vividis traditional xorg available as an option for 13.10/unity?03:41
trismvivid: based on https://lists.ubuntu.com/archives/ubuntu-devel/2013-June/037401.html that would seem to be the case, but mir hasn't landed yet so hard to say03:46
vividoh, well as long as im not forced transition at this point03:50
vividbecause i need nvidia+x11 still and probably will for quite some time03:50
[Ch4m3l30n]I'm trying to find out which version of BlueZ will be in Ubuntu 13.10. Can anybody indicate which or point me to where I can find that information? I'm not having luck locating the information on the Ubuntu Wiki. Thx in advance.07:30
[Ch4m3l30n]I found the following comment from earlier this month on a launchpad bug to upgrade to the BlueZ 5.x stack: https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/bluez/+bug/1162781/comments/307:35
ubottuUbuntu bug 1162781 in bluez (Ubuntu) "bluez package out of date, 5.3 is available" [Wishlist,Triaged]07:35
[Ch4m3l30n]LOL; jynx07:35
[Ch4m3l30n]Now I'm responding to bots! I should just go to bed.07:36
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BluesKajHi folks12:37
socis it intentional that the release-notes for alpha/beta/... releases don't mention anymore how one can upgrade existing installations?13:05
BluesKajanyone who updates and dist-upgrades today might lose VLC if installed , easily solved thought , just re-nstall it13:10
BluesKajsoc, upgrade to the next OS or just existing packages?13:10
socnext OS13:15
kdefubuntu forums still down?15:19
kdefthey don't use ubuntu servers?   maybe they use windows servers? :D15:19
IdleOneDid you try going to ubuntuforums.org ?16:01
AmpelbeinIdleOne: It's still down from here.16:16
IdleOneAmpelbein: indeed. I should have mentioned kdef's nick in my post16:17
AmpelbeinIdleOne: Ah, I see.16:17
penguin42intresting, personal mounts have moved to /media/username/whatever16:21
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penguin42gah, this is gently confusing lots of stuff - like my gnucash trying to open the file it normally opens that's normally in /media/crypt16:49
penguin42(but probably is the right things to do)16:49
thetinyjesushey guys question for you all, im trying to install ps3mediaserver from backports and not 100% sure how19:18
thetinyjesusi tried install ps3mediaserver/raring-backports no success19:18
bazhangraring questions in #ubuntu please19:21
thetinyjesusits not a raring question im running 13.10 trying to install ps3mediaserver from raring backports19:21
bazhang!find ps3mediaserver saucy19:22
ubottuPackage/file ps3mediaserver does not exist in saucy19:22
Daekdroomthetinyjesus, ps3mediaserver apparently is not even a package in the official repos.19:22
thetinyjesusive installed ps3mediaserver for the past 4 years but simply sudo apt-get install ps3mediaserver19:22
Daekdroom!find ps3mediaserver raring19:23
Daekdroom!find ps3mediaserver quantal19:23
ubottuPackage/file ps3mediaserver does not exist in raring19:23
ubottuPackage/file ps3mediaserver does not exist in quantal19:23
jtaylorinstalling raring backports on 13.10 makes no sense19:23
thetinyjesusah okay its my fault not giving full info19:23
thetinyjesussudo add-apt-repository ppa:happy-neko/ps3mediaserver19:23
thetinyjesusis the ppa for it19:23
jtaylorbackports are backported from(!) 13.1019:23
Daekdroomthetinyjesus, you most likely had a different repo that had it19:23
thetinyjesusthat ppa is for raring not 13.1019:23
thetinyjesusidk how to use it on 13.1019:24
jtaylorchange the line in your sources.d from saucy to raring19:24
DaekdroomAlthough if you were clueless about doing that, I hardly think you should be using 13.10, specially this early in the development.19:24
jtayloror ask the ppa to provide a 13.10 package19:24
thetinyjesusi wasn't clueless to doing that, i simply forgot that it wasnt an offical ppa..19:25
DaekdroomI don't see how that it's not an official PPA (most aren't, anyway) affects it.19:25
bazhangvery few are official19:25
Daekdroomsoftware-properties-gtk, or however it's called, also should allow you to change that19:26
thetinyjesuswell got it to work19:35
thetinyjesusfor some reason it took a few tries ubuntu kept switching it from raring back to saucy  not sure why19:36
thetinyjesustrying to remove unity-lens-shopping its telling me to remove unity-scope-home are they the same?19:42
Daekdroomthetinyjesus, unity-lens-shopping is a requirement for unity-scope-home19:43
thetinyjesusah so its non removable due to dependencies now?19:43
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