MichaelPUseing virtualbox with windows in vm video vlc can be chopy. So how well a video cam going to work in vm ? Sence facebook video call don't work under linux yet !!00:18
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lotharReegerHabe eine Frage01:51
chriss11111Habe eine Frage01:54
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juancarlospaco" You need to install Gnome to use KDE " --->  https://lh5.googleusercontent.com/-76E7doPK7Xw/UfMqruFcrYI/AAAAAAAADPA/zOc4Bynelj4/w824-h662-no/temp.jpg04:33
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Graf_WesterholtI want to install Kubuntu on an encrypted partition on a drive with Windows. I cannot use guided partition because it kills Windows. But I cannot set up an encrypted partition with the manual way. I got an error that the encrypted partition cannot be created. It does not ask for a key. Any help? Same with Kubuntu 13.04 and 13.10 alpha 2. It would be great to have a guided encrypted partition that use only the free space,06:41
Graf_Westerholt not the whole disc.06:41
Graf_WesterholtI want to install Kubuntu on an encrypted partition on a drive with Windows. I cannot use guided partition because it kills Windows. But I cannot set up an encrypted partition with the manual way. I got an error that the encrypted partition cannot be created. It does not ask for a key. Any help? Same with Kubuntu 13.04 and 13.10 alpha 2. It would be great to have a guided encrypted partition that use only the free space,08:03
Graf_Westerholt not the whole disc.08:03
himanshuhi everyone08:06
himanshuwhat is the shortcut key to open start menu kubuntu 13.0408:06
himanshuits very frustrating to everytime go to the mouse08:08
Graf_Westerholthimanshu, just hit Alt+F2 and type the name of what you want to start. ;) Or something else. *g*08:14
himanshuGraf_Westerholt: that's really cool, thanks!08:15
Graf_WesterholtOh he is gone. I wanted to mention that he does not have to hit Alt + F2.08:16
Graf_WesterholtI want to install Kubuntu on an encrypted partition on a drive with Windows. I cannot use guided partition because it kills Windows. But I cannot set up an encrypted partition with the manual way. I got an error that the encrypted partition cannot be created. It does not ask for a key. Any help? Same with Kubuntu 13.04 and 13.10 alpha 2. It would be great to have a guided encrypted partition that use only the free space,09:04
Graf_Westerholt not the whole disc.09:04
ikoniaGraf_Westerholt: you can't share the partition with windows on an encypted disk09:07
Graf_Westerholtikonia, I do not want to share an encrypted Partition with Windows.09:08
ikoniaok, so what's the issue, not sure I've understood09:08
Graf_WesterholtPlease read again. ;)09:08
ikoniano problem, I won't bother I'll do other things.09:09
valari am new to IRC10:09
denkihi valar10:09
valarhi denki10:10
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ellakappahello world11:14
ellakappaam i alone11:21
ellakappahello world...11:22
chiefw0tjHello ellakappa :)11:22
FloodBotK1ellakappa: Please don't flood; use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste; don't use Enter as punctuation.11:23
ellakappathis works11:23
ellakappais this11:25
ellakappawho's online11:29
howlymowlyhi poeple..  short question:  I want to use tether with my android phone on kubuntu kubuntu does recognize the connection (when using ifconfig I have a new "usb0"  network interface)  but for some reason I still can not connect to anything (my phone is definitly connected to the internet). Any Idea where the problem might be?11:36
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lordievaderGood afternoon.12:06
Graf_WesterholtMoin, lordievader.12:06
lordievaderHey goodtime, how are you?12:07
goodtimeim in real bad shape im affaid i have to say12:08
lordievaderHey Graf_Westerholt how are you?12:08
goodtime2 broken legs and a arm with a stabbing12:08
lordievaderHow did you get into a stabbing?12:08
goodtimesome dude got even with me12:08
Graf_Westerholtlordievader, I am angry with some peole. And you?12:08
goodtimehim and his buddies12:08
goodtimebut im healing good12:09
lordievaderI'm doing good actually, Graf_Westerholt12:09
ellakappakubuntu on mobile?12:27
ellakappai love it12:27
ellakappai want opensuse also on mobile12:27
rimdekerWhich mobike device?12:27
ellakappano idea where to put linux on mobile12:28
BluesKajHi folks12:37
ellakappathis works infrid?12:37
infridsorry ellakappa I'm Busy, I use thethering only via USB :)12:38
vadraoHi, I have both ubuntu-desktop and Kubuntu-desktop installed. I primarily use KDE. Now the problem is my notifications from ktorrent etc, are using Ubuntu system. I would like to use the defaul KDE notifications. Can anybody help in this12:39
BluesKajvadrao, the only suggestion I can think of that will work is say goodbye to ubuntu-desktop12:43
dnivraHello. I'm running Kubuntu 12.04.2. I installed pyopencl 0.92 from the repositories and then all desktop effects stop working. http://paste.ubuntu.com/5918223/ are the packages that get installed. Has someone faced this issue before?12:43
vadraoBluesKaj: How can I safely remove ubuntu-desktop12:43
Graf_WesterholtI want to install Kubuntu on an encrypted partition on a drive with Windows. I cannot use guided partition because it kills Windows. But I cannot set up an encrypted partition with the manual way. I got an error that the encrypted partition cannot be created. It does not ask for a key. Any help? Same with Kubuntu 13.04 and 13.10 alpha 2. It would be great to have a guided encrypted partition that use only the free space,12:43
Graf_Westerholt not the whole disc.12:43
BluesKajsudo apt-get remove ubuntu-desktop, vadrao12:44
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BluesKajGraf_Westerholt, have you tried setting up with gparted ?12:45
Graf_WesterholtNo, I have not.12:45
vadraoBluesKaj: I guess that command just removes the package ubuntu-desktop? All the other associated Gnome packages would still be present?12:46
BluesKajit's worth investigating it's options vs the ubiquity installer12:46
Graf_WesterholtBluesKaj, I’ll try it.12:47
BluesKajvadrao, coirrect , you'd have to remove whatecer apps you don't need or want12:47
vadraoBluesKaj: Ok thanks12:48
vadraoI will try and do that12:48
dnivravadrao: Just a thought; might work for you. You can view Kubuntu's installation history and remove the packages that were installed.12:48
vadraodnivra: How can I review Kubuntu installation history? Any special command for that12:49
dnivraI know the GUI way - via Software Centre. not sure how to do so via CLI.12:50
dnivraprobably the command "apt-cache depends ubuntu-desktop" might help - it lists all packages that ubuntu-desktop depends on.12:51
BluesKajvadrao, it's safer to remove the apps you don't need or want , removing packages can get you into dependency hell . they are different12:51
vadraoBluesKaj: currently, my only problem are the Ubuntu notications that pop on my KDE12:52
dnivraDoes anyone have some ideas on the issue I'd asked about earlier?12:53
BluesKajvadrao, then remove ubuntu-desktop or you could turn off the notifications in muon12:54
vadraoI dont have any problem with other Gnome applications that dont disturb me for the time being12:54
BluesKajor the ubuntu software center12:54
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BluesKajthen just turn the notifications off in both kubuntu and ubuntu package managers12:55
BluesKajvadrao, I should have mentioned that earlier , but I'm old and I forget things12:56
vadraoBluesKaj: I am not sure if I have put forwarded my problem properly. My problem was with notifications that pop when my download in Ktorrent is completed or when Quassel remind me that you have addressed me a message12:59
vadraonot the update notications from the package manager12:59
HighHoVadrao, just out of intrest do you notifications on the kde system as well as the gnome ones?13:00
BluesKajso you don't want notifications at all ?13:00
Graf_WesterholtBluesKaj, I can set up an encrypted luks-patition with gparted and install Kubuntu on it?13:00
vadraoHighHo: I only see Gnome notifications on my KDE desktop session. No KDE default notifications appear at all13:01
BluesKajGraf_Westerholt, not sure , that';s why i suggested you investigate it's encryption options13:02
vadraoBluesKaj: I want notifications to appear using the KDE system. and not the pink/purple ones which Ubuntu/Gnome uses13:02
BluesKajvadrao, then open your ubuntu-desktop and turn off all the notifications . I'm not sure how in ubuntu , so ask there , #ubuntu13:03
palassoHi. I was wondering if someone had a suggestion on how to do "diffs" between metapackages (dependencies). I'm mostly interested in comparing kde-full with kubuntu-full and some other metapackages and understand better the general structure of the kubuntu packages. I already read these which helped to some extend: http://askubuntu.com/questions/90130/whats-kubuntu-full http://blogs.kde.org/2013/06/21/411-build-chart-and-what-else13:04
HighHoPalasso - would "apt-cache depends" help?13:14
palassoHighHo: I used that the way it was suggested on the askubuntu link13:14
HighHoAh ok, sorry I must admit I didnt check the links :)13:17
palassoI used that for dependencies and recommendations but due to the size of the metapackages it's difficult to follow.... The thing is that although I could follow kde-full because it depends on metapackages (and so there is a hierarchy there) I couldn't follow kubuntu-full. Also "apt-cache depends" doesn't help much when one metapackage depends on a metapackage while the other metapackage depends on a subset of the same metapackage.13:17
palassoAlso KDE docs helped me follow the different kde metapackages (e.g. kdegames, kdeaccessibility etc.)13:18
Graf_WesterholtBluesKaj, I cannot create an encrypted partition with gparted.13:19
HighHoPalasso, try apt-rdepends (you may need to install first) it will provide a full recurrsive list13:21
BluesKajGraf_Westerholt, bummer , there must be a method or an partitioning app that can , perhaps this can help,  http://xmodulo.com/2013/01/how-to-create-encrypted-disk-partition-on-linux.html13:25
Graf_WesterholtBluesKaj, I want to encrypt the partition where Kubuntu should be installed.13:26
Graf_WesterholtThis link does not help with this.13:26
BluesKajwell then do some research , Graf_Westerholt , I'm sure you're capable of finding what you need , or ask in #ubuntu there a lot oif very knowledgeable ppl there13:27
Graf_WesterholtWhat is ppl?13:27
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palassoGraf_Westerholt: you have many partitions with different OSes?13:33
Graf_Westerholtpalasso, I want to install Windows and Linux. Linux encrypted.13:34
palassoGraf_Westerholt: first of all you can't encrypt the whole drive I think with a windows partition, secondly you can encrypt the home partition easily as it's an option in the installer13:36
palassoOr the home folder. You don't need to specify it as a separate partition13:37
palassoI don't know abt encrypting the root partition. But thought to tell you this about home as usually there are the most sensitive data that need to be encrypted13:37
Graf_Westerholtpalasso, I want a partition for Windows and one for Linux. And I want to encrypt the Linux-Partition. The Installer can do when I use „guided partition“.13:38
Graf_WesterholtBut for "guided partition" there is only option for whole drive, not only free space, so it would kill Windows.13:39
palassoThat's full disk encryption and it won't work on a dual-boot windows linux system13:40
palassoAre you sure that home encryption isn't enough for your requirements?13:40
BluesKajGraf_Westerholt, whynot just encrypt  ~/home ?13:41
BluesKajas palasso suggests13:41
palassoBluesKaj: actually simply ~13:41
BluesKajencryt it after installation ...is that possibel ?13:42
palasso~/home is a folder named "home" inside the home folder ;)13:42
Graf_WesterholtIt is not full disk encryption because the root-partition is not encrypted. Only one partition. And I cannot set up an encrypted partition with the manual installation, so I guess it is a bug in the installer.13:42
Graf_WesterholtBluesKaj, encrypt after installation is very hard.13:42
BluesKajyeah sorry , mistake13:42
palassoGraf_Westerholt: it is possibly a missing feature in the ubiquity graphical installer yes.13:43
BluesKajpalasso, I meant  ~/13:43
Graf_Westerholtpalasso, not missing, I can choose to set up an encryptet LVM in the installer. But it fails with an error message that it was not possible to create the encrypted partition.13:44
palassoWhat I am proposing now Graf_Westerholt is maybe the easiest and most sensible solution. Encrypting the whole partition doesn't help very much13:44
palassoGraf_Westerholt: according to this there doesn't seem to be LVM encryption support built into ubiquity https://help.ubuntu.com/community/EncryptedFilesystemsViaUbiquity13:48
Graf_Westerholtpalasso, but it encrypted my disc when I chose „guided partition“. It only fails by the manual way.13:50
BluesKajwe can't read minds , LVM is not familiar to most kubuntu users , that makes your question even more difficult , Graf_Westerholt13:52
Graf_Westerholtok, BluesKaj. What more info do you need?13:53
BluesKajI don't , I told you a couple of days ago , I don't know much about encryption , but you keep asking me , Graf_Westerholt :)13:54
Graf_WesterholtBluesKaj, because you tried to help me. ;)13:55
BluesKajwell, Graf_Westerholt , it's obvious that i can't now ..If I had known you were running LVM then I wouldn't have responded13:57
Graf_WesterholtBluesKaj, sory, I should have mentioned taht.13:59
BluesKajGraf_Westerholt, my best suggestion is to do a regular install then once your data is moved to your /home partition , then encryt that with the appropriate tools14:09
Graf_WesterholtBluesKaj, but that is a lot of work ;)14:10
BluesKajreally , why ?14:10
Graf_WesterholtBluesKaj, see here ;) https://help.ubuntu.com/community/EncryptedFilesystemLVMHowto14:11
BluesKajis it in encrypted in your backup ?14:11
Graf_WesterholtBluesKaj, no that is not the right link14:11
Graf_WesterholtBluesKaj, my Backups are encrypted with LUKS.14:11
BluesKajwell, then just leave them there14:13
Graf_WesterholtSorry? I want to encrypt my Linux-partition.14:14
Graf_Westerholtpalasso: That error occurs when trying create a crypto partition:14:14
kdefhello, does anyone here use bluetooth devices?14:16
kdefI was wondering if a device that worked in 12.04, will still work in 13.04?14:16
kdefI am also looking for a wifi usb adapter... wondering if the realtek chipset is okay to use14:17
kdefoh, it is 12.10 it last worked... so, 13.04 should be fine, right?14:18
BluesKajkdef, http://www.ubuntu.com/certification/14:27
Belial`is there a way to get kmail to use the notifications for received messages like it does when sending out a message?14:29
Belial`ah nevermind. think i found it.14:38
Graf_WesterholtBelial`, I found it, too. ;)14:39
BluesKajBelial`, return receipt ?14:39
Belial`no, it was under notifications configuration in the kmail menu14:39
Belial`by default, it isn't turned on14:40
Belial`for received mail.14:40
BluesKajkmail segfaults after a few days here so i can't use it , and it's a pita with that akondai server14:46
roasted_what theme does Kubuntu use by default?14:50
BluesKajroasted_, Oxygen , I think15:01
roasted_BluesKaj: I found it to be a little obnoxious to look at whne I threw 13.04 in a VM, particularly with how light my clock text was too.15:12
Belial`roasted_, that's the new air theme.15:13
Belial`and the text is a bit hard to see.15:13
Belial`i usually use ember with some parts of caledonia mixed in though.15:13
Belial`it's the first thing i change.15:13
palassokdef: load up a liveDVD and see for yourself if the hardware works15:13
roasted_Belial`: yeah, I hear you. It's just by default it's painful to look at. Changing it is a borderline requirement.15:14
BluesKajroasted_, we all have our own taste ...I prefer a light coloured clock text15:14
roasted_Belial`: it makes the default implementation of openSUSE look downright beautiful.15:14
palassoGraf_Westerholt: this is 13.10 and is in alpha stage! if you're interested to do some testing on the feature perhaps it would be better to ask on #kubuntu-devel15:14
kdefpalasso:  are you buying me the hardware? :)15:14
roasted_BluesKaj: I don't have a preference between light and dark. I just like being able to see the clock out of the box, which the default theme makes it difficult tod o.15:14
kdefhow nice of you... I'll wait until it gets here and then put in the liveDVD ;-)15:15
Graf_Westerholtpalasso, it is the same in 13.04, so does not matter.15:15
Belial`roasted_, yeah the new theme for opensuse is really nice.15:15
palassokdef: what hardware? you said that it worked for 12.04. Wasn't it on your PC?15:15
Belial`but kubuntu usually follows defaults as closely as possible.15:15
BluesKajroasted_, which theme is default on your install ?15:15
Graf_Westerholtpalasso http://www.kubuntuforums.net/archive/index.php/t-62536.html15:15
palassoGraf_Westerholt: ok but maybe you could consider reporting the bug so it gets fixed for 13.10 ;)15:15
kdefpalasso: nope...  just on an 'ubuntu hardware list' for bluetooth devices15:15
roasted_BluesKaj: I wasn't sure what it was, as I installed like 30 of them. but I assume it's the new air theme.15:15
kdefbut these dongles often have chipset changes... really annoying for keeping track15:16
roasted_Belial`: yeah, I can understand trying to be as vanilla as possible, but dang, if upstream picks something that is difficult to read, I'd change it.15:16
Graf_Westerholtpalasso, where to report?15:16
Belial`roasted_, i agree15:16
roasted_fortunately it's braindead easy to change.15:17
roasted_just be nice if the ootb experience didn't 'require' that15:17
Belial`yeah it is. i use ember panel with caledonia task items and panel icons.15:17
palassoGraf_Westerholt: sorry I have to leave now I don't have time to explain. Maybe someone else can help you15:17
Graf_Westerholtpalasso, ok15:17
BluesKajroasted_, try the oxygen theme , it has a black well contrasted theme making blight coloured text easy to read in the panel15:18
kdefI'll probably take a chance on it... it's $11... my bluetooth keyboard will be $20 ... a usb wifi dongle for wireless internet will be $7 but it's realtek....  :-{    risky15:18
BluesKajlight rather15:18
roasted_BluesKaj: yeah, I like the oxygen theme *a lot*15:18
BluesKajroasted_, this what my desktop looks like with oxygen http://imagebin.org/26573815:24
BluesKajyou may need to use ctrl - to make it smaller aon a regular sized monitor15:25
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roasted_BluesKaj: looks nice, but dang that's a fat panel :P15:25
Belial`http://i.imgur.com/MkZwW3M.png there's mine15:26
BluesKajctrl -  roasted15:26
BluesKajroasted_, yes it is because I'm 3M  away from the screen15:27
BluesKajok , BBL , errands to do15:28
roasted_BluesKaj: fair enough. Come to think of it, with a fat panel and using the Homerun launcher, I bet KDE could look pretty dang presentable on a TV from a distance.15:29
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COLAMAroroHi everyone16:34
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* COLAMAroro a make a big cake. To have some cake, write /part16:39
COLAMAroroNobody want cake :(16:43
* COLAMAroro a make a big cake. To have some cake, write /part16:52
Graf_WesterholtWhere does Konqueror and rekonq save the bookmarks? Buggy bookmark-manager killed half of my bookmarks.16:54
HighHoGraf: .~/.kde/share/apps/konqueror/16:57
Graf_WesterholtHighHo, thx17:03
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Guest85666I have a question17:42
Graf_Westerholt!ask | Guest8566617:43
ubottuGuest85666: Please don't ask to ask a question, simply ask the question (all on ONE line and in the channel, so that others can read and follow it easily). If anyone knows the answer they will most likely reply. :-) See also !patience17:43
Guest85666I have Ubuntu dual booting with Win7... I'd like to replace Ubuntu with with Kubuntu, have Kubuntu installed on a USB drive... Started the install but don't see an option to replace... I could use the whole disk, or install alongside Win7 and Ubuntu. Any recommendations?17:46
Guest85666I want just Win7 & Kbuntu17:47
Graf_WesterholtGuest85666, in terminal just install "kubuntu-desktop" with apt-get: sudo apt-get install kubuntu-desktop and you have KDE installed and can use it. No need to remove or install Ubuntu. Ubuntu and Kubuntu is the same.17:50
Guest85666Just install the KDE desktop over Ubuntu then?17:56
Graf_WesterholtGuest85666, yes.17:58
Graf_WesterholtGuest85666, at the log-in you can choose between KDE and Gnome/Unity.17:58
Guest85666What if  I still wanted to do it my way (updating to the latest version along the way)? Should I delete the ext4 partition and install Kubuntu in it's place?17:58
Guest85666My Ubuntu version is like 1117:59
Graf_WesterholtGuest85666, that stupid, because the differents between Ubundu and KUbuntu is just the different "Desktops" KDE, Gnome, Unity …17:59
Guest85666Thanks, you've been very helpful and an asshole to boot... have a great day!18:01
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Gnjurachi how to istall 32lib for x6418:44
Gnjurac ia32-libs-multiarch18:44
hacktus0I have problem I burn on USB kubuntu and I go in bios of pc ,BUT when  I run my usb on start then it doesn't work. the pc is ACER 32 bit. CAN YOU HELP ME PLZ????18:52
ikoniahacktus0: either a.) the usb was not created correctly 2.) your bios is not uspporting boot from usb18:53
hacktus0I burn my USB like http://www.ubuntu.com/download/desktop/create-a-usb-stick-on-ubuntu18:54
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hacktus0I don't know maybe is bios but what can i do it18:58
ikoniahacktus0: check the usb on another machine, make sure that's built ok18:59
hacktus0i dont have other computer.ikonia19:02
ikoniahacktus0: try remaking the usb hen19:03
hacktus0it 's a same result19:07
ikoniaok, so then either you are not making it correct, or your system doesn't support boot from usb19:07
hacktus0I think at 1019:08
hacktus0I think at 100 % it 's BIOS19:08
ikoniasorry, I don't understand19:08
hacktus0I think at 100 % it 's BIOS19:08
ikoniahacktus0: ok, then you have a problem19:08
hacktus0what can i do then?????? ikonia19:09
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GiGaHuRtZAyone else every og the ppaq s outside of ubuntu[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[19:43
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nicolasj'ai besoin d'aide s'il vous plait21:06
nicolasJ4ai besoin d'aide pour changer de langue s'il vous plait c'est urgent21:34
nicolasJ'ai besoin d'aide s'il vous plait, j'ai besoin de changer la langue de kubuntu, aidez moi .. :$ Merci21:35
Unit193!fr | nicolas21:35
ubottunicolas: Nous sommes désolés, mais ce canal est en anglais uniquement. Si vous avez besoin d'aide ou voulez discuter en français, veuillez taper /join #ubuntu-fr ou /join #ubuntu-qc. Merci.21:35
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Guest54131a ver22:16
Guest54131quien esta??22:16

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