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Guest88189I would like to report that Lubuntu 13.04 crashes and crashes at least once every hour.03:53
James0rMigrating to Linux was not easy but it is rewarding. Maybe just because I'm new to Linux and open source OS's in general, but it seems like the day has come where paid for OS's will have to start really justifying there worth.06:39
thegladiatorhow to turn off the window resize animation11:52
thegladiatorobconf lets me do that nice11:57
newuseri cant find lubuntu restricted extras on lubuntu software center. why?14:15
newuserXubuntu Kubuntu and Ubuntu are there14:16
newuserunity ftw15:15
Myrttiok then17:05
joshuUnit193 do you know how to pass PAM user/pass to lightdm session?17:18
Unit193Should involve pam-service and a file in pam.d/ but I've not done it.  Like http://crunchbang.org/forums/viewtopic.php?id=23458 ?  There is a good example lightdm.conf too with more options filled out in the lightdm doc dir.17:22
joshuyeah seen that link in my googling. Basically at the moment I can echo the username and password to a txt file, but I don't know how to use those two arguments to pass them to a session file such as ubuntu.desktop17:25
joshuthat's the bit of the puzzle I don't get17:25
Unit193Best information I've found for lightdm (in my own searches a while ago, may have changed.) best documentation is either in /usr/share/doc/lightdm/, or on the Arch wiki, there wasn't a lot though. :/17:28
joshuthe question is can you pass arguments to a desktop file in the Exec= line, e.g. Exec=mycommand $username $password or similar17:29
joshuUnit193 this is closer to what I want I think http://stackoverflow.com/questions/8980464/how-do-i-access-an-environment-variable-in-a-desktop-files-exec-line17:38

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