micahghrm, are we not in for alpha 2?00:18
micahgochosi: gtk indicator support was gone in 12.10 IIRC00:19
micahgif something is broke, we need to fix it00:19
skellatmicahg: We should be in A200:39
skellatmicahg: If we're not, somebody from Xubuntu Release Team needs to fire off e-mails00:39
micahgskellat: yes, someone does :)00:40
skellatRELEASE TEAM: knome bluesabre elfy forestpiskie mr_pouit --- Somebody needs to please go into #ubuntu-release and ask nicely that an Alpha 2 build be spun up for us and also send an e-mail on the relevant list for good measure please.00:42
bluesabreskellat: I messaged #xubuntu-release.  If you know any relevant docs or wiki pages (or processes) on what else I should do, please point me in the right direction. :-)06:08
bluesabreI mean #ubuntu-release06:08
elfythanks bluesabre I just caught that message - I'll ignore it now06:09
bluesabreelfy: not sure who else or what else I should do, so if you're more seasoned, please pick up where I left off06:10
elfynope - I got put in the release team a month before you ;)06:11
bluesabrecool, hopefully knome or mr_pouit  mrpouit show up then :)06:12
knomelooks like we're getting some magazine moolah soonish12:34
skellatbluesabre: No real documentation.  Just keep an eye on #ubuntu-release and be subscribed to their mailing list.15:34
skellatbluesabre: Good news from in-channel discussion is everybody is getting re-spun due to borked kernels15:35
elfyalpha2 is now rebuilding 17:06
elfyknome: the next thing I need to work out is how to add a testcase so it shows for people to report against 17:18
micahgelfy: please make sure our builds have the fixed kernel before people start testing (see backscroll in -release)17:26
elfymicahg: this bit? elfy: there you go ^ note that those are broken and you'll need to respin once we get the new kernel+d-i in the release pocket (or infinity will just respin everyone)17:27
elfymicahg: so I should mark as disabled on trackker for the moment? 17:28
micahgunless you want to field questions about kernel breakage ;)17:29
elfymmmm - think I'll give that a miss :p17:29
elfymarked them as disabled but nothing seems to have changed ... can you look here and see what it looks like to you please = http://iso.qa.ubuntu.com/qatracker/milestones/299/builds17:30
elfydoing it the long hand way ... 17:31
elfymicahg: though I'd love some way of knowing when it's got the new kernel too 17:33
micahgelfy: I'd suggest idling in -release to watch when stuff happens17:33
knomeelfy, have you figured out the alpha2 stuff with stgraber?17:38
knomeelfy, i can go through the testcase stuff in a minute if you are around17:39
elfymicahg: thought so :)17:44
elfyknome: got alpha2 stuff sorted yep 17:44
elfyknome: half way through cooking atm - so not just yet17:44
knomeok, just ping me then17:45
elfyta :)17:45
pleia2elfy: hugs17:57
elfypleia2: thanks :)18:17
elfyknome: I'm about now - whenever you've got time18:17
knomeelfy, sure, just a sec18:18
elfyno rush - I'm about for a couple of hours tonight18:18
knomeelfy, let me get on a same page with you - do you want to add a test from the repository to the tracker, or want to make a test in the tracker visible for users?18:22
elfywant to know how to add a test so it's visible in tracker for us to ask people to test 'things'18:22
elfyyou wanted an abiword one for instance 18:23
knomeelfy, ok. do you know if the test is in the tracker and just hidden, or if it's only in the repositories?18:23
elfythe abiword test is in http://packages.qa.ubuntu.com/admin/config/services/qatracker/testsuites if that's what you mean18:26
knomeyes, that is what i was after :)18:26
elfyso - what I want to know then is how to get that to show on http://iso.qa.ubuntu.com/qatracker/milestones/270/builds/49654/testcases for instance18:27
knomeno way18:27
knomethe package tests will always be in packages.qa....18:27
elfyso how do we get them tested? 18:28
knomejust point people to the packages tracker :)18:28
knome(it runs the same software, and if you're familiar with iso.qa... you should be fine with packages.qa....)18:29
knomeso basically18:29
elfynot sure you're getting what I am after then18:29
knomewe have a testsuite for abiword already18:29
elfygo there18:29
elfya week or two ago there was a test there for parole18:29
knomesure, because that was added in the iso tracker18:30
elfyso then18:30
knomewe could still do that, but because package tests are DE-agnostic, we should add them under packages.18:30
elfyI'm obviously not making myself plain here18:30
knomeyou are.18:30
elfyhow can we ask people to test things18:30
knomei totally understand what you are saying18:30
knomewe tell them to log in to packages.qa.ubuntu.com and tell them to test X, Y and Z packages18:31
elfythen I see no reason at all for writing testcases - we've got no way of asking people to test things and report 18:31
knomewell, what we *can* do18:31
knomeis create a new testcase for the xubuntu post-installation testsuite18:31
knomethat says "go to packages.qa... and test X, Y, Z"18:31
elfyaah ok 18:32
knomethat should be just a placeholder though18:32
knomebut basically, when we send call for testing18:32
elfyso then how do we add things to that place18:32
knomewe should point to both iso.qa... and packages.qa...18:33
elfyeverything about ubuntu QA is ridiculously convoluted18:33
knomeso, on packages.qa... we have the abiword product sitting ready18:33
elfyok - so let's add abiword to it now then :)18:33
knomesorry, abiword testsuite :)18:33
knomeand it has the abiword testcase18:34
knomeso what you need to do now is actually ask balloons to make that visible18:34
knomesame with any other testsuite you want visible18:34
elfyoh right - so after all that we can't actually do anything 18:35
knomeno, not us mortals18:35
knomewe should get some products up18:35
knomeafter that we would have more power18:35
knomebut it's not completely clear how we're going to organize that18:35
knomebut i'm working on it with balloons18:35
elfyok 18:35
knomei hope everything is a bit more clear for the 14.04 testing18:36
elfywhat I really want to do is have all this basework ready for 14.0418:36
elfysnap lol18:36
knomeso anyway, to defend the different URLs...18:36
knomeit does make sense to have the iso testing and package testing separated18:36
elfyI can see why wwe have iso and package18:36
elfythat's not my gripe 18:36
knomethere are other subdomains too18:36
knome(xubuntu just doesn't need them, fortunately)18:36
knomewe should ask balloons what his idea is18:37
elfymy gripe is that there is nowhere you can see what to do to get things done - seems that QA is working from the middle backwards and forwards at the same time 18:37
knomethe ISO tests live a bit different life anyway18:38
knomethere's a peak around milestones18:38
knomefor package tests, we should rather have cadence testing18:38
knomeand as i said, package tests are DE-agnostic18:38
elfyI was expecting an easy way to say get people to test 'this' now 18:38
knomewe could set up a wiki page that lists stuff we want people to test18:38
knomeand simply send an email saying "milestone X testing is coming, dates are Y and Z, look at wiki_url to see what we need to test"18:39
knomeso you wouldn't need to go through it every time18:39
elfyso - get EVERYTHING on the package tracker then do the real work for us on a wiki18:39
knomejust update the wiki when we add new tests18:39
elfythat makes sense18:39
knomeevery package18:39
knomeand every iso on the iso tracker18:40
knome(as we have)18:40
knomei think the hurdle here is making people acknowledge there is a package tracker18:40
knomei suppose many think ISO testing is the one thing we need to do18:40
elfyyep 18:40
knomeand so far, that's pretty much what we have been doing18:40
knomenow we need to extend - and we happen to have a different place for those different kind of tests18:41
elfyso - place to start would be to ask again for the team to add bugs for tests that we don't have one for yet - so we can work towards getting evrything done in time to get all this structure in place18:42
knomeand start building the wiki page18:45
elfyright 18:45
elfysomething solid I can get hold of then as long as people reply :)18:46
elfyI'll do that request again to the list for packages we want tests for 18:46
elfyI don't think there will be 'much' to add to our list 18:47
elfyas far as the wiki is concerned I'd not envisage it being much more than a list of names - package.qa urls and somewhere to 'tick' if we want it testing 18:48
knomesimple is good18:49
elfyk - well I'm on a 7 day weekend soon so will start working on that 18:50
elfyok - done the mail now,  once we've got that covered we're in a good place - once the tests are written it'll be a better place :)19:02
knomei just updated http://xubuntu.org/contribute/qa/#testing19:05
elfythanks - saw the update immediately :)19:08
elfywhen I create this ... 19:08
elfyyou read my mind :p19:09
knomehttps://launchpad.net/~xubuntu-testers is also updated19:09
elfyand did a bit more :)19:09
knomegood to have it all sorted out19:10
elfycool - so that's the 'circle' created - just need the detail now :)19:10
knomewant to enable you to be able to do things rather than wondering about things :D19:10
knomeanyway, bbl19:10
knomehave fun :)19:10
elfyyep - cya - thanks knome :)19:10
pleia2nothing interesting tutorial-wise this afternoon, so if the wifi holds up gonna try to have a look at the flier20:24
knomepleia2, heh20:30
knomeis the voyager linux developer now pointing people to #xubuntu automatically? (nick voyager79)22:02
Unit193Let me check.22:06
knomei tried to, but didn't found anything22:06
Unit193I'm actually checking the ISO itself.22:12
knomeah, oki22:12
rowboatnickjust spent hours on making an ldm greeter with a virtual assistant that could tell you things about the system, when it hit me: "thats useless, people want to login" 22:12
knomei wouldn't be surprised if that was the case actually.22:13
rowboatnickwas going for -offtopic22:13
Unit193Sooo, ##ubuntu-voyager, #VoyagerOS, or #voyager? :P22:14
NoskcajSince we ship gThumb, should we be worried by http://bugs.debian.org/cgi-bin/bugreport.cgi?bug=71182722:15
ubottuDebian bug 711827 in wnpp "RFA: gthumb -- image viewer and browser" [Normal,Open]22:15
knomewe still have ristretto22:16
skellatRFA...Request for Adoption22:16
knomesure, that's not quite as what gthumb is22:16
skellatStill waiting for bugs.d.o to open22:16
skellatNoskcaj: An RFA bug is when a Debian Maintainer wants to stop being the maintainer for a package22:18
Noskcaji know22:18
skellatThere hasn't been a new version for a while of gthumb in Debian22:18
skellatGotta look at upstream to see what they're doing with it: https://wiki.gnome.org/gthumb22:18
skellatThe mailing list to it looks a little quiet but a new version was released by upstream: https://mail.gnome.org/archives/gthumb-list/2013-July/msg00000.html22:20
Unit193Meh, their ubiquity is unchanged, so not getting the nick from that.22:23
Unit193xnox: Howdy, nothing related to you, don't worry. :P22:24
micahgNoskcaj: care to adopt?22:24
skellatNoskcaj: The Debian package QA page has a better set of details: http://packages.qa.debian.org/g/gthumb.html22:24
* skellat is ready to cheer for Noskcaj if he adopts gthumb22:26
* micahg is thinking to Make Xubuntu dev the maintainer of gthumb...22:26
ochosihey micahg 22:26
pleia2huh, gthumb has more features than I noticed22:27
knomepleia2, heh22:29
* skellat goes back to reading the log that needs reading: irclogs.ubuntu.com/2013/07/23/%23ubuntu-mir.html22:32
pleia2are we fixed yet? :)22:33
skellatpleia2: See: http://irclogs.ubuntu.com/2013/07/23/%23ubuntu-mir.html#t05:4622:34
pleia2skellat: btw, thanks for keeping an eye on this, much appreciated22:34
Unit193skellat: You don't hang out in there?22:34
pleia2good golly22:34
Unit193Hah, you saw that comment too?  I didn't make any comments on it. :P22:35
skellatUnit193: Nope.  Trying to avoid "observation effect" cropping up.22:36
pleia2Unit193: fixed the link to the flyers, thanks for the heads up22:57
knomewho needs links to flyers23:01
knomeyou're not worthy enough to see the wikipage if you can't find it23:01
knome(just kidding)23:01
* pleia2 kicks knome off the welcome wagon23:01
pleia2scaring people off23:02
knomeyou're just promising i don't have to do any PR work...23:02
pleia2oh, I owe you a wiki page23:02
knomewhich one then?23:02
pleia2xubuntu at...23:02
knomeheh, that's true23:02
pleia2I think I'm going to bail from here after the expo hall opens, had my fill of people :)23:02
pleia2should have time at hotel after finding food23:03
knomefood is good23:03
knomemicahg, if we maintain gthumb, does that mean i can send you feature requests? :P23:07
=== GNUdru1 is now known as GNUdru
micahgknome: sure, and I'll do what every other maintainer does, fwd them upstream23:14
knomei thought i had covered all the links in the wiki23:44

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