01
Aprelvalroadie: I *think* you can configure sudo to not require a pass. Then maybe you can make a shortcut to always call 'sudo -i' at terminal startup00:01
xmetal(have mint installed now) ... looking up info on mint-vs-ubuntu-vs-debian atm00:01
histoinvisiblek: caching00:01
valroadiegordonjcp, because I do not want to be bothered by the sudo pass prompt ;) Aprel Thank you! I will look in the config files for my term client.00:01
gordonjcpvalroadie: hm00:01
* w30 thinks running any GUI as root is dangerous even if it's pretty stable, it's not stable enough.00:02
gordonjcpvalroadie: you shouldn't do that00:02
histoinvisiblek: Are you using network-manager for your connection?00:02
gordonjcpvalroadie: you don't have enough experience to have it all root all the time00:02
usr13invisiblek: change it to a valid nameserver of your choice.  Use the network-manager if you like, or set the configuration on your gateway router so that it gives proper IP info.00:02
invisiblekhisto: yea, i think so, whatever is default on desktop00:02
valroadiegordonjcp, I know ;) But it is my linux eh? I WANT to :)00:02
invisiblekusr13: you dont edit resolv.conf, it doesnt survive a reboot00:02
invisiblekand it should be pulling dns from my dhcp server, everything else does00:02
pozyeah, i agree. why is so hard to see why valroadie would want that? its very clean, so he can muck about with out any hassle. why bother with a password?00:02
invisiblekall my other nodes properly query it00:02
usr13invisiblek: You are correct.00:02
gordonjcpvalroadie: maybe add sudo -i to your rcfile?00:02
histoinvisiblek: look at your settings in network-manager you should see your dhcp pulled hte appropriate dns from your router00:03
invisiblekhisto: yes, it appears to have00:03
valroadiegordonjcp, will try that ;)00:03
gordonjcpvalroadie: anyway, having a root login is obsolete00:03
w30even sudo <some GUI app> is more dangerous than gksu <some GUI app>00:03
gordonjcpvalroadie: you should only ever use sudo00:03
invisiblekbut when i do nslookups, its using
gordonjcpvalroadie: this has been the case for over 20 years00:03
histoinvisiblek: it's using a local cache to speed up queries00:03
invisiblekwell its local cache is failing and its not querying the nameserver lol00:04
pozwhat does sudo -i do?00:04
gordonjcppoz: starts a shell as root00:04
Aprelgordonjcp: You mean obsolete on ubuntu? Debian still uses a root account.00:04
usr13invisiblek: But I've given you the available options.  You more-than likely have network-manager configured imporperly or your router, one or the other.00:04
gordonjcpAprel: obsolete on *all* Unix-like OSes00:04
valroadiegordonjcp, I am a risk taker! heh and imaptient. Really a big reason is to see if I CAN do it! Noone wanted to help me to do it because it is ill advised and I appreciate it but, it is my comp and I want to do what I want! *Yells and cries* haha00:04
gordonjcpAprel: root was dead before the very first Linux was released00:04
pozis there a way such that I can open up a terminal and always be in sudo -i mode?00:05
histoinvisiblek: http://askubuntu.com/questions/2219/how-do-i-clear-the-dns-cache#223400:05
Aprelgordonjcp: Then why do so many still use it?00:05
w30valroadie, make sure you have a disk image available to dd  back  to sda or whatever, heh heh00:05
gordonjcppoz: that's what valroadie is trying to do00:05
gordonjcpAprel: stupidity00:05
histopoz: sudo gnome-terminal00:05
pozseems like i would have to type it for every terminal00:05
histopoz: why would you want to though?00:05
invisiblekhisto: it seems to work *sometimes* and not others00:05
invisibleknot sure a flush is going to fix it00:05
usr13invisiblek: You do not have to use network-manager if you don't want to, you can set to static and edit /etc/resolv.conf if you want.00:05
gordonjcppoz: doing that makes no sense00:05
histopoz: although gksu gnome-terminal would probably be more proper00:05
w30keep your password in the clipboard00:06
pozso i never have to type sudo before everything i type and that i dont have to bother with a password00:06
raymond_Prufrock, :( there's more to that message above, so the log doesn't show it?00:06
w30cut and paste00:06
gordonjcppoz: the root account is severely limited00:06
Aprelgordonjcp: ha! Not surprising00:06
DuncanNZpoz: bad idea.00:06
gordonjcppoz: most graphical apps won't work, for example00:06
histopoz: why not configure sudo properly for the commands you want then.00:06
Prufrockraymond_, mmmmm let me see..00:06
DuncanNZjust use sudo before commands that need it, only five chars00:06
DuncanNZmost commands don't need it00:06
xmetal hmm also pondering replacing slackwaer 12.2 ... not sure if i want to go with the new slack ... though i do like to  "get my hands dirty" with 12.2 so i may keep it00:06
histo!sudo | poz00:06
ubottupoz: sudo is a command to run command-line programs with superuser privileges ("root") (also see !cli). Look at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/RootSudo for more information. For graphical applications see !gksu (GNOME, Xfce), or !kdesudo (KDE). If you're unable to execute commands with sudo see: http://www.psychocats.net/ubuntu/fixsudo00:06
xmetal(i have a few pc's with different distros here00:06
histoxmetal: what does any of that have to do with ubuntu?00:07
Xabsterhi, has canonical said exactly which CPU will be in Edge?00:07
pozbut every time i am copying code from some site it never works00:07
pozthen i type sudo before it and bam, it works00:07
gordonjcppoz: do you know why it doesn't work?00:07
gordonjcppoz: never *ever* do that00:07
DuncanNZpoz: ^^ +100:07
pozreally? i do it all the time...00:07
pozwhy not?00:07
gordonjcppoz: really00:07
w30poz another way to cyber bendover and let the electrons have their way with you ha ha00:08
AprelHaha, that is a joke, yes, poz?00:08
gordonjcppoz: do you understand what you're typing in?00:08
pozsome times... sometimes it is gibberish00:08
gordonjcppoz: so you're typing in commands that you don't understand, and running them as root?00:08
pozis it really that bad? I do not have anything personal on this computer... just a fresh install... somthing I play with to learn what i am doing00:08
gordonjcppoz: paste your credit card number, expiry date, CVV number, and home address and telephone number and I'll explain why that's a bad idea00:09
valroadiepoz don't feel bad, every has done it or still does. It is a quick way besides typing it all. These tight asses don't know the meaning of OPEN SOURCE. Pssh, Im outta here.00:09
Prufrockraymond_, oh, yeah, I guess I found it. Here: http://paste.ubuntu.com/5902356/00:09
pozI have no info like that on this computer00:10
gordonjcppoz: you understand why typing random stuff in and running it as root is dangerous, right?00:10
w30all these people running sudo for a gui app wonder why their .Xdefaults file becomes owned by root and their user name won't log in.00:11
pozI dont understand why... i have to go eat right now because my gf is bothering me too. but I will be back to discuss00:11
w30it won't happen with gksu00:11
Jetfireanyone familiar with installing nvidia drivers on ubuntu 12.04?00:12
Aprelpoz: The point is root/sudo is your line of defense against attackers. By disregarding the protections sudo brings you, you open yourself up to vulnerabilities.00:12
Prufrockraymond_, And there also seems to be a similar, marked incomplete, error report on launchpad about this same issue.00:12
usr13poz: The attitude you just witnessed from valroadie is unfortunate.  What happens is that an unexperienced user with that type of attitude starts doing lots of stuff as super user or root and wrecks his system and wonders why linux is so messed up.  Well, it is not Linux that is messed up, it is the way people try to miss-use it.00:12
w30yeah and the attacker is you when some command hangs or you misstype rm something lib_ouno00:13
arthurbHello all, I've been in pulseaudio hell for a while... has anyone any experience in troubleshooting this?00:13
histo!anyone | arthurb00:14
ubottuarthurb: A high percentage of the first questions asked in this channel start with "Does anyone/anybody..." Why not ask your next question (the real one) and find out? See also !details, !gq, and !poll.00:14
RarrikinsDoes IO contain anything for storing state?00:14
RarrikinsBleh, wrong channel00:15
AprelJetfire: the best way is to install with the "Additional Hardware" panel in system settings.00:15
deltarevanjesus this poz dude00:15
deltarevanat least he made me laugh00:15
Jetfirethe only additional hardware which appear there is the wireless driver.00:16
* w30 notices the greybeards didn't bother to answer him00:16
Aprelrm -r /*  -- damn it, not working, lemme put sudo in front of it.00:16
* w30 cust and pastes Aprel00:17
AprelJetfire: what nVidia card do you have?00:17
w30Aprel, heheh00:18
Aprelw30: ;)00:18
elisa87do you know why I can't install or uninstall any package anymore? http://paste.ubuntu.com/5902378/ my JAVA_HOME is /usr/lib/jvm/java-6-openjdk-amd64/jre and my Java version is "1.6.0_27"00:19
SDrare there any ways for processes eg kworker/1:0 and migration/7 to not show up on ps / top?00:19
raymond_Prufrock, hmm.. I'm stumped. The messeage doesn't make it clear as to what module is causing this even.. tried googling the error but didn't get any real solution.00:20
JetfireAprel Nvidia Geforce GT 630M00:20
raymond_Prufrock, Are you using any proprietary video drivers, or any kernel modules you build & installed?00:20
Prufrockraymond_, I'm not sure about the video drivers, but I've never been able to write an actually useful piece of code in my life to be able to build or install a kernel module.. :\00:22
skulltipwhy is 12.04 stuck with an older kernel while 13+ has the newer stuff?00:22
histoskulltip: stability00:23
SilverSlimerhow do newer kernels affect stability.. seriously?00:23
SilverSlimeri could imagine having a different version of certain libraries to go with a piece of software but a kernel?00:24
AprelJetfire: https://www.google.com/search?q=Nvidia+Geforce+GT+630M+ubuntu+driver might have the solution for you. Unfortunately the ubuntu forums top link is down :(00:24
SilverSlimerdifferent version of libraries = crash, not a kernel.00:24
fellayaboyhow do i uninstall programs that ive installed via a terminal from tar file..such as ./program make install00:24
Prufrockraymond_, could installing and tinkering with Wine at little bit have anything to do with this?00:24
JetfireAprel: Yes they are down and i can't install damn driver.00:25
JetfireFor what i've learned bumblebee is universial driver for optimus nvidia graphics.00:25
akurilinIs there any way of preventing alt-ctrl-del in a virtual tty when a user isn't logged in?00:25
Aprelskulltip: even though 12.04 has "long term support", they only bring the latest packages with the latest distros.00:25
histo!releases | skulltip00:26
ubottuskulltip: Ubuntu releases a new version every 6 months. Each version is supported for 9 months to 5 years. More info at https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Releases & http://wiki.ubuntu.com/TimeBasedReleases00:26
raymond_Prufrock, It shouldn't.. unless you changed some kernel parameters (modifed /etc/defaults/grub).. and you'd know it if you did.  ok.. so that eliminates that issue.  And if you don't have any other devices plugged into your laptop (like a USB video card or something).. then.. as long as you're prepared for having an unbootable system, you can try a mainline kernel out.00:26
AprelJetfire: you may find luck using nVidia proprietary driver, if they have one for linux, but I haven't had much luck with proprietary driver son ubutnu00:26
Prufrockraymond_, a mainline kernel? what's that?00:27
skulltipok ty00:27
ubottuThe kernel team supply continuous mainline kernel builds which can be useful for tracking down issues or testing recent changes in the Linux kernel. More information is available at https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Kernel/MainlineBuilds00:27
raymond_Prufrock, A vanilla kernel, you can even try out a newer version.  Just to see if it fixes the problem.  You should back up your important files first though.00:27
raymond_genii, thx.. I still have to get used to that !<insert thing here> awesomeness  ;)00:28
* genii hugs ubottu00:29
=== Guest92312 is now known as Jw
dutchiehey, i'm having some issues with command-not-found. See http://pastebin.com/H5vuuTkK. I've tried dpkg-reconfiguring and apt-get install --reinstalling both command-not-found and -data, but no luck. Should I just remove those and get it to regenerate them somehow? Going afk now, but will leave this logged on and check for highlights00:31
raymond_Prufrock, once you've backed up your important stuff.  Try kernel 3.9  http://kernel.ubuntu.com/~kernel-ppa/mainline/v3.9-raring/  <- you'll see debs on here.  Get the linux-image-... deb for your architecture (if you don't know, just type arch, it'll probably be either i386 or x86_64).  If it's x86_64, grab the deb that ends in amd64.00:32
raymond_Prufrock, once you download it, if you double click it, it should pop up in the software center and let you install.  Hopefully those panics will stop ^_^00:34
raymond_Prufrock, oh.. and of course you'll have to reboot after installing it.00:34
linelevelHi guys. My install of postgresql became messed up, so I tried to `purge` and re-`install` it, but the installation gives me an error: "Error: could not create default cluster. Please create it manually with  pg_createcluster 9.1 main --start"  -- But that command fails with "Error: move_conffile: required configuration file /var/lib/postgresql/9.1/main/postgresql.conf does not exist"00:34
linelevelCan anyone please help?00:34
arthurb_so pavucontrol can't connect to pulseaudio. Daemon is definitely running though. Any thoughts to troubleshoot?00:35
raymond_Prufrock, one more thing.. if you end up with an unbootable system.. you should see an entry in your boot menu that says Previous Versions, or Recovery Options (can't remember which).  If you hit that menu, you'll see your older kernels and you can boot one of those. :)00:37
DWSRCan someone help me with why samba4 is failing to configure on Precise amd64 server?00:37
Prufrockraymond_, I'll try it out in few. Thank you very much for your help. :)00:38
raymond_Prufrock, np.   Let me know if it works ^_^00:39
AprelIs there anyway to take a "snapshot" of an Ubuntu install, and write it to a dvd or flashdrive?00:42
AprelAnd boot from that?00:42
pozubuntu wont update for some reason00:42
pozit says check my internet connectino00:42
pozbut i am clearly connect, or else how could I be here?00:43
SilverSlimeraprel: you'll need an image program for that and yes you can do that00:43
pozany ideas?00:44
Prufrockraymond_, Sure! ;)00:44
OerHekspoz what ubuntu version do you use?00:44
SilverSlimeraprel: systemimager seems to be the meta-package you want00:44
=== tjbiddle_ is now known as tjbiddle
OerHekspoz maybe worth trying a different mirror, sometimes helps.00:45
pozit says "failed to download repository information"00:45
pozI have tryed three so far00:45
w30poz, make sure you don't have a source like a cd rom or nfs drive checked in your repo list00:45
OerHekspoz oh, that is a different error than check your connection. please paste the complete erro you get @ paste.ubuntu.com00:46
pozwell it says both00:46
AprelSilverSlimer: thanks, checking that out now.00:46
pozno the cd source thing is unchecked00:47
WorstCaseOntarioHey there I am trying to fix SAMBA after my system crashed due to accidentally unplugging the harddrive. SAMBA is no longer working. when I enter the smbtree command it now returns nothing00:48
pozwhat should i use to take a screen shot?00:48
w30poz, try a different download site. I like to let the chooser grab the best one test result.00:48
pozw30, tried that00:49
pozwell this is the exact error: "Failed to download repository information" ... "Check your internet connection" ... then three options from the software updated: settings... try again... OK...00:49
JetfireAprel: can i ask you one more thing?00:51
AprelJetfire: sure. hope I have an answer00:51
=== tjbiddle_ is now known as tjbiddle
pozany other ideas?00:52
JetfireAprel: using dell inspiron 5720 ,i have intel graphics and nvidia graphics.i must disable intel so nvidia can be the primary.00:52
w30poz, donno any more00:52
OerHekspoz open terminal:" sudo apt-get update && sudo apt-get upgrade  "and paste the complete error you get @ paste.ubuntu.com00:53
AprelJetfire: check your BIOS. In my BIOS, for ex., there is a "Disable Intel graphics if not primary" option. Otherwise, yes, you will probably have to disable one graphics if you want to use the other.00:54
JetfireGood ,now:I've downloaded the driver i want ,its a *.run file ,how to install it?00:55
WITRChrischmod +x *.run00:55
pozOerHeks http://paste.ubuntu.com/5902466/00:55
WITRChrissudo ./whatever.run00:55
Jetfirebut i must "cd" it?00:55
Jetfirei've downloaded it into desktop, how to now?00:56
Jetfiresaved on desktop, how to run it?00:56
SilverSlimergo into a terminal, type sudo then the folder where the file is saved and the file name00:57
Jetfireso ,sudo Desktop NVIDIA-Linux-x86_64-310.44.run ?00:57
SilverSlimerlike sudo /home/joe/nvidia.run00:57
SilverSlimerhowever, i don't think that's how you install the nvidia driver in ubuntu00:57
AprelJetfire: It's a painful process. See https://help.ubuntu.com/community/NvidiaManual00:57
SilverSlimeri believe that there is a simpler way00:57
WITRChriswhy can't you just do apt-get install nvidia-current?00:58
WITRChrisor is that no longer a thing?00:58
Jetfirewell tried mate ,doesnt work.00:58
OerHekspoz, that jonoomph/openshot-edge/ has no raring packages. https://launchpad.net/~jonoomph/+archive/openshot-edge00:58
SilverSlimerwitrchris: it seems to change with each release00:58
OerHekselse is loking ine00:58
Jetfireit installing some X driver which doesnt support my video card.00:58
SilverSlimertechnically, using the default nouveau driver gives you the least problems00:58
SilverSlimerbut it's also not vertically synched and the performance is awful00:58
Jetfirewell lets just say i cant play games without thise drivers.00:58
SilverSlimeryeah, i figured00:58
SilverSlimerwhich games00:58
Jetfirei installed bumblebee and the problems start.00:58
Jetfirewithout bumblebee i even wasnt able to run Steam.00:59
pozOerHeks, what are you suggesting?00:59
Morph4mepoz: Failed to fetch PPAs 404 errors remove (uncheck) those in the software sources and your good to go00:59
OerHekspoz remove that ppa.00:59
pozoh i see00:59
cloudbuntuwondering if someone could help me here00:59
reisiocloudbuntu: yup00:59
JetfireSilverSlime: what you suggest?01:00
cloudbuntusomeone advised that i do '/exec -o find' to fix a weird terminal display issue i was having in irssi01:00
reisiocloudbuntu: someone wasn't helping you01:00
pozit is working now. thanks guys01:01
cloudbuntuit just printed a bunch of stuff to the channel01:01
=== psharmor is now known as tekoholic
cloudbuntudid i get trolled x.x01:01
sp00kyI'm getting a lot of invalid misc. errors with my wireless using 12.04.  does anyone know how I can fix this?01:02
JetfireYou do not appear to have an NVIDIA GPU supported by the 310.4401:02
Jetfire           NVIDIA Linux graphics driver installed in this system.  For further01:02
Jetfire           details, please see the appendix SUPPORTED NVIDIA GRAPHICS CHIPS in01:02
Jetfire           the README available on the Linux driver download page at01:02
Jetfire           www.nvidia.com.01:02
FloodBot1Jetfire: Please don't flood; use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste; don't use Enter as punctuation.01:02
SilverSlimerjetfire: what's your gpu?01:04
JetfireSilverSlimer: not sure ,now trying to check it.01:05
Jetfireis there a way?01:05
Jetfireim using NVIDIA GEFORCE GT 630M video card.01:05
SilverSlimerok, a laptop video card01:06
Jetfireand stupid nvidia site wants me to install java so it can detect auto my gpu01:06
SilverSlimerthe problem some laptop owners have (in windows anyway) is that using the standard nvidia installer for the laptop gpu will result in the installer saying that no supported gpu was found01:06
SilverSlimerhowever, that should not be the case on linux at all01:06
Jetfireso ,whats the problem?01:07
lenzHey guys! I'm currently tidying my music folder and for that purpose I need to delete all empty directories.01:07
Jetfirecan i install drivers or..?01:07
SilverSlimerjetfire: just the way you're installing. i haven't used ubuntu in a while but i'll find you the installation instructions. give me a sec01:07
lenzI also need to delte all directories containing only hidden files. Is that possible from CLI?01:07
jriblenz: sure, but why?01:07
SilverSlimerjetfire: http://www.noobslab.com/2012/10/install-latest-nvidia-drivers-in-ubuntu.html01:07
lenzbecause it's too many manually01:07
SilverSlimerdo it that way01:08
jriblenz: I mean why do you want to delete them?01:08
SilverSlimerhowever i can'T help but notice the omission of the 630m in the list of supported cards01:08
Aprellenz: rmdir * -- rmdir only removes empty directories. See rmdir man page for proof01:08
Jetfirelast time i tried this it fucked up my resolution to 680* and no larger one01:09
Jetfireso i needed to reinstall.01:09
lenzthanks Aprel01:09
Jetfireit syas that nvidia is already to the newest version01:09
lenzjrih I'm restructuring from ALBUM / (files) to ARTIST/ ALBUM / files01:09
SilverSlimerjetfire: yeah, it's probably due to some libraries being on the computer01:10
Jetfireso what to do?01:10
restingi have php5-pgsql installed, is there anyway to get it to work with php53?01:10
sp00kyanyone have any ideas regarding my wireless issue?01:10
SilverSlimerjetfire: did you try the hard way in these instructions? http://news.softpedia.com/news/How-to-Install-Latest-Nvidia-Drivers-in-Ubuntu-13-04-350497.shtml01:10
linelevel[bump] Hi guys. My install of postgresql became messed up, so I tried to `purge` and re-`install` it, but the installation gives me an error: "Error: could not create default cluster. Please create it manually with  pg_createcluster 9.1 main --start"  -- But that command fails with "Error: move_conffile: required configuration file /var/lib/postgresql/9.1/main/postgresql.conf does not exist"01:11
linelevelCan anyone please help?01:11
Alegreyai want an ubuntu pocket pc01:13
AprelIs there anyway to copy an ubuntu-bootable partition to RAM before boot from a flashdrive, and then boot from the image in ram?01:13
lenzAlegreya, we all do01:13
SilverSlimeraprel: wow, what you needed was a lot more complicated than i thought01:14
reisioAprel: that's basically what any liveusb install image does01:14
=== comrad is now known as comradzillaa
JetfireSilverSlimer:i have trouble with scanning the GPU.01:15
Jetfirei did tar zxvf the java01:15
SilverSlimerreisio: i was thinking the same thing but the liveusb image is accessed from time to time on the usb key. i think he wants all access to be purely in ram01:15
Jetfireit created folder but doesnt work yet01:15
zykotick9reisio: ahh, most livecd don't run from ram, just sayin'01:15
reisiosure they do01:15
SilverSlimerjetfire: you're not using a vaio per chance are you?01:15
Jetfiredont know whats that.01:16
AprelSilverSlimer: no! Don't worry! I took note of your answer too. It was good. Basically I've got an idea for a bootable ubuntu image in my head and just researching and throwing out ideas to figure out how I best want to accomplish it :)01:16
SilverSlimerjetfire: a sony vaio .. what kind of laptop is it?01:16
Jetfirei just want to run stupid java so i can scan my gpu and dw the drivers.01:16
JetfireDELL Inspiron 5720.01:16
Aprelandres__: mejor preguntar en #ubuntu-es01:16
Aprelreisio: I want to plug in the usb, move it all to ram, and remove the usb. Is that supported by default on usb installs?01:17
OerHeksAlegreya, must we read that?01:18
OerHeksAlegreya, then don't spam please.01:18
reisioAprel: nope01:18
Alegreyawrong window01:18
SilverSlimerjetfire: i'd suggest looking up the model of the pc on duckduckgo (or google) with nvidia and ubuntu in the search01:18
SilverSlimerlike 'dell inspiron nvidia ubuntu' to see if other people had such issues01:18
Aprelreisio: k. I've had good luck using the livecd w the toram boot option. Is there something like that with usb installs?01:19
JetfireSilverSlimer: check this out mate ,http://www.ubuntu.com/certification/hardware/201202-10404/01:19
Jetfiredo you think it will include the drivers into System Settings >Additional Drivers01:19
reisioAprel: http://www.google.com/search?q=%22liveusb%22%20%22toram%22 looks promising01:19
Aprelreisio: basically, I want to have a read-write ubuntu install, customize it how I want, then make it read-only, even maybe burn to dvd if possible01:20
Aprelreisio: k, I'll check that link.01:20
SilverSlimerjetfire: certified for ubuntu doesn't mean nvidia will work, it means that video will work01:20
SilverSlimerthrough nouveau01:20
Jetfirei see.01:21
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Jetfiredamn this driver installs are very painfull game.01:21
Jetfirei will leave it for another day.01:21
Jetfiretell me about the java?01:21
Jetfirewhy it doesnt work after i did tar zxvf?01:21
reisiohi naryfa01:21
SilverSlimerjetfire: define 'doesn't work'01:23
draconus2or just paste the error...01:23
Xabsterany info on which CPU will be in the Ubuntu Edge phone?01:25
fatlipedZimmerman saved the lives of people today. You know the WHITE mexican. According to the media he was white to kickstart riots.01:26
Aprelis that person around who wanted to use sudo without a password? Just realized the ubuntu livecd uses sudo without a password, so it's possible. Check how the livecd is configured.01:26
naryfaAprel: using sudo without password is a very easy trick01:27
OerHeksAprel, live cd is a single user mode system.01:27
SilverSlimerfatliped: that's the way of the american government: when your economy is shit and you're making it even worse, just distract the plebeians with something pointless like trayvon vs zimmerman01:27
wilee-nilee!ops | fatliped01:27
ubottufatliped: Help! Channel emergency! (ONLY use this trigger in emergencies) - elky, Madpilot, tritium, Nalioth, tonyyarusso, PriceChild, Amaranth, jrib, Myrtti, mneptok, Pici,  jpds,  gnomefreak, bazhang,  Flannel, ikonia, maco, h00k, IdleOne, bkerensa, nhandler, Jordan_U, DJones or k1l!01:27
SilverSlimer50% of black males are jobless ... let's all ignore that and talk about evil whitey01:27
ubottufatliped: #ubuntu is the Ubuntu support channel, for all Ubuntu-related support questions. Please use #ubuntu-offtopic for other topics (though our !guidelines apply there too). Thanks!01:27
Flannelfatliped, SilverSlimer: please take it elsewhere.01:28
Aprelnaryfa, OerHeks: someone was asking for that earlier. We couldn't come up with how to, but I think they have left now....01:28
naryfaAprel: if you still need it I can share it, let me know01:28
Caelthunderwinggot bit of a question. can you use DD to restore an image back to an HDD as in a raw write back to the HDD?01:29
Aprelnaryfa: wel sure! For curiosity's sake. Plus maybe the origial asker will check the logs.01:29
naryfaCaelthunderwing: you should, what's the image?01:29
geniiCaelthunderwing: Of course.01:30
Caelthunderwingnaryfa, this: http://theisozone.com/downloads/playstation/tools/ps2-hacked-hdd-psbbn032-uleoplesrgsmbb3-or-free-hdboot/ normally you use a windows PC and use a program called "Rawcopy"01:30
Caelthunderwingi have atm my old PS (this is ancient Linux though like kernel 2.2 old) and it still has the DD utility01:31
Caelthunderwingjust none of my PC's are old enough to still have an IDE interface01:31
hydesteranybody using a seagate hybrid SSD/HDD with ubuntu?  thumbs up or down?  thanks01:32
naryfaCaelthunderwing: okay, but does it create a file with an extension? What is the image?01:33
OerHeks!anybody | hydester01:33
ubottuhydester: A high percentage of the first questions asked in this channel start with "Does anyone/anybody..." Why not ask your next question (the real one) and find out? See also !details, !gq, and !poll.01:33
Caelthunderwingthe image is pre-made and the extension is imgc01:33
naryfaCaelthunderwing: I doubt it then, try picking it with DD, but I don't think it will know what to do with it01:34
Caelthunderwingis there any then Imaging utilties that'll do a blind Raw write?01:34
naryfait isn't raw per se, it is "raw" to that program which created it, without converting the file, it's hard to tell01:35
geniiCaelthunderwing: If the image was made without compression dd can do it. If compression was used then it won't work.01:35
naryfaAprel: sudo visudo, and then change all the lines that have ALL=(ALL) ALL to ALL=(ALL) NOPASSWD: ALL01:36
Aprelnaryfa: ah, i see01:37
wilee-nileenaryfa, Advising no password is against channel policy01:37
wilee-nileeand a stupid thing to do01:37
OerHeksnaryfa, good job wrecking a system beyond repair if something is going wrong.01:37
naryfaanything else?01:38
Caelthunderwingthis is going to take awhile @_@ the PS2 only has32MB ram and only 22MB avilable to the OS after boot .01:38
wilee-nileeAprel, The live cd is read not write thats why it has no password your install is read and write, that is a bad idea.01:39
Apreleveryone, please be calm. This goes back to a question asked several hours ago (asked by someone who isn't logged in anymore), and no one knew how to answer it. At the time, everyone advised against it, but the asker still wanted an answer.01:39
wilee-nileesimple answer01:39
OerHeksAprel, please follow the channelrules, thanks.01:40
AprelThe "toram" boot option--is that available on all ubuntu installs, or just the livecd?01:41
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MatHallanyone running MIR01:43
reisioI'm running ISS01:44
raymondMatHall, I have before.  Back to X awaiting proper dual head support.01:44
OerHeksMatHall, next ubuntu 13.10 uses xMir, as a transit to 14.04 with Mir01:44
naryfawilee-nilee: have you ever tried running the whole system at a root level?01:45
wilee-nileeMatHall, I have ubuntu running in a red potatoe01:45
dcopehey all, what is the proper channel for ubuntu edge?01:45
wilee-nileedcope, #ubuntu-touch01:45
MatHallI'm trying MIR, in XMIR mode now.  unity is slow but works01:45
=== jagger|away is now known as jagger
dcopewilee-nilee: thank you01:46
wilee-nileeno probs01:46
Caelthunderwingseems to be working now genii  looks like it could take a bit the image is lil over 233MB01:46
DWSRDoes adding keys to the ssh-agent daemon make them permanent? I can't remember.01:47
causasuiwhat app do I want to use to monitor hard drive temperature in ubuntu 13? I have psensor but it only seems to track CPU and mobo temp01:48
reisiocausasui: what'd be the point01:48
DWSRcausasui: You shouldn't be worrying about HDD temperature.01:48
causasuiDWSR: they are there until the ssh-agent is closed, ie on reboot01:48
naryfacausasui: what about lm_sensors01:48
causasuiI am worrying about it because SMART data says the HDD has overheated before and the PC shuts down with overheating and I want to rule everything I can out.01:48
causasuiit's a laptop btw01:49
evlapixI'm having a bit of an issue with permissions.. A user doesn't have permission over a file/folder owned by themselves. How can that be?01:49
reisiomonitoring the temperature won't rule it out01:49
reisioreplacing the hard disk will01:49
causasuiso again: is there a way to check HDD temperature live or is smart the only way?01:49
wilee-nileecausasui, https://help.ubuntu.com/community/SensorInstallHowto and I use a conky with it.01:51
naryfacausasui: I would tell you but I'm affraid I will break some channel rules haha01:51
* wilee-nilee love to ignore morons01:51
naryfaoh boy, later people01:51
DragonDonwhoa, how do I fix window  'stuttering'?  http://i.imgur.com/DjxO9a7.jpg01:52
reisioDragonDon: faster hardware01:52
reisiomore ramalammadingdong01:52
raymondcausasui, if your laptop is overheating, and shutting down due to overheating; the hard drive is not the most likely cause.  If you want to watch hdd temp though, install hddtemp.01:52
DragonDonreisio, this is hardly a slow machine....and 5mins later it's still there?  not a hardware issue01:53
naryfaHey wilee, I'd rather be considered a moron than a chat gestapo officer. Haha. Ciao.01:53
reisioDragonDon: why ask if you have all the answers :p01:53
DragonDonreisio, there were no answers there.  Just pointing out that your answer did not make sense.01:53
raymondcausasui, you can get it to update by the second if you open up a console and type:   while true; do sudo hddtemp /dev/sda; sleep 1; done Just replace /dev/sda with whatever your primary drive is.01:53
Prufrockraymond, hi :)01:54
reisiocould say the same thing to that :p01:54
raymondPrufrock, hello. :)  Did it work?01:54
Prufrockraymond, well, I did as you said, tried kernel version 3.9, but there was a major problem: My internet card didn't work, so I wasn't able to connect to the internet.01:55
drycoowhat's a good mp3 tag editor for ubuntu?01:56
reisiodrycoo: exfalso from quodlibet01:57
reisiodrycoo: or id3v2 for batch stuff01:57
raymondcausasui, Though, if your issue is overheating causing shutdowns, it's most likely your CPU or GPU.  What kind of video card do you have?01:57
drycoothanks reisio, the one who always helps quickly ^_*01:58
reisiothe ^ makes him look smiley01:58
raymondPrufrock, hmm.. that's not good.. I wonder why it didn't work.. :|  What kind of wifi card do you have?01:59
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drycoopardon me, reisio , a non-native-English here! Didn't undertand what did you mean?02:00
samuelhello guys02:00
samuelso who here is getting the ubuntu edge?02:00
reisiodrycoo: 's'okay :)02:00
Ari-Yang!offtopic > samuel02:00
ubottusamuel, please see my private message02:00
drycoo^__^ reisio02:00
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drycoo!offtopic > drycoo02:01
ubottudrycoo, please see my private message02:01
causasuiraymond: thanks, I have some experience with this sort of thing though, I don't believe it's the CPU. unfortunately the hdd doesn't have a temperature sensor02:01
Aprelevlapix: sometimes with certain umask settings, it's possible for a user to create a file and be the ower but have no permissions on it.02:02
drycoo!flood > drycoo02:02
ubottudrycoo, please see my private message02:02
Aprelevlapix: if it's a oneshot issue, you can just chmod the file to get back perms.02:02
Prufrockraymond, I can't seem to find the "System info" thing (I don't remember the exact name but it's where you get all the information about your machine's specifications).02:02
causasuialso, am I suposed to be seeing a bunch of ads in ubuntu?02:02
drycoo!rules > drycoo02:02
ubottudrycoo, please see my private message02:02
wilee-nileecausasui, Can all be turned off.02:03
raymondPrufrock, Paste to pastebin the output of lspci02:03
drycoo!ubottu > drycoo02:03
ubottudrycoo, please see my private message02:03
evlapixAprel: Should this have fixed it then? http://pastebin.com/AEBmHC5z02:04
sp00kyI'm getting a lot of invalid misc. errors with my wireless using 12.04.  does anyone know how I can fix this?02:04
Xabsterdonate me 600$ so i can preorder Edge :(02:04
elisa87how can I fix this error? pam_mount(spawn.c:128): error setting uid to 002:04
Prufrockraymond, http://paste.ubuntu.com/5902610/02:04
wilee-nileesp00ky, How about the errors and the card for the channel.02:04
evlapixAprel: Better paste: http://pastebin.com/3eLn72hp02:06
DWSRIf I used gddrescue to create an image of an entire disk, how can I get the files out from that image.02:06
reisioDWSR: mount it02:06
reisioDWSR: http://www.andremiller.net/content/mounting-hard-disk-image-including-partitions-using-linux02:07
reisionext time use rsync, tar, or cp -a02:07
sp00kywilee-nilee, http://pastebin.com/mghZh2qq02:08
raymondPrufrock, yeah.. :( your wireless driver doesn't work with 3.902:08
Aprelevlapix: does user logstash own the dir logstash?02:08
histoDWSR: you need to mount the partitions inside of the image so first you have to determine the offset to them.02:08
Prufrockraymond, temporarily of course, right?02:09
evlapixAprel: Yes. drw-r--r--+  2 logstash      logstash          4096 Jul 23 01:57 logstash02:10
Aprelevlapix: you need to use chmod 755 on dir logstash because the user needs exec perms on a dir to get inside of it.02:11
aguguhello there02:12
aguguanyone uses system76 laptop here?02:12
wilee-nileesp00ky, I can't help you but was trying to get you to share enough with the channel so someone can, run lspci and identify the wifi if an internal02:12
Prufrockagugu, I'd love to get me one.. :(02:13
evlapixAprel: http://pastebin.com/rkNPc97a02:13
Caelthunderwinghmm shoulda guessed ".imgc" was a compressed image by RawCopy02:13
OerHekshi agugu, there are many system76 laptops, why son't you ask the real question and find out?02:13
kieppieI'm running 13.04 on a btrfs SSD02:13
Caelthunderwingbut while it left a invalid partitining scheme it did work02:13
agugualright :)02:13
kieppieI'm havng difficulty getting hibernation to work02:13
kieppiepm-hibernate does absolutely nothing02:13
Caelthunderwing(just to uncompress and do it again.)02:13
wilee-nileekieppie, I assume there is a swap in there right?02:14
aguguthe real question is if I were to choose between an t430 and one of the system76 based laptops02:14
aguguwhich one may be best for ubuntu 13.0402:14
agugui will be mostly looking for larger ram to run VMs as well as good CPU power,02:14
agugut430 do not have haswell cpus yet02:15
sp00ky02:00.0 Network controller: Intel Corporation Centrino Wireless-N 1030 (rev 34)02:15
agugubut system76 does02:15
OerHeksagugu, "and one of the system76 laptops" ... there are MANY!02:15
kieppiewilee-nilee: a seperate swap partition, yes. I tried setting up a swapfile, but no dice. but yes, `swapon -s` shows an active swap space02:15
OerHeks!hcl > agugu02:15
ubottuagugu, please see my private message02:15
Ari-YangOerHeks, I think agugu is referring to this laptop https://www.system76.com/laptops/model/galu102:16
Aprelevlapix: that's a mystery to me. I don't know why the owner has at least as many perms as the "other" group, but the "other" can access it but not the owner.02:16
wilee-nileekieppie, Have you checked on the manufacturers model and hibernate running ubuntu some don't work, I have no idea in regards to btrfs02:16
agugugot the link ubottu02:17
kieppiewilee-nilee: I've had hypernation working on this HP mini 110 netbook on a previous release (12.04 I believe)02:17
raymondPrufrock, I suggest filing a bug about your kernel panic.  Post the picture of the error message and everything.  the command to do so is:  ubuntu-bug linux-image02:17
Prufrockraymond, thank you very much. I will do it right away. :)02:18
Bradfordbazhang: o_O02:18
wilee-nileesp00ky, You might look through these threads. http://askubuntu.com/search?q=Centrino+Wireless-N+1030+02:18
FloodBot1Bradford: Please don't flood; use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste; don't use Enter as punctuation.02:18
DWSRhisto: And if the partition table is mangled and isn't recognizable?02:18
evlapixAprel: Here's the test case I've been working with: http://pastebin.com/emxYwpfz02:19
histoDWSR: Then I would use testdisk to repair it02:20
histoDWSR: how did it get mangled?02:20
histoDWSR: Or if you have knowledge on how it was partitioned you could guess the offset reliably02:20
OerHeksAri-Yang, that would be i7 vs i502:20
DWSRhisto: It's a flash drive that has failed.02:20
CeralesIs there any way to get SSLv2 support without recompiling OpenSSL? I don't really want to compile OpenSSL on production systems, nor run my own packaging server.02:21
napscagugu: One of the computers i have is a system 76.  No problems with 13.04.  Only thing i don't like is their shipping policy.  it's always on you.02:21
Aprelevlapix: the only thing I can think of is that user logstash has shell disabled and that's causing it, but I don't know.02:21
histoDWSR: Why do you think the parittion table is hosed?02:22
DWSRhisto: Because the flash drive failed.02:22
DWSRhisto: And gddrescue had about a 1GB chunk of data that it didn't get recovered.02:22
histoDWSR: parted /path/to/imagefile02:22
evlapixAprel: That sounds promising. How can I check that?02:23
wilee-nileekieppie, Just for chuckles I assume you know the test if it works, not questioning your skills I just start at the simplest varibles. https://help.ubuntu.com/12.04/ubuntu-help/power-hibernate.html02:23
DWSRhisto: Unrecognized disk label.02:23
histoDWSR: make sure you are specifying the path to your image file02:23
DWSRhisto: I'm not super worried, honestly. It's mostly just configuration data that can be recovered very easily/.02:23
DWSRhisto: I am02:24
histoDWSR: sudo parted /path/to/imagefile02:24
DWSRhisto: Yep.02:24
DWSRIt whined when I didn't do it as root, so I did it as root. Same result.02:24
histoDWSR: How was it partitioned one big partition?02:24
kieppiecheers wilee-nilee: I have run `sudo pm-hibernate` for test, but nothing happens, although the log seems OK. will pastebin02:25
DWSRhisto: No, it was using the guided partition installer.02:25
DWSR16GB flash stick.02:26
histoDWSR: what did you have installed there?02:26
DWSRhisto: Ubuntu.02:26
histoDWSR: well then / should be the first partition using mbr partitioning most likely02:26
DWSRhisto: It is, afaik02:26
histoDWSR: okay one sec02:27
DWSRI think I recovered only the partition.02:27
DWSRLet me try.02:27
histoDWSR: well if that's the case then just mount it02:27
Aprelevlapix: check the /etc/passwd file.02:27
DWSRmount -t ext4 /path/to/file.img /mountpoint?02:27
histoDWSR: although you will have filessytem errors with 1gb of it being non recoverable02:28
DWSRhisto: Yeah, I'm just looking for a few specific files. Don't care about most of the rest02:28
DWSRhisto: Nope, still won't mount02:29
DWSRhisto: Bad superblock, opt, or wrong fs type.02:29
DWSRhisto: dmesg complains about bada geometry.02:30
histoDWSR: Well what was your gddrescue command?02:32
histoDWSR: you could always carve the image for files02:32
DWSRhisto: Using testdisk?02:32
DWSRpretty sure it was ddrescure /dev/sdp1 /oldsys/backup.img /oldsys/backup.log02:33
histoDWSR: yea that would just be the partition. What type of files are you trying to recover?02:34
DWSRah, it was ddrescue -f -n /dev/sdp1 /oldsys/backup.img /oldsys/backup.log02:34
DWSRhisto: Config files mostly. An install of headphones, sickbeard, couchpotato, and plexmediaserver.02:34
DWSRPretty much don't care about anything else.02:34
histoDWSR: the issue is they are just text files without a header...02:35
DWSRThere's no way to identify them by the folder they were residing in?02:35
histoDWSR: So I would try and repair the filesystem and mount it. Or use something like the sleuthkit to copy your data out if it can read the filesystem.02:36
DWSRSeems like a lot of time and effort that I can just use to reinstall and reconfigure everything.02:36
DWSRThanks though02:36
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robotdevilwhat is the ntfsprogs package called now?02:38
robotdevilsomething I can do I scandisk and disk tools for livecd02:39
histoDWSR: data recovery all has to be measured by time and cost vs. the value of the data02:39
DWSRhisto: Yep.02:39
historobotdevil: What are you trying to do repair ntfs from linux?02:40
Taekrobotdevil, did you just seriously say that?02:41
Taekand actually mean it..02:41
robotdevilok will check hiens first but could someone just tell me the name02:41
historobotdevil: it's been merged with ntfs-3g02:41
robotdevilok so should be installed already02:41
histo!find ntfsfix02:43
ubottuFile ntfsfix found in libguestfs-gobject-dev, ntfs-3g, partclone02:43
historobotdevil: yeap ntfs-3g02:43
cheetosis it me or does portal on steam now say its only for windows and mac?02:48
mortal1does the ubuntuforums.org share the same login / password domain as login.ubuntu.com?02:51
mortal1...and was that compromised?02:51
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histomortal1: did you see the notice on the page?02:52
=== Guddu is now known as Guest21482
Samkovwhere can i see a listing (and or search) trusted ubuntu packages. im a debian user so i have no idea where to go lol02:53
histo!packages | Samkov02:54
ubottuSamkov: You can browse and search for Ubuntu packages using !Synaptic, !KPackageKit, !Adept, "apt-cache search <keywords or regex>", or online at http://packages.ubuntu.com - Ubuntu has about 30000 packages available, so please *search* for an official package before installing things in awkward ways!02:54
Samkovi mean on a web server, is there any web interface that i can do this on?02:54
newbhey guys I'm new to ubuntu and I dual boot it with Windows 7 on a dell laptop , lately i've been getting random bugs02:55
tgm4883Samkov, did you even read the message?02:55
histoSamkov: packages.ubuntu.com02:55
newbi just need some general advice, like... is there something you guys do to detect and fix errors like...02:55
histonewb: log files02:55
histoSamkov: just like ubottu said02:56
newbhisto:   ahh yes i've seen those!  what do you run to see like... the overall health of Ubuntu running on your system?02:56
newbI've been using bleachbit and it shows i have "120-something errors"02:57
newbanyone else use bleachbit?02:57
histonewb: Not familiar with bleachbit at all. If i have a problem with something I check logs02:57
xmetali use bleachbit on a few different OS's02:58
newbxmetal:  ever use it on ubuntu and see the "errors " line?02:59
newbis it saying, it has corrected or detected errors?02:59
histonewb: what sort of errors is it whinning about?02:59
xmetala temp file/location cleaner, detected and corrected errors?03:00
lauratikamy system says i dont have swap space, but i add 4.5 gb of swapspace what can be the problem, why is not recognize by ubuntu?03:00
newbit just says errors... hmm03:01
newbhisto:  it appears i need to read up on log files and how to use them.  is this the bottom line for Ubuntu OS fixing?  how did you learn it? any reccomendations?03:01
dlo121985does anybody know how to look at the temperature logs in Ubuntu?03:01
dlo121985I'm afraid my computer is overheating and suddenly rebooting03:02
histodlo121985: /var/log/messages may gleam some info03:02
histo!cli | newb03:02
ubottunewb: The linux terminal or command-line interface is very powerful. Open a terminal via Applications -> Accessories -> Terminal (Gnome) or K-menu -> System -> Konsole (KDE).  Guide: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/UsingTheTerminal or type in it: man intro03:02
dlo121985Thanks! I'll check that out03:03
histonewb: so because some third party program is saying there are errors you are concerned?03:03
th0rhisto: isn't it /var/log/syslog now?03:03
dlo121985let me check03:03
histoth0r: whereever03:03
th0rhisto: threw me for a loop too...still messages in debian, but ubuntu has I think changed it to syslog03:04
dlo121985it is /var/log/syslog03:04
dlo121985do you know of anything specifically i should be looking for?03:04
histoth0r: dlo121985 Not running ubuntu atm03:04
histodlo121985: track back to when your system shutoff03:04
newbhisto:     "!cli"    and yes somewhat,  i mean i just had this really frustrating erro where adjusting brightness would cause Ubuntu to crash unrecoverably03:04
newbhisto:  what does "!cli"  mean?03:05
dlo121985histo: Thanks, I'll try that.03:05
newbi fixed that error though,03:05
newbbut... every now and then Ubuntu will crash for some other currently unknown reasons...  so log files seems the way to go03:06
histonewb: !cli was a bot trigger to have ubottu tell you info about the command line03:07
=== Linux_Newb is now known as Xfce
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histonewb: your brightness issue could be caused by some bug with your particular hardware. You can try passing some kernel options at boot to see03:08
histonewb: acpi_osi=Linux acpi_backlight=legacy   try adding those to your kernel line during boot03:09
newbah yes, this Unbuntu install is still pretty fresh, idk how the drivers worked out and uhh oh I fixed the brightness thing, googled it. and i added something to the grab default that looked a lot like what you said there, but different03:10
newbalso when my wifi is on and off constantly ...sometimes when I'm at my college, because they prompt for user credentials...03:11
hemacheHello everybody03:11
DuncanNZhemache: hi03:12
=== jagger is now known as jagger|away
evlapixAprel: No difference between nginx and logstash: http://pastebin.com/ZYm8SSmZ03:13
thurstylarkWhy does vinagre not accept my password that is longer than 8 characters?03:13
DuncanNZthurstylark: what does it do instead? what OS are you connecting to?03:14
hemachehas anyone tried the new command line pastebin named QPaste ?03:14
thurstylarkDuncanNZ: i'm connecting to a Mac. Vinagre will only let me type a maximum of 8 characters in the password box.03:15
ianorlinno I use pastebinit03:15
OerHeksthurstylark, old bug > https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/vinagre/+bug/48369603:15
ubottuUbuntu bug 483696 in vinagre (Ubuntu) "Accepted password length in Remote Desktop Viewer" [Wishlist,Confirmed]03:15
Aprelevlapix: That's very strange. You should try asking your question again when more people are around. Surely someone will have an answer, but I am stumped.03:15
DuncanNZthurstylark: hmm that's odd, my password (to a windows vnc server) is 6 chars long, and I never realised this limit but yes I can reproduce03:16
DuncanNZwhat an odd thing to be a bug in the first place, it's like they randomly set maxlength to 8. there must be a reason03:16
DuncanNZI'll look at the bug report03:16
thurstylarkDuncanNZ: Thanks!03:17
evlapixAprel: You're being stumped is a good clue. Thanks for your help.03:17
cheetosis portal for linux no longer availalbe for linux? http://store.steampowered.com/app/400/03:17
linuxI had my home network server connected but it is not showing up in dolphin any more. using precise 12.04. Any way to reconnect?03:17
DuncanNZthurstylark: Yep the bug report says it's part of the VNC spec, so actually your Mac is non-conformant. You should just use a shorter password.03:18
histolinux: just like you connected to it before03:20
thurstylarkDuncanNZ: welp. poop.03:20
thurstylarkDuncanNZ: thanks for the info!03:20
histocheetos: you'd probably have to contact steam and ask them03:20
histocheetos: or valve03:20
DuncanNZthurstylark: np. I think that's really weirdtoo03:20
DuncanNZ*weird too03:20
OerHekscheetos, or try #ubuntu-steam03:20
linuxI do not know where it went do not remember if it was dolphin? It just appeared.03:20
OerHeksDuncanNZ, agreed, like outlook.com is limited to 16 digits03:22
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ghostnik11i can't see my display screen on my laptop since i installed linux distro03:32
ghostnik11is there anyway i can see my laptop display03:32
holsteinghostnik11: i would need more details03:33
ghostnik11i have a lenovo ideapad s400 and just installed linux mint but after installation i can't see any think on my laptop screen so i have used a hdmi cable and connected the display to my tv03:34
holsteinghostnik11: try ubuntu.. try a xubuntu live CD03:34
ubottuXubuntu is Ubuntu with Xfce as the desktop environment. More info at http://www.xubuntu.org/ - To install from Ubuntu: « sudo apt-get install xubuntu-desktop » - Join #xubuntu for support - See also: !Ubuntu and !Xubuntu-Channels03:34
holsteinghostnik11: xubuntu uses XFCE which might work better with your hardware03:35
holstein!mint | ghostnik1103:35
ubottughostnik11: Linux Mint is not a supported derivative of Ubuntu. Please seek support in #linuxmint-help on irc.spotchat.org03:35
xmetalreally ?03:36
xmetali was almost going to dowlnoad xubuntu tomorrow ... would have been foolish i guess since i have the xfce packages "seperately"03:36
MidnightNinja_Can anyone tell me how to increase the size of an ubuntu installation?(NOT WUBI)03:41
MidnightNinja_I have some extra free space, and Id like to migrate that to my ubuntu installation03:41
lauratikavideos and music paus right after selected in clementine and in youtube...03:41
lauratikai dont have audio03:41
holsteinMidnightNinja_: i use gparted from a live CD03:41
MidnightNinja_I can just extend the partition without wiping it?03:42
holsteinMidnightNinja_: you should *always* have backups.. since all hard drives fail03:42
MidnightNinja_Holstein: so the only way to do this is to format the drive and repartition it03:43
DragonDon_here here holstein !03:43
lauratikait was working fine, but after reboot isnt working any more03:44
holsteinMidnightNinja_: no.. you literally stretch the partition out with a live CD using gparted, as i said. if you want me to say, it wont break, i answer with, you should have backups anyway03:44
xmetalaudicous (sp?) is what i use for audio03:44
MidnightNinja_holstein: how do you recommend I make a backup?03:44
MidnightNinja_or do you mean just backup my files?03:45
holsteinMidnightNinja_: however you will constantly do that.. clonezilla clones.. cloud storage such as a website, or ubuntuone or dropbox.. or a big hard drive, via USB or network03:45
MidnightNinja_ah gotcha03:45
holsteinMidnightNinja_: i mean, you hit the power button, and that drive is dead.. whatever you would want, and however you woul back that up03:45
lauratikanow video is working but no audio coming, test in audio preference also wont bring any sound03:46
holsteinMidnightNinja_: plan for that, and if anything goes wrong while you are growing the partition out, and it can, though its likely not going to happen.. you will be fine, and prepared03:46
MidnightNinja_holstein: thanks for the help!03:46
holsteinMidnightNinja_: sure03:46
MidnightNinja_okay, be back in a bit with a hopefully larger partition!03:47
joubinHas anyone seen this: http://www.indiegogo.com/projects/ubuntu-edge03:47
joubinShould I do it? the 83003:47
holsteinlauratika: youtube is flash.. please open a known good audio file in a known good player, and get it playing.. open pavucontrol (install it if you dont have it)03:48
xmetali have to say if i had a limited amount of apps/tools with me (software wise), Gparted with be near the top of the list03:49
lauratikaholstein: no audio from clementine, or youtube or the cd rom03:49
lauratikain alsamixxer all volumes are up03:49
holsteinlauratika: youtube is irrelvant, and we are not going to discuss it, ok?03:50
holsteinlauratika: it is flash03:50
holsteinlauratika: get a known good audio playing playing a known good audio file, and open pavucontrol, please03:50
lauratikaholstein: yeah, the whole point is no source of audio is working, ok?03:50
holsteinlauratika: OK.. would you like to wait for another volunteer03:50
lauratikawhat ever works best for you, im sintalling pavucontrol03:51
lauratikanow is open03:52
holsteinif you get an audio file playing, you should see the meters moving, and be able to route.. you should see if your device is loaded03:53
lauratikai try to play the audio but is paused some how03:53
lauratikameters are not moving03:54
holsteinlauratika: then, open another player, and get it playing without pausing it03:54
lauratikayes,  thsta the weird thing is not playing at all, totem or clementine03:55
lauratikait wont play at all03:55
pepper_chicocan anyone help me here, I've setup my PATH variable with additional values at my .bashrc, which is also sourced by my .profile file. Anyway, when I start an application, like GVIM, from some launcher instead from the bash, it doesn't start with PATH, I mean, the bash environment, properly inherented and set03:56
pepper_chicohow to fix this?03:56
lauratikais like is in pause, but im not pausing , more like stop, then hit play and nothing. in clementine or totem03:56
cantstanyawhat's that chat channel again03:57
cantstanya!help | whatisit03:57
ubottuwhatisit: Please don't ask to ask a question, simply ask the question (all on ONE line and in the channel, so that others can read and follow it easily). If anyone knows the answer they will most likely reply. :-) See also !patience03:57
cantstanyayou suck ubottu03:57
holsteinlauratika: launch them from the command line and see if you see output.. open a terminal and run "aplay -l" and see that your device is listed there03:58
lauratika**** List of PLAYBACK Hardware Devices ****03:59
lauratikacard 0: Intel [HDA Intel], device 0: ALC662 rev1 Analog [ALC662 rev1 Analog]03:59
lauratika  Subdevices: 0/103:59
lauratika  Subdevice #0: subdevice #003:59
FloodBot1lauratika: Please don't flood; use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste; don't use Enter as punctuation.03:59
holstein!paste | lauratika03:59
ubottulauratika: For posting multi-line texts into the channel, please use http://paste.ubuntu.com | To post !screenshots use http://imagebin.org/?page=add | !pastebinit to paste directly from command line | Make sure you give us the URL for your paste - see also the channel topic.03:59
holsteinlauratika: you can look and see if its there.. the point is, if you dont have output there, you'll never get audio03:59
holsteinlauratika: did you do an upgrade? and reboot? and it was like this? do you have usb audio devices connected? do you have a live CD handy to test the hardware?04:00
lauratikaonly thing i did was changing swap space in fstab and installing airtime, and yes i have a live cd04:01
holsteinlauratika: then, you can update and try, since you havent.. "sudo apt-get update && sudo apt-get dist-upgrade" and reboot04:02
lauratikathis is the output when trying to play a file from clementine from terminal. http://paste.ubuntu.com/5902839/04:02
pozis there a way to shrink the size of unity past the 32 setting available in the appearance system settings?04:03
holsteinpoz: the size of the bar? the launcher?04:04
lauratikaholstein: im upgrading now and rebooting, by the way i did reboot 2 times already withour the upgrade of course, wonder what can be the issue here04:05
holsteinlauratika: let us know if you are still experiencing issues outside the browser with audio when you upgrade and reboot04:05
sirdeseagullhi is this the only channel?04:06
sirdeseagullin xchat?04:06
lauratikaholstein: sure, brb04:06
holsteinsirdeseagull: no.. xchat is a chat client.. there are many channels on this server.. freenode04:06
lauratikasirdeseagull: you mean freenode04:06
pozholstein, the size of the bar04:06
pozand the launcher too04:06
pozboth are far to big04:06
sirdeseagullwell i dunno04:06
sirdeseagullcan you help me04:07
lauratikasirdeseagull:with what04:07
sirdeseagulli dunno how this ting work04:07
sirdeseagullhow do i find more channel04:07
sirdeseagullor freenod04:07
lauratikayou are in ubuntu channel, and is related to ubuntu questions.04:07
holsteinsirdeseagull: read the /topic of the channels are /join.. right now, you are "chatting" in a support channel04:07
sirdeseagullthat i can see04:07
lauratikasirdeseagull: then you need to read info about using xchat04:08
sirdeseagullbut how do i open more window on other subject04:08
holsteinsirdeseagull: you can try /join #ubuntu-offtopic04:08
FloodBot1sirdeseagull: Please don't flood; use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste; don't use Enter as punctuation.04:08
lauratikahelp! | sirdeseagull04:08
sirdeseagulloh and what i just did is called flooding?04:08
xmetal #xchat may be a great place to ask04:08
xmetalif thats your client04:09
sirdeseagullok ty04:09
holsteinsirdeseagull: http://freenode.net/faq.shtml http://freenode.net/faq.shtml#channellist04:09
pozanyone know how to customize the dash?04:12
jubeiGuys I have a weird problem.  Even though I upgraded to 13.04 sometimes ( usually on my 1st boot) it boots into ubuntu 12.10 and offers me to upgrade my system. If then just reboot it almost always reboots into 13.0404:13
holsteinjubei: sounds like you are dual booting.. and having grub isues04:14
jubeiholstein, any ideas on how to resolve them?04:16
nydelanyone ever use a system76 computer? i'm thinking about ordering one of their ubuntu-ready laptops04:16
holsteinjubei: i would confirm if you are dual booting or not, and if you are, and dont want to be, remove 12.10, and leave only 13.04, and reset grub, or reinstall it04:16
holsteinnydel: i have. the only reason not to is the cost, though they are a good value04:17
lauratikasame as the ubuntu phone 600 for 24 launch04:18
holsteinnydel: i plan on purchasing system76 for the out of the box support04:18
pozanyone know how to resize the dash in unity?04:18
holsteinpoz: im sure you cant do what you are wanting to do by defaul04:19
nydelholstein: the middle-of-the-line laptop comes to just over $1k with no bells & whistles, just memory upgrade - i don't think that's //too// bad04:19
pozholstein, what are you suggesting?04:19
holsteinpoz: i havent suggested anything yet04:19
xanguapoz: clic the maximize/restore button04:19
nydelholstein: do you know of any other linux-friendly options? my other plan is to buy a cheap HP & reformat it04:19
somsip!info mysql04:19
pozholstein, good, becuase it sounded like you were suggesting that ubuntu cant resize a window04:19
ubottuPackage mysql does not exist in raring04:19
somsip!info mysqld04:20
ubottuPackage mysqld does not exist in raring04:20
somsip!info mysql-server04:20
ubottumysql-server (source: mysql-5.5): MySQL database server (metapackage depending on the latest version). In component main, is optional. Version 5.5.31-0ubuntu0.13.04.1 (raring), package size 11 kB, installed size 114 kB04:20
pozxangua, it goes fullscreen to just 'large'04:20
holsteinpoz: if this unsupported 3rd party ppa package doesnt do what you want, try another DE http://www.omgubuntu.co.uk/2013/03/unity-tweak-tool-is-now-available-in-raring04:20
xanguaholstein: poz it does not04:20
OerHekspoz hold ctrl + use scrollwheel04:21
holsteinpoz: you are not asking to "resize a window".. you are asking to resize system elements are are made to work within parameters04:21
holsteinpoz: there are *many* other options if you find you cannot make unity look/feel as you want04:21
pozOerHeks, no workie04:21
pozholstein, the tweak tool does not do it. but thank you for trying04:22
pozi will keep looking. but there are more importent matters... has everyone bought there ubuntu edge?!04:22
OerHekspoz how is that important?04:23
pozBecause they need to make their target.04:23
pozof 32 mill04:23
pozfor me to get my phone04:23
pozand to support ubuntu04:23
sirdeseagullthe ubuntu phone is already out?04:25
geniisirdeseagull: March next year, hopefully.04:25
geniiMay, rather04:26
sirdeseagullnice, ive seen the video about it, i hope it really is what they say it is and plus04:26
pozsirdeseagull, go buy one!04:27
nassepossuapparently update from 25 to 26 broke my touchpad support, how can i reinstall the update or do something else smart?04:27
holsteinthey are talking about the edge phone in the #ubuntu-offtopic channel04:27
xanguanassepossu: did you try the previous kernel¿04:27
nassepossui used the boot menus option to start ubuntu <something> 30.0(?).2504:28
nassepossuand it works here04:28
pozthanks holstein04:29
nassepossuyea, i'm currently on 3.8.0-25-generic and the one above (3.8.0-31??) causes ubuntu to not detect touchpad04:31
geniinassepossu: I had a similar issue recently, reinstalling xserver-xorg-input-synaptics worked.04:32
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RaveYodaHello everyone. OK, I've got a bit of a problem. For a while now whenever I install/remove/ or just do anything remotely oriented towards program management the system freezes at the point of configuring the program.04:35
RaveYodaI can still use the system but the program refuses to configure leaving itself in a broken state04:36
CoburnRaveYoda: have you looked at 'top' in a terminal to ensure it's not busy doing something?04:36
RaveYodaYup, it sits there untill i kill the process and remove the dpkg locks04:37
RaveYodathen i have to sudo dpkg --configure -a the system to load up synaptic or anything else for that matter04:38
RaveYodait still doesn't config the said program04:38
RaveYodaThis has happened with virtualbox and wicd04:39
CoburnSounds like you're going to need a reinstall :(04:39
CoburnSoudns like something's seriously corrupt04:39
LocuanHi, I'm trying to install ubuntu 13.04 on my hp envy 14 laptop. I am trying to run the setup from a cd. However, after running the cd the screen goes black and nothing appears. However, audio works as I can hear the setup loading to what I guess is the menu. I believe this is a problem with the graphics card since it is switchable graphics. If anyone is able to help me I'd appreciate it. Thanks.04:39
RaveYodait also happens with other packages as well. Well, you see, I don't really want to do that. XD04:39
CoburnRaveYoda: backup your home partition, then get the install disc and bowl it over :P04:40
RaveYodaBtw, this also happens in Ubuntu-builder04:40
CoburnLocuan: what GPU do you have? Intel HD Graphics and ATI/nVidia?04:40
Locuanyep Coburn, Intel HD Graphics/AMD04:41
RaveYodaAnyone else got any ideas?04:41
Coburnwait, RaveYoda04:41
CoburnBefore you do that04:41
Coburnyou could... resize the root parition, make a new one, copy /home to that and then when you reformat, your data will be intact04:42
Coburnin the installer, you just say "use /dev/sda2 for /home, don't format"04:42
Coburnthat way you lose apps but not your data04:42
RaveYodaI'm running two drives. One's an ssd the other an hdd04:42
RaveYodathis still apply?04:43
CoburnWhere is Ubuntu instaleld?04:43
CoburnLocuan: Haven't really had any experience with Intel/AMD switchable graphics, I have Intel/nVidia04:43
CoburnIt could be taht the AMD graphics is enabled, but everything is being output to the Intel HD04:43
=== scott is now known as Guest90855
CoburnWhat's your model number, Locuan04:44
LocuanCoburn: I see, one second let me get that information.04:44
RaveYodaWell, technically it's Mint and not Ubu; though i've done major renovations with it's sys. I'm going for a minimalist approach and have dumped a lot of core sys packages associated with Mint04:44
RaveYodathe thing is, it was running swell up till a week ago or so04:45
RaveYodaanyway, root is on ssd04:45
RaveYodahome on hdd04:45
CoburnWell ok04:45
Coburnthen that backup /home doesn't apply then04:45
RaveYodaI figure i could shrink roots partition and near clone it over04:45
Coburnsince if you hose the SSD, your /home is fine04:46
CoburnJust reinstall the OS, but make sure you set it to mount the HDD partition in question as /home04:46
RaveYodaXD Done it many a times. I just reallllyyyy don't ant to do that. I feel as if the problem lies with dpkg, apt, or the source files04:47
restingif my /etc/lsb-release file has been changed…how do i know the original version of my ubuntu?04:47
RaveYodaReinstalling is like...the last option on my plate Couburn04:48
rannongarest, what do you mean?04:48
rannongathe version like 13.04?04:48
RaveYodaI say the laassst option mainly because I seem to "break" my OS every three months. I'm trying to go the "fix it with love or duckt tape" approach04:50
LocuanCoburn: Prod #: XZ211UA#ABA04:51
RaveYodaIs there a way to purge purge the repo list a dpkg settings so it's nearly like new?04:51
Coburnnope afaik04:51
CoburnLocuan:  Is there a Model #? like ENVY14-002 or something?04:52
ubottuTo disable a PPA from your sources and revert your packages back to default Ubuntu packages, install ppa-purge and use the command: « sudo ppa-purge ppa:<repository-name>/<subdirectory> » – For more information, see http://www.webupd8.org/2009/12/remove-ppa-repositories-via-command.html04:52
RaveYodaIs there a way to purge purge the repo list and dpkg settings so it's nearly like new?04:52
holsteinRaveYoda: ^04:52
LocuanCoburn: Model #: 14 - 1260SE04:52
rannongaENVY 14-1260SE04:52
Locuanyep that one04:52
ncd2hi all04:52
ncd2do i need any antivirus with ubuntu04:52
Coburnncd2: No, Ubuntu is secure from day 104:53
Coburnunlike a certain payware OS :P04:53
ncd2what about firewall04:53
RaveYodanci, you don't need it but can get one. Avast has a free one for linux04:53
RaveYodathx ubottu04:54
Coburnncd2: You have one enabled, but it's more so "stealth". Means that it's got your arse if you need it's protection04:54
geniiRaveYoda: Also there's a vanilla sources.list in /usr/share/doc/apt/examples/sources.list04:54
ubottuAudio (Ogg, MP3...) players: Audacious, Banshee, Listen, Quod Libet, Rhythmbox, Exaile, XMMS2 (GTK/Gnome based) and Amarok, JuK (Qt/KDE based).  Video players: Totem, Xine, MPlayer, VLC, Kaffeine - See also !codecs04:54
Coburnpardon my not-so-familyfriendly language, but linux saves lives04:54
CoburnLocuan: http://linuxenvy.blogspot.com.au/2011/01/first-solutions.html (quick google, this should get you sorted!)04:54
ncd2cool thx04:54
rannongais ubottu a bot?04:55
RaveYodaOhh?? Do i just cp it to the other location?04:55
Coburnyes rannonga04:55
rannongak thx04:55
LocuanCoburn: Thanks!04:55
CoburnApparently the blacklight, Locuan, gets set to 0%04:55
Coburnmeaning you can't see jack squat04:55
ubottuHi! I'm #ubuntu's favorite infobot, you can search my brain yourself at http://ubottu.com/factoids.cgi | Usage info: http://ubottu.com/devel/wiki/Plugins | Bot channels and general info: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/IRC/Bots04:55
CoburnIt's like fumbling around in the dark without a lightswitch04:55
ncd2so i can have ubuntu side by side with windows?04:56
holstein!dualboot | ncd204:56
ubottuncd2: Dual boot instructions: x86/AMD64: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/DualBoot/Windows - Macs: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/MacBookPro https://help.ubuntu.com/community/YabootConfigurationForMacintoshPowerPCsDualBoot04:56
pepper_chicoIs there a way for GUI launched apps to have my environment variables set as configured in .bashrc?04:58
=== |_ocke3 is now known as |_ocke
pepper_chicoI meant, to have the env vars inherented04:59
RaveYodaSo, who heard about ubuntu forums getting hacked?05:01
holsteinRaveYoda: i think they heard about it on the #ubuntu-offtopic channel05:02
rannongawhy was it you?05:02
RaveYodaDX Hell no05:03
RaveYodaStill, i'm surprised it happened05:03
holstein!language | RaveYoda05:03
ubottuRaveYoda: Please watch your language and topic to help keep this channel family-friendly, polite, and professional.05:03
insGadgetthat's why I am here. I woke up tody and tried to google how to blacklist my fingerprint reader and got the splash page. I always try the forums first :)05:03
RaveYodaI find it funny a big selling point for linux is security and yet they get their forums hacked. It's dissapointing05:04
RaveYodaAhhh, sorry05:04
insGadgetits people who are jealous from within the Linux community of canonical teams sucess05:05
xangua!ot | RaveYoda insGadget05:05
ubottuRaveYoda insGadget: #ubuntu is the Ubuntu support channel, for all Ubuntu-related support questions. Please use #ubuntu-offtopic for other topics (though our !guidelines apply there too). Thanks!05:05
insGadgetlol later!05:06
RaveYodaXD Ugghh, not doing so well with the rules. Sorry everyone. Anyway, back to my problem. Any clues guys on what may be causing the failing of configuring pkgs?05:07
restingif my /etc/lsb-release file has been changed…how do i know the original version of my ubuntu?05:07
RaveYodaI've reset my source list but wont know if it fixes anything until I've a chance to give it a go.05:08
RaveYodaOK, Trying an apt-get update now tells me type '' is not known on line one05:12
=== CyberJacob|Away is now known as CyberJacob
DragonDon_this might sound noobish, but is there a way to restart X and remember currently opened programs/windows?05:14
DragonDon_crap....unity just up and died again....sigh...05:15
rannongawow drivers?05:15
RaveYodaTyping  apt-get update now tells me "type '' is not known on line one"05:15
RaveYodanow it say deb is not known on line one05:15
DragonDon_<shrug> dunno....this is a new install....I reset it once already....this is getting tedious....thinking of ditching unity now...05:15
RaveYodaUse openbox05:16
RaveYodaOR gnome05:16
DragonDon_yeah....maybe go back to gnome (althought  gnome is one of the reasons why I ended up with Ubuntu from Debian...long story)05:17
RaveYodathough I prefer lighter desktop mngrs05:17
DragonDon_so, never having really 'switched' DMs....I'm installing openbox now...how would I set it as the default DMs?  I suspect just running 'openbox' from the terminal will start it...05:18
rannongait doesnt really matter, it should be an option when you logout and log back in05:19
DragonDon_sigh...was hoping I didn't have log out/in again....05:19
rannongawhats wrong with that?05:19
DragonDon_because this is a new setup, I've not configured the auto-logins for IRC....pita to type in /msg nickserv stuff again...05:20
webmobihow can we configure smil file05:20
RaveYodaHey, just a heads up...openbox is really light.... Right click to access menues. Also, you may want to get nitrogen so it'll manage your background05:20
DragonDon_RaveYoda, what is nitrogen?  I want to run conky to add some live info to my desktop.05:21
webmobifor streaming two with two bit rate05:21
rannonganitrogen is a wallpaper manager, openbox does't come by default with one05:21
rannongafeh is another one05:21
gaghi there05:22
DragonDon_I've got feh installed now....was suggested by one site ....ok, gonna reboot now...05:22
sin_taxcan anyone help me figure out what is up with this server? I can't get aptitude to upgrade my packages: http://pastebin.com/Fu0ugPFe05:22
RaveYodayeah, but nitrogen is cooler. With dual monitors it sets seperate wallpapers for each monitor05:22
sin_taxlines 10 and 11 of the paste make no sense05:23
gagarchive manager is not working in ubuntu 12.04 please anyone can help me..?05:23
gagi cant able to extract files in ubutnu05:24
rannongawhat files?05:24
aeon-ltdgag: details of what you're trying to extract and what happens when you try will be useful05:25
gagrannonga: TAR.GZ,ZIP05:25
rannongatry using unzip from terminal first it just might be the software05:25
DragonDon_ok....OB is confusing to use initially....how do I get to any of my programs?05:25
rannongaright click05:25
DragonDon_right-click does not give me access to installed stuff....only a few things.05:26
rannongaalso you might want to install a taskbar or dock like tint2 or docky05:26
gagrannonga: from terminal its working but right click option not working05:26
aeon-ltdDragonDon_: OB - openbox? you need to configure the menus with obmenu05:27
RaveYodaRazorqt-pannel is best for pannels05:27
DragonDon_aeon-ltd, thanks....run that from a terminal I take it?05:27
DragonDon_well, have to install obmenu it seems....05:27
aeon-ltdDragonDon_: :)05:27
jacks1Hello! After suspending my session when I open my laptop flap again the screen flickers and doesn't boot.05:29
RaveYodaumm, there is a prog within synaptic to install a menureader that get's ubuntu's default stuff05:29
aeon-ltdDragonDon_: you can choose to configure the xml files directly though :)05:29
RaveYodaIt's easyer than manually setting it up05:29
rannongagag, try reinstalling file-roller05:29
RaveYodaPlus, razorqt-pannel is not in repos initially05:29
DragonDon_are the xml files located in the home dir?05:29
aeon-ltdDragonDon_: hidden in dot folders yeah, there are global ones aswell i think05:30
DragonDon_ls -al05:30
RaveYodaI don't know. the prog is openbox-xdgmenu05:31
DragonDon_aeon-ltd, hmm, don't see any .openbox folder....stored somewhere else?05:32
DragonDon_RaveYoda, what is openbox-xdgmenu?05:32
RaveYodacreate one05:33
RaveYodaDragon, create one05:33
RaveYodain it add an autostart.sh file05:33
aeon-ltdDragonDon_: .config/openbox05:33
RaveYodabtw, here is where you can get the repo for Razorqt pannel https://launchpad.net/~razor-qt/+archive/ppa/05:33
aeon-ltdDragonDon_: ~/.config/openbox/menu.xml05:34
RaveYodaaeon is correct dragon, sorry05:34
rannonga ppa:razor-qt/ppa, Rave05:34
RaveYodaI'm sorry rannonga? What?05:35
rannongathats the repo for the site, isnt that what you asked?05:35
DragonDon_ugh....I need to get on teamspeak....this is taking too long atm....thanks for your help, will look at this later....gues it's gnome for now05:36
RaveYodaDragon, openbox-xdgmenu is what pulls the menu list for programs05:36
DragonDon_thanks RaveYoda05:36
RaveYodait's not perfect though and misses a few listing05:36
RaveYodaNo prob mate, good luck05:36
RaveYodaoh, I was giving the link to him, Dragon,05:37
DragonDon_sigh...just want something that's ncie and stable and I can customize some....05:37
WorstCaseOntarioHey there I am trying to fix SAMBA after my system crashed due to accidentally unplugging the harddrive. SAMBA is no longer working. when I enter the smbtree command it now returns nothing05:37
RaveYodaI have the repo05:37
RaveYodauhhhh...then you'll like gnome. Or the mate desktop05:38
RaveYodabut gnome is prettyer than mate by far05:38
DragonDon_while waiting....I just installed TeamSpeak.....dont know how to run it from a terminal....sigh05:39
RaveYodatype teamspeak?05:39
RaveYodaor...begin typing it and then press tab05:39
DragonDon_command not found :(05:39
=== _BJFreeman is now known as BJfreeman
RaveYodait should auto find the command given enough letters05:39
OerHeksWorstCaseOntario, so your HDD is oke?05:40
DragonDon_sadly, that does not work either....tried it....how annoying really05:40
bazhang!info teamspeak-client | DragonDon_05:40
ubottuDragonDon_: teamspeak-client (source: teamspeak-client): VoIP chat for online gaming. In component multiverse, is optional. Version 2.0.32-3.1ubuntu1 (raring), package size 7209 kB, installed size 14360 kB (Only available for i386)05:40
RaveYodaXD Oh mai05:40
WorstCaseOntarioyes I run off a USB HD, it got unplugged and there was a "kernel panic"05:41
DragonDon_and yet, a locate teamspeak, find a desktop icon...05:41
DragonDon_WorstCaseOntario, hey...a fellow Canuck!05:41
RaveYodagot skype?05:41
OerHeksWorstCaseOntario, that sounds like your HDD is not oke?05:41
DragonDon_bazhang, thnks but I downloaded ts3 from their site05:41
bazhangDragonDon_, thats not how to install software in ubuntu. use the repos05:42
DragonDon_RaveYoda, eww...Skype has been getting worse every since M$ took over....besides, another group is on ts, so need to get it running05:42
bazhang!repos | DragonDon_05:42
ubottuDragonDon_: The packages in Ubuntu are divided into several sections. More information at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Repositories - See https://wiki.ubuntu.com/RecommendedSources for the recommended way to set up your repositories.05:42
WorstCaseOntariothe system has booted back up from the usb drive everything seems alright except samba no longer working05:42
RaveYodawell, i need to join in on that05:42
RaveYodabut I can't05:43
RaveYodabecause my repo now hates me05:43
WorstCaseOntarioDragon I'm not canadian I just like canadian TV shows =P05:43
DragonDon_bazhang, I know how to install from repos....but that is not the only way to install software.  TS3 is not in the repos....TS2 was, and that's of no use to me05:43
Elitenudel2500I'm having problem05:44
RaveYodaE: Type '' is not known on line 1 in source list /etc/apt/sources.list05:44
RaveYodaE: The list of sources could not be read.05:44
DragonDon_WorstCaseOntario, interesting..05:44
RaveYodaWe all are Elitemude05:44
Elitenudel2500amdcccle requires reboot every time i change something :O'05:44
Elitenudel2500what should i do?05:44
RaveYodaCan some one help me out with that error05:44
RaveYodaIs this for every change?05:45
RaveYodaEven color corrections envoke it?05:45
DragonDon_RaveYoda, sounds like a space is where it shouldn't be?05:45
RaveYodaT.T Dragon...I looked05:46
RaveYodaI can't find it05:46
DragonDon_post up your sources.list?05:46
RaveYodaUh,, by cp and pst?05:46
DragonDon_nono!   paste.ubuntu.net (I think)05:46
hanuman_how can i write asterisk autimated installation script in ubuntu05:47
kanupatarCan dataQ ~ messageQ ?05:47
krzmy audio plays, but is terrible on spotify05:47
DragonDon_RaveYoda, http://paste.ubuntu.com/05:47
krzits so bad. like the bass is flat05:47
RaveYodaI'm not sure on how to do that. This is litterally my fst time on the hlp board05:47
DragonDon_then cp the link here05:47
krzanyone experience this nonesense?05:47
dnivraHello. I'm running Kubuntu 12.04.2. I was resizing a partition and using the machine simultaneously. I thought the machine locked up and ended up removing the power to the machine. Now, the OS doesn't recognize the partition type. I suppose the only way to make it usable is to format it. Is there some way to recover the data on that partition?05:49
RaveYodaoh, dear, i pasted the wring list.05:50
krzwhen is linux ever going to be painless?05:50
OerHeksdnivra, what trick did you do, it is almost impossible to resise a partition in use.05:50
RaveYodalet me try again05:51
krzcalibratin sucks05:51
krzaudio sucks05:51
FloodBot1krz: Please don't flood; use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste; don't use Enter as punctuation.05:51
dnivraOerHeks: Oh the partition was not in use. I had unmounted it and resized it using the partition manager.05:51
krzOS reports a few issues every so often05:51
krzhow frustrating05:51
aeon-ltdkrz: windows isn't painless either05:51
RaveYodaThere Dragon05:51
krzaeon-ltd: wasnt referring to windows though. im coming from osx05:52
krzeverything JUST works05:52
rannongahate that os05:52
RaveYodabrb Dragon05:52
DragonDon_RaveYoda, wrong list?  how did you do that?05:52
dnivraOerHeks: it was an additional NTFS partition I had on my machine. I wanted to increase the size of Ubuntu's root partition and so was resizing that partition to get free space.05:52
krzrannonga: you dont know shit then05:52
aeon-ltdkrz: not fair though, apple make the hw and the sw05:52
krzaeon-ltd: thats a valid point05:53
DragonDon_aeon-ltd, *china05:53
RaveYodaI have two up and the one I pasted was not edited right befor I put in repo05:53
rannongakrz: i can't get used to it05:53
krzbut simple things like audio, is terrible on linux05:53
rannongayeah thats true video drivers are hell05:53
=== webonise is now known as kets
krzim an audiophile, and man does this sound cripple me05:53
krzwith tears05:53
aeon-ltdi'm guessing you're probably not on intel for audio05:53
DragonDon_krz, umm.....why are you here again?  sounds odd that you are complaining about such things on a help channel for such things :)05:53
WorstCaseOntariowhat kills me on the audio is no MediaMonkey on linux =(05:54
krzDragonDon_: wondering if there is a solution?05:54
krzspotify is basically useless on linux05:54
DragonDon_krz, probably best to find a spotify channel and find those linux users....that would be better methinks05:54
krzor ubuntu perse05:54
DragonDon_krz, you saw this of course right? https://www.spotify.com/us/blog/archives/2010/07/12/linux/05:55
krzyou know thats all the way back to 2010 right?05:56
OerHeksdnivra, try the live iso and backup your data , as the data is not in the /root partition it should be possible.05:56
krzits not just spotify though. yt videos. anything with audio05:56
DragonDon_yeah, I saw that....the feedback would still work methinks :)05:56
RaveYodaOK, back Dragon05:57
DragonDon_krz, "There is no officially supported Linux version, but Linux users are welcome to try the Spotify for Linux preview."05:57
DragonDon_can't blame bad audio for a company that simply hasn't fully developed an app for linux...05:58
krzdude, its not just spotify. audio in general is a annoying to the ears05:58
rannongaim no audiophile but i find it ok on realtek hd05:58
OerHekskrz so your complaint is the lack of an equaliser in spotify?05:58
krzOerHeks: its not spotify. everything with audio05:59
gordonjcpkrz: why is spotify "useless" in Linux?05:59
gordonjcpkrz: it works just great05:59
krzif the sound output sucks. whats worth your time listening to music05:59
RaveYodaAny luck Dragon?05:59
gordonjcpkrz: could you try being a bit less negative and describing the *actual* problem?06:00
OerHekskrz now stop the ranting, there must be a systemwide equaliser somewhere.06:00
DragonDon_krz, this, from my understanding, is an industry standard bit of audio software. http://jackaudio.org/  hardly 'poor quality' or the like06:00
gordonjcpDragonDon_: pretty much06:00
DragonDon_RaveYoda, I am suspecting that your system is using some sort of cached details.  have you rebooted yet?06:00
krzgordonjcp: as i said earlier. the audio is simply flat. no depth. unlike on windows or osx06:01
gordonjcpkrz: strange06:01
krzi dual boot to windows. and audio is good enough. same with my osx laptop06:01
gordonjcpkrz: I use Ubuntu and OSX on my Macbook.  They sound identical06:01
krzon ubuntu, its terrible06:01
RaveYodanot yet06:01
RaveYodashould I?06:01
krzgordonjcp: you using any special drivers?06:02
DragonDon_RaveYoda, see you in a minute or two then ;)06:02
gordonjcpkrz: no06:02
gordonjcpkrz: on the Macbook, just the plain ordinary Intel HDA drivers that come with both OSX and Ubuntu06:02
DragonDon_time for me to reboot as well...06:02
krzmaybe its my audio card06:03
gordonjcpkrz: on my desktop PC I'm only running Ubuntu so I've nothing else to compare it with, but it has an expensive high-end sound card for recording, a USB sound card for the two-track bus, and its internal Intel soundcard for just noises06:03
Whixhey hey anyone getting unknown symbol errors with iwlwifi 6050-506:03
gordonjcpkrz: start from the start06:03
Whix11n_disable unrecognized.06:03
gordonjcpkrz: what kind of sound card are you using?06:03
krzgordonjcp: let me check06:03
gordonjcpkrz: first things first actually; what are you driving with the sound card?06:04
=== KacanuH is now known as Guest72695
gordonjcpkrz: if you are using Tesco Smartprice 30mm PC speakers in a rattly plastic box, they're going to sound pish no matter what06:04
=== Guest72695 is now known as Deyan
RaveYodaAnd it hasn't fixed it06:05
krzgordonjcp: sudo aplay -l06:05
gordonjcpkrz: you shouldn't need sudo, and pastebin the output of that06:06
krzreturns: HDA Intel PCH06:06
gordonjcpkrz: okay, bog standard, works perfectly06:06
DragonDonoh look...I have no sound....06:06
RaveYodaOK...Wow...guess what Dragon?? I nano into my source list and then save it and it fixes it06:07
RaveYodaI was using my file manager to get to tjhe file and was editiing it  through libreoffice06:07
gordonjcpkrz: some drivers for Windows have a bunch of additional processing to add EQ and compression to the sound06:08
gordonjcpkrz: the Ubuntu drivers give you the audio unmolested by any of that nonsense06:08
DragonDonwell that was annoying...the output was defaulted to off...heh06:08
krzgordonjcp: what do you recommend then?06:08
gordonjcpkrz: switch all that crap off in Windows06:09
krzgordonjcp: i mean, on the ubuntu side06:09
gordonjcpkrz: let your ears get used to hearing your tunes when they're not an overcompressed jangle with all the midrange scooped out06:09
=== Guest90855 is now known as hkllll
gordonjcpkrz: what kind of speakers are you using?06:10
RaveYodaso no my system is still not setting up wicd-daemon. EVEN though wicd is running....06:10
dnivraSo any suggestions on how I could recover data from the corrupted NTFS partition(which got corrupted when resizing). I'm running testdisk right now - is that a good idea or is there a better idea?06:10
krzgordonjcp: now, apple ear plugs. usually, hifi man he-300's06:10
dnivratestdisk is right now just analyzing the hard disk - I didn't start any recover procedure yet06:10
krzopen-ended head phones. cost around $300+06:10
gordonjcpnot tried those06:11
gordonjcpapple earbuds sound rubbish06:11
=== scott is now known as Guest6545
krzi really dont care what windows or osx is doing. but the sound that comes out is great. i need the same effect on ubuntu06:11
krzi use an amplifier as well, at times06:12
gordonjcpkrz: I have a couple of pairs of Sennheiser HD205s which I use in the studio and for just listening to stuff at work06:12
hanumanhow can i sudo apt-get commands through scripts06:12
hanumanhow can i execute sudo apt-get commands through scripts06:12
krzgordonjcp: are you using an equaliser software of some kind on ubuntu?06:13
=== Guest6545 is now known as scott12
gordonjcpkrz: absolutely not06:13
krzlet me reboot06:13
gordonjcpkrz: that's one of the reasons I can't use Windows for audio work06:13
gordonjcpkrz: so many drivers for Windows do stuff like that and you can't turn that crap off06:13
gerihi i have problems to fetch from archive.ubuntu.com06:14
geriim not sure what the issue is i have internet connection06:14
lotuspsychjegeri: what ubuntu version you have mate?06:16
vikashla Can Anyone help me with Apache server ?06:17
mjaykvikashla: best just asking the question then keeping an eye on the channel06:17
geriunbuntu 11.0406:18
geriFailed to fetch http://archive.ubuntu.com/ubuntu/pool/main/libx/libxrender/libxrender-dev_0.9.6-1ubuntu1_i386.deb  404  Not Found [IP: 80]06:18
lotuspsychje!eol | geri06:18
ubottugeri: End-Of-Life is the time when security updates and support for an Ubuntu release stop, see https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Releases for more information. Looking to upgrade from an EOL release? See https://help.ubuntu.com/community/EOLUpgrades06:18
ubottuUbuntu 11.04 (Natty Narwhal) was the fourteenth release of Ubuntu. Desktop support ended on October 28, 2012. See !upgrade, !lts and !eol for more details.06:18
hanumanhow can i execute sudo apt-get commands through scripts06:18
geriwhat can i do now?06:18
vikashlaI'm new to this okay my httpd.conf file is blank how can I configure apache06:18
gordonjcphanuman: you can't06:18
gordonjcp!apache | vikashla06:19
ubottuvikashla: LAMP is an acronym for Linux-Apache-MySQL-PHP. However, the term is often used for setups using alternative but different software, such as Perl or Python instead of PHP, and Postgres instead of MySQL. For help with setting up LAMP on Ubuntu, see  https://help.ubuntu.com/community/ApacheMySQLPHP - See also the Server CD installation process.06:19
lotuspsychjegeri: you can clean install a new version of ubuntu if you like06:19
gordonjcphanuman: because that's a silly and dangerous thing to do06:19
gericant i update any more?06:19
lotuspsychjegeri: see topic for our supported versions :p06:19
geriwithout installing the new ubuntu06:19
mjaykhanuman: you can create bash scripts06:19
gerihmmmm...not good06:19
gordonjcpgeri: 11.04 is gone06:19
geriany other ideas?06:19
OerHeksgeri see the EOLupgrade factoid from ubottu06:20
gordonjcphanuman: you could get your script to prompt for a password, or you could run your script as root06:20
gordonjcphanuman: neither of these things are great06:20
gerihow can i automatically upgrade to the newest ubuntu?06:20
hanumanmjayk: with bash script can i do?06:20
RaveYodaOK, Anyone out there know how to fix a system the refuses to configure installed packages and also refuses to remove them after failed installs?06:20
geriwithout using the install cd?06:20
gordonjcphanuman: but they're both better than allowing a normal user to sudo automatically06:20
Kerimgeri: sudo apt-get dist-upgrade or something like that06:20
gordonjcpgeri: is this on a server?06:20
mjaykhanuman: you just create a script with a list of commands06:20
gerino a image06:20
mjaykhanuman: when you run the script it runs the list of commands06:21
gericalled floodlight vm06:21
wilee-nileegeri, All your answers are in the bots message.06:21
RaveYodaI do sudo dpkg -P [packageName] and the system just sits there06:21
geriwilee-nilee: ?06:21
wilee-nileegeri, You were sent 2 messages by the bot look up.06:21
vikashla my httpd.conf file is blank how can I configure apache06:21
hanumanmjayk: suppose i want run "sudo apt-get install buils-essential" how can i write script06:22
mjaykhanuman: google "how to write a bash script"06:22
lotuspsychjevikashla: maybe the #ubuntu-server guys might help you on this issue aswell06:22
mjaykhanuman: will learn the correct syntax06:22
RaveYodaCome on guys06:23
lotuspsychje!patience | RaveYoda06:23
ubottuRaveYoda: Don't feel ignored and repeat your question quickly; if nobody knows your answer, nobody will answer you. While you wait, try searching https://help.ubuntu.com/ or http://ubuntuforums.org/ or http://askubuntu.com/06:23
mjaykRaveYoda: just sits there as in the terminal enables the input of the next command06:23
mjaykRaveYoda: or just sits there as in a blank line06:23
wilee-nileeRaveYoda, Did you install synaptic perchance?06:23
RaveYodano, it sits there as in it says " removing wicd-daemon..."06:24
RaveYodaand it goes nowhere06:24
rannongacould you give the whole thing06:24
RaveYodaI've been using it06:24
RaveYodabut this is through terminal atm06:24
wilee-nilee!who | RaveYoda06:25
ubottuRaveYoda: As you can see, this is a large channel. If you're speaking to someone in particular, please put their nickname in what you say (use !tab), or else messages get lost and it becomes confusing :)06:25
RaveYodaUbottu, should I repeat the messages then?06:25
ubottuRaveYoda: I am only a bot, please don't think I'm intelligent :)06:25
krzwell works a litle better after restart06:25
rannongaRave, don't talk to the bot06:26
krzmaybe its because i just installed spotify. needed a reboot06:26
lotuspsychjegeri: i installed 13.04 64bit and its rocketfast on my system, tryout a version from topic you will be pleased after..06:26
krzid have to observe this06:26
wilee-nileeRaveYoda, There is a broken package option in synaptic.06:26
RaveYodaRannonga, XD I'm such a neb06:27
mjaykgeri: im guessing he means fast:D06:27
lotuspsychjegeri: fast as a rocket :p06:27
gerithe installation or the os?06:27
lotuspsychjegeri: both :p06:27
RaveYodavilee-nilee, I have synaptic06:27
geriok lets go to the moon :)06:27
lotuspsychje!yay | geri06:28
ubottugeri: Glad you made it! :-)06:28
mjaykgeri: if we walk on each others feet we'll get there i no time06:28
RaveYodavilee-nilee, I have but in this instance it is in terminal atm06:28
krzthe base sounds a bit flat though06:28
wilee-nileeRaveYoda, And hows that terminal working for you?06:28
krzgordonjcp: bass is flat on yours?06:28
lotuspsychjeKalel: hi mate what can we help you with?06:29
=== wilee-nilee is now known as wilee-van-nilee
KalelI've a problem to play a hd movie. Already tried: SMplayer, Vlc and the defaulf 'movies'.. No success..06:29
RaveYodavilee-nilee, It's jus chilling syaing the same thing. I tried synaptic's broken pkg fixer but it too hangs06:29
robotdevilis there a way to make grub 2 just sit and wait for an input instead of timing out on an OS?06:29
RaveYodavilee-nilee, I mean I tried it many times befor this moment06:29
lotuspsychjeKalel: can you describe us whats happening?06:30
wilee-van-nileeRaveYoda, Cool, just thought it might work, that's about it for me.06:30
robotdevilbesides making it 99 seconds or something06:30
=== wilee-van-nilee is now known as wilee-nilee
RaveYodavilee-nilee, thanks for the imput mate. =]06:30
lotuspsychjerobotdevil: you mean like, leaving the user the boot choice forever?06:30
robotdevillotuspsychje: yes06:31
KalelApparently some decoding problem. I have a good hardware: AMD APU 3500 RADEON 6620G 1TG 6GB.. I can see it working hardly. The movie stop and, actually, nothing happened.06:31
lotuspsychjerobotdevil: also boot grub every boot by default?06:31
lotuspsychjerobotdevil: or just want the choice after pressing shift at boot?06:32
lotuspsychjeKalel: did you install ubuntu-restricted-extras ?06:33
robotdevilno that would be too confusing for them lotuspsychje06:33
Kalelrobotdevil: grubcustomizer is a friendly software to do that and others thungs..06:33
geriwhat does apt-get purge network-manager ?06:33
RaveYodaHar har robodevil. Funny06:33
robotdevilKalel: seen that but im not sure it can stop the bootloader06:33
lotuspsychjegeri: will uninstall nm, i wouldnt do it :p06:33
RaveYodageri, it removes the network manager06:34
gerihow can i get it back? :)06:34
Kalellotuspsychje: Yes. Also all other hd, bluray, libs..06:34
gerithe network manager06:34
lotuspsychjeKalel: your grafix driver installed correctly?06:34
Kalelrobotdevil: You can disable it.06:34
RaveYodageri, sudo apt-get install network-manager06:34
gordonjcpkrz: my system is maximally flat06:34
gordonjcpkrz: it has thunderous bass, if that's how I choose to mix06:35
geriRaveYoda: i dont have eth0 for some reason now :(06:35
Kalellotuspsychje: Yes. I compiled it. Everything right.06:35
RaveYodaGeri, you sure?06:35
RaveYodaGeri, also, is that an error poping up?06:35
lotuspsychjegeri: please stop asking support for your 11.0406:35
lotuspsychjegeri: re-ask your issues after installing a new version06:35
RaveYodalotuspsyche, hush06:36
RaveYodalotuspsyche, if I can help i'll try06:36
Kalellotuspsychje: I'm trying to watch Avengers, again, in HD in my laptop.. Seems impossible for some reason.06:36
lotuspsychjeRaveYoda: your not supposed to help other ons eol06:36
RaveYodaKalel, is it blueray?06:36
ponutsI want to create an home server enviroment... e-mail, web, update-server, clients security, is ubuntu open with lancscape.. I mean we are 4-5 person in the faimly06:37
robotdevilKalel: disable boot loader entirely,06:37
mjayklotuspsychje: to be fair its not harming anybody this is not an official ubuntu support line seams fine to me06:37
RaveYodalotuspsyche, who/what says that?06:37
robotdevilKalel: how to pick other os then?06:37
KalelRaveYoda: Its a file;06:37
lotuspsychje!eol | RaveYoda06:37
ubottuRaveYoda: End-Of-Life is the time when security updates and support for an Ubuntu release stop, see https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Releases for more information. Looking to upgrade from an EOL release? See https://help.ubuntu.com/community/EOLUpgrades06:37
Kalelrobotdevil: Pressing 'shift' on startup..06:37
mjayklotuspsychje: dont see how that is relivant06:38
mjaykwe have gathered it is EOL :)06:38
RaveYodalotuspsyche, i am aware of eol06:38
RaveYodalotuspsyche, he still can get the prog back06:38
lotuspsychjemjayk: there's a reason why his system doesnt work anymore..06:38
mjayklotuspsychje: yes there is and i doubit it is  because hes running eol software06:38
RaveYodaKalel, a bleray file?06:38
mjayklotuspsychje: i dont see how it harms you if someone tries to help him06:38
KalelRaveYoda: Yes.06:39
wilee-nileemjayk, It is the repos that were available are not now.06:39
Kalel*bluray file..06:39
RaveYodaKalel, then you'll need the bleray prog files associated with it06:39
mjaykwilee-nilee: im sure it can be fixed06:39
RaveYodaKalel, do you have synaptic?06:39
RaveYodaKalel, do you have as well VLC?06:40
lotuspsychjemjayk: try the #ubuntu-offtopic to ask if you can help 11.04 issues..06:40
mjayklotuspsychje: i dont need help06:40
wilee-nileemjayk, It is channel policy to not support eols, period, no matter what your opinion is.06:40
KalelRaveYoda: No. I use apt.06:40
mjaykwilee-nilee: how silly06:40
RaveYodaKalel, one moment pls06:40
=== erry_ is now known as erry
wilee-nileemjayk, We will help them get to a upgrade to a os supported that has been done exstensivly, we tell them how to install a supported OS.06:41
=== mjayk is now known as mjawayk
RaveYodaKalel, and what of VLC?06:41
RaveYodageri, there are no repos listeed you said?06:42
geriRaveYoda: i get the new ubuntu06:42
geribut takes some time to install it06:42
KalelRaveYoda: I already tested 3 different players: vlc, smplayer and the default 'movies'.. The worst of all was the vlc. Frozen totally..06:43
RaveYodageri, ok dude. Good luck =]06:43
gerihaha thx06:43
RaveYodakalel, umm, did you run the program from terminal and open the blearay file?06:44
lotuspsychjeKalel: any errors on syslog? or how about starting vlc from terminal06:44
RaveYodakalel, You can see realtime errors that way06:44
mrgate_ughh T.T06:44
mrgate_my apache server does not want to run right06:44
RaveYodakalel, do you have libblueray1 installed?06:45
RaveYodakalel, do you have libbluray1 installed?06:45
KalelRaveYoda: Yes. i'm running from terminal... Lets see.06:45
lotuspsychjeKalel: how about youtube 1080p run smooth?06:45
RaveYodakalel, sorry ,isspelled it fst time06:45
KalelYoutube? Amazing.06:45
lotuspsychjeKalel: so its only movieplayers then>?06:46
KalelJust a moment, please.06:47
lotuspsychjeKalel: can you tell us what codecs the movie have you trying to play06:47
RaveYodakalel, try sudo apt-get install libbluray106:47
RaveYodakalel, if it's installed then it'll say so. If not, I solved your prob06:48
lotuspsychje!info libbluray106:49
ubottulibbluray1 (source: libbluray): Blu-ray disc playback support library (shared library). In component universe, is optional. Version 1:0.2.3-1 (raring), package size 87 kB, installed size 253 kB06:49
RaveYodakalel, oh.... well ubottu ruined my joy06:49
lotuspsychjemrgate_: maybe the #ubuntu-server guys might help you with your issue?06:49
RaveYodakalel, but it may be tied to the blueray codecs neded06:50
RaveYodakalel, i can look it up for you?06:51
showar21I seem to be having trouble with the 3d-windows plugin on compiz.06:52
lotuspsychjeshowar21: can you tell us ubuntu version and window manager?06:53
showar21That is to say, attempted use of it causes the cube to glitch.06:54
showar21Raring, XFCE.06:54
showar21But the glitch occurred on Unity and KDE as well, and after a clean install of Ubuntu.06:54
showar21So I suspect it's a driver problem.06:54
lotuspsychjeshowar21: did you try reboot after enabling the 3d windows06:54
lotuspsychjeshowar21: you have compiz config installed?06:55
lotuspsychjeshowar21: what grafix card and driver loaded?06:55
showar21How would I find this out? >__>06:56
lotuspsychjeshowar21: additional drivers section06:56
devslashive got a problem in ubuntu where my trackpad mouse stops working. if i reboot it'll fix it. is there a way to manually get it to work again ?06:56
showar21The section is completely empty.06:57
lotuspsychjeshowar21: maybe this can help? http://www.webupd8.org/2012/11/how-to-set-up-compiz-in-xubuntu-1210-or.html06:58
RaveYodashowar21, what kind of computer do you have?06:59
RaveYodashowar21, laptop or desktop?06:59
lotuspsychjeshowar21: lshw -C video06:59
lorddeltahttp://ubuntu-discourse.org/ <-- is down07:00
lorddeltaJust sayin'07:00
RaveYodashowar21, ahh, ok. Lotus has the better idea between  the two of us. Nvm07:00
showar21Mobility Radeon HD 4225/425007:00
showar21configuration: driver=radeon latency=007:01
lotuspsychjeshowar21: driver= radeon?07:01
lotuspsychjeshowar21: sounds like driver is installed properly07:01
RaveYodalotuspsych, he said the additional drivers section is empty07:02
RaveYodalotuspsych, shouldn't he try for the drivers from amd/ati?07:03
lotuspsychjeRaveYoda: that doesnt tell me what driver is loaded...07:03
RaveYodalotuspsych, likely the mesa drivers07:03
RaveYodalotuspsych, i think it's mesa07:03
lotuspsychjeRaveYoda: no reason to be sarcastic, stay proffessional and help him07:03
rkhshmis there an API or toolkit that can be used to get file system change events ?07:04
KalelMy connection crashed.. Have a look: http://pastebin.com/bBPrJcZa07:04
RaveYodalotuspsych, sorry, there was no sarcasem in my reply. I was just saying my thoughts out loud07:04
showar21Let me try a reinstall one more time. I'll be back in a minute.07:05
lotuspsychjerkhshm: there's awhole collection of dev and api tools in software centre that might be usefull07:05
rkhshmlotuspsychje: can you please point me to any07:05
Taggghey guys i'm trying to familiarize myself with launchpad, this bug is stated to be an upstream bug, how do i find the upstream bug report? https://bugs.launchpad.net/linuxmint/+bug/57463207:06
ubottuUbuntu bug 574632 in Linux Mint "Mint Installer hiding setup options" [Low,Triaged]07:06
lotuspsychjerkhshm: sorry mate im not dev specialist, but im sure if you re-ask once in a while someone might help you07:06
rkhshmlotuspsychje: i'm not able to find any for ubuntu07:06
Kalellotuspsychje: http://pastebin.com/bBPrJcZa07:07
KalelRaveYoda: http://pastebin.com/bBPrJcZa07:07
auronandace!mint | Taggg07:07
ubottuTaggg: Linux Mint is not a supported derivative of Ubuntu. Please seek support in #linuxmint-help on irc.spotchat.org07:07
showar21Didn't work.07:07
Tagggauronandace: my question is actually about launchpad :)07:07
lotuspsychjerkhshm: maybe the dev team can point you out to more specific tools?07:08
ubottuLaunchpad is a collection of development services for Open Source projects. It's Ubuntu's bug tracker, and much more; see https://launchpad.net/07:08
RaveYodaKalel, ok, mmmmmmmm07:08
lotuspsychjerkhshm: http://developer.ubuntu.com/resources/platform/api/07:09
RaveYodaKalel, would you try this for me?07:10
RaveYodaKalel, sudo apt-get install vlc libaacs0 libbluray-bdj libbluray107:10
auronandaceTaggg: see the table at the top of the bug report page?07:10
RaveYodaKalel, and tell me the outcome if any on what terminal is saying?07:11
Tagggauronandace: yes, i see it07:11
Tagggauronandace: what about it?07:12
auronandaceTaggg: mint isn't the only thing listed in that table...07:12
Tagggauronandace: okay, so back to my question, how do i find the upstream bug report?07:13
showar21Installing fglrx -- hoping this will help.07:13
RaveYodashowar21, it should fix it07:13
auronandaceTaggg: click on fix released for the ubiquity entry07:14
showar21I hope so. I assume a reboot is in order07:14
RaveYodashowar21, did you get latest drivers or from repoo?07:14
Tagggauronandace: that opens a flyout to change the status07:14
showar21I just did sudo apt-get install fglrx >_>07:15
RaveYodashowar21, uhhhhh...ok....07:15
RaveYodashowar21, =p07:15
showar21Hope this works.07:15
=== tbn is now known as Guest98725
Tagggauronandace: am i missing something?07:16
RaveYodashowar21,good luck07:16
auronandaceTaggg: sorry, i thought it would take you to the upstream bug07:17
RaveYodashowar21,if it doesn't we can go through amd's site and get their drivers07:17
auronandaceTaggg: the bug is fixed anyway07:20
showar21Well, actually, that broke it.07:21
Tagggauronandace: the point is to learn how launchpad works :)07:21
Tagggauronandace: and i don't think i know yet07:21
auronandaceTaggg: perhaps pick another example07:21
showar21My display now sucks more, compiz can't run without error...07:21
Tagggauronandace: can you offer one with a link to an upstream bug report?07:22
bloody-deathola necesito ayuda cn mi ubuntu07:22
auronandaceTaggg: no, i've hardly visited launchpad07:22
RaveYodaSo i'm going to repost my earlyer question. I am "technically" using Mint as my OS. But recently I've done remodling my end and virtually removed all core Mint packages. I'm now using ubuntu repos and have installed Openbox and other lighter programs not dependent on major dependiencies. All was working great up till about a week ago. Now, whenever  install packages they don't get configured and freez on the config section of the inst07:23
RaveYodaall. When I try to remove the broken packages it hangs on removal too. I've tried dpkg --config -a but it doesn't work. I used synaptic to "fix broken pkgs" and that stalls too. What is the problem most likely?07:23
Tagggauronandace: lol, okay07:23
ponutsI think there is much to win by Ubunut or any Linux env. to do a simple all cover home installation.. not just one computer 1 server 4-5 client 5-6mobile dev. and connected togheter into a PRIVATE env.07:24
auronandaceRaveYoda: we can't support that setup07:24
=== edulix2 is now known as Edulix
=== Edulix is now known as edulix
RaveYodaAuronandance, how come? at it's core it's all ubu repo pkgs and configs?07:25
auronandaceRaveYoda: you began with mint and tried to make it like ubuntu, there are an awful lot of changes07:25
auronandaceRaveYoda: if you want ubuntu then install ubuntu07:26
auronandaceRaveYoda: just like we can't support someone attempting to make debian into ubuntu07:26
RaveYodaMmmm, i've removed nearly all core pkgs auronandace. It really isn't Mint as there are no mint pkgs. Also, may I remind you that Mint is based off of Ubvu07:27
doc|homeI'm using a shimian achieva as a second screen and getting http://www.skynet.ie/~doc/example.jpg. My xorg.conf is http://pastebin.com/tWzJNXV1 and logs are http://pastebin.com/iEZuDwwr Logs should give useful info, but I've no idea how to fix it. Any ideas?07:27
auronandace!mint | RaveYoda07:27
ubottuRaveYoda: Linux Mint is not a supported derivative of Ubuntu. Please seek support in #linuxmint-help on irc.spotchat.org07:27
killerRaveYoda: people here don't like mint, please go to irc.spotchat.org #linuxmint-help07:28
Ben64its not about "liking" mint, its not supported here because its not ubuntu07:29
OerHeksMint has its own issues.07:30
Guest36876i had ubuntu+ debian on my pc.but after i did an iozone test and restarted it it didn't come up. i also changed permission with chmod. but didn't effect. i don;t have any user interface :( when i try to rm syslog in /var/log   it say read only file and cannot be deleted07:30
Guest36876any idea?07:30
RaveYodaOK OK,07:30
otakRaveYoda: you might like arch linux, they have a really good wiki.  Or build up debian from minimum install.  Package install can fail because of lack of disk space07:30
showar21So installing fglrx has screwed me over royally.07:30
auronandaceshowar21: we can only support drivers installed from the ubuntu repos here07:31
Ben64Guest36876: explain more of what you did and what you're trying to do, is it ubuntu or debian? why do you want to remove syslog?07:31
showar21Is that not from the ubuntu repos?07:31
auronandaceshowar21: the wiki can give you instructions for installing from the site but that has its own risks07:31
killer12:59 < Ben64> its not about "liking" mint, its not supported here because its07:31
killer               not ubuntu07:31
killer12:59 -!- shantorn [~shantorn@] has quit [Ping timeout: 24507:31
killer          seconds]07:31
FloodBot1killer: Please don't flood; use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste; don't use Enter as punctuation.07:31
rannongadont flood lol07:32
Guest36876Ben64: when i use iozone it make my log ful. so it won't comeup. now i decided to delete the log so maybe the problem fixes07:32
Ben64Guest36876: how big is the log file? and how much free space is on the partition?07:33
Guest36876Ben64: hoe delete a readonly filesystem ?07:34
RaveYodaotak, ok, thx for the help. I have pleanty of disk space. and even then it shouldn't interfere with removing a pkg.07:34
Ben64Guest36876: could you answer the questions first07:35
Guest36876Ben64: i am not professional in commanding. i can't understand07:36
RaveYodaWelp, i'm off07:36
RaveYodaciao guys07:36
Ben64Guest36876: "ls -l /var/log/syslog" and "df -h" pastebin the output of both of those07:37
Guest36876Ben64: i can't copy-past it as i said i have no graphics but ls -l /var/log/syslog          :      rw-r-r- 1 root root 1059119422 jun 24....07:41
Guest36876in df -h  i had sda7 and dome but non were full07:41
auronandace!pastebin | Guest3687607:42
ubottuGuest36876: For posting multi-line texts into the channel, please use http://paste.ubuntu.com | To post !screenshots use http://imagebin.org/?page=add | !pastebinit to paste directly from command line | Make sure you give us the URL for your paste - see also the channel topic.07:42
Guest36876auronandace:     ?!!!!!!!haha how useful i didn't know.....................hey idiot if i could use it i would paste it .07:43
Ben64well good luck figuring out your problem, i don't help people with attitudes07:44
auronandace!pastebinit | Guest3687607:44
ubottuGuest36876: pastebinit is the command-line equivalent of !pastebin - Command output, or other text can be redirected to pastebinit, which then reports an URL containing the output - To use pastebinit, install the « pastebinit » package from a package manager - Simple usage: command | pastebinit -b http://paste.ubuntu.com07:44
auronandaceGuest36876: if you are unsure you only need to ask07:45
Guest36876auronandace:  no nternet access man ....i am really in trouble07:45
DCE25ESK!pastebinit | testing07:45
ubottutesting: pastebinit is the command-line equivalent of !pastebin - Command output, or other text can be redirected to pastebinit, which then reports an URL containing the output - To use pastebinit, install the « pastebinit » package from a package manager - Simple usage: command | pastebinit -b http://paste.ubuntu.com07:45
Loknarhey I was looking up an issue with my laptop's onboard realtek "HDA Intel" audio not working correctly in ubuntu, on askubuntu, on google, etc... I found so many conflicting answers, but most seemed to point at PulseAudio and well the sound still only came out of the speakers even if I used alsamixer etc07:45
auronandaceGuest36876: then you can send the output to a file and copy the file to where you have internet access to copy to a pastebin07:46
Loknarmanaged to enable some internal microphone I never knew I had and caused a huge feedback loop, that was fun while booting up lol07:47
auronandaceGuest36876: whateveryourcommandis | tee filetoputitin.txt07:47
Guest36876auronandace: sorry to say idiot. iam just really angry and desperate . iam not very proffesional and fast. the best way was describing it07:47
Guest36876auronandace: :)07:47
Kerimkiller: Why do people here not like mint? I do use Ubuntu but I also like Mint07:48
auronandaceKerim: it simply isn't supported here, you can like whatever you want07:48
Ben64Kerim: mint is offtopic here07:49
Kerimauronandace: Ben64 : yeah I get that but killer said in addition to that that people don't like Mint here, kind of harsh imho lol07:49
auronandaceKerim: that is his opinion, we simply do ubuntu support here07:50
kiwi_2264sorry.. wrong channel >.<07:50
Loknarhey, is ubuntu forums really down for maintenance?07:51
Guest36876auronandace:  don't you have any idea about my problem?07:51
nathanbzhow do you make ssh-add perminate ?07:51
auronandaceGuest36876: we gave you the instructions on how to pastebin, i was waiting for your output07:52
killerKerim: I was just kidding around07:52
Loknaris my text going through?07:52
auronandaceLoknar: yes, people can see you07:52
Loknarok ty07:52
killerWas kind of frustrated that ubuntu doesn't support my video chip07:53
Loknarit kinda does07:53
Loknarjust whoever maintains the automated installer hasn't got to your driver yet07:53
lorddeltaHey guys, anyone got any recommendations for some good PDF editing software? Free trials are ok, so long as they don't come 'hobbled' in a serious manner.07:55
DaemonicApathyI just turn my PDFs into Libre docs.07:55
joshu_hi for ubuntu mini it there's a note that says "While the mini ISO is handy, it isn't useful for installing on UEFI-based systems that you want to run in UEFI mode. The mini lacks the proper files for booting the computer in UEFI mode. Thus, the computer will boot in BIOS compatibility mode, and the installation will be in BIOS mode. "07:55
=== william is now known as Guest50114
lorddeltaDaemonicApathy; how well does that work with e.g. forms?07:56
joshu_can someone please explain what it means if the install is done in BIOS mode rather than UEFI? Are there any performance or other negatives effects?07:56
DaemonicApathyIf you put text on a JPG, pretty well.07:56
killerLoknar: gma 3600 is n't supported as I m told by ##linux07:57
Loknarso there's just no linux driver available for it period?07:57
DaemonicApathyLoknar: For what now?07:58
mns2I googled around and couldn't fine a way to put chromium tabs in the ubuntu panel.07:58
OerHeksLoknar, nouveau works, but not 3d.07:58
Ben64uh, the intel 3600 has been supported since 3.507:58
Loknarkiller's issue07:58
mns2Does anyone know how?07:59
auronandaceOerHeks: nouveau is for nvidia cards07:59
mns2or even to make the ubuntu panel variable length and not take up the top part of the screen?07:59
lorddeltaDaemonicApathy; doesn't look like it will work so well, missing Javascript support apparently.08:01
DaemonicApathySorry, lorddelta, guess we have different needs. :-)08:01
Loknari was only having an issue with sound, everything else worked "out of the box"08:01
klumpyI been having a hell of a hard time getting ubuntu to run on my windows 8 desktop08:01
lorddeltaDaemonicApathy; I was just looking to fill out a form, but it doesn't look like it'll work. Thanks for the tip anyways.08:02
Loknar(headphone jack/speaker switching wasn't happening when headphones plugged in)08:02
DaemonicApathylorddelta: Last resort - save as an image, use gimp.08:02
killerBen64: Then , Why ubuntu is n't able to play videos even in 3.808:02
Loknari'm gonna reinstall because I got it all tangled up08:02
killereven tried 3..1008:02
klumpyany issues with not finding the right medium or the disc image wasn't found when I did the installer?08:03
SquirmyHello guys, I'm having a problem where I can't get the normal user to login as it brings the screen back to where it was, but other accounts log in fine. I haven't been able to find anyone with the same error as mine so far. I was wondering if you guys could help me08:03
DaemonicApathySquirmy: Did you change any system files recently?08:03
Ben64killer: don't know, you'd have to provide a lot more details08:04
Squirmynope, no changes to file system so far. Hold up, I think I found an article relating to what happened to me08:04
Ben64Squirmy: paste the output of ----       ls -l ~/.Xauthority08:05
SquirmyI'm on windows at the moment, but I'll be back here in a second08:05
Loknaractually, idea... would using the 32-bit ubuntu 12.04 on a 64-bit machine make a difference?08:06
killerBen64: as I know from the arch wiki and ##linux , it(linux) can't fully utilize the chip  power08:07
Ben64killer: nope, its worked for over a year08:08
auronandaceLoknar: a difference to what?08:08
Loknaryeah it doesn't make sense lol08:09
Loknari was installing the 32-bit on this 64-bit (windows 8) laptop08:09
auronandaceLoknar: and...08:10
Loknarbecause I had it burned to a dvd already08:10
Loknareverything worked fine except audio08:10
Loknarwhich technically "worked" but it couldn't detect the difference between my headphone jack and speakers for output08:11
Loknarmicrophone input worked, speaker output worked, but nothing came out through the headphone jack when plugged in08:11
auronandaceLoknar: if you got 64bit hardware then there is very little reason not to use 64bit ubuntu08:11
Loknaryeah, that will be ready in 1 hour08:12
pranavhow can we find out the wifi standard we are using from linux ?08:12
krzhow do you search emails from a specific contact in thunderbird?08:13
jpdspranav: "iwconfig".08:13
Loknari'll have to troubleshoot this myself probably, it's a weird problem08:13
h22Guys, I have trouble with libgl1-mesa-dev  and is apparently the same as https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/mesa/+bug/117851708:13
ubottuUbuntu bug 1178517 in mesa (Ubuntu) "libgl1-mesa-dev unistallable (outdated dev package?)" [Undecided,Invalid]08:13
Loknarjust hoped somebody would've had the same issue before08:13
dr_willisLoknar:  actually its a common problem08:14
dr_willisaskubuntu.com may have dozens of suggestions08:14
dyuwhat's the package name for the redis client?08:14
thedoctarhow did ubuntuforums get hacked?08:14
Loknaralright thanks ...08:15
h22dyu: What do you mean by redis client?08:15
mns2does anyone actually use the trash button on the dock?08:15
mns2who doesn't just press delete?08:15
Loknarnoobs don't08:15
dyuh22: i only get redis-server08:16
mns2same for the launcher. you can literally just press tab08:16
mns2i don't get it08:16
h22h22: I installed the tar.gz.. It had redis-cli08:16
Loknarit probably stands for "redistributable client"08:16
h22dyu http://download.redis.io/redis-stable.tar.gz08:17
Loknari just wish there was a gnome 3 flavor of ubuntu08:17
pranavjpds: thanks08:17
auronandace!checkinstall | h2208:17
=== root is now known as Squirmy
ubottuh22: checkinstall is a wrapper to "make install", useful for installing programs you compiled. It will create a .deb package, which will be listed in the APT database and can be uninstalled like other packages. See https://help.ubuntu.com/community/CheckInstall - Read the warnings at the top and bottom of that web page, and DO NOT interrupt CheckInstall while it's running!08:17
SquirmyI am back08:17
auronandaceSquirmy: seriously, you shouldn't be on irc as root08:17
SquirmyI know, but it's the only way i could be on here08:18
Squirmymy other user account is fucked08:18
auronandaceSquirmy: how?08:18
Squirmyand I don't want to add another user for the time being08:18
Squirmylazyness for the most part08:18
h22I have this problem... https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/mesa/+bug/1178517 and my card is not even nvidia.. anybody?08:19
ubottuUbuntu bug 1178517 in mesa (Ubuntu) "libgl1-mesa-dev unistallable (outdated dev package?)" [Undecided,Invalid]08:19
SlartLoknar: just install gnome-shell on top of regular ubuntu.. that's what I do08:20
Loknaryeah but it doesn't integrate very well08:21
salih-eminthat is true08:21
Squirmyauronandace: my other user account is messed up because I keep getting looped back to the login screen if I log in with my normal user account, and another new bug that happens is that it takes some time for the GUI to show up on startup08:21
salih-eminGnome Shell is built for every distro08:21
SlartLoknar: huh? in what way? I haven't noticed anything wrong so far08:21
salih-emininstead Unity is built for Ubuntu08:21
Loknarlike, system tray doesn't show icons of programs that are minimized to tray08:21
smykei need to give permission to one partition only, help me08:22
Loknaryou need to install gnome-tweak to change the theme08:22
Loknaretc etc08:22
SlartLoknar: I think that is by design.. you really want something other than gnome, I think08:22
llutzSquirmy: what is the output of "ls -l ~USERNAME/.Xauthority"08:22
SuperTyphello everybody08:22
SuperTypI git cloned something without to specify a folder08:23
SuperTypwith terminal08:23
SuperTypit cloned it into "core"08:23
Loknargnome 3 is sweet tho08:23
smykei need to give permission to one drive only, help me08:23
SuperTypwhere can I find that folder?08:23
Squirmyls: cannot access ~USERNAME/.Xauthority: No such file or directory08:23
Squirmyllutz - ^ - It's gonna be a long night...08:23
llutzSquirmy: replace USERNAME with your users name ...08:23
joshu_cross posted my uefi/ bios question on #lubuntu08:23
smykeAccess and permissions, help me08:23
ikoniasmyke: stop saying random words, and ask a formed clear question08:24
Squirmyllutz - -rw------- 1 root root 0 2013-07-23 03:15 /root/.Xauthority08:24
smykei need to give permissions to only one drive to a user08:24
ikoniasmyke: to your current question "access and permissions" my answer is "make it work, fix it" - so you need to ask a better question08:24
llutzSquirmy: not root, your user08:24
SquirmyI cd'd into my user's home folder08:25
smykedo u got my question?08:25
Squirmyhold up a second08:25
llutzSquirmy: the username of the account not working08:25
ikoniasmyke: you'd like to give permissons of a "drive" to just one user ?08:25
Squirmyllutz - "-rw------- 1 squirmybeast squirmybeast 0 2013-07-23 03:10 /home/squirmybeast/.Xauthority08:25
smyketo only one drive08:25
ikoniasmyke: which "drive" ?08:25
smykenew volume08:25
ikoniasmyke: what new volume ?08:25
ikoniasmyke: what mount point ?08:25
llutzSquirmy: "ls -ld /tmp"08:26
smykemy drive name appears as new volume08:26
vlad76hey guys. Could you please help me with this error? http://pastebin.com/9JgnJ2vi08:26
ikoniasmyke: ok, change the owner of that new volume to the username you want to access it08:26
Squirmyllutz: "drwxrwxrwt 11 root root 12288 2013-07-23 03:25 /tmp"08:26
vlad76there is no free space on boot,  I guess. But how do I clear some space ftom /boot?08:26
restingi screwed up my sudoers file…can i get into the terminal with the server cd instead of a live cd?08:27
Ben64vlad76: is /boot a separate partition?08:27
ikoniavlad76: you need to try to remove some package old kernel packages)08:27
smykeikonia i just need ask one more question08:27
vlad76Ben64: yes08:27
jactaWhat is the name of the letter icon app that holds pidgin and thunderbird and such08:27
ikoniafailing that you'll have to manually remove some files and clean up later08:27
vlad76ikonia: how do I do that?08:27
ikoniavlad76: open the package manager, search for kernel packages, remove old ones08:27
vlad76ikonia: how to open package manager? (this is VPS, ubuntu 12.04)08:28
ikoniavlad76: I suggest reading https://help.ubuntu.com and read the server section about the basics of using ubuntu server08:29
vlad76on it. thx!08:29
Aruni need to give permission to access a drive08:30
Ben64!details | Arun08:31
ubottuArun: Please give us full details. For example: "I have a problem with ..., I'm running Ubuntu version .... When I try to do ..., I get the following output: ..., but I expected it to do ..."08:31
Aruni have a problem with giving permission to access my discs08:31
ActionParsnipjacta: the Unity launcher holds runnig apps down the left side08:31
ActionParsnipArun: are they NTFS based?08:31
ActionParsnipArun: then it needs setting at mount time08:32
Ben64Arun: stop trying to make people play guessing games with you and give FULL details08:32
Arunwhat details you want?08:32
ActionParsnipArun: is it a USB based drive?08:32
Arunno, it is a partition08:33
ActionParsnipArun: is it healthy (when did you last chkdsk it)?08:33
vlad76what is the command to list all installed packages / software on ubuntu?08:33
Aruni havent08:33
Aruni think it is healthy, i can able to access it08:33
ActionParsnipArun: I suggest you do, users should be able to access the data wthout issue08:33
llutzvlad76: dpkg -l08:33
Arunin windows, there is c: d: here just names of drives08:34
Aruni dont get your point ActionParsnip08:35
Aruni want to give permission to access one of my partion08:35
ArunI new to this,08:36
=== babilen_ is now known as babilen
Aruni am just trying xubuntu08:36
Arunplease someone help me08:36
Aruni need to give permission to access my drive08:37
OerHeksArun, install ntfs-3g and you have access to the ntfs partitions.08:37
Arunwhat it will do?08:37
ActionParsnipArun: you can mount them using nautilus, they will present in the left hand panel08:38
ActionParsnipArun: you will not be able to run applications installed on them, but casual user data will be fine08:38
Aruni need to install nautilus and i can give permissions,. right?08:39
Arunthrough nautilus can i give permissions?08:40
ActionParsnipArun: the default file browser in Xubuntu will be able to access it08:40
ActionParsnipvlad76:  dpkg -l | grep '^ii' | awk {'print $2'}08:42
ActionParsnipArun: the permissions are set at mount time, nautilus will mount them with default access so users can access the data08:42
bun24331so, is there no way to reset my ubuntu forum password at this time?08:43
bun24331i saw the "forums have been hacked" notice, and all the technews sites are recommending changing passwords, but there's no way to do that08:44
bun24331nor to get my account disabled, it seems08:45
Loknari doubt they gained access to the database08:45
bun24331wanna bet?08:45
Steinar1bun24331: What does it matter if the hackers already have their own local copy of the database?08:45
emxhow do i restart my wifi nic?08:45
Loknargood thing I never registered08:46
bun24331says that the launchpad and ubuntuone services are not affected, but still08:46
Steinar1change your passwords on other sites if you have used same passwords08:46
bun24331that's obvious, and fortunately, i never reuse passwords08:46
Loknarthen all they've managed to obtain is a random forum user account08:46
compdocIm not sure Im registered on the forums. Cant remember posting anything there08:47
syed_yeah it hardly matters08:47
bun24331still, i was hoping to get in there and reset passwords, change email addresses associated with the account, etc08:47
Loknaryeah but08:47
bun24331read the article...they have your username, password, and email08:47
Loknarthey would just get your new changed info08:47
bun24331email is definitely an attack vector08:47
bun24331ah, ubuntu big-time muckety-much sez they'll notify by email all users affected08:48
bun24331sweet, 2+ million emails to send out08:48
dr_willismake me wonder how they stored the passwords if the  can be  read back.. arent those things normally like a one way  thing08:49
dnivraHello. I'm trying to resize a extended partition(/dev/sda3) using the live CD. There is approx 390 GiB of free space immediately succeeding the extended partition but when I select resize, allocate the entire 390 GiB for resize and hit OK, I get an error "Could not set geometry for partition ‘/dev/sda3’ while trying to resize/move it." Could someone tell me where I'm going wrong?08:49
syed_they should have been hashed08:49
bun24331syed_ they were08:49
bun24331but weakly, with only md5, rather than something like bcrypt08:49
TheBraynwere the passwords salted and did they use a proper hashing algorithm?08:49
somsipdr_willis: syed_ they were hashed using the vbulletin defaults (md5(md5($pass . $salt))08:49
bun24331only md5, which is a decade or more outta date08:49
ActionParsnipemxyou can restart the networking pocess08:49
ActionParsnipbun24331: I had an email08:50
syed_that's weak08:50
bun24331again, read the ars technica article...it describes what happened, and what ubuntu should have been doing on their forum software install08:50
Braden`http://pastebin.com/MSrq6K0k <-- The 'df' and the 'du' do not match up and it is telling me out of disk space.  What might be causing that?  Ubuntu 10.04.408:50
somsipFWIW and OT http://is.gd/zRUTTp08:50
ActionParsnipsyed_: they were hashed, that's the data that was collected08:50
dr_willisi cant even rember my forum password. ;))08:51
bun24331ActionParsnip: hmm, i haven't gotten one yet. i should look into this...i don't even remember what email i used; i registered 8 or 9 years ago08:51
Loknarmost websites use MD5 hashes anyway08:51
somsipdr_willis: maybe you should email Sputn1k_ ;)08:51
=== gizero_ is now known as gizero
llutzdr_willis: ask the hackers, the'll send it to you :)08:51
syed_true, a lot of people still use md5, it needs to go way08:52
dr_willisi cant even rember what email address i used. ;)08:52
Braden`I have ureadahead disabled08:52
Braden`(I don't know if that matters)08:52
nevyndnivra: sda3 isn't an extended partition08:52
nevyndnivra: it's a primary08:52
nevynwell it could be extended. I guess08:53
nevynit's not a logical08:53
nevynwhy are people still using partitions.08:53
rannongawhy not cheap hdds?08:53
=== richard is now known as Guest75202
dnivranevyn: Yeah it's extended, not logical. Ubuntu root and swap are in sda3.08:54
=== Guest75202 is now known as rich97
SlartBraden`: not sure but if the difference is smallish it might be losses from block sizes and such08:55
nevynso resizing the extended should be doable08:55
Braden`140 gigs lost?08:55
nevynSlart: it's way bigger than that08:55
nevynBraden`: large deleted file something's holding onto (or several somethings?08:56
nevynBraden`: .files in root?08:56
Braden`That is probably the case.  How do I get it to release it?08:56
Braden`Let me check08:56
dnivraI don't think this matters but I thought I'd add - I'm using Kubuntu 12.04 live CD and I've a Kubuntu installation.08:56
nevyndnivra: that doesn't matter.08:56
nevynwhat are you trying to resize with?08:57
Braden`Nothing in root08:57
Braden`I did delete a 140gb file though08:57
Braden`It hasn't released the space yet08:57
nevynwhat was that file?08:57
Loknaris it in the recycle bin?08:57
nevynand what program if any was using it?08:57
Braden`A truecrypt volume08:57
Braden`Its console only (server)08:57
nevynis it mounted?08:57
dnivranevyn: Ah okay. Added that just in case :). I'm using partition manager that is available in the live CD(I guess it's the same used during installation?).08:57
Braden`I unmounted it first08:57
nevynBraden`: so the lazy thing is reboot.08:58
Braden`Is there an alternative method?08:58
bun24331man, what a day for hacks. first ubuntu forums, then the apple developer site...what next?08:59
nevyndo you know the filename?08:59
nevynif you have fuser install you could try fuser -k (file)08:59
ActionParsnipBraden`: are you using ZFS?08:59
ActionParsnipBraden`: with snapshots?08:59
nevynor btrfs09:00
ActionParsnipnevyn: same deal as zfs?09:00
SlartBraden`: hmm.. odd.. du reports strange results on my system... running it as root gives me 8 GB used space less than running it as my regular user09:00
SlartBraden`: I would trust df more than I trust the output from du.. at least when it comes to hard drives with complex stuff on it09:01
nevynActionParsnip: yeah but gpl compatible09:01
ActionParsnipnevyn: ahhh I see09:02
ActionParsnipnevyn: thanks man, learned today09:02
nevynBraden`: what filesystem is /09:02
Braden`Its ext409:04
dadhello...I'm looking for some printer troubleshooting steps!09:05
vlad76When I run command apt-get -f install I receive this error message: http://pastebin.com/6xPYXiXV  How to fix that?09:05
Kerimoops, sorreh09:05
Braden`fuser reports no files09:06
Braden`Trying the reboot method09:06
vlad76btw, I think I managed to remove old kernels, got 110MB of space ^_^09:06
=== dad is now known as regor
dnivravlad76: Did you see this already: http://askubuntu.com/questions/304360/error-running-sudo-apt-get-f-install? It has the exact error you are facing.09:08
SlartBraden`: this looks interesting http://www.cyberciti.biz/tips/freebsd-why-command-df-and-du-reports-different-output.html09:09
dnivraDoes anyone have suggestions on the issue I'd asked out earlier - unable to resize an extended partition with error "Could not set geometry for partition ‘/dev/sda3’ while trying to resize/move it."?09:10
l0p3nHello! Does anyone know if it's possible to send mail to another computer on the LAN using mailx?09:10
franks2Is this down for you guys?: [Connecting to no.archive.ubuntu.com (]09:12
l0p3nfranks2: I had the same problem with .se. Try using the main repo instead.09:13
franks2l0p3n: what is the main repo? :P09:13
MrQuistHey guys, i have a small question: I have this VM (ubuntu 12.04) on VMWare. I added a NIC (while server is running), and configurated it (/etc/udev/rules.d/70-persistent-net.rules) and /etc/network/interfaces09:13
MrQuistI've restarted udev, modprobe -r vmxnet3, modprobe vmxnet3, service networking restart09:14
MrQuistip a s shows me eth209:14
rannongadnivra is this drive mounted?09:14
dnivrarannonga: no. None of them are mounted. I'm running a live CD.09:14
l0p3nfranks2: I think it is http://archive.ubuntu.com/ubuntu09:15
MrQuistyet, ifup tells me its being ignored. I've renamed eth2 to ethMgt, yet ifup ethMgt -> Cannot find ethMgt, and ifup eth2 -> Ignoring unknown interface eth2=eth209:15
MrQuistip a s -> eth2: <BROADCAST,MULTICAST> mtu 1500 qdisc noop state DOWN qlen 100009:15
MrQuistHow can I enable the interface without rebooting the VM?09:16
vlad76dnivra: it didn't help =(09:17
piggzoid_ubuntu software center fails to download anything, anybody know what can be wrong?09:19
rannongalol more info please09:19
=== piggzoid_ is now known as piggazoid
=== jono is now known as Guest19501
MrQuistpiggazoid, the internet cable.09:19
MrQuistQuick question -> How can I enable the interface without rebooting the VM?09:20
rannongacan you run anything from the terminal?09:20
rannongapigg, does sudo apt-get update work?09:20
MrQuistrannonga, you asking that to me?09:20
piggazoidinternet works perfect tried steam client and dota09:20
MrQuistyes.... and you're on IRC09:21
rannongado you have synaptic?09:21
piggazoidno issue there09:21
vlad76is it safe to apt-get remove linux-generic-pae ?09:21
vlad76and install it again?..09:21
rannongavlad, why do you want to?09:22
piggazoidi get this error message from software center: Failed to download package files09:22
vlad76rannonga: this is the reason: http://pastebin.com/EeA8BkEk09:23
rannongadid you run the -f install?09:23
vlad76rannonga: yes, it returns similar error, about dependencies of linux-generic-pae09:24
piggazoidi ran sudo apt-get update and seems to work09:24
rannongavlad, try running your previous suggestion09:26
vlad76rannonga: you mean apt-get remove linux-generic-pae ?09:26
MrQuistrannonga, i suppose you don't know how i can get my eth2 to work? :(09:27
rannongaquist, do you get any errors?09:27
piggazoid@rannonga apt-get update hangs when connecting to se.archive.ubuntu.com09:28
MrQuistrannonga, yes - i've added a nic, saw eth2 via ip a s. Then renamed it to ethMgt (via .rules), and now i can't seem to start it09:29
MrQuistifup ethMgt -> Cannot find ethMgt, and ifup eth2 -> Ignoring unknown interface eth2=eth209:29
rannongapigg, could you try downloading synaptic and changing the mirror09:29
MrQuisti've renamed 2 other eth's, those are renamed correctly and work fine09:29
MrQuisteth0 -> ethPub09:29
=== dimitris is now known as Guest78595
MrQuisteth1 -> ethOff09:30
arun_how to become a root user09:30
MrQuistarun_ -> sudo su -09:30
k1l_arun_: MrQuist no09:31
k1l_arun_: use sudo -i09:31
MrQuistk1l_, why?09:31
rannongaquist,  what is .rules?09:31
k1l_MrQuist: first: its the ubuntu way. second sudo -i sets all variables  right.09:31
MrQuist@ rannonga -> i mean this file: /etc/udev/rules.d/70-persistent-net.rules09:31
MrQuistk1l_, we're in #ubuntu, right? :P09:32
rannongaquist, could you paste the file09:32
MrQuistsure hang on09:32
piggazoid@rannonga, thnx it worked!09:33
arun_root user means that i have all administrative rights, isnt it?09:33
rannongaarun_, why do you want to do this?09:34
k1l_arun_: root is like a loaded and unlocked gun. you dont need it all the time. so stay the regular user and just give the few commands root rights (with sudo/gksudo) when they need it09:34
k1l_!sudo | arun_09:35
ubottuarun_: sudo is a command to run command-line programs with superuser privileges ("root") (also see !cli). Look at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/RootSudo for more information. For graphical applications see !gksu (GNOME, Xfce), or !kdesudo (KDE). If you're unable to execute commands with sudo see: http://www.psychocats.net/ubuntu/fixsudo09:35
arun_i need to give permission to a user to access one of my drive09:35
rannongadon't you just need the root password?09:36
MrQuistrannonga -> http://pastebin.com/0FPgKwem09:36
ubottuThe linux terminal or command-line interface is very powerful. Open a terminal via Applications -> Accessories -> Terminal (Gnome), K-menu -> System -> Konsole (KDE), or Menu -> Accessories -> LXTerminal (LXDE). Guide: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/UsingTheTerminal09:36
petooI don't find dancer-services package in repository, yet it's mentioned in the Ubuntu Documentaion link09:37
petooI need dancer ircd  services09:38
DJones!find dancer09:38
ubottuFound: cowdancer, dancer-ircd, dancer-ircd-doc, dancer-xml, libdancer-logger-psgi-perl, libdancer-perl, libdancer-plugin-database-perl, libdancer-plugin-dbic-perl, libdancer-plugin-flashmessage-perl, libdancer-plugin-rest-perl (and 4 others) http://packages.ubuntu.com/search?keywords=dancer&searchon=names&suite=raring&section=all09:38
ihbgjhbgjhebgehey everyone09:38
MrQuistihbgjhbgjhebge, hithere09:38
DJonespetoo: Looking at the bots info, it dancer-ircd09:38
MrQuistlovely name you've got there.09:38
rannongapetoo, do you have synaptic?09:38
MrQuistrannonga, think you can help me out?09:38
ihbgjhbgjhebgethanks man09:38
petooDJones, I have already installed dancer-ircd, I need the services. One of the Ubuntu Help documents mentions that I need dancer-services package which is not available.09:39
=== Myrtti_ is now known as Guest91874
rannongaMrQuist, i don't think so sorry09:40
FloodBot1MrQuist: Please don't flood; use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste; don't use Enter as punctuation.09:41
DJonespetoo: Its likes it was removed in 2012 due to being buggy & no maintainer response09:42
=== Guest91874 is now known as Myrtti
DJonespetoo: https://launchpad.net/ubuntu/precise/+source/dancer-services/
petooOk, so any idea  about other ways to get services installed on my ircd?09:43
DJonespetoo: There may be a ppa that somebody else has done, but other than that you may need to track down the source packages to install from09:43
=== dimitris_ is now known as dimitris91
DJonespetoo: Somebody else in the channel may have an different suggestion though09:44
petooSure, I am waiting for suggestions!09:45
hewhomustpetoo, whats the name of the package?09:45
ikonia!info dancer-services09:45
ubottuPackage dancer-services does not exist in raring09:45
ikoniapetoo: have you checked if the actual upstream source is maintained ?09:45
pierre1Hi. My gnome-terminal history is set to save more than 10 thousand lines, but (using wc) I see my .bash_history continues on 2000. How can I fix that?09:46
petooikonia, No, it's not there any more09:46
ActionParsnippetoo: tried finding a PPA?09:46
ikoniapetoo: so that's why it doesn't exist, why are you trying to use a product that no longer exists ?09:46
DJonesikonia: According to launchpad it was deleted in 2012 due to being buggy/no maintainer response, I suggested the only other option could be a ppa/build themselves unless anybody else had another suggestion09:46
hewhomustwhy do you need it so much?09:46
ikoniaDJones: he's just said upstream has gone09:47
ActionParsnippierre1: blank the file off, may make the setting apply09:47
ikoniaDJones: so I don't know how/who he expacts to make this and from "what" if it's gone09:47
petooAny other ircd in your mind ? of course I need services too09:47
hewhomustwhat irc client are you using atm?09:48
petooclient? it's xchat though09:49
pierre1ActionParsnip, I backed up the file and deleted. But why would that make any difference?09:49
ActionParsniphewhomust: ircd = irc server, not client09:49
ActionParsnippierre1: its a possible step to take, worth a shot09:50
pierre1ActionParsnip, ok. Can I append my old file to my new one and see if it gets increased normally now?09:51
ActionParsnippierre1: makes sense :)09:51
hewhomustpetoo, perhaps this might be interesting for you unrealircd09:51
pierre1ActionParsnip, now working. The line count went back to 2000.09:52
pierre1ActionParsnip, I think this will work http://www.ubuntugeek.com/how-to-view-bash-shell-history-and-change-bash-history-file-size-in-ubuntu.html09:55
pierre1ActionParsnip, thanks for the help09:55
SuperTypI am building libreoffice and get the error: zypper: command not found?09:57
jactaActionParsnip: I just wanted to let you know that all your support is gold for me - thanks a bunch for now09:58
hewhomustis zypper installed?09:58
[Raiden]zypper - opensuse package manager09:59
hewhomustisn't there an opensuse irc channel?10:00
ikoniayes #suse10:00
hewhomustthey probably could help more?10:00
Kizzywell i just changed over to 13.0410:01
=== james_ is now known as Guest73337
=== Kerim_ is now known as Kerim
srini#raspberry pi10:12
vlad76hey guys, can someone point me to an "official" explanation why you can't use spaces in filenames on linux? =) (it's a long story...)10:13
Pumpkin-you (normally) can, it just gets annoying10:13
Pumpkin-as you have to refer the file either with quotes or by escaping the spaces with "\ "10:13
mikejwis there a command similar to 'du' to show the distribution of files across the filesystem.. i.e. having trouble with running out of inodes10:14
hewhomustdu -c10:15
hewhomustyou can use du in ubuntu?10:15
Pumpkin-I don't think that is what you want10:15
hewhomustyeah i just accidentally missed the terminal10:16
[Raiden]vlad76: find . -type f |while read x ; do echo "$x" ; done - this is work fine with spaces in filenames.10:19
hewhomustmike did that work, cause i seriously just missed typing in the terminal?10:19
sasukehi guys10:21
sasuke Can anybody tell me how to install hdmi drivers on ubuntu12.0410:21
ikoniasasuke: there isn't any10:21
hewhomustyeah what I thought too10:22
hewhomustI'm assuming you can see stuff10:22
scott11111I have an issue with 12.04.2, one of mydisks won't mount. It's partitioned GPT, I've tried sudo mount -t ntfs.... but it says it's not a valid NTFS filesystem. On windows it shows up as a foreign drive NTFS formatted.10:22
sasukeikonia, my laptop is detecting the  device but not showing.10:22
hewhomustoh external display10:23
hewhomustthats totally different10:23
hewhomustscot, are you dual booting?10:23
sasukeikonia, when i connected the device with my laptop . This is the msg i got "HDMI1 connected 1920x1200+1366+0 (0xf7) normal (normal left inverted right x axis y axis) 518mm x 324mm"10:24
scott11111Nope, it's a HTPC that was on Windows 8 but I'm sick of Windows just having a fit :/10:24
sasukebut the display is not showing10:24
hewhomustscot ,so you removed it?10:24
scott11111It's a storage drive ~ 2TB10:24
ikoniasasuke: ok ?10:24
scott11111Yea, new install of Ubuntu10:24
=== zi_ is now known as Guest93676
scott11111Windows won't mount this disk unless I first import it as it's showing as a foreign drive10:26
hewhomustscott, whats the format?10:26
hewhomustscott, so can you actually see it in ubuntu?10:26
scott11111I would like to convert to ext3 or 4 but 2TB of data I'd have to back up some how first :(10:26
scott11111If I list my disks but I can't get it to mount10:26
=== Guest93676 is now known as zipy
hewhomustis it relatively full?10:27
scott1111140GB free :(10:27
ActionParsnipscott11111: why do you not have a backup anyway?10:28
ActionParsnipscott11111: if the drive fails, where is your data?10:28
hewhomustscot, what command are you using to try to mount it?10:28
scott11111Honestly, I couldn't afford a second 2TB drive at the time, but it's on my shopping list for next month10:28
ActionParsnipscott11111: luckily next month is soon :)10:29
scott11111Yes ha! sudo mount /dev/sdb /media/hdd1 -t ntfs or something - sorry I'm on my other pc10:29
hewhomustscott, can you paste the results from running sudo lsblk10:31
scott11111I'll have to jump on the other pc and come in here 1 sec10:31
scott222222here it is: http://pastebin.com/8Pv5JEZ910:33
scott222222It's sdb @ 1.8T I need to mount and auto mount. I'm a bit concerned on NTFS writing in Ubuntu too, in the past I know it was risky.10:34
hewhomustscot, i'm mounting my windows partitions and it's fine10:34
scott11111What command would you recommend I try to mount to /media/hdd110:35
Jakey1what the way to convert .mp4 to .avi?10:36
hewhomustscott, read this website it's quite informative, http://www.pendrivelinux.com/mounting-a-windows-xp-ntfs-partition-in-linux/10:36
hewhomustjakey, you need to find a converting application10:38
scott222222I got an error10:38
hewhomustscott, what?10:38
scott222222see here: http://pastebin.com/9K83hZdm10:38
scott222222I've tried sdb3 too10:39
hewhomustscott, another good website https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Mount/USB go down to Mount the drive10:40
MonkeyDustJakey1  winff is nice10:40
Jakey1MonkeyDust: Thank you10:40
hewhomustscott, mount the sdb310:41
scott222222sam error using "sudo mount -t ntfs /dev/sdb /media/hdd1" Always says NTFS signature missing10:41
hewhomustit says to install ntfs-3g driver, have you done that?10:41
scott11111I believe I already did let me check :)10:42
scott222222it's installed10:42
scott222222"ntfs-3g set to manually installed."10:42
hewhomusttype the command you used exactly10:43
scott11111To mount?10:43
hewhomustyes please10:43
bebojanyone using mediatomb ???10:43
scott11111sudo mount -t ntfs /dev/sdb /media/hdd110:43
scott11111I've tried sdb1,2 and 310:43
scott11111Always "NTFS signature missing"10:43
hewhomusttry using ntfs-3g instead of just ntfs10:44
scott222222Same error :(10:44
scott11111The other drive is fine, but this one says "Partitioned: gpt" and the other "Partitioned: dos"10:45
scott11111I know it's a dynamic drive so some reason10:45
[Raiden]may be need to convert gpt to mbr10:46
scott11111Will I loose data?10:46
ActionParsnipscott11111: you may be able to use foremost to get files when you get the new drive, you will lose file names and folders location but you may get the data10:46
ActionParsnipscott11111: this is why backup is important10:46
scott11111It's fine in Windows I'm unsure why Ubuntu hates it.10:47
[Raiden]I know a Russian program that was able to do without a loss. Paragon hard disk manager. Shareware program10:47
ActionParsnipscott11111: run an chkdsk on it, so you know it is healthy10:47
scott11111I did that last night before I jumped to Ubuntu, seems fine.10:48
krzhow do i copy text in a terminal?10:48
scott11111Click and drag to highlight then right click -> copy10:48
hewhomustscott, you mentioned that you had 40GB remaining data it's a bit dodgy but one possible avenue is to create an ext4 partition with this copy files to it and then enlarge it10:48
hewhomustscott, doing this should not remove any date10:49
hewhomustscott, data10:49
scott11111So 40 - copy, delete - resize to 80. Rinse, repeat10:49
richard_i just spun up a vm. does it have libgmp on it? I did "sudo apt-get install libgmp    .......... "cannot find libgmp" how do i install and/or update libgmp?10:49
richard_13.04 vm10:49
hewhomustscott, yeah thats what i'm saying10:49
hewhomustscott, there's no reason why it shouldn't work10:50
hewhomustscott, might just take a while10:50
scott11111Can you resize an ext that way? I know in Windoh you can't unless it has the space at the end of the drive10:50
hewhomustscott, i have no idea it's just a weird idea i came up with10:51
scott11111Apparently dynamic disk NTFS isn't supported in Ubuntu it needs to be converted to a basic disk in Windows first? That sound right?10:53
krzscott11111: hmmm, thats what im doing. just realized tmux has a different behaviour10:54
MonkeyDustwindows != linux10:55
[Raiden]I'm not sure that it supports. It is better to check with someone else.10:55
scott11111Very true Monkey, I wish I had the space to do a new ext4 partition10:55
richard_i just spun up a 13.04 vm. does it have libgmp on it? I did "sudo apt-get install libgmp    .......... "cannot find libgmp" how do i install and/or update libgmp?10:56
auronandace!find libgmp10:57
ubottuFound: libgmp-dev, libgmp10, libgmp10-doc, libgmp3-dev, libgmpxx4ldbl10:57
ActionParsniprichard_: sudo apt-get install libgmp1010:57
richard_ActionParsnip: Thanks!10:57
Jakey1MonkeyDust: It didnt work10:57
richard_ActionParsnip: is that the latest libgmp?10:57
MonkeyDustJakey1  what didnt?10:57
Jakey1looked like it was doing a conversion but then no output mmpeg4 to avi using winff10:58
MonkeyDustJakey1  did you click 'apply', before starting to convert?10:58
ActionParsniprichard_: latest in the Ubuntu repos, yes10:58
ubottunetsplit is when two IRC servers of the same network (like freenode) disconnect from each other, so users on one server stop seeing users on the other. If this is happening now, just relax and enjoy the show. See http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Netsplit10:59
richard_ActionParsnip: Shank you parsnip. A real gentleman10:59
ActionParsniprichard_: np10:59
DragonDon_greetings all10:59
=== yebyen is now known as Guest60679
randomaussiehi all,,, can i get some advice with media play back... trying to get a blue ray rip to run (on 12.04) and the sound is fine but the video is all messed up... i had it all working perfectly on an earlier install of 12.04. i've tried to have all the codecs i could find in the software centre had on offer but to no luck...11:00
richard_ActionParsnip: how do you see what the lastes version of stuff you can download?11:00
DragonDon_anyone know if there is a nice tool for making maps based off of a google map? (I saw the instructables how-to....would like simpler)11:00
richard_ActionParsnip: what is even the difference between repo? binary, compiling from source, ppa etc?11:00
MonkeyDustrichard_  apt-cache search [part of package name]11:00
auronandacerichard_: best to stick to what is in the repos11:01
ActionParsniprichard_: repo is supported here and instaled as binary, ppa is a 3rd party source which may be a later version but not supported here11:01
MonkeyDustrichard_  a ppa is an unofficial and unscreened "external" source, hence potentially dangerous11:01
ActionParsniprichard_: you are free to compile source but we cannot support that here, you can get the source from the repos or from he projects website11:02
richard_ActionParsnip: so would libmgp-dev giv me everything???11:02
richard_ActionParsnip: inclufding libgmp10?11:02
rannongarandom, could you describe the problem a bit more?11:02
ActionParsniprichard_: it will be headers for the package if you are compiling etc, tells the build how to talk to the binaries11:02
richard_ActionParsnip: what do you mean repo is supported here... what is here?11:04
scott11111Gotta ruin thanks everyone11:04
auronandacerichard_: this support channel11:04
ActionParsniprichard_: the repos are maintained by MOTU, and so are official ubuntu packages11:04
richard_ActionParsnip: what is MOTU11:05
richard_i can lookt hat up11:05
ubottumotu is short for Masters of the Universe. The brave souls who maintain the packages in the Universe section of Ubuntu. See  http://wiki.ubuntu.com/MOTU11:05
richard_Acce: but will libgmp-dev give me everything including libgmp10?11:05
Jakey1MonkeyDust: just tried with it apply, it works. thanks11:05
richard_ActionParsnip: but will libgmp-dev give me everything including libgmp10?11:06
randomaussierannonga: well last time i installed 12.04, i could connect to a windows share and stream a 1080p blue ray rip and it played after automaticaly installing an update.. now i either cant play them or they run extreamly badly11:06
richard_ActionParsnip: what is the difference in building from source with tar.gz versus git?11:07
g105bCan someone point me in the right direction? I want to have 3 staging servers and keep their installed packages and config files in sync - what tools are available?11:07
MonkeyDustg105b  try #ubuntu-server11:09
g105bMonkeyDust: thanks11:09
richard_ActionParsnip: but will libgmp-dev give me everything including libgmp10?11:10
oourrfhow i can print to the same line in python?11:10
richard_ActionParsnip: what is the difference in building from source with tar.gz versus git?11:10
richard_builf from tar.gz or git, what is the difference?11:10
DarkSim_How can I make certain I have a seperate partition which is /home mounted?11:11
ikoniarichard_: what are you actually trying to do ?11:12
richard_build this from source: https://bitcointalk.org/index.php?topic=255782.0 In the first post there is the option for tar.bz2 and git? not sure what the difference is, is it just in the process of how it grabs the file?11:13
richard_ikonia: ^^11:13
ikoniarichard_: the difference is one is a snapshot of the code base, the other is bleeding edge from the git repo11:14
ikoniarichard_: although to be honest, if you're asking that I'd question if you should be trying to do this at this time11:14
auronandace!checkinstall | richard_11:15
ubotturichard_: checkinstall is a wrapper to "make install", useful for installing programs you compiled. It will create a .deb package, which will be listed in the APT database and can be uninstalled like other packages. See https://help.ubuntu.com/community/CheckInstall - Read the warnings at the top and bottom of that web page, and DO NOT interrupt CheckInstall while it's running!11:15
alexwSilly question11:16
alexwI have a group htpc11:16
richard_ikonia: so the git is the most up to date then right?11:16
alexwsabnzbd sickbeard couchpotato are all in them11:16
ikoniarichard_: not always11:16
ikoniarichard_: git can be "broken"11:17
auronandace!enter | alexw11:17
ubottualexw: Please try to keep your questions/responses on one line. Don't use the "Enter" key as punctuation!11:17
richard_ikonia: ok thanks!11:17
alexwI have a group htpc, sabnzbd sickbeard couchpotato are all users and have been added to this group, they each have a respective directory /opt/sabnzbd /opt/sickbeard and /opt/couchpotato however when a process is running as "sabnzbd"  for instance it cannot access /opt/sickbeard11:18
alexwI've tried chgrp - but does not work11:18
alexwalso tried chmod -R g+rx /opt/sickbeard11:19
ikoniaalexw: is this an external mounted disk by any chance ?11:20
ikoniaalexw: why are you changing the group - when it's the user11:20
ikoniaalexw: show me the permissions on /opt/sickbeard please in a pastebin11:20
ikoniaalexw: and what is the error you have ?11:21
alexwfull dumo11:21
alexwfull dump* sorry11:22
ikoniaalexw: yes, it doesn't have the excute bit11:22
alexwI need permissions read/write user, read group and read global11:22
alexwis that 74411:22
ikoniaalexw: it can't list/show items without execute11:23
alexwgot it11:23
alexwthere we go :)11:23
alexwthanks ikonia legend11:24
zimbohi, how are you all doing?11:31
zimbohow can i install all of the templates for open office writer11:31
zimbousing apt-get on ubuntu?11:31
rannongazimbo, do you know the package name, or are you asking?11:32
ikoniazimbo: isn't there packages containing the template?11:32
=== mh0 is now known as PepperClark
zimboi'm not sure, just asking, being lazy i guess i could just google it11:32
blazemore...should be the topic of #ubuntu11:32
=== PepperClark is now known as mh0
Ahti333following problem: i am on 12.04 lts, and need to patch libcurl3 to have sftp support. i also need a package that requires libcurl3 in version 7.22.0-3ubuntu4.2. when i do apt-get source libcurl3, it just gives me the source for 7.22.0-3ubuntu4.11:33
Ahti333The problem seems to be, that version 7.22.0-3ubuntu4.2 is in the precise-updates repo. i have added that as deb-src to my repo list, but trying to force that repo with 'apt-source -t precise-updates curl' errors "Ignore unavailable version ... of package curl", while the path given in the sources list does contain the correct version of curl11:33
bgardnerblazemore: +111:33
Ahti333any ideas?11:33
jribAhti333: run apt-get update11:33
Ahti333i did11:34
jribAhti333: also, I'm not familiar with "apt-source", but I use apt-get source11:34
Ahti333oh yeah thats a typo, i did use apt-get source11:34
jribAhti333: pastebin: cat /etc/apt/sources.list; apt-get update; apt-cache policy libcurl3; apt-get source libcurl3; ls11:35
jribI'll be back in ~511:35
=== aandy_ is now known as aaandy
purplehzhey guys is it possible to access another user's screen sessions?11:37
purplehzif i want to see what he's up to11:37
ikoniapurplehz: you controll his tty and he's not passworded the screens, sure11:38
blazemorepurplehz: Apologies for Google Cache url, the Ubuntu Forums are currently down: http://webcache.googleusercontent.com/search?q=cache:w9qgvabSrRIJ:ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php%3Ft%3D299286+&cd=1&hl=en&ct=clnk&gl=uk11:38
=== aaandy is now known as sternwanderer
Ahti333jrib http://pastebin.com/aGY7vbDC11:41
=== totesmuh1oats is now known as totesmuhgoats
Ahti333jrib found the error in the sources.list, thanks for making me look at it again ;) :D11:49
jribAhti333: cool11:50
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HatoriI want to develope multiplayer web based games  based on python backend ..11:52
HatoriWhat the 'suite' tool to implement it .. In server side and client side11:52
=== Hatori is now known as kududece
richard_how do I install libdb4.8++-dev from https://launchpad.net/~bitcoin/+archive/bitcoin ???11:54
kududeceanyone can suggest me?11:55
kududecerichard_, some archive ?? Is it old archive ?11:55
DJoneskududece: You may be better asking that in ##python they may be able to help you better11:55
richard_kududece: I believe so. didn't see it in the repo11:56
kududecedjones, maybe .. I would try that .. But maybein ubuntu based  ...11:56
kududecerichard_, commonly, you can download .deb file from them ...11:57
=== kududece is now known as blackshirt
richard_how, i'm trying to do this in terminal?11:57
richard_kududece: ^^11:57
blackshirtrichard_, or add its repo's/ppa's through apt system11:58
richard_blackshirt: how do i do that in terminal? how do I just add libdb4.8 from there? or do I have to add everything?12:00
badguyYoooo how to uninstall buntu from my pc12:01
chunkyheadwhich is the best email client you guys feel?12:01
bgardner!best | chunkyhead12:01
ubottuchunkyhead: Usually, there is no single "best" application to perform a given task. It's up to you to choose, depending on your preferences, features you require, and other factors. Do NOT take polls in the channel. If you insist on getting people's opinions, ask BestBot in #ubuntu-bots.12:01
auronandace!install | badguy12:01
ubottubadguy: Ubuntu can be installed in lots of ways. Please see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Installation for documentation. Problems during install? See https://wiki.ubuntu.com/CommonProblemsInstall - See also !automate12:01
badguyChunky the best email client is yur mother12:02
badguyI send her emailsss12:02
richard_badguy: language please12:02
chunkyheadbadguy: keep your mouth shut12:02
badguyFcuk u nobs im a bad guy12:02
richard_badguy: pleas stop or I will subnet ban you.12:03
chunkyheadshouldnt this kind of behaviour lead to ban?12:03
richard_yes. It will12:03
DJoneschunkyhead: They're already gone12:03
DJonesrichard_: Please don't make threats12:03
chunkyheadDJones: richard_ (y) gj12:03
* [Derek] hugs DJones12:03
[Derek]Our lord and savior12:03
chunkyheadbgardner: no one on ubuntu-bots is replying lol12:04
bgardnerchunkyhead: Huh, you're right - hang on a moment.12:05
zimboin the name of the lord jeebus i command thy devil out of thee12:06
sudormrfHi. Does anyone have experience with iredmail?12:06
bgardnerchunkyhead is correct, the bots aren't responding in #ubuntu-bots.12:07
DJoneschunkyhead: bgardner Looks like the bot is on the wrong side of a netsplit and hasn't rejoined the channel12:08
bgardnerDJones: Gotcha, thank you12:08
zimbosudo apt-get install libreoffice-templates12:09
zimboand i cant find the templates12:09
zimboin libreoffice writer12:09
zimbothe templates and documents folders are still empty12:10
nassepossugenii, no luck with reinstalling xserver-xorg-input-synaptics12:16
nassepossudoes someone have an idea why my laptops touchpad doesn't work?12:17
richard_"add-apt-repository" commant not foune?!?!?!12:17
lotuspsychjenassepossu: any errors in your logs?12:17
nassepossucouldn't find any, ubuntu doesn't even detect the touchpad12:18
richard_"add-apt-repository: command not found" ???12:18
nassepossuusing older kernel works but how do i revert it?12:18
bgardnerrichard_: apt-add-repository, not add-apt-repository12:18
richard_bgardner: thanks!12:18
richard_bgardner: that's not what the website said.. same error command not founf. I'm using a freshly spun up vm.. do I need to download something to use add-apt-repository?12:19
Picirichard_: please be patient.12:20
Picirichard_: You need to install software-properties-common if you are on a recent release, if that package isn't available, then its python-software-properties.12:20
richard_Pici: i'll try the first one. I'm on a freshly spun up 13.04 vm12:21
richard_Pici: that worked thanks! Quite dandy.12:22
richard_Pici: what is that. A software package that is found in ubuntu reposthat allow for the install of ppas? I'm learning the terminology12:23
richard_repos* that12:23
Picirichard_: Its a package that allows the quick install of PPAs without manually modifying your sources.12:23
thowniiiwhat's a PPA?12:24
lotuspsychje!ppa | thowniii12:27
ubottuthowniii: A Personal Package Archive (PPA) can provide alternate software not normally available in the offical Ubuntu repositories - Looking for a PPA? See https://launchpad.net/ubuntu/+ppas - WARNING: PPAs are unsupported third-party packages, and you use them at your own risk. See also !addppa and !ppa-purge12:27
richard_Pici: so when I download this PPA https://launchpad.net/~bitcoin/+archive/bitcoin because I want libdb4.8 is it just ready to use?12:27
Picirichard_: you'll need to run an apt-get update and then an apt-get install of that package.  Also, keep in mind that PPAs are created by the community and are explicitly not supported if something goes wrong.12:29
richard_Pici: yes sure... why do I need to update... and should I install first? is the ppa just putting the stuff in my local "repo" but they're still not available to my machine until I "apt-get install libdb4.8++-dev"?12:30
Alegreyacan i watch porn using ubuntu?12:31
Picirichard_: running 'update' only refreshes the contents of the repositories that you have listed on your computer. It doesn't install anything.12:31
richard_Pici: I do NOT want libdb5 or anything... I want the exact 1 I just listed. I'm afarid if I update it'll update to 5?12:31
richard_Pici: OOOOOOOOOOOOOOH12:31
richard_Pici: How do I check the repos?12:31
Pici!apt | richard_12:31
ubotturichard_: APT is the Advanced Package Tool, which together with dpkg forms the basic Ubuntu package management toolkit. Short apt-get manual: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/AptGetHowto - Also see !Synaptic (Gnome), !Muon (KDE) or !Apper (KDE)12:31
lotuspsychjeAlegreya: keep it familly friendy here please12:32
Picilotuspsychje: thanks, I missed that.12:32
lotuspsychjePici: yw12:32
=== Catie is now known as Guest93132
Alegreyacan i?12:33
DJonesAlegreya: You can do pretty much whatever you want with any operating system12:33
Alegreyano i tryed fedora and couldnt12:33
sudormrfIs there anyone here with iredmail experience?12:33
lotuspsychjesudormrf: you can ask your specific question here mate12:34
Alegreyawich is relly odd12:34
=== jeanaustinr is now known as jeanaustinr|x
Alegreyasince its got a fedora and those hats are popular at strip clubs12:34
DJonesAlegreya: That topic of conversation isn't suitable for the Ubuntu channels12:35
Alegreyabut i can do it with ubuntu?12:35
DJonesAlegreya: You'll have to try it yourself12:36
Alegreyatry it?12:36
compdocAlegreya, try a live cd12:36
compdocjust dont let yur mom catch you12:36
sudormrflotuspsychje, Yeah, sure.. I am working with iredmail -- I have multiple virtual domains and I need to have mail accounts set up for each of them (all on the same server).12:37
sudormrflotuspsychje, I can't seem to get more than one domain working with iredmail. :-/12:37
lotuspsychjesudormrf: are you on ubuntu server mate?12:37
svectorHello guys what partition size shall I make to install Ubuntu alongside windows?12:37
sudormrflotuspsychje, Yep.12:37
sudormrflotuspsychje, 12.04 LTS12:37
svectorI don't want it be inside windows...12:38
lotuspsychjesudormrf: maybe the #ubuntu-server guys have more experience with iredmail, first timle ive heared of this package myself12:38
thowniiisvector: I'd say at least 25 GB but it depends how much you have storage12:39
=== SamEEE_ is now known as SamEEE
lotuspsychjesudormrf: maybe this can help? http://www.unixmen.com/setup-mail-server-in-minutes-using-iredmail-in-ubuntu-12-10-debian-6/12:39
svectorthowniii: I have a D partition that is 90 GB? Can I access that partition if I install ubuntu on it?12:39
svectorI suppose the partition will be formatted with ext412:40
lotuspsychjesvector: even better would be clean install ubuntu single and loose windows once and for good :p12:40
thowniiisvector: yes you can, when you install it along side with windows, it creates an alternative boot menu called GRUB, you can then choose to boot from windows or ubuntu12:40
sudormrflotuspsychje, will have a look -- I have one domain name working with no problem (i.e. me@domain1.com) but I cannot get me@domain2.com working -- I have virtual domains set up in apache for both.12:41
MonkeyDustthowniii  the windows partition then is not touched12:41
makotohi all. my ubuntu install is feeling very very unresponsive when i'm trying to use my ipod or use rhytmbox to play music from a samba share. rhythmbox keeps turning into zombies and gtkpod is suffering lockups and hangs. how can i increase verbosity and see why on earth its running so badly?12:41
thowniiisvector: make sure you leave some room for windows, i'd say 50/50 for win and ubuntu12:42
lotuspsychjesudormrf: you working on the webbased page of iredmail? the url i posted show howto add multiple domains12:42
svectorthowniii: that's what I did in the past.... But I  want to install the ubuntu on it's own partition( not inside windows). So is it a good idea to shrink my D and clean install on the new partition?12:42
svectorlotuspsychje, that'll be my next step :)12:43
lotuspsychjesvector: there are so many alternative pro packages to replace windows :p12:43
thowniiisvector:  well i wouldn't shrink unless i plan to use it for other data storage purposes12:43
sudormrflotuspsychje, yeah... I have been able to setup me@domain2.com there... however I am not receiving any emails sent to info@domain2.com and I am not able to set it up on thunderbird or apple mail or the like.12:43
sudormrflotuspsychje, Oddly enough, I can send mail -- but not receive. :-/12:44
lotuspsychjesudormrf: you sure your configuration is setup properly?12:45
svectorthowniii, I'm not sure how much space I will use when I'm inside Ubuntu. I plan to use it for development.  And yes I want some space accessible from windows for data storage....12:45
svectorthowniii, so shrink and clean install?12:45
thowniiisvector yes12:45
sudormrflotuspsychje, I am sure of nothing. :-D12:45
lotuspsychjesudormrf: sounds like an incomming mail server fault?12:46
lotuspsychjesudormrf: can you see any errors starting iredmail from terminal?12:46
svectorthownii, will clean install on my D drive make the drive inaccessible from wiindows?12:46
thowniiisvector: not completely but yes you won't be able to put files on it from windows unless you shrink it12:47
sudormrflotuspsychje, well, iredmail is a server hosted application, so I can't really open it in the terminal.12:47
lotuspsychjewell bbl12:47
svectorthowniii, okay thanks for the answers12:47
thowniiino problem12:47
dutchiehey, i'm having some issues with command-not-found. See http://pastebin.com/H5vuuTkK. I've tried dpkg-reconfiguring and apt-get install --reinstalling both command-not-found and -data, but no luck. Should I just remove those and get it to regenerate them somehow? Going afk now, but will leave this logged on and check for highlights12:47
lotuspsychjesudormrf: try in #ubuntu-server maybe or re-ask your issue here once in a while12:47
sudormrflotuspsychje, cheers.12:48
svectorIs it easy to expand a volume formatted in ext4?12:50
svector*or possible..12:50
ActionParsnipsvector: yes in livecd12:51
ActionParsnipdutchie: use TAB to autocomplete commands12:51
dutchieActionParsnip: i know12:52
=== Guest60679 is now known as yebyen
=== richard is now known as Guest98862
thowniiii can't seem to be able to calibrate my display via the "color" setting in ubuntu.. i can add color profiles but not directly calibrate them. the nvidia control panel have some good settings but it's not natural to adjust gamma or brightness when all i want to do is display the colors correctly12:54
thowniiiplus it doesn't show the icc profiles i've added froma file12:55
shiningsuryamy ubuntu crashes after it starts...12:57
shiningsuryaand when I  used the ubuntu rescue remix...12:57
shiningsuryait says that i dont have the b43 drivers...12:57
shiningsuryahelp how am i supposed to install the drivers if i cant even use my ubuntu..12:57
FloodBot1shiningsurya: Please don't flood; use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste; don't use Enter as punctuation.12:57
compdochmm, never heard of ubuntu rescue remix12:59
shiningsuryai googled it found it and tried it but ...:(13:00
compdocmight try something else13:00
shiningsuryalike ??13:00
shiningsuryai am out of options13:01
compdoclatest version of ubuntu live?13:01
compdocthe newer the OS, the more likely it has drivers13:01
compdocunless its really old hardware13:01
shiningsuryayeah ...after i had first installed the drivers for the first time It worked but after some time[lyk days] it started to crash...13:02
shiningsuryamine is BCM431813:03
zipyis it possible to start an windows partition within virtualbox?13:03
xgeek-cubI installed Lighdm and add fvwm in the .desktop13:04
MonkeyDustzipy  you mean an existing windows partition? no, that's not possible13:05
shiningsuryazpy it depends on the setting u used...13:05
shiningsuryavirtual box has a different way13:05
xgeek-cuband now i have black screen with blinking mouse13:05
zipyi think it is possible13:05
zipyi found a howto, gonna try that :D13:06
ActionParsnipzipy: it is possible, it is know to cause issues. The guys in #vbox may know a guide or two13:06
zipyfrom ubuntuusers13:06
bgardnerzipy: It's possible but not worth doing.13:06
bgardnerzipy: Been there, got the t-shirt.13:06
zipyhmm or maybe another way than virtualbox13:06
zipyi just want to run it in ubuntu too13:07
zipyif i dont want to reboot13:07
ActionParsnipzipy: give it a go13:07
bgardnerzipy: Give it a try, you may have a better experience.13:07
zipyok i will try and give u feedback13:07
ActionParsnipzipy: you wont be able to run games in virtualbox13:07
MonkeyDustzipy  where's that tutorial, i'm curious13:07
zipydont need to13:08
zipyin german tho13:08
zhaotongxuein fact this is the first time that i use IRC13:09
zhaotongxueWho could tell me how I can chat?13:09
ActionParsnipzhaotongxue: you already are :)13:09
bgardnerzipy: Virtualizing Windows in VBox is easy, that's not the problem.  That it's an existing partition is the issue.  Converting a normal partition to a VBox VDI is *not* simple.13:09
MonkeyDustzhaotongxue  you are using it now13:09
ActionParsnipzhaotongxue: just type and hit nter, people will reply, chat achieved13:09
zhaotongxueMy english isnot very good13:10
=== ezio is now known as Guest18435
Pici!zh | Guest18435 zhaotongxue13:10
ubottuGuest18435 zhaotongxue: 如欲獲得中文的協助,請輸入 /join #ubuntu-cn 或 /join #ubuntu-tw13:10
usr13zhaotongxue: But realize, this is a very busy channel, a lot of support questions get asked so don't take up space needlessly.13:10
zipybgardner, ye im not sure if the changes made in the virtualbox will be done in the partition too13:11
zhaotongxueme too13:11
zipywith that guide13:11
FloodBot1Guest18435: Please don't flood; use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste; don't use Enter as punctuation.13:12
Picizhaotongxue: Please use #ubuntu-cn for Chinese.13:12
bgardnerzipy: No, it doesn't work like that.  You have to do extensive preparations on the running partition to get it ready to be converted to a VDI.  Then after converting it, you destroy the partition.  You need to research carefully to be sure this is the path you want.13:12
zhaotongxuethat;s nothing13:12
usr13Guest18435:  /join #ubuntu-what-ever13:12
zipybgardner, ye i think its not worth doing it13:12
bgardnerzipy: That was my conclusion.13:13
zhaotongxueIn fact .I want to know something about others13:13
zipyi dont want an vdi, maybe i can find another solution13:13
zipyi dont want to virtualize it13:13
codephobicanyone here using Radeon HD 6670 or similar with ubuntu 13.04?13:13
usr13This channel topic is Ubuntu Support.  Please use #ubuntu-offtopic for other topics13:13
codephobicI'm noticing some - disappointing - video tearing when playing regular (non HD) video content.13:14
usr13codephobic: Which player are you using?13:14
codephobicI've installed the proprietary ati catalyst and everything seems to be good otherwise. I'm using a dell monitor @ 1920*120013:15
=== jeanaustinr|x is now known as jeanaustinr
codephobicusr13, I was using vlc, would that make a difference? usually vlc is pretty much my best video player, across OSes.13:15
jeanaustinrHi, I'm planning to install Ubuntu Touch on my Nexus 4. How large are the packages to be installed to the phone?13:15
chunkyheaddoes anyone know about accessing internet thru dmz?13:16
usr13codephobic: I don't know really, but try another and see.  mplayer?  or xine?13:16
nightdrevermy ubuntu 12.04 starts automatically..... i have ppl inmy house for next few weeks so how do i set a password at log in?13:16
codephobick, will try the default player.13:16
usr13codephobic: You are probably right, it's a video-card/video-driver issue.13:17
codephobicbut I'm just a little bummed that it gives me 'worse' performance than the on-board Radeon HD 3000 chip13:17
caboose885chunkyhead: what firewall are you using?13:17
=== dan2k3k4_ is now known as dan2k3k4
usr13codephobic: I'm sure you are. Not sure what the problem is.... but just wondering if it might be a  hardware issue, probably not but...13:18
usr13chunkyhead: What exactly are you wanting or needing to do?13:19
codephobicjust had a go with the default video player - it's even worse (tried watching Terminator Salvation @ 720p)13:19
usr13codephobic: From CLI?13:20
codephobicusr13, I'm not really sure how I would go about diagnosing it. the flg_gears program worked fine13:20
usr13codephobic: Did you see any output indicating what the touble is?13:20
codephobicusr13, nothing in the way of warnings or conflicts or failures.13:20
usr13codephobic: Run a video player from a terminal window and watch the output.13:21
codephobicusr13, I was actually very surprised at how "smooth" the process was, from downloading the drivers to installing them.13:21
usr13codephobic: What did you download and install?13:21
=== Guest18435 is now known as Ezio-0
codephobicusr13, I followed the instructions here: http://wiki.cchtml.com/index.php/Ubuntu_Raring_Installation_Guide13:24
codephobicspecifically the "Installing Catalyst Manually (from AMD/ATI's site)" section13:25
codephobicusr13, so far no warnings or other messages from vlc running from terminal.13:25
usr13codephobic: Try mplayer13:26
Kimberley_Hey I'm having trouble getting my webcam mike to work consistently with 13.04.13:27
usr13codephobic: pastebinit /etc/X11/xorg.conf   #Let's take a look at the xorg.conf file.13:27
codephobicusr13, sorry went to the door (leaflets people)13:28
usr13codephobic: pastebinit /etc/X11/xorg.conf   #Let's take a look at the xorg.conf file.13:28
Ezio-0say usr1313:28
codephobicmplayer is working fine too13:29
usr13codephobic: fglrxinfo | pastebinit  #Let's look at that too.13:29
codephobicusr13,  ah, ok I'll try that13:29
Skaaghow come empathy sucks so bad? people chat with me, it doesn't open new chat windows13:29
SkaagI have to manually click their names in the list to open a chat tab with them13:29
usr13codephobic: "mplayer is working fine"?13:29
=== [Derek] is now known as Derek
codephobicusr13, I don't have an xorg.conf file.13:30
=== Derek is now known as Guest4424
codephobicusr13, I mean that terminal isn't presenting any warnings etc.13:30
=== Guest4424 is now known as [Derek]
usr13codephobic: According to http://wiki.cchtml.com/index.php/Ubuntu_Raring_Installation_Guide  you're supposed to.  If you followed those instructions, you would have an xorg.conf file.  So what about fglrxinfo ?13:31
codephobicusr13, http://pastebin.com/rCcjiZ5u13:32
codephobicusr13, ah, I thought that section was only for use if catalyst presented any errors13:32
codephobicmy fault for misreading the document.13:32
Shiggs|i5-2500kHas anyone here successfully ported Ubuntu Touch to the HTC EVO 3D?13:33
usr13codephobic: reading....13:33
Shiggs|i5-2500kI'm downloading a Kubuntu 11.10 VBox image to try and do it myself13:33
codephobicusr13, I'll complete the xorg part and then see how things go.13:34
alex_653i have a creative usb sound blaster play working quite well, but the scaling of the volume seems somewhat wrong. in alsamixer, everything is fine, but what equals volume = 0 in alsamixer, is about 40% in the audio settings of the upper panel in ubuntu - any ideas how to fix that?13:34
usr13codephobic: "If you're having issues with tearing, make sure that "Tear Free Video" is on."13:35
Shiggs|i5-2500kUsiing this guide/wiki:13:35
codephobicusr13, thanks I guess I was too quick to leave it at just installing catalyst ...13:36
codephobicthanks for the help. will let you know if everything's sorted afterwards.13:36
usr13alex_653: What about PCM?13:38
=== BadLarry_ is now known as BadLarry
usr13alex_653: I don't know, but would assume that you are looking at levels of two differen control channels.13:39
usr13alex_653: (Labeling may not be the same.)13:40
alex_653usr13: well, i just have one option for adjusting it13:40
usr13!touch | Shiggs|i5-2500k13:41
ubottuShiggs|i5-2500k: Information about the Ubuntu Touch platform for Phone and Tablet is available here https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Touch support and discussion in #ubuntu-touch13:41
zipyShiggs|i5-2500k, what r u trying, put kubuntu on the phone?13:41
usr13alex_653: So turn it up or down and see which control channel in alsamixer gets changed.13:41
alex_653usr13: there's just one (speaker)13:42
zhaotongxueHow to deal with Error 0xc00000713:42
zipythats an adress13:43
zhaotongxueI heard that it's because of Secure Boot13:43
Kimberley_I'm running 13.04 and having trouble getting my webcam mike to work. It's a Logitech model, and when I try to do Google Hangouts with my friends, the mike will work for a few minutes and then stop picking anything up. I've checked the Google and computer settings to make sure the mike is selected.13:43
zhaotongxueBut I don't know how to install both window8 and linux13:43
usr13alex_653: What I'm saying is, place alsamixer and the GUI mixer side by side.  Run the volume up and down on the GUI mixer and see which channel is being changed in AlsaMixer.  Also, check to see that the Card / Chip are same listed on each.13:43
BluesKajHiyas all13:44
Nach0zzhaotongxue: the trick is typically to install windows first, then linux.13:44
usr13alex_653: And I don't know what you mean by, "there's just one (speaker)".13:44
zhaotongxueIt's all because of microsoft?13:44
alex_653usr13: in pavucontrol "speaker" is the only output port available. if i change that, the "speaker" bar in alsamixer also changes and vice versa13:44
BluesKajalex_653, what's your audio chip in alsamixer ?13:45
usr13alex_653: Ok, well, I've yet to see a "speaker" bar, so I don't know.  What video card is it again?13:46
alex_653usr13: USB Device 0x41e:0x30d313:46
alex_653video card?13:46
usr13alex_653: lsusb  or lspci  Tell us the output.13:46
alex_653usr13: lsusb: Creative Technology, Ltd Sound Blaster Play!13:47
ActionParsnipzhengyi: Win8 first but leave unpartitioned space, then boot to Ubuntu install CD and install Ubuntu to the free space13:49
usr13alex_653: I've never had a USB audio device. I don't know.  Maybe someone else knows something about it.13:49
hacktus0hello evrybody I have a problem in network I want my computer (ubuntu13.04) accept a connection of ipv4 (because is for socket).Can you help me ???13:49
ActionParsnipalex_653: what is the output of: wget -O alsa-info.sh http://www.alsa-project.org/alsa-info.sh && chmod +x ./alsa-info.sh && ./alsa-info.sh --upload13:49
usr13hacktus0: Accept what kind of connection?13:50
usr13hacktus0: (Please re-state your question.)13:50
alex_653ActionParsnip: http://www.alsa-project.org/db/?f=3702c1c65518ae6cd27148d714675c7485d55caf13:50
alex_653usr13: thanks anyway for taking some time13:51
usr13alex_653: NP13:51
ActionParsnipalex_653: and you want to use the USB audio?13:51
alex_653ActionParsnip: yes13:51
alex_653ActionParsnip: i'm already using it, but the adjusting it's volume isn't working correctly13:52
ActionParsnipalex_653: how are you altering it?13:52
ActionParsnipalex_653: is the right device set for output in the sound app in dash as well as in alsamixer?13:53
alex_653ActionParsnip: the slider in the upper panel - or via volume buttons on my keyboard13:53
alex_653ActionParsnip: I guess. If I change the volume in alsamixer, it's also changing in the panel's slider and vice versa - but unequally13:54
hacktus0usr13: I have creat a application for socket in C. But when I do the connection with my IPv4 the appli write connexion refused ;But when I do wit the apply  do what can I want.13:54
Shiggs|i5-2500kNo one at all has attempted such?13:56
MonkeyDustShiggs|i5-2500k  attempted what?13:56
usr13hacktus0: What is your native language?13:56
hacktus0usr13: fr13:56
usr13!fr | hacktus013:56
ubottuhacktus0: Nous sommes désolés, mais ce canal est en anglais uniquement. Si vous avez besoin d'aide ou voulez discuter en français, veuillez taper /join #ubuntu-fr ou /join #ubuntu-qc. Merci.13:56
Vanamondehello. how to run Disk Utility? Are there a command for terminal? i need to delete unnecessary OS13:57
ActionParsnipalex_653: is there an option for what the slider changes in a right click menu at all?13:57
usr13Vanamonde: Which OS do you want to remove?13:58
Vanamonde<usr13> lubuntu13:58
alex_653ActionParsnip: at least I can't find one. pavucontrol is also only offering one option: "speaker"13:59
VanamondeI use xubuntu13:59
usr13Vanamonde: Is it installed separately?  (Or did you install lubuntu-desktop?)13:59
Vanamonde<usr13> separately13:59
alex_653ActionParsnip: just to make sure: in alsamixer adjusting the volume works correctly14:00
Vanamonde<usr13> I install disk utility already. I just don't know how to run it14:00
ubottumersennedod: No warez here! This is not a file sharing channel (or network); read the channel topic. If you're looking for information about me, type « /msg ubottu !bot ». If you're looking for a channel, see « /msg ubottu !alis ».14:00
Vanamondei am newbie :(14:01
snufftstupid question. in ubuntu, i have putty open and am using vi through the putty session. how can i paste something from my ubuntu machine (ie, copying from a web page) into putty/vi?14:01
ton_yHi, I need to know how to install packages from the server version of landscape?14:01
gotwigwhere can I get support for the Ubuntu Edge?14:01
ikoniasnufft: higlight and middle click14:01
usr13Vanamonde: Ok, well there are a couple things you would need to do. 1) Delete the partition(s) lubuntu is on.  2) Reclaim the space for other partitions (as you see fit).  3) Change the boot-loader so that it no longer lists the option for booting lubuntu install.14:01
snufftikonia, thanks for the reply, but i'm copying from a website and pasting into putty, not copying and pasting within the same putty window?14:02
=== BadLarry is now known as BadLarry_
ikoniasnufft: yes, so hilight the text on the website, and middle click the putty window14:02
ton_yI've asked the question on SE: http://askubuntu.com/questions/323122/how-do-i-install-packages-from-landscape, no bites though14:03
snufftikonia, putty's not playing dice :( the text is definitely on my clipboard, just pasted it into gedit, but nothing happens on the putty side when i try and paste there14:04
usr13Vanamonde: The first thing to do is to [correctly] identify which partition(s) need to be deleted.  The second thing to do is figure out which one(s) you want to expand.  One problem you will run into is if the Lubuntu partition(s) are not at the end of the drive, some confiration changes will need to be made in at least one (or more) of the installed OS's as well as the boot-loader (grub's) configuration.  (It is not a simple process.)14:04
usr13Vanamonde: Actually, blkids will take care of one aspect of the above issues, but not sure about grub.14:05
usr13(May take care of it... I dono.)14:05
alexThunderActionParsnip: sorry, my machine just hung up. if you said something since my last post, would you like to repeat it? ^^14:05
Shiggs|i5-2500kzipy, no.. I want to try Ubuntu Touch after learning of the Ubuntu Edge14:06
usr13Vanamonde: At any rate, someone elese will have to advise you because I must leave now.14:06
zipyisnt touch for tablets?14:06
Shiggs|i5-2500kit's for phones too I though14:07
Shiggs|i5-2500kUbuntu Phone OS14:07
zipybut the edge will come with ubuntu phone or not14:07
Shiggs|i5-2500kit will14:07
Shiggs|i5-2500kif it's a phone14:07
Shiggs|i5-2500kof which it will be14:07
Vanamonde<usr13> thank a lot!14:08
zipywell i would wait anyways14:08
zipyits not official yet14:08
zipyjust for developers14:08
Shiggs|i5-2500kI know but the Evo3D (aka shooter) is out of date now, and I'd like to play with it again14:08
antarusis there a page for minimum or recommended requirements for using Unity?14:09
antarus(system requirements?)14:09
usr13Vanamonde: B4 I go, I might also tell you that using Ubuntu's LiveCD will probably be your best tool in the process.  And, if those partitions are not at the end of the drive, and you just shrink them down to almost 0 and resize the others as you see fit, you will basically reclaim the space without making any other changes, other than re-configuring grub to not show the option to boot Lubuntu, (that is, if you even care that it shows an extra option).14:09
Shiggs|i5-2500khttp://www.droidevs.com/showthread.php?t=1107 <== That's for the HTC Sensation 4G, but that's essentially the same as the Evo 3D14:09
Shiggs|i5-2500kSen4G = TMo Evo 3D basically14:10
antarusI found https://help.ubuntu.com/lts/installation-guide/i386/minimum-hardware-reqts.html which is laughable14:10
ton_yhelp appreciated: http://askubuntu.com/questions/323122/how-do-i-install-packages-from-landscape14:12
ton_ythat's for the server version of landscape14:12
usr13Vanamonde: One other thing.  If the Lubuntu partition(s) are at the end of the drive, that is a very good thing.  But, If they are not, the partition manager will take a long time moving data in some cases, so beware, don't think it is broken and not doing anything, it will take a long time and you will need to be patient.  AND, back up your data, it is not altogether safe process.14:12
mousewould it be okay to ask for help about a Debian system here? I know it's the ubuntu specific irc but, debian's seems kinda dead.14:13
Vanamondelubuntu was last installed OS14:14
holsteinmouse: sorry, this is the ubntu specific support channel.. you can try a debian forum or mailing list ?14:14
=== pkern_ is now known as pkern
holsteinton_y: should be the same... ubuntuserver is ubuntu, and they all share the same repos14:15
ton_yholstein i know how to do it via apt-get, but I don't want to have to go to each machine to manage the packages14:16
=== BadLarry_ is now known as BadLarry
ton_ythe desktop version of landscape allows the users to install packages through the web dashboard, but the server version doesn't seem to work14:16
holsteinton_y: if the question is "where is the server version", the same version for the desktop should work, since its available in the repos, if thats where you got the other one14:17
ton_yholstein, I have the server version installed, i also have the server version on landscape installed, the landscape dashboard, according to the docs, allows me to run apt-get and manage packages for all my registered machines14:18
INeedHelpI have a Acer Aspire E1-522-5659 and everything works very well, except the touchpad which doesn't. It shows up, and when I try and move around it fails to sync, and is incredibly slow. Also can't left or right-click, let alone tap on anything to select it. Can someone please help?14:18
holsteinton_y: i know folks use puppet for that as well http://www.linuxuser.co.uk/tutorials/puppet-server-management14:18
holsteinton_y: that is correct14:18
ton_yholstein, however, whats on the screen doesn't match what's on the docs14:18
holsteinton_y: AFAIK, that is a commercial offering, correct?14:19
ton_yholstein, yes, i was thinking about having the company I work for purchase it, but I'm running the trial right now, which does not include any support14:19
holsteinton_y: AFAIK, it "just works"... desktop or server wouldnt matter14:20
holsteinton_y: we are not able to support it here since its not available to us to use14:20
zero_coderhey, need some help setting up lampserver14:21
Loknarwoot I fixed my no headphone audio output problem :D14:21
ubottuLAMP is an acronym for Linux-Apache-MySQL-PHP. However, the term is often used for setups using alternative but different software, such as Perl or Python instead of PHP, and Postgres instead of MySQL. For help with setting up LAMP on Ubuntu, see  https://help.ubuntu.com/community/ApacheMySQLPHP - See also the Server CD installation process.14:21
holsteinzero_coder: ^14:21
Loknarhey guys14:21
Loknarthis worked for no sound coming from headphones14:22
zero_coderholstein, its showing aptitude failed(100)14:22
INeedHelpCan anyone help me out with my touchpad issue?14:22
holsteinzero_coder: it?14:22
zero_codersudo tasksel install lamp-server14:23
holsteinzero_coder: i would run "sudo apt-get update && sudo apt-get dist-upgrade" then try the lamp config14:23
ton_yholstein, thanks i was hoping someone here experience with it.14:23
zero_coderholstein, okay. let me try14:23
holsteinton_y: the experience i have is that it either "just works" or you get commercial support making sure that it works14:24
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arashHello , I have a problem14:26
arashmy drivers doesn't seem to work correctly on ubuntu 13.0414:26
holsteinINeedHelp: just ask, with details14:26
arashmy device is an acer d257 netbook14:26
ActionParsniparash: drivers for what?14:26
arashI guess video drivers14:27
INeedHelpholstein: i did. I have a Acer Aspire E1-522-5659 and everything works very well, except the touchpad which doesn't. It shows up, and when I try and move around it fails to sync, and is incredibly slow. Also can't left or right-click, let alone tap on anything to select it.14:27
holsteinarash: is the issue relating to the graphics card?14:27
arashyes most probably14:27
INeedHelpholstein: just let me know what you need for me to look up or do and I will14:27
holsteinarash: confirm that by using the graphics card, and reporting *exactly* the issue14:27
MonkeyDustarash  what brings you here?14:27
ActionParsniparash: what video chip does it use?14:28
arashhow can I do that ? Im new to 13.0414:28
arashI guess intel14:28
holsteinarash: what makes you think its the graphics issue?14:28
arashlet me check14:28
ActionParsniparash: then how can you apply video drivers when you don't know the GPU?14:28
ActionParsniparash: seems silly don't you think14:28
arashthe OS must detect and install the driver , shouldnt It ?14:28
holsteinarash: usually folks would say "when i boot the machine and i get a black screen" or "the graphics are tearing" ..etc14:29
ActionParsniparash: not necessarily, the proprietary drivers are not in a default install for example14:29
arashthe system is running very slow14:29
ActionParsniparash: press CTRL+ALT+T and run:  sudo lshw -C display     type your password (you will get no feedback) and hit ENTER14:29
ActionParsniparash: what video chip do you have?14:29
holsteinarash: i dont use unity or gnome3 or anything requiring 3d on my netbooks.. could be that the hardware is just not up to the overhead of main ubuntu14:30
arashPCI sysfs is the driver14:30
holsteinarash: you can try xubuntu or lubuntu live14:30
ActionParsniparash: wait, your PCI bus is slow14:30
chunkyheadanyone who knows about dmz pls pm me14:31
ActionParsnipchunkyhead: try in ##networking14:31
arashlol the details :14:31
arashIntel running @ 33mhz14:31
ActionParsniparash: we just need the product line14:31
chunkyheadActionParsnip: why the double #14:31
ActionParsnipchunkyhead: its what it uses, similarly ##windows is a channel14:31
arashAcer AspireOne D25714:31
chunkyheadActionParsnip: woa! didnt know. thanks btw!14:32
ActionParsniparash: no, in the output of the command I gave, what is the product line14:32
ActionParsniparash: read your output14:32
arashAtom N57014:32
ActionParsniparash: does the system have internet access?14:32
arashyes It does14:32
arashIf not how am I here ?14:32
holsteinarash: on another machine, perhaps14:32
ActionParsniparash: you could have TWO systems.....14:33
holstein!volunteers | arash14:33
BluesKaj0chu dmz is dangerous , that's what I know , you'd bertter know what you're doing and have your fws and other security options working14:33
ActionParsniparash: run:   sudo apt-get install pastebinit; clear; sudo lshw -C display | pastebinit14:33
ActionParsniparash: what is the URL generated?14:33
arashIts downloading the packages14:34
MonkeyDustc333222  it works, you'rfe in14:35
arashbtw , this pastebin is awesome14:35
arashwhat a great program14:36
ActionParsniparash: very, should be default installed imho14:36
ActionParsniparash: what is the URL please14:36
chewed-onUbuntu phone ?14:36
ubottuInformation about the Ubuntu Touch platform for Phone and Tablet is available here https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Touch support and discussion in #ubuntu-touch14:36
chewed-onIt better come with Super Tux!14:36
ActionParsniparash: what is the output of:  cat /etc/issue14:37
arash13.04 n l14:38
arashand nothing more14:38
ActionParsniparash: you dont have to say "wait" each time14:38
=== Quaaad is now known as SPAAAAAAACE
ilikepie641Dang it....14:39
arashActionparsnip , I will install the updates including updaters and give the results here14:39
asdkhi guys can someone please help me run my sh script on startup?14:39
ubottuasdk: I am only a bot, please don't think I'm intelligent :)14:40
MonkeyDustasdk  use crontab, add a @reboot entry14:40
ActionParsniparash: is the OS fully updated?14:40
arashnot yet14:40
arashI am currently working on updates14:40
ilikepie641Anyone here have any idea why my linux live dvd keeps disconnecting from my wifi after 5 min of boot?14:40
ilikepie641My mint 15 livedvd wors fine >.>14:41
arashI have 1mbps connection here :-(14:41
ActionParsniparash: good, get fully updated and then reboot, let us know how you go14:41
asdk@monkeydust whats crontab?14:41
arashofc , I really like to be a part of ubuntu development14:41
somsip!contribute | arash14:42
ubottuarash: contribute is To contribute and help out with Ubuntu, see http://community.ubuntu.com and https://wiki.ubuntu.com/ContributeToUbuntu14:42
=== lux_ is now known as Guest15976
arashI've used ubuntu since 12.04 but this 13.04 is a little bit different14:42
asdkok i just looked into crontab @monkeydust14:43
MonkeyDustasdk  it's a scheduler, to automatically execute programs at certain times14:43
asdkbut it doesnt say you can add in a reboot entry14:43
asdkit only accept time values14:43
asdki want to shut down the system and start it up and it will execute the script14:44
MonkeyDustasdk  yes, instead of a time value, you can use   @reboot [command or script]14:44
ActionParsniparash: 13.04 is only supported til January 2014..just so you are aware14:45
arashIts ok , I will update to the next version14:46
arashActionParsnip the next version will be released till that time14:46
LucidDreamZzZwhich is the ubuntu software center?14:46
krzhow do i know which versions of tmux is available in the package maanger?14:47
LucidDreamZzZugh no useful menu14:47
somsip!info tmux | krz14:47
MonkeyDustkrz  apt-cache search [package]14:47
ubottukrz: tmux (source: tmux): terminal multiplexer. In component main, is optional. Version 1.7-3 (raring), package size 229 kB, installed size 513 kB14:47
LucidDreamZzZmeh aptitude works14:48
arashis there any GUI alternative to HTOP ?14:48
somsipkrz: or apt-cache madison tmux, if you did mean version*s*14:48
LucidDreamZzZarash, no14:49
LucidDreamZzZncurses ftw14:49
krzonly 1.7?? what happened to 1.8?14:49
krzwhere is the ppa for tmux 1.8?14:49
somsip!ppa | krz14:49
krzits been out for a few months already14:49
ubottukrz: A Personal Package Archive (PPA) can provide alternate software not normally available in the offical Ubuntu repositories - Looking for a PPA? See https://launchpad.net/ubuntu/+ppas - WARNING: PPAs are unsupported third-party packages, and you use them at your own risk. See also !addppa and !ppa-purge14:49
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arashI am facing another problem here with this netbook , firefox options is not opened properly , I can't see the Apply/Ok/Cancel on the bottom14:51
krzsomsip: https://launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/tmux has an offical tmux ppa. how do i use this?14:52
arashResolution 1024x60014:52
ss_hazedoes steam has it's own irc?14:52
Halyardarash: turning off firefox's 'addon" bar helps14:52
OerHeksss_haze, sure, join #ubuntu-steam14:53
arash@halyard I turned of navi bar , and the addon bar wasn't open , still the same14:53
Halyardarash, I do have the same problem as well especially with my netbook14:55
krzhttps://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/tmux/+bug/1169256 says tmux 1.8 has been released for ubuntu (Apr 2013). why am i only seeing 1.7?14:55
ubottuUbuntu bug 1169256 in tmux (Ubuntu) "Update to TMUX 1.8" [Undecided,Fix released]14:55
krzim on ubuntu 10.04 btw. dont know if that matters14:55
MonkeyDust!latest | krz here's why14:55
ubottukrz here's why: Packages in Ubuntu may not be the latest. Ubuntu aims for stability, so "latest" may not be a good idea. Post-release updates are only considered if they are fixes for security vulnerabilities, high impact bug fixes, or unintrusive bug fixes with substantial benefit. See also !backports, !sru, and !ppa.14:55
krishello spiking in polisz du yu14:57
ubottuNa tym kanale używamy tylko języka angielskiego. Możesz uzyskać pomoc w języku polskim na #ubuntu-pl.14:57
krzMonkeyDust: well thats a bit ironic14:57
krzMonkeyDust: ubuntu isnt stable. if it aims for stability14:57
honvaiWhy i can not install cdemu?14:57
krzi get a few errors now and again. possibly hardware issues14:58
arash@krz : no OS is completely stable , Ubuntu is good enough14:58
krz2nd the ubuntu forums are down14:58
krzarash: not exactly. osx is great!14:58
krzlove it14:58
MonkeyDustkrz  please don't start14:59
rhalffXhi, I get 'Write failed: broken pipe' when I ssh to a server with my normal user, but the weird thing is, at least for me, when I ssh to the server with root the connection is ok.14:59
LoknarI got my ubuntu all setup now14:59
polysicshello! I just compiled a bunch of updated Asterisk packages14:59
arashOSX doesn't have this GUI14:59
Loknareverything works.14:59
MonkeyDustkrz  stick to support questions, please14:59
LoknarI have sound and all. I am happy.14:59
honvaiWhy i can not install cdemu in terminal?14:59
polysicsOSX is good. I used Ubuntu for 7 years, but I am working fine on a Mac14:59
Loknarquake is win btw14:59
polysicsso, I have this set of packages we made - how do I make it into a repo, if there's a quick way?15:00
polysicsnot my code, not my packages - just a rebuild of Asterisk 1115:00
krzMonkeyDust: how do i add the PPA for tmux 1.8?15:00
arashanother question , Is there any way I can download and install steam without giving my purchase info?15:00
INeedHelpTouchpad is still acting weird. dmesg keeps saying "psmouse serio1: Touchpad at isa0060/serio1/input0 lost sync at byte 6"15:00
Loknarnot to self: don't type /list on freenode ever again.15:00
Loknarhmm... my touchpad works just fine15:01
Loknarbut then again, that was "out of the box"15:01
polysicsI don't even think I can use a PPA as I don't own the sources15:01
ActionParsnipINeedHelp: what make and model system?15:01
LucidDreamZzZcan you hold alt and drag window?15:01
cheesecakesi get error:permission denied when i try to download torrents using transmission-daemon15:01
Loknarwhat does alt+drag supposed to do?15:01
INeedHelpActionParsnip: Acer Aspire E1-522-565915:01
cheesecakesmy download dir and info dir are both 77715:01
ActionParsnipLoknar: its a standard Xorg, thing. Allows you to drag from anywhere15:02
INeedHelpActionParsnip: Anything you need me to try? I really need this to work :(15:02
honvaiWhy terminal can not locate cdemu?15:02
arashcheck the files15:02
LucidDreamZzZLoknar, nm it doesnt work im sure15:02
ActionParsnipINeedHelp: why was that not in the initial question?15:02
Loknaroh, yep it works15:02
arashrun transmission using sudo15:02
LucidDreamZzZit do?? hahah15:02
cheesecakesarash: its a daemon15:02
Loknari'm using gnome 3 from ubuntu repos15:02
INeedHelpActionParsnip: I've brought it up a couple times15:02
Loknarahh feels so clean15:02
cheesecakesanyone has any more clues?15:03
ActionParsnipINeedHelp: what is the output of:  cat /etc/issue15:03
INeedHelpUbuntu 13.04 \n \l15:03
ActionParsnipINeedHelp: try:  echo "options psmouse proto=imps" | sudo tee /et/modprobe.d/touchpadfix.conf > /dev/null15:03
INeedHelpActionParsnip: Takes me to a > prompt15:04
honvaiapt do not locate cdemu pack. why?15:04
ActionParsnipINeedHelp: then you didn't copy it all as one command, which is what it is15:04
th0rActionParsnip, (/etC/modprobe.d/.....)15:04
ActionParsnipINeedHelp: sorry, typo15:04
derf-Anyone know if I have to do something special to use unicode fonts in 13.04?   I'm trying to get vim powerline working in gnome terminal, with the patched fonts, and all I see are little blocks of 4 numbers in a grid where I should have the little arrow symbols.   I'm pretty sure I have some sub-set of unicode, because gnome terminal properly rendered Pitel_IPEX's quit message just there.15:04
ActionParsnipINeedHelp: try:  echo "options psmouse proto=imps" | sudo tee /etc/modprobe.d/touchpadfix.conf > /dev/null15:04
LucidDreamZzZway bettar than gnome15:05
INeedHelpOk, did it15:05
ActionParsnipLucidDreamZzZ: I'm an openbox kid :)15:05
ActionParsnipINeedHelp: ok, reboot15:05
INeedHelpOne moment15:05
LucidDreamZzZhehe right :)15:05
derf-I've gotten this working successfully on another 13.04 box, but that machine was upgraded from a previous install of 12.10, and the one that isn't working is a clean install.15:05
ActionParsnipLucidDreamZzZ: https://dl.dropboxusercontent.com/u/8850924/24thJune2013.png  openbox + tint2 + idesk + conky15:06
LucidDreamZzZActionParsnip, thats tight15:06
ActionParsnipLucidDreamZzZ: tint2 is hidden15:07
LucidDreamZzZActionParsnip, may have to explore that setup15:08
ActionParsnipI can give the conkyrc if you want15:08
ActionParsnipLucidDreamZzZ: http://paste.ubuntu.com/5904420/15:09
polysicswaht's the best way to set up a simple web-based personal repository, please?15:09
LucidDreamZzZit's ok i havent used conkey in a while i like the minimalist look15:10
polysicsis there any service for that, even?15:10
LucidDreamZzZnice thanks15:10
ActionParsnippolysics: http://www.packtpub.com/article/create-local-ubuntu-repository-using-apt-mirror-apt-cacher15:10
cheesecakesany ideas?15:10
LucidDreamZzZconkey used to not be so good for my old pc, was using gkrellm instead15:11
LucidDreamZzZmay check into it15:11
polysicsActionParsnip: wouldn't that be a local repo though?15:11
Loknarhmm... how to add custom launcher in gnome 3?15:12
Loknarsec.. google15:12
pranavwhen is ubuntu support be online again ?15:12
Loknaralacarte does it still :)15:13
DJonespranav: We don't know when the forums will be back up, you could join #ubuntuforums and ask there, they may have an update15:13
MonkeyDustpranav  as soon as the issues are solved15:13
pranavok.. thanks15:13
=== BadLarry is now known as BadLarry_
FundyChristianAttention everyone! if you dont REPENT GOD WILL KILL YOU and SEND YOU TO HELL!15:17
FundyChristian!ops | Attention everyone! if you dont REPENT GOD WILL KILL YOU and SEND YOU TO HELL!15:17
ubottuAttention everyone! if you dont REPENT GOD WILL KILL YOU and SEND YOU TO HELL!: Help! Channel emergency! (ONLY use this trigger in emergencies) - elky, Madpilot, tritium, Nalioth, tonyyarusso, PriceChild, Amaranth, jrib, Myrtti, mneptok, Pici,  jpds,  gnomefreak, bazhang,  Flannel, ikonia, maco, h00k, IdleOne, bkerensa, nhandler, Jordan_U, DJones or k1l!15:17
ActionParsnippolysics: oh, you want a PPA?15:18
pranavhas any1 taken responsibility about the hack ?15:18
ActionParsnippranav: try in #ubuntuforums15:18
bostonian__Is there a way to move & overwrite a folder without overwriting a certain sub folder? (E.g., move /tmp/www to /var/www without overwriting the /var/www/uploads directory)15:18
ActionParsnipbostonian__: you could use rsync with an exclude option15:19
ActionParsnipbostonian__: or copy the folder out, do the large copy then copy the folder back in15:19
LucidDreamZzZubuntuforums.com still down15:20
bostonian__ActionParsnip: hmm, good ideas. It never occurred to me that rsync could be used this way! I'm trying it out right now15:20
LucidDreamZzZwho the fsck did it do they know yet?15:20
cheesecakesanyone on transmission-daemon?15:20
PiciLucidDreamZzZ: #ubuntu is our support channel. If you want to talk about the forums you can join #ubuntuforums15:20
cloneGhello I would like to know whether it is possible to shutdown the system and set a timer for it to power on and then to shutdown again...a sort of automatic switcher15:22
Wulfis there a tool to calibrate my synaptics touchpad?15:22
Wulflike setting sensitivity, corners, etc.15:23
ActionParsnipcloneG: you can use 'at'. use it with sudo and you can shutdown at a certain time15:23
cloneGI think the hibernate function and an alarm clock would do but I dont really know how the hibernate function works would anyone explain?15:23
MonkeyDustcloneG  sounds like a sort of Wake On Lan, you need access to the BIOS for that15:23
LucidDreamZzZPici, okie ty dnk that # existed15:24
ActionParsnipcloneG: you will need to tell the BIOS to power on if you power down fully15:24
ActionParsnipcloneG: as in off off15:24
cloneGwhat the hibernate function keeps on?15:24
ActionParsnipcloneG: you can hibernate but it will still use power, just a lot less15:24
MonkeyDustcloneG  hibernate saves the session to disk,  suspend saves the session to RAM15:25
cloneGcould I use the computer as an alarm clock?15:26
cloneGand get it ready to work15:26
cloneGauto starting some programs for instance15:26
cloneGI use a screenlet called clock15:27
cloneGand I can set an alarm and a program to start but it wont stop suspend mode15:27
philinuxcloneG: https://apps.ubuntu.com/cat/applications/alarm-clock-applet/15:28
cloneGnice applet but it doesnt say what happens when computer is switched off15:29
PicicloneG: What do you think happens if the computer is off?15:29
PiciThere you go.15:29
cloneGthats the point15:29
cloneGI want it to start the computer15:30
cloneGthe system15:30
=== moka is now known as Guest81398
pabl0shello all15:30
butch128I have an ubuntu 12.04 desktop, and am having issue with my network "hanging" every few minutes.  It's causing my SSH to drop etc.  Any idea how I can debug it?  Other devices on my network are acting fine.15:32
joseph_mitreHi, can i install ubuntu without usb or cd from an ISO?15:33
joseph_mitreI mean, all I have is my hard disk. No USB or CD.15:33
joseph_mitreIf there is any way, please direct me.15:33
joseph_mitreBtw, I'm right now using Ubuntu 12.1015:33
cloneGI found a thread but it seems ubuntuforums is having problems these days: https://apps.ubuntu.com/cat/applications/alarm-clock-applet/15:33
cloneGI just cant open it15:33
PicicloneG: the forums are temporarily down.15:34
MonkeyDustcloneG  ubuntuforums is down for maintenance15:34
LucidDreamZzZjoseph_mitre, you could try PXE thats how i installed15:34
cloneGthat applet...15:34
joseph_mitreLucidDreamZzZ, PXE?15:34
=== bruno is now known as Guest46586
joseph_mitreCan you please give me any web links for the same?15:35
Frogging|workIs it possible to make a file, like a python script, accessible from anywhere without specifying the full path? So I can just run "python script.py" from anywhere?15:35
joseph_mitreok, thanks.15:35
LucidDreamZzZno problemo15:35
hans_henrikdoes ubuntu edge support flash*?15:35
Picihans_henrik: You'll have to ask the folks in #ubuntu-touch15:36
hans_henriktouch? isn't it edge?15:36
joseph_mitreLucidDreamZzZ, I'm not connected to any LAN. :(15:36
joseph_mitreI want to install it in my machine itself.15:37
joseph_mitreInto another partition.15:37
Picihans_henrik: its running touch, we don't have the edge channel setup properly yet.15:37
LucidDreamZzZjoseph_mitre, that i am not sure of15:38
LucidDreamZzZmost distros support some form of HDD installation option15:38
joseph_mitreFrogging|work, put it in any of your PATH. Give it executable permission, you can then type "script.py"15:38
LucidDreamZzZugh gtg hth15:38
pabl0sif I install xubuntu-desktop to have a more light desktop manager, is it the same to install xfce or xfce run over gnome ?!?15:39
joseph_mitreLucidDreamZzZ: The problem is that my DVD drive as well as USB ports are dead, a bad motherboard it seems.15:39
ActionParsnipjoseph_mitre: Frogging|work: or remove the obsolte extension and run "script"15:39
Frogging|workOkay, thanks :)15:40
pabl0spls answer, I have a low-power netbook with atom2600 cpu15:40
ActionParsnippabl0s: xfce4 is the package, you will select it as the session from lightdm15:40
Loknartry xubuntu minimal install (alternative install)15:40
Loknarthen sudo apt-get install xubuntu-desktop15:41
pabl0sActionParsnip, : lightdm is the program to log on into x-system ?15:41
ActionParsnippabl0s: yes, you choose the session there at login15:41
u1210How to change a partition to 'extended"?15:41
ActionParsnipu1210: you'll need to delete a partition then make an extended partition in the free space, you can then make logical partitions in it15:42
=== BadLarry_ is now known as BadLarry
MonkeyDustu1210  backup first, if you start changing partitions15:42
ActionParsnipu1210: you can take a full backup before deleting the partition then restore to the logical partition15:42
pabl0syes, I know, but only I thinked that down run gnome and over xfce15:43
pabl0sI choosed xfce at log on15:43
u1210sounds good. But after I delete a partition and try to make an ext one, it only allows me to make a primary one15:43
pabl0s'cause I have same problem with gma3600 driver15:44
pabl0sso, I installed the amd64 version with GPL gma500 driver from legend programmer alan cox15:44
u1210<ActionParsnip> it only allows a primary part. The ext option is gryed ou15:45
pabl0sso , the video is more fast that gma3600 x32 driver from intel, but in complex the system is little slow, expecially the video decoding , for examples flash hd video15:46
joseph_mitreLucidDreamZzZ, How about this idea, a bit crazy I know, I "install" my iso to one of my empty hard disk partitions, say /dev/sda5, having a size of 8GB, using Unetbootin. I then select that partition at boot time and then it will start a live session (I hope so). Then I can install Ubuntu to any other partition that is empty. How about that? Seems plausible?15:46
Yann2Hello - sorry, just needed to let some frustration out. Purchased Ubuntu Advantage support in January (it's I think the 5th year of support I pay since I use Ubuntu). Asked a question yesterday and got this email today http://paste.ubuntu.com/5904532/  . WTF Canonical :'(15:47
=== konstantin_ is now known as konst
MonkeyDustu1210  probably to avoid using extended partitions only, and to avoid windows to be installed on an extended partition - windows usually sits on /dev/sda115:48
MonkeyDustextended / logical ...15:51
u1210MonkeyDust  Windows already has 3 partitions: boot, unknown and the operating system so :sda1 sda2 sda3. So I need an extended partition to install Ubuntu15:52
=== babilen_ is now known as babilen
pabl0su1210, win by default crate 2 partetion ntfs15:53
ActionParsnippabl0s: really?15:53
chunkyheadguys i know ~/ means home of current user, what does ~# mean?15:53
pabl0sfirst to recover and boot, second for os15:53
ActionParsnippabl0s: never seen that in ALL my years as a windows admin15:53
HoNgOuRuhi, I want apt-get to remove a large list of packages... there are some packages in the list missing on my system. I want apt-get to continue removing the ones I do have installed.... is there an option for that ?15:53
ActionParsnippabl0s: is that in a store bought system by any chance?15:53
ActionParsnippabl0s: install it yourself, it doesnt do that15:54
pabl0sno no, leave that15:54
pabl0sdirty thing win excuse15:54
u1210pabl0s  believe me I know what I have Windows has 3 partitions installed with areinstallation dvd from Samsung on this Samsumg laptop15:54
pabl0sso, xp 2003 server have 1 ntfs15:54
ActionParsnippabl0s: if you desire, yes15:55
u1210pabl0s u prob r right for xp. I have win7 home premium15:55
pabl0swin7 create 2 , but u may create 3, tipically 2 for os, 3 for program to don't fragmentate ntfs15:55
=== akshay__ is now known as akshay_r
chunkyheadwhat will this mean? which directory am in? user@host:~#15:56
ActionParsnippabl0s: you'll find systems with 2 are bought from Dell / Acer / etc, with a recovery set of data, its a real mess. Its not default in Windows, that's just how some companies install it15:56
ActionParsnipchunkyhead: pwd     will show you15:56
pabl0ssure ntfs is a oldest file system , linux have more more strong file system ext3-415:56
ActionParsnippabl0s: its not oldest at all15:56
chunkyheadActionParsnip, the thing is i got a screenshot and i am wondering which directory is that ActionParsnip15:56
ActionParsnippabl0s: Fat and Fat16 predate ntfs in a big way15:57
MonkeyDustchunkyhead  try Pictures15:57
chunkyheadMonkeyDust, as in?15:57
pabl0syes, tipically first partetion is for installation, it have os to install15:57
MonkeyDustchunkyhead  the Pictures folder15:57
chunkyhead-_- MonkeyDust15:57
pabl0sby default from a no-parted disk win7-8 create 2 ntfs15:57
u1210pabl0s i am not creating anything new. I can shrink the last large partition, make a new one (the 4th one) and try to make it an extended one - but it does not let the ext option is greyed out. Primary it lets me kmake15:58
pabl0sif u have a multi-boot system win must installed in the 2, first ntfs recover set as boot15:59
pabl0safter u may install unix-like so as linux, bsd, etc15:59
HoNgOuRuhow do I make apt-get remove skip packages I dont have when removing others15:59
pabl0su1210, yes it must be set as exstended , so u may create infinite number of partetion inside the extended16:00
ActionParsnippabl0s: its the windows recovery environment from what I read16:00
pabl0sas fist only 4 patetion are possible16:00
MonkeyDustHoNgOuRu  is this useful https://help.ubuntu.com/community/PinningHowto16:01
pabl0syes, first is recovery created by default in hidden mode16:01
u1210pabl0s it came like this: /dev/sda1  100mb  used 78  boot16:01
u1210sda2 unknown  128mb        msftres16:01
u1210sda3  ntfs   297 used 22 gb  available 275GB  And windows works very well.16:01
LordDeathis zsh compatible with all bash scripts?16:02
pabl0suse cfdisk or fidksk16:02
pabl0sfdisk /dev/sda16:02
zero_coderapache is not working for me16:02
zero_coder/bin/rm: cannot remove ‘/run/user/root/gvfs’16:02
pabl0sand read16:02
u1210I already shrank the last one and win works v well. The 4th partition I need to make extended16:02
=== Jw_ is now known as Guest48516
pabl0sshrank it from win ,with its program16:03
pabl0sunknow flag is strange16:03
pabl0swin have : ntfs, fat32 fat 16 and little number of hidden type16:04
pabl0sall recognized from linux16:04
HoNgOuRuMonkeyDust,  thank you, but that doesn't work for me... I want apt-get to keep going with the removing process of the installed packages... maybe there is an option like force or something like that... thank you anyway16:04
=== Lebby1 is now known as Lebby
u1210pabl0s cfdisk or fidksk  I'll try this this or try to shrink fr windows (don't really use win anymore)16:06
pabl0smany , parted gparted too16:07
pabl0slinux have a lot of cool program to part disk, don't use fdisk , use cfdisk or parted16:08
pabl0sfdisk is good to read parted data , not to create it16:08
=== vn_ is now known as vn
LucidDreamZzZsfdisk -d16:10
* pabl0s u1210 fdisk is a ""dos" like parted program16:10
LucidDreamZzZreally gtg16:10
=== Vinnie_win_m is now known as Vinnie_win
LucidDreamZzZrunning cat5 when its hot outside no fun tho16:10
zero_coderhey, i need some help with lamp16:11
pabl0ssfdisk is a hacked program, overall when disk was real ciliders sectors16:11
pabl0snow cil. sectors aren't real16:11
pabl0sthe disk firware lead the disk16:11
pabl0scyl yes16:12
Nach0zcylinder :P16:12
pabl0ssame thing as usb mem. and other type memory16:12
pabl0sonly old floppy have real cyl. sectors16:12
pabl0s3,5" 1,44 2,88 Mb16:13
=== chisholm_ is now known as chisholm
pabl0showever to boot correctly dirty win7 , first partetition must be setted as boot16:14
pabl0sso it don't work16:14
pabl0snobody here have experience with gma3600 ?16:14
pabl0sit's low-entry video card in the atom 2600 , 280016:15
bibi23I've launched a command through ssh this afternoon, but it's taking longer than I was expecting, I think it needs like 2 more hours, but I can't wait for it to finish, is there any way I can turn it into a background process while I close my ssh connection?16:15
pabl0sproprietary drivers are very bad16:15
pabl0sjob , read the number of bg process, afrter type : fg %n16:16
Eaglemanbibi23, use this command: screen16:16
Eaglemanthen use cntrl a +d to detach it to the background and reopen it with screen -x ID16:17
bibi23Eagleman: ok, but I need to open another ssh connection first right (sorry I'm a beginner)? because currently i see the output of the running command.16:19
joshu_the pop-up notifications in 13.04 is that notify-osd?16:20
joshu_I want to get them on ubuntu mini, so curious to know what packages to install.16:20
jjavaholichow do I I scan for external Harddrive and mount it?16:20
MonkeyDustjoshu_  notify-send is a command you can use in ascript16:20
MonkeyDustin a script*16:20
pabl0sso anyone have any experience with intel gma video card?16:23
ActionParsnippabl0s: have you read through /var/log/Xorg.0.log16:24
pabl0sroot@1225C:/home/pablo# cat /var/log/Xorg.0.log | wc -l16:25
pabl0slong 352 lines16:25
ActionParsnippabl0s: not really, most of it you'll whizz past anyway16:25
* pabl0s ActionParsnip ok....16:26
ActionParsnippabl0s: look for (EE) and (WW)16:26
pabl0s[    18.508] Markers: (--) probed, (**) from config file, (==) default setting,16:28
pabl0s        (++) from command line, (!!) notice, (II) informational,16:28
pabl0s        (WW) warning, (EE) error, (NI) not implemented, (??) unknown.16:28
* pabl0s ActionParsnip so must I configure txt file with hands, with vi ?16:30
Skaaghow do calibrate the screen colors? when I open the profiles, the calibrate button is grayed out16:36
Bauer1guys, I am using Ubuntu Raring 13.04 on my SATA HDD (1TB), and today got new 240GB SSD drive. My linux partition is 105GB ext4, and 10GB SWAP. the rest is media (old NTFS partition)16:41
Bauer1how do I migrate the linux paritions to the new SSD drive?16:41
Bauer1I have to point out, I will remove the old SATA hdd  after migration and use it on NAS16:42
=== stephen is now known as Guest96358
ryan_12345I've finally installed Ubuntu 13.04 on my 2 HDD, now how do I edit the boot loader so I know which OS is which?16:43
poporihey guys. i have a problem installing ubuntu 12.0.2 and 13.04 on a new  asus notebook. after choosing either install/try ubuntu I get a blank screen16:43
poporiI suspect this is due to the inbuilt graphics card, but I set nomodeset in grub.cfg, the problem still persists16:43
poporiany help would be appreciated on how to go about the installationm16:43
usr13!nomodeset | popori16:44
ubottupopori: A common kernel (boot)parameter is nomodeset, which is needed for some graphic cards that otherwise boot into a black screen or show corrupted splash screen. See http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=1613132 on how to use this parameter16:44
pabl0sBauer, mount it or risaze it, or ri-part it16:45
=== sam113101 is now known as sam113101_afk
pabl0ssure linux see it if win see it16:45
ryan_12345usr13: You remember me right, for the other day I successfully installed the OS on my two HDD's16:45
wilee-nileepopori, THis asus a W8 dualboot?16:45
poporiusr13, as mentioned I set nomodeset in grub.cfg16:45
poporiwilee-nilee, yes16:46
usr13ryan_12345: Yes16:46
Bauer1pabl0s: I dont quite follow, mount the SSD, resize it? to what end? I want to move my linux from old hdd to SSD, afterwards I will re-partition the old hdd and use it in NAS only.16:46
ryan_12345usr13: How are you my friend, no can you help comfigure the Bootloader so I know which OS I'm booting into16:46
ryan_12345usr13: configure16:47
wilee-nileepopori, you would set nomodeset in /etc/default/grub and run a update-grub, or at a per-seesion at the grub menu, are you sure you have done this correctly?16:47
poporiwilee-nilee, asus a45v16:47
wilee-nileepopori, Dual booting is a bit funky with uefi as well are you sure you have done that correctly?16:48
poporiwilee-nilee, i did get the grub menu16:48
wilee-nileepopori, Do you know how to insert it there?16:49
usr13popori: Did you hold down the shift key and change (add to) the kernel line so that it said nomodeset at the end of the line?16:49
usr13ryan_12345: What does it say now?16:49
usr13!grub | ryan_1234516:49
ubotturyan_12345: GRUB2 is the default Ubuntu boot manager. Lost GRUB after installing Windows? See https://help.ubuntu.com/community/RestoreGrub - For more information and troubleshooting for GRUB2 please refer to https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Grub216:49
poporiwilee-nilee usr13 Yes I have inserted it in grub.cfg16:49
poporiwilee-nilee, usr13 but does the order matter16:50
wilee-nileepopori, That is the wrong place16:50
irssi-mikewhat's the best way to change the resolution in a tty permanently?16:50
ryan_12345usr13: I want to configre the GRUB bootloader so which OS I'm being booting into16:51
poporiwilee-nilee usr13  the problem is that i'm unable to boot even the live enviroment on this laptop. so I guess I have to find a desktop to do this16:52
wilee-nilee!uefi | popori16:52
ubottupopori: UEFI is a specification that defines a software interface between an operating system and platform firmware, it is meant as a replacement for the BIOS. For information on how to set up and install Ubuntu and its derivatives on UEFI machines please read https://help.ubuntu.com/community/UEFI16:52
irssi-mikepopori: perhaps it's a nouveu issue16:52
=== Guest34755 is now known as aegis
wilee-nileepopori, Have you looked at the uefi wiki up till now?16:53
pabl0sI installed it on uefi bios, no problem16:53
=== aegis is now known as Guest79383
pabl0sbetter set hd as ahci16:53
irssi-mikeryan_12345: if you have a windows linux combo you could have windows handle the dual boot, just saying16:54
poporiwilee-nilee, I have installed ubuntu on a win8 laptop earlier. so I guess this has to do with the display. correct me if I'm wrong16:55
deepoceanIs this the official Ubuntu channel where we can ask questions?16:55
mojo706@deepocean yes16:55
deepoceanhello, first time linux user who has just installed Ubuntu: I get the message that /var is too small (Currently 500mb). Can I resize this ?16:56
usr13deepocean: Yes16:57
pabl0sdeepocean, do u created a separated partetion for /var ?16:57
usr13deepocean: Show us what you have now:   df -h | pastebinit  #And show us resulting URL16:57
gordonjcpdeepocean: you can.  Did you create a seperate /var partition?16:57
poporiwilee-nilee, what is the procedure to set nomodeset in the live usb? the ubuntuforum link is not available right now16:59
deepoceanusr13, pabl0s gordonjcp http://pastebin.com/aXEgQ7Qx17:00
poporiwilee-nilee, ok sorry. got an alternate link17:01
wilee-nileepopori, F5 I believe at the first try or install or check memory gui and choose nomodeset17:01
=== j4rh3rD is now known as j4rh3rD-afk
poporiwilee-nilee, I shall try that, thanks17:02
deletethy any one have a dell d630 what tipe of smart card can be use whit the smart card reader ?17:02
* pabl0s deepocean ok, strange partetion, little hard disk and many partetion, however /var is full17:02
deepocean1358pabl0s, I took the advice I found on  ubuntu website to create a /var as large as 250~500mb17:03
* pabl0s deep you must unmount it and have a more large partetion17:03
=== deepocean1358 is now known as deepocean
* pabl0s deepocean ok, 17:04
usr13deepocean1358: sudo fdisk -l | pastebinit  #And show us that RUL17:04
=== deepocean is now known as deepocean1358
wilee-nileepopori, No prob.17:05
TravLRCurious, will Ubuntu edge have the capability to choose different DE's when docked to a full-sized monitor, or will it be exclusive to Unity?17:07
deepocean1358usr13, https://help.ubuntu.com/12.04/installation-guide/powerpc/directory-tree.html17:08
usr13deepocean1358: pabl0s   Probably, the best/easiest thing to do is do away with the separate partition for /var/ and just put it in sda8.  But it was a very bad idea to separate it all out on such a small space.17:08
usr13deepocean1358: Again, it was a bad idea.17:09
deepocean1358usr13, I have just completed installation. If this scheme is not ideal, I can just to a fresh reinstall if that is better.17:09
usr13deepocean1358: What size is your HD?17:09
deepocean1358usr13, then what is ideal? Tell, so I can reinstall17:09
deepocean1358usr13, disk 600gb17:10
deepocean1358usr13, however I have 400gb movies17:10
usr13deepocean1358: How much free space did you set aside for the Linux install?17:10
usr13deepocean1358: sudo fdisk -l | pastebinit  #And show us that RUL17:10
deepocean1358usr13, 200gb17:10
usr13RUL not RUL17:11
PiciURL not URL17:11
deepocean1358got your point, brb17:11
usr13Pici: thank you ;(17:11
FlyBoyquick question if anybody knows! Does dd-WRT suport PIv6???17:11
SRMhave a question on installing 12.04 on dual boot system with Win 717:12
=== SRM is now known as Guest37626
FlyBoysorry :)17:12
bazhangask in their channel FlyBoy17:12
deepocean1358usr13, http://pastebin.com/EPTdaEkH17:12
ryan_123is - http://www.ubuntuforums.com (down)17:12
checoimgTravLR : The most I would expect is that maybe is possible to install the DE the user wants not that it would come with the phone.17:12
Piciryan_123: yes.17:12
=== DarkAce-Z is now known as DarkAceZ
ryan_123Pici: Why's it down I need Support17:13
Guest37626when installing 12.04 on dual boot, the slider to size the partions doesn;t indicate which partion is for which op system.17:13
Piciryan_123: You can ask for support here.17:13
usr13deepocean1358: How much RAM do you have in this system?17:13
ryan_123Pici: Can you help me then or not or are you busy17:13
deepocean1358usr13, 8gb, it is a laptop i5 1.8ghz dual core17:13
Piciryan_123: Just ask your question to the channel (all on one line) and someone will answer.17:13
ryan_123Pici: Right, what I'm trying to do is configure the boot loader so I know what OS i'm booting into]17:14
=== sam113101_afk is now known as sam113101
andybrineevening everyone17:15
usr13deepocean1358: So you have 2HD's, (640G & 500G).17:15
ryan_123Right, what I'm trying to do is configure the boot loader so I know what OS i'm booting into17:15
TJ-Networking on 13.04 Unity, with multiple network connections, how do we stop Network Manager from replacing the current default route with that of a new secondary connection, without also stopping that new connection from providing *any* default route ("Use this connection only for resources on its network") when it is the sole connection?17:15
andybrinedoes anyone know how to turn off group notifications is skype on ubuntu?17:15
=== smw__ is now known as smw_
deepocean1358Hello andybrine17:15
deepocean1358usr13, yes.17:15
usr13deepocean1358: And you only want to use space on the 640G drive.  Right?17:16
andybrineHello deepocean135817:16
deepocean1358usr13, on the 640gb I had windows 8 and the rest is 400gb or so movies and music.17:16
deepocean1358usr13, Yes.17:16
usr13deepocean1358: What is sda11 (85G  FAT32)?17:16
deepocean1358usr13, I would still like to keep the music/movie data and only use 200gb for Ubuntu17:16
=== Guest37626 is now known as S-1438
S-1438when installing 12.04 on dual boot, the slider to size the partions doesn;t indicate which partion is for which op system.17:17
usr13deepocean1358: What you used on the first install was less than 20G (by my calculations).17:17
deepocean1358usr13, Yes I named it /opslag and it is the remainder of the 200gb I used for Windows 8 before and that I used to install Ubuntu on17:17
deepocean1358usr13,  Yes correct17:17
ryan_123Really good support system this is17:18
Caseyis there a program that will recover data off of ext4 formats that will place the recovered files in the original folder(s) that they were deleted from. Example, Photorec just places the recovered files in random folders, not the folder that the file was originally in.17:18
Piciryan_123: I don't see that you've actualyl asked a question.17:18
ryan_123Pici: I need to edit the bootloader?17:18
saiarcot895ryan_123: the label in GRUB should tell you what OS you're booting into17:18
S-1438when installing 12.04 on dual boot, the slider to size the partions doesn;t indicate which partion is for which op system. whcih partition os for which op system? the left or right side???17:19
usr13deepocean1358: Not sure what you did with sda9, don't see it on the list at:  http://pastebin.com/aXEgQ7Qx17:19
TJ-Casey: That's because the original directory entries have often been over-written and therefore lost. The link from a directory entry to a file inode is one-way so you can't recover the path from the file inode17:19
ryan_123saiarcot895: I know that, but I've got "Ubuntu" & "Ubuntu 13.04" I'd rather change the name so I know what Os I'm booting into17:19
usr13deepocean1358: Never mind, I see it.17:19
usr13deepocean1358: SO do you have files in /Opslag now?17:20
deepocean1358usr13, no17:20
CaseyTj: The directories should not have been overwritten though, I deleted the wrong folders and left the HDD's the way they were once deleted, IE no more files were written to HDD and HDD was not formated. Does that matter?17:21
Piciryan_123: Whats the difference between the two?17:21
usr13deepocean1358: sdb3 is where the Videos are?  (The last partition of the 500G drive)?17:21
CaseyTj: even in Photorec it changes the files name.17:21
CaseyTj: I am looking for a recovery program like GetItBackNTFS where it keeps the original config of the files that it recovers even if the HDD has been formated, or data has been written over top of the files deleted. I don't know if that same process works for Ext4 though...17:23
irssi-mikeCasey: testdisk17:23
usr13deepocean1358: Ok, here's what you do.  Boot the LiveCd again.  Fire up Gparted and delete partitions sda5 sda6 sda7 sda8 sda9 sda10 & sda11  Start the installer and install on the available free-space17:23
irssi-mikeCasey: oh, formated, idk17:24
Caseyirssi-mike: testdisk is not the same as photorec? I thought it was same company, just different name?17:24
duncan_connect irc.mushies.org17:24
deepocean1358usr13, merge everything again?17:24
TJ-Casey: http://www.cgsecurity.org/wiki/TestDisk:_undelete_file_for_ext217:24
mojo706SRM: what is your question17:24
duncan_how do i join a different IRC?17:24
Casey"/join #channel name:"17:25
Casey"/join #channel name"  ***17:25
oozboozhey, on Ubuntu, I want to add "options rotate timeout:1 attempts:1" to /etc/resolv.conf ... what is a proper way to do it automatically: post reboot or otherwise17:25
oozboozbesides resolver17:25
usr13deepocean1358: If asked, use about 8G for swap, 30G for /  and the rest for /home/  (If you want to do it manually.   (I'm not sure you need the FAT32 partition at the end, if you do, create it again or just leave it there and only delete sda5-10 and use *that* free space).17:25
BluesKajduncan_, in the server textbox ,   /server irc.mushies.org17:25
Caseyduncan: example; /join #ubuntu17:25
deepocean1358usr13, I am not sure on which partition all the music&video resides17:26
deepocean1358usr13, isnt that sda1117:26
duncan_THANK YOU!!17:26
irssi-mikeCasey: I think he meant a different server?17:26
TJ-Casey: Most file-system formats only change metadata at the start of the disk so, if that hasn't obliterated important starting info for the original file-system, it is *sometimes* possible to recover paths and files, but it often needs manual intervention17:26
Rekenoakhi, anyone knows how to configure grub in order to boot a mac os partition? My problem: When i select the mac partition, It begins to load until appears a message like "Still waiting for root device". Info: Ive install on a logical partition and mac and his efi partition on a primary partiton.17:26
=== Maple__ is now known as Maple
Caseyirssi-mike: yeah I think you are right, I guess I didn't read his post correctly17:27
deepocean1358usr13, ?17:28
usr13deepocean1358: YOu have allocated only 127.8G for the Linux install, (not 200G)  See:  http://pastebin.com/EPTdaEkH  (sda2 is 127.8G).17:28
deepocean1358usr13, in that case what i will do is I will move the movies away to the other disk and try to free the entire disk first17:29
irssi-mikeCasey: testdisk should be able to restore the whole thing to the way you had it provided you didn't write too much to it17:29
irssi-mikeCasey: has to be unmounted i believe17:29
usr13deepocean1358: Good idea.17:30
Picioozbooz: you should modify /etc/resolvconf/resolv.conf.d/tail17:30
deepocean1358usr13, thank you for the tips so far.17:30
usr13deepocean1358: You are welcome.17:30
deepocean1358usr13, will report back once I have cleaned up a bit17:30
Caseyirssi-mike I have downloaded the .tz file and extracted it, how do you start the program?17:31
CaseyI'm new to linux, so sorry if I seem a little noobish17:31
CaseyI'm used to data recovery off of windows manchines, NTFS and Fat16/3217:31
Rekenoakhi, anyone knows how to configure grub in order to boot a mac os partition? My problem: When i select the mac partition, It begins to load until appears a message like "Still waiting for root device". Info: Ive install on a logical partition and mac and his efi partition on a primary partiton.17:31
bobbertsonhow do I close ubuntu one17:32
bobbertsonIt starts at boot every time and I don't want it at all really to be honest17:32
oozboozPici: that means I have to run a resolver, is the option for /etc/network/interface dns-* to add this line?17:32
Caseyirssi-mike: nevermind, I got it :)17:33
TJ-Rekenoak: I think the problem isn't GRUB, its expecting an OSX EFI partition in an MSDOS primary partition to boot!17:33
sam113101I NEED HELP17:34
sam113101the font on firefox is weird17:34
wilee-nileesam113101, Have you messed with it?17:34
TJ-sam113101: Have you tested it in safe mode ?17:34
usr13bobbertson: Trun off the process and uninstall the package(s) with apt-get purge17:34
sam113101wilee-nilee: no17:35
sam113101TJ-: no, how do I do that?17:35
Picioozbooz: I'm unsure if interfaces can accept resolveconf options there.17:35
sam113101how do I reset it17:35
=== ffio is now known as Guest63709
geniisam113101: firefox -safe-mode      from terminal will load it without any extensions/addons and if it behaves there, you know to start going through them to see which is the prob17:36
oozboozPici: interfaces has dns-search, dns-servers, so I though it should offer something like dns-options17:36
histooozbooz: yes you can add dns-nameserver whatever17:36
TJ-sam113101: With Firefox not running already, at a terminal, "firefox -safe-mode"  ... you can also try using a new, fresh profile. Again, with no firefox running already, "firefox -ProfileManager" and create a new clean profile. That will help you discover if the font issue is specific to your default firefox profile or something more widespread17:36
histoPici: you can add nameservers to interfaces it's the prefered way when using resolvconf17:36
Picihisto: oozbooz was asking about adding "options rotate timeout:1 attempts:1"17:37
usr13bobbertson: Looks like there are instructions at  https://answers.launchpad.net/ubuntuone-client/+faq/778 & http://hex.ro/wp/blog/removing-ubuntuone-from-ubuntu-12-04/17:37
histoPici: ahh I though he was asking about nameservers my bad17:37
sam113101genii: the font is weird even in safe mode… only the UI, though17:38
sam113101I wonder why17:38
geniisam113101: Not sure. but at least you've now eliminated your addons, etc as possible culprit.17:39
TJ-sam113101: Now try a new clean profile17:40
oozboozPici: thanks17:41
sam113101even the "choose user profile" dialog has a weird font17:42
sam113101I don't think it has anything to do with my profile17:42
sam113101firefox uses gtk 2, right?17:42
Rekenoakhi, anyone knows how to configure grub in order to boot a mac os partition? My problem: When i select the mac partition, It begins to load until appears a message like "Still waiting for root device". Info: Ive install on a logical partition and mac and his efi partition on a primary partiton.17:42
sam113101it's the only gtk 2 app I have tried I think17:43
wilee-nileesam113101, Is there any background here we are missing, like changes to your themes or fonts in general?17:43
sam113101what's another gtk 2 app installed by default?17:43
sam113101not sure how it happened… but it happened suddenly17:43
sirdeseagullhi everyone, i need help on installing something in the terminal17:44
MonkeyDustsirdeseagull  let's hear it17:44
sirdeseagulli have already dl it but dont know how to untar it17:44
sam113101so, what's another gtk 2 app that ships with ubuntu?17:44
MonkeyDustsirdeseagull  not from the repos, no apt-get ?17:44
wilee-nileesirdeseagull, What is it and did you look in the repos first?17:45
sirdeseagullwell i did apt-get17:45
dirtyzerouse tar -jxvf17:45
sirdeseagullat first but then it seem its not what i have wanted17:45
usr13sirdeseagull: What is it?17:45
usr13sirdeseagull: (What exactly are you wanting to install?)17:45
sirdeseagullim trying to install google ime17:45
sirdeseagulli did sudo apt-get install ibus ibus-mozc17:46
usr13sirdeseagull: What did you download?17:46
sirdeseagullthe mozc file from the site17:46
dirtyzeroyou can just do tar -jxvf <filename> to untar it17:46
Caseyirssi-mike: I am doing a "deep search" on the raid1 ext4, it is pulling up some of the older partitions, it is showing me things like this, http://pastebin.com/17YzraXJ   what does the numbers represent?17:46
sirdeseagulland will it install it too?17:47
sirdeseagullthen what?17:47
dirtyzerothere will likely be a readme17:47
dirtyzeroyou will need to READ it17:47
dufahello! I've installed apache2 using apt-get. I only use it for development, and it seems unneccessary  that it is constantly running. how do i disable apache2 at startup? i'd like to be able to manually start it when i need it.17:47
histoCasey: what are you trying to do?17:47
sirdeseagullhow will i do that...  read it17:47
sirdeseagullwhat is the command for it17:47
sirdeseagullsorry i am so knew17:48
dirtyzerodid you untar it yet ?17:48
pi4Hi guys, is TRIM enabled by default on ubuntu 13.04 if an SSD is detected? How do I test for this?17:48
Caseyhisto: recover some deleted files, and have the files in their original folders (when they were deleted)17:48
dirtyzerowell do that first17:48
dirtyzero1 step at a time17:48
histoCasey: Are you working from an image or the actual drives?17:49
sirdeseagullok it is done17:49
Caseyhisto: I was able to recover 90% of the files with photorec, but I need to have the files in their original folders...or as best as can be...because some of the files were pictures and were of a few friends collections and its too much to sort through picture by picture to put in folder by folder.17:50
wilee-nileepi4, I used this guide, they are all over the net, but some are different. https://sites.google.com/site/easylinuxtipsproject/ssd17:50
Caseyhisto: it is actual disks   (raid1 ext4)17:50
sam113101ok guys17:50
earspliThey, anyone have an issue in 12.10 where the login screen freezes? I have to go into a TTY and sudo pkill X to get it up17:50
histoCasey: What happened that broke this in the first place?17:50
dirtyzerook it should have created a directory cd into it17:50
sam113101only gtk 2 apps' font looks weird17:50
Caseyhisto: someone deleted the wrong directory in command17:50
TechnoCatindiegogo is the only way to buy an ubuntu edge retail. T_T17:51
histo!undelete | Casey17:51
ubottuCasey: Some tools to recover lost data are listed and explained at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/DataRecovery - Recovering deleted files on !ext3 filesystems can be virtually impossible, although methods that might work is some cases are described at at http://www.xs4all.nl/~carlo17/howto/undelete_ext3.html and http://projects.izzysoft.de/trac/ext3undel17:51
sam113101how do I fix this?17:51
sirdeseagulli see it , its in blue right?17:51
Caseythen it was formated from ext4 to NTFS as I am now just finding out17:51
dirtyzeroidk that depends on the terminal17:51
histoCasey: good luck with that one.17:51
dirtyzeroanyways once your inside  type 'ls' to show the contents of the directory17:52
xibalbahas anyone in here used Lineode?17:52
histoCasey: extundelete may be of help17:52
sirdeseagullok, im sure its that... then what command do i type in to read it?17:52
pi4wilee-nilee: so is TRIM not auto-done?17:52
dirtyzeroare you in the directory  ?17:52
CaseyI have been able to recover NFTS and FAT32/16 files that have been formated, deleted, overwritten before but not with ext2/3/4 formats.17:52
Picixibalba: You mean Linode?17:52
xibalbawhoops, yes17:52
dirtyzerook great what files are in the directory ?17:53
xibalbaany opinions/feedback on Linode?17:53
dirtyzerois there a README ?17:53
sirdeseagulllots of directories and there is a txt file17:53
sirdeseagullalso a .py file17:53
dirtyzerono README ?17:53
Picixibalba: Its not really on-topic for #ubuntu, but I know a number of people who use them (including myself) and I have not heard any complaints.17:53
dirtyzerois there a setup.py file ?17:54
wilee-nileepi4, Not exactly, you have to set stuff up depending on what you really want there are options, that wiki talks about it.17:54
Caseyhisto: this talks more about ext3, is that the same as or close to ext4?17:54
Picixibalba: Their official channel is #linode on irc.oftc.net if you have more questions for them.17:54
sirdeseagullandroid        chrome    CONTRIBUTORS  DEPS        gyp          languages                  prediction  server   testing          usage_stats17:55
sirdeseagullbase           client    converter     dictionary  handwriting  mac                        protobuf    session  third_party      win3217:55
sirdeseagullbuild_mozc.py  composer  data          engine      __init__.py  mozc_version_template.txt  renderer    storage  transliteration17:55
sirdeseagullbuild_tools    config    data_manager  gui         ipc          net                        rewriter    sync     unix17:55
xibalbai just joined thanks17:55
FloodBot1sirdeseagull: Please don't flood; use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste; don't use Enter as punctuation.17:55
usr13sirdeseagull: !paste17:55
dirtyzerowhat is this exactly ?17:55
usr13 !paste | sirdeseagull17:55
ubottusirdeseagull: For posting multi-line texts into the channel, please use http://paste.ubuntu.com | To post !screenshots use http://imagebin.org/?page=add | !pastebinit to paste directly from command line | Make sure you give us the URL for your paste - see also the channel topic.17:55
dirtyzerono I mean what is that ?17:55
dirtyzerowhat does it do17:56
sirdeseagullthats the file ive untar17:56
adityarajbhattUbuntu Edge's growth seems to have slowed down.17:56
histoCasey: extundelete supports ext4 as well17:56
Rekenoak hi, anyone knows how to configure grub in order to boot a mac os partition? My problem: When i select the mac partition, It begins to load until appears a message like "Still waiting for root device". Info: Ive install on a logical partition and mac and his efi partition on a primary partiton.17:56
dirtyzeroI understand that what is it ?17:56
histoCasey: I would read the info on their site17:56
adityarajbhattYesterday, it was climbing instantly.17:56
adityarajbhattToday it is a little stagnant.17:56
sirdeseagullit suppose to translate raman into japan kanji17:56
histoRekenoak: Don't you need refit for mac booting?17:56
Piciadityarajbhatt: Lets stay on topic here, #ubuntu is for support only. chat in #ubuntu-offtopic17:56
gordonjcpRekenoak: use refind17:57
histo!mac | Rekenoak17:57
ubottuRekenoak: For help on installing and using Ubuntu on a mac, see: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/MactelSupportTeam/CommunityHelpPages17:57
adityarajbhattPici: Sorry. Did not know that.17:59
dirtyzerowhat are you trying to use mozc for ?  its for handeling japanese input17:59
adityarajbhattSo does every distro have a -offtopic channel? Anyway, moving there.17:59
dirtyzeroanyways I found the instructions http://code.google.com/p/mozc/wiki/LinuxBuildInstructions18:00
micomhello i have found in example https://launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/boost1.54/1.54.0-1 what is the easiest way to find in which repo it is and how to download it?18:01
sirdeseagulli am learning japanese thaats why, and my courses need me to type and read also18:01
histo!find boost18:01
ubottuFound: libboost-date-time-dev, libboost-date-time1.49-dev, libboost-date-time1.49.0, libboost-dbg, libboost-dev, libboost-doc, libboost-filesystem-dev, libboost-filesystem1.49-dev, libboost-filesystem1.49.0, libboost-iostreams-dev (and 115 others) http://packages.ubuntu.com/search?keywords=boost&searchon=names&suite=raring&section=all18:01
micomhisto, stop please, its 1.54 its newest version than available on my updated 13.0418:01
dirtyzero I see , this looks like a tough package to use for what you want but like I said install instructions can be found http://code.google.com/p/mozc/wiki/LinuxBuildInstructions18:02
histomicom: then look for a ppa or build yourself18:02
micomhisto, that's what i asked, i found this page with 1.5418:02
micomand what should i do now18:02
sirdeseagullthank you i see it now, but wow that a big compile i need to do18:02
histomicom: search here18:05
histomicom: https://launchpad.net/ubuntu/+ppas18:05
LucidDreamZzZcould someone tell me please what is the software center path?18:06
WorstCaseOntarioHey there I am trying to fix SAMBA after my system crashed due to accidentally unplugging the harddrive. SAMBA is no longer working. when I enter the smbtree command it now returns nothing18:07
micomhisto, thanks18:07
LucidDreamZzZkeep forgetting Debian apt will work nm18:07
histoWorstCaseOntario: are you hosting a share on this machine or just trying to connect to a remote one?18:07
=== zz_DenBeiren is now known as DenBeiren
histoLucidDreamZzZ: software center path?18:08
LucidDreamZzZyeah the path18:08
=== DenBeiren is now known as zz_DenBeiren
WorstCaseOntarioI'm sharing a harddrive on my wifi network18:08
histoLucidDreamZzZ: to the software center application?18:08
histoWorstCaseOntario: sudo service samba status18:08
antivirtelhello, can someone answer to my question: http://askubuntu.com/questions/323509/lenovo-e525-lock-button-as-a-hotkey ? thank!18:09
histoLucidDreamZzZ: Not on ubuntu but you could check with which someapplication18:09
WorstCaseOntarioit says samba: unrecognized service18:09
LucidDreamZzZtype xwininfo18:09
histoWorstCaseOntario: smbd perhaps?18:09
LucidDreamZzZand click on it18:09
WorstCaseOntariosmdb: unrecognized service18:10
DJonesLucidDreamZzZ: anyone what? saying anyone doesn't exactly ask anything18:10
ichatsince a few days i get a <update information is outdated> in the ubuntu 13.04 update applet,  when i do  sudo apt-get update i get a bigg scrolling list of source that are being looked at, how can i find out  witch of these is not working propperly  or can i for example pastebin this output to share with thi chan...18:10
LucidDreamZzZthis isnt smb #18:10
trismsirdeseagull: what isn't working with the ibus-mozc package? you just need to run: ibus-setup and add the input method, then make sure ibus-daemon is running, and you can activate it with ctrl+space18:10
histoWorstCaseOntario: do you have samba installed/18:10
LucidDreamZzZDJones, sorry were you talking to me?18:10
LucidDreamZzZtry reading first18:10
LucidDreamZzZit helps18:11
histo!attitude | LucidDreamZzZ18:11
ubottuLucidDreamZzZ: The people here are volunteers, your attitude should reflect that. Answers are not always available. See http://wiki.ubuntu.com/IRC/Guidelines18:11
DJonesLucidDreamZzZ: Yes I was talking to you, if you want to explain what you were asking, that would help considerably18:11
LucidDreamZzZcould your irc client scroll perhaps18:11
bazhangLucidDreamZzZ, lose the attitude18:12
histoDJones: guess he won't18:12
WorstCaseOntarioyes I have it installed I spent like a week getting it to work lol18:12
histoWorstCaseOntario: well confirm that the daemon is running18:12
histoand listening18:12
newtothisso the ubuntu forums are really down?  or is that page about the passwords being stolen put up by... someone else?18:13
histonewtothis: They are down18:13
wilee-nileeabusing the mods really goes a long way, lol18:13
WorstCaseOntarioI don't know if this is related but after the crash another program I had claimed to be running when it was not. something to do with a "lockfile"18:13
WorstCaseOntariohow do I check to see if the daemon is running18:14
histoWorstCaseOntario: sudo service smbd status18:14
LucidDreamZzZcould someone please tell me the software center path in Ubuntu?18:14
=== _BJFreeman is now known as BJfreeman
histoWorstCaseOntario: you typo'd it before18:14
histoLucidDreamZzZ: type which software-center in a terminal18:14
newtothisah jeez, anyway.. quick question...  So i'm the only user on my Ubuntu installation and I'm the administrator, and i recently installed.  but i'm not root?18:14
napscWorstCaseOntario: ps aux | grep -e "smb."18:14
histo!sudo | newtothis18:15
ubottunewtothis: sudo is a command to run command-line programs with superuser privileges ("root") (also see !cli). Look at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/RootSudo for more information. For graphical applications see !gksu (GNOME, Xfce), or !kdesudo (KDE). If you're unable to execute commands with sudo see: http://www.psychocats.net/ubuntu/fixsudo18:15
newtothisif i was "root" would i not have to type in "sudo" for all those things18:15
LucidDreamZzZokie ill try that thanks18:15
WorstCaseOntariosudo service smbd status18:15
WorstCaseOntariosmbd start/running, process 615218:15
histonewtothis: root doesn't need sudo18:15
histoWorstCaseOntario: sudo smbtree18:15
histo!root | newtothis18:15
ubottunewtothis: Do not try to guess the root password, that is impossible. Instead, realise the truth... there is no root password. Then you will see that it is 'sudo' that grants you access and not the root password. Look at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/RootSudo18:15
newtothisso is root discourage because it's like... unbridled power?18:16
histonewtothis: pretty much yes18:16
gordonjcpnewtothis: kind of, yeah18:16
WorstCaseOntariowhoa. now smbtree is giving info. what just happend18:16
newtothisoh thank god i actually get that lol18:16
gordonjcpnewtothis: you can set a root password18:16
gordonjcpnewtothis: don't do that, though, it's silly and obsolete18:17
gordonjcpnewtothis: using root privs is basically a mistake amplifier18:17
newtothisright right i see, i've read those things i just wanted to make sure, that first question i typed18:17
gordonjcpnewtothis: you *will* end up blowing away stuff you didn't mean to, this is going to happen18:17
newtothisgordonjcp:  haha wow that's18:17
gordonjcpnewtothis: get that through your head18:17
gordonjcpnewtothis: you're going to kill your machine18:17
ichatgordonjcp,  - why not use sudo su than for the duration of your session :)18:17
OerHeksnewtothis, if you do "sudo -i" your terminal session would be root until closing.18:18
newtothisno yeah i'm just going to leave things the way they are but good to know18:18
Caseynewtothis: use the *root* and you will be doing data recovery like myself :(18:18
CheckDavidHello =)18:18
gordonjcpnewtothis: when you're using root, either with a root login or sudo, you can nuke your machine in far more efficient and creative ways18:18
newtothisOerHeks:   ohh!  nice thanks18:18
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joshu_MonkeyDust hi been away just saw your message about notify-send18:18
sam113101how do I fix the font on gtk 2 apps?18:19
=== nicu96 is now known as mnme_
CheckDavidI think around 1 year ago I tried installing Ubuntu, successfully. I am not totally positive, but I think it came in Portuguese, my countries language, but I wish it to be in English, I am not absolutely sure that this was the case, since I did this one year ago.18:19
newtothisis there like a unanimous ... "best"  irc client? btw i'm using the freenode site and it's hard to follow along a little..18:19
CheckDavidDoes ubuntu try to detect the language when you are trying to install?18:19
joshu_MonkeyDust what I'm wondering is it enough to install notify-osd to get pop ups in the same way as in a standard ubuntu install, e.g. when you connect to ethernet etc?18:19
gordonjcpCheckDavid: no, but it makes some reasonable guesses once you give it a locale selection18:20
gordonjcpnewtothis: not really18:20
LucidDreamZzZhmm i thought xwininfo did more sorry my bad18:20
ichatwhat is the way to send the output from one command to the other command for example    send the output from  sudo apt-get update   to pastebinit18:20
rogierHow do i bring the close button from right to left? Ubuntu/ Gnome 3.18:20
newtothisthanks for clearing that up everybody,  also is there a way to not be root but still have to type in your password everytime?18:20
DJones!irc | newtothis There isn't really a best, its what suits you, this link should give you a few suggestions to try though,18:20
ubottunewtothis There isn't really a best, its what suits you, this link should give you a few suggestions to try though,: A list of official Ubuntu IRC channels, as well as IRC clients for Ubuntu, can be found at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/InternetRelayChat - For a general list of !freenode channels, see http://freenode.net/faq.shtml#channellist - See also !Guidelines18:20
gordonjcpnewtothis: if you ask six people what the best IRC client is, you'll get nine mutually contradictory answers18:20
CheckDavidgordonjcp, oh, and then does it attempt to set it as the main OS language?18:20
gordonjcpnewtothis: I like running irssi which is a purely text client, and I run it with a thing called tmux18:20
WorstCaseOntariohisto thanks I don't know what that did but SAMBA is working now18:20
gordonjcpCheckDavid: I can't remember now, I think you set language like English (GB) and it will assume you have a UK keyboard and timezone18:21
newtothishisto:  i see,  yeah i was expecting that, had to ask though, it's like with a lot of computer related stuff i'm finding18:21
trismjoshu_: notify-osd is just the daemon that displays the notifications, the notifications are sent by various apps (so if you are using network-manager you will probably get those ones)18:21
rogieralso can i enable the task bar? I'm used to gnome 3 classic.18:21
gordonjcpnewtothis: tmux and irssi is great because you can run it on a server like I'm doing, and detach and reattach at will18:21
CheckDavidgordonjcp, I have latin keyboard, but I do wish for it to be in English.18:21
mnme_hi guys, i have a question: i added a partition (ntfs-3g for win compatibility) to fstab and the automount works, but i can't use the trash, i need to delete files permamently. what could be the problem?18:21
CheckDavidgordonjcp, it = os language18:21
LucidDreamZzZok this is exactly what i needed the software-center has those check boxes awesome thanks histo!!18:22
histoWorstCaseOntario: it did nothing other than check the status of the samba daemon. Perhaps you weren't using sudo with smbtree before18:22
gordonjcpnewtothis: if you could see what I'm doing, you'd see I've left the house and I'm now connected to IRC from the PC in my van18:22
newtothisgordonjcp:  ... :(  i do not know what those things "mean" lol but i'll get there lol18:22
gordonjcpnewtothis: notice how you didn't see me disconnect and reconnect?18:22
newtothisah okay18:22
newtothison your own server okay18:22
joshu_trism hi just tested in a VM on my ubuntu mini install and it seems to work.18:23
gordonjcpnewtothis: so, I have a server somewhere in a hosting farm in London18:23
gordonjcpnewtothis: I'm in the house now, ssh'ed into it over ADSL18:23
gordonjcpnewtothis: at the same time the PC in my van is ssh'ed into it over 3G18:23
sam113101I don't like doing this18:23
ichatgordonjcp, - your using irrsi as a bouncer?18:23
newtothisi need to learn more... about... stuff..18:23
sam113101I prefer to use a bouncer18:23
gordonjcpichat: a what?18:24
sam113101tmux + weechat over ssh was kind of slow when I tried it18:24
WorstCaseOntariowell I did not use sudo but it still asked for my password when I typed in smbtree, and I could not browse shared folders and now it works. weird18:24
m6121Greetings, all.18:24
ichatsam113101,  - ty, now i understand what hes doing18:24
mnme_nobody knows why i can't use trash on my automounted mtfs-3g partition?18:24
histosam113101: works fine here18:25
ichatgordonjcp,  instead of runing an irc client on my server im running a cashing irc proxy instead18:25
gordonjcpichat: oh okay18:25
newtothistwo more burning questions guys: 1) can you enable 'ctrl+c' and 'ctr+v' in Terminal???  2)any way to disable not being prompted for the password all the time, but still not being root?18:25
gordonjcpichat: I use tmux for running mutt and a bunch of other stuff18:25
histonewtothis: try ctrl+shift+v18:25
m6121I am looking to buy an external drive.  The last time I bought a component, a Dell printer that states "Linux" it took me 3 months to get a driver.   Does anyone know if a "Western Digital Elements 2TB External Hard Drive" will work with Linux, or is there "One" that you should get?18:25
ichatgordonjcp, - i see18:25
newtothishisto:   sweet jesus!!!!18:26
gordonjcpnewtothis: copy and paste are ctrl-shift-c and ctrl-shift-v18:26
gordonjcpnewtothis: ctrl-c uses something else18:26
gordonjcpnewtothis: also, just select stuff and middle-click to paste18:26
wilee-nileenewtothis, If it needs super user=admin you will have to use the password, it does not take long to get used to it.18:26
newtothisright right, i noticed. that ctrl c was like.. for.. to something else yea18:26
histonewtothis: yeah ctrl+c is to stop processing a command18:27
gordonjcpnewtothis: ctrl-c is generally used as break18:27
newtothiswilee-nilee:  oh ok yeah i've made my password short for the speed, but so everyone just deals with that?18:27
m6121ctrl-c  =  'break18:27
m6121that is good to know, thanks18:27
newtothishisto:  gordonjcp   of course!!!  haha  i used that to stop my infinite loops18:27
wilee-nileenewtothis, If you have been running windows in admin you have gotten used to a faulty system is all. I started on open source so it seemed natural.18:27
gordonjcpnewtothis: no no no you must have a 200-character password with a mix of upper case, lower case, numeric, punctuation, international phonetic alphabet and sanskrit symbols!18:28
newtothiswilee-nilee:  yeaahhh  i'm dual booting windows 7 and ubuntu,  in windows i disabled the security prompt thing18:28
m6121So does anyone have warm fuzzies about a Western Digital Elements 2TB External Hard Drive and Ubuntu, or, anyone have an "Oh, god, no" experience with that as an external drive?18:28
gordonjcpnewtothis: and never write it down!18:28
gordonjcpnewtothis: on the other hand, maybe no-one cares enough about you to break into your computer18:28
m6121(like for the sanskrit reference)18:28
gordonjcpnewtothis: and a simple non-dictionary word password will suffice18:29
wilee-nileenewtothis, Really not a good idea, windows should be run in a standard and with the uac running.18:29
newtothisgordonjcp:  XD   lol   but how much danger are you in if your ubuntu password is like... oh idk...  one character long?  i mean  if  a hacker had that what... they could break me?18:29
gordonjcpnewtothis: actually no18:29
gordonjcpno, chances are they wouldn't18:29
wilee-nileeanf fully backed up and imaged18:29
mryanbrownwhats a decent size for /boot ?18:29
newtothiswilee-nilee:  i see,  what you say rings true then, ubuntu is growing on me and yeah shame i've gotten used to a bad system18:29
mryanbrownis 500mb overkill with a 100mb /boot/efi18:29
TheBraynmydogsnameisrudy: 200MB or so18:29
gordonjcpnewtothis: for the simple reason that no-one would think you'd have such a fundamentally stupid password18:29
LucidDreamZzZmryanbrown, 100mb18:30
saiarcot895mryanbrown: 100mb as well18:30
TheBraynI always like to have a bit of extra space to keep it from running out of space when it's filled up with old kernel images18:30
mryanbrown100mb /boot and 100mb /efi18:30
mryanbrownor 200mb /boot and 100mb /efi18:30
gordonjcpnewtothis: have you ever realised you didn't have your keys, spent ten minutes trying to work out how to get in, then actually found the door was open anyway?18:30
foobar2000I have Ubuntu Server running in VirtualBox (the host is a MacBook Pro running OS X 10.7.5). In the Ubuntu Server VM, I can access www.google.com just fine but not code.google.com. Any idea what I can do to troubleshoot? I'd rather resolve the actual problem instead of just adding an entry to /etc/hosts18:30
LucidDreamZzZunless you have a plan for dozens of images right18:30
newtothisgordonjcp:  really?  what if they bruteforced it, wouldn't the running time be wayyyyy shorter for them?18:30
wilee-nileenewtothis, It happens MS does not exactly inform its consumers, I like MS I hve W8, W7 and XP, but I run them like I would linux in general.18:30
mryanbrowni might have about 10 kernels yeah18:30
gordonjcpnewtothis: aha, yes18:31
mryanbrown+ gummiboot and prob grub2 alternating18:31
gordonjcpnewtothis: but no-one would bother brute-forcing short passwords18:31
m6121"1-2-3-4-5?   Sounds like the combinations some idiot would have on his luggage..."18:31
joshu_is it normal to not have an interfaces directory at /etc/network/interfaces ?18:31
wilee-nileemryanbrown, Generally a boot partition is not needed.18:31
mryanbrownwhy do you say that18:31
gordonjcpnewtothis: I'm actually tempted to set up a honeypot on a VM and see how long it takes to get broken with a single-character password :-D18:31
mryanbrownhow else am i going to boot18:31
saiarcot895wilee-nilee: (U)EFI requires one18:31
LucidDreamZzZmake it read only18:31
newtothislol  i'm afraid now...18:31
wilee-nileemryanbrown, It is common knowledge all you need is the mbr in a msdos setup.18:32
mryanbrownlol mbr18:32
mryanbrownthis is 2013 man18:32
mryanbrowngpt + uefi18:32
newtothisi'm going to change my password now18:32
wilee-nileesaiarcot895, Did you miss the GENERALLY?18:32
saiarcot895wilee-nilee: actually, I did; sorry about that18:32
columbHow do I fix missing items from my unity bar? Missing: keyboard layout indicator, date&time. "Restore defaults" doesn't work. Can't enable them in unity tweak. http://i.imgur.com/oryxTSh.png18:33
wilee-nileemryanbrown, gpt and uefi is nice but most of the world in 2013 is not using it.18:33
LucidDreamZzZif you do make /boot make sure it physically resides at the beginning of disk18:33
gordonjcpwilee-nilee: everyone using a Mac is18:33
TheBraynis the gnome setting daemon running LucidDreamZzZ?18:33
mryanbrowni had gpt and uefi setup with gummiboot on arch yesterday18:33
mryanbrown8s reboot to console18:33
[1]tomi was using 10.04 for my school's robotics club, but now that it's at eol, what version do you think i should go for? i'm just wondering if there would be more serious back compatibility issues if i went straight for the latest release18:34
mryanbrownno visible bootloader, just straight loaded the kernel18:34
wilee-nileemryanbrown, And by the way showing an smart as attitude here will not go far.18:34
LucidDreamZzZthebananafish, im on fvwm218:34
xangua[1]tom 12.04 is the current LTS18:34
LucidDreamZzZTheBrayn, ^^18:34
=== zz_DenBeiren is now known as DenBeiren
DJones[1]tom: You may be better sticking with 12.04 thats supported for 5 years18:34
histomryanbrown: you should see it on a ssd bout 3-4 seconds18:34
Slart[1]tom: if you don't want to mess with updates all the time go with the latest LTS.. long term support version18:34
mryanbrowntom, isnt 13.04 lts'ed longer than 12.04 lts18:34
ubottuLTS means Long Term Support. LTS versions of Ubuntu will be supported for 3 years on the desktop, and 5 years on the server; with the exception of 12.04 (Precise Pangolin), which will be supported for 5 years on the desktop. The current LTS version of Ubuntu is !Precise (Precise Pangolin 12.04)18:35
mryanbrownhisto, cold boot it is18:35
DJonesmryanbrown: 13.04 isn't lts18:35
mryanbrownim talking full power cycle from a running os18:35
newtothiswhat are some daily command-type things you seasoned ubuntu-ers do to keep things running smoothly?18:35
mryanbrownis it 14.04?18:35
LucidDreamZzZ12.04 _is LTS18:35
mryanbrowni havent looked @ the lts chart in a bit18:35
histomryanbrown: 14.04 will be lts yes18:35
mryanbrownbut 12.04 has a short lts lifespan18:35
[1]tommryan, i dont really know about 13 vs 12 as far as lts18:35
mryanbrowncompared to 10.0418:35
LucidDreamZzZits in topic18:35
joshu_problem solved.18:35
saiarcot895mryanbrown: the support version for raring and future non-LTS releases was shortened18:35
Slartnewtothis: "command-type things" ? I try to update my system regularily18:36
arunpyasihello, how to create bootable mac OS X usb in my ubuntu??18:36
mryanbrownisnt 14.04 longer than 12.04 though18:36
newtothisso when 14.04 comes out,  how do i update to it and keep all my data?  that'll be easy, right?18:36
MonkeyDust[1]tom  http://ubuntuone.com/4ayHg2YG9X77HXtehm8Mts18:36
LucidDreamZzZ2017 i think18:36
[1]tomthanks, monkeydust18:36
ubottuUbuntu 12.04 LTS (Precise Pangolin) is the current !LTS release of Ubuntu.  Download http://releases.ubuntu.com/12.04/ - Release Info: http://www.ubuntu.com/getubuntu/releasenotes/120418:36
newtothisSlart:  lol i see, yeah i'm bad at this , thanks mate18:36
arunpyasihello, how to create bootable mac OS X usb in my ubuntu??18:36
Slartnewtothis: so far updating ubuntu versions "in place" has been kind of smooth.. just run the updater and wait a while and it's done18:37
usr13newtothis: If you have separate partition for  /home/  you can do fresh install and keep all your personal files where they are.18:37
[1]tomlooks like 12.04 it is then18:37
geniimryanbrown: All LTS starting with 12.04 are unified support length with server, so 5 years18:37
newtothisSlart:  sweet, so when 14.04 or the next LTS is avail.  'sudo apt-get update'  by default installs it?18:37
arunpyasihello, how to create bootable mac OS X usb in my ubuntu??18:38
TheBraynnope, of course not18:38
=== Guest79383 is now known as aegis
Slartnewtothis: well.. no.. apt-get doesn't do that.. but there are other commands that will get you the next version18:38
Slart!upgrade | newtothis18:38
ubottunewtothis: For upgrading, see the instructions at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/UpgradeNotes - see also http://www.ubuntu.com/desktop/get-ubuntu/upgrade18:38
wilee-nilee!patience | arunprasadr18:38
ubottuarunprasadr: Don't feel ignored and repeat your question quickly; if nobody knows your answer, nobody will answer you. While you wait, try searching https://help.ubuntu.com/ or http://ubuntuforums.org/ or http://askubuntu.com/18:38
usr13newtothis: Otherwise you can do the normal upgrade porcess, but if you are LTS the normal distribution upgrade process is almost flawless, works just fine almost every time.18:38
=== aegis is now known as Guest21988
newtothisusr13:   Slart   awesome, thanks guys18:38
wilee-nilee!patience > arunpyasi18:38
ubottuarunpyasi, please see my private message18:38
LucidDreamZzZlike colt 4518:38
Slartnewtothis: you're welcoem18:39
wilee-nileearunprasadr, Sorry mis tabed18:39
deepocean1358usr13, are you still there?18:40
wilee-nileearunpyasi, If you are trying to hackentosh you are on the wrong channel18:40
RaveYodaarumpyasi, use multisystem18:41
usr13deepocean1358: Did you re-install?18:41
arunpyasiRaveYoda: what is that ?? , please help me to create a usb key bootable with mac os x18:41
RaveYodaarunpasi, if this is just a standard iso then multisystem should do the trick18:42
[1]tomdoes anyone have experience with keryx?18:42
RaveYodaarunpasi, let me get you a link18:42
newtothisuhhh just now in terminal instead of: "myname@pc:~$"  it was just   ">"  what's that mean?18:42
deepocean1358usr13, No I am still copying files18:42
mryanbrowni hate pendrive18:42
mryanbrowni use suse imagewriter18:42
mryanbrownworks like a charm18:43
mryanbrownor dd18:43
FloodBot1mryanbrown: Please don't flood; use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste; don't use Enter as punctuation.18:43
RaveYodaarunpyasi, http://www.pendrivelinux.com/multiboot-create-a-multiboot-usb-from-linux/18:43
deepocean1358usr13, question, I wonder whether I can merge SDB1, SDB2 and SDB3 without losing data. SDB1 and 2 used to contain windows 7\18:43
RaveYodaarunpyasi, just install the program. Then start it up18:43
geniinewtothis: Whatever command you issued just prior is waiting for input. If this isn't what you wanted, ctrl-c18:43
wilee-nilee[1]tom, The channel works with problems stated and part of ubuntu support.18:43
newtothisgenii i see...  thanks18:44
arunpyasiRaveYoda: will it work fine??18:44
usr13deepocean1358: No.  You can not "merge" partitions.  YOu can only resize them or delete them or create them.18:44
RaveYodaarunpyasi, ??? yup. It's easy to use and is handy when you want multiple isoes on one usb as well18:44
deepocean1358usr13, I remember in Windows' Partion Magic program you could do this18:44
deepocean1358there is no such program in Linux?18:45
RaveYodaarunpyasi, i've a video yuy showing it's features as well. it reall good18:45
newtothisif smuxi is web based.. why do i have to install it?18:45
arunpyasiRaveYoda: will it work for making Mac OS X snow leopard?18:45
wilee-nileedeepocean1358, Not merging no18:45
usr13deepocean1358: No.  You can not "merge" partitions.  You can only resize them or delete them or create them.18:46
RaveYodaarunpyasi, ido you mean putting it on usb and testing/installing to systems? If so, yes18:46
RaveYodaarunpyasi, unless it's a kackintosh disk in which case I'm not too sure.18:46
arunpyasiyes man18:46
arunpyasiRaveYoda: ok18:47
wilee-nileenewtothis, smuxi looks like a standard IRC app to me.18:47
xgeek-cubI installed lightdm but now i get blacksecreen and flashing mouse point any ideas?18:47
RaveYodaarunpyasi, but if you want to "burn" an OS X img to usb this'll do the trick18:47
deepocean1358usr13, wilee-nilee supposed I delete SDB1,2, can I then add these to SDB3? Or is that merging as well?18:48
RaveYodaarunpyasi, mind, the usb disk will be re-partitioned so all data on it will be lost18:48
wilee-nileedeepocean1358,  Is sdb1 the boot partition?18:48
arunpyasiRaveYoda: oh yeah I have the iso img ,I need to clone to the usb18:48
deepocean1358usr13, wilee-nilee I mean resize SDB318:48
usr13deepocean1358:  I know that what you see about Partition Magic is a claim that you can "merge" partitions, but what it *really* does is make one of them bigger, the other smaller and copies data from one to the other, and then deletes the smaller and again, enlarges the other.18:48
RaveYodaarunpyasi, how big is your usb disk?18:48
deepocean1358usr13, wilee-nilee SDB1 and 2 are boot and windows 718:49
deepocean1358usr13, that works for me. :)18:49
usr13deepocean1358: If you would like to use PartitionMagic, see: http://partition-magic.soft32.com/free-download/?lp=adwords&tg=us&kw=_inpage:Home+Windows+System+Utilities+HardDisk+Tools&mt=b&ad=25495257198&pl=&ds=s&gclid=CI7eicajxrgCFYFhMgod33gAiw  (It is actually very good, I've used it myself and like it a lot.)18:49
wilee-nileedeepocean1358, So you want it all in one partition is this correct?18:50
CheckDavidI hope I can connect to the internet once I launch ubuntu18:50
deepocean1358wilee-nilee, Yes18:50
arunpyasiRaveYoda: 8 gb18:50
=== iNeal is now known as _neal
deepocean1358according to this article it cannot be done18:51
RaveYodaarunpyasi, that should do.18:51
deepocean1358deleted partition must come after the partition that is to be enlarged18:51
deepocean1358wilee-nilee, usr13 ^18:51
wilee-nileedeepocean1358, If this is a standard setup not a uefi you would have to use a recovery or install disc and boot to the terminal and load the bcd to that one partition easily done that partition should be the active one with a boot flag, then otherwise move all your data other than the boot to that partition.18:52
m_tadeusometimes some process just starts accessing the disk like mad and freezes my system...how can I make ubuntu automatically kill that process?18:52
deepocean1358usr13, wilee-nilee only solution that comes into mind is: boot in live USB ubuntu. Merge SDA, copy all SDB into SDA, Merge SDB into 1 block and copy everything back again into SDB and reinstall on SDA18:52
wilee-nileedeepocean1358, Heh, you have to have the correct boot info in your final partition, part of it is not at this time.18:54
CheckDavidIs it possible to install ubunto on the average consumer-market tablet?18:54
usr13deepocean1358: sda11 is 85G and is at the end of the drive. Right?  Why not just delete sda3,4,5,6,7,8,9 & 10 and leave sda11 as is.18:54
wilee-nileedeepocean1358, It would be helpful to see the bootscript run to se whats actually all there.18:54
RaveYodaarunpyasi, if that doesn't work for some reason, then unetbootin is pretty good too. But it's hard to put multiple isoes on a usb that way.18:54
deepocean1358wilee-nilee, I posted this earlier: http://pastebin.com/EPTdaEkH18:55
RaveYodacheckdavid, what kinda tablet?18:55
deepocean1358usr13, I have no emptied all on SDA18:56
deepocean1358usr13, I am now fully flexible on SDA to install ubuntu18:56
CheckDavidRaveYoda, not sure. Let's imagine a Samsung galaxy18:56
deepocean1358usr13 have now* emptied18:56
newtothisso like "sudo apt-get remove smuxi" would remove it, but not completely right?  and "sudo apt-get --purge remove smuxi" would completely get rid of it right?18:56
RaveYodacheckdavid, i'm quite sure you can18:56
newtothishow do you get rid of all things unnecessary....  like... a purge all?18:57
CheckDavidAnd would it be the desktop version, or the tablet version?18:57
histonewtothis: sudo apt-get purge somepackage  will remove the configuration files etc... remove retains them so when you reinstallt he configs stay18:57
RaveYodacheckdavid, ithough you'll ned to remove unity and use something lighter18:57
RaveYodacheckdavid, Hak5 on youtube did this some time bacl18:57
usr13deepocean1358:  Ok.18:57
CheckDavidRaveYoda, with the desktop version?18:57
kapilsharmaubuntu 12.04 could not installed on compaq presario v5202. Any idea which version can be installed?18:58
RaveYodacheckdavid, I believe so. It's been about 3-4 months18:58
RaveYodacheckdavid, I believe so. It's been about 3-4 months ago18:58
CheckDavidI see. Also another question, does Ubuntu come with any default IRC client?18:58
usr13deepocean1358:  But was just thinking that 640-90=500  so....18:58
RaveYodacheckdavid, better to use the server version and build up though18:58
deepocean1358usr13, 640-90=500?18:59
CheckDavidRaveYoda, maybe good for people that know how to develop etc. I am just a noob =(18:59
RaveYodacheckdavid, or use Ubuntu Builder and use ubuntuminiremix and build that way18:59
CheckDavidI see.18:59
RaveYodacheckdavid, Ubuntu Builder is noob friendly18:59
deepocean1358usr13, how much does the Ubuntu install take?18:59
kapilsharmagot message bash: /usr/bin/dircolors: Inout/Output error18:59
usr13deepocean1358:  Well 550, but;  At any rate, if you have the whole 640G dirve free18:59
CheckDavidRaveYoda, do you happen to know if Ubuntu comes with an IRC client pre-installed?18:59
usr13go for it...18:59
RaveYodacheckdavid, I've a tut on youtube that'll show you how to use it19:00
usr13deepocean1358: about 20g or so maybe19:00
ikoniakapilsharma: sounds like your disk is failing19:00
RaveYodacheckdavid, It does but I don't recall it's prog19:00
RaveYodacheckdavid, I use XchatIRC19:00
CheckDavidThat's nice. But what about the new tablet version of Ubuntu? Is it not available yet?19:00
usr13deepocean1358: You should know, you just installed on something less than 20G19:00
sam113101Guys, for some reason the font on gtk2 apps doesn't look the same as on gtk3 apps, how can I fix it?19:00
kapilsharmaikonia: probably unsupportive hardware. its old compaq presario v520219:00
ikoniakapilsharma: it's a disk - it's pretty hard to not support a disk19:01
shahanso smuxi just used my ubuntu username by default... does that mean it has "access" to my ubuntu password?19:01
usr13deepocean1358: I would not attempt to install any modern OS on less than 40 or 50G19:01
RaveYodacheckdavid, No clue.... =/ I'm desktop orriented19:01
deepocean1358usr13, thats my thought as well. I can reinstall Ubuntu on SDA, and tonight I will move everything from SDB to SDA assuming there is more than 490gb space left. And then tomorrow morning, hopefully once laptop is ready, I will repartion SDB into 1 partition and tomorrow night again I will move everything back to SDB and clean SDA19:01
nurupohow can I install a package libconfig8-dev from quantal, considering i'm on precise? that's what I tried to do https://gist.github.com/nurupo/9082cf8b38912acf32e619:01
CheckDavidSure RaveYoda , thanks anyway. It's not important actually, it was a mere curiosity.19:01
=== Catbuntu is now known as CristinaYang
RaveYodacheckdavid, Would you like me to point you to the Hak5 video as well as my vid on using Ubuntu builder?19:02
kapilsharmaikonia: any idea what can be done? Its running windows 7 perfectly.19:02
RaveYodacheckdavid, Ahhhh, ok19:02
CheckDavidRaveYoda, no, very busy, I am on a transition hyou know? From windows to Ubuntu ;)19:02
ikoniakapilsharma: it sounds like it's either a failure in the disk, or there is file system corruption, most probably a failure in the disk19:02
RaveYodacheckdavid, Ahhhh, welcome to linux mate. It's a hard but rewording road19:03
nurupoany idea what i'm doing wrong?19:03
gerihi where can i set my proxy...is there some global config file?19:03
shahanbetween using wndows and ubuntu, on windows i was using malware bytes pro for anti-virus... should i have ... something like that for ubuntu?19:03
kapilsharmaikonia: but if disk fails, windows should also not load. right? I even try to run from USB and getting same error.19:03
ikoniakapilsharma: the disk is "failing" in the same way ubuntu has loaded and is working19:03
CheckDavidRaveYoda, since you use Xchat and you don't know if Ubuntu comes with a default IRC client, I suppose xchat is not the default client Ubuntu comes with, if any.19:03
shahandoes ubuntu... need anti virus crap like that? firewalls and whatnot?  is it built in?19:03
sam113101Guys, for some reason the font on gtk2 apps doesn't look the same as on gtk3 apps, how can I fix it?19:03
geniinurupo: The basic thing you're doing wrong.... is trying to install a package from quantal onto precise19:04
=== CristinaYang is now known as LexieGrey
usr13deepocean1358:  I'm not sure you need to change sdb much.  You might consider resizing it's partitions in some way, (that seems *logical* to *you*).19:04
ikoniashahan: firewalls are built in, it does not need antivirus in the same style as windows based software19:04
=== cristian_c_ is now known as cristian_c
usr13deepocean1358: And Win8 has provisions to resize it's own partition(s).19:04
shahanikonia:  what kind of antivirus is it?  it's just unanimous over all flavours?19:04
RaveYodacheckdavid, Nope. I'm going for a slim build so have removed core ubuntu pkgs19:05
ikoniashahan: basically you don't need to run an antivirus software stack19:05
shahanikonia:  or uhh, firewalls?19:05
ikoniashahan: the firewall is built into the ubuntu distribtuion19:05
KunalI just used this command sudo vi /etc/hosts and edited it , any idea how to save it ?19:06
CheckDavidRaveYoda, yeah, I was thinking that could also be the case19:06
gerihi where can i set my proxy...is there some global config file?19:06
RaveYodakunal, ctrl+x button19:06
CheckDavidWell RaveYoda, it's time for me to shutdown windows, and hopefully never come back =)19:06
RaveYodakunal, press y19:06
RaveYodakunal, then enter19:06
PiciKunal: :x19:06
shahanikonia: any way to view or edit it?19:06
ikonia!ufw | shahan19:07
ubottushahan: Ubuntu, like any other Linux distribution, has built-in firewall capabilities. The firewall is managed using the 'ufw' command - see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/UFW | GUI frontends such as Gufw also exist. | An alternative to ufw is the 'iptables' command - See https://help.ubuntu.com/community/IptablesHowTo19:07
PiciKunal: or :w then :q19:07
Kunalkk let me try19:07
RaveYodacheckdavid, wait,19:07
CheckDavid>For what? I mean, never come back to windows, not here =)19:07
RaveYodacheckdavid, just in case, sudo apt-get install xchat should get you the irc client19:07
CheckDavidI am so sad that Copy paste won't work between reboots19:08
RaveYodacheckdavid, if not, use their package manager to find it19:08
savagejendoes anyone know where the package for the ubuntu touch shell is located? NOT the images you flash to the devices, but just the ubuntu touch shell itself?19:08
CheckDavidI will find my way =)19:08
CheckDavidAt least as long as I can connect to the internet19:08
CheckDavidsee ya =D19:08
RaveYodacheckdavid, write it dwn??19:08
CheckDavidI can memorize, i was just joking19:08
CheckDavidBecause I actually used Linux in the past19:08
CheckDavidI used Puppylinux19:08
CheckDavidBut then Windows sucked me back in19:08
Kunalah thx19:08
usr13ikonia: That is an interesting factoid, (not completely factual/true).19:09
RaveYodakunal, it worked?19:09
ikoniausr13: I was just thinking it needed a few tweaks19:09
ikoniausr13: feel free to same me the pain and submit an update19:09
Kunalthe one that pici said worked19:09
RaveYodacheckdavid, ahhh puppy; i love it19:09
usr13ikonia: It's minor but... a little off.19:09
usr13ikonia: ok19:09
sam113101Guys, for some reason the font on gtk2 apps doesn't look the same as on gtk3 apps, how can I fix it?19:10
RaveYodacheckdavid, but you used the non debian based pup right?19:10
lmatOh my, I just tried to visit ubuntu forums... sheesh19:10
CheckDavidRaveYoda, I don't remember to be honest, i used the most standard one19:10
CheckDavidI think I stopped using it at 5.319:10
LucidDreamZzZPuppy needs RDC/VNC19:11
deepocean1358usr13, in the new install would you recommend I create 1 or 2 partions?19:11
LucidDreamZzZand raid19:11
RaveYodacheckdavid, ok, but puppy is waayy diffrent from ubu. =p the cli lines anyway. They have an ubu based version now but not back 2yrs ago19:11
deepocean1358usr13, or create: SDA1: /boot, SDA2, SWAP (8GB?), SDA3: / and SDA4: /Data19:11
CheckDavidRaveYoda, another point, one of the things that is pushign me to linux. Is that I need it to do an online course, that will require some linux console functions.19:12
usr13deepocean1358: 2 at least.  Ideally 3 (in my opinion).19:12
CheckDavidI am not yet totally sure about what I am doing. But yeah, I will do it since I don't have a VPS service or anything of the sort.19:12
RaveYodacheckdavid, hey, why dont you use wubi insted and keep windows?19:12
imarkRaveYoda: theres been an ubuntu based puppy for years now,19:12
deepocean1358usr13, how would that look like19:12
CheckDavidRaveYoda, that's what I did, shamefully.19:12
imarkRaveYoda: since lucid19:12
RaveYodaimark, yeah, 2yrs or so19:12
imarkover 319:13
shahando most people have the ufw enabled?  is it good?19:13
th0rCheckDavid, why not run a distro in virtualbox?19:13
RaveYodacheckdavid, wait, you're using Wubi atm?19:13
usr13deepocean1358: 1) 8G swap 2) 40G /  (type=ext4)   3) 5XXG /home/ (type=ext4) (the rest of the drive, to the end).19:13
CheckDavidth0r, because using ubuntu directly seems better to me. MAybe I am wrong?19:13
CheckDavidRaveYoda, yes I am. It installed already.19:14
deepocean1358usr13, you do not separate /boot  ?19:14
gordonjcpRaveYoda: wubi is dead19:14
th0rCheckDavid, I don't know, but it seems changing to linux just for a bit of course work is overkill19:14
RaveYodacheckdavid, or are you going for dool boot today? or full install?19:14
CheckDavidI did Dual boot I think.19:14
usr13deepocean1358: The first, an 8G swap partition, the second 40 or 50G for system files, and the rest for /home/ (personal files).  You can have a fat32 one too if you like, maybe at the and as you had before.19:14
RaveYodagordonjcp, i was inaware of that19:14
gordonjcpRaveYoda: it's crap19:14
CheckDavidThor, why is it overkill? In the past I changed to Linux (puppy linux) for no specific extra functionality. I was maybe looking for some sort of simplicity.19:15
RaveYodagordonjcp, in your humble opinion19:15
usr13deepocean1358: You can have a separate /boot/ partition but not necessary.  (I don't ever do it, don't see much need for it.)19:15
gordonjcpRaveYoda: it's slow, it doesn't really work, and the vast majority of people who come in here with weird intractable problems are using it19:15
gordonjcpRaveYoda: I have sound technical reasons for calling it crap19:15
RaveYodacheckdavid, use Linux Mint for simplicity19:15
gordonjcpRaveYoda: if you've got the rest of the evening free, I can explain them in all their painful detail19:15
CheckDavidOh, but yeah, I guess I am going for Ubuntu now, for Distro Choosing Simplicity.19:16
gordonjcpCheckDavid: it's a good choice19:16
th0rCheckDavid, I use linux exclusively, so don't misunderstand. But if I just wanted it for some coursework and already had my world set up in windows I would definitely consider just throwing something into virtualbox until the course was over19:16
RaveYodagordonjcp, Fiinnee, it is crap. But it's better than Windows19:16
gordonjcpRaveYoda: it's horribly slow19:16
geriwhere can i set my proxy...is there some global config file?19:16
=== sam113101 is now known as sam113101_afk
gerisystem wide19:16
gordonjcpRaveYoda: it's much, much slower than a native fs, even slower than running from a USB drive19:17
deepocean1358usr13, the thing is prefer having data separated from OS directories, even /Home19:17
RaveYodagordonjcp, meehh,19:17
RaveYodacheckdavid, Ahhhhh19:17
CheckDavidth0r, I have been preparing myself to go back to linux all these years. INcluding not depending on software that only exists for windows for example.19:17
RaveYodacheckdavid, well....19:17
histoCheckDavid: alternativeto.net19:17
RaveYodacheckdavid,then use Ubu in dool boot bro. It'll save you one day19:18
histoCheckDavid: or just keep a windows vm around just incase19:18
CheckDavidRaveYoda, I think that's what wubi does right?19:18
usr13deepocean1358: Yes, I agree.  (That is why I recommend 3 partitions.  One for swap, one for /  and one more for /home/19:18
geriwhere can i set the proxy system wide in ubuntu...is there a config file?!?!19:18
RaveYodacheckdavid, well... no.19:18
CheckDavidI installed already19:19
deepocean1358usr13, can I have SDA1 8GB Swap, SDA2 50Gb / (including home), SDA3 FAT3219:19
CheckDavidDid my windows go kaboom?19:19
RaveYodacheckdavid, Wubi is like an virtual machine but not??19:19
=== sam113101_afk is now known as sam113101
histoRaveYoda: no wubi is not a vm19:19
CheckDavidMan no idea :(19:19
RaveYodacheckdavid, ask gordanjcp19:19
CheckDavidON the website it looked like dual boot auto installer for windows (19:19
CheckDavidmaybe I did it too fast :(19:19
deepocean1358CheckDavid, what made you make the switch?19:19
RaveYodahiso, which is why i said like but not19:19
RaveYodacheckdavid, ask gordanjcp19:19
shahanwould any seasoned ubuntu user say that the UFW is necessary and essential?19:19
CheckDavidRaveYoda, no it's ok, I downloaded it from ubuntu.com, windows installer, I am sure it is dual boot19:20
deepocean1358shahan, what UFW19:20
CheckDaviddeepocean1358, leap of faith19:20
RaveYodashahan, ufw is a firewall manager19:20
gordonjcpRaveYoda: ask me what?19:20
RaveYodashahan, use gufw19:20
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LucidDreamZzZso many (dumb) bloggers say just make a / and swap19:21
RaveYodagordonjcp, What iisss Wubi exactly?? Not vm but like one yet not??19:21
LucidDreamZzZnow everyone think it ok19:21
deepocean1358CheckDavid, the only piece of software that was holding me back was: MS Office19:21
shahanwait so then what does "sudo ufw enable"  do?19:21
wilee-nileeshahan, Your question is faulty in so many ways, you want empirical or opinions, how wpuld any of us know that anyway.19:21
shahantthat doesn't turn on like... a default firewall?19:21
CheckDavidOk, i was discussing with some guy how I needed a linux vps or something and he suggested me the following: " no problem....all u need is to use ur linux terminal to push code to github and your heroku account...that is the only reason a console is needed and to edit files...if your main operating system is ubuntu thats even better"19:21
RaveYodashahan, it enables ufw19:21
deepocean1358CheckDavid, I understand MS Office 2010 runs smoothly on PLAYONLINUX though19:21
RaveYodashahan, ufw is an overlay for managing the iptables of linux19:22
CheckDaviddeepocean1358, I don't use MS OFfice anyway19:22
deepocean1358CheckDavid, lucky you, I have no choice19:22
RaveYodashahan, it's to manage hopw your sys handles tcp/ip/udp/ all protocals in linux19:22
histoLucidDreamZzZ: it is okay other than efi based systems you need a fat32 boot19:22
usr13deepocean1358: We use libreoffice or OpenOffice19:22
dolmHey guys, please could you help me. Do ubuntu touch still run on the android kernel?19:22
wilee-nileewine is for drinking, period. ;)19:22
deepocean1358usr13, copying 12minutes left, reinstalling in 12 minutes :)19:22
shahanwilee-nilee: empirical i guess, but i see your point sir..19:22
usr13deepocean1358: Why do you not have a choice?19:22
deepocean1358usr13, we ? where do you work?19:22
histoLucidDreamZzZ: the reasoning for all these multiple directories being on seperate partitions isn't as relevant as it used to be.19:22
RaveYodashahan, iptables are already predefined and ufw allows you to fine tine 'em19:23
Ruintif you add backports to your sources.list, do you need to make an apt/preferences file pinning it lower than your main repos, or do the main repos automatically take precedent ?19:23
deepocean1358usr13, major banks all use MS Office19:23
wilee-nileeshahan, Its hard to get info I know. ;)19:23
CheckDavidI will JUMP NOW!19:23
usr13deepocean1358: Oh, I see.  Ok.19:23
shahanRaveYoda:  ahhh so enabling it doesn't actually protect me from anything right?19:23
CheckDavidWish me luck19:23
histo!backports | Ruint19:23
FloodBot1CheckDavid: Please don't flood; use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste; don't use Enter as punctuation.19:23
ubottuRuint: If new updated Ubuntu packages are built for an application, then they may go into Ubuntu Backports. See https://help.ubuntu.com/community/UbuntuBackports - See also !packaging19:23
RaveYodashahan, you're already protected19:23
LucidDreamZzZshould make seperate partitions for other stuff like /tmp, maybe /var and /opt, possibly /usr if you compile apps19:23
LucidDreamZzZidk wtf ppl thinking19:23
deepocean1358usr13, did you see my last suggestion? about partitioning?19:23
=== onder`_ is now known as onder`
shahanRaveYoda:  as a long time windows user, that's blowing my mind19:23
xgeek-cubI installed lightdm but now i get blacksecreen and flashing mouse point any ideas?19:23
Ruinthisto: ty, but that is only tangentally related to my question19:23
histoshahan: you're most likely protected already from NAT19:23
RaveYodashahan, ufw or better than that gufw allows for finer handling of those iptables19:24
histo!best | LucidDreamZzZ19:24
ubottuLucidDreamZzZ: Usually, there is no single "best" application to perform a given task. It's up to you to choose, depending on your preferences, features you require, and other factors. Do NOT take polls in the channel. If you insist on getting people's opinions, ask BestBot in #ubuntu-bots.19:24
usr13deepocean1358: No, what was it?19:24
deepocean1358usr13, can I have SDA1 8GB Swap, SDA2 50Gb / (including home), SDA3 FAT3219:24
shahanRaveYoda:  i uh.. i um.. don't know how to hand iptables...19:24
karamel4eHello, please help. I upgraded to 13.04 but it seems like a clean install. I mean my personal files and gone.. or hidden or I don't know what else. Any ideas?19:24
Ruinthisto: there's an exception to that rule called irssi19:24
histoRuint: not if you read it you will learn how to use backports19:24
histoRuint: and it will answer your questions19:24
RaveYodashahan, you really don't need it unless you want to really buckle your system down.19:24
noiroCan someone help me with Youtube videos? When I fullscreen, and move the mouse, the pause, volume, and quality bar is too far below my screen. I am fairly certain it is not a video resolution issue19:25
RaveYodashahan, iptables are waaayyy to advanced you you atm. And me for that matter19:25
histokaramel4e: did you look in /home/username?19:25
usr13deepocean1358: Yes you can but wouldn't you rather have a separate partition for /home/?19:25
shahani see...  RaveYoda  so Ubuntu by default doesn't need like AVG running in the background eating my memory crap.. or antivirus. scanning w.e. bullshit?19:25
wilee-nileenoiro, the bar is not popping up, or when it does it is to low?19:25
histo!av | shahan19:25
ubottushahan: Antivirus is something you don't need on !Linux. except where files are then passed to windows computers (perhaps using samba), See https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Antivirus19:25
LucidDreamZzZi just think there is a correct way not best per say19:26
histo!language | shahan19:26
ubottushahan: Please watch your language and topic to help keep this channel family-friendly, polite, and professional.19:26
RaveYodashahan, don't worry, you don't need to handle iptables. And yes you are correct19:26
Picinoiro: after waiting for it to fade the controls out, can you bring them up fully again by mousing down there?19:26
gordonjcpRaveYoda: no, what happens is that the kernel is mounting the Windows filesystem, then mounting the Linux filesystem which is stored on a file in the Windows partition19:26
gordonjcpLucidDreamZzZ: "per se"19:26
histoLucidDreamZzZ: That's your opinion19:26
noirowilee-nilee, it is too low. AFter a little while, I will move my mouse and occasionally can bring them up again19:26
shahandont... need?  .. antivirus?19:26
deepocean1358usr13, what if I decide to take this disc out and stick into another laptop. Then I cant read it becuase it is ext4 and not NTFS/FAT3219:26
usr13deepocean1358: And the above scheme only allows for 58G for the entire Linux install.  (When it is a 640G drive?)19:26
gordonjcpshahan: there are no Linux viruses19:26
histoLucidDreamZzZ: and offtopic19:26
histogordonjcp: yes there is19:26
noiroThey will come up all the way, but it is not always guarenteed19:26
gordonjcphisto: [citation needed]19:26
RaveYodagordanjcp, ahhhhh...so complex wubi...why oh why19:26
deepocean1358usr13, isnt 60gb enough for a linux install?19:26
wilee-nileenoiro, Hmm, not sure, I assume your not using f11.19:26
histogordonjcp: there was a virus in a screen saver on gnome-look a while back19:27
usr13deepocean1358: Here is an idea:  8G swap  50G /   80G /home/  and leave the rest un-partitioned.  You can make a large FAT32 partition out of it afterward.19:27
Picinoiro: I've been seeing that on my Windows install recently, it might be a thing with Chrome (I'm on the dev channel) or with Youtube itself,.19:27
gordonjcpRaveYoda: handy hint - you keep mis-spelling my name, so instead of typing it in wrongly type gord<TAB> and see what happens19:27
noirof11? It's weird, the bar will minimize, and moving my mouse shows some but won't bring it up. Flash version bug? I'm on Firefox19:27
gordonjcphisto: not a virus, a trojan19:27
histogordonjcp: http://www.omgubuntu.co.uk/2009/12/malware-found-in-screensaver-for-ubuntu19:27
gordonjcphisto: totally different19:27
Ruinthisto: oic, the guy i'm trying to stop from installing znc from source is using 12.04, so he doesn't need to bother with pinning19:27
deepocean1358usr13, out of the /home19:27
RaveYodagordonjcp, ohhh....19:27
Ruintthe last time i had to do anything like that myself i was using debian squeeze, so my knowledge isn't exactly current19:27
Ruinthisto: ty19:28
deepocean1358usr13, I can convert the /home ext4 into FAT32 later on?19:28
gordonjcpRaveYoda: \o/19:28
RaveYodagordonjcp, sorry about that.19:28
wilee-nileenoiro, f11 full screens stuff as well19:28
shahanRuint:  is your username a Wolves of the Calla reference?!19:28
gordonjcpRaveYoda: you learned a new trick!19:28
histoRuint: you have to specify that you want to install a package from backports it doesn't just update all packages to those versions19:28
gordonjcpRaveYoda: you just levelled up on IRC ;-)19:28
RaveYodagordonjcp, Thanks for the hint. reaaally helpful19:28
wilee-nileea little differently19:28
Ruintit was sarge not squeeze