roasteddarkxst: right - but while alpha 1 is on this link, where is alpha 2? I don't see a sub dir for it. Is alpha 2 simply on the regular daily build page?00:27
jbicha_roasted: it won't be there until tomorrow! :)00:28
roastedah, so right now, I don't have anything to compare to besides alpha 1 13.10 and 13.04 with gnome 3 ppa, eh?00:29
jbicha_we have alpha2 candidates00:30
roastedI'm still in testing mode, but I have alpha 1 in a VM and I cannot get exchange to work regardless of what I do01:38
roastedwith or without ews, with or without mapi, even if both are installed, nothing works.01:38
roastedNow I'm confused, because in my 13.04 VM I can't get exchange services working either.01:57
roastedwith or without ews or mapi installed (or even both)01:57
jbichadarkxst: ok i386 works; Install Alongside half-works, see bug 120476504:24
ubot5bug 1204765 in ubiquity (Ubuntu) "Ubiquity standalone stops working in Install Alongside screen" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/120476504:24
jbichadarkxst: hey for bug 1194895, did you try pressing Enter after it seems to hang?04:36
ubot5bug 1194895 in ubiquity (Ubuntu) "Live CD fails to reboot after installation" [Medium,Confirmed] https://launchpad.net/bugs/119489504:36
jbichayou're supposed to see a message that says remove the installation disk and press enter04:37
theenduserI saw online accounts is still present in 13.10?08:44
theenduseror is that the gnome one? ubuntu's is sth different?08:45
darkxsttheenduser, yes we only ship the gnome online accounts now08:57
darkxsthowever if you upgraded from 13.04 you would need to manually remove ubuntu one08:57
theenduseroh no, it's a fresh install09:12
theenduserI noticed the wallpaper picker is unusually slow. Is it a know bug?09:15
darkxsttheenduser, I assume so, it does it in 3.6, 3.8 and 3.9 ....09:17
theenduserI think it's debian/Ubuntu-specific though, haven't noticed it in rpm-based distro's.09:44
darkxstmaybe its in whatever library they use to generate the thumbnails09:48
theenduseryeah, I'm clueless...10:23
Nick___can anyone help me with ubuntu install?11:15
Nick___Anyone here?11:19
roastedso here I am on 13.04 and unable to get exchange working, regardless of whether I have ews or mapi installed. /13:44
jbicharoasted_: you're going to need to file a bug for that18:34
roasted_jbicha: I finally got it working.19:47
roasted_jbicha: I just removed, purged, and autoremoved mapi and ews. installed ews, rebooted, and re-added change and it worked.19:47
roasted_jbicha: I definitely think it would be helpful for end users if, by adding the excahnge option in the accounts field in GOA, it prompts the user to install needed software (ews) to complete that task instead of having to find out the hard way19:48
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jbicharoasted: yes please file a bug :)20:02
roastedjbicha: ah okay. I thought you were referencing a bug for the ews/mapi issue I ran into.20:02
roastedwill do :D20:02
jbichawe need to know the minimal amount of additional packages you need to install for it to work and what version of Exchange you're using20:02
roastedfile against evolution?20:03
jbichaagainst gnome-online-accounts would be great20:03
roastedfiling now20:03
jbichathe binary package 'gnome-online-accounts' is in universe but 'evolution' is in main which makes it more difficult to add additional dependencies20:04
jbichaI'd love to have someone else with a different exchange server confirm the bug and the fix20:05
roastedjbicha: I might have someone in mind...20:07
roastedjbicha: he's a big unity user but I might be able to talk him into firing up an ubuntu gnome VM on his work system to see.20:07
roastedjbicha: he complained before about exchange because they don't have imap open, so he MUST have exchange support with whatever mail app he uses.20:08
jbichadoes he use the same exchange server you do?20:08
roastedhe's about 800 miles away from me20:08
roastedtotally different environment20:08
roastedhe works for a grocery store chain, I work for a school district. Both in the IT department.20:08
roastedjbicha: I just spun up a fresh 13.04 VM. I added the Gnome3 PPA and synaptic. Nothing else. I added my Exchange account to GOA, opened Evolution, and nothing happened. I installed evolution-ews, rebooted, and when it came back up Evolution brought over all of my email, contacts, calendar, etc. Evolution-ews is the missing piece for Exchange 2010.21:48
roastedjbicha: I gave my buddy instructions, who will try and duplicate these findings on his own Exchange 2010 server. I also submitted a bug report just now.21:48
roastedjbicha: the only question I have is, does the Gnome3 PPA matter in this equation? Or would Gnome 3.6 + Evolution + evolution-ews package = working Exchange integration like what I have now? I should have tried it before I upgraded to the Gnome3 PPA to bring down Gnome 3.821:49
ubot5Launchpad bug 1205116 in Ubuntu GNOME "Missing packages needed for Exchange 2010 Support with GOA" [Undecided,New]21:51
jbichaI can't really answer your questions as I don't have an exchange server21:57
roastedI was just curious if you knew offhand if the gnome3 ppa did anything to evolution that might have bumped it to a newer version that supports exchange.21:58
roastedHowever, I am reading sources online citing that that might not be the case.21:59
roastedSome reports from as early as 2009 (like colleges with documentation for students to connect to their exchange email) is if you run linux, use evolution and install ews or mapi etc21:59
roastedFor what it's worth, I spun up a brand new 13.04 VM, no Gnome3 PPA, and did the same thing22:24
roastedevolution-ews is the winning ticket22:24
roastedadd account to exchange through GOA, open evolution, nothing. Install evolution-ews, reboot, bam everything works.22:24

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